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If you’re really starting to believe that drake is a “bully” now and is being straight disrespectful to meek….fuck you… For YEARS, drake has been clowned on, picked on, focused as the sensitive one, used for jokes, used for fake quote shit, some things he never fucking said. Seen as the side nigga, light skin nigga etc…and y'all are trying to call him out for being too “mean” & for “bullying” now? Nah, how come y'all didn’t say anything or stop anyone that made fun of him before, that talked badly about him before…now that he’s enjoying himself, y'all want him to stop. And I know people are having fun & just playing around or being sarcastic about this drake being mean thing lol. I get that, but I just want to make it clear to those dumb people who will believe anything & start to think he really a bully lol

Some neat things I noticed on Mother Rosario’s ending credits

One of the things I liked about the anime adaptation of Mother’s Rosario is that the book was short enough for them to add a few things without leaving anything from the original novels out! Along with the actual anime-original moments footage, the Shirushi ending seems to showcase things Yuuki and Asuna did off camera during Mother’s Rosario, along with some symbolism.

Yuuki trying (and failing) at doing math homework. It’s really hard to see it’s math homework unless you look super close! It’s the same one the girls were doing in Episode 18, so I think that after she started attending school with Asuna she asked them to start sharing their homework with her. It’s also neat that she seems to have bonded with Yui some along with everyone else.

This frame is actually a reference to this color page! We didn’t get to see it in the anime, but on the original novels, Yuuki drags Asuna all the way to the tavern to meet the other Sleeping Knights. Asuna is dizzy by the time they get there. It’s adorable.

I think this frame is super cute because that beach seems to be Thule Island from Extra Edition! I like to think that the gang offered to take her in that underwater quest with the whale as well.

And for last, the thing that always struck me while watching that ED was that for some reason there were… a lot of cherry blossoms all around. I thought it was just something pretty, done by aesthetic reasons by the anime team, until I only recently learned that spring (and its end) is a common symbol for ephemerality, endings, and the inevitability of death. Kirito even mentions that “spring is ending, and the sakura blossoms are mostly gone now” in the epilogue. I guess it’s pretty clear now that those were representative of Yuuki’s death, hence why we mostly see them surrounding Asuna and Zekken’s final resting place.

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Is there a reason why doing twitch streams are different from making youtube videos for your channel? Streams seem to be the big thing now and I am just not a fan of being in/watching streams. While I do want to support you, seeing how you are one of my favorite youtubers out there. Sorry. Y-Y

the editing. when i first started the tubes i set myself up with the scribblenauts series and got stuck in to the mindset of working for 6 hours straight on an episode every sunday. i haven’t been able to fully snap out of that mindset since and it causes me to exert far far too much effort on each individual video to still make it a healthy thing to do.

most of the other guys record for like 1 or 2 hours straight and then chop it up into lovely 15 min vids and are set for a week (or they have their own editors or whatever). i’ve never been able to do that, i record in a 15-20 minute individual chunk and then spend the next 2 hours going over it and re-recording lines and tweaking settings and brightness until each individual frame is absolutely perfect to me (when of course it never actually is or could be ‘perfect’, it’s a futile effort but i can’t stop myself trying).

i screwed up my brain with scribblenauts and every video since has been stuck in the same pattern, this is most notably obvious in things like pokemon x, tomodachi and beyond mushbury, who knows how many hours went in to those things. (remember when i spent a whole month building a spaceship that was seen for a total of half an hour on video…)

twitch is easier because it’s live and it’s impossible to edit it so i’m forced to just go with whatever happens. this is also i think why i’m finding it easier to do stuff on other peoples channels lately, because it’s all in their hands and i can’t fiddle with it. i’ve tried to just upload twitch highlights straight to my youtube and immediately notice the problem resurfacing as i start to go over every thing i’ve said and attempt to cut out anything that irritates me.

the fizone videos actually went a lot better because fiona stopped me from going overboard, also she made it hard for me to delete any recording because else she would have wasted her time and i would have felt very bad about it. at least that will hopefully be coming back once she’s back from her summer job.

ok bye


“Every night after we’d finish work at 6 PM, Blondie (Dorothy Patrick) would rush to the projection room to see the rushes and find out how she was doing. I didn’t have time to look at no rushes; I had to rush myself off to the club, where I’d work all night, and then rush back to get there by 6 AM, get made up, and be on the set.

