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Name: Andrea
Age: 17
Country: USA

I like art and reading theyre my main passions but i also like to watch horror movies, listen to music, and explore. Oh im also very into makeup. Im looking for a pen pal cause it sounds kinda fun. Im looking for someone who isnt just gonna stop talking after 2 conversations. I actually want to find someone to be friends with! I like indie and classical music as well as pretty much every other type.

Preferences: Onilne, 16-19, USA

i had a flashback to the above exchange after reading the most recent tweets-

fuckin mr planned out practical and concise boy whiskey vs “uhhhhh idk sure ok sounds fun” tango

like whiskeys just “im gonna do things This Way Specifically because that is The Most Sensible and Works”

tango: im gonna wing it

whiskey: [short circuits] [cannot Deal w/tango’s casual approach to life] [steals last of the pie]

also bitty with the relatable content-

I tried! 

spiritedandloyal  asked:

pssst could I ask for some Nano as Sombra? Nanombra? Sombrano? (I just. cannot look at Sombra's Incendio skin without thinking of Kim and Sombra's purples would rock with the flux.. pretty please?? <3 <3)

Mess with the best and die like the rest.

((hells to the Yes))

being next door neighbors with peter parker

i’m also writin an imagine about this lmao but cracks knuckles let’s do this, rip this is super long i got carried away 

 • so let’s say you’re about the same age as peter, if not a little older or younger than him 

• so same grade, most likely same school, and you see him everyday 

 • but you don’t talk much 

 • hey y/n can you believe mr. shein’s class? unbelievable. 

hey peter do you know what was assigned for AP chem? 

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Douchebag Part Two (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

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Warnings: Sex baby lez talk about gettin freaky 

Happy Sequel Sunday! This is a collab with the wonderful and beautiful and calzone-loving @adothoe :D She’s the bomb and don’t listen to a word she says in her author note below she’s a liar 

Ant’s A/N- “hi this is ant and all the sarcastic and witty lines are from me yw”

Words- 4,485

Song- Shh–Raye

“I can’t believe you’re actually making me do this.” Anthony sighed and fisted a hand in his hair. He parked the car in a lot and got out, quickly walking up to the mall entrance.

“Look,” You jogged to catch up to him. “You promised me you’d get me a new bra. And since it’s been about a week since you so rudely ripped mine, it’s about time. How many bras do you think I own anyway?”

Anthony groaned. “I’d buy you every bra in the world if it would make you shut up.”


“My job is to buy you a new bra. Not to be happy about it.”

You stepped into the entrance of the black and pink store, pausing when you realized that Anthony wasn’t following you anymore. You turned around and gave him a look.

“You’re not actually making me go in, right?”

“That depends. Would you rather me run rampant in a lingerie store with your credit card?” you teased.

“Alright fine. I’m coming.”

“You act like it’s a punishment, Ramos,” you said when he caught up with you. “Here’s an entire store filled with beautiful women trying on cute underwear.” You hit his chest and grinned at him. “Make the most of it.”

Leaving him in the middle of the store, you made your way to the demi bra display. You looked through the drawers to find your size, weighing each color and pattern.

“These aren’t very sexy.”

You didn’t look up from your perusal. “The main function of a bra is to hold your tatas up, not to look nice.”

“I liked the one you were wearing in the supply closet.”

You looked up at him. Your pulse picked up slightly as his words brought memories to the surface of your mind, but you quickly tried to hide it. “Fine, Ramos, what would you pick?”

Smirking, he immediately made his way to the lingerie section. Rolling your eyes, you followed.

Anthony picked up several different bras that left very little to the imagination. He handed them to you. “How about these?”

“How do you know my size?”

“I figured if you were gonna make me buy you a new bra, I’d better know which ones would fit. So, I went back to the supply closet and found the size on that bra. Why are there numbers and letters?”

“It’s just…nevermind. Ask the hot size lady to explain it to you.”

“So….are you gonna try these or what?”

You looked down at what was essentially a pile of lace pooled in your hand. “I guess if you’re the one buying it,” you mumbled. You walked over to a sales lady and she showed you to a fitting room but stopped Anthony before he could walk in with you.

“You can wait for your girlfriend on the couch over there.”

“What? She’s not my…fine.”

You walked into the room you were directed to. The lady asked if you needed help but you said you were fine.

Once safely locked inside, you stripped off your shirt and current bra. You tried on a few of the ones Anthony had picked out. They were nice, but you still felt unsure. You looked at yourself through different angles in the mirror, trying to decide if it even looked normal on you. It seemed so fancy; what if you got far with someone and it looked like you were trying too hard? Did it make your back look weird? You encountered the same issue with every bra, and by the time you got to the last one, a low cut, nude bra with navy blue lace running over it, you were on the fence and feeling more than a little insecure.

