this started out as something very different

Have I ever told you guys the story about the first and only detention I ever got in school? no? well today is your day

Back when I was 12 my family moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida so I had to start middle school in a completely different culture and because of that I was very social awkward/unaware. So one day in math class a girl I had a huge crush on told me that a better word for a strict person was dildo and I believed it because duh. The very next day me and the girl are talking and the teacher scolds us, the class goes silent just as I say out loud “why are you being such a dildo” the class erupts, I am confused and in the principals office before I figure out I probably said something I shouldn’t have. Long story short I ended up in detention and almost got a sexual harassment accusation thanks to a pretty girl and a lack of social skills.


If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to storyboard for Regular Show, here’s a very in-depth comic about what it takes to make an episode. I’ve been meaning to make something like this for a while, because I definitely didn’t know the process until I started, and every show is run a little different. I’m very grateful to have such a cool job, and getting to work with and learn from Benton has been awesome. 

Also the season 7 finale airs tonight, and it’s a doozy! Be sure to check it out.

Bites and Washington Heights

As requested by @freestrawberrynight
-The reader is a no-maj and attacked by one of Newt’s creatures. In my head, this started out as more of a fluff and turned into something different. Enjoy!
You quickened your pace as you walked down the streets of New York City.

You had a very important job interview in a very sketchy part of town, however, you were NOT going to be late.

You turned into a narrow alley, praying to any higher power that you were going in the right direction.

Now, you had never been to the big city before. In fact, you’ve never been to any big city before. The loud noises, claustrophobic crowds…it wasn’t exactly your style.

So you can imagine how thrilled you were to hear you might transfer full time to the “city that never sleeps.”
But you liked to sleep, you’d argue.
It’s one of your best skills.

You actively took in your surroundings of the alleyway, which consisted of some rodent in a garbage bin, old takeout boxes, profanity sprayed to the wall in graffiti, and so many more pleasant images.

You frowned. Now this can’t be right…
You tore the map from your coat pocket, and to your utter disbelief, there was no 155th street anywhere on your directions.

“Damn…” you curse to yourself, and at the setting sun over the rooftops.
You turned on your heel, ready to charge out of the alleyway, when something in the corner of your eye caught your attention.

The rodent in the garbage bin had taken a sudden interest in you.
It was probably the largest, most peculiar looking rat you’d ever seen.
And even so, this rat had some sort of tentacles on its back.

Before you even had time to react to this absurd creation, it started to lunge at you at full speed.
You let out a sharp cry as it clung to your neck, and you immediately felt it’s sharp fangs drill into your skin.

“OW! Get off get off GET OFF” you wailed, more in shock than pain. Your feet suddenly slid out from under you, and your back bit the cement with a distressing crack!

Soon after your outburst, you heard footsteps hurrying your way, then an angry, accented voice.

You felt a pair of hands struggle to pry the creature away from your face.
For such a small creature, it sure had a lot of willpower.

Some awkward groping and some painful scratching later, the strange creature finally released itself from your face, and whoever was helping you out was sent plummeting to the ground.

There was a moment of silence while the two of you just stared at each other, and when it seemed he couldn’t take the tension any longer, the man cleared his throat.

“I am so so sorry, he wasn’t suppose to have gotten out, I thought I had secured the lock…I feel absolutely awful. Are you alright?” You focused on the sight in front of you. A (rather handsome) young man in a long blue coat was scrambling to his feet, stuttering all the while, and swiftly offered you a hand to help you up.
“I-I don’t think so” You said, accepting it.
“But did he bite you anywhere? Are there any burning sensations under the skin?

You knit your eyebrows and brought your arm up to scratch behind your neck.
“Maybe…he-OW” you howled, and the boy instantly flinched, his face twisting in concern.
Your fingernails had rubbed across some of the peeling skin, and you felt a warm liquid trickle down your neck.

It was, of course, furiously bleeding.
“Right there, bit me right there”
“Oh dear…” he mumbled, and took hold of your shoulders lightly.

He suddenly recoiled a bit at the touch.
“If I may…” he started, as if asking your permission to inspect at your wound.
You pulled your hair away from the bite, giving him your full consent to do whatever-the-hell with your neck.

He offered you a small, reassuring smile, and rested his fingers around the bite.
“Fortunately, the bite is not severe enough to do any immediate damage, but it would be wise to disinfect that when you get home, should anything…irregular start to happen” You flinched away, staring at him wildly.

“Any immediate damage? Irregular? Wait hold on, who even are you? And what the hell was that?”