Finally one day on the set I took about all I could from Blondie. I was tired of her giving me a hard time. They had me cornered. I couldn’t walk off like I wanted to. So I bust out crying. This time Louis Armstrong blew the whistle. “Better look out,” he said to the director and the producer and the actors on the set. “I know Lady, and when she starts crying, the next thing she’s going to do is start fighting.”
-Billie Holiday on the making of the film New Orleans (1947)

What a shit storm.

Party line is “Exciting times” so yeah lets all celebrate massive irresponsibility and media fuckery. Whatever you’re buying, real or stunt, the whole thing has been grossly irresponsible and exploitative from the get go from whatever way you look at it. In fact it was only palatable when it was unconfirmed.

Now that we’ve had a shaky fucking confirmation you have to look back on the media and ask why the fuck they let it out so early -which was so dangerous for her- and why the fuck they let everyone make it one big fucking joke.

This whole thing has been wildly uncomfortable for me for personal reasons from the start and the way this has been handled from the top down is turning my stomach.

Like, any way you try to look at it’s fucking gross either way, whatever side of the fence you’re on this whole thing has been handled terribly and i am so not here for that

ok but i feel like townsend tries his best to be a good father to zach u know like

  • he takes him out for dinner sometimes even though its really really awkward bc theres nothing for them to talk about?? they have no idea how to deal with each other bc townsend didnt even know zach existed til like 2 days ago
  • he tries taking him to a ball game one time but both of them are ridiculously twitchy about being out in the open for a while after all that shit went down and neither of them really likes baseball anyway
  • one time zach overhears his dad saying to abby how he doesnt know what to do right around zach and everything he does seems to be wrong and zach feels guilty because hes not trying to make things hard for townsend its just that hes struggling too
  • so he tries also like suggesting they go to a football match (given that baseball didnt work) and they kind of enjoy it
  • abby starts coming along sometimes and then suddenly cammie is too and then joe and rachel and its like zach has this whole family now when he didnt use to have anyone
  • hed be lying if he said he didnt tear up just a bit

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday livvyplaysfinalfantasy ~!!!!!!!!

i had actually started this about a week back but then work and disney trip happened oops ANYWAY

this goes out to one of my very best friends. thank you so much for doing what you do, always supporting and helping others, and creating wonderful stories and characters, and pursuing your passion and sharing it with so many people. in the years I’ve known you, you’ve opened my eyes to so many things, and i appreciate it so much. keep doing what you love, because we love it along with you.

doireallyneedaname asked:

if you could rewrite the dressrosa arc, what would you have changed? etc who would fight who, who wins, how do they win, how would you include the women more actively? I've been loving your critisms on this arc, and wonder how you would have liked it to play out idealisticly.

There are so so so many things to say for this, it’s hard to even know where to start. 

Here’s probably the most fundamental thing I would change: I would have had Doflamingo actually be a good king. I have written a LOT about the moral ambiguity in One Piece (such as in this post), and it’s something I really love about the series. However, it’s not always there. It’s more something you have to look for. Most of the time in OP, the big bad guy is just a big bad guy, and the Straw Hats save the day by beating him up. Buggy, Kuro, Krieg, Arlong, Mr. 3, Wapol, Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, Moriah, Hody, Caesar, and Doflamingo too. There was no ambiguity in any of these cases–just evil dudes who needed to get punched out. And I would like to see things spiced up, and have the typical plot “The Straw Hats save the day and everyone loves them” changed up a bit. 

SO, Doflamingo could have still been one seriously evil dude. Still killed Cora and his father, still an underworld broker who makes his fortune dealing weapons and supporting other monsters like Caesar and more shady junk to. But to the people of Dressrosa, I think it would have been interesting if he was a legitimately good king. Not just a tyrant propped up on a throne a lies who secretly enslaved his own people, but actually just a damn good king to them. The Straw Hats and Law would still fight him, but it would have had a different dynamic to it. Rather than an entire island of people hating Doflamingo cheering on Luffy, and Doflamingo trying to kill them all, it would be really cool if Luffy had been the enemy there, trying to take down their beloved king for reasons they didn’t understand or care about. 

