this spam is dangerously out of control

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Tell us one fun fact about every member pls. two for uruha because hes too cute for just one ok thanks bye

Ruki: used to think that it’s a great idea to glue random shit to his face so long as said random shit has a reflective surface (sequins and rhinestones are one bad idea thing, but studs? really?)

Aoi: twitter is the source for great fun for him, but it has also been his very downfall. once stated he doesn’t consider vocaloid music to be real music, which gave him a bit of a bashing, and he ended up quitting twitter later when he made the grave mistake of replying to trolls spamming him, which then led to out of control trolling and him taking a calming bath before deleting his account. not one to be stopped completely, he continued to tweet via others people by hanging out with fellow jrock friends who were willing to deliver his messages with their own accounts

Reita: mystery man. has a little beauty mark above his eye. it looks great when paired with dangerous eyeliner and not hidden by his hair. Also loves his best alien bro Uruha to death, considers Uruha’s birthday the ‘day of rock’ and often stayed up late to congratulate him via heresy blog.

Uruha: apparently afraid of heights? or he used to be. wrote ‘MY PAL’ on his black God of Rock-guitar because it is his best friend
also Uruha: he’s great at running. once offered to help Sakai (their manager at the time) to get into shape, so they went jogging together, but Sakai couldn’t keep up the pace. After convincing Uruha to go on without him, Sakai commented that Uruha then, in his own words, ‘took off like an antelope’.

Kai: allegedly punched Aoi in the face once


Chris the sheep nearly died because he was toting around 89 pounds of extraneous wool. 

Do you know how easy it is to let yourself go? Do you let things get horribly, dangerously out of control? Have you put off something simple — hilariously so — until it has derailed your entire life and possibly threatened it?

I have. I have had a cavity in my back left molar for the last two and a half years, and I have no plans of getting it filled. It poses little problem to me except for prohibiting me from enjoying Milk Duds, a candy which is not even in my top 10. I have never had the oil changed in my car, I route messages from my student loan provider to spam, and as of September 2015, I still own stock in Kodak.

So don’t you dare judge Chris.