You finally came back to your senses, trying to comprehend how the last three minutes of your life had just gone.

“Oh, my apologies. My name is Newt Scamander, and this here is Murtlap. A very, very naughty little creature who’s definitely earned a stern lecture this evening” you watched in utter confusion as he scolded the young…whatever it was.

“Pardon me, a Murtlap?” You interjected, obviously still lost.
You saw the light behind Newt’s eyes waver a bit, as if wondering how to come up with a way to respond.

“It’s…the name I gave to my pet. This rat”
He held up the very beast that just attacked you.
“But it has tentacles”
“…he likes it when I dress him up. Today’s theme, marine biology!”
“If I agree to believe your story, will you stop trying to prove it?”

He looked at you in surprise, but nodded meekly, staring down at his shoes like a scolded child.
There was something odd about the way this man presented himself. His body language reflected someone who, with a whole heart, wanted to be anywhere but here.

You felt your heart sink to your stomach.
“Not that I don’t enjoy talking to you…Mr. Scamander”
“Please, call me Newt.” He seemed to respond automatically. You smiled.
“To be honest, I’m completely intrigued by you…Newt.”
He pulled the Murtlap closer to his breast pocket.
“Is that so?”

“Foreign young man with some lab project of a pet wandering around New York City, attacking young women? Sounds intriguing to me.”
“Yes…in fact you’d never believe how I ended up here” he muttered so quietly, you almost couldn’t hear it.

He cleared his throat, and turned his attention to his little brown briefcase, as if trying to turn the subject away from what he had just said. He picked it up and redid one of the latches that seemed to have popped off.

“I’ve just been having a rather…peculiar evening. Forgive me”
“There’s nothing to forgive, I was actually on my way to an interview when I got horribly lost. Hence, the attack. Hence, you showing up. Hence…I miss the interview.” He looked back up to you.

“Where…where is this interview?”
You searched around the floor for your map, which was now crumpled and pounded into the dirt. In a single moment of repugnance, you scraped off any mystery substances, and squinted to read the address.

“West 155th street, so it must be here…hold on” you looked a little more closely at the address, and come to a sinking realization.
“It says 115th street. So close.” You mentally kicked yourself. You looked up at Newt, who now seemed to be lost in thought, contemplating to himself.

After concluding that he won’t be saying anything more, you patted his arm and picked up the remaining items from the floor.
“Well I best be going. I want to be at least a little on time” you noticed Newt was fidgeting with something in his sleeve.

He then took a step closer to you, and took out what would look like a magic wand if you didn’t know any better.
“Promise not to say a word about what I’m about to do?”

You honestly had no clue where this was going. But did you really care at this point?
“Okay…” you breathe, and in an instant, you two were no longer standing in the dusty alley, but outside a clean headquarters, on west 115th street, Washington Heights.

You stood without words, just staring at Newt’s nonchalant expression.
“That was just beginning to make up for my inconvenience to you today. Oh and by the way, I never did catch your name.”
You try to shake yourself from your trance, finding yourself completely forgetting your own name.

“Oh god…”
“What peculiar names muggles are coming up with nowadays.”
“My name is (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” He smiled and reached his hand out to shake yours.
“(Y/N) (L/N)…I have a strange feeling I’ll be seeing more of you”

And in another instant, the boy was gone, along with any sanity you may have had left.
But you couldn’t help but smile at such a peculiar sequence of events.
You pushed open the glass doors and took a seat in the waiting room, a whole 4 minutes early.

You really did hope you’d see more of that peculiar boy.
And it just so happens, you would.

Based on the soulmates au by @haicuties (I believe) of having their first words to each other tattooed on their wrists.

But imagine you had something really simplistic and vague like ‘hey’ tattooed on your wrist and so when ever someone greeted you with hey, you’d reply, wondering if maybe this person was the one, only to then find out that your response was different to their tattoo.
Imagine starting to get really annoyed and so your at a volleyball match one day and this guy walks up to you and says ‘hey’ and you just explode and start yelling 'IM SO SICK OF THE WORD HEY!’ And the guy just stares at you before he bursts out laughing and shows you his wrist and there are the exact words you just screamed at him.

“You know I always wondered why these were in capital letters”

I’m getting a lot of “how do you keep him so well behaved if he’s not neutered” questions at work again and then @spanishmal brought something to my attention so I feel the need to talk about this.

