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Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, I know you guys are really busy and workign really hard on life stuff and WoY stuff but I had sort of an idea? Ah it might be sort of dumb, but I was wondering about what if we made a day where wander over yonder fans all sent disney xd (or some designated person there) a sock to show how much they care for the show (it'd be a nod to the epic quest of unfathomable difficulty episode). one sock per woy fan. idk I feel like its sort of silly but what do you think?

Hello Anon, please never think that an idea is dumb. All ideas are worth considering. Thanks for putting this forward. 

This idea reminds me of the packets of mustard and mayo that fans wanted to mail to Disney. I’m still unsure about how Disney would react to this sort of campaign strategy so I’ll post this to my blog to let the fans debate it.

Things to consider: 

Not everyone can afford to mail things to Disney.

Disney might see it as an annoyance.

Things like his have worked in the past for other shows.

Small mustard and mayo packets might work better.

A set day seems impractical as fans come from all over the world so a week might be better so mail has a longer window to arrive from places outside of the US.

Plain white socks could also be personalised with pens to have #savewoy written on them.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reblogs please!


Larentine’s Day Part 1/ Part 2

So this is super long overdue, and I apologise for the wait. It’s sort of been one thing after the other in my personal life, so yeah. I hope you guys can still enjoy it despite how ridiculously late it is.

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this, but I did in dedication to someone very special to me. I can’t name them – but I hope they are reading this, and know it’s about them, because I made a promise to complete this comic. Thank you so much for all your support. The heartache is worth the memories.

Also a big thank you to @barbxo1d – who graciously provided me with the beautiful markers and paper that all the backgrounds were drawn on. I cannot thank you enough, you’re incredibly generous and are always lovely to talk to. I will cherish your gifts.

And lastly, to all the kind souls who’ve come to my inbox to check in on me, or just leave kind words. You guys keep me going, so thank you.

Fic Rec - Haikyuu!!

It’s fanfic writer appreciation day, so I want to send some love to my favourite fic writers out there. Since there’s so many good fics in the Haikyuu!! fandom I’ll restrict myself to completed fics, or else this will get out of hand. These will be sorted by the main pairing in the fics. There’ll be some rare pairs here so look forward to that xD


Learning us (nsfw is skipable) by @morisuke-kun. I think I’ve said this a thousand times already, but this is my favourite EnnoTana fic of all time. It hurts so bad at times, but the ending is worth it!

Think Fast by GalaxyAqua. This one just made me smile the entire time.

Bring It In by garbagecannot. I love the premise for this one and the writing is on point!


There’s so little content with these guys as the main focus, but easier than you think by harklights is sooo good.


Raise your prayer to a shout by @veto-power-over-fanworks​. An interesting take on the Soulmates AU.


Rewrite the Rulebook (nsfw) by @tastewithouttalent​. The slow burn fic to end all slow burn fics.

Falling for you (nsfw) by @twisting-vine-x​. They have an absolutely stellar writing style!


When it rains… by @karasunovolleygays​. I really love how this fic develops.


The Stars in Summer (nsfw) by @ellessey-writes​. This made me melt into a puddle.

Spellbound by isthisphantasy. Just a really cute Hogwarts AU. (also Slytherin!Suga ftw!!)


Sun Above Your Shoulders by @lesbiopteryx​. I really like how Kageyama is characterised in this one!

I like the way your clothes smell (nsfw is skipable) by @mysecretfanmoments. If you haven’t read this yet, I don’t know what rock you have been hiding under, because it’s lovely.

Best Friends but Maybe Something More by @rolling-blunder. This one is just adorable.


Bad with kids by @silvercistern​. A lovely little one-shot!

Shake don’t shatter by @farseersfool. I really love the writing style in this one (also Transboy!Akaashi).


Because, Friends Hug (nsfw) by SheenaChan. This fic is so self-aware and funny at times and really well written!

Of Amedot and Lapidot

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, y’all

Had a bit of an epiphany the other day regarding certain ships.
I’m specifically talking about Amedot and Lapidot.

“Too Far” was the episode that actually made me interested in SU ships at all.
Amedot is pretty legit, imo, and I think it’s worth exploring.
Then Barn mates came out and my eyes for Lapidot were opened. They’re pretty adorable and there was chemistry of a sort there.

I never really bothered comparing the two, I’ve just enjoyed both and haven’t thought too hard about it.

But….when I see fanart and I think about it…..Amedot is the healthier relationship, by far.