And I would have liked for Sugar to have been Doflamingo’s daughter. That’s something we’ve never seen in One Piece–a villain that has a literal family. Like, we found out that Arlong has a half sister who he is not close to at all 500 chapters later after his time as a villain was over, and that’s pretty much it. It would have been so interesting to me to see Doflamingo actually having a daughter who he loves and dotes on and who, in turn, loves him and wants to fight and help her father out. I would have had her actually be 10, rather than 22 and just looking 10, and I would have kept her wildly strong and dangerous powers too–just not have had her use them to secretly enslave half of Dressrosa. Again, it would just be so interesting to me to have a character like this who is gifted with tremendous power, the beloved child of a monster, who just wants to support her dad because she cares about him and doesn’t understand that he does things that are wrong and hurt so many other people. All this would have been far more interesting to me than Sugar just being cute and evil and getting scared unconscious twice in a row. 

I don’t have much to say in the way of stuff like who fought who or how the various fights went. Just more general changes that I’ve talked about plenty of times before, such as actually giving Zoro a difficult fight, trimming down the number of side characters so that the arc wouldn’t be extremely long, actually giving characters like Rebecca and Baby 5 a purpose beyond being there to be saved (which you can read more about here and here), and letting Robin and Koala actually fight. Heck, all that Oda would even need to have done would be to just throw in one more person in Doflamingo’s crew just so Robin or Koala could have kicked their face in. Oh, and I would have done Senor Pink’s character and his fight with Franky COMPLETELY differently. They could still be huge idiots and acted comically serious during their fight, just preferably not in a way that treated women so grossly (wrote all about that when the chapter came out). 

Dressrosa started out amazingly, and it did have a huge number of great parts to it, but yeah i feel like it was held back quite a lot by things such as being FAR too long, having almost all the women in the arc take backseat/very limited roles, and doing too much of the same with regard to Doflamingo as a villain. 

3/08/2015 // I’m currently on vacation, next monday I have to start my classes again but until that day I’m going to relax and enjoy this last few days. The funny thing is that I was suppose to start today but everyone had problems with the new system to take their classes soo my uni had to give us another week. Hope this next semester (my second one in uni) goes better, the past one I was really stressed out and had to deal with a little bit of depression. 

I hope everyone is having a great time, enjoy your free time and stay motivated. 

Spring 2015 Anime IMO

[Winter 2015]

(minor spoilers… again)

When I started watching the spring anime this year, I felt a strange disconnection from the previous winter season, hence I thought that I would not be enjoying as much. Well, dropping two A-1 Pictures anime was a start. But with the comeback of Kyoto Animation’s newest anime and also a number of sequels, this season proves to be another enjoyable one.

Anime of the Season (AOTS)
Sequel of the Season 
Well-deserved Recommendations
Seasonal Disappointment
Surprise of the Season  
Favourite Main Character
Waifu of the Season
Top 5 Openings
Top 5 Endings 

Anime of the Season: Hibike! Euphonium

It is no surprise that Kyoto Animation can churn out another great-quality anime. Bringing back some well-known staff members, the studio releases Hibike! Euphonium, an anime that people who has once participated a band can probably relate a thing or two in the story. It follows a school band that wants to achieve something great under strict training from an interesting conductor. Not only is the story well-crafted, the animation and sound also stands proud with out-standing perfection.

…totally not biased as a Kyoto Animation fan here…

Sequel of the Season: Oregairu Zoku

This season has a number of sequels and there is one sequel that got me so keen to watch the next episode but having to wait a week later for it to air. OreGairu has changed a lot in season two - different studio and different feel. Indeed, it is a good change because the second season has gotten more dramatic unlike the first comedic season. The romance between the characters has progressed, as well as the character development in them. Despite the ending which got a lot of attention, I am here just wishing a third season announcement will come out any time.

Well-deserved Recommendations:
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Ready for some witch-hunting and lots of kissing scenes? I could not say if this anime is really underrated, but the story is pretty interesting. One guy and one girl incidentally kissed only to find out that they switched bodies, and from there, a club is formed to solve how the switch happened, which led to the discovery of powers in their school. The anime has some funny moments, nice story progression, and also one of the best character designs I have seen this season.

Plastic Memories

Yes, I am recommending an anime which has a lot of criticisms from the story. Plastic Memories is one of the two Dogakobo anime airing this season, and despite the flaws which makes the story utterly crap for some, I find the slow progression of the characters quite nice. In a world where humans live alongside androids called Giftias, one man sets his eyes out for a beautiful Giftia, who happens to be his work partner.

