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Between Mika and Yuu, who's more likely to confess his love for the other first? And in what situation would they do it?

Well, that’s a hard one!

Both of them are kinda awkward and very inexperienced. One is too clueless and the other too…………….. self-deprecating.

I think Mika is the type to automatically assume he’s burdening other people with his feelings, thus he wouldn’t confess because he’d think of all the consequences it would have on Yuu beforehand.
Also, it’s quite likely he’d think Yuu would hate him if he confessed.
I’ve mentioned this before, but I think his whole arc of accepting his vampirism (at least at first) felt a lot like coming to terms with one’s sexuality.
I’ve been told vampires were originally a reference to that, actually.
(However, our recent discoveries on what OnS’s vampires are like completely ruins this imo. Because it went from “accept you’re a vampire and that there’s nothing wrong about that” to “being a vampire fucking sucks because you lose your emotions and everything that makes you you to become a creature that sorely cares about blood so you must to be turned back into a human” which kind of ruined the whole point of chapter 37 IN MY OPINION and it obviously ruins the similarities with coming out)

On Yuu’s part… I don’t know. I think Yuu’s the kind to let things flow without really having to put a label on anything. Like, he probably doesn’t think about it. If he feels like holding Mika’s hand, he does. If he feels like adopting kids with Mika, he does. If he feels like making out with Mika under the moonlight, he fucking does.

Maybe Mika would finally question him one day like “what are we?” and he’d be like “we’re family” 
“But we kiss” 
“We’re the married sort of family”

And that’s how their “confession” would go like.

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Jareds S/O being a murphy??

- he’s scared of your brother
- he’s intimidated by your sister
- he’s fucking in love with you
- Connor HATES seeing him so much
- Jared sort of loves it
- you probably end up making out in his bed
- but Connors not the one he should be afraid of
- Zoe corners him one day
- “listen. Y/N is the only one in this whole family I actually like. At all. If you hurt them in any- ANY way. I will ruin you’re life. You got that Kleinman.”
- he just nods wordlessly
- Zoe never tells you it happens and neither does he

If I Lose Myself

Artist: OneRepublic

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: You can feel there’s something wrong, but you don’t know what.

Warnings: CURSE. Heartbreak. 

Word Count: 1,471

Want a Song?

So, you weren’t the best at living. You kind of really sucked at it actually. You never said the right thing. You never knew what you wanted to do. Your future was all but a blur. You finally decided that you were going to start living for people, because making people happy made you happy. It gave you a purpose.

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Writing Advice: Writing Addicting Villains

Everyone has a villain that they love even though they know that person is utterly insane or mislead. From Loki to Scar, to Yzma and Gaston, we love to hate these characters. But what makes a villain interesting? Why are there some villains, like Loki, that we cheer for?

It’s easy to set up a paper villain. They’re the villains who have one goal and lack any character development throughout the novel. Examples of such villains would be Sauron (in the Lord of the Rings NOT the Silmarillion), Grendel from Beowulf, Scar, and Iago from Othello. What makes these characters flat? They all generally have a single goal in mind, usually without any other explanation beyond ‘I want power because ‘X’ reason that wasn’t previously explored, but will be mentioned briefly’. Before the Silmarillion, not much is known about Sauron. He is an invisible foe that goes bump in the night and sends his minions out to hunt for Frodo throughout his journey to destroy Sauron’s ring. In the Lord of the Rings, he has no motive beyond wanting to dominate the world and to get his ring back. As Gandalf said, “He is seeking [the ring], all his thought is bent on it”. Every good fantasy or fiction needs a villain. That’s why it’s so easy to fall into the trap of making a standard paper cut out villain who lacks motive or even defined backstory. The only reason we fear Sauron in the Lord of the Rings is because the other characters fear him. We follow their lead because we trust their opinion on the matter. Who in their right mind would argue with Gandalf after all (trick question, lots of people do)?

This doesn’t always make a compelling villain though. We don’t root for Sauron. We don’t care much about his goals. There is no dilemma in our moral compass, wondering if the hero is really who we want to win.

That’s why you want a dynamic, addicting villain. They’re not just there. They’re a person who has goals, dreams, and hopes; a person who has lost or yearned for something. In their mind, they’re the hero. They’re the ones who’ve been slighted.

