this sounds noisy as hell but that was the point yeah


A quick Wayhaught AU ficlet inspired by that cheerleader clip from the S2 trailer (y’all know the one). Enjoy!

“Heads up!”

Nicole threw up her hands and managed to catch the basketball hurtling on a collision course with her face. If she had been even half a second late, her nose would have been broken… again… and for very much the same reason as the last time.

Her palms smarted from the impact, but she covered up a grimace as she took a jump shot from the top of the key and hit nothing but net.

“That all you got, Cap?” She asked Xavier Dolls with a cocky smile. “I swear my great granny could throw a pass sharper than you.”

The point guard’s eyes narrowed, lips forming into an unamused line as he fielded the ball and casually dribbled it toward Nicole.

“Just making sure you’ve got your eye on the prize, Haught,” Dolls said. “And not other… distractions.”

His gaze slid pointedly toward the sidelines where the cheerleaders were warming up. Some stretched their legs in an impressive showcase of nimble flexibility. Others rehearsed memorized chants, projecting their shouts well over the constant ricochet of basketballs off hardwood and the noisy crowd slowly filling the bleachers.

It took all of Nicole’s will power, every single last drop, to not turn her head back toward a particular set of cheerleaders rehearsing a dance routine, their hips sensually gyrating and snapping to the driving beat of a bass-heavy track.

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We’ll Manage [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

Summary: Reader has to ask Jordan to go with her to a family gathering after they break up.

Word count: 2,682

Warnings: None, I mean… Two swear words?

A/N: This one turned out longer than I expected, but also one of my favorites. Shoutout to @protecting-my-legacy​ (#strawberriesandcheese) and the anons that requested more Jordan because I! LOVE! WRITING! FOR! HIM! Hope y’all like it too <3

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“Just text him, it won’t kill you!” Your best friend handed you your phone, but you denied.

“Are you insane? I can’t just text him! We broke up only a few weeks ago, I can’t just start asking for favors.” You still felt a knot on your throat when saying those words. The break-up wasn’t something you wanted, but it was something you both agreed on: Jordan had a very busy schedule, you were struggling to keep college and a healthy relationship with him at the same time, it was just not working.

“Well, you can tell your whole family you broke up with your grandmother’s favorite son-in-law…” Your look to her was enough for her voice to go lower as the sentence went on. It was true, your whole family loved Jordan almost as much as you did. When you first introduced him on a family reunion at your aunt’s birthday, your younger cousins recognized him from the TV, and soon enough he was giving everyone an acoustic performance of whatever songs your family wanted him to play, your older cousin playing the guitar.

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my mouth tastes like booze and bad decisions (Tuckington, AU, NSFW mentioned, 1.7k)

i’m sick as fuck, here’s some unedited fluff. take it and leave me here to die.


It takes Washington a good minute of lazy wakefulness, crushed under the gentle weight of layers of blankets and pleasant fading dreams, to realize he’s not alone in bed. A few seconds after that, and a deep inhale of sheets that smell like sex and unfamiliar detergent, and he realizes it’s not even his own bed.

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Creepypasta #1103: I Had A Friend Who Lived In The Air Vents

Length: Super long

When you’re a little kid, you do some strange stuff to get attention. Especially when you’re an only child and then poof, you’re not. You’re getting the “little brother or sister” pep talk from Mom and Dad and everything changes. You’re used to being the center of their world, being told you’re the most special little girl, but as Mom’s belly gets bigger and bigger and Dad’s patience with you gets smaller and smaller you realize it’s not going to go back the way it was. Not ever.

That’s what happened to me when I was seven, anyway. I was the kind of kid that needs a lot of attention. I hadn’t had to try hard for seven years, I’d been coasting on my parents’ single-minded doting. But pretty soon I noticed some small differences; they were less interested in what I’d done in school that day, more interested in getting ready for my new little brother or sister.

I was like an alcoholic without a bottle. You feel fine at first but soon the tremors set in and you realize you just needit, you know? You need their eyes on you, loving you, reminding you that you’re the most special little girl in the whole wide world, maybe the only special little girl.

So in the last month or so before the baby came, I got creative.

“I made a new friend!” I told them one night at dinner.

“At school, sweetheart?” Mom asked.

“No!” I was fidgety, excited, twitching in my seat when they both looked at me with rapt attention from across the table. Time to launch my plan into action. “He lives in the air vents! His name is Marty and he’s MAGIC.”

“Oh,” said my Dad, and he smiled a little. “That’s fun. Eat your peas, Rosie.”

And that was it. That was IT! I’d just told them that Magic Marty lived in our air vents and all I got was ‘that’s fun?’ And what’s worse, they went back to talking about the BABY — I always heard that word with an ominous sort of importance — and whether they thought the nursery could be painted over the weekend or not.

I stewed and pushed peas around my plate. I knew I was going to think of something better. Something to make them ask me questions about Marty, about me, like they used to.

Stupid BABY. I didn’t care if it was a brother or a sister. It was a pain before it even got here.

Over time, I came up with new tidbits about Magic Marty and how amazing he was. He only ate jellybeans! He could move things with his mind! He had a cat named Baseball and he was my VERY best friend!

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Suga Scenario

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Anon: “Could I request a Yoongi scenario Where he has a crush on a Solo Idol and the other boys find out about it and at First tease him but agree that she would Be Perfect for him and help him to getting close to her? 😍 PLEAse ❤️”

“A/N: I shall grant your wish, my sweet anon. I hope everyone likes this. I think these one shots are so fun but time consuming so I’ll close requests for now. But I can still do BTS reactions and ships if anyone wants them so hit me up. Please enjoy, share and give me feedback on this. It’s a lovely idea!”

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader, Yoongi X Idol

Deep breathing, you psyched yourself up, ready to go on stage. You could hear cheering already as they announced a next star guest. Your name was called out and that was your queue. You’d been doing this for two years now and you still got jittery before a stage performances. Heading onto the platform, your eyes scanned the crowd. Your eyes landed on your parents and you beamed them a big smile. They didn’t always come to see you perform but when they did, it was always a better experience. Your eyes continued to wonder and you spotted some famous idol groups who were there for the rest of the awards ceremony but it made your heart race to think they’d hear you perform.

Being a solo artist, you never got the group vibes and family feel that the other idol groups got. It saved you having to live with strangers but you could tell some groups had really become families of their own. You registered a couple of the main groups in the crowd. Exo and Got7 caught your eye and you felt a tad light headed at the sight of JB. He honestly had the most satisfying face. When you saw Bangtan, your interest perked. They were an interesting bunch, not many female idols mixed with them and they were such a tight nit group. They were all looking at you, including Suga, their rapper who you’d noticed always seemed quite dismissive in these things. 

All of this registered in your head in the space of about 30 seconds and the music began to play. Forgetting all the people watching, you sunk into the song and let your soul flow through the lyrics and spread across the arena. Your songs were soulful, unlike most idol songs that got you dancing, your music induced a silence that spread across the arena. On your final note, you opened your eyes again and the silence cut with a round of applause. You smiled and thanked everyone and headed to your seat. 

You were seated between Got7 and Bangtan, it seemed they had practically meshed into one group. You saw them when you went to events like this and you mingled sometimes. You hadn’t interacted much with Bangtan, they were very invested in themselves but it was fun to watch. They had gotten up to perform a short while later and you really felt their stage. Eyes following each member, you ended up following Suga. His eyes met yours multiple times through their performance and he looked dashing. 

By the end of the event, most managers forced their idols to head to the after party to at least make an appearance. You actually enjoyed after parties because it was the only time you could really mingle with other idols, having all of your rehearsals alone and performing alone. 

“Y/N, I can’t come to the after party but I’m good friends with Bangtan’s manager and he has a space in one of the cars to take you. He’ll take good care of you, don’t worry. Go quick, before they leave you.” Your manager whirled you around and shoved you into one of the members as they started filing out. 

“I’m so sorry, my manager-” a sweet smile silenced you as you tried to apologise.

“I-it, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Suga nodded and turned back around and clutched onto one of the members for support, everyone was trying to leave and it was packed.

“I heard you’re going to the after party with us, we’re split into two cars so you should go with my hyungs.” Jimin, the heart throb gave you an eye smile and pointed to the rapper line. “Our car is always really noisy and,” he paused to look at Suga before continuing with a smirk, “they are pretty calm anyway. I’m sure they’ll enjoy your company.” Feeling uncomfortable, you thanked him and followed the three getting into the big black car. They let you in first and then someone crashed into you as you sat down. 

“I’m so sorry!” Suga turned around to the boys getting in behind him, giving them an icy look before looking back at you, “I tripped.” He sat next to you, clearly looking awkward. He put his head back and closed his eyes and he was gone. The other members introduced themselves and you all had conversations, with Suga between you all, in another universe, unaware and not part of this world. 

Yoongi’s POV:

The show was a mess. The first time he shows any interest in a singer, they think it means something. You sounded like an angel and you moved him with your voice. He couldn’t deny, he had a little bit of a crush but he tried all the same. He tried to look calm and collected for the duration of the show but that’s rarely possible when you have the maknae line poking and whispering in your ear for the whole show. By the end of it, even Namjoon had started. 

“I heard she’s riding with us to the after party,” he looked at you, eyebrows dancing with a smirk slapped across his face, “manager hyung said she’ll have to come in our car so Taehyung and Jungkook don’t scare her.” Yoongi rolled his eyes in response.

“The hell if I care.” As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt someone crash into him. He turned around to face you. Normally people could sense the annoyance he would radiate when things like this happened but there was no annoyance to be sensed. He felt himself falter and smile uncontrollably as he told you it was okay. His legs felt like jelly so he quickly turned around and latched onto Hobi before he fell flat on his face. 

Once they shoved him in the car, he had no will to live anymore. He had reached the pinnacle of embarrassment and it left him drained. Your thigh was wedged next to his because the other members had purposely spread out so that the two of you were close. He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep through the journey but he still listened to all of the conversations going on. 

His eyes snapped open as you shook his shoulder lightly to wake him. You smiled at him and he gulped, unable to speak. You were honestly stunning, in your silky dress, with subtle makeup done, his eyes were glued to you. When he finally peeled them away, he realised you’d arrived at the party. He thanked you for waking him and he emerged from the car, waiting for everyone to get out so that they could leave. Everyone got inside, the whole band regrouped and decided to reside in a booth. 

“How could you sleep through the whole journey? We tried so hard to get the two of you together and you wasted it!” Jin sighed and looked his roommate in the eye, the look of a war hero on his face as he continued, “I had to sit between Jk and Tae, I took one for the team! Then I find out it was for nothing?” His hyung was having none of it, then again, neither was Yoongi, he had a bit of willpower left to keep on the denial act. 

