this started out as a doodle


Some Kid Henry AU Doodles! Revamped his design to be a little more stringy and scruffy.

Shenanigans! Turns out Henry’s more of a little devil than Bendy thought. A little mischief never hurt nobody (just don’t tell Alice!) @squigglydigg

            ‘The Darkness stole his eyes… but light preserved his voice’

Just a quick lil doodle of this bean. 

When I first read about him I got some fallen angel type vibes from him cos well he has this almighty power (more than he could even know) and well he was tricked out of it and was left to fall. idk it was just a idea that stuck with me and somehow came out on paper. 

I first submitted this as fanart for @reverseblackholeofwords beautiful stories but i also think this is a good way to start off my art blog! So welcome all! strap in and hold on tight cos Im going to be throwin my shit at you indifferently so get ready for more shit like this coming your way!!  

anonymous asked:

hey, i want to try to get into drawing, where should i start? thanks in advance

personally, i’d say to just start by experimenting a lot! try different mediums, and do a lot of drawings from observation. doing photo studies is fine too!

keep a sketchbook; write down stuff in there. it can act as a diary or a notebook, or just a place to keep doodles. sometimes when i don’t have time to draw out a full idea, i write down my idea in my sketchbook in case i want to revisit it in the future.

depending on what kind art you want to draw, find communities online or irl where you can see people doing what you’re interested in. follow lots of people, study their art, and try out some of your newly learned techniques yourself! you can also buy art books and guides online, just to keep a collection of works that inspire you.

of course, keep in mind common courtesy. don’t post heavily referenced art online without credit or permission, and if you can, i’d recommend you avoid tracing drawings.

and of course, keep practicing. try drawing at least a couple times a week if not every day. even a little bit of practice is better than nothing.

that’s kind of it I think! good luck anon <3



(idk why but I will never not love the idea of Sora being aware of his powers in 4th-wall-breaking ways)


Spider-man!Prompto doodles. (Full-view is your friend!)

25% because Prom’s English VA voices Spider-man now, and 75% because I really wanted to doodle him in the Pre-Tony Stark Spidey costume hahaha

Bonus doodle of how Noctis found out Prompto’s secret:

humans more like ew-mans am i right

Coffee Shop AUs I need as someone who works in a coffee shop

AUs where both of them are baristas:

  • AU where business is really slow so Person A and Person B start doodling on the hot sleeves for the cups and compete to see whose doodles the customers like better and then A starts doodling on B like hearts or some cute shit

  • The new manager (Person C) is an Asshole and is making them scrub the floor with bleach (been there, done that, it sucks) and they bond over complaining about C
  • Dealing !!! with annoying customers!!!! And standing up for each other/bonding over the assholes! Example annoying customers from my experience as a barista:
    • That customer who orders a cappuccino not knowing what it is and then getting upset when its not a latte (u baristas out there feel me)
    • when you run out of somehthing (like cold brew or the sodas in the cooler)  and they ask you to look in the back and then throw a fit bc they don’t get what they want (this happened to me once, a grown ass man threw a tantrum bc we didn’t have milk for his goddam cookies tf)
    • when you make them wait for more than two seconds to take their order/ make their drink and they get pissy
    • when its slow and the customer watches you make the drink and start making comments like bitch let me do mmy job
  • Person A and B don’t normally work the same shift but A is covering for C and goddam, B is fucking cute
  • when there’s a rush and the cafe is understaffed so its just A and B and they have to work together to make like seventeen drinks and personal space stops existing bc you gotta get those drinks made ASAP ( I can’t count the amount of times my coworkers and i have been all up in each other;s space trying to work around each other to make drinks). Bonus points if A is already pining for B and is getting flustered about close quarters. Extra bonus points if B notices and starts being a llittle shit about it and gets even more in A’s space ;)))
  • bonding over making fun of ridiculously specific drink orders (not until the customer is gone tho don’t be rude)
  • A is new and B teaches them how to make drinks and shows them the ropes and maybe starts flirting bc the newbie is a hottie ;)
  • when the rest of their coworkers + manager ship it
  • When regular customer (Person C) comes in and makes chit chat and assumes A and B are dating and one (or both) get flustered
  • I need more coffee shops AUswhere theyre both baristas @ fanfic writers pls