this song's been stuck in my head for like a week

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Sarah, I've had this thought stuck in my head for awhile now, but, like, Harry fucking Rick Rolling you at your own wedding. The mischievous little shit dancing his way towards you with a grin on his face and trying to get you to dance with him to it. Ahh, concepts.

Okay Sarah, I’ve thought about this long enough. It’s been in my head all week, especially after you’ve continued to torture me in DMs and especially after I actually went to a wedding on Saturday.

I have a thing about cheesy-ass group dance songs like Cha-Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle and I absolutely, 100% do not want them played at my wedding. I wouldn’t give the DJ a specific playlist of what I want played, but I would definitely give the DJ a list of songs that will not be played. Songs like that would be on that list. Harry would totally take advantage of that if you were to have such a list, and he’d Rick Roll you with one of the forbidden songs, I think. (Maybe even Never Gonna Give You Up, although I don’t think he would, because he probably loves that song).

Let’s take a song I absolutely loathe as an example. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. It would be a perfectly acceptable song, except for the fact that it is played at every single sporting event in Michigan, considering it mentions Detroit once. And it’s played at every sporting event in general.

Anyway, he’d probably get the DJ to play it, promising that it was a mistake on the list and that he would really, really appreciate it if they could make it happen for you. Reluctantly, the DJ agrees, and you’re chatting with a long-lost great aunt you were forced to invite even though you haven’t seen her since you were in diapers. The beginning chords of the song start to play and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Your eyes immediately search for Harry, because you know he’s behind this somehow, and you find him sauntering over to you with a cheeky-ass smile on his face…

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You groan and roll your eyes, biting your lower lip so you don’t show any amusement at all. He wiggles his eyebrows and offers you his hand when he reaches you, “C’mon, pet. It’s your favorite song!” You make a comment about wanting to talk with Aunt Rose more, even though you’re running out of topics that the two of you can chat about. Aunt Rose insists that you dance with your new husband to your favorite song!

He pulls you out onto the dance floor, giggling from the champagne he’s been drinking all evening, gliding his feet around you in a circle while you try to not let the bubbles of laughter in your throat escape. Once the song reaches the chorus, others have joined the dance floor, and you feel plain silly just standing there while everyone jumps up and down, shouting the famous lyrics at the top of their lungs. Harry encourages you, grabbing both of your hands while he hops on one foot, grinning from ear to ear. He’s got you and he knows it.

“You think you’re so funny, Styles,” you shake your head, your lips turning up into a smile.

“That’s because I am!” he’d shout, bopping his head and lacing his fingers with yours as he gets you to jump up and down with him.

It pains you to shout the lyrics along with him, but the way he laughs and the sloppy kisses he paints over your cheeks make it worth it. And yeah, you married a goofball, but at least you’ll be able to use this as revenge for the rest of your life.


Okay so I was drivin around and this song came on the other day so I’ve had it stuck in my head and this morning was no different so I was like, “I should just listen to it instead of relying on my brain version.” So I went to you tube dot com and like? I have so many questions???? There are so many things about this video I just failed to notice as COMPLETELY mental the first however many times I’ve seen it. 

First of all…I don’t think it’s safe to date anyone who keeps two horses in their bedroom. Or someone who looks like they asked Patrick Bateman for decorating tips.

Okay so they’re playing The Dating Game™

Pretty typical first date…I guess…Why are they like the length of California away from each other?

Why are they always in formal black tie? I’ve been in The Dating Game™ for awhile and never once have I been this fancy in the first week of a relationship. 

Dressage is always a fantastic date activity…

Then she gets mad for Reasons™ 

And destroys this creepy painting she did of him .

And then almost decapitates herself trying to cut down a tree she carved their initials into whilst the horse is like “gorl u cray”

I’m the horse.

Seriously though…what the shit is with her and this horse?

Get down crazy!

Then she gets unnecessarily aggressive with his car

And kills him? I guess? Or thinks about killing him?

Then he’s like “Girl BYE”

Anyway. The lesson here is if Taylor Swift ever looks at you like this:

Fuckin RUN. 

