this started off as just yami and anzu but then honda appeared

Episode 99, part 2: no bottles of beer on the wall :(

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While Yami battles a very tall sea-monkey not named Shallowlake Fashionmodel, let’s see where everyone else ended up…

Shizuka is watching some “beautiful” swans and marvelling at how cold and real the water feels.

Jounouchi is shouting at an ornate light-fixture.

That’s… that’s not how that — oh whatever.

“I give this unoriginal kidnapping a meagre 2/10″

so everyone’s enjoying beautiful virtual scenery and trying to figure out – oh wait, where’s Anzu?

holy shit Anzu’s actually gonna die wtf why did she get mobbed by huge ogres the worst anyone else got is swans and I know they say a swan can break a man’s arm but my da confidently asserts that that’s a load of bullshit, it just means the force of the downthrust of a swan’s wing could theoretically break a bone, and he could totally fight a swan and win

hang on

I’ve become very sidetracked.

Let’s get back to the duel!

oh fuck offffffffff nerd


Nevermind, the duel is boring. Back to the Kaiba bros!

Kaiba is stewing over the elaborate high-tech trap they’ve been caught in and the fact that the mastermind appears to be no more than a highly intelligent young teenage boy unendowed with any particular powers aside from a sharp intellect.

Mokuba is, I have to presume, stewing over the fact that his older brother is a MASSIVE FUCKING HYPOCRITE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER

Sensing Mokuba’s distress, and ascribing it to the low-rate kidnapping and not the troubling mental gymnastics of his only remaining family member, Seto comforts him with what he considers to be his most comforting (certainly his most reliable) trait: technical knowledge


Seto assures Mokuba that this program will have an emergency exit, probably “disguised” as an actual door or window, and they set off to find it.

Meanwhile, Otogi and Honda are also looking for an exit…

oh honey, you have SERIOUSLY misunderstood what “virtual” means.

Otogi, misunderstanding VR, obviously thinks the “virtual world” is just a fake overlay on the real corridors of the big submarine thing they’re on and says there won’t be a visible exit.

Honda, misunderstanding Otogi, just fuckin–


like bro if this is all virtual, that doesn’t have any more hope of working than anything else, and if Otogi’s correct and this is a fake “skin” over a real wall of a real submarine then you’re goING TO KILL US ALL HOLY SHIT

Leaving them not thinking things through enough,

Yami’s (allegedly) having the opposite problem. Given that so far in this duel, all he’s done is accidentally choose the wrong Deck Master and excitedly attack to find out what a trap was, I have my doubts.

Anyway he decides the solution to his non-problem is to EXCITEDLY ATTACK

ooh, synchronicity 

Meanwhile THIS asshole


I think he thinks he’s quoting Machiavelli? But I am not 100% sure on that. There may be some Three-Language-Telephone going on with these translations: Italian to Japanese to English. And I don’t have the time or the botherment to start googling Italian Renaissance thinkers any more than I already have

He tempts Yami down “the path of getting bitten by his own monster”

“um RUDE”

and then tempts him down “the path of being excessively self-sacrificing and putting his health and safety below that of his friends”

“Once again, I would like the record to state that I don’t care about Honda or Otogi”

I am interested that they picked up on this: that Yami obviously recognises that he himself has a high tolerance for pain and injury (at least if incurred during a duel) and that he will throw almost anything else aside to try to shield his friends from pain and injury.

Speaking of pain, the Kaiba bros are opening any doors they come across

but rather than an exit to their freedom and the future, the door leads to the most claustrophobic episode of their past…

I can’t imagine how upset they both must feel being faced with this, a chapter of their past neither of them look back on often suddenly sprung from behind an innocuous door by a total stranger, their reaction is going to be–

oh, um, mildly affronted disgruntlement, apparently.

A Wish for Friends - Part Three

Last, but not least, we have Honda. Honda’s going to look far less important after that Jounouchi marathon earlier, but while I was writing this it became clear that Honda’s formation of his friendship with Yugi is much harder to appreciate fully without looking at Jounouchi’s first.

