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At some point I’m probably going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast before it leaves theaters, since my mom wants to go see it.

Will try my best to go in with no expectations….but so far, I’m not impressed by Emma Watson’s singing. >>;

ive talked about this before but it’s come up at therapy and come up again when getting feedback from yall but

you guys make my work towards recovery so worth it?

the notes yall send me about going to therapy, being willing to try meds, asking for help…i have such a hard time finding myself worth it. its hard to feel like recovery is something i deserve but i keep going back and working because of yall. you guys make me want to be better and make me want to show you its possible to heal. i keep working so that yall dont give up.

i know that sounds really simplistic and broken but you guys do me so much good. you really do. your notes and asks and things help me so much

thank you all. i love you guys.

So back in…Woof, a while ago, now - I was asked by my friend and art hero Lindsay if I’d like to do backgrounds on a special episode of Adventure Time.

The ep is called Beyond the Grotto and I might sound biased but it’s really really good you guys. Now I’ll tell you a li’l behind-the-scenes info!

The first thing I needed to do was watch the rough storyboard animatic, which has most of the voice/(temp)music done with all the storyboards in place of full animation. This quickly became one of the coolest experiences of my life, since I was watching an ep of AT like 7 million years before it aired!!!

Next, I did some concepts to give Lindsay and the studio an idea of where we were going with the style and colour! I wanted to include as many vibrant and Matt-style palettes as possible haha

Then, I took the storyboards and painted the BGs! This was a very new and strange experience for me and I learned a lot and also made some dumb mistakes (which I’m very glad for because now I know how to do a cool new thing!)

I hope this was interesting to read! I know there’s lots of great production blogs about this stuff but, as a first timer, it was really cool to finally see behind the curtain on a show that I’ve loved since forever ago. (:

You should check out Beyond the Grotto, if you get a chance! It’s really great!!

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You don't have to answer this if you want to but was your first time awkward? Because usually when you ask people that they say it was uncomfortable and bad, and it kinda gets me afraid to try. This sounds really lame but what happens if you find a good guy, like the only one you want to be with and you mess up because it's your first time doing anything?

yes, but usually, first times are awkward. that’s just how it is - you’re newly discovering each other’s bodies, you’re figuring things out. think of it as a learning experience. sex in general is weird, because bodies are weird. awkward things sometimes happen during sex. you’ll knock heads, sometimes fall off the bed, do something super embarrassing that you didn’t mean to do. but it’s good to learn to laugh about it. sex is made out to be this perfect thing, but it’s not perfect, whether it’s your first time, or your fiftieth time. there’s bound to be awkward moments sometimes. don’t let your fear of it being awkward keep you from enjoying it. and don’t have high expectations, either. if you go in expecting your first time to be this perfect, beautiful thing, you’ll walk away disappointed. it’s best to just relax and let things happen. everyone that is sexually active has had a first time at one point, and i’m sure many of them would also say that it was awkward. but that didn’t stop them from continuing on and trying again. 

mementos (egobang)