This stupid joke has been stuck in my head all week, ever since ep. 13 of ClassicaLoid came out. So you get to share the pain. You’re welcome. XD

Not sure Schubert would actually do this, but he might think about it. Mozart probably wouldn’t care.

Technically Schu-san could’ve heard that song anywhere, but I like to imagine they all had a movie night and watched Hudson Hawk.

You’ll let him leave because you think he’ll come back. you don’t try to stop him because you think that’s what he wants. but it’s been a week and he hasn’t shown up at your door yet and you are beginning to question whether or not he will. you can’t remember how long it usually takes for him to return to you and your hands shake every time you think about it.

this hurts and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but he won’t drive to your house at 2 a.m and knock on your window and kiss you like he always should have. he won’t sneak out of his bedroom to meet you under streetlights and you won’t get to hold him again.

he’s gone.
you think that this is just like the other times but it isn’t. he won’t come back.

he won’t come back.

—  I want things to get better and they can’t if I’m still waiting for you– Lily Rain

Dave A.K.A Boyinaband and Cryaotic~!

Speed Draw - Limelight fanart

so, RECENTLY i’ve been looking at old videos of Cryaotic, and this music video pop out and i had no idea he sings-
and it was awesome!! he sings really good tbh especially with that voice of his =///q///= )

and this song have been stuck in my head for a week or two, so i decided to make a fanart out of it!
Hope you’ll like it! :D

an ask thingy!

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Nicknames: Alex is the most common, but I get called Lexie or Ashy too

Star Sign: Aries

Height: I think I’m either 151cm or 154cm

Time right now: 10:37 PM

Last thing you googled: 29th year anniversary gifts

Song stuck in my head: The Norgami Aragoto OP, “Hey Kids”, like seriously I’ve been listening to nothing for the past week except that.

Last movie I watched: I think it was “Why Him?” at the theatre with the fam

Last TV show I watched: If anime counts, Noragami Aragoto, if not, Stranger Things

What I am wearing right now: comfy home clothes

When I created this blog: Sometime in 2016

The kind of stuff I post: 85% gushing about my OTPs, mostly anime, sometimes books, mythology, pretty mood boards and aesthetics, 3% cats and flowers

Do I gets asks regularly?: Very, very, rarely (I’d love to answer asks actually.)

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TIME RIGHT NOW. 9:14 pm… it has been a long day let me tell u
LAST THING I GOOGLED. ptsd symptoms affecting sight
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST.  …. it is 2017 and i am still mcr trash
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD. party monster by the weeknd orz
. some soap my aunt was watching earlier
.  nirvana tank and black leggings
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG.  like a week after s2 came out??
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST.  … angsty things
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS.  haaa i suck at multitasking blogs 
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY. when i reblog memes yes!
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL.  2 reasons. 1) i like the aesthetic to cosmic dust, it reminds me of something that’s both free and celestial, which are aspects that i equate to keith 2) it’s inspired by the speech in s2e4, where keith makes a point to really highlight that they’re all related by one means or another…. keith, who’s been orphaned since childhood… ugh i can rly get into this but then i’d risk crying over my keyboard sO YEAH
HOGWARTS HOUSE.  slytherin yo
FAVORITE COLORS. green, black, purple, dark red 
FAVORITE CHARACTERS. oh man. okay. keith obvi?? and like 99% of the voltron cast tbh, like amazing characters?? uhhhm, tachibana makoto (and like 75% of the free cast), annie leonhardt, abarai renji, nicolas brown, mickey milkovich, ugh tony stark mcu based, felicity smoak, jason todd, pamela isley, and honestly there are so many i can t
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH.  1!! and it’s avengers styled (8

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Ice cream asks: Rocky road, black raspberry, neapolitan, peach, blueberry lemon, key lime :)

Thanks, @roguelioness <3

Rocky Road: Favorite songs at the moment?