So. Because Honda was presumably unconscious when Yugi arrived on the scene during the Ushio debacle (because he never says anything to Yugi about it, never thanks him, all the reaction panels are of Jounouchi, and Honda gets no lines or even facial expressions. I’m going to assume he was conked out) he gets his own chapter dedicated to how his friendship with Yugi starts!

The chapter begins with Jounouchi calling after Yugi after school’s finished and they’re all heading home. Yugi notices Jounouchi’s with Honda and is immediately wary:

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Yugioh the Darkside of Dimensions summary (with images/sketches)


I tried taking notes as I was watching the movie so I got the first couple of duels down but after a certain point I was like uggggh 


 I also tried take screen caps from trailers so far to put them in where certain events happen too. Two characters i did a quick sketch of they can be found during the summary too. I also read through this summary because there were parts I was a bit confused or wasn’t clear to me and wanted to find another summary to confirm. 

update: HJ has a more comphernsive plot summary

A non-story spoiler of note is that Kazuki Takahashi was the one to keyframe/animate the scene of Yugi putting on the new duel disk.

My thoughts at the end if you want to just read that.

 Let’s begin!

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Yugi: I met you when I completed the Millennium Puzzle. Ever since you appeared, I wasn’t lonely anymore. I got to know Jonouchi-kun, Honda-kun, Kaiba-kun, and many other friends. Because of you, I’ve gotten so many things that I’m really thankful for. But I’m really sad if you’re holding yourself back because of me. 

Yami: Partner…

Yugi: Other Me, please don’t hold yourself back. I’ll be fine even if I’m alone. 

Yami:  I get it, partner. No matter what happens to me from now on, I’ll never forget you and the others. 

Yugi: Other me…just like how I put the Millennium Puzzle together, it’s your turn to put the pieces of your memory back together. Before you complete your mission, we’ll always be partners. 

Yami: That’s right, partner. 

Episode 79, part 2, ON WITH THE MURDER

But first, storytime!

Bakura decides to play tourguide while facing Ghostface in - what he did not make at all clear is - a Duel to the Death

I have to presume (if he’s not making this up) that he knows Domino City Cemetery trivia from Ryou, who seems like EXACTLY the sort of person who knows Domino City Cemetery trivia. 

Or, you know, he’s lying and just came up with some bullshit based on the first monster in his hand he wanted to summon, because he summons a headless knight, see, tying in the tourguide facts with the game, what fun!


So Yami Bakura probably thinks he’s being really very upfront about the lethal nature of this card game…

But tragically (for Ghostface et al, not for Bakura), the fucking rhetoric of this card game is SO OVERBLOWN that they think Bakura’s just, like, being melodramatic. “Death” in this case being interpreted as “loss of a card game”, and not in fact, literally being killed. 

I blame Kaiba, to be perfectly honest. I feel like Kaiba was probably the one to normalise outlandishly dramatic metaphorical trash talk during televised duels. Ghostface could probably sue, if he wasn’t soon-to-be-deceased. 

Oh and speaking of dramatic trash talk!

It’s not translated the same, but he totally says “sore wa dou kana?” aka Yami’s catchphrase. I love parallels between this stylishly violent Ancient Egyptian ghost dork and the other one.

Ghostface starts off pretty strong (although the headless knight does freak him out) but is thrown off his game by Yami Bakura’s … ah … unconventional strategic attitude.

For example, Ghostface summons Golden Elephant Skeleton (actually “Golden Elephant” but it’s a fucking skeleton, fight me Pegasus) (also, fun fact! it’s thought that elephant skulls were the origin of the myth of the Cyclops - a giant with a single eye in the centre of their face - because of their trunk-hole, and the animators really went in for it here) …

And uses a magic card that does 300 LP for each card sent to the graveyard.

Bakura’s reaction?

“I call this the Immediately Stabbing Myself As The Opening Move To Any Plan technique. Violent, unprompted masochism really throws people off!”