“Hey Ant?” you asked tentatively. No response. “Ramos?” you said a bit louder.


“You’re a guy right?”

You could barely hear a sigh of disappointment. “Yeah Y/N….I’m pretty sure you know I’m a guy.”

You pursed your lips. “I just…” You cracked the door of the dressing room open slightly, peeking only your head out. “I need your opinion,” you whispered. You looked around for the sales woman.

“What?” Anthony stood off the couch and slid his phone into his back pocket. You motioned for him to come over.  “What do you need?”

“I…can you just-” you sighed and grabbed him by the middle of his shirt, pulling him into the room with you.  You locked the door and leaned against it. Knowing Anthony was standing behind you, watching with careful eyes, you felt your body start to heat up. You took a deep breath and turned around to face him. “Does this look okay? Like is it…hot?”

Anthony stared at you for what felt like forever. You couldn’t read his expression, but his mouth hung open slightly.  “Ant?” you asked meekly. You felt the desperate need to cover up and wrapped your arms around your stomach.

Anthony cleared his throat. “It’s um, it’s good.”

“Are you sure?” you looked down at yourself.

“Trust me. You wanted a guy’s opinion and I’m giving it. You look really, really sexy right now.” he said breathlessly.

“Do I actually?” You walked past him and looked in the mirror.

“Yeah, I uh…yeah.”

You smirked and turned around to face him. “Is the great Anthony Ramos having some issues right now?” you teased.

“Yeah, actually.”

You were slightly taken aback by his response. “Dude, I was kidding.”  You walked over and reached up to pull a hair off his shirt. He grabbed your wrist quickly.

“I’m not.” Your eyes widened slightly, and your heart started to hammer. “And you’re moving into seriously dangerous territory right now.”

“Honestly, Ramos. You’re not scary at all. You’re a teddy bear.”

He stepped closer to you and you were suddenly very aware that you were half naked. “Was I a teddy bear when I fucked you against a wall?”

“You didn’t fuck me against a wall, you fucked me on a couch in your dressing room.”

He smirked. “The intention was there.”

You pressed against him. “But your dick wasn’t.”

“You know what’s better than fucking you against a wall?”

You sighed. “I don’t know, Ramos. What?” He grabbed your biceps and pushed you until you felt cool glass hit your back.

“Fucking you against a mirror.” He dipped his head down and started to kiss your neck. You let out a shaky breath and put your hand through his hair, arching into him.

“Ant?” Your voice was small and shaky. “Here?”

He smirked against your skin. “Sounds kinda fun, doesn’t it?”

“It sounds, um, risky.” You swallowed hard.

“Let me get this straight, you’ll fuck in your place of work but not in a Victoria’s Secret?”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him away. “Pro tip, Ramos. If you wanna have sex with a girl, maybe you should be nice to her.”

“I’ve never been nice to you and that didn’t stop you before.”

You smiled widely. “Thanks for admitting that you’re a total asshole.” Anthony rolled his eyes. “You know I don’t need to stay here. I can walk home.” You reached back and started to unhook the bra. You paused before pulling it off.

“If you’re waiting for me to ask you to stop taking your clothes off, you’re bra shopping with the wrong guy.”

You took the bra off and shoved it against his chest. “Go pay for this, douchebag,” you said, raising your eyebrows at how he obviously moved his gaze to your bare chest.

Anthony smirked and grabbed the bra. “Sure thing, princess.”

You sighed and fell back against the door. What was that about? The first time had been in the heat of the moment, maybe a mistake even, but this was calculated. He wanted you, and part of you hated to admit it, but you knew that you wanted him too. It was something in the way he kissed you. It made your knees go weak.

You quickly got dressed and walked out to see him waiting for you.

“That’s a big bag for one bra, Ramos.”

“I picked up a few things on my way out.” You moved to take the bag from him but he pulled back before you could. “Know the meaning of the word surprise?”

“You say that like you’re going to see me in these.” You reached for the bag again.

“I fully intend to, princess.” You crossed your arms and glared at him. “Don’t get pouty.” he teased. “Come on let’s go.”

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

“I bought them, you model. It’s an easy deal.”

“Can’t get girls to undress for you by yourself, Ramos,” you teased.

“I think we both know what I can do to a girl. Right, Y/L/N?”

“Whatever. It was just work stress. And it happened one time so you can’t keep bringing it up like it meant something.”

“It meant that no matter what you say, you think I’m attractive, and that’s all that matters.”

“Well I could say the same for you Mister ‘Parade-around-in-your-underwear-for-me.’”

“Hey, I never denied thinking you’re hot. I just said you’re bossy and annoying and sooo uptight and-”

“Yeah we get it!” You snapped. You could hear Anthony laughing, but you were too distracted looking at yourself in the mirror. He had chosen a black lacy bra with a sheer corset hanging down, complete with matching lace panties and garter hook to attach to the black stockings. It was…intense, but you didn’t hate it.