Well, like @wrenbee I have been rocking out very hard to Neko Case lately. She got “Favorite” stuck in my head, and there’s also “South Tacoma Way,” “Star Witness,” and “I Wish I Was the Moon.” These are all on my Dead Season playlist and like just filling my mind and my brain and my soul with haunting weird beauty and lots of Solas.

Black Raspberry: Do you have any pets?

Nope. Just one toddler. 

Neapolitan: Things that stress you out? 

I am a procrastinator, and about twice a quarter I let things get so behind with schoolwork that I find myself in about a week-long period of stress and anxiety. Basically any time I have stuff hanging over my head, like typically grading papers, things I have to do, but just am having a very hard time bringing myself to do. That stresses me out a lot but like, I do it to myself? Bleh. Who knows. I also get very stressed out by my parents, simply because they’re super uptight and stressful people, and I’m like so ungodly chill I have no idea how I came out of that other than to say it must be some sort of subconscious 180 degree spin reaction.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Peach: How do you relax?

Playing video games, watching my husband play video games (like we’re doing tonight YAS), watching YouTube trash with my husband. Always there is wine involved. 

Blueberry Lemon: Favorite blogs?

Idk how to answer lol. I tend to think of my people here on the tumblr rather than their blogs. 

Key Lime: Where do you want to be right now?

Right here, at home. I am a homebody. I don’t like to be too many places. I like to just sit in our cave. Today, our little family went to this event nearby called “Babychella” and we did it to get our two-year-old out of the house. I mean it was cool for like twenty minutes and then all three of us were sweaty and tired and getting very introverted, and now my two-year-old has a little square of sunburn right over his eyebrow where I apparently did not get the sunscreen right. So yeah. Home is good. <3

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  • Nicknames: kels, k, kp
  • Starsign: sagittarius
  • Height: 5′2
  • Last thing I googled: first episode of the new bachelor season
  • Favourite Music artist: ed sheeran 
  • Song stuck in my head: galway girl - ed sheeran
  • Last Movie I watched: honestly can’t remember it’s been so long since i watched a movie! i prefer tv shows
  • Last TV Show I watched: the bachelor
  • When did I create my Blog: only like a week ago!
  • What kind of post: study notes, bujo etc
  • Do I have any other blogs: no just this one
  • Why did I choose my URL: i love coffee so i was going to go with coffeelearns but i wanted something with a ring to it, so latte + learns!
  • Gender: female
  • Hogwarts House: hufflepuff!!
  • Favourite Characters: rory gilmore, phoebe buffay, spencer hastings
  • Favourite Colour: apricot/peach and grey
  • Average Hours of sleep: about 8 hours
  • How many blankets do I use: one unless it’s the middle of winter
  • Lucky Number: 4
  • Dream Job: psychologist, counsellor or teacher. or something to do with dogs/cats/animals
  • Following: currently 300

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a - age: 26
b - biggest fear: Spending my life alone.
c - current time: 11:01am
d - drink you last had: English Breakfast Tea
e - every day starts with: What time is it? Should I be getting up? Should I stay in bed longer? Why isn’t the sun up already?
f - favorite song: Right now it’s Weight of the World from the NieR: Automata OST (seriously this song has been stuck in my head this entire week)
g - ghosts, are they real: Nope
h - hot or cold weather: Cold, even if I’ve never experienced truly cold weather. But I have experienced truly hot weather and lemme tell you the sun and I do not get along.
i - in love with: There are lots of things I could put here but I’m just going to say red wine.
j - jealous of: Keeping this one to myself.
k - killed someone: Pretty sure I haven’t. I mean it’s the sort of thing I’d remember.
l - last time you cried: Two weeks back when I rewatched Steins;Gate.
m - middle earth race:  I don’t really know. Dwarves?
n - number of siblings: One.
o - one wish: To feel loved.
p - person you last called/texted: @22degreehalo the other day making plans to go see Koe no Katachi / playing Persona 5 when it comes out / possibly implying I’m still planning on stealing her cat.
q - questions you’re always asked: I honestly don’t really know, nothing really springs to mind. 
r - reasons to smile: Persona 5 is finally coming out in the West in 13 days.
s - song last sang: Umm… I have no clear recollection of this.
t - time you woke up: 7:10am
u - underwear color: That’s between me and my underwear.
v - vacation destination: Europe; still ages off and I’ll figure out where exactly I intend to visit when I can actually afford the time and money for the trip.
w - worst habit: Overthinking things and thinking about them in the worst possible way.
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth, spine and foot.
y - your favorite food: Kobe Beef. … even just saying that makes me sad that I’ll never have it again anytime soon.
z - zodiac sign: Capricorn. 

