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[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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i went from “i don’t ship jonerys” to “i’m jonerys trash” the moment jon walked in and saw daenerys like boi you were made for each other THE EYE CONTACT THO!!! ASDFGHJKL 

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Devos: I saw you staring at her “good heart” 


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not to mention the way he looks at her??

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i will go down with this ship!! 

p.s: Now give gendrya and jaime x brienne and my life is complete


She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

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You tagged the pirates idea in Shinee gets the treasure! 💖💖💖

you are a treasure, darling ❤️


  • captain of the sky blue pearl 
  • wearing a large hat with a skull and crossbones that contrasts starkly with his always smiley face 
  • people don’t know if they should be terrified or happy to see him 
  • looking at the very large and detailed map that he has in his captain’s quarters and is like “yup that’s a lot of water” 
  • but in all honesty he knows exactly where the boat is at all times 
  • fishing off the plank 
  • has fallen off the ship multiple times when they went over a wave so sometimes ot4 fishes for him instead with a giant net (minho: another onew fish / taemin: throw it back!!!!!!) 
  • refuses to stop tho so they tie a rope around his waist and someone has to hold on at all times like an onew leash 


  • insisted on getting a parrot 
  • it hates him and pooped on his head more than once which is not the reality he wanted 
  • claimed he stole it but the storekeeper saw him admire and coo at the pretty birdy with literal heart eyes so he gave it to him 
  • helps navigate despite his horrible internal compass bc he knows all the stars 
  • sleeps on a hammock on deck when it’s warm enough bc the sound of the ocean helps him sleep and if he can’t there is always that A+ view of the night sky  
  • billowy white shirt that he keeps open most of the time bC THAT’S WHAT PIRATES WEAR you’re just jealous minho  


  • eye-patch 
  • at villages sometimes he’ll tell stories to locals and crafts an elaborate tale about the horrors of his left eye and whispers “want to see it???”
  • flips it up and 
  • he has both eyes
  • just has a sty 
  • onew: are you wearing eyeliner again / key: nO / onew: you have your eye-patch on / key: … perhaps
  • ridiculously good at knots and will tie ot4 to the main mast if they irk him too much (tae: *wiggles out* / key: damn you taemin) 


  • bought a white shirt of his own when they docked to prove jonghyun wrong (jong: well we both can’t be wearing the same shirt) 
  • played rock, scissor, paper to see who got to wear it
  • he won
  • haha (jong: you CHEATED / minho: the game is if you don’t draw, you lose) 
  • making sure everyone doesn’t get scurvy (ot4: we really don’t need to be eating 7 oranges a day / onew: i think it’s giving me heartburn)
  • baby gold hoop earrings
  • at the helm doing KING OF THE WORLD 


  • will occasionally, both randomly and violently, get v seasick 
  • the lookout 
  • jong’s parrot helps him spot land too
  • keeps losing his frikkin telescope 
  • can climb up to the crow’s nest in an impressive speed that makes key a little ill to watch (key: omg be CAREFUL srsly that boy will be the death of me, one wrong move and he’ll FALL) 
  • his boots were made for walking 
  • also not allowed to have a pistol anymore bc “if you can’t keep it in its holster taemin you’ll probably end up shooting one of us one day” 
  • whatever, he’s better with a sword anyway 
  • occasionally likes to visit the treasure room below deck and just lays on the gold like a dragon 
Thoughts on Robert

I think the good ending for Robert is pretty awesome, mostly because he doesn’t just immediately and magically become better, it’s realistic in the sense that Robert recognizes that he’s not quite yet ready for anything romantic, but he still thinks your dad sons is special to him.

And also you’re just like, “I think what you need right now is a friend” and I’m happy to be that person, which is really awesome, it’s healthy, it’s setting up a boundary and ensuring that you and Robert don’t just like each other but you value each other which is pretty dope, y'all…


Don’t look back into the sun by @claricechiarasorcha

It is the Force that holds Kylo Ren at his mercy.

And already Ren laughs, eyes bright-dark and lips red with blood as they stretch wide. “But then,” he whispers, dark delight, “I always have been.”

Already Hux’s tongue burns with some sneered response. But Ren’s smile matches the wonder of his eyes – and when Hux looks to the shadows that arch and tower around them, he sees for the first time what he has done.

Shattered transparisteel glitters upon the floor in scattered discrete galaxies, and around the training room: everything not bolted to the floor has risen, floating upon the air in careless orbit of them both as if gravity no longer matters.

“Yes,” Ren sighs, a post-coital release of breath and tension alike, the bright pleasure of it lazy and lovely. “It’s power, Hux.” His eyes are dark and black and yet somehow even here they are still filled with stars. “And it’s yours, now.”

It’s finally online! My contribution to the Kylux Big Bang 2016!

After my first author dropped out of the KBB I was slightly down and I wasn’t sure what I could expect to happen next.
How shall I put it best? I was blessed with @claricechiarasorcha’s talented writing after that, when she came up with a pinch-hit that really blew my mind and combined everything that I love about the kylux ship! Srsly she safed the Big Bang for me.