There are so many people, in so many different dog arenas, that act like an intact dog is impossible to control or maintain. Meanwhile my intact dog is kept the exact same as my spayed bitches, and has less restrictions on him than my neutered dog. With very minimal targeted training, Creed has:

  • Worked literally right next to an intact bitch starting heat, who was also working. He adores said bitch and she was occasionally on top of him because they both shove each other out of the way to perform tasks and alerts, she adores him and loves him 5ever, and both were still able to focus on task and not think about how much they wanted to screw each other’s brains out.
  • Worked only a few inches away from an intact bitch that he’d only met once before, who was subtly flirting with him for the 5 hours we were together, and once he got over the OMG HELLO HI! from the first couple minutes they saw each other he was more than content to ignore her and focus on pulling me along the trail.
  • Worked as a demo dog with my mentor’s dog serving as a distraction, an intact bitch who’d just finished a heat only a week prior. She typically just tools around the arena with her toy but with Creed she was actively trying to get him to mount her by flirting and presenting. Again, this is a bitch he likes very much.
  • Worked for a solid week hundreds of miles away from home with no fewer than 3 bitches in heat milling around the area, with several more intact bitches also milling around the area, and several intact dogs also milling around the area… and only had one day where it became too hard for him.
  • Worked as a teenager during a huge conformation event known as the DPCA Nationals in 2015 where there were literally hundreds of intact animals and many bitches were in heat because they were brought to Nationals specifically for breeding, all packed in a building roughly the size of a gymnasium where it is impossible not to be in someone’s face.

And yet… still has not sired any accidental litters, still remains under control around ladies who smell enticing, still has his balls. He also does not mark in the house, doesn’t hump people or objects (and doesn’t hump dogs obsessively), and isn’t constantly in a brawl mindset when he sees a male (he would just prefer they fuck off and ignore him).

Intact dogs are no different to train than altered dogs. Stop blaming your training problems on your dog’s organs and using surgery as an easy way out. Stop listening to the scare tactics of PETA and HSUS and start training your god damned dogs.

I always found the current culture surrounding veiling so strange: specifically with stuff like “discerning to veil” like it’s some kind of vocation, or warning people about not veiling out of pride.

When I first thought about doing it, I did some research about the theology behind it and then started trying out different ways to veil (I wore an infinity scarf at Mass right away, but was also experimenting with day-to-day headcoverings to wear outside of church).

My main concern was being made fun of, but that died away quickly when I realized that people in my area really didn’t care. And honestly, aside from feeling very feminine when I veiled, I also veiled because it’s common sense to me. St. Paul advocates for it in the Bible, and veiling the holy is something seen in both Scripture and Tradition. When I later realized that secular feminists helped cut down on veiling through lies about the faith, I felt betrayed and angry that THIS is why women almost never veil! Along with it being only natural to do so, I continued to veil to sort of take back what was “stolen” from me by our foremothers.

I, personally, just don’t get the points about discernment, or worrying over pride. Veiling started out after an order to do so, and women followed through because they were devoted to their faith. And only recently have either of these “veiling issues” been taken seriously.

You discern for crucial life events or for vocations, and veiling is neither.  While wearing the veil points to a fantastic and sacred Truth, throwing a cloth onto your head is not on par with, say, deciding on and praying about marriage or the religious life. It’s like saying that a man not wearing a hat in church is on par with him discerning whether or not he and his wife should take over a new ministry in their parish. (Of course, with all the fuss that people make about veiling, it probably feels like a bigger decision than it is).

And so what if a woman happens to feel more holy than you when veiling? Using your supposed judgement on that kind of person to dissuade or “warn” others from veiling is just petty, imo. Plus, taking away the veil, or putting it on the pedestal of “properly prayed over”, won’t fix anything. Like forcing a woman to throw away her tube tops and short shorts won’t do anything, the root problem of pride is internal, not external. This goes with any action, not just veiling.

Idk, it just seems so over-blown and silly. For nearly two thousand years, Christian women have veiled without “pride” or “discernment” being a part of the process. I feel like such talk is just an unnecessary and unwanted byproduct of the bra burning days, and trying to appeal to more “progressive” masses by swallowing lies of non-believers.

