this soothes my soul

I helped myself.
wiped my own tears.
put balm over fresh wounds.
plastered parts of my heart that still were hurting.
gave myself time.
read books that soothed my soul.
heard music that calmed my nerves.
watched movies that made me smile.
bit by bit, piece by piece, I put
myself back together again.
and I gave myself a second chance
because I know that if I didn’t,

then no one else would.

—  Ruby Dhal

They picked up a stray! Hannibal is conflicted. I imagine Will was insufferable about it to the point where Hannibal was just like *sigh* “fine, but his name will be pretentious” and then Will was stuck with the name of Odysseus’ dog. Considering he still got A Dog he’s totally fine with that.

Avoiding my studies like Prompto avoiding battles by taking selfies 😂
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The Wiccan’s Glossary

Amazonite is sometimes called ‘The Lucky Hope Stone’ as it aids in good luck aimed towards your hopes. Affirmation: “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.” It soothes and calms the soul, builds personal character and strength, and brings inner balance as well as balance in life. It is a lovely stone of teals and pale blues, appealing to the eye in both rough and polished form. It has a calming aura and encourages a state of deep ataraxia.

Amazonite is a great stone for sufferers of anxiety and people in stressful situations.

Elements - Earth
Chakra - Throat, Heart
Zodiac - Virgo
Planets -  Uranus

the fact that harry’s doing so few interviews….soothes my soul. like as much as i love hearing him talk and Cannot wait to hear him talk more about his writing and his actual music it just calms me to know that this is probably the way he wanted it?? and that he and his team aren’t putting him in a position where he’s going to feel overwhelmed or burnt out for going too hard too fast. it’s like he’s really letting his music do the talking and not his personal life or anything else. it’s really all about the art and idk what i am trying to say other than harry’s already a legend and an icon and i rly cannot express how proud i am of him !

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please help me, i accidentally startled my cat by petting her and now i feel guilty because she made a soft beep. pangur is the only thing which can soothe my soul from this horrifying affliction. ;)

here I am purposefully bothering my Aggrieved Child, hope it helps

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