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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 5,679

Summary: Reader hasn’t gotten any in almost 6 months, and Bucky -her roommate- is making things more difficult for her. (Takes place between CATWS and CACW, before he is found).

Warnings: unprotected sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving).

Author’s Note: This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written. I’m thinking I should’ve divided it in two parts but oh well. Let me know if there’s any typo.

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No Right

Pairing: Winchesters x friend!Reader
Word count: 1,470
Warnings: Swearing, violence

Part 3 of Consequences

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Dean’s yelling made you both jump. Sam had been holding you, your back to his chest, his face buried in your hair as you both slept. “Really? Like a brother?!” He snapped.

You held the sheet to your chest. “Dean!” Your eyes locked with his.

Sam ran his hand through his hair. “We can explain.”

“You know what? I don’t want to fucking hear it. Both of you can go fuck yourselves.” He said before storming out.

The whole way back to the bunker, all that could be heard over the engine was Dean’s music. You silently cried, wiping your cheeks often. Wearing sweats and a hoodie, you had your knees to your chest. Your hood was up, your head back as your eyes stared out the window. Not that you even registered what was going by.

Very few words were said between the three of you after Dean stormed out. You felt sick to your stomach at your best friend hating you. How were you supposed to live with this? Hopefully, he would calm down and he’d talk to you. If not, you’d have to think of your options.

As you pulled into the bunker, your chest ached, and a fresh round of tears started up. These were less silent. You said nothing as you slipped out of the car, shutting it gently behind you. You were the first one in the front door, going straight to your room to think. Him being angry with you was completely valid, and you didn’t hold it against him. Even if it hurt.

Sam watched you go and sighed. “Dean…”

“Fuck off, Sam.” He snapped, storming into the bunker, the door slamming behind him.

Shaking his head, Sam walked in behind Dean at a far more leisurely pace. He heard Dean’s door shut, the anger evident. Sam didn’t blame him one bit. He moved through the halls towards his own room. Walking in, he set his bag down and gently shut the door. He closed his eyes, letting out a sigh as he heard the ‘click’.

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anonymous asked:

Tell us about the time you lost your virginity.

I’ve been holding onto this ask for a little while until I could type out a little story:


It was when I was 16 and I started talking to my (soon to be) BF on MySpace [yea…fuckin MySpace]. I was like super obsessed because his profile pic was super cute and he was popular and it was a total shot in the dark that he would respond and he did and I was head over heels for this boy.
Well time went on and I would drive like 50 min to meet him and we would text during the week and hang out on the weekends and he eventually became my BF and I would sleep over his house but I had to sleep downstairs because we were 16 and sex was obvs not allowed. Well us being sneaky 16 y/o homos would wait until his parents fell asleep and then I would go upstairs to his room and I would cuddle with him and we’d end up falling asleep and I’d wake up early and go downstairs and pretend I was on the couch the whole night.
One morning we woke up and his parents weren’t home and so we showered together and we ended up having sex in the shower and then continued to fuck like rabbits every time we could.

…and then I found out he was cheating on me and we broke up and he got fat and everyone hated him in college and I only got hotter and now he’s still a fat loser and moral of the story is don’t cheat if your partner isn’t about it because #Karma

Touhou requests are open!


I’m doing a simple-ish request thing of Touhou characets. Just drop a Touhou character at my ask  and I’ll add het to the queue! Up to 6 requests at the moment.

• i’m not going to do anything too elaborated, mostly just head or bust shots.
• You can be a little specific on your request but nothing too out of the ordinary (like “X characeter - smiling/serious looking/profile, etc”)
• Nothing suggestive like ahegaos or blood. Sorry, I know sound petty but just want to be safe.

Additional stuff:
• No prerequisites for requesting, feel free to drop by!
• I prefer normal aks, not anonymous. Not obligatory, but I’d like to tag the blog that requested that character when I finish.
• I plan to do one character per day starting this weekend, however, unforseen things that dalay the drawings may happen, and if that happens I’ll let you know.