My favorite example of this sort of character is Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Right from the beginning we know that he’s a manipulative little shit, but there is still an innocence about him. He loves his family. He is simply a trickster (sure, he let in the frost giants to ruin Thor’s day, but who’s counting a small prank like that?). What happens when Loki finds out about his past? He breaks. His character transforms. Loki discovers that he’s been lied to his whole life and realizes that this is why he’s been treated the way he has. So what now? He thinks, 'well father loves Thor, what does Thor do? Thor kills frost giants. I don’t like frost giants, they abandoned me as baby apparently. Let’s trick them, set myself up as the hero, then kill them’. This logic sets Loki in a downward spiral. He wants the throne, he wants to prove he’s worthy. He’s seen the worst of Thor, the Thor we saw briefly at the start of the movie.

“And if I do, then what? I love Thor more dearly than any of you, but you know what he is. He’s arrogant, he’s reckless, he’s dangerous! You saw how he was today. Is that what Asgard needs from its King?” –Loki, Thor

In his mind, he’s the hero and Thor is the villain. He fights with words whereas others whom we consider to be 'heroes’ fight with swords. Loki sees both options as just as worthy in his mind. 

“I could have done it father! For you! For all of us!” –Loki, Thor
“I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!” –Loki, Thor

These two quotes set him up as a drastically different character from other usurpers that we’ve seen. Scar from Lion King wanted only power (again, based purely on the first movie and not external sources, which set him up as sympathetic and give him an actual backstory). Loki however wanted to show that he was as capable as Thor, the ideal warrior, the perfect son (except for his arrogance).

We know that Loki is bad. We know that his moral compass is wrong. His lack of care for life and constant lies prove that. However, because they set him up as someone who was hurt, who had hopes and feelings, we partially rooted for him. We felt bad when we saw him on the rainbow bridge ready to fall to his doom. We wanted him to be saved.

Don’t create a villain just to have opposition.

A villain has to have their own thoughts and complex story. To have a compelling villain, you have to be sure to give him/her/them just as much attention as your heroes because in another story, they’re the hero. Make them the reflection of your hero. Make them the complete opposite. Make them some guy on the street who decided it was time for a change of pace. Figure out their favorite food. Find out what their guilty pleasure is. Make them human.

Villains aren’t just paper cut outs. They’re characters too. You can’t have a hero without the contrast of a villain.

On Akiteru/the small giant

IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE. First, I was just wondering – presumably Akiteru’s team is the Kaji Wild Dogs; are they based in Torono or Sendai? Also, I have quite a lot of questions about Japanese bars; if anyone’s familiar with the topic, feel free to hit me up! I won’t be able to reply for a few days, since I’ll be going where there’s no Internet, but I’d be eternally grateful if anybody could help. I may or may not need this information for a Akiteru/small giant fic I’m writing(*´▽`*)

Anyway, it’s all under the cut so I don’t clog up people’s dashboards with my ramblings!

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CABIN PRESSURE and the Episode...
  • A: where there is smoke in the flight deck (probably)
  • B: where there is smoke in the loo (definitely)
  • C: where Arthur thinks the passenger is hot (and chaos ensues)
  • D: where Carolyn thinks the passengers aren't hot (and chaos ensues)
  • E: where the presence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • F: where the absence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • G: where the passenger and her bassoon must not be apart (also cheesecake)
  • H: where the passenger and her sister must not be together (also fishcake)
  • I: where they rescue a victim who was not actually in danger and cause two victims in the process
  • J: where they repair a plane that was not actually broken and cause a broken car in the process
  • K: where they hang around Fitton airfield for about a week (literally)
  • L: where they hang around Russia for about a week (figuratively)
  • M: where there is some trouble but they sort it out together and are a happy little family because they just need each other so much asdadaddfff
  • N: where Martin tries to be Maverick (and fails)
  • O: with the otters in heaven
  • P: where Martin tries to be Miss Marple (and fails)
  • Q: with the polar bears on the ground
  • R: where Douglas does something clever (but ruines the day)
  • S: where Douglas does something clever (and saves the day)
  • T: where there isn't enough alcohol
  • U: where there isn't enough alcohol (but too much pineapple juice)
  • V: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by a stranger
  • W: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by his friends
  • X: where they are annoyed because they are stuck together
  • Y: where they are annoyed because they are stuck apart
  • Z: (oh god....)
Theory: Grisha, Zeke, & the Warriors

All these chapters and Grisha Jaeger is still about as much of a mystery as the coveted basement. More info has been revealed about him now, but what precious info we were given only raises more questions. It’s enough to keep my head spinning with ideas, at least enough to occupy myself for the time being because why not.