“Relax, Y/L/N. You really need to unwind.” His mouth dropped open when you walked out of his bedroom wearing the complicated piece of lingerie.

“I really don’t think this counts as a bra, Ramos.”

He regained his composure and smirked at you. “It holds the tatas up, doesn’t it?”

You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest. “Don’t use my words against me.”

“You know, there’s one way that it wouldn’t count as a bra.”

“What’s that?”

“If you took it off.” You rolled your eyes at him but he grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “It wouldn’t be holding up the tatas anymore, would it? In fact, I can think of something much better to hold them.”

“Oh really?”

“Oh yes.” He wiggled his fingers at you.

“You’re insufferable.”

“You’re not complaining.”

You leaned against his doorframe and smiled. “You know it really is amazing how much I seem to turn you on, Ramos.”

“Is it a crime to get a boner by looking at an attractive woman in lingerie?”

“If it was, you’d have to be punished.”

“Really?” Anthony raised an eyebrow at you. Your eyes widened in horror.

“No! Not like-that’s it I’m leaving.” You went back into the bedroom to change.

“Suit yourself but I was ready to have some fun.”  You rolled your eyes and didn’t respond, opting to pull your pants and shirt on instead. “C’mon Y/N.” You sighed at the way he said your name, your first name. “It’s been a week since it happened and we haven’t talked about it outside of the jokes everyone makes.” His voice was uncharacteristically soft and you could tell he was leaning against the door.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” You pulled the door open and he stood up quickly, looking over your now clothed figure. You grabbed your jacket and purse off his table. “It was a mistake. We were stressed. It’s not gonna happen again, and it didn’t mean anything.” You said firmly. Anthony’s eyes met yours briefly before they darted to the ground. “Consider it talked about.” You moved towards his door.

“Wait! Let me take you back.” Anthony grabbed the edge of the door.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “It’s New York City, Ramos. I’ll catch a cab.”  You tried to pull the door open further but he stopped you again.

“Just let me be nice, Y/L/N.”

You searched his eyes for an ulterior motive, but he seemed to be, for once in his life, serious. So you let him drive you home.

Two show days were becoming your worst nightmare. Not only did they take up the entire day so that there was no possibility of getting anything else done, but you spent the entire day with Anthony. You had been avoiding him semi-successfully since your modeling career had abruptly ended, but you two were co-workers and it was getting harder and harder to avoid run-ins with him, especially when the rest of the cast was always speculating about your lives.

“So they’re not together,” you heard Pippa ask Renee in a stage whisper.

Renee shook her head. “They were finally starting to get along too.”

“I think it’s only a matter of time,” said the third Schuyler sister. “Do you see the way he looks at her?”

The girls shuffled away to take their marks for A Winter’s Ball and you sighed, thinking about what they said. Did he really look at you a certain way?

As if your thoughts of him conjured him up, Anthony brushed past you to make his way to the stage, not apologizing in the slightest, and hey-ing across the stage with Lin and Leslie.

You clenched your fists and took a deep breath, trying not to lose it. Maybe it was an honest mistake.

But it was Anthony. It was never an honest mistake with him.

Jon witnessed your anger and started to snicker lightly. You glared at him and he held his hands up innocently. You huffed and sat down on the stairs. You just wanted to go home. Two show days really were the worst.

You put your head between your hands. Everything was just so confusing. You went from hating him, to sleeping with him, to some weird and awkward friendship, and apparently back to hating him again all in one month. You preferred it back when he was nothing more to you than an annoying bug buzzing in your ear, but somehow everything felt bigger than that now.

“Maybe you should just fuck him again. Seemed to work last time.”

You sighed and rubbed your face. “Or I could quit and not have to deal with him ever again.”

Anthony chose that fantastic moment to come back from the stage, waiting for his Helpless cue. “You’re quitting?” You couldn’t read his face.

“I never said-”

“Wow, Y/N. That seems like something you’d tell your friends.”

You crossed your arms. “Oh, I’m sorry, Ramos. I wasn’t aware we were friends.”

He glared at you then looked back at the stage. It was time for him to go back. “Whatever. I have to go.”

And he did, without looking back.

You were on edge for the rest of the night. You were stuck in a limbo between wanting to scream and punch and wall and wanting to sit down and just give up. You couldn’t understand how Ramos had such an effect on you. He was pissed at you, so what? It wasn’t the first time. You couldn’t figure out why, though. As far as you were concerned he was the one who decided to act like a dick out of nowhere again. You had been trying to reach him somehow but no matter what things were tense and awkward, and you were convinced that had to be his fault.

You were packing up your things after the show when he came up to you again. You thought it was Alex Lacamoire coming to ask you about a tech problem again. “Alex, I’m really tired. Can we talk about the orchestra thing tomorrow?”