“I slept through the journey because I was tired, and why did you try so hard to get us to sit together, I don’t care. I don’t get what everyone is reading into.” He sighed and sipped his drink, he knew they saw through it but he was stubborn. 

“Ah don’t lie, I caught you listening to her album when you were trying to sleep the other day” Jin would not let anything go. He knew more than the rest of the members, being his roommate. If he continued to expose him, it’d get ugly, he had to fess up.

“Caught in lie~” the maknae sung, as they all looked at him, waiting for him to crack.

“Yeah yeah fine. So what, she isn’t interested and it’s just a crush, it’ll pass.” Everyone smiled at the development. They had noticed from the very beginning. Back to not long after your debut, at your first awards show when they heard you sing. When he bought your album and smiled when he listened to it. When his attention would perk up if it was ever your turn to go on stage. 

“Okay guys, tonight is the night! She’s a solo artist, she’s always on her own, go to the bar, maybe she’ll come up to you.” The boys had already started scheming and he knew he was done for. He went with it because he knew they’d continue annoying him otherwise. 

Namjoon put his arm around the older man and pointed to the bar. “You’re gonna go up there and we’re gonna get her to come to you. All you have to do is talk to Taehyung and we’ll do the rest.” He didn’t understand but he was beyond caring. Tae grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bar.

Reader’s POV:

 Your drink was running out and you were getting bored. The struggle with being a solo artist. Small interactions with people that congratulated you on your work and asked how you were, were always so brief. The most interesting time you had was in the car with Bangtan. They were genuinely nice guys. 

Speaking of the devil, you saw Namjoon and Jimin approached you. You were glad to see some friendly faces. You hoped it wasn’t going to be as fleeting as every other conversation you’d had. You were considering going home already. 

“Y/N, how are you finding the party?” They plopped themselves next to you. Jhope greeted you and joined in too, bringing drinks for his friends. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you a drink, shall I get you one?” You smiled and declined and told him you’d go to the bar yourself soon.

“The party is fun!” You exclaimed unconvincingly. The men weren’t stupid either. They all looked at you with deadpanned looks that read, you’ve been sitting alone with an empty glass so where’s the fun? You sighed. “Okay I’m bored. No one talks to me for very long and I don’t have any band mates like you guys. I’m really lacking any kind of conversation with substance.” You complained to them and they all nodded sympathetically. 

“We have to admit, we do well at these parties, with each other for company. The only one who isn’t feeling it is Yoongi hung.” Namjoon explained, pausing to look over at the bar, where he sat with his head on his hands as V spoke to him. As soon as he said this, the boy left Yoongi on his own and went to join Jin and Jungkook at their seats with drinks. “We have to go greet people but why don’t you go talk to him. He’s an interesting guy and he’s as bored as you.” They all smiled at you mischievously as if you couldn’t see their elaborate plan to get you to talk to him. They may be the kings on stage but they definitely aren’t the kings of subtlety. 

You said goodbye to them and picked up your empty glass and headed for the bar, pretending you couldn’t hear them high fiving each other because of their victory. You were grateful that someone would be interested enough to talk to you during the party. Maybe you could strike a friend so you’d no longer be alone at these events. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N, need some company?”

Girls Day

So I did a thing… This idea just popped into my head, and this spilled out. Enjoy!! 

(Feyre POV)

I glanced down at the outfit I was currently wearing, wondering if it would be suitable for whatever plans Mor had in mind for girls day. My sweater dress, should be warm enough if there were any outdoor activities, but also nice enough for anything more upscale. She wouldn’t even hint at what we were going to do today, so this was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Mor had been blabbering on and on about today for the past few weeks. She had decided that while Rhys, Cassian, and Az went on their annual drunken holiday, that us girls would have fun too. She had even gotten Amren to agree to attend, how I still didn’t know.

Rhys had left this morning with his brothers, and while I missed him already I knew that this time would be good for him, good for us. We had agreed not to communicate using the bond for this weekend, if we could help it. Being separated from my mate had me a little anxious, if I was honest with myself, and I was actually glad that Mor had invented girls day, if nothing else it would be a distraction.

It turned out that Mor had surprised us all. We spent the day on a boat cruising down the Sidra, it was absolutely perfect, that was until it came time for dinner. We had docked near the Rainbow, and the view was absolutely stunning, as we all sat down for dinner. It had been an absolutely beautiful day, full of laughter and just girl talk. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much, even Nesta and Amren looked like they were having fun, which was a rare feat to accomplish and I knew that Mor was proud of herself.

Just as my plate was sat in front of me, a feeling of nausea rolled through me so strong, that it was a wonder I managed to stay up right. Standing, suddenly I turned away from the table and ran to railing of the boat, just barely making it in time to empty the contents of my stomach into the pristine water of the Sidra bellow.

“Feyre! Feyre… are you okay?” Mor was instantly by my side, grabbing my hair out of my face. Nesta, grabbed my arm and guided me to a nearby chair, while Amren stood back and surveyed me with her piercing silver eyes.

“I’m fine. I feel better now.” It was the truth, the nausea had gone as quickly as it started. Mor nodded, “Good. Perhaps it was the rocking of the boat, or the wine.” I nodded my head in response, but knew that was not the cause. The boat was barely moving, and I hadn’t had any wine today.

“Well, if you’re feeling better, is it okay if we eat? Because I’m starving.” Nesta asked from beside me. I smiled at my sister,  as she stood and grabbed her plate from the table bringing it over to where we were sitting near the railing. As soon as the smell of her food wafted into the air around me, that feeling was back, quickly I turned again and vomited over the side of the boat.

Mor frowned at me. “Perhaps we should get you home Feyre, it doesn’t look like you’re getting better.” I nodded again, unable to speak as my brain focused on keeping the contents of my stomach inside me. Amren grabbed Nesta, and Mor took my hand as we winnowed to the townhouse. Winnowing made the nausea so much worse, as soon as we landed, I emptied my stomach all over the hardwood floors. Mor cursed beside, me as her hands grabbed at my face checking me for fever.

“You don’t feel warm. How do you feel? Does anything hurt?”

No nothing hurt… and now like before I felt fine. The feeling of sickness having passed once again.

“I feel fine.”

“Feyre… you don’t look fine.” As she finished talking Amren and Nesta walked in the front door. “Are you okay?” Nesta asked me concern lacing her voice.

“I… I think so. I feel fine now.” Amren narrowed her eyes at me, but remained silent. We spent the next few minutes lounging on the couches in the living room talking, when Mor disappeared into the the kitchen and reappeared with desserts and tea.

“Oh thank goodness, I’m so hung…” My voice cut off as nausea once again grabbed hold of me. Nesta grabbed a nearby vase, and handed it to me just in time. This was getting ridiculous, I felt tears form in my eyes, and quickly wiped them away.

“Perhaps we should call for a healer.” Nesta whispered to Mor. “No I’m all right, really” I insisted, though I knew they didn’t believe me, they remained silent on the issue, and continued to talk a amongst themselves.

Rhys….  I called down the bond.

Fey — re. He dragged out the syllables of my name, his mental voice slurred slightly, with a hint of surprise. Right, he had spent the entire day drinking, and we weren’t supposed to be communicating with the bond. When I didn’t respond I felt a wave of panic, before I heard him.

Is.. are… you hurt?

I’m fine Rhys, go back to your fun. I shouldn’t have bothered you.

You’re never a bother, Feyre darling. His mental voice purred. I smiled, but was suddenly hit by another wave of sickness. I could feel Rhys worry, and realized that he must have felt it through me.

I’ll be right there. Was all I heard before, the room was filled with the smell of alcohol and three drunk Illyrians.

Multiple things happened at once. Cassian and Az were lying on the ground cursing at Rhys, who from the scene in front of us, had apparently not informed his brothers of his choice in sudden departure. Mor, Amren, and Nesta had jumped up from were they were lounging in shock at their sudden appearance.

The noise… smell… and commotion caused me to once again feel queasy, and I grabbed for the vase, vomiting once more. When I was finished I looked up to into the Violet eyes of my mate that were studying me from across the room.

Rhys had not moved since arriving, he stood unnaturally still, his eyes were widened, pupils dilated. The once noisy room was now quiet, as everyone starred between the two of us.

“What the hell Rhys!” Cassian screamed as he pushed up from the ground. “You could warn us next time…” Azril drawled as he crossed the room, giving Mor a quick kiss on the cheek. “Yeah!” Cassian added as he glared at Rhys, who completely ignored all of them, his eyes still locked on mine, body unmoving.

Rhys… I timidly voiced through the bond, but was surprised to discover that his end of the bond had been sealed against me. Odd…

“Rhys?” This time I said his name out loud. It seemed to break him out of whatever trance he had been in, as he closed the distance between us stopping only a few feet away. His violet eyes never once leaving mine.

“Will someone please tell me what the” Cassian drawled rather loudly, abruptly being cut off as Amren shushed him, casting a look that promised violence if he didn’t shut his drunk mouth. It seemed that even in his current state Cassian knew better than to mess with our small friend, and promptly closed his gaping mouth, crossing his arms in front of his chest like a scorned child.

Suddenly Rhys turned taking a defensive stance in front of me and growled at the occupants of the room, his wings shooting out protectively hiding me from view. I noticed that the members of our inner circle instinctively flinched backwards, everyones face one of confusion except for Amren who looked amused.

“Rhys darling, what in the world are you doing?” I asked my voice lighthearted and playful. A snarl was the only response that I received, effectively telling me to stay quiet. “Okay, you need to calm down, I’m fine.” My voice displayed more annoyance this time, but Rhys still did not relax his stance in front of me.

Rhys what the hell are you doing? Calm down I’m not in danger, I’m just sick.

The slight tensing of the muscles of his jaw, was the only indication that he heard me. A sigh escaped my lips. Stupid territorial Fae males.  

Suddenly Rhys turned towards me, his wings spread out behind him blocking my view of our inner circle, who were no doubt gawking at their High Lord’s ridiculousness right now. His eyes scanned over me, assessing my condition. I’m fine Rhys. I sent down the bond while offering him a small smile.

His eyes locked on the porcelain vase in my lap. You are obviously not fine, darling. He shot back causing me to roll my eyes. Rhys please, I think I can handle a little stomach bug after everything we have been through. Just relax.

His nostrils flared as he responded. I can’t… His mental voice sounded strained.

What do you mean you can’t?

I just…

“Are you guys doing that mind talky talky talk right now? Because if not then this is just awkward.” Cassian bellowed into the dead silence of the room. I heard someone smack him across the arm, probably Mor or Nesta, most likely Nesta.