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The song you're currently obsessed with and why?

i like jrap group RIP SLYME and JOINT is like my favorite song rn ive listened to it like 50 times this week… i also have a trap remix of the able sisters theme on my soundcloud thats been stuck in my head

I know I know it’s been like almost 2 weeks ( ○~○)…

But I have had this song stuck in my head and it reminds me sooooo much of my AWA fanfic lol (Song: Warrior by Beth Crowley)

I’ll post requests randomly bc I still don’t have internet so I’ll be going over to my cousins place and stealing their’s for the mean time :P

I’m not too satisfied with how this came out, probably cause I used a different brush for the lineart hmm…

MEME thingy

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Nickname: Bobo Kitty~!  

Zodiac sign: Gemini, same as my sis. we’re two year apart~

Height:  5'7″

Gender: female

Time right now: 3:27 pm

Last thing I googled: Mystic Messenger cuz I’m working on a print and needed some refs

Favorite music artist(s): DIR EN GREY, D’espairsRay, Lapfox Trax stuff…. some other bands and what not…

Song stuck in my head: I don’t want to set the wooooorld on fireeeee~~

Last movie I watched: Crimson Peak; I really liked the visuals~!

What are you wearing right now: Jeans and a tshirt 

Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe; watched this week’s episode

What do you post: Mostly my sketchs and drawings. Once in a blue moon I will reblog something. I also post panels from comics I am currently reading~

Hogwarts house: Um…. not a big fan…but prolly Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: um…I need ninetails on my team, always. ………hush

Why did you choose your URL: Okay, so Bobo Kitty is a nickname I’ve had since I was like…11 or 12. All of my usernames are some form of it depending on what is allowed and if someone stole it away from me. HOW DARE THEY

When you created this blog: Ffffffffffff… 2011? Maybe?

Do you get asks regularly:  I get like… 2 every year lol

Do you have any other blogs: Nopes

What did your past relationship teach you:  Um…..don’t have any lol

Religious or Spiritual: None~

Favorite color: blue and green equally~~

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: 26!

Favorite character(s): Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Um… Kurama from YuYu Hakusho, Mokoto Kusanagi, Korra, Ahsoka, Loki, and many more

Following: 377

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 sheet, 21 blanket and 1 quilt

Dream job: working on my comic full time

Tagginggggg: @thehootmess @askstormyhero @tuyetnhip @sadmiyu and anyone else meow~~!


I am going out of my comfort zone a bit (*cough* a lot). It’s not the best, but I will never actually think anything I do is great, so what if it is and I just don’t know it? Who really knows. Also my computer’s microphone sucks, so I kept having to redo parts because it would clip and sound like someone dying. :’D 

Hi!! I was tagged by @nora-yatogami18 and @lexinthymia ✿ Thank you!!

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Nicknames: I haven’t been called this in years but Rae was one of the popular ones.

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’3

Time right now: 2:04pm

Last thing you googled: College degrees lol (I’m 19 and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.)

Song stuck in your head: James Arthur- Certain Things

Last Movie I watched: 5 Centimeters per Second D;

Last TV show I watched:  Zankyou No Terror

What I’m wearing right now: A hoodie and some sweats  ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

When I created this blog: A few weeks ago but when I’m not on this one I’m on my other one that I created when I was like 12 lol

The kind of Stuff I post: This is a mainly a Noragami blog 

Do I get asks regularly: Nah but if you ever want to send me something please feel free to!!

I couldn’t decide on the 20 people to tag cause most of everyone has done this already but if you see this and you wanna try it out go for it!! ♥♥