Lapidot has the issue of Lapis being a far more powerful and experienced gem than Peridot. Add that and the fact that a lot of their relationship revolves around Peridot helping Lapis cope and I don’t think that’s a good basis for a relationship.
I think that they’re better as close friends who support each other.
Lapis by standing behind Peridot and encouraging her when she’s trying out an idea.
Peridot , while enthusiastic, still requires acknowledgement and encouragement or her mood might falter.

Lapis, on the other hand, needs her own kind of support, but also acceptance.
Peridot is fairly innocent, but she isn’t Steven. In addition to that she can be very blunt and straightforward.
Steven might lie to avoid hurting her feelings, but Lapis is insightful enough to not be comforted by that sort of effort.
She’ll grow more from Peridots honest and direct help.
Peridot also has a way of taking the scene, but she still allows others room when they ask for it. So Lapis can be a part of things, but she can also just observe , if she wants to.

What’s unhealthy about Lapidot as a pair is that the different levels of experience and power often (especially in Fanon) leads to Peridot simpering to Lapis and Lapis occasionally acknowledging her affection for Peridot.
I don’t think this is as much an issue in the show itself (I think Lapis respects Peridot’s energy and enthusiasm), thankfully.

All in all, I think this is better grounds for a friendship than a relationship.

Now, for Amedot.
In Amedot we have two younger gems who recognize each others attention.
They’re both inexperienced , but they both enjoy the others company and are curious about each other.
The inexperience means they are on equal levels and there’s room for conflicts to happen and be resolved without loss of respect.
They both make mistakes and they both screw up, but they’re also mature enough to recognize and point it out. Amethyst also knows Peridot (and herself) well enough to recognize when she’s being bitter and can read between the lines.

There’s so much that can happen here. It’s pretty simple. They’re two equals who’re interested in each other and have certain traits in common.
Perfect basis for a relationship.

if people sent me death threats and questioned whether or not i was worth being treated with any sort of humanity all because i made a dumb but otherwise innocuous joke in defense of my girlfriend, i wouldn’t go out of my way to apologize and i don’t think most of you would, either.

When did we all decide that Johnlock had to happen in s4 for it to be canon, have we totally disregarded s5? I mean yes, the arc made more sense to resolve in s4, but perhaps s5 will help sort everything out? And then we’ll get 3 episodes worth of explanation vs 1 secret episode? Idk

It’s okay if you haven’t had a culturally recognizable relationship. 

You can have meaningful connections with people without them being your partner. You can have romantic and sexual experiences with people be brief and undefined and still be emotionally significant. You can have loved someone without anything coming of it, and still have that feel like a defining aspect of a period of your life. You can have dalliances and flirtations and non-committed-but-still-consistent-dates-with relationships. You can have intimate friendships, and you can have times of genuinely wanting to be alone. 

Your worth isn’t defined through having a committed romantic partner. There is no deadline by which you need to have had that experience– not high school, not your twenties, not at all. There’s nothing wrong with you if you never have that sort of relationship with someone, whether by choice or circumstance. You might feel sad, lonely, heartbroken because of it, and those feelings are real and hard and shouldn’t be made light of, but they do not reflect your importance as a person. 

You do not need to have had that experience to be able to have known connection with others– even if your connections and relationships have been mercurial or fleeting or never distinctly defined at all.

Some of us may never have the sort of relationship our cultures define as a necessary and identity-defining part of life. We know there’s not always “someone for everyone” in that sense. There are just people. Walking around, sometimes experiencing things together for brief periods, then parting ways. 

I think it’s important to respect the weight of that, even when it hurts. Some connections are beautiful because of their temporary and fragile existence rather than in spite of them. Some connections are important even if everyone else in the world says they aren’t. 

Review #58 - History is All You Left Me

I have a myriad of thoughts in my brain about this book I can’t assemble together, a lot like the pieces of history our main character, Griffin, couldn’t sort into one finished puzzle. I don’t know how I feel about it. I can tell you this much, it was a lot of things at the same time. A lot of good, a lot of bad, a lot of everything in between, and I sort of think that was the point. 

History is All You Left Me was split into two wavering points of view, one based in Today and one based in History, so there’s a reason I felt a little thrown off, because things didn’t come together until literally the last page, which made me feel like I was grasping for some truth the entire time. However, I am convinced this book is worth a second read, just from knowing what I know now. 

I actually had to start this book over after hitting page fifty-two, because there are so many subtle inside jokes, characters, descriptions, and metaphors you have to be cognizant to register, otherwise you do lose part of the story. So by page fifty-two, because I wasn’t reading it mindfully enough, I was already lost in the lingo. 

I think the lingo took just as much away from the story as it added. By the end I didn’t really feel any type of way about it. There were too many moments that went right over my head. I swear I reread more paragraphs in this book than I ever have before trying to figure out what the author was attempting to explain. 