When chapter 71 debuted, there was finally confirmation that Grisha was from beyond the walls. So hooray for that…but we don’t know where from explicitly, because even if Keith Shadis did probe for further questions, he was only met with a simple explanation of “I don’t remember.” I can’t tell if Grisha actually suffered from some amnesia, or if he just was dodging questions. Either way, more food for thought. 

The only known factions beyond the wall are Ymir and her people who may be long gone by now, and of course the warrior village. For a long while I assumed Grisha had some connection to Ymir, because titan resemblance (elf ears on titans is really something else), though not explicitly blood related. I didn’t think he was in touch with the warriors given how he would seem to be against them committing mass murder and putting the life of his family at risk.

As always, Isayama throws in another curve ball. A long time ago, the SnK wall exhibitions revealed a drawing of who would be later known as RBA’s boss, War Chief Zeke AKA the Beast titan/Ape titan/Monkey Trouble. Zeke, in his human form, was canonically revealed in chapter 70. The chapter immediately preceding the one where we get some extra backstory info on Grisha from Keith. Interesting. 

Once chapter 70 was released, my immediate thought concerned just how much Zeke and Grisha looked alike. Not to mention more titan-form similarities. Luckily some smart people were on this and wrote out this theory which nicely wrapped some details together, ultimately forming the theory that these two could be closely related. 

…Although I’m personally more on board with the two being brothers. Maybe even half-brothers. Great news, Eren, you’ve got an uncle you’re destined to meet soon! Another character who has an uncle that isn’t exactly aligned with our protagonists. Guess he and Levi can bond over that if it’s true. 

I’m gonna assume that their relation is true in some form for the sake of this theory. Because I have other ideas to bounce of off that one.

One of those ideas is that Grisha actually originated from the warrior village. The jury is out on whether he defected from the village and fled to the walls, or if he was sent there on a mission from God

Regardless, I think Grisha approached the walled society with peaceful intentions. A pacifist who would only resort to extreme measures when the time called for it. He was trained as a medical doctor, so his skills were surely needed regardless of where he came from. Losing him would mean the loss of a valuable resource. 

Maybe the warrior village wasn’t always known for its warriors. This lovely post on chapter 81 by ghostmartyr suggests something I hadn’t thought of before: if the village has always had the advantage in terms of military forces (or at least for a good long while), then maybe they spent the majority of their time using less progressive, less genocidal ways to achieve their goals. Until sometime over 5 years ago. She suggested a change in leadership happened, which could point to Zeke taking command as War Chief.

I’m gonna roll off of that piece of speculation, because I’m at a bit of a loss regarding all the motivations of the village. Why didn’t they make such a brutal attack earlier? What was stopping them? What changed, exactly?

So maybe a previous attempt included Grisha being sent to the walls. Or if not a direct order, something he imposed on himself. To try something different. To become a well respected doctor who the people would trust. He could work his way up, say, in hopes of one day successfully negotiating with the Reiss family and whoever possessed the Coordinate? 

Come to think of it, the guidebook info regarding Grisha shows one of his highest stats is…trust of the locals. A solid 10/10. Shame the walls being breached sort of ruined any long-term plans. He wound up pleading with Frieda for…something. Probably help to stop the titan invasion. But King Reiss prevented her from cooperating and things got a little out of hand. 

Imagine Zeke assumed Grisha was long dead by the time the attack was initiated. Which then killed his wife. And led to Grisha forcing his son to kill him to gain the titan’s power. Oh the irony. 

I like to think that Grisha and Zeke were close, or at least cared for each other enough, but didn’t always see eye to eye on handling foreign affairs. Grisha was gone for about 15 years, and no sign of returning. This just looked like another failed attempt at making progress. Maybe he was believed to have been killed by the walled people. Nothing like your enemy killing your beloved family member to help fuel your vendetta – hey. Maybe his relation to Eren isn’t so far-fetched, right? 