Things Bakura is almost certainly sexually aroused by:

his own pain


other people’s pain

auto-erotic asphyxiation (I have no evidence for this one but, like. amirite.)

Ghostface And Pals’ fear:

Kaiba: aroused by card games

Yami: aroused by playing card games with certain people

Bakura: aroused by people being afraid of playing card games with him

please keep it in your pants mister

Turns out Bakura has a magic card I’m calling I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kul Elna:

that allows him to boost his own monster’s attack for every card he discarded, so he wasn’t just doing it to freak Ghostface out / get a rush from the pain of taking damage in a Dark Game.

At this point, these idiots are like “so when you say we’re going to die if Ghostface loses, you don’t really mean…?”

“Teehee, my bad!”

“… also his friends and/or card game associates.”

He says “World of Darkness” but he clarifies he literally means hell itself, as in, they will be for-reals-dead, not trapped in some shadow-y World of Darkness netherrealm.

There are actual ghosts involved now.

OR there are manifestations of Bakura’s Dark Game, taking the form of ghosts because that’s how he’s chosen this Dark Game to play out in order to fit the cemetery #aesthetic. 

And I gotta say, aside from his Ryou-approved stripes and trainers and pastels, he has this aesthetic NAILED.


He also means that literally; one of them tries and just vanishes into the mist to appear running back towards the duel from the other direction. Just like the nerd herd trying to get into Pegasus’s Dark Game.

Ghostface tries to buy some time with Nightmare Steel Cage

… or Demon’s Iron Cage now I guess. #shrugemoticon #fightmePegasus

And for a moment it looks like it’s working…


… and they do. (I see why this got censored tbh. Grim.) They are dragged bodily beyond the veil of death, conveniently leaving behind the Duel Disk.


CAN YOU IMAGINE if the next episode was Bakura exasperatedly descending into the underworld to retrieve the Puzzle Cards he’d accidentally banished to beyond the mortal realm, like “Hades, long time no see, listen, I’m in a hurry to get back to a card game tournament…”

Because indeed, he better hurry, everyone else is in a race to the location of the finals as though there’s some time limit, which there isn’t, but these people are all really fucking excited about their card games.

Mai’s giving the nerd herd a lift when they’re overtaken by…


Jou wants to try race Kaiba. Mai has to be the adult.

And look. There is. SO MUCH. To unpack here.

Otogi is #posing and I have NO IDEA how he and Honda managed to convince Anzu that this was a good idea especially GIVEN HOW MAI DRIVES (i.e. like she’s got road rage from being rejected as a stunt driver for a The Fast and the Furious movie for “being unnecessarily showy and reckless”) but it looks like Anzu has just realised the likelihood of their death in an action-movie car-fireball

Jou’s the one griping about the competition already and I think Shizuka’s just coming to terms with just how much card game talk there’s going to be over the next 48 hours 

Mai is internally berating herself for being stupid enough to offer Shizuka a lift “you KNOW they’re like a particularly needy gaggle of ducklings you HAD TO KNOW they would ALL get in your car goddammit Mai”

and Yugi is DEFINITELY thinking about how the side of his butt is touching the side of Anzu’s butt 


Episode 58, the episode I mislabelled half my frigging screenshots for and had to go back and relabel them and ugh! The things I do for card game anime giggles.

Have an establishing shot of Domino City, wherein these battles take place. The Battle City, if you will.

Is that one really really tall building Kaiba Corp? Is KC HQ to normal buildings what Seto Kaiba is to normal humans; much taller, and disdainful?

So, Jounouchi is roaming around looking for someone to duel so he can prove he’s a True Duelist and Yami is wandering around some fucking alley (for real) and Anzu is ambling about trying to find either of them, and Mokuba is roving around looking for cheaters and now I’m out of synonyms for “walking around in an area”.

Jounouchi: okay… that sounds fake, but okay.

But, Jounouchi being Jounouchi…

Yeah that sounds about right. Sigh.

