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Which Book of Mormon figures do you think would give the best and worst conference talks?


  • King Benjamin: knocks it out of the park with his theology of love and community. makes everyone feel like they can do a little better.
  • Nephi ben Lehi (adult): the “scriptorian” of the group, he has actually taken the time to study out and develop his own theology based on everything he has read.
  • Abinadi: lacks so much tact that it leans the other way into being seen as charming a la Bernie Sanders.  
  • Samuel the Lamanite: mixes really harsh-but-true callouts with hopeful future visions of Zion that really hits the right spot for most everyone. unusually good at memes.
  • Alma the Younger: his edgy past improves his credibility and he uses it to great effect in developing a theology of personal atonement. you feel like you know him from his anecdotes and insights.
  • Amulek: the good kind of folksy. can make ideas that are really very new and radical sound cozy and familiar which means that a lot of different members who don’t agree on much of anything end up agreeing on his talks.
  • Abish: since she grew up in a part-member home in an area where the Church was barely established she brings a fresh perspective every time she talks and makes sure to include everyone in her audience. very Chieko Okazaki in tone.


  • Nephi ben Lehi (teen): is really snot-nosed and holier-than-thou which leads to a lot of prescriptive and heavy-handed doctrine without any authority to back it up.
  • Mormon: would write something overly moralistic and obvious where you knew the point he was trying to make from the start of the talk but he would still take eight minutes to even get to the point. 
  • Moroni ben Mormon: visibly uncomfortable speaking in public, he is not enjoying this and you are not enjoying this.
  • Jacob ben Lehi: feels like its his job to tell people to stop sinning and low-key resents that he feels like it is his job while everyone else gets to talk about good/happy stuff, which shows in how dry his material is. 
  • Ammon: his first talk was a very good sermon about the power of missionary work, albeit told with an over-enthusiasm that veered into the uncanny valley. every other talk he has ever delivered is somehow a version of that first one.  
  • Lehi: you want to grade him on a curve because when he’s good he’s Really Good, but most of the time his talks just come off as overlong and ramble-prone.
  • Captain Moroni: all the bros say he was their favorite speaker every conference because “those lists he makes with the attributes to develop really help me know where to focus my spiritual training” and as long as it keeps them active you guess that sort of rhetoric has its place, but Moroni is just so clearly a better leader and tactician than he is a speaker which is probably why all his talks follow the same format. 
  • Nephi ben Helaman: yes, he’s a good and charismatic speaker, sure, but is it worth turning general conference into a murder investigation again? no.

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I'm a girl, I'm around 5'0 I'm really Anyways I have blonde hair which is past my shoulders, and I have blue eyes. I'm mostly on YouTube, tumblr, or playing music (I play piano, ukulele, guitar, and drums) I'm a very awkward and shy person, but once ppl get to know me I get more comfortable with them. Anyways I think the date would be at a nice and cozy coffee shop. (I'm sorry if that sounds really boring) but ye

omg we almost play all the same instruments can we start a cute band at the cozy coffee shop

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I've been pretty good thank you for asking! Just a little bit in pain from cramps tho but I've been in bed chilling with some YouTube for a while and now I'm going to get some stuff I need for dance.

Yaaaaayyy ^-^ I’m sorry you got cramps and I would like to punch them but I can’t cause that would hurt ._. welp. That still sounds really cozy so I hope they leave you alone and you can have lots of nice cuddles!! And oooo dance o.o that sounds really fun!!


Akimoto Sayaka 10th Debut Anniversary Live

I went for the live on April 2nd on behalf of Jeffyer, who had to miss it by a few days. She’s like the biggest Sayaka’s fan that I’ve ever known, so dedicated and amazing and also the reason why I am in this fandom. There’s really not a queuing system there but everyone’s so nice, like they don’t really care who gets in first or anything. LOL, everyone’s so relax about it. 

You get to choose the color of your wristband, and that’s how your standing position is decided. The hall is divided into 5 sections, front into left, center, right, and back just left and right. We didn’t know the standing until you are in the hall. Purple on front right, green center, pink on front left, and silver/gold at the back. The center block ended up being crazy squeezy because Sayaka fans mostly will go for that color? A lot of ladies in the pink area. LOL I was in the pink area, second row. LOL 

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thunderstorms and cushion forts and ice cream, oh my

My contribution to geniewithwifi ‘s Oliver Queen Father’s Day challenge! Enjoy! :D

FFNet Link (X) / Ao3 Link (X)

“I can’t believe I’m going to miss Sara’s birthday party,” Felicity grumbled, her frown pixelated from the bad Internet connection.

“She’ll forgive you once she sees the bike we got her,” Oliver chuckled, leaning back against the pillows and adjusting the laptop’s screen accordingly.

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