So am I the only one, or am I totally off the wall?


ok sooooo here’s my 20~ minute long rambling about my sherlock backstory ideas. these are mostly headcanons i use to sort of timeline-out his life, basically throughout his late teens til when we meet him. i summarize it in a TL:DR in the start in case yall dont wanna see this all uhhhhh
yeah basically these are super headcanony and speculative and frankly ive just sort of held these for a while and if i revisited them id probably rethink them a lot, or if i started from scratch they could end up totally different
i wanted to get these out before s4 called curtains on the time for speculations and frankly i dont expect anything specific here to hold up BUT, core tenants i believe in:
sherlock was homeless at one point
sherlock went to america at one point
sherlock lived under mycrofts roof and found out he was spying on him
something caused sherlocks drug habit to take a very sharp and nasty turn which scared him enough it lead him to want to get clean
uhhhhhhhhh yeah! i think thats all….i may be forgetting something……..theres some other theories i think are good but these are just about My Theories really

I Remember (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Summary: The screams are never silenced. Almost every night, they wake him, beg him to pay attention, to remember, and to hurt. The agony pulls him down, but he’s learning how to bring himself back up. And having you at his side every night, having you in general, is what pulls him back. This night is no different. 

Word Count: 782

Warning(s): brief (very brief) mention of murder

A/N: I’m so happy to get something new out this quickly!!! send more prompts :-)

Prompt: Hi! I saw your requests are open, so you think you can write a Bucky/reader based on the quote “When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind”? If you can’t let me know, and I’ll think of something else. Thank you! -nuvoleincielo


He sits in silence, and the shadows wash over him. He gives in and falls deeper and deeper into the abyss of mistakes. Of failures. Of crimes. They are reminders. The cold metal fingers that dig into the flesh of his thigh are reminders of not only his inhuman strength, but of the destruction he’s left in his wake and the division that he’s caused. He roots himself at the same time he allows himself to self destruct.

But as the voices scream in his head, the voices of the lives he denied permission to continue, there is a flash of light. A warm hand smooths over the cool metal, gently grasping his wrist and pulling him back, waking him from the nightmares of his dismantled, fractured memory.

Bucky’s eyes flutter open, and as they adjust to the dim light, reality begins to slowly take hold.

It’s three o’clock in the morning. He looks towards the window. I’m in Wakanda. Steve is safe. I am safe. I am sitting on a bed in a bedroom, not a cot in a cell. My name is James Buchanan Barnes. I was a soldier in World War II, and I was taken—

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captainofthestars  asked:

Hi, I wanted to ask you a question! Your monsters are all A+ Super Cool, how do you design them? Like, do they start out as rough ideas/sketches you refine, or do they come out entirely as they are? Do you ever design characters by going like "ok I want a dude made of sugar, here's a few different concepts for that" or do you typically know what you want? Sorry if these seem like odd questions, I just really admire you and would like a look into your design process ^u^

Thank you very much, aha dang! Good questions, sure I can go through my thought process, its not super impressive or drawn out at all, but it’s what works for me and others.

  • For any character it all starts with a rough idea/concept. Usually my characters are based off of one or more particular animal/shape/object/theme, etc.

It takes some experimenting to see which things mesh together well, or what can be mixed together to make something different and creative.

  • And then from there I start to gather more resources to draw inspiration from. These resources could be from online, comics, books, TV shows, movies, real life, personal experience, other artists, etc. anywhere. 
  • It’s a good idea to stockpile pictures and links into folders so you can look at them later. Who knows! You might find something you forgot about and then want to use in the future.

Your example: A character made of sugar

  • Simply by googling “Sugar” I’m given an array of good reference pictures, and the ideas already start to pop up. If I were to go with a Sugar approach, I’d probably throw in some sugar cookie and candy heart inspiration~ (because I really love sprinkles and bright colors~)

The whole process for me is: think of a starting theme (ex. sugar), google references and inspiration, look in other media for other traits, use references + inspo to draw a rough-draft, pleased with draft = finalize design.

Once the character is designed they are open to changes and tweaks down the road. Remember! It’s okay to update your character’s design. The first drawing of them doesn’t mean their appearance is set in stone.

Maybe like? 80% of the time I already have an idea of what I want. After I see a couple pictures my imagination kicks in and I start drawing out the rough draft.

And it’s fine to not know exactly what you want at first. Be open to inspiration from surprising places! And as always: Keep practicing, show everyone what you can create~!  👍👍👍

To Peeta, with love

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, let alone posted it, and I’m sorry for that. So I tried something different. Hope you enjoy.

(I don’t own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun)

Imagine that Modern AU, where Katniss and Peeta are still in school and they are friends. But Katniss starts to long for a little more than a platonic friendship with him and, to get that stuff out of her chest, she decides to write him a poem. It’s easy to say that that doesn’t go very well, it turns out to be way harder than what she thought it would be. Just trying to make words rhyme is impossible, and lets not even start with writing down her feelings, it just, ughh. No, thank you. The paper ends scrunched up on the floor of her bedroom.