My objective with this is mostly to have a clear “what I’m going to draw next” path, and to give a little more life to this blog. If everything goes well, I’ll do more in the future, hopefully raising the number of requests.

Thank you for the attention!


Title: Friction
Prompt: An ingenious combination of 33., 31. and 32. courtesy of kestevens
Summary: Spencer’s is avoiding you. 
Trigger: Mention of Drug use
Rating: eh, its T

        “Hey Spencer!” You chimed as you walked past boy genius’ desk.
“Still up for the diner later?” 

“Um sorry. Something came up again.” He smiled at you. “Rain-check?”
“Yeah, yeah sure.” 

That was the seventh time Spencer had canceled on you this week alone.

A mixture of sadness and disappointment rang through you. Wow, his mom must be having another bad episode. I wish he wouldn’t feel like he had to keep them from me. 

The whole team knows about his mother, about his fear of following in her footsteps. But despite this, Spencer is still a bit protective and secretive of her at times. You admired that because it showed how loving and caring and compassionate he really is. But it was a cross that he didn’t need to bear alone. *If only he’d realize that.* 

You peeked back at Spencer and caught his gaze. He immediately turned back to his paperwork. Damn not even a little smile? You hadn’t seen Spencer smile in so long. REALLY smile, not that polite muscle twitch he makes when introduced to someone new. Come to think of it you hadn’t really seen SPENCER much either. 

Every time you asked to hang out he would either already have plans —seeing his mother, doctors appointment, science convention, getting a head start on paperwork—or he would cancel at the last minute. The few times you did spend together Reid would act….well like he had a little too much caffeine. If you sat too close he would lean away from you. If you made a joke he would laugh and then quickly check himself. And heaven forbid you accidentally touched him, if you did he would move away altogether. 

Of course he, being a super genius, would control these involuntary jerks making them seem natural. “I thought I heard my phone ring” he would supply after jumping away from your hand. “Sorry I felt a sneeze” the excuse that came with his leaning away. You knew he wasn’t really the touchy-feely type, but he was with the people he really cared about. 

He wasn’t like that with you in the beginning, especially because he was a bit younger than you when you had joined coincidentally on the same day.
But that was the icebreaker. That’s what made you connect and eventually reach out to each other. After a while it seemed like you two were glued at the hip. You and the doc against the world, hugs and hand-holding and cuddling included. But now, now if you hugged him, it was the formal pat on the back, as opposed to the soul warming ones you were accustomed to after so many years. 
So what the fuck Spence ? 

The only other time you could think of him behaving in such a way was when….when he found out J.J knew about Emily. How she was alive when he believed otherwise. You winced. Spencer was absolutely crushed when he found out. And you understood, it was like he lost two friends at once.

Does that mean he’s avoiding me? That he’s mad at me?…Maybe if I like, I don’t know, ask him about something sciencey. Like, whats the best way to make a fire? Why do we get shocked when we rub our feet on the carpet and then touch metal? Oh! A math mistake. He always corrects those, maybe I could—

A whirlwind of blond and purple passed as you took your seat across from Morgan, interrupting your inner monologue. “Okay my Queen, I have sent you the files from the last three cases. Hotch says he needs you to review them and do a follow-up on the Unsubs and their sentences.” You nodded. “Thanks my love.” Garcia saluted you before turning to head back to her bat cave. 

“Hey Garcia?” “Yeah?” she called over her shoulder. When you didn’t immediately reply she fully turned to you. She must have seen something on your face because she quickly came up next to you. 

“Whats wrong my sunshine?”Damnit. I forget I’m surrounded by profilers

“Nothing. Well no not nothing, just….Its just,” you bit your lip. “Its just, is there something going on with Reid?” You whispered. The rest of the team was too busy with their tasks to notice the little conspiratorial talk with you and Garcia, but one could never be too careful . Especially around profilers. 

Her eyebrows shot up.
“If YOU’RE saying that then it must be serious. Weird how?”
“Well I think somethings wrong and that he’s afraid to reach out to us. Like, maybe his mom is having another rough episode maybe? Maybe he’s feeling overwhelmed with the cases, and all the people we don’t get to save. Maybe its starting to get to him again.” “And you want me to get the dirt.” Garcia nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll find out what’s wrong.” 