“Not Alex.”

You turned around and sighed again when you saw him. Crossing your arms, you stared at him tiredly. “What do you want, Ramos?”

“You’re actually quitting.” His voice sincere, but there was still an edge to it.

“I told you. I never said I was quitting. I was just having a conversation when you decided to come in and twist things,” you said defensively.

He smirked. A calm, over-confident, Ramos type smirk. “Hostile.”

“I can’t deal with this right now.” You turned back around and stuffed your phone charger in your purse. “I think you should leave.”

“I like how you think you can tell me what to do,” he said. You refused to respond. You weren’t gonna give him the satisfaction. “I’m not gonna leave.”

“Why not?”

“Because I have to talk to you, and it would be decent of you to listen.” You faced him. He didn’t look like he was kidding.

“Fine.” You leaned against the table your purse and coat were sitting on and stared him down. “Speak.”

“I’m not a dog, Y/L/N.”

“Maybe not in the physical definition,” you mumbled under your breath.

“Hey, at least I’m not a bitch,” he shot back.

You slammed your hands on the table behind you. “You said you had something to tell me. So tell me and then just leave.” You were starting to shake.

“I just wanna know why the fuck you’ve been little Miss Heartless and acting like I stepped on your pet or something. Why are you avoiding me like the plague? What did I do?”

Your brow creased. That was not what you were expecting. “I’m not avoiding you.”

“Bullshit. You’ve barely spoken to me in weeks.”

“Didn’t seem to bother you two months ago. You need to stop pretending, Ramos.” He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that!” you cut him off before he could speak. “You are pretending and you know it! You keep acting there’s something between us, and there’s not! So we fucked one time and we had to deal with that! Whatever! It doesn’t change anything! Doesn’t change that you hate me and that I-” Words caught in your throat. You felt like you were choking. You- you what? What could you say?

He raised his eyebrows expectantly, but you couldn’t say that you hated him. It just wasn’t true anymore. “And I just really can’t work with you so…so yeah maybe quitting isn’t the worst idea.”  


You frowned. “I’m sorry? Who are you to tell me what I’m doing with my life?”

“I said no! You’re way too fucking good at your job to quit because of me-”

“I don’t care! You can’t tell me what to do!”

Anthony crossed the room. “You can’t quit, okay! I can’t… just can’t-” You stared up at him while he fumbled for words. Something ignited inside you. You grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward, reaching up to attach your lips to his in a heated kiss.

Anthony made a noise of surprise, but it didn’t take him long to respond. He pressed a hand roughly against the small of your back, forcing you to arch into his chest. Everything was starting to click. You didn’t care about figuring stuff out anymore you just needed his hands on you this whole time. You tipped your head back and opened your mouth slightly, letting his tongue slip in. The hand that wasn’t holding you moved to tangle in your hair, which he tugged on lightly. A small sound escaped your lips. He smiled. You practically feel the awkwardness of the past weeks melting off your shoulders.

Anthony backed up until your thighs pressed against the edge of the table. You sat on it and wrapped your legs around his waist. He tugged your hair again, forcing you to throw your head back. He started to kiss your neck, and you bit your lip.

You moaned and the sound prompted him to suck on your neck as one of his hands reached between you to unzip your jeans.

“Fuck…” you whispered.

“I know.”

“Are we really?”

“I think so.”



“We did it before-”

“In a dressing room-”

“No one is here, Ramos.”

Anthony started to pull down your jeans. The second they were off, he smirked.


“So you did like the present.”

You looked down at your bare legs and saw that today you’d decided to wear one of the extra things Anthony had bought you. A nice little pair of lacy panties.

“If you rip them I’ll kill you.”

“I promise to be gentle.” he said teasingly, leaning down to kiss you again.

“Fuck that. I want you to rail me. Just don’t ruin my clothes.” His eyes widened and you ripped open his shirt, grinning at him. “An eye for an eye?”

Anthony surged forward, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you to the edge of the table to press his erection against you.

You smiled as you kissed him, and leaned back so Anthony could tower over you. You pushed his shirt down off his shoulders, and he shrugged it off the rest of the way. He pulled away and you lifted your arms up so he could take your own shirt off. Anthony started to reach his hands towards you again but you stopped him.

You reached around your back and unhooked your bra yourself, throwing it over his shoulder onto the floor. “I don’t trust you, sorry.”

“Fine by me,” he mumbled and started sucking on the soft skin of your breast. You moaned and threaded your fingers through his curls, pulling softly.

Anthony pulled you off the table and you stumbled slightly as he pulled the lace panties down gently. You helped him out by pulling down his boxers and he immediately placed you back on the table, sliding into you all the way.

“God dammit!” Your body froze for a second with shock, but you quickly adjusted.

“You told me not to be gentle.”