Enter Prim. Sneaky little Prim, snooping around her older sister’s bedroom, looking for that white stuffed goat of her sister so that it can have tea with her stuffed cat, Buttercup. But Prim ends up finding something else. Something much, much better than the old goat. A ball of paper lying inconspicuously on the floor near the end of the bed. A paper that, after straightening and taking her time reading it, happens to contain the best secret in the world ever. Ever. In the entire history of secrets.

But Prim can’t deliver it like that, oh no, so creased and stained, and look! It’s not even signed! She has to pretty it up. It is a declaration of love, after all.

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EXO reaction - Falling for a younger idol (also their best friend)

Disclaimer: this scenario is for “younger” idols of age! 18-19 regular age (20-21 Korean age basically ‘97-’98 liner)


He wouldn’t draw any attention to himself. He would have to get his thoughts straightened out. By the end, if he was still having strong feelings for you be would confess. 

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He would try to push his feeling down. He would want to make certain that you have something for him too. One has to be very secure in their feelings especially with age differences. 

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He actually wants a younger girlfriend! he would start to take care of you as a boyfriend without actually confessing. He wants you to be aware that he is interested and comfortable with you seeing him that way.

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He would be more focused on not ruining your friendship. Because he has interest in a younger girl. He wants you to see him as a romantic interest (oppa), not an older brother (oppa). p.s this kid is an absolute dork and a half

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He does prefer a “noona” or a girl who takes care of him, but I’m sure he would make an exception as long as the feelings he has are real. He’s mentioned that he would go 5 years younger (1997)


Much like Chen, Chanyeol wants his girlfriend to be within 5 years of his age. He’d pursue you for sure if you fell under his age limit. He would feel sad though because it’s difficult to go from the friend zone into being a boyfriend.

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As soon as he felt something more than friendship with you, he wouldn’t question it.

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Doesn’t care at all/ He wants a girlfriend who acts more like a best friend so he would confess when he confirmed his feelings for you.


He has harsher criteria for older girls, but he doesn’t mind the fact that you are younger than him. He likes being the oppa. The only question would be if you love him back.

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Magic Mishap

Loki and I sat there practicing the random spells the book pages would land on. Loki would speak little while doing spells, which is something I found odd as he normally was very chatty towards me.My eyes land on a certain spell.

“Chibi spell?” I said out loud with clear confusion laced in my voice.

“Oh, yes that spell is odd, its best you leave it and try a different one.” Loki inquired. 

“Really? Well, if you say so, Loki.” As I was about to turn the page I got a very devious, wonderful idea. Why not try this spell out….on Loki.

I started summoning and whispering the short words of the spell to myself. Finally, the ball of purple magic in my hand is completed.I point my hand at him and release the spell.

He turned his head quickly only to see the ball being flung at him. The spell began to take effect on him as he found himself being incredibly small and somewhat chubby.

Loki spoke in a high-pitched, adorable voice “What did you do to me?! Did you-….” He became silent once he saw himself in the shine of his now very large mirror.

“You…You…” He said in disbelief. “Me what?” I replied in a snarky tone whilst picking up his small frame with two fingers.

“How could you! I am the Prince of Asgard! I demand you to reverse this spell this instant! That is an order from your prince!” He squealed out, flailing his arms in anger.

“Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t do that, Says here it lasts for 2 hours.”

“Two hours?! No, you have to do something, I can’t look like this  for that long!’

“Hey relax, I’ll take care of you while this lasts. Besides, it’s not like you have anything better to do.” I pulled out a small piece of chocolate from my pocket and pushed it towards him. He gladly accepted the sweet and chewed it up rapidly.

I used my index finger to gently pat his head, aside from his small protests he finally gave into being touched.

After the few hours passed, he gradually became his normal size and weight once more.

“Great! You’re back.” I smiled. “You’re terrible, you know that?” He pouted out.

“Oh hush you loved that extra attention, I bet you probably crave it now.”  I tease at him.

A small blush comes upon his porcelain face. “Aww! I knew it! C’mon scoot closer to me you dork”  

Back then Amethyst loved the power she got from the fusion, and she didn’t care that she and Garnet almost killed Pearl, at least until they unfused.

But she is a different gem now, she’s changed a lot since we started the show and I’m actually confident that if they were to form Sugilite again they would form at least a stable fusion.

“I see a tower built out of my mistakes, and it all comes crashing down.”


And now she’s asking a very similar question Greg did back in We Need to Talk. What can I do? For you to forgive me, for me to be something else in your eyes than a spaced out kid.

What can Amethyst do?


Heaven Is For Porn Addicts

I’m starting to see why honesty comes in such short supply with people.