:: or, five voicemails from arin hanson as curated over the years by dan avidan

  1. “Uh, hey!  This is Arin, uh, Arin Hanson.  Egoraptor.  Just calling you, so you know, you have my number.  Ignore the random Miami area code, I’m not a creepy stalker.  Okay, I kind of am, but you already knew that and gave me your phone number anyway, uh.  So whatever happens next is on you.  Haha.  Ah.  Well, man, thanks again, I’m super excited to meet up with you when you’re in the city!  I’m mostly free uh, whenever, really.  Tuesday?  Tuesday sounds good, right?  Just two guys getting lunch.  Or whatever.  Bein’ bros.  God, I’m making this weird.  Weirder.  I’m so sorry.  I swear I’m usually really cool.  Christ.  No I’m not, that was a lie.  That was a total lie.  Anyway, uh, call me back!  Let’s make a date.  Guy date.  Man date.  See you soon, dude.”
  2. “I can’t fucking believe last night, dude.  I can’t believe you.  I can’t believe we’re gonna write an album together.  We’re going to be so good.  I know I told you last night, but I can’t stop thinking it, and if I keep pacing and talking out loud to myself, Suzy is going to kill me, so.  I’m sorry in advance.  This is really gay of me.  But I just, I can’t fucking believe it.  I can’t believe you.  Are you even real?  Is this real life? Anyway, have a safe flight back to the east coast.  Don’t die.  We have to make beautiful music together.   God.  Take this phone away from me, bye.”
  3. “Look, I know you’re freaking the fuck out right now, and that’s why you aren’t answering your phone.  You know you can back out at any time, right, man?  Look, I adore you.  No homo.  Okay, maybe a little homo.  But I adore you, and everyone is going to adore you.  Remember that night when we decided Starbomb was going to be a thing?  I can’t even mourn, man, I don’t have time to be sad right now, because I just know that you and me, like, we’re going to be amazing.  It’s that same feeling all over again.  Just, we’re going to be incredible together.  All right?  Call me back or I’m coming over.  Fuck it, I’m coming over anyway.  See you in a few minutes, loser.”
  4.  “Hey.  Uh.  If you’re expecting me to apologize for what happened, I’m not.  I can’t.  I’m not fucking around anymore, Dan.  I love you.  I want to say it to your face.  And I know you think it wouldn’t work, but it could.  Don’t you know us?  We make everything work.  It works because it’s us.  And it’s going to be uh, I’m not saying it’s not going to be complicated, or weird, but that’s never stopped us before, and I love you, asshole, I love you.”
  5. “Where the fuck are you!  I hope you’re stuck in traffic.  I hope you’re at the bottom of a ditch.  You better have a good fucking excuse, man.  You know Suzy isn’t going to sign for shit if you haven’t seen it first, and this is the fifth place we’ve seen without you, and it is fucking insane, dude.  So we need you here right now so we can put down an offer already, before someone else picks it up.  The kitchen has like, three sinks.  It’s amaze-balls.  So if you’re not here in the next five minutes, you better have a good reason, or I’m gonna kick your ass.  Okay.  Love you, bye.”
Lines that hit me hard in the dhmis series

•"You made me die!“

•"Good night guys, I miss you.”

•"That sounds really boring"

•"Something’s… missing.“

•"My dad is a computer!”

•"You’re not hungry! You’re lonely!“

•"Everyone hates you and no one cares!”

•"That’s the way it’s always been!“

•"An old man died” “but look a computer”

•"Wow look, nothing!“

•"Shut up!”

•"The past is far behind us, the future doesn’t exist.“

•"I don’t want to do this anymore!”

•"Don’t touch me!“

•"Your gums will go grey!”

•"Not real you"

•"You can have a dream about losing your friends!“

•"Green is not a creative color”

•"But you’ll end up sad inside"

•"A strangers plate!“

•"Time is important and I am a clock”

•"Don’t touch meeeEEEEEEE-“

•"You are not invited to the party”

•"I wonder what will happen"


Hey I’ve got a request?? Could you do like a song fic (or whatever it’s called) with Bucky using the song Battlefield- Svrcina, where the reader is new to the avengers and keeps to herself because she went through a lot of stuff, kind of like Bucky did and one day he hears her singing this song and they talk and become really close with each other?? Sorry it’s not really detailed, you can just do whatever sounds good. Thank you! - anon

“Guys, this is Y/N, she’s going to be joining the team,” Steve announced to the other avengers who were gathered around the living room. You weren’t usually one to be intimidated, you had been trained as an assassin for almost your whole life, but in front of the avengers you felt small. It was no secret how much bad you had done, been forced to do, the avengers were good people and you didn’t feel worthy enough to call yourself one.

They all greeted you warmly, Tony came up to you. “So, you’re Y/N? Steve’s been trying to recruit you for months, don’t worry I already sorted accommodation. Well, sort of, you’ll be staying with Bucky until your floor is fully furbished.”

You nodded a little, you had heard about Bucky before. The Winter Soldier. He had been brainwashed and forced by hydra to be an assassin, you could relate except you hadn’t been brainwashed. You had done it all on your own.

