this started out as one thing

reddie hcs based on an actual phone call i just got from a friend

(sidenote: all the stuff richie says is basically direct quotes from this phone call i received it was so fucking sweet and i haven’t felt this loved in a long time ok)

- they’re in college or something and richie gets really drunk one night and just calls eddie and just starts going off like

- “EDS. i’m really drunk right now and i’ve just been thinking about you and i was thinking about you the other day too and i’m just so glad that we’re friends you know? you are just like… so amazing and i love ya to pieces”

- and he’s doing one of his dumb voices and eddie is speechless because richie just keeps going like

- he just goes on and on about all the things he likes about eddie and is just like “and i can’t believe that i get to hang out with you you’re just so strong you know? you don’t take any shit. when someone says something fucked up you don’t take it sitting down you know? i wish i was half as strong as you”

- and he’ll get sidetracked and start talking about some dumb shenanigans he and bev got up to and eddie will laugh and richie will remember he called to talk about eddie and be like “oh right i’m getting sidetracked, back to all the reasons why you’re so great, eds.”

- and he’ll start on another tangent and some of it is repeats of what he’s already said bc he’s drunk but like it’s just so genuine and earnest

- and eddie wasn’t expecting this at all he was just getting ready for bed and he’s like…in the common room of his dorm and he’s getting teary eyed bc wtf richie and so he gathers up his stuff and runs up to his room for some privacy while richie is just loudly ranting to him about how wonderful he thinks eddie is

- "EDS. I just. I LOVE YA. I think the WHOLE WORLD of ya. I can’t believe such a great cool person like you spends more than 20 minutes with a dumb asshole like me you’re just so great. I don’t think you could ever do anything that would ever make me mad at you. I just love having you on a pedestal and I don’t EVER wanna bring you down.“

- “you know, if there was an album of like…the best of eddie kaspbrak…it would all be interactions between you and me. sure the rest of the losers might be in there once or twice i’m sure they’ve had some good times with you but YOU AND ME man.”

- and eddie is outright sniffling right now and trying not to let richie know that he’s crying over how fucking dumb and sweet richie is being and richie’s like

- “and i hope you know you’re stuck with me. you ain’t getting rid of me any time soon. i’m like…the strep throat of friendship i just keep coming back and i can’t get enough of you.”

- “and don’t you ever fucking give up on me eds. you do so much for me like…my whole life is basically just like…you know when someone starts to trip and they try to just like…keep running forward to catch themselves? like that’s me and you just stick with me and make sure i don’t do something stupid enough to actually kill myself”

- “you’re just so good. don’t you ever fucking let go and die on me. i think you dying is the only thing that could ever make me mad at you, you know.”

- and then bev comes back from the bathroom at whatever bar they’re at and richie is just like

- “oh shit bev is coming back from the bathroom i gotta go but just remember i love ya eds. when we get off the phone i want you to pull up that song by that Toto guy. africa you know the one? just listen to that song and remember that i love ya”

and that was basically the 40 minute call i just received from my friend who was apparently high as fuck. sidenote: the song he wanted me to listen to was Hold On I’m Coming by Sam and Dave.

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do you have any tips for someone just starting an ask blog? I started mine recently and no one has noticed it. Do I just keep going? Should I promote myself by asking different people to check it out? (This is difficult since I'm a very prideful person ;-;)

If you want a swinging start, there are two things you need to use to your advantage! First, tags – use plenty of tags so fans of the character you’re ask-blogging about can’t miss it! It’s much harder for OC ask-blogs, but you know, it’s much harder for OC content all-around. Second, (if you’re an OC blog this is your lifeline) interact with other blogs. You don’t need to necessarily beg for promos – try replying to other, similar ask blogs. Trust me. Ask-bloggers are desperate to interact. Crossover with other ask-blogs – it gives you a start, gives the blog you crossover with some fun new content, and gives potential followers a taste of your blog. 