Wisps of darkness, started curling around my mate, as his facial features scrunched together. Feyre, I need to get you out of here. Rhys pleaded into my mind. I narrowed my eyes at him, my lips forming a hard line. No, you’re overreacting, you drunk ass, stop it.

I watched as his fingers curled into a tight fist, but he lowered his wings, stepping beside me as he turned and faced the room, his eyes still didn’t stop watching me as he addressed everyone.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Amren’s smirk widened as she glanced between us, almost like she knew…

“Amren” Her eyes snapped to mine, the smirk still plastered across her face, as she raised an eyebrow in question. “Tell us” was all I said. She had the nerve to look confused by my question, but I only hardened my stare at her.

“Tell us what?” Cassian blurted. “I don’t think she meant us, us I think she meant them us” Az corrected pointing a finger between Rhys and I. “Ohh… I still don’t get it” Cassian slurred.

“Shut up you stupid drunks” Amren mumbled, “Isn’t it obvious what’s going on here.” She looked at me then at Rhys. “No” Rhys responded dryly. “Ugh, it really is very simple. Feyre is sick, Rhys is being an overprotective ass for no reason.” Amren paused waiting for us to say something, but she was met by a room full of blank stares, until Rhys suddenly took a step back so hard that he slammed into the wall behind us.


Amren smiled at him, “Yes” she responded. I watched as my mate fell to his knees in front of me and started crying. Crying! What the hell was going on?

“Rhys, Amren! What?” I couldn’t form the words… Rhys what is it, what’s wrong. I sent down the bond as a I knelt down beside him grabbing his face. When his eyes locked onto mine I realized that they were bright, vibrant full of happiness as he smiled down at me.

You’re pregnant darling, were going to be parents. Rhys voice caressed the bond, along with an overwhelming sense of love, shock, and awe. Rhys lips were suddenly upon my cheek kissing away tears I hadn’t even realized were falling, as my mind replayed those words. Parents… a Mom, I was going to be a Mom. Are you happy darling? Rhys asked as he placed his forehead against mine, his smile never once leaving his face.

I smiled back at him, true and genuine I’m beyond happy Rhys. He pulled me into his arms then kissing me fiercely.

“What the hell is going on!” Cassian yelled, as Rhys growled and winnowed us to our room. Tomorrow we could tell them tomorrow.

Dirty Laundry

Request I picked up from @wwe-smutfics: Anon: QUOTE SERIES: Johnny Gargano. The two of you are relatively new roommates with the quote “I DIDN’T MEAN TO WALK IN ON YOU NAKED AGAIN! YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN TO LOCK YOUR DOOR!“

Summary: Life wasn’t perfect. Most people weren’t perfect. My ability to spot trustworthy people wasn’t perfect. But Johnny Gargano? Oh yeah, he was perfect in every sense. Except his issue with locking doors and leaving his dirty clothes in the hallway. Ambiguous gender reader character.

Warnings: Admiring of a butt [Johnny’s], swearing, theft, skeevy ex, seeing the roommate without clothes on, and Raini’s usual potty mouth.

Rating: High PG-13?

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An Ill-Timed Departure

Request: “When you get a chance can you do a modern au where the reader and Matt sleep together? And he wakes up to an empty bed + reader doesn’t answer his texts so he thinks it was just a one night stand which makes him sad because he thought it’d be the beginning of something more? But when he’s talking to Ben & Kylo about it, reader shows up and explains that she got called into work last minute or something? I honestly don’t know but please give it a happy ending”

Pairing: Matt the Radar Technician x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: implied smutttt and Super FLUFF

Originally posted by hopeless-hugger

The tips of his blonde hair glowed a brilliant gold in the filtered sunlight, the curtains billowing gently in the morning breeze. The clock on the nightstand read 10:48am, and even though you knew you should be getting up, you didn’t want to leave the warmth of Matt’s arms. His big glasses lay beside the clock, reflecting the lit-up screen of your phone. Whoever it was could wait for a second.

Your fingers traced lazy patterns along his spine, pressing the moles and freckles on his broad back as he snored softly. Matt’s lips uttered silent words, moving along with his scrunched eyebrows while he spoke to someone in his dreams. He looked magnificent in his purest and most vulnerable state, the one he had finally showed you last night. A smile found its way on your face as you remembered the events, a blush spreading quickly as you recalled the amazing things he had done to your body.

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Burned pt. 1

Originally posted by jjks

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: Angst
Length: 1574 words
Warning: Mentions of self-harm



And so, she burned herself with the man who was the fire - so painfully beautiful.

Namjoon’s sharp eyes immediately caught yours across the practice room, where you hid at the side of the entrance. His eyes widened as his head whipped to the side to stare at Jungkook hugging her, and back to you, and he almost dropped his phone in shock.

You were teary and your lips and fingers were trembling as your vision narrowed down on your boyfriend hugging someone else, who wasn’t you. 

The ugly sight was a sore to the eyes for anyone who knew you and Jungkook were dating, yet you couldn’t take your eyes off the girl Jungkook was so openly hugging in the practice room. Thoughts were running amok in your head at a million miles per minute, but you could only stare in silence as she laughed softly and pushed the sweaty boy away, only to have him whine of the lack of contact with her. 

Your eyes then moved across the room to lock with Namjoon’s, and your eyes widened when his pair met yours, and he stood up abruptly, while you immediately turned and ran up the stairs from the basement, tears cascading down your cheeks as you hurried away from Namjoon, or anyone else who you knew was going to come for you. 

You ran up the stairs and into a quiet and secluded area of the building, settling down in a corner to cry. 

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Namjoon as he stood quickly, the shadow at the door disappearing into air. “What’s up, hyung?” Jimin looked up from his phone to the leader, who looked visibly worried and fidgety. “I-I left something upstairs. I’m gonna go get it, so the rest of you just stay here.” 

The rest nodded but Jimin clearly was not convinced, and he stopped Namjoon at the door. “I’ll go with you, hyung.” Namjoon nodded and they ascended the stairs. 

“Y/N’s here. She saw Jungkook and Jiyeon hugging.” Jimin stopped as well, and his face was everything but happy.


“Yeah, I know. You know how Y/N is. We have to find her.” 

It was no secret that you had self-harm tendencies which were triggered whenever someone hurt your feelings. You had been emotionally hurt many times that you resorted to cutting to rid yourself of the pain that was haunting you. You stopped self-harming ever since you met Jungkook, but there was no knowing if you’d start again, especially if the one who hurt you was someone you cherished and loved deeply.

You tried, with much difficulty, to keep your sounds to a minimum, but no matter how soft they were, they couldn’t escape the two males who went in search for you, finding you almost a few minutes later, with apologetic looks in their eyes. Jimin held a bottle of your favorite drink in his hand, and Namjoon looked ready to comfort you and apologize for hiding the truth from you. 

Your eyes were still leaking taps at this point, so you wanted to shy away from them but you were in a corner, and you were cornered by them. 

“Y/N,” Namjoon started, but you blinked and more tears fell, and the two males couldn’t lie when your crying broke their hearts. “We’re sorry..” Namjoon sat in front of you while Jimin took you into his arms, hugging you tightly while you sobbed even harder, refusing to believe your two very own eyes, while an all too familiar voice resounded in your head. 

“I promise you’re the only one.”

“You’re the best I could ever ask for - babe you’re amazing and I love you.”

You buried your face in Jimin’s warm sweater, trying to save yourself from the torment of Jungkook’s words and how you felt like utter shit, letting yourself go so deep only to be broken and hurt. 

The inner demons were eating you up - painful and suicidal thoughts were filling your head. so much that you didn’t even hear Jimin and Namjoon’s words. You were dazed as you slumped against Jimin, body gone limp and you let yourself be consumed by your thoughts as you closed your eyes. 

“I’m tired. I want to go home.” You whispered, and Jimin nodded. “We’ll bring you home. Is your roomie in?” You nodded and Jimin gently carried you in his arms and exited the building as Namjoon flagged a taxi for you. “I’ll go back with her, you go back to the practice room first since I was the one who said I had to get something.” Namjoon instructed and Jimin nodded, bidding the two of you goodbye and a safe journey as the taxi drove further and further away from the building. 

Hoseok eyed Jungkook who was cuddling with Jiyeon and he looked at Seokjin with worry. He didn’t feel good about this whole Jungkook-cheating-on-you thing because everyone knew how emotionally weak you were, gosh Jungkook knew best, and yet he chose to do this. 

You were a great girlfriend - you were coping well with Jungkook and the two of you brought out the best in each other, so why was Jungkook doing this? Why was he acting like cheating on you was nothing at all?

Seokjin was more annoyed than worried also, at how easily Jungkook threw you aside when to you, he was your everything. He was your pillar of strength and the one who kept you going. The boys had seen what you did, or more accurately, what self-destruction did to you the last time you and Jungkook fought. Jungkook refused to meet you for almost a month despite your pleas and you nearly cut an artery at home because you blamed yourself for the tiff and wanted to take the pain away. 

Nobody knew what would happen if you had found out about Jungkook’s disloyalty to you.

Namjoon apologized as your friend opened the door, face red with anger. Your roommate cared for you very much like you were her own sister, so when she heard about Jungkook’s unfaithful act, she wanted to yell at Namjoon for not stopping it from happening.

“I didn’t entrust her to you guys for this to happen, Joon. This is why I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want her to experience another meltdown. Everyone knows that Jiyeon is Jungkook’s ex, and she’s one clingy ass bitch who’s egoistic and does things for the sake of boosting her image. Jesus, no one would’ve imagined she’d come crawling back to Jungkook. And you know what’s worse?”

Your roommate was literally seething at this point, and she almost yelled if not for the fact you patted her back to calm her down. 

“What’s worse, is that Jungkook accepted her back into his life, even when Y/N is still his girlfriend! What the hell?!” 

Namjoon bit his lips in disappointment and guilt for not handling his group mate better. “It’s okay, Joon. It’s not your fault. I just.. need to get my thoughts straightened out. I’ll be fine. Thank you for sending me home.” 

You watched quietly with a reassuring and sad smile, more like you trying to reassure yourself rather than Namjoon, as he unwillingly left your house to go back to the building.

“Sorry, Jiyeon. We have some important stuff to discuss as a group, so I’ll have to ask you to leave.” Yoongi went up to the couple, who were still being kissy and lovey dovey, and broke their bubble. “Hyung, why do you have to say that now when we’re busy?” Jungkook rolled his eyes at Yoongi’s impeccable timing and sent a whining and noisy Jiyeon on her way out with a promise to meet up with her as soon as he can, and shut the door behind him. 

“What, hyung?”

“Why are you doing this?” Taehyung questioned. 