Whatever tactics used before had little effect, so he and Grisha had diverged on new ways to go about this. One opted for a peaceful way that would preserve lives, and the other to go all out with violence and disregard any innocents – no more half-measures. When Grisha’s plan failed, from Zeke’s perspective, it was time for something more radical to end this cursed history. People who can’t throw something important away can never hope to change anything

Yin-yang siblings is a popular trope, isn’t it? They even got that light vs dark hair motif going for them.

Lavender Part 3

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Member: Chanyeol (Ft.Baekhyun)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,021

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 4.1 , Part 4.2

Listen here

You stared blankly at the pastel coloured wall of your bedroom. Words Baekhyun uttered kept replaying in the back of your head. All you could think and contemplate was Baekhyun’s logical words. You were taken aback when he had said them to you but at the same time, it had kept you thinking from the moment he had said them to the moment you were alone in your bedroom. You sighed and drop yourself onto your bed. Unknowingly, tears were already welling up your eyes. You clench them shut as you cried yourself to sleep, still in deep thought of the conversation you had with Baekhyun that evening.

“Don’t you think Chanyeol is having a tough time?” Baekhyun broke the ice, the question caused you to avert your gaze from your heels to him.


“Ms (Y/S/N), I’m sorry I hadn’t fully informed you of my intention to bring you out for dinner tonight,” Baekhyun leans in. “I’m actually here to talk about you and Chanyeol.”

“What about us?” You raised an eyebrow.

“About your relationship after that incident.” Baekhyun heaves a sigh. “I know you may think that I’m in no position to interfere with your personal matters but if this concerns my best friend, I hope that you would let me have my say on this?”

Baekhyun’s eyes were searching for any look of approval written on your face. Your eyes turn away. You wanted to run, you wanted to hide, you wanted to just be free from this suffocating situation. You were certain that the words Baekhyun was going to say were actually from Chanyeol and he was just here as a good friend and a middleman. You let out a deep breath before turning to him. You knew you had to face the truth sooner or later. You press your lips into a thin line.

“Go on.”

“I’ve known Chanyeol for years and he had told me a lot about you before the incident,” He continued. “You are a strong woman from what I have heard, you have never shed a tear infront of him even after the fights you had with him.”


“Don’t you think it’s about time you let him go-“

“What for?” You were vexed and he could sense it. He sighs.

“Why do you want to live in a world where you delude yourself every day, every night, every hour, every minute, every second, that the person you love actually loves you back? He has forgotten about you Ms (Y/S/N) and it has been 2 weeks past the incident yet he has not recalled any single memory of you. Not even the shared apartment you two bought, your cooking, your way of speech, your smile and not even your scent.”

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I like your writing yay😊😊 Can you please continue just saying please ily ☺😊

Author’s Note: I never thought about making a part two but here it is.

To my previous Anon: this still counts as ‘the end of the weekend’ right?

#JustSaying (Part Deux) Here’s Part One


“Where’s your boyfriend?” I ask [Y/N] as she slides down the booth. It’s a tradition for us to meet at this diner every Friday and since she started seeing her boyfriend she’s been bringing him along.

“We broke up” she says bluntly as the waiter hands her a menu. I don’t know why the wait staff even bother us with that anymore. Every week we order the same thing. [Y/N] gets a strawberry milkshake and an order of curly fries while I get a double cheese burger with extra pickles.

“Oh” I try to act surprise but I’m not. Lets be honest, her relationship with ‘Mr. Netflix for books’ wasn’t going anywhere fast.

“Yeah, the girls talked me out of seeing him” It takes a lot of willpower not to start fist pumping to express my excitement. Or to pull out my phone to type a reminder to send the each of the girls a muffin basket to show my gratitude.

Our usual waitress comes by to take our orders.

“You deserve better than him, [Y/N]” I tell her while gently rubbing her back. And by better than him, I mean me.

“You guys say that about every guy I date but I don’t think there’s anyone better out there that want to date me” She sighs and rests her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there who want to date you, guys who have a real job and don’t make you pay for dates" Guys who play bass guitar and get along with her St Bernard, Cujo.