The story follows Griffin, a boy riddled with OCD compulsions, as he grieves his ex-boyfriend, Theo’s sudden death with the help of Theo’s boyfriend, Jackson. 

And I should also mention, as the book is written in first person, Griffin, the narrator, is actually telling the story by talking to Theo, which was interesting. A lot of “your parents” “your house” “you did this” “you did that”–it was different, sort of hard to keep up with at times, but I don’t think it took anything away or added anything in the long run–like I said. 

I think my favorite part about this book was also my least favorite part about this book–the quirkiness. Where at times it added something so infectious and adorable, there were other times where I felt like it was just completely taking away from the story. I didn’t feel it needed to be SO quirky. I felt if there had been some moderation, the story would have greatly benefited. 

It is a good story. Adam Silvera, the author, did justice to OCD, and he did justice to the grieving process–two incredibly difficult feats to take on, and he did it with grace. 

I didn’t feel like Griffin’s pain went away over night. I didn’t feel like he reacted inappropriately at any point. I didn’t feel like there were any unrealistic moments, and it’s an amazing testament to the author’s level of understanding. As somebody who suffers from some minor compulsions, but has major anxiety, I feel he did an honorable job with this anxious character. 

The first love was just the all-encompassing, head-over-heels romance I wanted and needed it to be. It was fast-paced and provocative. It was explorative and adventurous. It’s a love I wanted to be apart of. 

I’ve told Theo I love him four times, and it was easier with each one. I picture each word like a fearless skydiver. An assembly of brave words just dove out of the clouds and landed in my bed.

But, man, Theo and I getting dressed together is kind of a quiet miracle, what people don’t even know to dream about until it happens in real time. 

I also felt like the ending was perfect. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it, but to me, it’s sort of a romantic privilege to be upset when the ending isn’t necessarily “happily ever after.” There’s a big surprise that hits you by the end, but in a really good way. I did feel there should’ve been a bit more foreshadowing, just because the ending seems really bleak for a few too many pages before the surprise reveals itself. 

I think Adam Silvera has a really strong handle on YA fiction for the most part, but I think there were a few too many darlings he should’ve killed. A few too many places where I was just thinking, was it necessary to make this comparison. Was it necessary to describe this this way. Etc. I think he understand teenagers–they’re completely overwhelmed with strange thoughts, we all are, and he made those strange thoughts kind of awe-inspiring in a way.

I did like his prose a lot. Like I said, some really strong moments and some really weak moments. 

“… he broke me in a way everyone should be lucky to be cracked open at least once. I had the privilege of being destroyed by him until we found a better, real me inside of the person I was pretending to be.”

“When accidents happen, people know where to leave flowers, but not me. Everything happened so quickly.”

“It’s weird how all the information Theo spent downloading into his stupid beautiful brain is now gone.”

The dialogue was definitely the strongest element in this story. I found most my beautiful lines woven into their peculiar brains as they tried to make sense of this loss. This moment in time they still can’t believe happened. And I think comparing history to a puzzle is sort of an ingenious thing, because Griffin is right, there are a lot of puzzle pieces you don’t witness when it comes to somebody else’s history, and he’s just as right in feeling like it’s sort of a tragedy, that you can know someone so well, but they are a different someone when they’re with other people. You claim this person in your mind, but they’re being claimed elsewhere, too. And he’s right in both wanting to collect those puzzle pieces from others, and leave them be, because they’re sacred. 

So: Jackson is one of those eighteen-year-olds who speaks about being fourteen like it was ten lifetimes ago. I bet you found that charming. 

(Humor was well-endowed lol)

I no longer need to study every inch of your path that led you to climbing into his car on that rainy day–I finally see what you saw in him.

The metaphor was a beautiful one to instill throughout this story. I felt really drawn in by it. And it left me thinking. 

Overall, I think this is a great read, and I would happily read it again, if only to make the most of the plot twist at the end. 


INTJs hate…

I was randomly watching videos on Youtube when I came across this video about what sort of things INTJs hate.

It made me laugh so hard. It is kind of long – I have to admit I didn’t watch it all – but it was worth it. Muse’s apocaliptic music just makes everything hilarious.

I’ve found these points to be expecially true:

1)  Comic sans

I’ve found no rational reason for hating it, but I still do. Ugh.

2)  Bright lights

Haha definitely YES.

I have nightmares about light. I dream of an incredibly bright light that occupies most of my visual field (everything exept the ground close to my feet) which doesn’t allow me to see most of my surroundings and makes me struggle to carry on with what I had to do in the dream. Feels like there is a lot of meaning behind this.