“If you’re going to step on two boats, let go of the other one. You either stay loyal to Y/N or you leave her alone entirely. Y/N is not strong enough to handle this bullshit you’re spewing out right now. If she saw this,” Yoongi motioned between Jungkook and Jiyeon’s acts just now, “we wouldn’t know what Y/N would do to herself.”

“For all we know, she might just end up in the hospital.” Jimin said as he walked into the practice room with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “She already knows. She was here.” 

Jungkook’s jaws dropped, along with the other members who didn’t know. “Y/N was here..?” 

“Damn right you piece of shit, she saw you happily skipping over to Jiyeon and demanding hugs from her to satisfy your never-fucking-ending need for affection. She saw you being all disgustingly loving to one another. What are you going to do now?” Jimin sneered angrily and glared at Jungkook, who looked stumped. 

Jungkook was in utter shock. He never wanted for this to happen, the meeting up with Jiyeon. She constantly begged to see him one last time and he decided to meet her to tell her to stop bugging him, but his feelings for her resurfaced when he saw how beautiful she was while she waited in the cafe to meet him. 

One meeting became another, shy touches became pecks and kisses, and awkwardness became comfort between the two of them. It was because of Jiyeon that it became okay to cheat on you, which was obviously never fine to begin with.

Question was, what was Jungkook’s careless actions going to do to you?

Three years have passed

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, it’s based on my doujinshi. I’m not a really good writer but I’ll try my best since I’m going to delete the previous pages of the doujin. But this is basically what happens. Tell me if you like it or not. If I should keep writing the story or just give up. Also, feel free to give me any recommendations and suggestions.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One: Returning Home

Magnolia’s most famous guild was no longer as cheerful as it was three years ago. Even if it still was noisy the environment inside was different. They have maintained the title of the strongest guild in Fiore. But there was some sort of emptiness in their hearts. The smartest comrade they had left without saying a word to her guild mates. The happiness she transmitted was very contagious. Especially to the ones who made cheers for her when things get difficult. But that emptiness was about to be filled again. It was time for the young girl to come home.

Long messy hair moving side to side as she walked, wearing a perfect red crop top that contrast with the blue color of her hair. In both arms she had white finger-less long gloves and shorts that exposed the delicate skin of her legs. As she was passing through the streets lots of the residents stare at her. But it wasn’t a bad thing, they were surprised of how she looks. It wasn’t a bit similar to her old style.

Levy McGarden, a beautiful and intelligent Fairy Tail member was making her way to the guild. Nerves were taking a toll on her, leaving her split between eagerness to return to the happy memories and sudden anxiety of facing the others. Standing outside of the guild, she let out a long sighed she was holding and murmured. “It’s time to come home”. She opened the doors softly and slipped inside quietly. She looked for her favorite spot, and there he was. The wisest exceed she had ever met and learned to love. Making her way to the table she stopped right behind him and bent over.

“Long time no see…Pantherlily”

Levy. Lily thought as he turned around and saw her with a bright smile and her arm stretched out.

“I missed you so much” She said. Her lovely eyes looking directly at his. She grabbed him and give him hug, squeezing the Exceed happily.

“L-L-Levy I can barely breathe,” Said a purplish Pantherlily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Lily,” She offered him an apology as she moved him to the top of a table.

A pink hair mage noticed the presence and recognize the scent of his childhood friend. He smiled and whispered to his partner, “Hey Luce, I think today is your lucky day.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Natsu? The celestial spirit mage replied. He pointed to the blue-haired girl.

“It’s that Levy-chan?! Is it really you?!” The excited young blonde shout from the other side of the guild.

Levy’s eyes followed the source of Lucy’s voice. She ran and hug the busty girl, making them to fall on the flat ground.

“Lucy? Oh my! You look so gorgeous. How you’ve been?” Levy cried.

Lucy laughed. “You too, also, what’s with the tough look? You sure look more confident and stronger.”

“LEVY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!” Jet and Droy said in unison with hearts on their eyes.

Smiling at the heart whelming scene, Lily flew to the entrance of the guild. “I guess this is the perfect chance to get out of here and tell Gajeel the big news.” And with that last statement he left the noisy guild.

At the outskirts of Magnolia, the iron dragon slayer was munching some metal while watching the view of the whole town. He felt the presence of his exceed coming from behind him. “What do you want Lil’? Did you pick up a job or what? I’m getting tired of bein’ here doing shit.” He tossed away a few scraps.

“Well, let’s say that won’t be a problem anymore,“ said Pantherlily cryptically.

Gajeel turned his head and giving Lily a confused look. He stated: “What the hell are you talking about? Somethin’ hit you while your way back here?” And then he noticed something was off. He sniffed the environment and the strange smell was coming from Lily’s direction. He walked over to the exceed and grabbed him.

“Hey, put me down you creep!” Lily said uncomfortably.

Gajeel kept sniffing. “You smell different! It’s like your scent is overshadowed by another.”

“Familiar isn’t it?” Lily smirked.

Wait a minute. His eyes widened as realization hit him hard.

Lily nodded, confirming his suspicions. “What you’re thinking it’s the correct answer.” He paused. “She’s back and looks very different.”

Gajeel turned his back to Lily. Looked at the full view of Magnolia as he said desperately. “Levy?! Where is she?”

“At the guild, isn’t that obvious. Thought you were smarter.” Lily mocked. “I have to admit that she almost most suffocated me with that killing hug.” He paused as he saw Gajeel still as a statue. “Maybe if you start walking you might have a chance to catch her. So, what do you want to do?”

Gajeel looked over the shoulder. “Just like you said. Isn’t that obvious?”

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Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

(A/N: For @samanthaofanarchy . I hope you enjoy this. Sorry, it took me so long but I made it extra long for you and for making everyone wait for so long. Expect a Sonny request in the next few days to make up for the all the long breaks. I hope you all enjoy!) 

Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

“Come here…” You shouted after your fleeing suspect.

Your suspect then quickly turned and slashed at you thoughtlessly.

You jumped back automatically and missed it by inches. You stumbled slightly on the rocky surface. You looked up after milliseconds of getting your bearings, you looked up only to find your knife wielding suspects coming for you once again. You delivered a swift punch that caused him to back up but it was momentary, he came at you again but you blocked his hand quickly holding it above your heads and struggled violently for a few seconds. He pushed hard and so did you in defence. He let out what sounded like a growl before kicking your legs causing you to stumble again.

And this time when you looked up you didn’t have time to dodge the knife. It slammed into your torso and ripped your skin.

“Son of a bitch,” You cried as you clutched your side as he retracted the knife.

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The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating (Overall): NC-17

Status: On-Going

Masterlist Part 6

(Yoongi’s POV)


The next few weeks while working with Y/N was like a blur to me. I couldn’t help but feel spiteful towards her. She knew exactly what she doing and that bothered me so much more. To add on she wasn’t even mean, if anything she was the complete opposite. I was surprised she hadn’t snapped at me yet. She still continued to bring me coffee even after all the times I had deliberately rejected her, and even though she knew I was ignoring her, she still included me in her conversations about the track. And lately, I’ve started to notice the rest of the members had gotten closer to her. They never stopped talking about her, whether it was at home or at practice, I just couldn’t go a day without hearing her name.

“Hyung, why don’t you just give her a chance?” Jimin had asked me on the way back home. We had just gotten finished with our interview with a magazine.

“I did. Haven’t you seen us work together? Her work just doesn’t impress me.” I bluntly stated, looking back at the rearview mirror to see Jimin frowning. I wasn’t sure why he was always so pressed on me, as if he wanted us to be best friends or something. 

Knowing Jimin, I knew he was not going to let this conversation go, but thankfully, Hoseok interrupted Jimin before he could even speak.

“Well, if you’re not impressed with her work, don’t you at least think she’s cute?” He asked me while raising his eyebrows. The others looked at me with hopeful gleams, possibly hoping to get some positive things out of it. I turned to look at him, with a straight face.

“Does it look like I do?”

“Actually, hyung. You kind of do. Like your cheeks are a little more red.” Taehyung poked my cheek suddenly. I only rolled my eyes at the action.

“Being cute doesn’t make you a better producer.”

That was my last statement before closing my eyes and folding my arms, trying to show the members that I was obviously not interested in the topic of Y/N anymore. Was every car ride going to include her? Did I need to take a separate car home?

“True, but I think she’s great at her job. I mean I could see why Bang PD hired her. She’s amazing, and she catches on really quickly. The other day, I went in…”

I couldn’t hear what Hoseok was saying anymore. I had just drowned them out, instead I listened to the car’s engine, anything besides hearing about Y/N. The low rum of the engine, the squeak when crossing over the road bumps. I only listened again, when I heard Jimin’s shy, quiet voice spark an interest to my ears.

“…agree with Hoseok-hyung, not only is she an amazing producer. She’s really cute and nice.” Jimin added, as he began to blush. Jimin was talking in his gentle tone, whenever he was really shy. I had noticed that, of course, in the span of our years together. A smirk formed on my face. I opened my eyes and turned to look at him, seeing “smitten” written all over his face.

“You think every girl is cute.” I laughed, unconsciously joining in. I looked behind at the others, seeing Jimin’s face redden ever more.

“T-true, but Y/N is just so cute. Ever her name is cute, and her cute little giggle she makes whenever she hears something funny. Have you guys heard it?” And once again, I was out and no longer interested.  

I stopped listening to Jimin, because this was nothing new. He always crushed on girls after girls after girls, he even crushed on certain fans we would see often at meet and greets. I, on the other hand didn’t care about girls, they were too much for me to handle and especially after my last relationship, I swore I wouldn’t date or affiliate myself with another girl, not until I was ready. Music was my number one priority right now.

The next day, the members got up early to head to the studio, apparently P-Dogg and Y/N had finished their sample track and wanted us to come and give it a listen. I knew it was going to be good, since P-Dogg never disappoints me, but what made me nervous was Y/N. That was all I was thinking about the ride there. Was it going to be good enough for us and the fans?

Once we arrived at the recording studio, everyone immediately sat down on the sofa and got ready to listen. We didn’t have much time, as this was unplanned in some of our solo schedules. Most of the members would be leaving to do their own work. Jimin and I, unfortunately, were free, which meant more time we had to work with Y/N and P-Dogg.

P-Dogg complimented Y/N for her work before playing the song, I swore he sounded just like Bang PD. He finally stopped talking and clicked the button to play the track and the song echoing throughout the room. The beat was a mix of jazz and pop, a interesting combination. I didn’t even notice I was nodding to the beat even after the song ended. Taehyung was the first to speak out, then Jungkook. She looked towards at me waiting for a response, and in all honestly I didn’t have anything bad to say, so I just nodded in satisfaction.