From that day one you kept pretty much to yourself. Even though you shared a floor with Bucky you spent most of that time in your own room. You couldn’t face the others when you knew that they would judge you if they knew about everything you had done, actively working against them in the past even if they didn’t know it.

You hadn’t worked for hydra, it had been another organisation very similar that most people hadn’t heard of. They had raised you since you were a kid to be their ultimate assassin, after many years you realised how evil they were and went rogue. Then you ran into Steve Rogers, you had evaded him for months but he had been persistent.

Now you were here and you only came out of your room on missions, sometimes when you couldn’t sleep you would venture out to watch tv. More often than not Bucky would be there but you didn’t mind him that much, the two of you could sit in silence for hours and it would be comfortable. You knew that Bucky wasn’t going to judge you for your past.

Bucky had kept a close eye on you since you had joined the avengers, you rarely left your room and when you did you were always very tense around the others. You reminded him of himself when he had first joined, paranoid that everyone was going to hate you for what you had done.

When you had joined he had read your file, then hacked a database for an even closer look at your past. He had to be careful. He had found out about your past as an assassin and all the mission files of yours he could find, he was impressed by your skill set but was worried that you could be tricking your way into the team. When he saw you for the first time though he knew that wasn’t the case, you kept too much to yourself and in your room to be gathering intelligence or taking them down.

He felt comfortable around you, even if you and him didn’t talk much he felt safe when he was with you. He let his guard down around you, he hoped that you would eventually do the same for him.

You had decided after a few months that it was time to start leaving your room and start venturing around the tower more. Slowly. You started out small, you woke up first in the tower then went out to make breakfast. Every so often one of the other might wake up early and catch you as you were leaving but not that often. It was good.

Today you had woken up pretty early and decided that you would make breakfast for everyone. They wouldn’t be up for a while though so you started to sing quietly to yourself as you prepped the food, “No time for rest. No pillow for my head. Nowhere to run from this. No way to forget.”

You started mixing up a batter for pancakes, singing a little louder, “Around the shadows creep, Like friends they cover me. Just wanna lay me down, and finally try to get some sleep,” you didn’t notice Bucky come into the kitchen and lean against the doorway.

“ We carry on through the storm, tired soldiers in this war. Remember what we’re fighting for,” you moved elegantly around the kitchen as you grabbed ingredients out of cupboards and set out plates, “Meet me on the battlefield, Even on the darkest night I will be your sword and shield. Your camouflage and you will be mine.”

Your voice echoed nicely off the walls of the kitchen as you cooked, “Echoes and the shots ring out. We may be the first to fall. Everything could stay the same, or we could change it all.”

Bucky watched you from the doorway mesmerised, this was the most at ease he had seen you since he met you. “Meet me on the battlefield. We’re standing face to face with our unhuman race. We commit the sins again and our sons and daughters pay,” you continued to sing, putting all your emotions into the song. “Our tainted history, it’s playing on repeat. But we could change it if we stand up strong and take the lead,” you let your voice become softer, “When I was younger I was named. A generation unafraid. For years to come, Be brave.”

“You’re a really good singer,” Bucky said.

You screamed, startled, whipping round to face him. “Bucky?” you breathed, placing your hand over your chest to calm your beating heart.

“Sorry,” Bucky gave you a small smile, “I couldn’t help but hear you and um.. You’re really good.”

You blushed and ducked your head, “Thank you,” you whispered, “Breakfast,” you offered quietly.

Bucky nodded and sat down at the bar, you pushed a plate of pancakes in front of him and sat down opposite him with your own plate. “Where did you learn that song?” Bucky asked awkwardly after a moment of silence.

“I heard it a couple of years ago, it kind of related to who I was back then and it stuck,” you explained with a short shrug of your shoulders.

Bucky nodded, eating his pancakes, “You know this is the most you’ve talked to me since you got here.”

You blushed and nodded, “Yeah, about that..”