You caught your breath. “I…did…”

“Then shut up.” Anthony started to thrust roughly into you. You gripped tightly onto his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin.

“Douchebag,” you moaned into his neck.

“Bitch,” he moaned back.

You tried to come up with a response, but your mind was starting to go blank as the feelings in your body took over. Anthony pounded into you, the table banging against the wall loudly in the empty theatre. You pulled his hair to bring his mouth back to yours and slid a hand down his chest to rest between you as you massaged his balls.

Anthony groaned and caressed his hand over your face. His fingers came to rest on your lips and you sucked them lightly, making direct eye contact with him. Anthony’s eyes glinted mischievously. He brought his now wet fingers from your mouth down to you clit and started to rub there while he thrust into you.

You moaned and arched your back, pressing your chest against his. You kissed him and pulled on his hair and he moaned into your mouth, all the stimulation making him come.

He hung his head and panted heavily into your neck. When he caught his breath, he stood up and pulled out of you gently.

“Are you serious?” you asked. “Already?”

“I’m sorry, I…you were…”

“Whatever, I’m not mad,” you said, obviously a little ticked off.

Anthony ran and hand through his hair, still breathing heavily. You had to admit that you liked the look of it, but you were feeling unsatisfied. “What?” he asked, “You thought I was gonna leave you hanging?”

“You’re not exactly a gentleman, Ramos.”

“You don’t think so?” He put his hands on his hips.

You scoffed and sat up completely, “No, I don’t.”

“Really?” He walked towards you and stood between your legs, running his hand up and down your bare thigh. You crossed your arms and shook your head. Anthony moved his hand from your thigh to in between your legs. He ran his middle finger over your slit. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Y/L/N.”

You let out a shaky breath and gripped the edge of the table. He smirked and started to kiss your chest simultaneously sliding his finger inside of you. You whimpered and pushed yourself against him. Anthony slowly moved down onto his knees and you closed your eyes in anticipation.

You felt small licks on the area around your clit and you moaned, pulling his hair to remind him not to be a tease. You could feel his lips pull into a smile and then instantly attach to your clit where he circled his tongue. He curled his finger inside of you, drawing several moans from your mouth.

You gasped when he added another finger and fisted his hair tightly. Anthony added a third finger and started to move them faster. Your toes started to curl, and you thought you were about to fall off the table.

“Fuck- Ant!”

He sucked on your clit, curling each of his fingers simultaneously. Your legs started to shake uncontrollably. Your breath caught in your throat and you felt your whole body tense for a moment before releasing.

You took several deep breaths and all but collapsed back onto the table. Anthony stood and grinned at you. “See? I can play nice.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah don’t get too confident. You still came in like 0.3 seconds.”

“I’m a guy. It happens.”

“To thirteen-year-olds masturbating for the first time-”

“You’re so-” Anthony held his hands up and sighed. “We are literally about to kill each other the second we’re done having sex. What’s wrong with us?” he said while pulling his boxers back on. You could tell why he was trying to cover up so quickly, and you almost laughed at how easy it was to turn him on.

“We don’t have to stop having sex,” you offered.

Anthony turned around and locked eyes with you. “Are you being serious?”

You shrugged, not making any move to get dressed. “We’re single. Obviously attracted to one another. It works.”

Anthony’s eyes roamed over your body. “I’m not against the idea.”

You smiled. “Why not? At the very least it’ll keep us from tearing each other’s throats out. At least in public…”

He nodded. “And you won’t quit?”

“I was kidding. You never gave me a chance to explain.”

“Sooo… friends with benefits?” He looked up at you.

“I still wouldn’t call us friends but yeah the benefits part works.”

Anthony rolled his eyes and piled your clothes next to you on the table. “Get dressed, then. We’re going back to my place.”

You stood and nodded. “I’ll meet you outside.” He took one last look over your figure before leaving the room.

You got dressed quickly and rushed down the stairs. Anthony was waiting by the door of the theater. “Ready?” he asked. You nodded and walked out of the theatre. Anthony caught up with you, and took your hand in his as you both walked out into the cool night air.

Two Minutes (part 1)

so there was this picture and a (kinda) prompt that came across my dash.  And it sounded like fun - which is to say that the first sentence bit me and once I’d written that, more came.  I feel like there’s more but in these few minutes between chicken chasing and leaving to pick up my dad this is what came out.  @theprojectava I don’t know if this is what you wanted but its my start at least.


He’s not Takashi.

He will never be Takashi.  Takashi, who’s the oldest by a mere two minutes and forty seconds and wears every nanosecond of that birth order in his very bones.