headcanons || dating billy hargrove
  • pet names!!
    • princess
    • kitten
    • doll (occasionally)
    • angel
    • sometimes even hot-stuff if you’re ticking him off
      • “listen hot-stuff”
  • riding in his camaro
    • the speed would take some getting used to
    • but once you’re used to it you look forward to it all the time
    • one hand on the wheel the other on your thigh
  • impromptu make-out sessions
    • before class starts
    • pulling over in his car
    • “studying”
    • he’s called you over to his house before just to make out
      • just sayin
  • making out
    • i mean billy is most likely the best kisser ever but you will always have to deal with that ash taste from all the cigarettes
    • or the taste of cheap booze
    • if you’re lucky you get both!!
  • he. gets. in. fights.
    • he has definitely gotten in a fight with a guy staring at you
    • he has 100% gotten in a fight with a guy catcalling you
    • he has 200% gotten in a fight with a guy flirting with you
    • a guy says something mean to you? he will, without a doubt, have a black eye tomorrow
    • and don’t even try to hide it because that boy can see right through you
      • “who was he and what’d he do”
      • “it was nothing billy i swear”
      • “was it trent?”
      • “i-uh…don’t do anything please”
      • before you finish your sentence he’s already beating him up
    • after a while you just flat out say it
      • “chris ripped the pages out of my book when i didn’t go out with him”
      • “got it”
  • you’re basically the only one who he isn’t a dick to
    • when he’s a dick to other people in front of you, you usually make him act nicer
    • if he doesn’t, you apologize for him
    • you can’t stand when he treats max like he does
  • you’re a good influence, so over time he gets better about everything
  • even with you and him being very close, it’s hard for him to open up about his dad and moving
    • he has a reputation to keep up, even if it does come loose around you
    • he can’t explain how hard it is to tell you all of it
    • you only get snip-it’s every now and then
    • but you never push him more than he’s comfortable with
    • besides, you can figure out what’s going on on your own
  • after his little emotion sessions, it’s back to the old tough guy attitude
    • his soft side comes out sometimes
    • like with dogs
    • he is a very big dog person !!
  • PDA
    • hand on your back
    • hand in your back pocket
    • hand on your ass
    • there. is. no. pecking. in. this. relationship.
    • every kiss is passionate
    • and with every hug, at least one hand is on your ass
  • deep™ conversations
  • billy never thought he’d fall in love, but you were the right one to fall in love with

Im In The school’s marching band, the largest bass drum of 5. The band director, let’s call her D.T., brought in a volunteer, let’s call him j.o., to help set up the marches and instruct the percussion. Problem is j.o. Doesn’t know shit about music. He once yelled at us for saying an eighth note triplet was worth one beat in 4/4 time, and insisted that it’s worth 2 beats. He wants to make us a competition Band, but only tries getting the percussion to that level. He told us to wear out shakos a certain way last year so we would look like “those West Point Boys”. He also has us do this thing called a “bass beat” which we all hate, mainly because it sounds so fucking dumb.

D.T. Is no better either, once making us do the same 3 fucking routines over and over again. Not playing, mind you, just doing the March. we would usually take our drums off for this, because they’re super fucking heavy. Not this time. Wore those things the whole three and a half hour practice (now, officially, the band practices are three hours long, but they’re always roughly 30 minutes longer, because fuck us. Fuck you. Fuck everybody). That same practice, d.t. Went out onto the Field with a cowbell, and was OUT OF TIME. Another time, j.o. Was trying to keep us in time by clapping, BUT IN A DIFFERENT TIME THAN THE DRUM MAJORS. Had to start all that shit over again.

We did a Halloween parade recently, and during the one rehearsal, she sent the one drummer who gives a shit home because he was was pissed at her for treating him like shit. She and j.o. Consistently scream at the percussion for nothing. I’ve been yelled at because I can’t get into my place in line, even though the cunthead in front of me doesn’t fucking move in time. Not to mention they expect the bass line to move 16 feet in eight 12.5 in steps. We’ve all legitimately considered quitting all at once.

This is probably a bit of an obvious thing, but I think it´s a rather big gesture towards the humans from the ghouls to remove their masks and show their faces. Mask were the things that enabled ghouls to hunt. They concealed the identity of the wearer, so that they would not be found out. Ghouls who´s faces were seen would lose their place in the human society really fast. The concealment of their identities is so strong that Touka tried her best eve to avoid being seen in photographs,

and one of the first things that is ordered for Kaneki when he starts at Anteiku is his own mask. The life of a ghoul is constantly overshadowed by fear that their identity is find out. 