After a while Sejin came to pick some of the boys up, soon after P-Dogg went to help Rin with a track. Therefore, that left Jimin, me, and Y/N alone in the studio. After hearing the song, I was inspired to write some lyrics, but I got distracted by Y/N’s foot tapping. I waited it out for a while, but she continued to tap and tap and tap. Rolling my eyes, I lifted my head from my notebook and looked up towards her direction.

Can you stop?” I groaned.

She looked over at me with puzzled face, not knowing what she did wrong.

“Stop what?” She asked.

I pointed at her foot and rolled my eyes.

That. That annoying sound coming from your foot.”

“I’m sorry it bothered you that much.” She replied.

I pretended to listen to my music when Jimin got up to ask her for help. It was obvious what his motives were, but she was too engrossed in his lyrics to notice the little movements. I shrugged off what he was doing and continued writing lyrics of my own, I mean in all honestly, Jimin can flirt with whoever he wanted to, I wasn’t going to stop him.

I peeked a glance towards the two “love birds” in the room, Jimin whispered something in her ear that I could barely make out of it.

“I like you.”

Right after hearing him, for some reason I quickly stood up from my seat. My feet pounded on the floor causing a loud sound, filling up the quiet room. It caught the attention of them both, as they turned around and noticed me standing up. Jimin looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

“Is something wrong?” He asked.

“Y-yeah. I saw a bug, so I killed it.” I quickly answered back.

Fuck. What the hell was that? A bug? I sat back down in embarrassment, I had no idea why I had said that or even stood up. Something had come over me at that moment. I shrugged it off and continued working on the lyrics I had in mind. Jimin made his way back over after a couple of minutes following my “bug” incident, cheeks flushed with a rosy tint. He sat down and gave a small, quiet giggle. I looked at him and gave a smirk, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jimin is starting to like her.

We all got engrossed in our work that time had flew by fast, not even realizing we were hungry until we heard a noise. Jimin and I looked up from our work and stared at Y/N, whose face was filled with embarrassment. Her stomach had created the loudest growl, it almost sounded as though there was a ghost in the room. She looked towards at us and pressed her lips together.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

Fuck. I don’t know why I had asked her that. I didn’t know why I even spoke up in the first place. I quickly looked away from her and stared at the floor. Jimin widened his eyes in surprise, contrary to my question, but noticed my embarrassment as he turned to me and grinned.

“Should we go up to the cafeteria and eat?” Jimin suggested.

She nodded and smiled at Jimin. He stood up and walked over to the door, waiting for her to follow him.

“Are you going to come to, Hyung?”

I hesitated but realized I could eat as well, so I sucked a little of my pride and decided to eat with them. We made our way to the second floor, and headed inside, the room was noisy. I looked over to the other side of the cafeteria and noticed the trainees hanging out. That’s why. Jimin turned to Y/N and began explaining to her that the a lot of the trainees, ourselves included, hung out there because it was where most of the snacks were available and accessible.

“Everyone is nice and friendly.”

I heard Jimin say before making his way towards the cafeteria. I quickly grabbed a tray and picked up some food before making my way towards the corner table. Jimin and Y/N following my footsteps after collecting their meals. Jimin sat next to me, while Y/N sat across from us. I was confused as to what she grabbed, a bowl of rice and one small serving of marinated crabs.

“How will you get full off that?” I stated.

Fuck. I didn’t know why I said that. Again, I’ve been saying things that sounded like I cared when I didn’t. I didn’t care whether or not she was full or hungry, I really didn’t. It didn’t matter to me if she just drank water, I really needed to stop.

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m still not used to the menus here.” She shyly answered.

Jimin laughed and gave her one of his bowls of stir-fry beef.

“Have this. It’s really good, and don’t be afraid to try anything. Everything is really good and enjoyable.”

We began to eat and within those times, were occasional conversations Jimin would bring up. Like:

“So Y/N, how do you like BigHit so far?” Jimin asked.

“It’s good. Everyone is welcoming.” She smiled.


“So is Korea different from America?”

“Yeah, the people and work environment is different, but there are things that are similar.”

“Like what?”

“Everyone’s passionate.” She answered.

We sat at the table to rest for a while before heading back to the studio. Jimin still asking her questions that were uninteresting to me. Until Jimin asked why her producer name was “n.RG.” I too had to admit I was a bit curious as to why she chose such an odd name.

“It’s a shortened version of “energy”, n-r-g sounds like energy. In hopes of giving me energy, I named myself that, so I’m always motivated and full of ‘energy’.”

She gave a smile and looked down. It was a nice idea, n-r-g. It was kind of cute–wait. What am I thinking? It was okay. Her name was okay, it’s not as good as AgustD of course.

After that, we headed back to the studio and began working again. From time to time, Jimin would sit next to her and ask her for help. It bothered me that he didn’t just ask me. I was going to hold this against him.

Jimin and I made our way over to the van to head home after work. Not much was done, but tomorrow there was going to be a meeting with some of the staffs from Big Hit. It was the same old meeting we had every year where majority of us would head to Bang PD’s lake house to work on our “teamwork.” It was useless to me and everyone just got drunk.

Once we were in the van, Jimin was suspiciously quiet, not saying a word. It was odd, I was expecting him talk about Y/N or something that circled that topic, but there was silence. I leaned my body forward from my seat to look at him, raising an eyebrow. To which he noticed, slowly forming a shy smile.

“What?” He laughed.

“Nothing. It’s just you’re quiet today.”

“Why is that bad?”

“No, you haven’t said a word about Y/N since we got in.”

He giggled and looked out the window. That’s when I confirmed it, Jimin had developed a little crush for Y/N. He sucked at hiding his emotions, whether he was angry or sad, he always expressed himself. I was going to tease him about it, but I decided to keep my knowing a secret, it’ll be fun to see what happens.

“She’s just a great help for me. She’s really good at doing her job.” Jimin finally said.

Hm. That reminds me. Why didn’t you just ask me for help?” I asked while poking my tongue against the inside of my cheek.

“Oh…Y/N just seemed less busy.” He answered with his head down low, obviously trying to avoid making eye contact with me.

“Not a very good excuse. First you ask Namjoon to help you with Tony Montana and now you ask Y/N for our track. I’m offended.” I scrunched my nose.

He gave his cheesy smile in hopes it would ease the tension. It wasn’t working. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him. Maybe I should just tease him about Y/N.

“I’m sorry, Hyung. I just wanted you to focus on your lyrics, I know how well you want this song to be. I just didn’t want to bother you.”

“Lies. It’s because of Y/N, isn’t it?”

He quickly turned over to me and shook his head no, while waving his hands.

“No! It’s not because of that!” He exclaimed.

“Then you hate my style then.”

Once again, waving his hands and shaking his head.

“No! No! It’s not because of that! Hyung! It’s not.”

“Then what? Why didn’t you just ask me?” I asked purposefully raising my tone a little higher, hoping to get a reaction. I didn’t know why he was getting angsty. It’s not like I was the one who asked Y/N for help, but I couldn’t help but enjoy myself seeing him jump. I knew it wasn’t because he didn’t like my technique, it was because of Y/N. I just wanted to see if he would admit to it.

“Hyung, I just didn’t want to bother you. Really. I really apologize if you thought otherwise. It’s just I didn’t want Y/N to think she was worthless at the studio. She is one of our producers now. I’m really sorry, I’ll ask you next time, I promise.”

 I nodded my head. He had given me a good enough answer that involved Y/N. Although this was  supposed to be a fun joke to see Jimin shaken, it did hurt me a little knowing he went to her first. Everything, whether I liked it or not, began to surround itself with her. My work, my friends, my team, my company. It still bothers me, as much as I try to accept her, I can’t…yet.

That’s it for part 6! I hoped you guys liked it, I continued to write in Yoongi’s POV so you guys could understand him a little, and his “reasons” as to why he doesn’t like her. If you’ve read up to part 6, you are the realesttttt, cause shit iz barely starting. kekeke. Untl next time, xoxo.

2 A.M

A/N: So this is the second installment of my apparently new A.M series that I didn’t even knew I needed on my blog. You can read Luke’s version here

Pairing: Y/N/College!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 6.000+

Summary: Y/N’s and Michael’s hate for each other won’t get any better when they’re paired up for a science project. And when a thunderstorm appears and Y/N isn’t safe to walk home she has to stay at Michael’s dorm against her will

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HBO’s Girls starter sentences

season 6, part 1 of 2
episodes 1 through 5
76 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes

  • “Oo, well, that’s not very lady-like.”
  • “I give zero fucks about anything, yet I have a strong opinion about everything, even topics I’m not informed on.”
  • “I don’t get how people pick themselves up and keep going.”
  • “I definitely feel like I’m more of a dumpling than a woman at this point in my life.”
  • “I just can’t have you sleeping at my place anymore every night.”
  • “I’m gonna fuck my way to the middle.”
  • “Everyone here kinda talks in this slow unintelligible way that borders on just, like, Matthew McConaughey-Hell.”
  • “Take your shirt off, and put it in the shirt section… Goodbye, shirt!”
  • “If I need a tip about what to talk about at a dinner party in 2005, I’ll call you on your flip-phone.”
  • “I don’t remember much about last night, but I don’t feel violated in any way, so, um… that’s good.”
  • “I don’t want you to be all sick by yourself. You can stay here.”
  • “Is there anything creepier than a fish?”
  • “It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it, don’t you think? Love’s the easiest thing in the world.”
  • “It’s like everyone’s so busy chasing success and, like, defining themselves, they can’t even experience pleasure.”
  • “If you don’t believe in your own goodness, you can’t expect anyone else to.”
  • “By the way, me telling you this does not make me a bad secret keeper.”
  • “I just can’t believe _____ roped me into this.”
  • “Where the fuck do you even get a car like this?”
  • “That was super depressing and totally inappropriate.”
  • “_____, if you’re gonna be such a bitch, why did you even come?”
  • “That’s my best friend. She’s, like, stuck in this, like, psycho-sexual hamster wheel with this total fuck-nugget.”
  • “You were looking at the girl in the yogurt place! I saw! You were staring at her!”
  • “We can’t all be perfect, okay? Everyone has their own path.”
  • “_____, you dumb slut, get down here!”
  • “It can be hard to have observations about other people when you’re only thinking about yourself.”
  • “Do you promise that we’ll always be friends?”
  • “He looks like someone in the Pacific Northwest knit a man.”
  • “Who the fuck are you to say ‘grow up’?”
  • “I’m a horny motherfucker with the impulse of a toddler.”
  • “If not me, who? And if not now, when?”
  • “I am so sick of gray areas.”
  • “What are your dreams for the next five years? Sorry to sound like a People Magazine interview.”
  • “You can’t let politics dictate what you read or who you fuck.”
  • “What would be better than to, like, ruin someone’s life with your wanton sex appeal and, like, icicle sharp intellect?”
  • “Your bed smells like snacks.”
  • “Is green tea alright for you, _____?”
  • “This thing is itchy as fuck!”
  • “I wanna die inside the mouth of a lion with you, and that way we can be together forever, even in the moment of our own death.”
  • “I think I may have been a child sociopath. I mean, I’ve completely outgrown it, but… I’m a miracle. I think I may have to write a term paper on me.”
  • “I’m sure it’s fine. Can’t you just go back and apologize?”
  • “Money literally grows on trees.”
  • “I’m worried about you, _____. You’re smart, you’ve always been smart, but your priorites are cuckoo-bananas.”
  • “You know what, _____? You’re starting to really fucking piss me off.”
  • “It’s been a brutal fucking day. I’m not getting into this with you right now.”
  • “I’m not calling you a waste of space. I’m calling you a waste of potential.”
  • “No one’s making movies about actual human people anymore.”
  • “We might be a pair of goddamn geniuses.”
  • “Yeah, I literally hate death.”
  • “It’s super random, but I’m just not gonna die, like, ever.”
  • “You okay, _____? You’re looking a little… unhinged.”
  • “Are you still hung up on that? Dude, it’s not healthy.”
  • “I don’t wanna hurt you.”
  • “You’re weirder than even me.”
  • “_____, I can’t get over how great you look.”
  • “Do you think it’s so insane if I keep it?”
  • “Yeah, we were all little kids once. It’s wild.”
  • “I don’t need you here. I want you here.”
  • “Are you really this cliché, _____?”
  • “I’m not a bad person, by the way.”
  • “I don’t want you to look at me.”
  • “You shouldn’t have to deal with this. I’m so fucking crazy.”
  • “My head feels so noisy.”
  • “I’m gonna ruin your life. I am.”
  • “I don’t care if you ruin my life. At least you’ll have been in my life.”
  • “Do you have any idea of what my life is like on a day-to-day basis?”
  • “I’m alone. This is it for the rest of my life.”
  • “Stop fucking saying that.”
  • “Do not move. You have really fucked up my day.”
  • “I’m sorry you’re so angry. I was going to try and explain it to you if you’d just let me start at the beginning.”
  • “To be perfectly truthful, I think it’s a really bad idea.”
  • “I understand that this might seem crazy, but I need you.”
  • “You’re not ready for this.
  • "I’m gonna say this to your face 'cause no one else will have the guts to. You’re gonna be a terrible mother.”
  • “Oh, great. You’re gonna cry now?”
  • “I’m done. My life is done.”
  • “Kids are super easy. It’s being an adult that’s hard.”
Take Care - A Sasil Fic

Just a little day-in-the-life-of fluffy fic. One shot for now. @parisian-nicole

Sally Ann sat in the passenger seat of Frida’s car. “Thanks for goin’ shoppin’ with me.”

Frida laughed. “The thanks belongs to you. I been needin’ a good reason to get outta my place for days. Plus, what kinda woman doesn’t enjoy a lil bargain’ huntin’?”

“True.” Sally Ann unbuckled her seatbelt as Frida put the car in park outside of her and Hasil’s new apartment.

“Your man’s done good earnin’ y'all some cash.”

Sally Ann nodded as she started gathering shopping bags into her arms. She was proud of Hasil, but his new method of earning income left her nerves on edge. “Yeah. He’s done good. Just can’t wait until I can find somethin’ and contribute too.”

“Hey now.” Frida wagged her finger at her new friend. “You’re busy growin’ his baby and makin’ your home a home. Take a little credit for what you’re doin’ now. You’ll find somethin’ else soon enough.”

“I know. I just…”

“You’re worried ‘bout him.” Frida gave her a sweet smile. “I don’t need my psychic powers to tell that much.” She pulled a plastic shopping bag from the backseat and held it up. “I mean, this whole damn thing is filled with first aid stuff.” Frida continued when Sally Ann gave no response. “Look sweetie, I know the feelin’. Butch’s line of work ain’t the sorta thing that leaves me restin’ easy at night either. You just gotta hope it’s temporary you know. I play my numbers every week and one day Butch and I are gonna hit it big. Then we’ll be livin’ up in a mansion somewhere far from here… and we’ll adopt 'bout ten babies.”

This made Sally Ann laugh.

“Seriously though. Keep prayin’, support him, and work hard… and when that ain’t enough, you find somethin’ to keep your mind busy… like gettin’ that nasty ass apartment of y'alls clean. Come on.”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom. Sally Ann couldn’t remember ever feeling more exhausted. She leaned against the kitchen counter and guzzled a glass of water.

“Well.” Frida stood in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips. “It still looks like shit in here, but at least it smells better. I’d say it was a productive day.” She checked her phone. “Butch texted. He says Hasil is with him.”

“Good. I was wonderin’ why he wasn’t home yet.” Sally Ann smiled at her first reference to their home. She hadn’t seen Hasil since they got the keys to their place early that morning. He’d taken on another day job, but made sure to pack his own food and water this time.

“They’ll be back soon. Butch asked me to order some Chinese for dinner.”

Sally Ann’s stomach did a back flip at the mere mention of food. “That sounds good.”

“Well what d'y'all want? Dinner is on me. I can practically hear that poor fetus begging for nourishment from here.”

“Oh I couldn’t. You’ve already done so—”

“Hush now and take what’s offered to ya. I’ll have it delivered here and just take our stuff on home. What d'ya want?”

Sally Ann set up a little dinner picnic on the floor since the only furniture she and Hasil had at the moment was the mattress lying in the center of the living room. She lit some candles and transferred the food from the to-go cartons to the dishes she picked up at the thrift store. The apartment didn’t look so bad in the soft light. She’d just finished pouring a couple of glasses of water when she heard Hasil unlocking the front door.

“Sally Ann?” he called out before even looking up. “Oh, there ya are. Hey.” He placed his hand on the small of her back as he leaned in for a quick kiss. “How was your day?” His eyes drifted around the small apartment. “You been busy. It looks nice in here.” His eyes landed on the food. “Smells good too.”

Sally Ann laughed. “You hungry?”


“Good. Frida bought us dinner. We’ve got some fried rice, beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken—”

“Whose chicken?”

She snorted out a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Go wash your hands.”

Sally Ann turned on the old little radio she and Frida found at a yard sale that morning. It helped to drown out the sound of their noisy neighbors. She passed Hasil his plate once he sat down and watched as he began to devour the food. “You weren’t lyin’ when you said you were hungry.”

He nodded, mouth full of broccoli.

“You’ll have to pack a bigger lunch next time you go out.”

Hasil finished chewing what was in his mouth and set down his plate. “Honestly, Sally Ann, goin’ out there feels like such a waste of time and energy. One night fightin’ I can make what I’d get off a week layin’ bricks and spreadin’ tar… prob'ly more'n that. I was wantin’ to talk to ya 'bout it because tomorrow night—”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Now wait a minute, hear me out. There’s a fight tomorrow night and Butch says I could take this guy easy. He—”

“Hasil no. Your face isn’t even healed from your last fight yet.”

He used his fork to push his rice into a little mountain on his plate and chuckled. “Well I won’t let 'im hit me in the face.”

“Hasil this isn’t funny.”

He put his fork down and took her hand. “I know. I know. But we need the paper, right? You said yourself you oughta be goin’ to the doctor every month and you ain’t been yet. Let me do this fight, and we’ll use that cash to get ya to the doctor, alrigh’?”

She knew he was right, but she didn’t want to agree to it. Not yet. Instead she pouted and picked up her plate.

Hasil grinned, knowing that she had silently conceded. “Everythin’ will be okay.” He studied her as she began to eat her food and quickly traded his smile for a frown. “Oh c'mon Sally Ann, now you’re jus’ bein’ dramatic. We ain’t that bad off. You ain’t gotta eat your dinner with sticks. Here.” He picked up a spare fork and held it out to her.

She nearly choked on her food with laughter and spent the next few minutes showing Hasil how to use chopsticks. The mood was instantly lightened and they were able to finish their meal in peace.

Hasil patted his belly. “That was good. I’m full.”

“Wait, you gotta make room for dessert.” Sally Ann got up and dug around the bottom of the brown paper sack that everything came in. “Fortune cookies.”

Hasil raised an eyebrow. “Fortune cookies?”

She passed Hasil one of the small packaged treats. “Yeah. Inside there is a paper with your fortune on it. Break open the cookie and I’ll read it. It’s just for fun.”

“Alrigh’.” He took off the wrapper and broke open the cookie.

“See? There it is.” Sally Ann watched Hasil pull out the thin white strip of paper. “You know how to make it more fun?” she asked.

He laughed and handed her the paper. “No.”

“Say 'in bed’ right after I read your fortune.”

Hasil looked a little confused, but nodded.

“Okay. Ready? 'An unexpected relationship will become permanent…’”

“In bed,” Hasil added quickly.

Sally Ann rolled on the floor laughing.

Hasil scratched his head, more humored by Sally Ann’s reaction than the actual fortune. “Well we did make a baby in bed and tha’s pretty damn permanent.” He ran his hand over his mustache. “Open yours.”

She composed herself and cracked open her cookie. “'Tell them what you really think. Otherwise nothing will change… ’”

“In bed.” He chuckled. “These cookies are pretty smart.” He leaned over onto all fours to give her a kiss. “Thanks for dinner. Thanks for makin’ our place nice and clean too.” He kissed her again. Longer this time. Her eyes stayed closed a few seconds after he pulled away. “Tell me what ya really think,” he said with a small grin.

“I think… I like that. And I’d like some more… after you shower.”

He tapped the side of her jaw. “Sounds good to me.” He got up and took a few steps toward the bathroom before pausing. “Hey we gotta pay for that shower water?”

Sally Ann gathered up their dishes and put them in the sink. “Yeah. We gotta pay for everything.”

He shrugged. “Then what do you say we knock out two showers in one?”

She rolled her eyes at his suggestive tone, but couldn’t deny that he had a good point. “Okay, but no funny business or we’ll end up usin’ more than we would separately.”

Hasil shrugged. “There ain’t nothin’ funny 'bout what I was thinkin’.”

Sally Ann could feel heat rush her cheeks as she smiled and shook her head at her guy. “You know what I mean Hasil. I’ll be in there in a second.” She cleaned up the remains of their dinner and went to meet him in the bathroom. His dirty clothes were in a neat little pile on the floor and she could see his handsome silhouette through the shower curtain.

“C'mon in,” he called. “This thing here is 'bout one of the best inventions y'all got. This and Chinese food.”