Kekkai Sensen

Although the last episode has not aired yet, which caused quite a number of frustration among viewers, Kekkai Sensen is an anime which got me so hooked for its episodic storyline, interesting characters and amazing visuals.

Seasonal Disappointment

To be honest, I don’t really feel any great disappointment from an anime, otherwise expect a few anime to be… bad. Owari no Seraph is a copy of Shingeki no Kyojin, Nisekoi: does not seem to have a nice story progression but I think the studio adapts some of the chapters still. Some say Unlimited Blade Works is shit overall, but I find it okay.

Surprise of the Season: Etotama

Etotama is surprisingly hilarious. Its meta jokes and funny comedic moments make the anime quite special. The story follows a cat who wants to be part of the 12-member zodiac, and in order to do so, she has to defeat all of them and obtain something from them. To be honest, I really do not know why I rated the story so low, but I am just having too much fun for this anime anyway.

Favourite Main Character: Oumae Kumiko
from Hibike! Euphonium

She seemed to be an average main character with no special qualities. She plays the euphonium since young and continues doing so in high school in a band which needs a lot of practice for its upcoming competition. Anyway, I feel that her personality is quite genuine. I like her character development, thanks to her close buddy, Reina.

Hachiman from Oregairu Zoku is another great character too.

Waifu of the Season: 

To be fair, there are lot of cute girls. I’m leaving this blank.
Shinoa is best.

Top 5 Openings:

Top 5 Endings:


Well, I’ve seen quite a lot of negative reviews from different anime series. Obviously, MyAnimeList is a place where critics love to talk shit about your favourite anime. Nevertheless, take this post as something that you might enjoy from my picks. So, go watch and see whether it suits you. I think, at most, people should try watch a show instead of checking the reviews. And yes, I am being ironic since I post my own reviews here.

This season has also a ton of great songs, so it took a while to choose my top 5 openings and endings. Again, thanks /r/AnimeThemes for the clips.

The ongoing anime series to the summer season are Shokugeki no Souma and Kyoukai no Rinne. So far, both are enjoyable.

I'm gonna rant about onision.

My god, where do I start with this fuck.

He is the biggest fucking asshole on YouTube. He once filmed his (ex) girlfriend having a seizure, and posted it. He’s had a history of abuse.

He fat shamed cosplayers, and laughed because their cosplay didn’t look exactly like the person they were cosplaying.

He fucking mocked one of the hardest parts of not being straight or cis, and that’s coming out. He made a video ‘coming out’, I didn’t watch the whole thing, but he was just mocking the whole thing.

He shits on anyone with beliefs different than his. He says if you eat meat you’re an animal abuser, and you’re going to die sooner etc.

He puts all homophobia on Christians and acts as if they’re all homophobic bigots.

He is just the biggest cunt fuck out there, and people defend him?

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Crush seems like it's only for fit people and like a clique so I'm scared to join. I'm not fit. I never fit in. I wish I could be apart of it....

You can be apart of it. Crush is a family. We are one huge, inspirational, inviting and motivational clique that support each other along our own unique fitness journeys. It doesn’t matter if you can run a marathon or barely run a block. It doesn’t matter if you can bench press a friggen panda bear or bench press 20 pounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle. ANYBODY CAN CRUSH IT.

We all have to start somewhere. Ben didn’t start out where he is now. He had to take a leap of faith and believe in himself to get where he is today. Yes he failed along the way but the one thing he never did was give up. You have to do the same. Believe in yourself. Take the leap of faith and START. Yes you may fail, yes you may have shitty days but with an army of support behind you I can bet that you will find it in you to get back up and try again.

Crush60 is honestly the most welcoming program I’ve ever seen. It’s not just about fitness. People truly care about each other and to me that’s priceless.

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I voted for you on my laptop, phone and iPod and tomorrow I will vote for you on my mums phone, my mums computer, my mums iPad, my computer at my dads, and my dads computer WE ARE GONNA BEAT LILY (not that lily isn't amazing but she be like 19k followers... actual model.... uni degree... giveaway... 800 note... eyeliner queen... She doesn't need any more so WE'RE GONNA BEAT HER

this is so cute I love you so much 

Lily is my best friend and I love her to pieces - we all know that - but beating her would be the funniest thing in the world and I really want it to happen (she is/has all those things it’s very sad like leave some for the rest of us)  



Or maybe a decent standing in the phanfic awards come Christmas time??