3)  Wasting time

Most hated thing.

Even when they do nothing, INTJs do something. They just can’t stop thinking, learning, experimenting. Whatever activity stands between us and our interests – like the infamous small talk – is regarded as a waste of time.

4)  Sales people

Sales people are essentially people who want to persuade you to do something. As mind tricks don’t work with INTJs, they just see the hidden motives behind sales people’s words and end up finding them irritating. The same is true with highly manipulative types – such as NFJs – and some politicians.

5)  People who talk down to us

Considering this point of view, it is really clear why INTJs dislike being talked down to.

Also, INTJs are notoriously smart but at the same time always wish to be smarter. Therefore they hate to be reminded that they migh not be as smart as they would like to be.


Little Reyes and Morrison, HS headcanon they might have met each other briefly or at choir (Gabriel is strictly catholic and Jack can’t sing worth a damn but he’s a cocky single rich kid who aspires to do everything) Gabe is just the nerdy quiet guy with lots of sisters and loves his mom loads. His career path was likely forged from a dangerous/violent background commuting b/w mexico/USA and developed an end-justify-means conduct to protect his loved ones, whereas Jack’s nicer upbringing gave him all sort of idealism and cynicism-free attitude. + gabe is super passionate n sensitive, and Jack criticizing his morals/taking the higher ground only made the divide grow worse, gg 76

a lot of people are reblogging the “what do you love about judaism post” and saying they like the questioning and debate and learning and how questions are respected and admired and that made me just remember this one hilarious thing

so about three years ago i sort of admitted to myself “ok, i’m still totally a Reform Jew & that will never change, but the Talmud probably has more of worth to it that i’ve been taught in shul and cheder, plus i’d like to evaluate for myself whether i think it’s human or divine”. being an arrogant 14-year-old who believes everything can be solved with books, i buy a copy of the Talmud Bavli on my Kindle for 67p. it’s all in English and it has no formatting (nothing to tell you what’s Mishna, what’s Gemara, what’s Rashi, etc – plus, no topic breaks – it just goes on, and on, and on), and i try to read it like a book (terrible idea, please do not do this). i end up telling the one frum boy in my year about this (i believe it goes along the lines of him: “why aren’t you keeping the mitzvot properly” me: “i don’t know them i bought a Talmud on my kindle but it turns out learning Talmud is really hard”, and he’s like “ok i guess i had better learn Talmud with you then”. i now realise he was probably facepalming as he said it).

so i’m learning Talmud with this guy and i’m still an incredibly dickish, arrogant 14-year-old, and i’m really obnoxious in my Reform-ness and general rudeness, right? (if it helps you picture this, i would leyn in the corridors in the year before my bat mitzvah – a bit for practice, mostly cause i really wanted someone to take offence so i could fight them)
so i’m picking holes in everything he says about the Talmud, and everything he translates the Talmud as saying – and i do mean everything, i’m like interrupting every two words. and after an hour of this constant questioning, we’re done (lessons are starting) and i’m like “hah, i sure showed him the error of his ways, i am the champion of that thing he knows way more about than me, all problems are solved and all battles won through arguing and books”.
and he puts the Talmud back. and he says “you have a really Talmudic mind, you should keep doing this”

me: ??¿??¿¿¿??

it’s not until much later that i learn that “trying to pick holes in everything anyone says” is basically how the Talmud works.


Joon-gi guest-stars on The Guru Show back in 2009: Part 1.

Source from MBC Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

I wish they’d put English subs in the vids, but unfortunately for non-Korean speakers… :( 

Frankly it was a bit hard for me to get through this episode primarily because I’m not a fan of this show and its hosts in the first place, as well as how they approach “controversies” or “rumors” surrounding Joon-gi. 

BUT learning about Joon-gi’s formative years and all the hardships he went through to realize his dream of becoming an actor made it worth a watch. 

A couple of things new fans of Joon-gi will learn from the show:

1) How he decided to become an actor: After attending a production of Hamlet in his hometown in his late teens.

2) Getting hurt and doing stunts by himself while filming action scenes give him a sort of adrenaline rush. LOL

To be continued in Part 2…

I finally got all the artwork sorted and made this art meme. Early when 2015 started, I made a special folder for my stuff with each month named on each folder, then I promised myself that I must have at least one artwork done and most importantly, worth showing. That is how I motivated myself to not skip any month and to put all the dedication into at least one drawing per month.