So to remove their mask and basically reveal their identities to humans, let alone to investigators, shows volumes of how far the ghouls are willing to go make this plan work.

ficspam(2/?) ↣  Paint Me In A Million Dreams by @greenfeelings;

Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?

In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food.

©️larry manip: yourssincerelylarry

Got several asks regarding tablet stuff! :D

The tablet I use is a Cintiq 13 HD ^^
It’s rather expensive and not one I would recommend for someone who is just starting with digital art!
I also have a standard Wacom tablet :D
Wacoms pretty much control the market, they are reliable and good, but run on the pricier side compared to other options

A good place to start is usually with a bamboo tablet! You can find them on amazon, they are about 80 dollars

Another choice is a Huion!
These can be found on amazon for around 30 dollars
I have never tried one myself, but have heard lots of good things about it from other people! :D

There are probably some other options out there, but that’s as far as my knowledge extends ^^;

Hope that was helpful! <3

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Okay, I looked it up, and is the 137 thing a rick and morty reference??? You've, like, never mentioned that show ever on your blog, but you seem to have started doing it after the show came out. Is it a reference to some obscure tabletop game???

Ooh, that’s an excellent guess - good eye, spotting that the first episode of Rick & Morty aired in December 2013 and my first post numbering something 137 was in January of 2014 - but there’s one complicating factor: I’ve never watched an episode of Rick & Morty in my life.

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but what a domestic fratboy sam ?/

fratboy sam only joined the frat because he ended up going to a school without harry and he felt alone and he needed to put himself out there and so he joined a frat because it was guaranteed to give him “brothers”. and he kind of regretted it in the beginning because it was too much commitment but then he met you at a frat party and you made him feel less lonely. it started as casual sex, one would call the other and ask them to come over or meet them somewhere, and you’d fuck your frustration or sadness away. but then he found himself feeling even lonelier when you left him or vice versa, so one night when you’re gathering your things he stops your hand, whispering a shy “stay.” and you don’t have to ask him to repeat or ask why, you just throw your stuff on the ground and curl back into him on his bed. and then you’re going to the frat parties together and you’re being seen in day light and sam greets you in front of his brothers with a kiss on your cheek or a kiss to your hand, and he asks for your backpack and he carries your books, but always leaves one hand open so he could hold yours. and he buys you flowers just because he wants to, and he even has a vase in his room and when you come over and see new flowers you know they’re for you because there’s always a card in them addressed to you. and he likes waking up and falling to sleep next to you every night so much that you’re basically living in his dorm and even though he gets shit from his frat brothers about being “whipped” or a “pussy” he thinks of getting to be with you every morning and every night and not having to feel lonely and being in love and feeling happy, and it doesn’t bother him as much. 

sappy/sinful sunday!

i think a lot about Richie spending time at the Uris house

(light angst with a happy ending?)

  • when they’re younger, playing and running around with Stan, being adorable
  • as they get into their young teenage years, when Stan’s OCD gets stronger and more difficult to manage, Richie is understanding and there for him
  • it’s around the same time Richie’s parents’ start to become more absent figures in his life, and Richie suffers for it, but they don’t notice (a thirteen year old can basically care for themselves, right? w r o n g )
  • Richie’s parents don’t know that Stan cleared out a drawer in his dresser just for things Richie might want to keep safe, or extra clothes for when he doesn’t want to go home to an empty house and no one to cook him dinner or laugh at his jokes
  • Richie starts to sleep with Stan even more after the gang faces IT and Richie starts having nightmares

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sara trying to keep fandom positive: 

Please don’t freak out over this and start bashing and saying things. This moment that will happen is for PLOT. it is for roberts breakdown and aarons realization. it will all be over soon. stay calm. please fandom. pleaseeeeeeeeeee…. they are end game. robron are ENDGAME.

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(You don't have to draw this, pls don't feel inclined to) Idk why but I feel like Geta has like a hygiene thing or he just likes eyebrows to look nice okay. He may judge people by power level and shit, but also if ur eyebrows are okay. One day Ku's are like way out of hand and he gets fed up and sits him the mcfuck down, and starts tweezing them. Ku is writhing in pain and screeching and Geta is like: "Ku you've died before, and fought, but yOU CRY ABOUT THIS??" This is ridiculous but. :)

I’m so sorry if you don’t remember this meme xD I feel like geta wouldn’t care what goku looks like but this is so funny to me. Goku afterwards: “eyebrows on fleek. The fuck.” 