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BTS proposal reaction thing

This is the first thing I’ve written in a while but I’ve got major feels soo…


V would be fairly traditional with his proposal and take you away for a weekend near the coast. One night you’d be walking along the beach at sunset. When he pulled out the ring and got on one knee you started crying immediately.

‘Why are you crying?’ He asked softly. 'Did you really think I wasn’t going to marry you?’ He’d smile up at you one hand holding yours.

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The two of you had taken a small break and gone for a skiing trip. You were at the last slope of the day and the sun was slowly disappearing behind the trees. Yo’d roll your eyes as he leaned down to adjust his binding. Telling him to hurry up because you just wanted to go down the mountain.

He’d clear his throat and you’d look down a him a gummy grin plastered on his face and a beautiful ring in his hands. “y/n I love you”

Originally posted by forjimin


He’d be a nervous wreck for weeks, taking you on multiple dates where he had hoped to propose only to get scared and not do it. Until one day you’d be sitting in a little coffee shop you both loved. He’d hold your hand and pass you a napkin with writing on it.

'Years ago I told you I liked you just like this. Now I’m asking: Will you marry me?’ it read.

You’d look up and see him on his knee a nervous smile on his face. “ I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. Y/N marry me?” he’d smile. “I mean if you want” 

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He’d be performing his heart out as you watched him from backstage enjoying watching the man you loved do what he enjoys. Towards the end of the concert all the boys minus him would run to your side.

“If you guys don’t mind I have something to say to someone very dear to me” Earning screams on happiness in response. He’d smile as the boys slowly nudged you onto the stage as he continued. “Y/N we’ve known each other for 5 years now and they have been the best moments of my life. You were with me through the worst and the best.” By now you were opposite him your hand encased in his own.

“Please stay with me and make my life amazing till the day I die” He lowered to his knees pulling out a box, the screams of the crowd got louder but you couldn’t hear them. “Y/N do me the honor of marrying me” The boys we’re behind you clapping and hooting with the crowd. 

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He’d take you to the spot the two of you met and had your first date. You’d smile at the memories the two of you had experienced in this place. You’d sit down together just talking, enjoying each others company, making silly jokes. He’d lean over and peck you on the lips before standing next to you holding your hand. 

“I don’t really know how to put this into words without messing up but i’ll try” He’d get on his knee the small cafe getting quiet as people watched you. “We’ve been together now for 4 years and what an amazing 4 years its been.” Taking a deep breath he pulls out a small black box shaking slightly, “I’d like to spend the rest of my life the same way.” Opening the box inside a beautiful ring “Marry me?”

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It was new years morning and you’d just gotten out of the shower and was eating breakfast with him when he asked.

“so when are you gonna be taking down the Christmas decorations Jagi” You shrugged and mumbled “later today” He nodded little did you know there was a ring and a note from you’re boyfriend in your stocking that had been sitting there for a week.

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Rap Monster:

You both had made a promise to get married before you’re seventh anniversary. You’d began to get a little grumpy that he hadn’t proposed and you’d celebrated your sixth little oven a month before hand. 

He had planned on asking you during your anniversary but got so scared he couldn’t, since then he’d been carrying around the ring wherever he went. One night the two of you were having late night conversation in bed when he sat up and pulled out the box. “I wanted to make this super romantic but when i’m around you I’m a mess and can’t do it, I’m sorry for making you wait y/n I love you will you been mine forever” He said smiling widely.

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Welp that took so long but i like it

feel free to request thing btw guys both bts and exo stuff and i’ll try and do them

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So, I came out to my mom recently and she hasn't been very accepting. She keeps saying things, like I'm fourteen and too young to feel anything anyway or that I just haven't found the right person. I'm starting to think she's right. I wish I never came out at all. I don't know what to do. I just feel so broken.

Listen to yourself. You know what you are feeling or not feeling. No one else knows what you feel. They can try, they might even be able to guess right from time to time but you know yourself best. So try to ignore them when you must, and ask them to be more respectful when you can. 