This scene happens at the very end of the fic but it’s also the one that inspired me the most (although there are several other moments that are just amazing and actually need to be drawn!). Force sensitive Hux is my game, holy shit. 

I also just want to say thanks to the mods of the KBB for organize everything and making this amazing event happen! I enjoy sitting in the kylux trashcan and I hope I’ll stay long enough to participate in the next Big Bang. <3

Skin Shoes Comes Out...with a sort-of fic!


Filling a request from 🐝anon in which reader and Connor go to art school (maybe scad b/c bees!!) and have life drawing sex

It’s freshman year, and you met Connor in your orientation group a couple months ago. He was snarking under his breath about some stupid tour or presentation and you heard him and giggled a little, and when he heard that he turned to see you and thought “damn, they’re fuckin cute.”

He kept snarking and you joined in, because a lot of it really is stupid, and by the end of the day you two have smoked a joint together and become buds™ because he didn’t think enough of himself to believe you’d ever see him in a romantic or sexual way.

Fast forward a few months, and you two are in life drawing class together. You both missed a class and need to make up the drawings, so you offer to pose for each other. Nbd, people do this in art school all the time (srsly) and after all, that’s what buds™ are for.

You meet up in his room while his roommate has class, both a little nervous, and decide y'all need to get bake-ed before you get naked.

Once you’re both good and high you play a game of rock, paper, scissors to pick who models first: spoiler alert, it’s you.

You strip shyly and ask Connor how he wants you to pose, but he’s too flustered to explain it well, so he ends up kind of positioning you himself, like you’re one of those wooden models artists use.

His hands are soft but shaking, and you pretend not to notice.

He finally gets you how he wants you and starts his 30 minute sketch. He’s using charcoal because he’s a black-loving edgelord.

He has you sit on his bed with your legs in a sort of 4 shape and starts blocking in your basic shapes- the curve of your waist, the tilt of your shoulders, the swell of your breasts. Your eyes meet and you feel yourself flush as you look away.

“No moving,” he says. You aren’t the only one who’s red.


He keeps drawing. Your eyes dart around the room, expertly avoiding his. Look at the floor, the ceiling, the…bulge in his pants? Was that always there?

Something must show on your face, because he asks what’s wrong.

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong!”

Connor’s not convinced. “Do you need a stretch break? Honestly, y/n, you don’t have to do this.. I could just take a reference photo..” He stops immediately, wide eyes get wide and gaping mouth. “I mean- not for- I wouldn’t…Jesus, put me out of my misery…”

He’s so flustered, and it’s fucking adorable. You decide to have a some fun with that.

“So you wanna take dirty pictures of me, Murphy?” you ask, raising an eyebrow but otherwise staying still.

“What? No!” he splutters.

“No? Don’t like what you see? Because that bulge in your pants tells a different story.”

His expression resembles a demented goldfish. You uncross your legs and spread them, stretching out the stiff muscles. Connor drops his charcoal, and it shatters as it hits the floor.

“Y'know, with a picture you could see me like this whenever you w-”

“Ok, I get it! Connor got a boner while you were modeling! Gross! God, this was a stupid idea, I don’t even know what I was thinking. Sure, Con, you can keep it cool with y/n sitting naked in your bed! Fuckin idiot.” He’s running his hands through his hair and pulling at it a little.

“It’s not gross.”


“It’s not gross. It’s…flattering.”

“My dick getting hard is flattering?” You nod. “…Prove it.”

You stand up and start walking toward Connor. “Shit, y/n, I didn’t mean you- you don’t have to-”

“I know, Con. I want to. I’ve wanted to since orientation.” You’re in his space now, your nudity a stark contrast to his pants and long sleeves.

“But I thought you..why didn’t you say something?” You shrug.

“I didn’t think you were interested.” He grabs your hand and slowly brings it toward his clothed cock, watching your face for any signs of distress, hissing when you finally make contact.

“I’m very interested.”

His cock is long and hard under your hand as you palm him through his pants. “So you wouldn’t mind if…” you trail off as your lips slowly get closer to his. He can’t take it anymore. He pulls you into a fierce, passionate kiss, one that speaks of pent up longing, and you kiss back until you run out of breath. He trails kisses down your neck and starts grinding into your hand when you moan.

“Yeah?” he asks.

“Mm.” Your grip on his cock gets firmer. He tries to stifle a moan.

You pull back a bit. “I’m naked,” you say.

He laughs, not unkindly, and says “No shit.”

You swat his shoulder. “I was going to say you should join me, but if you’re gonna be difficult…”

“I’ll be good!” it comes out muffled as he briefly gets stuck stripping his shirt. “See? Getting naked! Best behavior.” He’s teasing, but he isn’t. You unbutton his pants and give his dick a light squeeze over his boxer briefs.

“Good. Now these,” you say as you push down his pants. As they fall to his ankles you pull Connor in for another searing kiss, moving your free hand from his chest to his long hair. You give a light, experimental tug and feel his cock twitch in your hand through his underwear. He moans louder this time, and you smile into the kiss.

“What?” he asks. He’s panting slightly.

“Connor Murphy, you kinky little shit!”

He grins. “Guilty.”