You know, it seems like the main characters end up in duels against a lot of people who cheat. Because they do end up in a lot of duels against people who cheat, often quite blatantly. And you might be forgiven for thinking they’re unlucky, or they’re a few honourable souls in a cut-throat card-game world. But actually, they more or less GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to duel cheaters. There are legit 5 other visible duelists here, including Ryuzaki who’s a tournament winner and shit. Like, duel someone else, Jou. Just. Just fucking duel someone else.

But no. So now we have to deal with this bullshit…

… Fucking teenagers, man.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Honda has a treat for Shizuka!

“Watch the contest? Watch the contest? I’m fucking blind, idiot.”

Anyway, Jounouchi sets to dueling, refusing to be thrown off by cheap tricks, the way he always refuses to be thrown off by cheap tricks, before being thrown off by cheap tricks but ultimately overcoming the cheap tricks.

No wait.

Yeah so when Espa Roba uses his ~psychic powers~ he makes little “pip pip” sounds. Because why the hell not, I guess!

The duel gets off to an auspicious start!


… Look. I like Jounouchi as a person. He’s brave and loyal and a great friend. And it’s important to have a character who’s a little more fallible than the King of Games, whose arc is learning to play the game and shit. But the story fails to convince me that he’s actually a great duelist who deserves to be counted among Yami, Yugi, Kaiba, etc. You can’t keep using someone as the “dur, how does game work?!” character to teach the audience the game, AND as the “what an excellent duelist, he’s really impressed us all and earned a place in the finals!” character to show the value of effort. I thought they did it well in Jou’s first Battle City duel, where he wasn’t sure of the rules but he figured them out, but here he just makes a really stupid error, apparently so the writers can remind us of how summoning works? 



Meanwhile, on top of a very tall building (obvs nowhere near as tall as the building Kaiba is on)…

… What’s even the point? Yami appears, for the rest of the duel, to follow what’s going on, but how could he possibly see or hear enough?!

See, even Roba’s cheating little brothers have binoculars! That’s how the psychic powers work, btw, Espa has four near-identical younger brothers, and they’re watching Jounouchi’s hand and telling him through an earpiece what they see.

Unfortunately for Espa, they are also colourblind. I presume.

They see this, and tell him “two Angel Dice” even though the dice and card backgrounds are clearly different colours.

This lets Jounouchi take the lead, by playing them both. Espa thinks he can only increase his own Monster’s attack, once, since Angel Dice can only be used once per turn. But actually, Jounouchi raises his own Monster’s attack and uses Devil Dice to reduce Espa’s.

Espa takes it well.

Lol no.

This is where it all goes downhill for him because there’s cheating afoot and MOKUBA IS ON THE CASE.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget Mokuba is a Kaiba, because he’s so friendly and his reactions to things are mostly reasonable. But then he reminds you that he has those Action Hero genes!

He insists that he has to call the duel off, and presumably disqualify Espa, but those cunning little clone-children know just where to hit him.

Yes, Mokuba. Because kids whose big brothers pretend to be psychic while playing trading card games never get bullied. 

Mokuba obviously can’t help but be reminded of when his big brother protected him by becoming a TCG dork.

“Stand back! I warn you, I can shuffle my cards three different ways!”

Mokuba notices Yami is watching and glances up to him, wavering between enforcing the rules and letting the kids watch their big brother finish the duel.

Yami’s distant glance has SUPER CHASTENING POWERS.


Despite Yami’s stern look, Mokuba decides to let the duel continue (Yami gives him a nod, so Mokuba doesn’t have to feel guilty).

Jounouchi, unaware of the rooftop drama, is determined to win because, as he tells Espa, “someone is waiting for me out in the city”.

… Out of context, this shot makes it look like Yami is “waiting for him” for some good old-fashioned Season 0 murder games, but okay.

But Espa’s not done yet! He summons his Janky Ass Bullshit Guy to the field!

Jinzo / Android Psycho Shocker can just destroy traps. All traps. Just by existing. smh

 Tune in next time, to find out if either of these geeks can actually play this damn card game!