Face From The Past *Part 8*

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 2350

Warning: Character death, Mention of blood

<< Part 7

“K…Klaus something happened…” You said through the phone, you watched as the Dread Doctors left the house, you tilted your head to the side allowing the blood to fall out of your mouth. “I… I think Hayley is hurt.”
“(Y/N)!” Klaus called through the phone as you eyes searched around for one last thing, your eyes fell on Hope in the coat and sighed.
“Hope is… okay too.” You managed to say.
“(Y/N) what about you?” He asked.
“I don’t know I don’t feel anything.” You answered and that was when Klaus started to panic, seconds later Hayley was leaning over you.
“Klaus she’s been stabbed,” Hayley said taking the phone from you and pressing her checkered over shirt to your wound. “Klaus she’s not breathing…”
“Hayley, calm down,” Klaus said softly. “I need you to stay with her, she’s going to wake in transition and you need to be there if I am not, do you understand?” Klaus asked sternly and Hayley took in a deep breath.
“Transition?” Hayley asked.
“She insisted that she be given some of my blood every morning so that if anything happened she wouldn’t have to die unhappy, she said that when she was ready to die that she would stop drinking it but that hasn’t happened yet, she died with my blood in her system and now I need to find a Doppelganger,” Klaus answered.
“Is there even on here?” Hayley asked.
“I’ve seen Father Kieran walking around this town and I’m pretty sure that he’s still in New Orleans,” Klaus answered. “So I checked his name is Henry Tate and he’s Malia’s Dad.”
“I’ll move her to her bedroom be quick.” Hayley prompted before hanging up the phone and moving you before starting to clean up.

Klaus wasted no time tracking down Malia, he walked up to the door of the McCall household and he expected for them to be hostile but there was nothing that he could do about that, it was his fault that he held such an intimidating reputation, he knocked on the door and was faced with the only human left in the pack. “Where is Malia?” he asked.
“What?” He asked, “Why do you want here?”
“I need her help,” Klaus answered and Stiles frowned.
“With what?” He asked.
“Well (Y/N) will die unless you help us,” Klaus answered and that got the attention of someone that he had forgotten about.
“What happened to (Y/N)?” Theo asked coming to stand at the door with Stiles.
“It doesn’t matter,” Klaus answered not really knowing what to do to calm him down.
“It matters if it is going to kill her!” Theo glared.
“I’m not going to let it kill her, I just need to talk to Malia, her father could be the only way to save her,” Klaus explained.
“Good luck.” Stiles laughed.
“What?” Klaus asked.
“Peter Hale doesn’t help people,” Stiles said.
“I’m not looking for Peter, I’m looking for Henry.” Klaus clarified and Stiles sighed before looking at the ground “Malia and Scott are out in the forest looking for Hayden and Liam, (Y/N) was supposed to go back and get your help looking for them.”
“I don’t have time to wait,” Klaus growled.
“I can call her if you want,” Stiles suggested.
“Ask her if her Dad has ever donated blood,” Klaus ordered as he watched Stiles dial her number.
“Malia I need to ask you something.” He said and he waited for the response. “Has your Dad ever donated blood?” Klaus refrained from listening to the conversation opting for being more polite if it was going to get him to what he wanted faster.  “She said that he never has, she said that he’s probably at the Ranch same as always.”
“Thank you.” Klaus nodded before he was gone.
“I have to go!” Theo said but Stiles stopped him from leaving.
“You have to help us find them, come on let’s be honest if they save her and we still haven’t found Liam and Hayden she is going to be pissed,” Stiles explained to him and Theo glared at the floor for a minute before he walked back into the house.

You gasped as you woke up “Oh my god that is the worst feeling.” You said to yourself as everything seemed much louder and much clearer.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Hayley called coming to sit in front of you.
“What the hell?” You asked.
“You’re in transition… Remember?” Hayley asked and you looked at her.
“I died?” You asked and she nodded.
“You were stabbed… Do you remember who it was?” She asked and you closed your eyes.
“The Doctors.” You said. “They came in they kept saying distraction, they were just repeating it over and over, like they wanted me to accept it or to justify my death, I don’t know but they killed me.”
“So they brought you here for some reason and then you became a distraction and so they killed you, I thought you said that they needed you,” Hayley said.
“They needed Theo more.” You frowned. “Unless… Theo was working with them the whole time, they brought me here to make sure that he behaved, I distracted him from whatever he was supposed to be doing and so they killed me figuring that they needed him doing whatever he is here for more than they needed him under control.”
“That means that Stiles was right,” Hayley said.