Oh dear Gawd. Penelope Holmes? 

“Thanks but just be subtle.” With a conspiratorial smile and a glint in her eye, Garcia replied. “Oh come on my little libschin, Penelope subtle Garcia at your service. “


Hotch knocked as he entered Garcia’s room. 

A formality and a courtesy, considering he has the authority to come and go as he pleases.


“Yes Master?”

Not even Hotch could resist the ray of light that is Garcia, allowing himself a ghost of a smile before continuing. “We looked into unsolved cases and noticed that a lot of the bodies and their mutilation have the same M.O as our last catch. When we went to his apartment Morgan found his laptop. I need you to go over his entire hard drive and see if you can find a connection between him and these victims.” 

He handed her the laptop. “Well you know what they say” she said as she began to work her magic “’ask and he shall receive.’ A few minutes passed before Garcia found it. “Okay, it was buried under a ghost folder of a ghost file of a ghost hard drive. But because he was a paranoid sicko, he had a back-up hidden as a minor code on his screen saver.” Garcia smiled. “Amateur.” She clicked the final button. 

The screen suddenly blew up with thousands upon thousands of folders.  

“Okay, not an amateur.” Garcia quickly amended as her fingers flew rapidly over the keyboard.

“Again, back to the paranoia thing, it turns out it was a lot worse than we thought. When did he scalp a 6 year old?” “What? That doesn’t fit his M.O. He never attacked children because he was attacked when he was younger.”

“Oh this guy had it bad.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean this guy saved his sicko fan-fiction in a coded folder of a coded file, of a coded subfile. To make my life even more annoying, he decided to fill random documents with fakes. And according to the virus I am spawning from my genius mind there are…403 documents each 27 pages long.” Garcia frowned.
“That’s one sick puppy.” 

Hotch nodded. “Okay, sit tight. I’ll send Reid over to help you with that.” “Yes sir.” She saluted as her team lead exited the room. Perfect, Garcia thought to herself as she turned back to her screen. That gives me a chance to talk to Spence. But I promised Y/N I would subtle.

A creak and soft footsteps sounded behind her.
“Hey Garcia.” A polite, if not tired voice called.

“Why are you avoiding Y/N?” Garcia asked, not once glancing up from the computer.

Garcia could imagine your response. “You couldn’t wait until he at least sat down?!" 

Spencer’s eyes widened, a tell that he expertly covered by running a slightly shaky hand through his hair. Does she know? What if she tells her?! Calm down. Spencer rationalized to himself. You don’t know what she knows, don’t give anything away. Spencer pulled up a chair. "Nothing. Why?”

What the young doctor forgot in his heightened state was that Garcia was family. The entire team was really, and after so much time spent together, they can pick up on little tells. In order to control those tells you have to keep emotion from being expressed at all. Something that the bubbly, perceptive, feeling-loving guru Garcia picked up as soon as he sat down. 

She could feel it. Like a wall.

Why does that seem familiar?

“It just seems like the thunder twins are no longer in sync.” She said as her fingers continued to fly over the keyboard. Spencer cleared his throat, a sign Garcia honed in on. He only does that when hes trying to buy time.
“No, its just that things come up.” Garcia smirked. “Could you be a little more vague?” No eye contact, glanced away….is he..?

“Did Y/N ask you to say something?” Uh-oh.
“No, I’m just using my amazing observational skills that are a side effect of my tech genius.” That got a smile. Pouncing on that opportunity, “How about we talk about it over takeout? Doctor Who season 9 is premiering today.”

An innocent request, one that Spencer almost agreed to, if not for the little voice at the back of his mind prompting him to lie. Spencer sighed. “Sorry, I have extra paper work to file. Rossi wants me to figure out if our two previous Unsubs had any contact with other serial killers in the area.” Spencer suddenly rose from his chair. “I should actually go get started on that.” Garcia glanced at the clock. 3:27. “With that big brain of yours it should only take you until 4 to figure that out.” She joked.