Not that his twin is all straight-laced propriety.  Taka can cut loose and subvert the rules with an almost serene joy.  But he knows it when he does.  Because Taka always knows the weights and balances in everything he does and he manipulates and maneuvers the scale like a pachinko grandmother who’s riding her entire month’s pension check on it.  Ryou gave up trying to match or even meet him when it comes to things like odds or strategy before they were even out of their pre-teens.  Taka can turn on a heartbeat, ride the edge of an eyelash, slip through the tightest spot and keep climbing.  Takashi, bluntly put, is the golden son of the Shirogane family.  And, sometimes, he would be lying if Ryou didn’t admit it was hard, seeing that gleam ahead of him all the time.  It would be harder if his brother was anyone other than his Takashi.  Because Taka never saw him as his shadow, never treated him like an accessory, never loved him with anything less than his whole fierce loyal heart and Ryou - well, Taka wasn’t just the Shirogane family’s golden boy.  He was Ryou’s too.  There had always been a strong, consistent comfort and reassurance in that steady gleam of gold.  Taka had always considered Ryou included in that glow.

If Takashi was the family mon in human form though, Ryou had his own place.  Because every mon needed steel to partner it.  And no one could match Ryou there.

The first time he got into trouble, really got in trouble, it was when he took apart his grandfather’s prized timepiece to see what made it chime.  He’d been six.  By the time he was seven he’d put it back together and for the first time in a century it had ticked time perfectly.  His mind didn’t make the leaps ahead that his golden twin’s did, his mind dug deep and kept digging.  Taka was naming the stars and learning his grandfather’s poetry as soon as he could talk.  Ryou had sat in their father’s study and poured over old, vanilla smelling books about biology and chemistry, learning to enjoy the way things slotted so perfectly into place when enough parts were present.  Taka mastered go and Ryou card games, preferring the patterns he could watch for and manipulate to make things fall perfectly into place.  Taka dreamed up adventures for them around the family fish pond and Ryou built small soldiers out of loose bolts and their grandmother’s fabric scraps to accompany them.  When they were old enough Taka learned to make a hovercraft dance like a petal in the wind and Ryou learned to tune it so that it whispered or purred or sang.  They weren’t complete opposites.  They were almost evenly matched in combat, training together young, with Taka having the advantage of strategy and Ryou the advantage of recognizing patterns quickly.  They both laughed easy, loved bad movies, told worse jokes - but Ryou was the one that would do something just to see what would happen while Takashi preferred figuring it out ahead of time and acting accordingly.  That - last trait meant that more than once it was Takashi that played the hero to Ryou’s messes, not always graciously, but, more often than not, wanting all the details afterward, just as knowledge hungry as his two minute younger twin. 

For twins, they didn’t often play the identical twin joke.  None of the family had ever fallen for it, their cat clever grandmother least of all, and Taka was too soft-hearted to use it on other students or their teachers.  Ryou had empathy.  His just wasn’t as sensitive as Taka’s.  Sometimes a good joke outweighed someone else’s temporary dignity.  As long as it wasn’t done maliciously, Ryou was more willing with the twin hijinks.  And, sometimes, when he was taking his brother’s actions apart in his mind, curious as always, he wondered… if his brother didn’t play twin jokes for Ryou’s own sake.  Because he knew and he knew that his brother could have envied him his golden position.  Sometimes Ryou did.  But that happened less and less the older they got and the more Ryou found his own strengths outside of his brother’s.

Because if Taka could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

(part 2)

Had a lot of fun at renfest, two people realized who I was and most people just really dug the huge hat. I’ll probs take Taako to Denver comic con hopefully i can get the ears and hat to behave together tho /o/

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Something to Talk About

One Shot

Sebastian StanxReader

You were ready to punch him. Not a playful giggling arm punch, an ‘I think you just bruised my rib’ punch. He had been in a mood all day and you were 90,000% done.

This was “date night” if you could call it a date. You and Sebastian had been seeing each other, been an item, so to speak, for three months, and no one knew. You wanted to tell everyone, but had just sensed early on, when there was a blip of press about Seb and his Mystery Woman, that he had wanted to keep your private life just that, private. So when you went out you were careful. Now the gossip mill called you besties and you let them just go right on thinking that. By extension, you had basically started always denying that you were together, even to close friends.

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On, Wisconsin! (Pt. 5 - FINALE)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - some Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: It’s the last day of your trip with the boys, and because of the rain, you’re confined to the cabin as rainy day shenanigans pursue.

Warnings: language - fluff!!

Word Count: 2.1K

A/N: Woo, two fics in one day!! This series has been so much fun to write, and I really hope ya’ll have enjoyed it as much as I have. It really brings me back to going Up North on vacations and it’s just so cute. Thank ya’ll so much for reading, and don’t forget - requests/asks are open, so drop something for me!!