Honesty is costly.

I didn’t realize just how costly it could be until an out-of-the-blue job opportunity came my way several weeks ago. It was the kind of job I’d been praying about for awhile. It was something fresh and different, something that would meet my needs financially. Something that would engage my creative side and ignite the adventurer in me. It was almost too perfect.

The interview was going extremely well up until the very end.

She took a deep breath and looked me dead in the eyes. “One last thing, and you don’t have to answer if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

“Of course, ask away!”

“Well, we stumbled across your blog…”

I froze. Immediately.

“…you just seem like you’re in a very dark place, and I don’t know how to feel about that.”

It was in that exact moment that I knew I’d blown the chance without ever meaning to.

She didn’t even need to hear my response to know that her mind was made up. This was a courtesy interview and she was fully aware of it.

A few weeks went by before I finally reached out and got the text saying “we just really want to have someone who is in a better state emotionally.”

I suddenly wanted to wipe every godforsaken word I’d ever typed off the internet.

I spoke to a few friends about it after the fact.

They each had a general consensus.

“Maybe you just need to stop being so raw in your blogs and take it down a notch.”

What if they were right? What if this “safe” space I’d created online to express my thoughts on life and the world around me wasn’t as safe as I’d once thought? What if it was scaring people away more then helping them through? What if my honesty wasn’t what other people wanted to hear?

Since then, I’ve been terrified to write anything for the fear that it might be taken as “my sadness,” or worse. I’ve been struggling to put words to things, to “take it down a notch” without somehow losing my voice. I̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶d̶i̶f̶f̶i̶c̶u̶l̶t̶. It’s been impossible.

Honesty is costly, sometimes we don’t realize just how much.

I went to a massive Christian concert downtown last week. One of those ‘$10 at the door and wait five hours outside’ kinda deals. I was going to see a few of the bands, but mostly, going to see a few out-of-town friends.

I didn’t expect to see the protesters outside.

I didn’t expect to feel angry as I gazed upon their judgmental signs.

I didn’t expect to stand there and listen to the ugly words they screamed through their bullhorns at the audience waiting in the frigid cold.


‘Heh,’ I thought,  ‘I guess heaven is going to be a really empty place then.’

I didn’t realize the weight of that thought until it sunk in a little deeper.

A liar and a thief were the last two people Jesus spoke to before He died.

He told them they would be with Him in heaven soon.

That’s when it hit me.

Heaven is for porn addicts.

Heaven is for thieves and liars.

Heaven is for drug dealers and abortionists.

Heaven is for the suicidal and sad.

Heaven is for the sick.

Heaven is for the addicts.

Heaven is for the prostitutes.

Heaven is for the people who are too scared to be honest with their struggles.

Heaven is for the people running from their pasts.

Heaven is for the messed up, the no good, the broken, the failures.

Heaven is for anyone who admits that who they are now isn’t who they want to be forever.

And that’s the beauty of Jesus.

He came to tell us we were worth dying for and then did it to prove His point.

He let us drive nails into His hands because He didn’t care how dirty and screwed up we were–He just wanted to be with us.

“Hey, you’re a mess. But your potential is enormous. Let’s chase it.”

That’s the Jesus I serve.

That’s the Jesus that Christians don’t talk about.

That’s the Jesus the protesters bastardized.

That’s the Jesus I wish we’d be.

What if we did though? What if we were?

What if my honesty is worth something after all, or if this “sadness” isn’t something to be ashamed of? What if it’s EXACTLY why I need Him? What if it helped people realize that they can take their baggage to Him too?

Honestly is costly, but it never leaves us broke.

Here’s to learning how to foot the bill…

my point is: the best way to stop fearing something is start doing it. i don’t mean jump into the deep waters straight away, just dip your toes in. as i said: buy a different brand of yogurt, not the one that’s your favourite, listen to completely different genre of music. you might end up disliking it. but you tried something different, you DID get out of your comfort zone. did anything bad happen? no. then maybe it won’t if you go a little further? and so on and on …. one day you’ll discover your anxiety decreased very significantly. because you just trained your brain to realise that none of the worst-case scenarios really happen if you just do some spontaneous stuff. it’s all okay. you’ve lived through it multiple times. it got ingrained into you your psyche that there’s not really as much to fear as you thought initially. and so life just gets easier from then on.

i’m sorry but it’s highly unlikely to get better by sheltering yourself and trying to wait it out whilst trying to muffle your feelings and thoughts tormenting you by endlessly engaging in fandoms or whatever is there on this site. i mean, it’s okay to seek comfort in it, but not spend your whole free time with it. you need to get out of your comfort zone. otherwise the comfort zone will get so small it will eventually suffocate you. recovery is hard work but definitely worth it.

finnpoe fic recs #2

my first finnpoe rec list can be found here.

