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[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

  • Me: *playing Mystic Messenger*
  • Friend: Who are you chatting with?
  • Me: Oh, just my friends.
  • Friend: Do you really have to chat with them everyday? Every hour?
  • Me: Yeah, they live far away. We always have new topics to talk about so it's never a bore.
  • Friend: You seem close to them.
  • Me: Very.

This is a collab with @midnightcoffeeee (check them out srsly, there’s some great builds.)

It’s a 20x15 lot, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and costs 72.547 (or 21.187 unfurnished).

You’ll need Get to Work, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen, Get Together, Movie Hangout, Dine Out, Kids Room, Backyard Stuff and Bowling Night.

Make sure to activate bb.move objects before placing the lot and if can’t find it on your library activate search with cc, there’s no cc, but my game is bugged and I can’t figure out why.


I can handle a sexual dry spell like a frickin BOSS, but throw me into another Dan and Phil content DROUGHT like the one I am currently experiencing after the consistency of the PLANNED Singapore trip and bitch, fight me, Youtube and Google are demanding blood sacrifices and I am willing to pay!


Don’t look back into the sun by @claricechiarasorcha

It is the Force that holds Kylo Ren at his mercy.

And already Ren laughs, eyes bright-dark and lips red with blood as they stretch wide. “But then,” he whispers, dark delight, “I always have been.”

Already Hux’s tongue burns with some sneered response. But Ren’s smile matches the wonder of his eyes – and when Hux looks to the shadows that arch and tower around them, he sees for the first time what he has done.

Shattered transparisteel glitters upon the floor in scattered discrete galaxies, and around the training room: everything not bolted to the floor has risen, floating upon the air in careless orbit of them both as if gravity no longer matters.

“Yes,” Ren sighs, a post-coital release of breath and tension alike, the bright pleasure of it lazy and lovely. “It’s power, Hux.” His eyes are dark and black and yet somehow even here they are still filled with stars. “And it’s yours, now.”

It’s finally online! My contribution to the Kylux Big Bang 2016!

After my first author dropped out of the KBB I was slightly down and I wasn’t sure what I could expect to happen next.
How shall I put it best? I was blessed with @claricechiarasorcha’s talented writing after that, when she came up with a pinch-hit that really blew my mind and combined everything that I love about the kylux ship! Srsly she safed the Big Bang for me.

This scene happens at the very end of the fic but it’s also the one that inspired me the most (although there are several other moments that are just amazing and actually need to be drawn!). Force sensitive Hux is my game, holy shit. 

I also just want to say thanks to the mods of the KBB for organize everything and making this amazing event happen! I enjoy sitting in the kylux trashcan and I hope I’ll stay long enough to participate in the next Big Bang. <3

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I've got a question... What are your predictions on Kaoru's 4*? When do you think it will be released? I'm stuck between saving for it and scouting.

adfkja;d same

She does have an upcoming (?) card according to this post that talks about event leaks, but it’s impossible for me to know if she’ll be a 4* or not,. My guess is that she won’t be a 3* because she already had one in the Phantom Thief event, but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All I know is that I’m going to hoard star gems until she gets another gacha card and my teams will continue to be mediocre until that day

I’m sorry i couldn't be of more help; best of luck with saving for her!


Hey, guys! So, uhh, anyone else playing this awesome game? It’s called: Otogi: Spirit Agents. If you guys do, we’d love to welcome you to join our guild! To unlock the guild feature, you must first be level 10 or higher. Joining a guild will help you defeat stronger brutes and daemons. It’ll also increase your chances in acquiring limited time daemons during events by sending the other guild members requests for help in defeating such daemons. We only have 4 members at the moment which is pretty sad (and I’m the leader which is even sadder lol). If you guys aren’t playing this game yet, I assure you it won’t disappoint! I’ve only been playing for a month, but I’m already addicted. I’m blaming my lil bro for pulling me in this hell.

Our guild’s name is Ignis Fatuus. If you guys are interested in joining us, just search for it in the guild feature! I’m using Sessho Seki as my helper. ^_^

Please please please join us.

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Hi, can I request a "chill" day with the demon brothers? Not a date, more like a "everyday" day. Thank you

Rin Okumura:

- he would probably cook for his s/o or with them together

- playing games and looking at old memories

- watching movies or reading manga

- you would just sit on the couch and cuddle while watching tv

- you would laugh together

- Rin would probably tell something embarassing about Yukio and laugh about it for about 10 minutes

Yukio Okumura:

- you would need to force him to chill because he has zero chills at all srsly.

- he would be a little uptight at first but he would open up later

- when he relaxed he would be more open for activities

- he would probably go to town or Mephy Land or into the park or something, just chilling on a bench at a nice place

- he would talk a lot about deep things and enjoy conversation

- at the end of the day he would thank you for forcing him to chill down

Mephisto Pheles:


- He would eat instant noodles with you

- He would wear a pink bathrobe

- tries to kiss his s/o when there are kiss scenes in the anime

- He’d probably want to do naughty things at least once this day lol


- He’d take you downtown to buy sweets

- Mephy Land

- would hug you out of nowhere but with absolutely no expression on his face

- eat the sweets

- play video games


- he’d spend the day outside

- watching the sunset and doing cheesy things

- he would want you to show him the human world

- explore town 

- conversations about life, love and all the shitty rest

- deep and philosophical conversations


Rune Factory 4 Sketches 

oh goodness its been so long since i last posted an art. haha. I got too addicted to this game…its tearing me apart !!!! Vishnal is such a bae i mean i really love his reverse proposal <333 

and the other bachelors ofc. except for dylas he already has enough love. BUT SRSLY THOUGHHHH i will like keep drawing this guy until im finally satisfied with the game and sht.