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I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who went through an emotional rollercoaster in the mine level. I was guilt tripping SO HARD and damn Gladio didn’t make it any easier! Like, srsly! I was so concerned for Iggy all the time but as soon as you move only a little ahead or I just wanted to quickly grab a shiny n brb, Gladio broke your balls for it. Like, dude, I get it. We’re all hurt n we all feel for Iggy, but why do you need to turn the knife in my heart around n around? T_T

Sharing pain with Gladio is hard, man.

So here’s how I felt at some point, cause, dude, bitching all the time but always running right next to me instead of staying with Iggy like Prompto did >3>

  • Me: *playing Mystic Messenger*
  • Friend: Who are you chatting with?
  • Me: Oh, just my friends.
  • Friend: Do you really have to chat with them everyday? Every hour?
  • Me: Yeah, they live far away. We always have new topics to talk about so it's never a bore.
  • Friend: You seem close to them.
  • Me: Very.
push and pull [jimin&you]

Summary: you’ve had enough of Jimin’s games, so you set it straight to him.

a/n: after my brother trolled me with the jungkook one, i just had no heart but sees jikook lol, so i had to delete it and rewrite this new one. this one hits home to me since it was like a real life kind of thing. hopefully you enjoyed this one, anon! ^_^ KEEP INFIRING ME WITH REQUESTS <3 I have no work tomorrow and am free all dayyyyyyyyyyyy!

p.s. listening to Winner - Different actually quite helped me write through this, since the lyrics to that damn song trolled me so hard. srsly, i need to read lyrics before assuming that every song is beautiful and sweet. LOL

“Two can play that game,” Sooya, your long time friend tells you when she sees you still sulking about what Jimin has done to you.

“No, Sooya, I don’t want to,” you whisper quietly under your breath. “I’m not going to stoop low and play his silly games.”

Sooya scoffs at what you’ve just said and pulls you up and off the couch. She pats your cheeks harshly to wake you up from your thoughts, and drags you to the bathroom.

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PTA Sans is an absolute blessing because srsly.

>PTA Sans running all the holiday party games. He made all the treat bags alone, by hand, pinned with little cartoony skulls. They all contain one whoopee cushion and a concerning amount of candy.

>PTA Sans basically taking charge of a field trip, even over the teachers. “alright, where’s group three? we need to move to the next area in four minutes.” “I’m sure we can be a little late, we’re not on a strict schedule–” “HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR TIME, JANICE.”

>PTA Sans being the favorite because he convinces the Dogs to come play with the kids. Oh, you booked a clown for field day, Lisa? Well we have Greater Dog, who is much less frightening. Kids could be scared of clowns, Lisa. You didn’t even think about that. Horrible.

PTA Sans guys. I need to see more of this 5ever.

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i still don't understand why HappyEle is trying to restrain Tsumugi's 5* card, the Tsumugi meme/joke was fun when it was the 1st time, but srsly it's not fun anymore, after so many events, people are raging, why don't HE just bring out his 5* already? even if Tsumugi gets his 5* gacha this time then this will be unfair for Tetora, i would definitely punch HE in the face if i can, even if i am not TsumugiP/TetoraP but this game needs the balance

tbh i don’t understand why tsumugi and tetora are being put off either haha, it possibly would have made sense to build up hype but now most fans are just annoyed lol

i guess a part of it is the “reset/time loop” which doesn’t allow characters to be present at a certain time. that’s poorly handled imo because the characters keep losing their consistency tbh lol. but what can you do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dallas 3 Nashville 5...

Leading 3-0… and then allow 5 unanswered goals. How do we do that? Like srsly. It’s a fucking skill, I swear.

The 1st 30mins of the game where so good. So exciting. The whole team looked so up for it. Bt then the second the Preds put their foot on the gas, everything went tits up.

We are really in a hole now regarding the play offs.

Even poor Jamie Benn is upset and flummoxed by tonight’s game. And basically the season at this point.

I don’t even with this team any more.🏳🏳

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Rune Factory 4 Sketches 

oh goodness its been so long since i last posted an art. haha. I got too addicted to this game…its tearing me apart !!!! Vishnal is such a bae i mean i really love his reverse proposal <333 

and the other bachelors ofc. except for dylas he already has enough love. BUT SRSLY THOUGHHHH i will like keep drawing this guy until im finally satisfied with the game and sht.

GOT7ing - Game-ing Highlights

- [starts watching without subs] OMG WTF THEY’RE YELLING MARKSON AND CLAPPING ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE IM GONNA PASS OUT ITS HAPPENIGN [watching again with subs] haha false alarm guys hahah :) [cries internally]

- jb honey i know you just got back but them shades make you look like a suburban mom im sorry

- park yu being a lil shit to 2jae in the blindfold line 


- mark: [wraps his arms around jackson’s neck] js: [pushes his hands away] mark: bitch rude

- got7 conga lining into the room escape

- [everyone else screeching at the top of their lungs/begging to go home before the game starts] yugs: can u guys not

- [got7 freaking the fuck out when the lights go off] escape room dude: you guys srsly need to calm tf down

- them camera guys get to be locked in a room with got7 for an hour lucky bastards

- [lights go back on and jackson is lying on the floor] me: haha this guy, always being so dramatic [jackson: is still lying there after 5 mins] wtf did he actually faint

- mark kneeling beside an unconscious jackson and reenacting the beach scene from the little mermaid

- [escape room guys try to scare them] jackson: “we’re adults. this doesn’t scare us” yeah says the guy who literally fainted on the floor 30 seconds ago

- js: “wait a minute, let’s calm down” BOI AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T PASS OUT

- “no i’m not using the hint. i just want to talk” jackson wang are yOU SRS RN

- youngjae: [sings bang bang bang while laughing and swinging a gun around] if this was real you guys would be locked in here forever

- HOly fuck omg ok that image of the ghost girl on the tv nearly got me shitting in my pants 

- jackson: [starts pinching her face thru the tv] BOI IF YOU DONT

- ok but that ghost girl is really unsettling if she moves i swear to god i am closing the tab

- jackson: “wasn’t i great? give me compliments” youngjae: lmao bitch please jackson: [picks up the phone] excuse me i just witnessed my own murder

- jackson: “i did well today. i was really great right” everyone: [ignores him] js: pls guys just want to feel loved :’(((

- bambam: [sits on yugyeoms lap with his legs spread open] excuse me yugbam but can we keep this pg pls you guys are literally 5

- staff: “congrats boys !!you guys made it on time !!” got7′s staff are liars