  • got the taste for it by ShowMeAHero | Finn works as a waiter at the Outer Rim Gardens and Saloon diner next door to Dameron’s Hangar. The first time he meets the owner of the garage, Poe Dameron, he almost passes out bringing the guy his burger. It could only be the start of something beautiful. | 7.7k
  • all the worlds and universes by giidas (katushkaK) | where Finn travels to different universes, different versions of his life, and Poe is the only constant. | 5.9k
  • being there by cloudcastles | Poe and Finn help heal each other’s wounds after the destruction of Starkiller Base. Poe is a very patient man, Finn is a very good big spoon, and they’re both idiots. | 6.7k
  • but I’m a stormtrooper! by ester_inc | A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn’s not sure what the punchline is, but he’s almost certain it’s gonna hurt. (He’s wrong.) | 3.2k
  • supernova tonight by halotolerant | There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories. | 9.6k
  • number three by mhythology | Whenever Poe thinks he might be about to die (which is approximately three times a week) he always wishes he had the chance to do three things. | 3.3k
  • getting better by rosawyn | Finn’s just trying to figure these relationship things out. To be fair, Poe’s a little confused himself. | 3.3k
  • one hell of a mess by noelia_g | based on stormpiloting’s headcanon: “okay so i love poe stressing finn out with how unbearably cool and suave he is but honestly i live for finn turning poe into an awkwardly nervous wreck” | 5k
  • this ladder is ours by marxeline | Poe looks a little hurt, like Finn’s insulted his pride, but it passes quickly. “No, no- I just meant, it’s good that it fits. If it hadn’t you might have left it on Jakku. It’s nice, you know. Serendipitous.” | 2k
  • thinking what you’re gonna say by numenore | In which Finn’s terrible at pretending there’s nothing between the two of them, while Poe thinks he’s doing a hell of a job (he isn’t), and literally everyone else on base is wondering why they’re even trying to hide it from the world (because they are spectacularly failing). | 2.1k
  • animal arithmetic by hart | the one where finn is a barista in the sweet, somewhat derelict ‘maz’s caf’, and poe is the painfully charming customer he can’t stop thinking about. | 5.4k
  • home and the heartland by DemiraWatson | A moment of victory allows Poe to teach a recovering Finn how to dance. | 2.3k
  • heart on his sleeve by aviss | Finn learns how to interact with people, how to fit in the resistance, and that maybe he is not as transparent as he might have believed. | 4.3k
  • somebody loves you by thatviciousvixen | With blasters firing and death on his heels, all Poe knows is that he needs to get back to Finn. | 3.4k
  • a name suits you by stripperdameron | Soulmate AU - Poe and Finn fall in love as soon as they hear the other say their name. FN-2187 doesn’t have a name yet, though, and when Poe gives him one, things get interesting - especially when they think the other has died at the beginning. | 14k
  • the measure of things by mortarsmayfall | His face is – not what Poe expects from a Stormtrooper. The polymer armor is a shock of lightning against his broad face, handsome with dark skin and soft black eyes that are wide not in fury, but panic.Beautiful, is what Poe’s exhausted brain supplies. Instead, all he manages to do is blink. | 6.4k
  • best laid efforts by cosmicocean | In which Jessika and Temmin do their best, aren’t even subtle about it, and Poe and Finn are still morons. | 3.8k

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What kind of wedding dress would Christine pick out for herself to wear in her wedding to Raoul?

So the designs have changed a LOT since I started the Modern Day Phantom series, but I’ve kinda nailed down solid ideas for her three looks in those years. 

Christine’s personal idea for her wedding dress works with her dream wedding, which is something very simple, intimate but very soft and feminine. So this particular dress is actually inspired more by the Dressing Gown than the Wedding Gown. 

It’s very different from the rigid looking (but also amazing because it’s probably still my favorite design to date) custom couture confection that Raoul’s sisters talked her into. Because the De Chagny wedding is going to be ALL over the society pages, Christine is not going to be caught dead in anything the designer didn’t fly in from LA to sketch out in front of them.

And finally the Phantom’s wedding gown for Christine is probably that most recent design I just came up with because he’s a classicist, he’s only ever pictured his bride in an ethereal ballgown, tulle and train trailing behind her.