Lie better. The voice said. If you don’t, she’ll figure it out

“While that is true,” Spencer began. “I already promised Rossi a rematch on his antique chess set. If he wins he gets to take it back, if I win I get to take him to a Who convention.” “Can you imagine him in 11’s fez?!” Garcia giggled. “Fine, but you better not watch the new episode without me!” Garcia called as he walked through the door. 

The thoughts began. He didn’t  promise. He always promises. He didn’t even smile. He was so uptight, he had dark circles under his eyes and completely ignoring the job in front of him? Thats—- The stream of consciousness came to an abrupt end when Penelope finally realized why this all seemed so familiar. Is he using again?

At 6:00 pm you found him. 

You had spoken to Garcia but you didn’t want to believe it.

All of the telltale signs that you missed ran through your head, all those moments you could have stepped in, replayed in your mind as you scrambled to find your best friend. It was staring at you right in the face, how could you have not picked up on it?! 

When you saw his mother you still had some hope.
“No he isn’t here. He stopped by yesterday. I’ll be sure to tell him your looking for him.” It wasn’t until after you spoke to each of your team members, checked in Cehry’s coffeehouse, and even the public library that the gravity of the situation settled in.

You had called him for the 16th time. “Come on, come on pick up!” you screamed at your phone as you drove, throwing traffic laws out the window.
You had already checked twice, once at 4 and again an hour and a half later, but you didn’t know where else to look. 

You were confronted with darkness when you opened the door. It took a second for your eyes to adjust before you saw him. Sitting by the window. Just staring blankly out into the street with his back resting against the side of the couch; the last few dying rays of sunlight playing with the color of his hair.


Please be conscious, please be conscious, BE ALIVE!

“Are, are you okay?” 

His head slowly rolled towards you. The first thing that registered was his being awake and aware and responsive —THANK GOD, the second thing was his eyes. Or at least that’s what it would have been, if they hadn’t been covered by thick black sunglasses. The same glasses that Spencer used to wear because one of the endless side effects of dilaudid was sensitivity to sunlight. 

All previous thoughts of kindness and sympathy completely dissipated from your body.

Of course you were still worried.
Of course you would help him because you knew it was hard. 

You tried to reason with yourself. To remember those moments he was at rock bottom, the reasons behind his using. The depression, the anger, the utter feeling of hopelessness. But those thoughts only served as fuel to the fire. 

“Sup Spencer.”
He slowly got up from the floor. “You’re angry.” 

Oh hell the fuck no. 

“Wow. That’s pretty good considering in order to know that you would actually have to spend time with me. Something you can’t do when you purposely go out of your way to avoid someone.” 

Screw beating around the bush and easing into the issue. The healing will come later, right now he needs to now what hes done. Spencer crossed his arms.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
You crossed the room in two steps and ripped those black shades from his face. “If you’re gunna lie, have the decency to look at me when you do it.”
This close you could see him better.

No bloodshot eyes. Dark, not red circles under them. No pale skin. 

He returned your gaze. “Okay fine. I haven’t been completely honest. My mom is fine. Rossi and I haven’t played chess since last week.” Bitterly, ”Oh I could have told you thought after seeing the both of them.” His eyebrows flew up as he took that in.

“You went to see my mom? Why?”

“Why the fuck do you think Spencer?!” You snapped.

“I’ve been fucking worried about you. I don’t know whats going on, and you’ve been keeping things from me.”

“So I’ve missed a few–“ You shoved him.

It was a reflex that took you both by surprise. “Stop trying to come up with an excuse. Tell me.” Other warning signs of dilaudid abuse ran through your mind, and each one came up negative. Maybe he wasn’t using, but that still didn’t mean he wasn’t hiding something. He swallowed. “I-I just wanted to spend some time alone and I didn’t want you to take it the wrong way.” You laughed.
“Bull shit and you know it.” He looked away.

Keep Quiet. Don’t tell her. Don’t tell her. Don’t say it. Don’t say it.

Your frown deepened.  Why is he pushing me away?