One thing I legit don’t understand is the ding-dongs who come around to wait for celebrities. Like, not paparazzi, but various nerds, mostly age 15-65, who stand around all day waiting for people to come out.

We’ve had an increasing number of them this week because of [guests]. They start showing up at 6 AM and some of them stay until sometime after midnight. Seriously. There were 60-70 of them when I left today, including a group of three girls in their twenties that show up three to four times a week, sometimes more.

I seriously don’t get it. Why not go get drunk somewhere? Or drop acid in a park? It’s summertime and you don’t have to work for whatever reason. Use your time and money wisely.

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What was your first relationship like?

i met her when i was 9 years old and she transferred schools really late in our 3rd grade year.  i remember the teacher introducing her and i thought she was really cute and i wanted to be her friend.  she quickly fell into our friend group, it was just four girls.

we hung out a lot over the summer because she had a pool at her house and she had mario party for her n64.  the other two couldn’t hang out as much as i could so we spent a lot of time together.  

when we started middle school we had already declared we were best friends.  we would walk around with our arms linked and in P.E. and we refused to be on opposite teams.  we came as a packaged deal.  we even tried playing basketball while we held hands.

boys started being a very real thing and i guess middle school is when they decided they needed girlfriends to be cool so a lot of them would ask us out but one day she told them that WE were girlfriends.  i was so shocked but happy.  i thought about it all night when i went home that day.  that i was someone’s girlfriend but it was my best friend.  and i loved her so i was very okay with it.

we kept hanging out everything was normal.  i asked if she really meant we were girlfriends and she told me yes because she liked me.  and then she kissed me really quick on my mouth.  it was so childlike she only caught half my mouth in her kiss.

boys would shout “LESBIAN DYKES” at us and that’s when i started learning this wasn’t okay.  she would just yell back that they were little penis twinkies.  she wasn’t going to let anyone ruin what we had.  

a lot of boys thought we were just pretending so she shouted for me to grab her boob and i did and she said “look see.  very gay.  now go away.”

she was my girlfriend and she made me happy but we couldn’t tell our parents.  nobody ever knew she was.  everyone just assumed “best friends” which hurt a lot because if i did this with a boy they would think we liked each other.

it ended when i was 13 and she called me because we weren’t going to the same school anymore and i was being homeschooled and she just told me that we don’t see each other anymore and it’s harder and she wanted to see someone else.  i agreed.  

what hurt more than the breakup was nobody even knew it happened.  so i began internalizing a lot of shame for being that way.  that summer i went to a jesus camp.  they told me fags go to hell.  i cried every day i was there thinking about my ex girlfriend.

bulabully asked:

Is it morally wrong to break up with someone on the grounds of "not bein ready or fit for relationships" but soon after starting a new relationship with someone you crushed on while in the last one? Basically is it okay to make a bs excuse to break up with one person to date someone else you like better

I’d say hold back on impulsively getting with another person, take a break for a while, get to know them WITHOUT the relationship, don’t just jump in right away as tempting as it seems

because it’ll hurt the other person less and give you time to really think things through and give yourself a little you time to sort out how you’ll handle the next relationship

I’m saying this because I’ve made this mistake already, and it’s sometimes a case of wanting something you can’t have that makes the other person so enticing. 

an envelope, and everything after

It started with a sealed envelope. Someone had pushed it under the door, and he’d almost missed it on his way out. Big bold letters, slanted and spread right across. Gordon’s writing, definitely done last minute, probably just as it was going under the door. And the name written on it:

Brains Hackenbacker.

Now, all things considered, it had been a reasonable thing to write. Out of all the aliases he used, ‘Hiram K. Hackenbacker’ was the one he used most often, and it was the one that sounded most like an actual name with first, middle, and last. Quirky, yes. Unusual? Definitely. But still a name.

He didn’t mind being Hiram K. Hackenbacker when it suited him. When there were conferences to attend and papers to publish, Hackenbacker really shone. Mr X. even had his role, a name for the man behind the one-way mirror, wrestling with his stutter, trying to make ‘the creator of the Thunderbirds’ sound like someone worth listening to. Mr X. afforded him a confidence he only wished he really had. And there were others: Ray for the guy on the phone calling up to order groceries from the mainland and Bluebottle65 for online forums about plane engines or the best way to toast your bread.

But aliases were aliases, and even Brains was not his real name.

(read more on AO3)