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The Langst train that you started, gods its beautiful. Every time you reblog it, it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for starting this.

you’re very welcome. it’s neat because it’s starting to branch off and go in different directions like the last one i reblogged lance is headed to earth but something happens (and im excited to find out what lol) and then someone else just added something where he goes back to the castle but barricades himself in his room. i’m just really excited to see how people progress it. i posted it last night and then went to work, then this morning i woke up sick as a dog, but if i wasn’t i might add on to it too. but it’s also fun to see what everyone else writes. like an open fic. i didn’t intend for it to be like that but it’s neato nonetheless lol :))))))

to my girls who have trouble in school

it might not surprise you to know that how mental illness is diagnosed is sexist.

most baselines for mental illnesses and the symptom criteria for diagnosis are based on studies of Caucasian males. this includes developmental disorders, like ADHD.

whether it’s a result of gender norms or of biology, girls with ADHD (all 3 types, including what was formerly called “ADD”) typically present symptoms differently than boys. for example: whereas boys might jump out of their seat and be very disruptive in class, girls might display hyperactivity through more subtle means, such as fidgeting and, especially, excessive or loud talking. once they get older, boys start having trouble completing assignments on time because, for example, at midnight on the night before it’s due, they’ll abandon a project to go to something else. girls, however, typically will not abandon projects - instead, they might just have a lot of trouble finishing them, or have a brand new idea for how to do the project at midnight, scrap everything and start all over. but they get it done - making it harder for teachers to notice they’re struggling.

because they’re often better at completing schoolwork and behaving in class than boys, the symptoms of ADHD often don’t catch up to girls until high school, college or early adulthood - when, suddenly, they cannot finish projects the night before and need to plan in advance/time manage - and they realize that they can’t.

i’m speaking here as a mental health worker and someone who has ADHD myself - if you’re a girl in high school or college who’s been struggling a lot, and that description rang true, consider a visit to a psychiatrist. you may have ADHD, and talk/medication therapies can actually change your life.

Internet Dating

Internet dating

I read and listen to people expressing their opinions on internet dating and long distance relationships and I think it’s time for me to add my two cents worth.

I met a woman by replying to a posting on an internet group/site. When I sent this reply it was strictly to chat and converse with her because I knew that I was NOT what she was looking for as a partner, but friends are a different story. Truth be known I was so far removed from the characteristics she stated she was looking for that I really didn’t expect to ever get a reply and for a month I didn’t.

Then one day, out of nowhere, I had a message in my email. As we started to chat it was obvious that there was something there and that a friendship was definitely starting. Possibly a FWB relationship down the road. Once this was obvious I was very open and upfront with her. I reminded her of all the things she had stated she was looking for that I wasn’t. And there were many. One of them was that I was WAY outside her preferred age group and I was 500 miles away. Add to that I am a “big” man, as in “Big & Tall”, and not as in what many women are looking for as far as big and I was positive that all this would become was a good friendship.

Let me preface what I’m going to say next by stating that I am use to rejection. People, especially women, always comment on how easy it is to talk to me. How they become very comfortable with me very quickly. This is both chatting on line and in person, but when it becomes time to talk intimacy more times than not I’m “not their type.” Yes hearing that hurt every time, but I used my defense mechanism and would laugh it off and make jokes about myself and my body so they would feel better. I on the other hand still felt like a piece of crap. The sad thing is that those who did invite me to join them experienced some of the best sex they had ever had (Their words. Not mine) while so many passed me by because of my size.

Well back to my story, I was scared to death when I hit send and this new friend was finally going to see me. I knew that things would change. Now I’m not Shrek or even bad looking. Fact is I’m a handsome man, just bigger and not a sloppy big either. I’m just not 25 and a Chippendale dancer. To my surprise I didn’t hear any of the excuses of why this won’t work and I also didn’t hear silence. So many rude people get my picture and I never hear anything.

Well, we continued to talk. We shared some very personal experiences and we started to fall in love. The truth is that we were already head over heals for each other before we ever physically met for the first time. She is my life and we are planning on spending the rest of our lives together.

My point is that I truly believe that because we became acquainted and talked over the Internet. Because of the distance between us we were forced to get to know each other on a intellectual and personal level long before the physical. We couldn’t focus on the physical or superficial things because they weren’t in front of us everyday. I feel in love with my Baby Girl - in love with her - not the package she was wrapped in. (It’s amazing by the way) My love for her is unified and different from any love I’ve ever known in my life.

So on a scale from 1 - 10 I give internet dating a 25. It’s brought me more joy and happiness than I had ever dreamed of.

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