this song will never not remind me of her

Beautiful Speak Now Album Things:
  • Like every fuckin’ bridge on this album makes you want to cry
  • And all the lyrics are fucking awesome. It’s a lyric-driven album
  • “Every time I look at you, it’s like the first time”
  • “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter”
  • Opening “Mine” with “uh-oh” and closing it with the background vocals echoing “I can see it now” to show the emotional journey of the character as she believes in love again over the course of the song
  • The entirety of “Mine,” the best love story ever told
  • The fact that Taylor resurrected Sparks Fly from the dead and put it on her 3rd album because we asked her to
  • The fact that Taylor also rewrote Sparks Fly and took out the lyrics that made it more sexual and about performing in a bar
  • The fact that the original lyric (now displayed in The Taylor Swift Experience) was “brown eyes” and she made it “green eyes”
  • How she describes the love interest as “a full-on rainstorm” and later says “meet me in the pouring rain”
  • The juxtapositions of rain and fire and then darkness and light in Sparks Fly
  • How the entire song is just an apology without any excuses. It just’s “I messed up and you suffered for it and you didn’t deserve that” 
  • “you gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye” 
  • How the orchestra makes everything so fucking beautiful??
  • The use of seasons in the second verse to describe the rise and fall of the relationship
  • How she references the 2009 VMA incident (”how you held me in your arms that September night / the first time you ever saw me cry”)
  • Speak Now being about the Paramore relationship drama and how Taylor was actually at the wedding it’s about lol
  • Taylor singing up an octave in Speak Now to sound like a gentle little girl about to crash the shit out of wedding
  • “a gown shaped like a pastry” “fond gestures are exchanged” “a song that sounds like a death march” “she floats down the isle like a pageant queen” = so descriptive?? conveys the feelings?? Queen of conveying emotions through descriptions
  • “you need to hear me out and they said Speak Now” “Your time is running out and they said Speak Now” “I hear the preacher say, ‘Speak Now or forever hold your peace” “So glad you were around when they said Speak Now” = queen of altering her main chorus line
  • “I’m not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion” –> What’s the kind of girl tho?? I never knew
  • The giggle in the bridge
  • How Dear John calls out emotional abuse by a much older man onto a 19 year old without any apologies or sympathizing with the man but also has pieces where the victim blames themselves and calls out a pattern of abuse of other women
  • But it ends with the victim retaining their self worth and escaping and it’s amazing
  • “the girl in the dress cried the whole way home” –> have you ever seen such a beautiful conveying of a young girl’s loss of emotional innocence 
  • How the secret message of Dear John is “loved you from the very first day” which is a line on a bonus track “Superman” which is about how the love interest seems like the best guy in the world and a real life Superman 
  • That fuckin’ banjo in Mean
  • How Mean began about a critic who said Taylor ruined her “entire career overnight” at the Grammys and then Taylor performing Mean at the Grammys and wining 2 Grammys for it
  • The use of a big city to display one’s level success (which is what actually happened when Taylor moved to NYC)
  • “A simple complication, miscommunications lead to fallout” 
  • Isn’t it weird how she says “and people would say they’re the lucky ones” then on the Speak Now Tour she wrote “The Lucky One” ?? weird
  • “So many things that I wish you knew / so many walls up I can’t break through” –> “So many things that you wish I knew / but the Story of Us might be ending soon”
  • That fuckin’ ramp up back into the chorus after the bridge in The Story of Us
  • How perfectly Never Grow Up conveys how scary can it feel to grow up
  • The bridge of Never Grow Up
  • How every song except Never Grow Up and Last Kiss use heavy production and background vocals and it makes those two songs that much more powerful in their simplicity 
  • “I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone” and how this line gets more powerful the more years that go by
  • How Never Grow Up starts as a song to a baby, watches that baby grow up, and ends with Taylor  looking back at her life and the passage of time and swearing to protect that baby from harm….you ever cry
  • Just take 5 minutes and listen to Enchanted again pls
  • “Wonderstruck” “Enchanted” “Passing notes in secrecy” “this is me praying” “the very first page, not where the story line ends” “your eyes whispered” “this night is sparkling” “blushing all the way home” “I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew” “this night is flawless” “dancing ‘round all alone” –> So much mystical and whimsical imagery that you feel like you could call in love with the next person you see
  • The guitars in Enchanted
  • The production of Enchanted
  • “Sophistication isn’t what you wear or who you know / or pushing people down to get you where you wanna go” 
  • “I always get the last word” “There is nothing I do better than revenge” “show me how much better you are” –> Taylor is v self-aware 
  • Also how “show me how much better you are” is a reference to that JoBro song “Much Better” lmao so much 2008/2009 Disney drama
  • How Taylor wrote Innocent about the VMA incident when she could’ve just told you-know-who to fuck off
  • How Innocent looks at the subject from the perspective of their childhood and how they had “monsters” and “demons” that made them do bad things later in life and how this doesn’t make them a bad person
  • Knowing that you-know-who was one of Taylor’s favorite artists growing up so Innocent is also Taylor reconciling with herself how someone she artistically looked up to for years hurt her 
  • The use of light: “time turns flames to embers” “your string of lights is still bright to me” “in your firefly catching days” 
  • How Innocent is Never Grow Up but applied to someone else through the lens of forgiveness
  • “I hope you’ll remember: today is never too late to be brand new”
  • The orchestra in Haunted and how it makes the song sound urgent and the situation dangerous
  • “holding my breath” “your eyes go cold” “something’s gone terribly wrong” “can’t turn back now” “a fragile line” “it’s getting dark and it’s all too quiet and I can’t trust anything now” “come on, come on, don’t leave me like this” “can’t breath whenever you’re gone” “you’re not gone, you can’t be gone” –> everything sounds dangerous and urgent!! Like she’s actually gonna die!! And it’s called Haunted!! You get haunted by dead people!! But she’s saying she’s haunted!! The Haunting is killing her!! Holy shit!!
  • Last Kiss
  • The secret message of Last Kiss: “Forever and Always” 
  • The breath in the bridge of Last Kiss
  • The use of time and the passage of time: “at 1:58″ “that July 9th” “you can plan for a change in weather and time” “your name forever the name on my lips” “I’ll watch your life in pictures” “I’ll feel you forget me” “I’ll keep up with our old friends” “I still remember” “L
  • “I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did” –> “I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you” (Holy Ground)
  • THE BRIDGE: “So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep / and I’ll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe / and I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are / hope it’s nice where you are / I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day / and something reminds you / you wish you had stayed /  you can plan for a change in the weather and time / but I never planned on you changing your mind”
  • How the secret message of Long Live is “For you”
  • How Taylor ends Speak Now with a song for her fans and her band that she wrote during the Fearless Tour
  • How Long Live because even more powerful and beautiful and even sadder the more the years go by and the more successful Taylor becomes and as original member of The Agency leave/are left go
  • How Taylor wrote “we will be remembered” when she was like 19 and was still on her second album and before she won AOTY for the first time and wasn’t even close to the prime of her career but she was proud of how far she had come already and how Long Live sounds like a song someone writes at the end of their career to reflect on their accomplishments 
  • How Taylor wrote “promise me this: that you’ll stand by me forever” and every band member she has ever had still speaks highly of her and defends her
  • “When they point to the pictures, please tell them my name” but now no one will have to because everyone knows who she is and will know who she is for a long time because of her accomplishments and effect on popular culture
  • “It was the end of a decade but the start of an age” Taylor literally had no idea how true this line would become 
the saddest part is not the way we ended
or why it happened
it’s that i would take you back
i’d break myself in two if it meant you’d kiss me one more time
i’d ignore the fact that you call her every night now
the fact that she’s the last voice you hear before you fall asleep now
i would let you crack my spine in half if it meant you’d touch me again
i would do anything if it meant that time would heal my broken heart faster than it healed yours
if it meant that time moved slower and we got years together instead of days
and so now
i sit alone in my room every night and listen to the same five songs before i fall asleep because they all remind me of you
i try to tell myself that it wasn’t my fault but all i can think of is that you’re kissing her now and you’re loving her now and you’re hers now and all i have left to show that you were here is a few pictures and an ocean of tears
—  a love i never wanted to lose, pt. 2
Reasons why “Last Kiss” is a lyrical masterpiece:

- “The words that you whispered / For just us to know“

- “The beat of your heart / It jumps through your shirt / I can still feel your arms”

- “I don’t know how to be something you miss / I never thought we’d have a last kiss”

- “So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep / And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe”

- “And something reminds you / You wish you had stayed / You can plan for a change in weather and time / But I never planned on you changing your mind“

- “Never imagined we’d end like this / Your name, forever the name on my lips”

And the most important line : “Writer: Taylor Swift”

I sit here alone and far from you, wondering if you think of me, if your thoughts still echo my name, if your fingers crave for my skin, if your heart asks you about me. I never knew how to be someone you miss, all I knew was your taste at 2 am and your voice at 10 am, all I knew was how your hands adored to dance on my body and how your eyes made my heart shine when you opened them into mine.
I am just a naive girl who fell in love with you, a boy who’s forgetting her as easy as breathing. A naive girl who spends the nights waiting for a call from you, a stupid girl who still listens to the songs we used to make love to. A girl who wants to get rid of all these feelings, who wants to turn the pain into the dust that lays on the shelf where also your “forever’’s and ’‘always’’s are.
The next time you call, I hope my mind won’t forget to remind me that you are a bad idea.

never knew how to be someone you miss. 🌙

Would You Rather...

“Thank you so much for doing this for me, Y/N! Rather have some company on my way to work than drive alone.”

