this soup is dry

Rain prompts 🌧
  • “I’m drying off your hair with a towel and I’m concentrating so hard until I look down and see you looking up at me with raindrops still clinging to your lashes and freckling your cheeks. your hair’s all mussed and I’m still rubbing the towel over your head and ajshajaklalala” AU
  • “I don’t know why you thought a dumpster would be a good place to take shelter from the rain but here we are I guess” au
  • “There’s only room under this umbrella for one. Oh fine, get under here I guess we’ll both be partially soaked.” AU
  • “kISSING?? IN THE RAIN??? siGn Me tHe FUCK UP” AU
Les Amis and Co as Texts I Have Sent/Received
  • Enjolras : THIS REALITY IS COLD AND UNFORGIVING *struggles against security members, clings to microphone* THEY MUST KNOW
  • Combeferre : Dreaming of being eaten by a space mind controlling cucumber like 0_0"
  • Courfeyrac : So there's this weird sauna we pass by when we go grocery shopping right? You can't see inside and it's a bit shady. One day I jokingly said it probalby was a sex thing. Turns out it's a gay swinger club
  • Grantaire : Art, I whisper as I continue to dangerously pile washed dishes in perfect balance instead of putting away the dry ones
  • Joly : I'm eating instant soup that has expired a year ago.. I feel like a health god that has lost his way
  • Bosssuet : *puts gel plasters for blisters on buttcrack to sooth workout burns* THUG LIFE
  • Bahorel : *sips vodka/redbull* let's start this shit
  • Feuilly : Take out your wallet and slap yourself with it
  • Jehan : Tip on not being anxious about doing something yourself : even if you fail it, it'll be punk
  • Montparnasse : i mean who am i to resist a bit of rough kissing while holding a knife to their throat i'm only human

hello my loves!

so i’m considering making a wee etsy store where i’d be selling some handcrafted kitchen witch items, starting with some herb packages for soups, marinades/dry rubs, tea additives, etc, that are for specific purposes and include spell and cooking instructions. down the road i’d love to include other little handcrafted items as well, such as small kitchen besoms, decorated kitchen wands (spoons!) and the like.

i’m just curious to see whether it’s something my followers would be interested in taking advantage of! so feel free to let me know either way :)

phoenixislost  asked:

For Danse, 6, 10, 19, 30, and 39 please? c:

#6. Eating habits and sample daily menu

The Brotherhood of Steel carefully designs its rations to be the most healthy and sustaining food possible. Nutritionally balanced for best performance - or as nutritionally balanced as wasteland fare can be. On the Prydwen, he’d eat razorgrain bread, mixed veggies and a broth-based meat soup. Out in the field, he’d survive on dry rations, such as jerky or seeds, plus whatever they can scavenge from the wasteland or local farms. 

Danse eats neatly. Always with a napkin nearby (though he never spills) and without slurping. He’ll scrape the bowl sometimes - he’s not pretentious - but he believes food exists to provide energy to the consumer. It’s important not to let any go to waste.

#10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?

He doesn’t like being touched, especially when he’s not expecting it. That’s part of why he likes his power armor so much - it makes him feel like he’s wearing his personal space. He’s very particular about order and cleanliness, too. People who get the brunt of his nagging might call him “anal” or “a clean freak” behind his back, but most see his need for professionalism as a good thing. If you told Danse that he was being a little neurotic, he’d insist that he was just being sensible, and that other people should get with the program.

#19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?

As a soldier, he does a lot of physical labor and moving around. When he finally hits the hay, it doesn’t take much for him to close his eyes and pass out for the night. He might drink a little (despite disliking the taste of alcohol) to help him sleep at night, if he has any problems. If he does end up lying awake or thinking about something, it’s not something he can put words to. Sometimes he just feels… anxious, and can’t sleep.

#30. Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies)

Danse doesn’t have any close family. Or, not anymore. When Cutler died - his friend from Rivet City - it spurred him to action. Danse doesn’t cry or mourn. He does something. He’ll join an army, fix something that’s broken, start a business. Then, six months after the disaster, when he thinks he’s fine, he’ll burst into tears for seemingly no reason. And won’t be able to tell you why.

#39. What recharges them when they’re feeling drained?

Physical exercise. For him, working out is a meditative thing. Some people knit, some people play an instrument - he goes out and trains. If he’s been through a harsh mission or needs time to himself, he goes to the training yard when no one else is around and just runs drills. The repetition and physical strain clears his head and helps him focus.

lipstickandwhiskey  asked:

Heya Nicole! I'm in need of a little tlc and was wondering how Gad would take care of sick me. My sinuses are trying to kill me, I swear.