“And here I was thinking you’d be good for me,” you tease, trailing your lips down his neck, down his chest, down his stomach. He giggles lightly when you tongue his belly button. It’s fucking adorable.

“So good,” he promises while you work your way into his underwear. You run your fingers through his pubic hair with one hand and grab his ass with the other, inching the fabric down further. Your hand accidentally bumps against his cock and Connor whimpers. “Please.”

“Please what?” You smile into his belly, your chin grazing the tip of his dick if he moves just so.

“Please, let me fuck you.”

This was…unexpected. You’d hoped but never believed you’d be in a position to have sex with Connor, and definitely not when HE was the one asking YOU.

“Y/n?” he says, breathy and desperate.

“Yeah, Connor?” you look up from kneeling in front of him.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”

You stand up abruptly.


“Get on the bed, Connor.”


You finally pull his underwear down. His hard cock bounces slightly in the air, and the look on his face tells you that his patience is wearing thin.

“Get on the bed, Connor.” He moves to comply, pulling you with him with hungry kisses and a hand on your ass. You’re so wet from seeing him like this, being wanted like this. You push him down to the bed and straddle his lap, just inches from where he wants you.

“Y/n!” Connor whines, “Fuck, y/n, I need you…Please…Fuck…” You kiss him mid-whimper and slowly, loosely give his cock a test stroke. His back arches up off the bed on the downstroke when his foreskin moves to fully expose his wet tip. (Don’t @me I like that hc) You use your free hand to push him back down by the shoulders.

“Be good!” He keens desperately. You set a rhythm with your strokes, holding him down and kissing his temple, neck, clavicle, nipples, listening for the place that gets the best reaction…until you stop. Drop his dick. Get off his lap. He sits up.

“Y/n? Is everything ok?”

“Did I say you could move?” He quickly lies back down. “Good. I’m just looking for a condom.”

“Other drawer.”

“Gotcha.” The box is new. “Getting laid a lot, I see.” He flushes.

“Hasn’t been anyone else I really want to fuck,” he mumbles.

A shiver shoots down your spine. Connor holds back a moan as you roll the condom down his length. You take his hands and put them above his head.

“I can’t hold you down for this part, but don’t move,” you tell him. He nods. You slowly sink his sheathed cock into your wet core as you lower yourself back down into his lap. You can see his hands twitching to touch you and once you’re fully seated on his cock you decide to put the poor boy out of his misery.

“You can move now.”

Instantly his hands shoot up. One palms your breast. The other starts rubbing circles on your clit, and you begin to ride him in earnest.

“Fuck, y/n…” he moans, and you don’t think your name has ever sounded sexier. His hips pick up on your rhythm and thrust weakly to meet you, hitting a spot within you that makes you see stars.

“Shit, Con, do that again.”

A wicked grin appears on his face. “What? This?” He thrusts again. And again. And again, while the fingers on your clit get faster. You feel something building within you until it snaps. Your hips buck erratically as you come, moaning. He moves a few more times, getting louder and louder, eyes squeezing shut, keening your name as he comes.

You pull off of him and take care of the condom, then cuddle into his side with a sweet kiss.

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I wanted to just submit this to Sin Mom but this is a sideblog and I don’t really wanna put my main blog because I have to be a grown up.

since touka is kanekis strenght and after seeing that praying touka i cant help but imagine the scene of now or never from High School musical 3

srsly imagine 


Kaneki: Right now I can hardly breath

Touka:  Ohh, you can do it, Just know that I believe

Kaneki:  And that’s all I really need

Touka: Then come on

Kaneki: Make me strong

It’s time to turn it up
Game on!

what did i smoke


This is a collab with @midnightcoffeeee (check them out srsly, there’s some great builds.)

It’s a 20x15 lot, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and costs 72.547 (or 21.187 unfurnished).

You’ll need Get to Work, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen, Get Together, Movie Hangout, Dine Out, Kids Room, Backyard Stuff and Bowling Night.

Make sure to activate bb.move objects before placing the lot and if can’t find it on your library activate search with cc, there’s no cc, but my game is bugged and I can’t figure out why.




If I’m not mistaken, this is like a radio drama(?) wherein the main guy comes home to find there’s a voice message from his family on the phone, and each family member takes turns giving him a message.

1) Listen to the video. (LISTEN UNTIL THE END. SRSLY.)
2) Guess the number of seiyuus present with Akira Ishida (he’s obvious since he’s the picture lol)
3) HINT: (It doesn’t need to be a 1:1 ratio of characters)
4) ANSWER: See the end of tags. NO SPOILER.

I feel like Carley is one of those people who will never say stuff out loud (except for you know that one time) but by the expression on her face you can just tell that she’s cursing you out inside of her head.

Like just imagine whenever she looks pissed:

“don’t fucking tell me to can it Kenny I will fuck your shit up you boat loving motherfucker.”

“the fuck are you implying Lilly what are you gonna hold Lee’s past over his head because you can’t deal with the group like srsly fuck your shit.”

“omg Lee focus now is not the time to fucking flirt I’m trying to be serious dammit.”


“this fuck is up with this dude?”

“god I need a drink.”