“I don’t know if you can really call Chinese food an invention exactly. Maybe the fortune cookies.”

“That don’t make no sense.”

Sally Ann laughed. “Yeah it does.” She climbed in the shower behind him and gasped when the water touched her skin. Chill bumps quickly spread over her entire body. “Hasil this water is freezing! Do you not know you can make it warm?” She reached over and turned the dial toward hot.

“What ya talkin’ 'bout? I did make it warm. And holy—”

She watched as Hasil squirmed and bounced around to get from beneath what he registered as very, very hot water.

“Holy hell woman. How are ya’ standin’ in that?”

“It’s not even that hot.” She laughed at the way he reached his arm around and tried to adjust the temperature without letting the water touch him. They fought back and forth until they both realized a compromise would never be found. There was nothing sexy about the way they quickly scrubbed down and got out.

Sally Ann collapsed onto the mattress and watched Hasil gather up the trash to take out. She’d forgotten to pick up a waste bin while she was shopping earlier.

“Be right back,” he said before disappearing out the front door. He returned just a couple of minutes later. “Kinda thought you’d be asleep before I got back.” He locked the door and stepped out of his boots.

Sally Ann snuggled into the clean sheets. “No. I’m beat, but not super sleepy yet.”

“Yeah, well you did a lot today.”

“So did you.”

He nodded and pulled his tank top over his head. “It’s 'bout to rain.”

“Good. I like rainy nights.” She reached an arm out toward him. “Come get in bed.”

He smirked at her and did as he was told. She was resting on her side and he matched his body behind hers like a puzzle piece. They lay in silence for several minutes until thunder rolled and the sky broke open.

“There’s the rain,” Sally Ann said.

“There’s the rain.”

She pulled on his arm a little so he’d wrap it tighter around her. “Hasil?”


“I’m glad you’re here with me. I know how hard it was to leave your family.”

“It was hard…” He paused. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the easiest. If tha’ makes any sense.”

Sally Ann hoped he’d elaborate, and after a few moments, he did.

“Ya see, my family is up on tha’ mountain…But it’s also here.” He shifted his arm so that his hand rested over her lower belly. “And here.” He gently kissed the back of her neck. “And it’s here.” He moved his mouth to her exposed shoulder and pressed his lips to her skin again. “And here.” He continued to plant kisses on every bit of her skin that he could reach, his tickly mustache forcing giggles out of her as he did. “I’ll take care of ya,” he whispered in her ear as she settled down.

“I’ll take care of you, too.”

Hasil woke up in the middle of the night sprawled across the middle of the mattress. He sat up and looked around in the darkness. “Sally Ann?”

She didn’t answer, but he could see that the light was on in the bathroom. He stood and parted the blinds to look outside. The rain was coming down in sheets. He watched it as he waited for Sally Ann to come out. When she didn’t show after a few minutes, he went and gently knocked on the door. “Sally Ann? You okay?”


“You don’t sound okay.” He tried turning the door knob, but it was locked. “Sally Ann open the door.”

“Hasil go back to sleep. You don't—” Her words were exchanged for forceful heaving.

He knocked on the door again. “Sally Ann come on. Don’t be hard headed. Let me in.”

The only response was the sound of her puking into the toilet bowl and it made Hasil wish he were home up the mountain. Not because he wanted to be away from her, but because it’d be so much easier to help. She wouldn’t be able to lock herself away from him and he’d be able to dig up some fresh ginger root and make some tea to settle her stomach. He walked to the kitchen to get her a glass of water instead.

“Sally Ann open the door,” he said when he returned.

“Hasil I’m fine really.” He’d never seen her sick before. They’d been dealing with so much hard reality. She just wanted to preserve a little bit of the fairytale.

He stared at the thin wooden door thinking about how easy it’d be to just bust it open, but he couldn’t do that because fixing it would cost money they didn’t have. He drummed on the door frame as he thought about what he could say to get her to let him in. He knocked yet again when the words came to him. “I know you didn’t forget that quick, Sally Ann.”

The toilet flushed. “Forget what?”

“The las’ thing we said ta one another before we fell asleep.”

There was a pause, some rustling, and the sound of the door unlocking. She stood there looking sweaty and miserable.

“You gon let me take care of ya?”

She nodded and returned to her spot on the floor near the toilet. Hasil dampened a clean washcloth with cool water and sat on the edge of the tub. She leaned back against his knees and let him place the cloth on her forehead. “How long you been in here like this?”

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe through the queasy feeling in her stomach. “I dunno. Maybe an hour?”

“What’s got ya sick? The Chinese food or the baby?”

“Pretty sure it’s the baby.”

“Well that ain’t very nice of him.”

She cracked a small smile.

“We’re gonna have t’ work on his manners. Here, drink some water.” He watched her take a few small sips and then encouraged her to take a few more.

“Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

He thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess that’s what I’ve been imaginin’, but I think I’d be pretty taken by a little baby girl that looks just like you.”

Sally Ann leaned over the toilet and hurled again.

“I mean maybe not like ya in this exact momen’—”

She reached behind herself to slap at him as she continued to be sick.

“I’m just teasin’,” he said as he rubbed her back.

It was another hour before the nausea faded. Sally Ann fell asleep with her head in his lap. He sat there on the bathroom floor for a while. He looked at the peeling paint on the walls, listened to the sound of the rain, felt the rise and fall of Sally Ann’s chest against his legs and was content. Soon his own eyes grew heavy, so he carefully lifted Sally Ann from the ground and carried her back to bed with him. “We’ll be alrigh’,” he said aloud before falling back asleep.

opposites attract || chani

He was the north end of the magnet and you were the south.

Genre : Fluff

Chanhee always, always had this mature, cool aura around him where people thought he hated affection of any kind. He never showed it much either; whenever one of his friends would try to hug him or kiss on him, he’d push them away with a look of disgust. People thought he was a bit unusual due to that, but that only made him cooler in everyone’s eyes.  

He and his friends had the title of the “bad boys”, even though they weren’t really bad, they just looked like it, acted like it. Chanhee with his deep voice and the air around him was no exception. Which is why you, a goody two shoes who never had a relationship in her life, had no chance with Kang Chanhee.

“You two would look together, though,” one of your best friends spoke up, shaking her head as she looked at the male’s group from across the lunchroom. “Plus, has he even had a girlfriend in this school?”

You slumped. She did have a point. Still, it would just never work. Yes, opposites attract, but that’s not always a good thing.

Meanwhile, while his friends were nudging him about something random on their phones, his eyes were glancing at you from across the noisy cafeteria. He had liked you for the longest time, and if he could, he could just ask you out and he’d know you say yes. But he couldn’t do that.

Girls like affection, or most girls in his school did. He knew he was deemed as a weirdo because he didn’t like that type of stuff, while all of his friends; heck, the whole school liked that stuff. He would pass by you in the halls and see you hugging your friends, or watch them call you adorable and sling their arms around your neck. Though he hated skinskip with… everyone, you had this vibe to you that just made people want to hug you and tease you. You were delightful in every way he could imagine and he wanted you to be in his arms, but his shyness and lack of romantic knowledge were two obstacles that were standing in the way of you he just couldn’t jump over.

“Yo, dude,” Hwiyoung nudged him, the raven haired raising an eyebrow at his best friend. He then looked towards your direction, “are you staring at y/n again?”

Chanhee flushed, furrowing his brows at the male and shoving his side. “Don’t look. She’ll see.”

Hwiyoung rolled his eyes. “You’re in love with her, dude. Please just ask her out. I’m sick of you staring at her and getting lost because you create little scenes in your head with you two kissinggg-”

“Shut the hell up, Hwiyoung.” Chanhee grumbled, cheeks even darker because it was true. If he couldn’t kiss you in real life, he could kiss you in his head.

“Seriously. Are you scared she’s not gonna say yes because you don’t kiss her every five seconds?”


Letting out a long sigh, Hwiyoung shook his head at him. “You’re pitiful, dude.”

Chanhee slumped, looking away from you and down at his juicebox, picking it up sadly. “I know.”


“He’s coming. He’s coming over here. Oh my god, y/n, fix your hair, and your skirt- oh my god, he’s coming-”

“Would you please shut your mouth?” you widened your eyes at your friend who was running her hands all over you, heart beating fast as you looked to see the familiar male clearly walking over to your direction.

“Hey, y/n.” Chanhee smiled at you, making your knees buckle. “Um. I need your help- with something.”

You blinked at him. He sounded unsure of what he saying, but if he needed your help and your help specifically, who were you to say no?

“Sure,” you smiled back, trying to be as casual as possible. “What is it?”

“Um- the new math homework is kind of kicking my butt and we have to turn it in by tomorrow. Can you come over and help me with it? I’ll pay you.”

If you could scream at this very moment, you would.

“Y-Yeah, I’ll help you,” your friend dug her elbow into your side for stuttering. “No payment needed! You can repay me some other way.”

“Okay, perfect,” he tore a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote his address on it. “Just come here after school. I’ll be there.” he smiled at you once more before walking off.

“Oh my god-”

“Don’t start. Shut up.”


You looked down at the address and then up to the door to make sure you were at the right place. You didn’t bring much; just your bag, phone, pencils and a calculator, not wanting to look like the nerd you really were in front of your crush. Sucking in a breath, you knocked on the front door three times, waiting patiently for it to open.

Chanhee appeared, looking like nighttime embodied in a human; he was wearing black from head to toe while you were still wearing your bright yellow uniform. Of course, of fucking course you had to wear your bright yellow uniform.

“Hey,” he said smoothly, moving to the side for you to walk in. “Come inside.”

You bit your lip as you stepped inside the empty house, the only sign of life being the grey cat that walked across the room, seeming to not be bothered at all by the unknown visitor. “Pretty place.”

“It’s not much.” he said in amusement at you, and suddenly he was taking your hand, leading you towards the stairs. Your cheeks were red and your eyes widened, trying not to trip over your own feet as you quickly hurried after him.

He felt his palm get sweaty by the time he took your hand. It was slightly forced, but it felt comfortable to have skinship with you in some sort of way, and of course, you only wrapped your hand back around his like you were used to this. Which you were. He wasn’t.

He led you into his room where the first thing you saw were papers scattered across his desk, messy writing all over them. You raised an eyebrow at him and he just blushed, moving all the papers out of the way.

“S-sorry. I’ll get my stuff.” you laughed at how cute he was seeming to be. You sat down, getting out your stuff, him sitting down next to you while you did so. When you looked up, he was staring, quickly looking down at his papers with a flush on his cheeks. You felt yourself become nervous, clearing your throat as you started to talk.