Klaus easily found Malia’s father and got the blood that he needed without hurting anyone much. Klaus was back at the house, he walked through the house that was now fully occupied, he walked into your room to see you tapping away at your phone trying to get a hold of someone. “Hey, little beta I have the blood that you need.” He said softly as he sat at the edge of the bed.
“Mm.” You hummed.
“Hayley said that you haven’t really moved are you okay?” He asked and you nodded.
“I’m fine, it just feels like a full moon every day.” You answered. “It’s a little harder to control but I’ll get used to it.”
“How do you feel about it?” Klaus asked. “If you’ve changed your mind then you don’t have to drink it and then…” You looked up at him and smiled softly despite the fact that no one would like for you to die today, he was still willing to give you the chance to choose death.
“No, I’m not ready to leave this life, you guys or the pack yet.” You answered taking the vial or blood and downing it in one go. “I think that you should go back to New Orleans, you’ve been gone for too long.”
“We can’t go back-”
“Mikael isn’t here, in all honesty it has been far too quiet for him to have been here, he doesn’t care what laws he is breaking or how many people are killed because he wants to get to you, I think The Doctors used his memory as a way to get you and by extension me here.” You explained.
“Why?” He asked.
“They wanted to use me to get Theo under control, I turned out to be more a distraction and that was why they came here was to kill me, but it’s also a possibility that they wanted you out of town.” You explained.
“So why would we leave if they want us to?” Rebekah asked from the door.
“Because you have more than just one of us to think about.” You said pointed towards Hope in Hayley’s arms “you have to hide her and you need to keep her safe, your plan from before is working but, you still need to go back and deal with the moonlight rings otherwise Klaus always going to be weak on a full moon.” You explained. “There are things that you have to do now before more enemies crawl out of the gutter in New Orleans. Go now.”
“What about you?” Hayley asked.
“I have to stay here,” You answered.
“We have to talk to someone about what is happening to you,” Klaus said. “What about that Theo kid?”
“No not him.” You answered.
“What?” He asked.
“If they were using you to get me then that means that he is working with them and I need to make sure that they don’t know what is going on.” You explained.
“I’ll call Stiles.” You answered. “Tomorrow.” You added.

After an almost full day of training in compulsion and control, you called Stiles over so that they could tell him what was going on. “Stiles I have to tell you something.” You said as you sat in the kitchen with him.
“Are you okay? Klaus came by yesterday said you were hurt.” Stiles said and you smiled.
“I’m fine… Now. Not the same though.” You answered.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“Well, I’m a Hybrid.” You answered.
“Like Klaus?” He asked and you nodded.
“Mhm.” You hummed.
“Why tell me?” He asked.
“Theo can’t know yet.” You sighed. “I’m sure that he’s working with the Doctors, you were right, I just don’t have any evidence yet.”
“Why?” He asked.
“The Doctors killed me yesterday, they said that I was a distraction and the only person that I could think of was Theo.” You explained.
“Well then what do we do?” He asked.
“We have to tell Scott. Do you know where he is?” You asked.
“Yeah, he should be at the clinic,” Stiles answered.
“Stiles.” You looked to see Klaus was standing at the door. “Can I have a word?”
“Yeah sure.” Stiles stood up and followed Klaus.
“There’s one other thing that you need to know about,” Klaus said.
“That is?” Stiles asked.
“Vampires have the ability to turn off their emotions and that means that she could drink the town dry in less than a day.” Klaus answered, “and it won’t matter if you knew her before she won’t care.”
“What triggers that?” He asked.
“For her loneliness and pain,” Klaus answered. “We have to leave that’s why we are telling you.”
“Why are you leaving?” Stiles asked.
“I have a daughter to protect and I know that (Y/N) can protect herself and you wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Klaus answered. “As much as I like to dismiss it you were her pack first.”

