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Thirty minutes later, Liam and Zora stood on her sidewalk watching the two now-empty moving trucks drive down the street. The sun was dipping lower in the horizon and Zora still had to make something to eat that night. She turned to Liam.

“What do you say to some dinner?”

“Dinner sounds great.”

Zora always imagined that her first night in her first home would be shared with the love of her life. With Mike. They would set up their bed before making dinner and eating on the floor under the glow of a single lamp.

She got the activities right…she just didn’t expect she would be doing them with her neighbor, Liam.

while he’s away

a one shot set in the ‘hot chocolate with a side of you’ universe
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i know all of my cats are probably.. as aware as each other are but secret always seems the Most aware of everything. like the most alive. like it feels weird to me like i have compassion toward animals and things ans i dont think that theyre unfeeling or that theyre like robots or anythingg but it doesnt process to me that theyve got thoughts and arent just little furry robots on autopilot. because she watches me do things. she watches videos w me on my computer like intently she watches the people in the videos and is genuinely interested in whats going on on the screen. i dont know how to put this in a way rhat doesnt sound weird. but she always reminds me that shes really alive and has thoughts in that little kitty brain of hers

things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.

@mashirondividing​ said:  Hey I was just wondering, my birthday just passed (8th of dec) and I had meant to follow you, but this might be a big ask or anything, it’s okay if you can’t really!! could you maybe draw a birthday Kuroo for me it’s really okay if not

Ayyyyyy I’m always happy to draw Kuroo, so why not! I hope you had a great birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

something i find really funny is how spanish speaking people will introduce a dog to a toddler by calling the dog a ‘guao guao’, which is the spanish equivalent of say,, bark/woof, so you have these grown ass people pointing at a dog and letting the child know that it is called a ‘woof woof’

The sound of your voice will always bring me home.

 @JarettSays confirms one of the songs Grant will be signing as Barry is “Runnin’ Home To You.” It’s gotta be to Iris, come on.


Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

Shortly before Remus Lupin’s fifth birthday, as he slept peacefully in his bed, Fenrir Greyback forced open the boy’s window and attacked him.

Remus Lupin’s full bio, Pottermore.

This is a disturbing bit of information. A lot is said with so little, as is perhaps Jo’s hallmark, but imagine the implications here.

At this particular time, Remus is four years old. He is at the age where many children are sent to attend preschool, and he is able to finally play outside by himself, to eat his own food at the table without any help, and is highly intrigued by humor and makes “poo-poo” jokes just to be daring and self-confident–because he can, because he’s a big kid now. He’s at an age where he is less a toddler and more a true child. He’s more adventurous and daring, and begins to explore his own personality. Remus is a happy child who probably giggles a lot and jumps on the bed just because Daddy said no.

Many children do not remember things before their third or fourth birthday, but Remus is nearing five years old. Whether or not he would have remembered this event in it’s entirety, the event would have been lasting in his mind and Remus would be left with a glaring image that is neither complete truth nor total lie. For Remus, this event was almost surely the “beginning of his life.” In the strange way none of us remember anything before this breakaway point and “none of it happened,” Remus probably does not remember anything before this attack. This was both the literal and figurative birth of Remus Lupin, werewolf.

Moreover, the nature of the attack is clearly hinted at and the potential horror is astounding. Werewolves don’t force open windows. Paws cannot force open windows. This means that Fenrir Greyback had to have entered the Lupin household before moonrise, just prior to his transformation. He did it silently, because Remus fails to grasp at such a young age that the attack was purposeful. He wasn’t scared until the attack itself. But the noise level is irrelevant, because even if there was silence before once the moon rose it wouldn’t have mattered. Four-year-old Remus would be trapped in his  bedroom watching a man transform into a murderous beast right in front of him, and although he screams as loud as he can if Fenrir had time to pry open the window he probably had time to block the door. Lyall can’t get to his son in time, whatever happened. And that kind of trauma is lasting. Whenever Remus goes to sleep now, he is terrified of the memory. He is plagued with nightmares. He is so sick because he’s so small, and he can’t possibly understand why.

Until it happens. Until Remus becomes the thing that haunted his dreams for a month, and nothing can fix that. Much of our personality is formed in these tender years, and the psychological impact of the attack would actually continue to affect Remus for the rest of his life. Not just physically, but psychologically, as well. More than nightmares and new fears, Remus must deal with the new reality of his parents constantly looking tired, constantly worrying, constantly moving around, constantly lying. And Remus can’t help but think it’s his fault, because he’s the sick one. If he wasn’t sick, everything would be better.

That one sentence in the expanse of Remus’ bio is as descriptive as much of the remaining text. And there’s something to be said in the end that Remus’ boggart was not Fenrir. It was not fear of the event that tormented him in childhood, but of his own lack of control during his loss of control. Whatever else the event could have continued to do to him, it didn’t dominate him. Being a werewolf was Remus’ life, of course. Everything he did came through that filter. But he did not hate Fenrir for what he was. He says that he pitied the man who bit him at first, knowing how it felt to transform. But Remus never openly hates Fenrir. He hates that he himself is a werewolf more than he hates the man who made him so, and that’s a huge sign of internal character. That’s who Remus really is when we cut through layers of stigma and self hate. 


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 1 - Z for Zesty


Say my name and his in the same breath

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“Taste of your tongue, oh, the smoke in your lungs.”