Gadreel sees you making a list of supplies to help with your sinuses, takes the list, and sends you back to bed. He heads for the grocery store and gets everything on the list, plus some of your favorite snacks.

When he comes back, he doses you up with a decongestant and some ibuprofen, and prepares a hot bubble bath for you. When you’re out, he helps you dry off, then makes you a bowl of soup.

While you eat, Gadreel tunes in to your favorite show and eats some supper himself. When he puts you to bed, he massages you from head to toe, until you fall into a peaceful, healing sleep.

idk what’s going to happen tomorrow, but it’s going to snow a lot and be very windy. It might also sleet or rain. No one knows. The cat crawled into his blanket fort around 1 and just came out a few minutes ago because I took a chicken out of the oven. I didn’t give him any so he’s sitting in front of the door waiting for David to come home.

I did the milk and bread grocery store run earlier. I got there while there was still bread and milk. They didn’t look in danger of running out completely. Weirdly they were out of chicken breasts. Maybe there was a run on those? So I bought a whole chicken. I roasted it. I’m going to take it apart and make stock and tomorrow make soup with dumplings. I’m drying out bread in the oven to make bread pudding. I made the mistake of going to the grocery store while hungry so it’s possible I’ve planned more meals and snacks for tomorrow than we can eat. But I feel like variety when you’re trapped inside and it’s snowing 4″ per hour is a good thing.

We have a wall near the driveway and I think I might be able to do #benchsaga type photos with it, but nothing will ever replace that bench in my heart. (the master set of benchsaga photos doesn’t show up in my tags. (yes, I realize this is the problem when you tag everything like a liquored up monkey on a sugar high at all times. (if I don’t let it out in the tags it creeps into posts like this.)))

It All Eats the Same
  • Spell book: You must pluck your parsley at midnight, and stew it with moon-fueled green beans and you must use grass-fed, free-range beef.
  • Me: Right, so, I have a vegetable soup dry mix from Walmart and some cheap cutlets from Albertsons and some vaguely freezer burned frozen veggies. Good!

Recipe of the Day: Ina’s French Onion Soup
Counter the cold weather with a steaming bowl of Ina’s classic soup. Simmer onions in sherry, brandy and dry white wine before cooking in broth and topping with grated Parmesan.

Wonton Noodle Garden, NYC

My favorite noodle joint in Chinatown, NYC…

The name of the place is “Wonton Noodle Garden”, so why would you order anything else?

I always get my wonton noodles in soup (A1 on the menu) with roast pork…

My wife orders hers “dry” with a touch of sauce and Chinese broccoli.

Eight bucks for a big bowl, open till 4am.


56 Mott St.

NY, NY 10013


Just made a really yummy low spoon recipe and wanted to share!

Crockpot Tortellini Soup:

1 can diced tomato
1 bag dry tortellini
1 bag spinach
1 8oz block cream cheese cut into cubes
1 lb precooked Italian sausage
Chicken Broth

Toss all the items into the crockpot. Pour in enough broth to cover. Cook for 4-5 hours, on high setting of crockpot. Stir when you can and just keep an eye on the tortellini for doneness. Yummy!

Freezing, machine-less dish washing, and other tips

On freezing:

  • separating your meals into individual portions and freezing them is an excellent time-saver. You can defrost it in the morning or the night before.
  • things that freeze super well: rice, beans, pasta (add a little extra sauce before freezing, ‘cause it will dry up!), sandwiches, soups, sauces, cake
  • things that do NOT freeze well: anything with potatoes (mashed potatoes become vaguely potato-y water), beets, raw tomato, raw cucumber, leaves in general
  • as a general rule: if it was frozen before (chicken nuggets, burger patties), it won’t freeze too well after.
  • when defrosting anything in the microwave, take it out every one or two minutes to stir.
  • defrosting liquids (soup/sauce) in a pan is ALWAYS easier

Machine-less dishwashing:

  • AS SOON AS you’re done making/heating up sauce, soups, or anything that sticks to the pan, stick it under running water and let the water pressure wash off most of the residue for you.
  • Greasy baking dishes/trays (DO NOT DO THIS WITH GLASS THO): add a lot of dish soap and a layer of water (about an inch below the rim). Put it on the stove and turn it to high heat until it boils; leave for about two minutes. Then immediately dump the water in the sink and scrub the dish as you normally would.
  • Dirty ashtrays: don’t bother with the sponge. Scrub off the excess grossness with a napkin, then grab your soapy sponge and squeeze it over the ashtray. Let it sit like that until you’re done washing everything else, then rinse off.