You and Stiles pulled up to the clinic at the same time the Scott did “Hey sorry I had trouble starting the Jeep it’s barely hanging on.” Stiles said as you both climbed out of the car. You noticed that there was something wrong “I couldn’t get in touch with Malia or Lydia.” There was silence after that “Scott?” Scott reached into his jacket and pulled out the wrench from the night that Donovan was killed.  “Where’d you get that?”
“This is yours?” Scott asked and you came to stand next to Stiles.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Scott asked after Stiles took the wrench from him.
“I was going to,” Stiles answered looking at the floor.
“No, but why didn’t you tell me when it happened?” Scott asked.
“I couldn’t,” Stiles answered.
“You killed him? You killed Donovan?” Scott asked.
“Well, he was going to kill my dad. Huh? Was I supposed to just let him?” Stiles argued.
“You weren’t supposed to do this. None of us are.” Scott answered eye shifting to you.
“You think I had a choice?” Stiles asked in disbelief.
“There’s always a choice,” Scott answered.
“Yeah, well, I can’t do what you can, Scott. I know you wouldn’t have done it. You probably would’ve just figured something out, right?” Stiles’ voice rose as he spoke.
“I’d try.” Scott nodded.
“Yeah, because you’re Scott McCall! You’re the true Alpha! Guess what? All of us can’t be true Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are human! So, you had to kill him? Scott, he was going to kill my dad.” Stiles argued.
“But the way that it happened There’s a point when it’s It’s not self-defence anymore!”  Scott said.
“What are you even talking about? It was all self-defence.” You cut in.
“I didn’t have a choice, Scott! You don’t even believe us, do you?” Stiles asked.
“I want to,” Scott answered and you clenched your fists in irritation.
“Okay, all right, so- So, believe us then. Scott, say you believe us. Say it. Say you believe me.” Stiles begged.
“Stiles, we can’t kill people that we’re trying to save.” Scott continued and you shook your head
“Say you believe me.” Stiles stepped forward causing Scott to flinch back.
“We can’t kill people! Do you believe that?” Scot asked.
“Well, what do I do about this? What do you want me to do? Okay, just be Scott, just tell me how to fix this, all right? Please, just tell me, what do you want me to do?” Stiles asked.
“Don’t worry about Malia or Lydia. We’ll find them. Maybe… Maybe you should talk to your dad.” Scott answered before he walked away.
“Scott wait I ha-” Scott didn’t stop and you glared at the door and let out a harsh laugh “Stiles you go see your Dad but I’m not going to beg for anyone’s forgiveness I don’t need it.”
“(Y/N) wa-” You were gone before he could say anything else.

When you got back to the house it was empty and you were alone again, you thought of going back to New Orleans but it all seemed so far away, you just collapsed on the floor tears rolling down your cheeks you felt like you were crying forever and then it all stopped, you felt everything and then nothing at all, you looked up at the empty house and smirked to yourself, if you were going to be alone than you didn’t need to feel anything at all right?

Just like that, the switch was flipped.

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Hi, any advice in a finding one's niche and making a smooth transition from school to work?

Combined with the following ask:

  • Tips for someone who’s about to start their first job out of college? Things I should pay attention to or maybe focus on that I would miss? Thank you!

Related answers:

The main piece of advice for making a smooth transition from school (college in particular) to the real world is this: if you start brainstorming careers and/or job hunting after you graduate– it’s too late.

As a student, you have the benefit of being able to be an intern (paid or unpaid) so companies are more willing to let you accumulate work experience without navigating the complexities of employment laws. As a graduate, you’re just another unemployed adult and companies will rarely let you work for free for fear of being sued. Take advantage of being a student by actively seeking out internship and volunteer opportunities so you can make all your mistakes while still in the safe sandbox of school. If you don’t find what you like then at the very least you’ll find out what you dislike to eliminate that option from the list while simultaneously accumulating a ton of resume boosting experience.

The most ideal situation is having a job offer prior to graduation so the transition is seamless and you avoid having to explain an unemployment gap. Mistakes can be fixed but it’s better to avoid making them in the first place. Start early, start soon, start now.

Priorities for your first job

The goal going into your first job is fairly simple: make yourself immediately and immensely valuable to your team. 3 ways to do this:

1. Learn everything about your position and the position above you. Being able to competently and consistently perform the duties you were hired to do is a given, right? What’ll give you an advantage is learning the responsibilities of the person immediately above you so you’re able to absorb new skills and talents ahead of schedule. This also makes a good promotion case when the time comes because you’ll already be performing at the level above you.

