this speech though

modern creepypasta irl basically:

Let’s give a Recurrent Neural Network 10 minutes of anime dialog and tell it to learn how it works. 

after forcing this neural network to listen to and learn this anime for 1000 iterations, the output is…pretty much just empty noise. that’s not too surprising really.

2000 iterations in to the training: the network has learned how to scream.

5000 iterations: it seems to have learned how to produce something resembling chatter or mumbling. 

6000: same as above, except it spent 23 seconds screaming. again.

10000: the screams more closely match human intonation, with descending pitch at the end and breaths in between each scream, etc 

15000: it seems fixated on short laughter (“ehe”) now.

25000: finally the output is starting to resemble human speech, though not with any real words

…but really what the fuck lmao


love is love is love // 6.14.16

An interesting thing about Garak’s speech that I’ve observed-

Andrew Robinson has said that he played Garak’s speech pattern as though he had very recently learned to speak Federation Standard (maybe about a month before the show starts, while the Federation was on Terok Nor making the withdrawal negotiations).

Now, for the most part, Andrew uses close to his own natural American accent. But sometimes, Garak pronounces words like Julian does, as in with an English accent. 

Since Julian is the person Garak talks with the most, and he very recently started learning Fed Standard when they meet, Garak is picking up some of Julian’s speech patterns.

I find this a subtle and interesting connection between them.

(While on the topic, Julian and Garak pronounce each other’s names differently from how everyone else seems to).

a production of hamlet where Hamlet is a pair of twins (a boy and a girl) and in their soliloquies they go back and forth bouncing off one another (1: to be or not to be / 2: that is the question)

nobody interacts with girl Hamlet except boy Hamlet and the ghost bc she’s dead, and boy Hamlet and girl Hamlet never touch until boy Hamlet dies

as horatio gives his “goodnight sweet prince” speech, boy Hamlet slowly stands but horatio keeps giving the speech as though he’s still dead on the ground and boy Hamlet slowly walks to girl Hamlet and they hug


Hamilton: An American Musical curtain call from 18 April 2016 (Renee announcing Lin’s Pulitzer win from the stage)

Lin’s fundraising speech though. “Your tears are delicious to me.”

Renee comes in at the end of his speech so he doesn’t get away with not mentioning the big news of the day.

Until Dawn- Alternate dialogue from chapters 5 and 6 

Album of the Year 2.0

‪I didn’t want Adele to win because as much as I love her, LEMONADE was the superior album. Adele’s acceptance speech was great though. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s feminism. Women appreciating each other, regardless of race and competition. Women ensuring the recognition of other women. The Grammy’s made a mistake, but Adele did not.