He opened his mouth as if to speak. Several times it seemed like he would say it, finally admit it. Spencer’s body tensed as he clearly fought with himself. But no, all that came was silence.

“Wow.” You shook your head in disbelief. “My best friend whom I have been practically glued to for the past ten years suddenly can’t talk to me. Can’t return my calls, can’t tell me what’s wrong, why he doesn’t want to be near me. Something that’s happened only once before.”

Spencer’s head whipped up. “You think I’m- no. No. I would never do that again. I didn’t just hurt myself when I did it, I hurt you. I hurt all of you.” He took your hands in his. You resisted but he held firm. “I promised I wouldn’t do it again. And I have never, nor will I ever break that promise.”

Denial. “Then why all the secrecy?! The running around behind my back, the breaking plans, the attitude?”

Spencer suddenly pulled away from you. “Y/N we’re fine. There’s nothing wrong.”

“No. You do not get to roll this under the rug again. Yes you’ve been keeping something from me but its my fault too. I didn’t say anything until now. Because,”

You took a breath as you finally admitted the feeling that’s been plagued in your heart ever since this all started.

“Because I wanted to believe that if something was bothering you that much you would come to me about it. I thought I was someone you could trust and confide in. But apparently I was wrong.” Tears began to form in your eyes. But you’d be damned before you let them fall, not before he admitted it.

He hung his head as he gripped the granite counter, back towards you.
Why can’t she leave it alone?! I’m allowed to have secrets. I’m allowed to keep things to myself.

 “Y/n,” He exasperated. “just drop it.”

“You lied to me Spencer.”

That’s what hurt the most really.
Because you thought Spencer was the only person YOU could believe in.

No response.
Just a view of his shirt, fit enough to show the increasing tension in his shoulders.

You made him face you and repeated his offense. “You lied to me.”

He met your eyes; a mixture of fear, anxiety, and pain pooling in them.
“Please don’t do this.”

Your heart broke for him. But you needed to know. You needed to make sure he was okay.

“Don’t do what Spencer? Talk like NORMAL people are supposed to do?!” You roared. “What, what is so horrible that its been keeping you away. What is so terrible that you can’t tell your own best friend?! What? WHAT?!


The balloon of anger was suddenly deflated and replaced with confusion.

Did I hear that right?

“W-what?” you managed to squeak.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Tears fell from his eyes as he shakily continued.

“My entire life I’ve been bullied and ridiculed, sometimes by the people I cared about. I was never the one to turn heads, the one who everybody wants, who everybody wants to be with. To have a life like that, its kind of hard to let people in. But I do. I did. I let you in because I knew I could trust you. I knew you would be the best friend I never had.

But then I got to know you. Really know you. After spending so much time together I realized why I was never bothered by the fact that I wasn’t seeing anyone, that I didn’t have a girlfriend, that I didn’t go out on dates. Because the only person I want is you. The only person I want to be with is you. I wasn’t worried about finding the one because deep down I knew…I already found her.”

A sob ripped through him.  

“And of course it scares me. It terrifies me. The only other time I’ve ever felt this was with, was with Maeve. And I lost her. I had someone to love and I lost her.
I d-don’t—”

He paused, suffocating under the emotions that had been held back for so long. After a moment he found the strength to continue.

“I can’t lose you too.”

Using your hand you gently raised his head. You wiped the tears from his eyes and brushed his hair from his face.

Oh Spencer.

My beautiful, stupid Spencer.

You lean forward and touch your lips to his. Trying to show him, to make him see, to wipe away any fear and doubt he might have.

You broke first, needing to say it. To put it into words. It was hard enough without Spencer holding you in his arms, staring at you with nothing but utter happiness and love.

“Spencer, I’m scared too. It’s something…..different.” You lamely decided, failing to find a better word for it.  “Something other, something new.”

You smiled up at him. “But it’s beautiful. I love you. I love you Spencer Reid. Can’t you see that? I need you in my life. I can’t go a day without seeing your face. And your smile? Forget about it.”  You said, making him grin.