I don’t see the significant improvement much for this year compared to last year, since my colouring and anatomy have gotten stable. The things I have been focusing on this year, are perspective, colouring theory, lighting and attention to details. I tried to push myself a lot with details though, you can see it all started in around May, I enjoy and feel satisfied with detailed work, but maybe next hear I should focus on composition and perspective more since the overall sight is more important.

My favorite must be May, July and November, what are yours?

Sort Out Your Priorities

a little fic for @thekingslover, with all my love. Dean and Cas both have equal claims to use the ‘Priority Seating’ on a train, and neither of them are prepared to back down and let the other use the seat.

The London Underground was hot as an armpit, and Dean was still wearing his coat. He considered trying to shrug it off as he made his way down the stairs to his platform, but decided it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. He only had to ride the train for one stop, and then he’d be heading back outside; he’d be at the mercy once more of this new city’s inquisitive, biting winds – and its ice-slicked sidewalks. Dean had already fallen prey to their twin efforts once; now, he limped down the steps carefully, resting the majority of his weight on a single crutch to save his busted knee the strain. It still hurt. Part of him wished he’d never come here, never decided to study in England. It wasn’t as though there weren’t Engineering courses in the States.

It set his teeth on edge just to stand, let alone to jolt his way down several flights of stairs. His crutch slipped under his sweaty hand, almost sending him sprawling down the last few steps; he ruefully smacked the end of the thing against a wall as he arrived on the platform, glancing up at the board to read when the next train would be arriving. Two minutes. That wasn’t too bad; he’d last. And he’d be able to sit down on the train.

He kept his mind off the constant ache and twinge in his knee by covertly observing the other people around him. There were quite a few of them, and more kept pouring down the stairs, shedding coats and peeling off hats and gloves. Nearest Dean, there was an old couple with matching fluffy white haircuts, a woman in a business suit, another in a leather jacket and a beanie. And on his other side, there was a middle-aged man with a briefcase, a teenage boy with headphones in, and –


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When Ford tells Dipper how to evade those security bots, he tells him to use his intellect to control his fear.

But when Dipper actually gets off their radar, he doesn’t achieve it through his intellect or managing to find control. For him, it was all about his love for Ford, and his desire to protect him at any cost. He cares so much about him that he was willing to die, and that sort of love made him forget his fears and anxieties, just like when he lept off that cliff to save Mabel in Gideon Rises

Never, ever tell me that Dipper doesn’t care about his family, because they are literally worth more to him than his own life.

Between Floors

Merry Christmas @stunningswan​!!! I’m your CS Secret Santa! Getting to know you over the last few weeks has been incredibly fun and I’m still laughing at how much we have in common! I wrote this little fluffy Christmas meet-cute AU for you and I hope you enjoy it! When you said that you love AUs and mentioned the trapped in an elevator story this little idea popped into my head. It might even have a little bit of magic ;)

It was just getting dark on Christmas Eve and Emma Swan found herself stuck in a department store. More specifically she was stuck somewhere between the second and third floor in an elevator. Not the place she really wanted to be … but it’s not like she had anywhere else to go.

But he probably did.

The stranger in the elevator next to her looked like the sort of guy that had all kinds of plans for the holidays. He was sharply dressed in clothes that were probably worth more than Emma had made in the last three months combined. She hadn’t paid him much attention when she stepped into the elevator. She had just kept her head down and leaned against the wall. Standing behind him she couldn’t see his face now but she somehow just knew he was handsome. Probably had a stunningly beautiful girlfriend – or wife – waiting for him to bring her the perfect gift that he had just popped in to buy.

“Think it’ll start again?” he asked. His accent was decidedly British and when he turned to look at her she realized she was wrong about him being handsome … he was drop dead gorgeous. Dark hair that was almost black, just the right amount of stubble on his jaw … and the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

“Hope so,” she said quietly. She did. She couldn’t be stuck … well, she couldn’t be found, not here.

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My 1/6 Medicom RAH Queen Elsa Doll just arrived yesterday!!! She’s really awesome and just like a 1/6 BJD because even her eyes move!!!!!

She’s made by Medicom (Japan), and has 3 interchangeable heads, 3.5 pairs of interchangeable hands, and super poseable body that even has shoulder and neck action!!!! She’s really terrific and even the dress and cape are ‘wired’ so you can pose them, too!!

I just wish they made the cape a pale icy blue. Why is it dark royal blue? Eh?!    And her bodice is too aqua/turquoise. It should be more azure, but other than that, I think she’s near perfect!

She was really expensive, though—$305 USD, but since she’s very 'BJD’ like (with moving eyes in all 3 heads!) I guess she’s worth it….Sort of.

I’m wondering if I should blush her and give her real eyelashes. What do you all think? Leave her as is or touch her up a bit?

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