[Y/N] laughs “If there’s anything positive about my breakup it’s that I’ve saved $100 by not having to pay for dates.”

I turn my head to smile at her as the waitress puts down our food.

In between bites of food we discuss all the important topics of the day.

Whether Teresa Guidice will still be on Real Housewives of New Jersey when she gets out of prison. The blind otter at the Vancouver Aquarium. Michigan State football. Why Alex Gerard goes to the hair salon every single day.

I pay our bill while [Y/N] is in the washroom. As we’re in the parking lot walking to our cars, I realize that with my luck [Y/N] will probably have a new loser boyfriend the next time we meet up at the diner.

"Hey [Y/N],” She stops walking and looks up at me expectantly “do you want to do something else after this? We could go to the movies or go down the boardwalk or the beach…” I trail off trying to gage her interest in the idea but she has on her poker face.

[Y/N] raises her eyebrow “Calum Thomas Hood, it sounds like you’re asking me on a date”

“Well then it is exactly what it sounds like.” I tell [Y/N] confidently.

“You know I’d go anywhere with you, Calum” She giggles and I drape my arm across her shoulder leading her to the direction of the shops.


My friend, [Y/N] and I are walking down the aisles of Costco shopping for the housewarming party she was helping me plan.

“[Y/N], do we really need all this food?” I ask her as she puts a container of seven layer dip in the shopping cart.

“Well yeah” She says grabbing some flannel pajamas off the display. Somehow this shopping trip turned from buying stuff for my new apartment to buying random crap [Y/N] needs.

I glance down at our almost full cart. “How many people are going to be there that we need 150 two bite brownies?”

“Okay, well you and I are going to eat like 90 of them in the days leading up to the party and then that leaves 60 for the fifteen people that are coming.” [Y/N] replies, grabbing some contact solution before making our way to the check out.

I watch as the family next to us buys eight jugs of milk. How are they going to finish that before it expires? “We’ve been out this whole time and you haven’t even said anything about your boyfriend” I’d hate to ruin the moment by bringing him up but I feel like that’s the sort of things friends talk about. Friends.

[Y/N] shrugs her shoulders “I don’t have a boyfriend anymore”. Okay that is definitely something friends are supposed to tell each other.

“What happened?” I can actually list a multitude of reasons why they would break up. First, he cheats at poker, secondly, he thinks that “people only have pockets on their jackets for the look” and wants to invent a jacket with fake pockets, third-

[Y/N] snaps me out of my mental monologue. “His mom walked in on us when we were about to you know…” [Y/N] makes hand gestures that make it look like she’s trying to make a shadow puppet using the fluorescent Costco lighting. “I couldn’t his mom in the eye after that happened so I broke it off”.

The cashier finishes scanning our items and I’ve managed to spend $200 on this housewarming party; even without [Y/N]’s pack of 32 C batteries and three litres of shampoo.

The next obvious step in our Costco adventure is to brave the twenty person long line in order to buy ice cream sundaes.

“Who knows maybe I’ll meet someone at your housewarming party.” I scoff at [Y/N]’s suggestion. “Invite any cute guys?” I’m pretty sure [Y/N] and I have different ideas about the kind of guys she should date.

“I don’t know [Y/N] there might be one guy there that you’ll like but you’ve already met him.” I try to be subtle as  a guy walks past me holding six whole pizzas.

Her eyes widen “Really?”

“Yup.” I tell her confidently as we move up to twenty fifth in line.

[Y/N] bats her eyelashes at me. “Well I hope he’s tall with hazel eyes and a fantastic sense of rhythm and hair the color of the caramel syrup I’m getting on my sundae.”


I’m hanging out at [Y/N]’s apartment after the movies as she packs up her boyfriend’s things. Normally I’d leave her alone to do this but she specifically said she didn’t want to be alone right now.

So here I am. Lying on her couch and reading her ornithology textbook from last semester

“Do you think she’s pretty? Prettier than me?”[Y/N] asks throwing like seven pairs of shoes into a box with “Cheater” scrawled on the side with red Sharpie. 

“I don’t know, [Y/N], I only saw the back of her head"I tell her focusing back on the chapter explaining the evolution of birds. The textbook is quite funny, well not the actual content in the books but rather the speech bubbles [Y/N] has drawn next to the pictures with captions that are just thinly veiled Mean Girl quotes.