2. Make your boss’ life easier. A key priority is to seize every opportunity to lower your boss’ stress level– this should be your mindset going into every role you take. Simply ask him or her: “Is there anything on your to-do list that I can take off your hands?” And do it. This will make your boss trust (and possibly love) you, give you insight into high-ranking tasks and responsibilities you wouldn’t normally have, put you front and center in front of important people, and make your presence (and absence) felt.

Any time you can take a task or assignment off someone’s plate and complete it well, you’ll build immediate trust and goodwill with that person because it’s one less thing they have to do. Simple concept. This method is more efficient and more effective than superficial “how was your weekend?” conversations by the water cooler.

3. Ask for feedback. Every few weeks or so, set up a quick phone call or schedule a face-to-face meeting to touch base with the people you’re working with or working for. Don’t do this via email, email is a horrible method of communication because it’s impersonal, forgettable, and easily overlooked. This accomplishes 3 things:

  • People quickly learn who the hell you are which builds rapport, expands professional networks, and results in stronger working relationships.
  • You can correct mistakes and improve faster than your peers because you have the advantage of direct feedback.
  • It shows the other person you’re invested in the quality of your work which will build trust and possibly give you priority for future assignments.
How I want Star’s birthday episode to go down:

This isn’t spoilers, or prediction, just a…. weird want for how the events should play out:

  • It Starts out a few days before the actual birthday, and Marco is busy setting things up for Star’s party
    • He is arranging entertainment, food, schedule of events, and security while Star drums up a guest list.
    • Marco also makes Star a Birthday card (because he doesn’t know what else to get him), but at one point bumps into Ruberiot and drops it, but Ruberiot hands it back over to him.
  • Star gives the guest list to Marco, while Marco turns that list into an RSVP list.
    • The list includes the High Commission, other royals (including Tom), Buff Frog, a few friends from Echo Creek, and she tries again with the monsters.
  • The friends from Echo Creek The monsters respectfully reject the invites, as does Tom.
    • Marco confronts Tom about it, and Tom says that his mother arranged for him to attend a made-up sounding seminar.
  • The night of the party, Star doesn’t seem too upset that Tom isn’t there, but just seeing the courtyard all decked out, and the guests waiting at the front gate.
  • Star promises to do the same when his Birthday comes around, and then Marco mentions that his birthday already passed.
  • The guests all wait at the gate, patience growing thin, until Star calls the guys at the front to let the guests in… even though she was supposed to open the gate herself.
    • Turns out that Star took Marco to Echo Creek to get him some Late-Birthday Tacos at that place where she had that accident with the police car. It is not awkwardly quiet, but pleasantly quiet.
    • Curious to where Star is, Ponyhead and Mime (who is now Ponyhead’s unofficial/official body-language proxy) take scissors to Echo Creek to look for them.
  • Tom shows up to the gate, revealing ot the guards at the front that the only reason he said he couldn’t come was because he wanted to surprise Star by actually showing up (the guards comment that that is a dumb plan).
  • Back in Echo Creek, Marco politely insists that they hurry with the Tacos if they want to make it to the party before everyone leaves out of frustration of not seeing the Birthday girl, but Star insists on them finishing as much of their platter as possible (it was a huge pile of tacos) to thank him for everything… she starts getting sentimental about everything he has done for her.
  • Marco hands Star the card he made for her… only to find out that it had been modified with an audio recording of Ruberiot’s final verse from song day… but role-reversed to reveal Marco’s feelings for Star.
    • … they have an emotional fallout.
    • Tom ends up in Echo Creek to look for Star on foot.
  • During a heated emotional argument between Star and Marco (with subjects like “why do ___ if your gonna be ___?” “Is that why you___?”, leading up to Star confession that she never truly got over Marco…