Other tips:

  • Try cleaning up as you cook. There’ll be a lot less mess to deal with later.
  • A tiny trashcan on the sink is a life saver. Trust me on this one.
  • When grating any kind of cheese that isn’t as hard as parmesan or pecorino, use the bigger holes, or you’ll have an absolute nightmare cleaning up the little ones.
  • ALWAYS put something over your plate when microwaving things with sauce (strogonoff, pasta, beans). There’s lids made especially for that, or just a plate will do, but careful when taking it off - there’ll be hot water drips!

Taeils answers on choose one game!

  1. Jajjang or jjamppong
  2. Americano or latte
  3. Eating tangsooyuk: pour souce or dip in the sauce
  4. Soup noodles or dry noodles
  5. Message or call
  6. Just fried chicken or spicy fried chicken
  7. Chicken legs or breast meat
  8. Summer or winter
  9. Eggs: half-boiled or hardboiled
  10. If to be born again: be a man or be a woman
  11. Dogs or cats
  12. Love or friendship
  13. Charisma or aegyo
  14. Sweet or salty
  15. Eating a fish shaped bun: from head or from the tail
  16. Song or dance
  17. Cola or soda
  18. Bunk bed: top or bottom bed
  19. Long hair or short hair
  20. Eyes or lips
  21. Hangang or Namsan
  22. Laptop or smartphone
  23. Do extreme sports or go home and lay down
  24. Not being able to sleep 3 days or not eating 3 days
  25. Fizzy water that went flat or overcooked ramyun
  26. A happy bird with lots of friends or a handsome but cold man living alone on a deserted island
  27. Wear hanbok during winter or wear an armour during summer

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♡ translation by @moonlighting94​  
♡ take out with credit!
♡ pls support nct and taeil~

The Easiest (Beef) Brisket You'll Ever Make!

This is my mom’s favorite recipe for brisket, and no one can ever tell how few ingredients it takes! It can be made in a dorm kitchen (but since brisket is a large and more expensive cut of meat, I never actually made it in the dorms). We usually make this for dinner, and then use up the leftovers for hot lunches and sandwiches. 


  • Beef Brisket
  • 1 or 2 envelopes of dry onion soup mix (I use Liptons, but any brand is fine)
  • Extra: Potatoes/Carrots/your-fave-vegis


  • Unwrap and rinse your brisket.
  • Pour half a packet or so of dry onion soup mix on each side and rub in. (I made a 4lb brisket and used 1 ½ envelopes.)
  • Run some water in the bottom of the dish (maybe ½ inch / 1 centimeter)
  • Extra: dump your vegetables into the pan around the meat.
  • Cover with foil. 
  • Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 2 hours or until it’s the right temperature inside (145F/63C) and you can stick a fork into it easily. Check it periodically to make sure the water hasn’t all evaporated (it will become your gravy). 
  • Note: If you’re starting with a frozen brisket, the water in your pan will increase as it cooks. 
Often in our lives we’re faced with choices  where the answers are quite simple. Yes or no. Left or right. Soup or salad. Sometimes, though, the answers aren’t so cut and dry and that’s when we have to take a risk and with every risk we need to be careful not to make choices without fully thinking through the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we need to look deep within ourselves to see which path to take. Sometimes we may need the guidance of a higher power. We may know instantly, or we may not know for years, if the risks we’re taking today are going to pay off tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take those risks. Without risks, there is no reward.
Stir Fried Vermicelli Noodles (5-6 spoons)

The dry alternative to the noodle soup, this stir fry noodle dish is found all over Asia (especially Taiwan), and everything tastes ten times better when added to it. It’s commonly eaten with hot sauce.


Rice Vermicelli Noodles, can be found in Asian grocery stores.

Black mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, celery, carrots,

Soy sauce, white pepper powder, ginger, garlic

Pork, chicken, shrimp, egg (optional)

  • Soak mushrooms caps and rice noodles in separate bowls of cold water.
  • Slice vegetables into thin strips (as seen in the picture above) 
  • Cut meats into inch-long-wide strips and lightly marinate in a thin covering of soy sauce. 
  • Make an egg omelette and slice the omelette also into strips.
  • In a skillet with medium heat, toss shrimp with vegetable oil and garlic until firmed. 
  • Add meats, making sure they’re fully cooked.
  • Add vegetables (including the mushrooms), minus the bean sprouts, cook until all is tender.
  • Add egg strips and ½ teaspoon of soy sauce.
  • Finally, add the soaked noodles along with the bean sprouts, stir fry until noodles soften.