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Your eyelids are heavy as you’re dragged out of your deep slumber. Bucky’s light heartbeat gently drums beneath your fingertips. You blink through your groggy haze and raise your head. Bucky was still sleeping, but you were tucked against his side, one leg over his, as a soft snoring rose and fell from his mouth. A sleepy smile draws at the corners of your mouth as you snuggle back down, melting into the warmth of his body. He begins to stir from his sleep, bringing his arm from around you along with his other one above his head, stretching out his body and sighing a content breath. His arm wraps back around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. You can feel his muscles rippling underneath his thin shirt.

“G’mornin’, doll,” he groggily mumbles, playing with a strand of your hair.

“Mornin’, Buck,” you drag your head up, pressing a light, feathery kiss on the side of his jaw. His eyes are still closed, but he smiles as a low, faint mix of a chuckle and a hum rumbles deep in his chest.

“Do we have to get up? Because I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn comfortable.”

“Yes, Buck, we do,” you laugh light-heartedly. You drag you body up, pushing against his chest to get into a comfortable sitting position. Lifting your arms above your head, you feel the muscles in your back and shoulders stretch, gradually washing away the remnants of sleep from your body. “C’mon, bud.” You pat his stomach then scoot to the edge of the bed, sliding off to stand on the cool floor. “I’ll get the coffee goin’.”

“M’kay, doll. I’ll just stay here,” Bucky mutters as he pulls the blankets back up to his chin, burying the side of his face in a pillow.

“Well, if you’re just gonna stay in bed all day, then I’ll just have to take Steve to today’s activity, and not you.” You saunter into the kitchen and hear the bed shift. Bucky appears by your side a few seconds later.

“What are we doin’ today?” He wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“You’re just gonna have to wait and find out,” you smirk at him. He huffs and presses a playful kiss to the top of your head.

“Always keepin’ me on my toes,” he laughs.

“What are you two up to now?” Steve walks into the kitchen, rubbing away the sleep from his eyes. “Did I just walk in on something I probably shouldn’t have?” There’s a sarcastic edge to his voice.

“Just tryin’ to get Y/N to tell me what she has planned for us,” Bucky turns to Steve, dropping his arm from your waist. He leans back against the counter. “But she won’t seem to budge.”

“Well, I sure hope that whatever you do have planned, it’s not going to be outside,” Steve yawns. “It’s supposed to be storming all day.”

“Please tell me you’re kidding,” you groan as you set down the container of coffee. “Well, there goes my plan.”

“Can you tell us what it is now?” Bucky pries. You sigh.

“I was going to take you guys go-karting at this really fun track, but they won’t be open if it’s raining.” Your shoulders slouch as you dump another scoop of coffee into the coffee maker. “Guess we’ll just have to think of something to do inside.”

“There’s a ton of board games,” Steve suggests. “Plus, we leave tomorrow and we still have a lot of food. We could…make a bunch of it and play games. It’ll just be a relaxing type of day.”

“You know, that doesn’t sound half-bad, Stevie,” Bucky nods. He looks at you. “What do ya think, doll?”

“It’s actually really not a bad idea. It does sound kinda fun,” you shrug. You look at the clock above the stove. It’s 9 a.m. “Why don’t you two find some games we could play, and I start looking for recipes to make.”

“I hope we have Uno,” Steve smiles as he walks out of the room. “I kick ass at Uno!”

Steve was right. You’ve played four rounds of Uno so far, and he’s one every single one. You were convinced he had to have some secret stash of cards, but a quick pat down ruled you wrong - guess the man is just an Uno God.

Halfway through the fifth round, the buzzer on the oven went off. You put your cards face-down on the floor and jump up to take the brownies out of the oven. While the boys were finding games, you had whipped up as many pancakes you possibly could with a full box of mix, brownies, an apple pie, and some cinnamon rolls. There were still a few bags of chips, a lot of fruit, and some granola bars, but you had no doubt that the boys wouldn’t be able to consume all of it, if not over the course of the rest of the day, then by tomorrow morning. You had saved some burger patties and other things for dinner and had already packed up enough snacks for the long car ride back to the airport, so basically anything was fair game. Once you had pulled out the brownies, you carried back out the plate of piled pancakes in one hand and syrup and a new cup of coffee in the other.

Steve and Bucky were distracted from the game by trying to throw pieces of trail mix into each other’s mouths.

“I have pancakes,” you smile, setting them down on the table next to you.

“Oh, hell yes,” Bucky snaps his attention towards you. A peanut hits him in the eye and he winces. “Dammit, Steve, what the hell? Even if I was looking at you, that still wouldn’t have been a good toss!”

About fifteen pancakes, half a tray of brownies, and nearly all the pie later, you and the boys had moved into the living room to watch some movies. Baking always took a lot out of you for some reason, and the idea of sleep began to dance around your conscience. Rain pattering on the roof created a sense of sleepy calm in you. Inglourious Basterds had just started, and you could already feel the weight of sleep pull down your eyelids. You were laying on one of the couches using Bucky’s thick thigh as a pillow, his hand entangled in your hair, rubbing soothing patterns into your scalp. Your body kept involuntarily jolting to try and keep you awake, but the last thing you remember is Christoph Waltz yelling out a phrase in French before the first scene transitioned into the next, then, all at once, everything disappeared.