"Did she have a nice head shape?” [Y/N] inquires pulling out piles of clothes, hangers and all, and stuffing them into the now overflowing box.

“What?” I ask pulling myself away from the chapter on Flightless Birds. Which is a shame because the Emu just telling the Cassowary: “Oh my god you can’t just go around asking the Asian ostrich why they went extinct”.

“You said you only saw the back of her head, did she have a nice head shape” [Y/N] probably decided she didn’t want to waste her velvet flocked hangers on her ex-boyfriend so now she’s taking them off one by one.

“Um… I guess. I didn’t see any alarming deformities.” I know the correct answer would be ‘no, you’re way hotter, her hair was super greasy’ or something along those lines but I’ve never been good at lying to [Y/N]. Seriously though, how did [Y/N]’s ex get two girlfriends and I can’t even get one.

“How did you not think this was a possibility? Didn’t you say he was always telling you he was hanging out at the mall for like hours on end?” Normal people who aren’t cheating don’t do shady things like that.

“I don’t know, I thought that maybe, just maybe, he got a job that he was super embarrassed about.” [Y/N] seals the box up with tape. “Well that’s everything.”

“When’s he coming to get his stuff.” I ask her, moving on to speech bubble of Stellar Jays telling one of their own that sharing a bird feeder with a Chickadee was totally off limits according to the rules of feminism.

“Tonight at seven.” [Y/N] sits down next to me on the couch. It’s not really a couch, its more like a love seat, which means our thighs are touching.

I reluctantly put down her ornithology textbook and get up. “Well I guess I better-“

“Or you could stay.” She looks up at me hopefully “we could order delivery from that Italian place that’s nearby and watch the Islanders-Avalanche game.”

Well that just sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.

“I guess I’ll stay. Even if it means me sitting through three hours of you gushing over how tall and blonde Gabriel Landeskog is.” I tell her sitting back down with [Y/N] snuggles into my side.

[Y/N] shrugs “What can I say, I have a type.”


I am at [Y/N]’s house putting the finishing touches on my signature dish. In other words, I was putting the sushi I got onto a non-paper and non-styrofoam surface. I also lit some candles I found in the bathroom cabinet. At the time I didn’t realize it but it turns out they were scented. I hope [Y/N] likes the smell of ‘Snow dusted woods’ with her chopped scallop roll.

"Oops,” I said dropping a piece of salmon sashimi on [Y/N]’s kitchen floor. Before I could bend down to pick it up, and totally not rinse it off in the sink and put it back on the platter, her cat Kovu (yeah like from Lion King 2) snatches it up and carries it over to his bed to devour.

Definitely not letting [Y/N] know about this.

After I throw out the takeout containers I hear [Y/N]’s front door open and the sound of [Y/N] humming ‘Mrs. All-American’ following.

”Michael what are you doing here?” [Y/N] asks as I squeeze soy sauce out of the packets.

I point at the banner I put up earlier “[Y/N]’s Post Break Up Extravaganza” She reads. She’s still in her work clothes, she looks so cute.

“You’re celebrating my breakup?” [Y/N] looks like she’s tired of my shit but we both know she loves me.

“Its a big accomplishment” I know I’ve never had to break up with anyone who was ‘Instagram famous’

“You don’t know how hard it was, he had just started incorporating calisthenics into his workout."Y/N eyes the sushi I’ve arranged on the platter. She’s obviously hungry but we need to get something out of the way before we make our breath reek of fish.

"Well we’re also celebrating that I can finally go up to you and do this.” I pull her close to my body and press my lips against hers. [Y/N] moans and tangles her fingers in my crimson hair, deepens our kiss.

[Y/N] pulls aways from our kiss smiling. “Well that’s certainly worth celebrating.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” I tell her nuzzling my head into her neck and running my hands down her back. With my cheek pressed against the side of her neck I can feel the effect our kiss has on her body: her pulse is racing and her breath is shallow.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Kovu strut off, he’s clearly seen his fill of PDA for today.

“Mikey, as much as I like making out in the kitchen. The sushi you put out looks really good.”

I laugh and let [Y/N] escape from my arms before she faints.