Just ten minutes in, he was barely paying attention, too busy staring at your lips or the side of your face or how pretty your handwriting was when you wrote down an equation. It was evident, by the way he was getting every equation wrong, and only paid attention to your words if you nudged him.

You sighed. Yes, you liked Chanhee a lot, but you were irritated. If there was anything that irritated you the most, it was people who didn’t want to put in the work, lazy people, and he seemed to be one of them.

“Look, Chanhee, I don’t think this is working. Is something distracting you? Because we could do this later.”

“Yes, something is distracting me.”

“What is it?”


You blinked up at him and again, he was staring, eyes unreadable but showing you all types of feelings at the same time. “Me?”

“Yes, you,” he confessed, gulping down a lump in his throat. “Look, y/n, I, I… can I kiss you?”

You blushed bright red, looking up at him questionably, but he looked certain in his words. “…okay.”

He let out a sigh of relief before he grabbed your face, pressing his lips to yours in the best way possible. Your hands hung in the air awkwardly before resting on his shoulders, then to his pitch black hair, bringing him as close as possible.

He tasted like vanilla to you and you tasted like chocolate to him, making the kiss ten times better as he pressed his lips into yours just a little deeper before pulling away. His lips were bright pink and yours were bright red, a pink flush on your cheeks while a red flush bloomed on it.

Opposites do attract. And you decided, that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Part 2

part 1 here

Since some of you wanted to know what happened the morning after…I wasn’t planning on continuing it so I’m sorry this chapter is really short

English is not my first language

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Warnings: none

Sam woke up to the sound of a dog barking in the streets, a terrible headache and a feeling of qualm. His mind, completely blank, was trying to remember what could have happened the previous night but it made his head hurt even more. He found a glass of water on the night table, you probably had left it there for him. Then he realised. You, he had to talk to you and obviously he had to explain. He remembered being kicked out of the pub with Nate and Sully because they were being too noisy. He felt horrible, inside and outside. He wondered what was your reaction when he came home like that but given that he was sleeping in the bed with clean clothes it mustn’t have been too bad.  Or maybe that’s what you wanted him to think so that you could scold him well. He was feeling a bit anxious, he almost didn’t have the nerve to face you but eventually he decided to drink the water and go downstairs. His head felt like it could explode any second now and his body felt heavier than a block of steel.

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Controlled Sanity (Bughead fanfic)

Notes at the end :)

Summary: Betty works at night as a dancer at The Whyte Whyrm, where, under the disguise of a black wig, she can release all the darkness that she keeps locked away inside her while being the perfect daughter and the perfect student. This is her way of dealing with this dark side of hers, making some extra cash and escaping her control freak of a mother.
Jughead always kept to himself during classes, even if his eyes did linger on Ms. Perfect Girl Next Door in his Lit class every now and then. One night, with some of his Southside Serpents’ friends, he went to the Whyte Whyrm and was hypnotized by the girl with large blue eyes dancing right in front of him. Next day in class he saw the same eyes staring at him. This time, a tight blonde ponytail and a blue knit sweater completed the picture instead of the raven hair and the black underwear.

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Lilith - (A Kyungsoo One Shot)

“There’s no fucking way. No fucking way, I will personally do your laundry for a week…no, a month! There is no way you would do it” Baekhyun had been drinking too fast that night. His mood was up, as was his volume and his obnoxiousness.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes so hard he felt the strain at the bottom of his eyeballs and he reached for his beer.

“Of course I can do it.” He said after swallowing and Baekhyun laughed too hard at something he found to be hilarious within Kyungsoo’s words.

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KHwingedAU! #2

This is quite long, so be prepared. This is my second little contribution to @craziiwolf’s KageHina Winged AU! I also took inspiration from @sugasvolleyball’s little fic for this AU (thank you ♡) and the following scene is set after hers.
Remember again that English isn’t my first language and yeah, I hope you like it!

“Wow! It’s awesome!” Hinata shrieked, staring at the little wooden tree house.
Kageyama raised an eyebrow, annoyed: “Shut up, why do you have to be so loud?”

They approached the tree in the middle of Kageyama’s yard and looked up to see the house better. It was nothing more than some wooden beams stuck together on a big branch, but Hinata was able to be happy with anything, so he found it beautiful. Also, the idea of going up there to look at the stars with Kageyama was so good that he had to restrain himself from screaming even louder.

“When did you build it?” Hinata asked, observing the house and catching every possible detail.
“I was very young.” The taller shrugged. “My wings were still small for me to fly, so my parents built this tree house, so that I could learn… and “fly with my mind”, like they said.“
Hinata turned around to face him. “It’s awesome!” He repeated.
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

Kageyama bent his knees and opened his big black wings, almost touching Hinata with the tip of his right one. He jumped and flapped them just three times to reach the top and land on the roof, leaving some feathers behind in the process.
Hinata stared at him in awe for a moment, but then raised a finger against him. “This isn’t fair, Kageyama! I can’t do that!”
Kageyama looked down at him and pouted, but the smaller couldn’t see him because of the dark. “Sorry.”

Hinata noticed the wooden steps on the tree trunk right after that. He sighed and went up, trying to keep calm. The thought of their wings burning was still disturbing and he didn’t want to be angry with his teammate more than necessary.
Once arrived, he entered the house, followed by his friend who jumped inside from the big hole in the roof. It was the only source of light; all around them was quite small and dark.
Hinata sat down and opened his mouth. “It’s wonderful…”
Kageyama settled next to him and looked at the night sky above them as well. It was clear, some stars noticeable despite the city lights. “Yeah, I think so.”

It was a weird answer, so Hinata turned to see Kageyama’s expression. There was amazement and probably a spark of melancholy in his eyes and Hinata couldn’t help smiling.
The middle blocker leaned against Kageyama’s shoulder and kept staring at the sky for a while. The setter shifted his eyes towards him for a second, but the thought of their wings burning was still disturbing and he just sighed, without complaining like he usually did.

“Do your parents have wings?”
Kageyama didn’t expect that question and hesitated with eyes wide open, before answering. “Yes, my whole family has wings.”
“Oh. My sister and I are the only ones to have wings in my family, actually.”
“Mmh. That’s weird.”
“Why?” Hinata snorted, expecting some kind of hasty prejudice.
“Because now your sister is the only one to have wings.”
“Okay, okay, I take it back!”
No pain or strange feeling came from their back and they knew they avoided another possible cause of fire. They stayed in that position for some long minutes, eyes on the stars and just their breaths to be heard.
It wasn’t easy for them to stay quiet like that. Silence didn’t really belong to their relationship and made them feel a bit uncomfortable, but if silence was a solution against the risk of fighting and burning their wings, then they would have accepted it.

Still, they both felt uneasy. Hinata in particular, because he was always the lively one. He started getting nervous.
“Kageyama… Can I hug you?”
The taller parted from him, confused. “Why? Your wings aren’t burning.”
“W-Well, if they glow and recover a bit when I snuggle up to you…” Hinata murmured, blushing and pouting with his eyes down. “I guess I have to hurry up if I want them back and…”
He wasn’t brave enough to go on and Kageyama was too much embarassed to say anything either. He pressed his own lips together and hid his head between his shoulders. “Fine.” He blurted.

Hinata felt immediately relieved and didn’t wait a second to sit in his lap, press a cheek on his chest and encircle his waist with his tiny arms. The pressure they felt until a moment before disappeared and a sigh of relief could be heard from both of them.
While Kageyama put out his hands around Hinata’s hips casually, the few feathers on Hinata’s back started glowing. It was a little golden light, warm and cozy, perfect to brighten that tree house around them, but even more to brighten their hearts, that were beating a little faster now.

At a certain point, Hinata closed his eyes, feeling good in that hug. “Kageyama?”
“Mmh?” His eyes were still on the stars, his eyelids a bit heavy.
“Do you think my wings will recover soon?”
“I have no idea.”
“I really hope so… so that…” Hinata lowered his voice and frowned. “So that I can fly again with you.”
Kageyama blushed violently and didn’t move a single muscle. The redhead waited for him to speak and then heard a barely audible “Me too.”
Hinata lifted his chin to see again what kind of expression was on Kageyama’s face. It was so shy and embarassed, that his heart skipped a beat. He thought he was cute.

“Oi, will you stop staring at me like that?”
“…Kageyama, kiss me.”
The raven boy was totally upset now. “Hah?!”
“I want to try something.” Hinata just said.
“What the hell is wrong with you tonight, dumbass??”
“Shut up and listen to me. If a hug makes my wings glow, can you imagine what will happen if we kiss? Maybe my wings will grow faster!”
“Are you kid-”
Kageyama realized a second after and blushed even more. That reaction made Hinata laugh.
“Stop it, dumbass Hinata…!” The other one hissed, covering his face with embarassment.
Hinata laughed some more and then smiled tenderly. He slowly took Kageyama’s hand away from his face. “Don’t you want me to fly again? We are… a pair, after all…” He blushed and felt silly, but his smile was still there.
Kageyama looked at him. Hinata was cute, he admitted to himself just now, and the weak light on his wings made him look like an angel.
Kageyama went crazy with a vision like that.

He moved forward and surprised Hinata, touching his lips with his own. The middle blocker blinked and closed his eyes almost right away.
It was new, so they didn’t move for some embarassed seconds, but it was so sweet and simple that their lips parted with a smack and they wanted to kiss again immediately. Kageyama’s touch was soft and light, Hinata’s lips were warm and curious and the kiss deepened slowly without them even realizing. Before they noticed, Hinata clinged to the setter’s shoulders and Kageyama’s hands were already on his cheeks. It became soon a mess of many short kisses, repeated and slightly noisy, and every time they heard the sound of their lips, they wanted to kiss more and more and more.

Suddenly, a stronger warmth surrounded them. They parted slowly and opened their eyes wide, looking at each other.
Part of their astonishment was because of their kissing session - damn, it was good! - but the main reason behind their expression was around them: the whole tree house was glowing, full of golden light coming from Kageyama’s wings. Every single feather was shining, just like Hinata’s.
“Well…” Kageyama started. “Your wings aren’t back.”
Hinata bursted out laughing and then smiled, and his smile was bright as much as their wings. “I guess it’s not so bad, Bakageyama!”
In the end, even Kageyama couldn’t help smiling.


I love the idea of pairs, life and death etc and I decided to include it in this fic, even though the thing isn’t almost mentioned at all. What I found interesting as well was the fact that Kageyama’s wings were shining too! So I thought “What if Kageyama’s wings glow like Hinata’s in very special circumstances or gestures, like a kiss?” Now I’m like “If they have sex, the entire surroundings will glow too?!” HAHAHA
Well, this is it. I hope you like it, even though there could be some details which don’t concern the original author’s concept. ♡