A loud clap of thunder shook your body awake. You bolt straight up, the taste of sleep heavy in your mouth as you wipe away some drool from your lip.

“Hey there, darlin’,” Bucky smiles at you.

“Hey,” you groggily mumble. A few strands of hair were stuck to your face, and you pull them away, tucking them behind your ear. “What time is it?” You yawn, stretching your arms above your head and leaning back into the couch.

“A little after five,” Bucky looks at his phone. “Steve’s still out,” he nods to the couch across from you. Steve was half-on-half-off the couch, snoring loudly. His blanket had fallen off his body and sat in a crumpled pile on the ground next to him.

“How long was I out?” You blink away the remaining sleepy haze.

“Just a few hours,” Bucky wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you against him. “Are you hungry?” His breath tickles the outside of your ear.

“Kinda,” you sigh. The rain was pounding down on the roof. A flash of lightning lit up the sky above the lake outside the window and another clap of thunder followed. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m always hungry,” he laughs. “Let’s go get some food.”

Bucky managed to eat a full pizza and nearly half a bag of chips by himself, while you stuck to just a few slices and a more reasonable amount of chips. You were sitting in the sunroom on the futon, facing the windows. The rain streams off the roof in small waterfalls, and veiny bolts of light would once-in-a-while light up the cloudy, dark sky. The main source of light came from a small, old lamp on the side table next to you.

“You know,” you mutter, mindlessly playing with Bucky’s fingers. “I wonder how long they had that bet goin’ on.”

“Probably longer than we think,” he chuckles. “I’m sure Wanda had something to do with it. Maybe she sensed something in our minds.”

“Wouldn’t doubt it,” you laugh, looking up at him. He turns his head down to look back at you. His grey-blue eyes shine with something light and loving, making you smile. He presses a long kiss to your forehead. When he pulls away, you sneak a quick, smiley kiss to his lips.

“Alright kids, calm down, spare my poor, old heart,” Steve yawns as he walks down the steps, sitting on the edge of the futon. “Tony somehow managed to call. We have to head back earlier than we thought, something about another mission.”

“When do we have to leave?” You sigh.

“As soon as we can,” Steve’s lip turns slightly downward. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I know you would’ve wanted to stay, but -”

“No, hey, it’s okay,” you smile. “This has probably been the best trip I’ve ever had.” You beam at Steve, lightly squeezing Bucky’s hand that was hanging off your shoulder. “It’s okay that we have to leave early, really. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

Steve smiles back at you, then pushes up off the futon.

“Guess we should probably get packing,” he walks around the futon, grabbing his bag and throwing it onto the edge.

“Yeah, I guess so,” you sigh again, lighter this time. You scoot of the futon, then head up the stairs to start packing. Bucky comes up behind you, sliding his arms under yours and then wrapping them around your chest. He gently tugs you back, pushing your back flush against his chest.

“Thank you,” he mutters into your hair before pressing another kiss to the top of your head. “For everything.”

“You’re so welcome,” you hum in response.

“I wasn’t so sure about the whole ‘roughin’ it in northern Wisconsin thing’, but this was so amazing.”

You turn around in his arms, pressing your hands against his chest and laughing.

“‘Roughin’ it?’ I’d hardly call this,” you nod your head to the side, “‘roughin’ it’. If you think this is rough, just wait until I take you two camping. Maybe I’ll even invite Sam,” you smirk.

“No thanks,” he rolls his eyes, throwing his head back. “If Sam’s goin’, count me out. I wouldn’t be able to trust sleeping in a tent with that guy.”

“Okay,” you shrug, sliding out of his hold. “Then don’t go. I’ll just take Steve and Sam.”

“Why do you do this to me,” Bucky chuckles as he walks around the bed, grabbing his own bag.

“Oh, hey, I forgot,” you say as the memory sparks in your mind. “I got something for you and Steve when we stopped at one of the gas stations on the way up here.”

You toss him a crumpled up red shirt. He unfolds it, blinks a few times, then starts to laugh.

This,” he turns it around. In bright white writing, the shirt reads “Drink Wisconsinbly” in cursive writing over a faded image of Bucky the Badger’s head, “is truly amazing.”

“You like it?” You grin. He

“It’s perfect,” he chuckles again, folding the shirt and tucking it into his duffel bag. “I might just be a Badger’s fan now.”

“On Wisconsin!” You wink at him, shoving the rest of your clothing into the duffel.

Now, this, you think, looking around you, your gaze lingering on Bucky, is a vacation I’ll never forget.

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