“It’s okay,” Bucky interrupted you, “I didn’t talk when I got here. It’s cause you think the other good guys are going to look down on you, right?” he asked and you nodded.

“It’s fine if you think that but you’re going to learn that they don’t. They’ve done some crap themselves but I suggest you start talking to them one by one instead of all together. Sam’s a good place to start, he’s basically a therapist and you don’t even realise it,” he advised.

You nodded, “Thanks Bucky,” you smiled, “You’re right, I am scared that they’ll judge me. I’m usually really confident but it’s just…these guys seem so good and I’m so…not,” you sighed.

“Believe me, they aren’t all that good. Natasha was raised as an assassin like you, Wanda worked for hydra, I worked for hydra, Steve and Tony went head to head and got up to a whole load of shit that didn’t actually end up helping anybody. Sam’s actually a good guy and I’m not sure about Clint’s past, but he lives on a farm,” he said as if that explained everything.

You chuckled, “i guess you’re right,” you admitted. Bucky smiled brightly at you and you blushed, going back to eating your food.

After that point you and Bucky became close friends and one wouldn’t be seen without the other. The others wondered why you were suddenly socialising but didn’t ask about it. You had grown close to Bucky, he was your best friend. He pushed you to start talking to the other avengers, you started with Sam. You would get up early and make breakfast for when he got back from his morning run.

Bucky was right, Sam was like a therapist and you didn’t even realise. He had an air about him that just made you open up to him, he was someone that you trusted. Then it was Wanda, she was quiet like you and you became fast friends. Steve was a little too patriotic and do-good for you to become the closest of friends but you were able to let your guard down around him and talk about whatever was bothering you.

You were glad Bucky had pushed you to socialise with the team more, you now knew that they didn’t care about you past just your present. Whilst you had become friends with the other avengers Bucky was still your best friend in the whole world and you knew you owed him everything.


A/N- Hope you like it!! Let me know what you think, requests are open xx

||Cause you walked out and left me stranded
Nothing left but picture frames
And I just keep on asking myself

How’d we drift so far away from where we left off yesterday?
I’m lonely like a castaway
Heartbreak that I can’t escape, a sinking ship I’ll never save
I’m lonely like a castaway||

Drawing of Tom inspired by @sparkleybutt ’s amazing fan fic, Icy Wind and Salty Spray! And one of 5sos’ new songs, Castaway.

  • 5sos: so, guys, what do you wanna hear on tour?
  • 5sos: Don't Stop it is, then :-)

щ(゜ロ゜щ) I am literally in utter shock right now. I…I have never received this many thoughtful, supportive messages before. (´∀`)♡ All in one day. I would really love to answer them all, but it would take me hours. (๑・ω-)~♥” So I decided to do a shout out to the following people for being so kind and nice! For taking the time outta your days to write to me. I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Thank you guy so much for your messages. ヾ(^ ^ゞ  Each one brought a smile and some laughs to me. Folks like you are the fuel that keeps me going~♡

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Has anyone else noticed that Hawk Moth is on like Asgore level when it comes to naming his akumatized victims? I mean, he literally just takes their most obvious social trait and makes it their title. "Okay, so, this one's like a meterologist or something... Stormy Weather? Yeah. That sounds good. And this guy, he, uh... really likes pigeons? Shit, um, ah... Mr. Pigeon! Yeah! Good, this is good. I got this."

What would your Akuma name be? Mine would be Sarcastic Irony


Blackwatch - Overwatch (REAPER) rock song by MandoPony

I really hope you guys enjoy this one!  It sounds GOOD because it was mixed and mastered by the brilliant Shawn Christmas – and looks FANTASTIC because the art was by Sabrina Alberghetti!

I Love You, I Hate You

“Okay guys, that sounds really good.” Laurel said to his band behind them after they’d done a run through of their set for the night. They were currently home from tour and an old friend had reached out for them to play a local upscale nightclub. Laurel was looking forward to a change from the normal concert atmosphere. He looked to one of their techs. “If you can get the strobes to match the beats a little more, we’ll be golden.” @adsagsona

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