    • Poneyhead and Mime see it, and Ponyhead lets out a record-breaking-long exclamation of “GUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRL!!” That keeps going.
  • Tom… also sees that kiss… and is not happy… at all.
  • He charges at Marco, fire ablaze, ready to throw a punch.
    • He throws the punch, but Marco’s quick reflexes allow him to open a portal to redirect the punch to Tom’s own gut..
      • Tom accidentally hits his own junk instead.
  • Before Tom can recover, Star freezes him in a block of ice so that they can talk it out like grown-ups.
    • Star admits that she was the one who took Marco for tacos, the one who initiated the kiss, and the one who was actually pushing herself to be with ANYONE who could keep her mind off of Marco.
      • She also tells him that in any other circumstance, she would’ve kept him out of the party anyway for pulling that “upset her to excite her” stunt. “That is a dumb stunt in ANY universe!”
      • She opens a portal to his room in the underworld and gently slides him through it. Calling their relationship… fun while it lasted.
    • Star and Marco decide to return to the original party, deciding to “put a pin” in anything else until after the party.
  • Back at the party, Queen Moon reprimands them for being so late to her own party, and now a meet-and-greet has to be mixed with the Princess’s spotlight dance.
    • Star and Marco multitask and greet the guests while dancing, but the guests are all giving them weird, almost “knowing” looks.
  • Someone else saw them kiss, took a photo, and sent it to everyone on the guest list, tagging it with “see how long it takes for them to know that you know”.

At least… that is how I would like to see it play out. I doubt that the SVTFOE crew would 86 Tomstar like that… but then again, I didn’t think that they would res Tomstar either.

I am probably wrong on all accounts, but I just wanted to get this out there.

the world is yours, starting from now

“I need you to understand. I’m not offering you this opportunity out of pity. I’m offering this out of genuine respect.”

“And because you think I can change the world, somehow.”

“In a way. In your hands, One For All would not only do what it was meant to do, but you would have a greater potential for changing things for the better, should you decide to.”

“…And what if I say no?”

“Then that will be your choice.”

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Part 3 in the Take Me As I Am series.


Chapter 2

“Aizawa-sensei, you’re back!”

“Whoa, should you really be out of the infirmary?”

“It’s nothing,” Aizawa says, but even by Katsuki’s standards, the amount of bandages wrapped around him isn’t nothing. And he says this from the perspective of someone who’s got nerve damage in his hands from the amount of firepower he used, as well as the scars to show for it. The bastard’s face is almost completely obscured, save small slits for his eyes, nose and mouth. His arms are also wrapped and held up with slings.

An image comes back to him - the bastard, defiant to the last, jerking his head up, eyes blazing red as he’d desperately tried to save Tsuyu from Shigaraki’s Quirk. He’d had blood streaming down his face and bones broken, but he’d still fought the Noumu’s grip until the creature had smashed his face into the concrete. 

And if rumors are to be believed, the bastard had been pushing himself in those final moments, and as a cost his Quirk is unstable. Whether that means he has to blink more, or his Erasure isn’t as strong, Katsuki doesn’t know. He isn’t about to ask either, because he knows the bastard won’t tell him. 

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givemeastoryandmusic  asked:

Keith humming Into You in 'i can't help but want' is one of my favorite things.... any time i hear that song now, i can't stop imagining Keith singing that song and thinking about Lance, that's just so cute omg

alskdfj the thing is, i very firmly believe that keith knows the song and knows who it’s by, but i don’t think he knows the lyrics. i think he just absorbed it into his brain while he was listening to a top 40s station (it was like one of the only ones that would reach out to the desert shack) & doing other things, like reading a book or working on his hoverbike, so that when he’s doing tasks that require a lot of his attention (the way he was in the fic in that scene) he just starts humming something familiar. 

that said, keith actually processing the lyrics the next time he hears the song and immediately thinking about lance: v canon and real


Louis was filming his music video for a new track (in my dream it was Miss You, but it wasn’t really, you’ll know why soon) and it was in a school building (channel a cross-over between Baby One More Time opening scene + What Time Is It High School Musical start + Hairspray Run and Tell That) 


So it was actually not Miss You but a collaboration with Lady Gaga and they were joking and having fun and IT INVOLVED A DANCE ROUTINE and the important thing was that Louis was wearing sporty outfit but they were doing some serious dainty wrist super tight hand movements and it was awesome and there were some weird modern jetés thrown in and honestly I was LIVING.

Then they moved out into the hallway, and like, went to the roof with Louis’ band and jammed out. HIM AND LADY GAGA AND HIS BAND JAMMED OUT TOGETHER (I guess this was like some kind of Perfect Illusion video style only instead of in the sand it was on a rooftop).