“Oh there it is.” You took in a breath. “I think I can spend the rest of my life just sitting across from you and hearing you talk about fact after scientific fact just to see that smile.”

Now it was Spencer’s turn to wipe the tears from your eyes.

He pulled you in closer and breathed against your lips.
“Careful what you wish for.”  


So anonalece and myself have a little drabble challenge going on at the moment. We’re both taking a prompt and giving it our own spin as a good way to get the creative juices flowing and brush away the cobwebs of writer’s block! We’ve got a few planned already, so this will be the first of a handful, at least! :)

Tonight’s prompt is: I signed up for a dating website to get my mom off my back” AU


Katniss bounced her leg up and down anxiously, staring at the screen of her phone with barely contained desperation. ‘Turn, turn, turn’ she thought impatiently, watching the screen’s clock refuse to budge to the next minute. She briefly wondered if time had stopped altogether and if she’d be stuck in an endless cycle of ‘hey baby’s’ and ‘bet you really can’t shoot a bow’s’. 

The screen of her phone had gone dark and she clicked the button on the side to light it up again. To her overwhelming joy, 10:00 PM shined back at her brightly. Cheerily, she thought with glee. 

“There! I did it!” She shouted even though those she wanted to hear her weren’t home. Turning in her desk chair, she tapped at her mouse to bring her computer back to life and clicked onto the tab opened to the ridiculous online dating website she’d been practically conned into joining. She grabbed for her phone, unlocking it and pulling up her text messages. Her intended recipient was right at the top. 

“One fucking month.” She recited her words aloud as she typed. “You owe me thirty bucks.” Katniss hit send and dropped the phone back to her desk. Her cursor was rapidly moving towards the settings tab so she could finally delete her profile in dating torture when the familiar ‘whoosh’ of an incoming text filled the air. She glanced down and scowled. 

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Contest Time!

Howdy, ZE fans! With the Thank You project and Aksys getting the Art Train rolling, we’ve decided to hold our own little art contest! This contest will be open to everyone not trapped in a third world country, as I’m not too sure if I’d be able to ship one of our FABULOUS PRIZES to Uganda!

- First place will win a Jap version of ZTD that should (hopefully!) come with one of those fancy Premium Booklets that I’m jealous of.

- Second place will receive a Steam copy of Root Double, so you can double up on sci-fi-ish Visual Novel goodness alongside ZTD’s release!

- Third will be a small $10 giftcard of your choice, be it eShop, PSN, or maybe even Togo’s, up to you! If you’re British, I GUESS I’ll pay extra for those Euros (prayin’ for ya, American artists).

- After this, I might expand the prize pool a bit if the yen weakens, but Abe is trying his damnedest to make sure it doesn’t…

All kidding aside, you’re probably wondering how to earn these prizes, or at the very least how to be a patriot and out-art those other countries that you don’t live in. Pretty simple stuff, just make some art, and message us on Facebook with it! Once we have enough, we’ll post them in a public gallery, and you can vote for the ones you like most by just giving them a like. Once we cut ‘em down to a good clean 9 entries, we’ll put up a vote so that everyone can just pick their top 3. If we don’t have a clear winner by then, we’ll just keep shortening the list and putting up more votes, but it should probably settle out pretty quick with the first voting event.

Most importantly though, this contest is to help get Zero Escape out there! So if you enter our contest, take the extra time to link us with any pages that your work can be found at, and make sure to post your art in any relevant communities you know, whether it’s a tumblr, subreddit, facebook group, or some more obscure site you’re fond of (wink wink). It’s a good way to take advantage of the situation to help get both you AND Zero Escape a little more famous!

As for what is fair game, make profile pics (~we could use a new one~), banners, cosplays, paintings, songs, etc. If it’s even REMOTELY artsy, no matter how technical, give it a shot! What matters most is that you do something you think is cool, and get the word out there! Even if you don’t win a prize, taggin’ your art with your page might get you some more fans anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to try!

We’ll close off entries on the 28th, then we’ll start trimming 'em down after that and put up the finalists. Good luck, fellow ZE fans, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! - Admin Saturn