She’s settling herself into the passenger’s seat when James beams at her, his expression excited as he helps her with the seatbelt.

“Seatbelt’s a bit tricky here ehh! But anytime, anytime.”

She’s watched tons of these carpool karaoke skits, each with an inspiring artist sitting on the spot she’s so lucky to be in now. She’s been excited about this ever since she got the call, the fact that James had moved his show out to LA making it easier for her to confirm. The both of them went over where the cameras were located before filming started, and when she asked what tracks they’d be karaok-ing to or what questions he’ll be asking, he just would not spill. So that makes her just a tad nervous if she’s being honest.

But she knows, or at least hopes, that any real bad uh-oh’s will be edited out for her sake.

So no, it’s not unexpected at all when the first track that pops up is her latest single, and right off the bat they’re belting out the lyrics and having a grand time.

With breaks for questions between songs, James is sure to ask about the new unreleased album, commenting and complementing her on the sound.

When they come to a red light at the corner of the street and they’re spotted by fans who begin to ask for pictures and autographs, Y/N has to look apologetically at James, giving him a desperate look before softly saying she’ll be quick.

She takes a bit of time to hug and sign whatever items are being shoved at her, taking an occasional picture before she waves James over to join her. And he can’t quiet say no. A lot of celebrities don’t normally do this, they’d rather keep their head low and pace fast, but seeing Y/N’s interactions with her fans has him putting the car in park and joining her for group photos.

Eventually they make their way back into the vehicle and on the road again.

She apologies endlessly about having him stop, but he assures her it’s okay, that they should probably continue with what they were doing since she’s on a tight schedule.

“I think you’re gonna like this next one. Little bird told me you’re a big fan.”

And Y/N’s sure her eyes light up instantly the second Harry’s verse comes up, but she doesn’t care, she’s singing and smiling and James is doing it, too. When the song comes to an end she can’t wipe the smile off her face, and James sure does take a notice to that.

“Great song that was wasn’t it?”

Y/N can only nod in agreement.

“They’re great guys, too. Really are.”

“I bet they are lovely people.”

“You’ve never met them?”

“Oh I wish, but no unfortunately I haven’t.”

“Oh you lot would get on well. You sort of remind me of Harry in how you are with your fans.”

“Really now? I can only hope I’m half as generous. I admire him for that.”

A smirk plays on his lips now, eyes on the road but still taking notice to your words.

“Okay so I heard you absolutely hate answering these.” And James cannot hide the devious smile that’s made its way into his face.

“Oh no! I should have really asked for the itinerary on this interview.”

James can’t help but laugh.

“Okay so would you rather-”

Just by the sound of those words, Y/N knows she gonna wanna fling herself out of the car. And she’s not subtle about the fact that she detests the scenarios the questions bring by the way she bring her hand to her forehead and grunts.

“-would you rather open for Madonna, or run into Harry Styles and make a fool of yourself?”

“I hope Madonna doesn’t hold this against me, and I hope Harry Styles won’t laugh when I fall face first in front of him. I’d rather run into Harry and make a fool of myself.”

“Well that didn’t take long! Why on earth would you pick making a fool of yourself over opening for Madonna??” But James isn’t really surprised much.

“I did answer that too quickly didn’t I? And I dunno, there’s just something about Harry that I think it’d be nice to have a conversation with him, after I apologise for falling down.”

“Wait, you’re the one on the floor and YOU’LL be apologising to HIM??”

“I don’t know!! It’s the polite think to do.”

“You really are something else. But I guess it makes sense you pick Harry. He’s a great guy. Good heart, great looking too don’t you think?”

“He’s handsome, yes!” Y/N starts to gush.

And the way she begins to describe him is like she’s talking about him to her friends. She goes on and on about how nice he must be and how she’s heard nothing but good things. She tells James how she’s looked up to him as a human being since before she got big in the music industry.

“I think he’s just great all around!”

“But you haven’t even met him.” James is sure to dig at this topic, eager to hear what more she has to say about the heartthrob.

“Well I’ve heard loads of stories about how down to earth he is. And I know this sounds crazy, and you probably won’t believe me, but for some reason it’s like I do know him. Or at least like I’ve met him in another life.”

James can’t ignore the glint in her eye as she talked about him, a tone in her voice so sincere he can believe her when she says she feels like she’s met him before. And the way James is looking at her, not in any type of way like he thinks she’s completely bonkers, makes her blush.

“Oh god. James tell me you’ll edit all that out! I will kill you if that airs!”

“Oí, now my life is at stake if I don’t!”


When Y/N wakes up to the abnormal ringing from her phone, she doesn’t think much of it. She reaches a hand out and silences the device, not bothering to even glance at the screen. But then the buzzing begins, and she wouldn’t have been bothered if not for the fact that it won’t settle down.

All she really wants to do is sleep. She’s been doing promo non stop for the new album that she’s been looking forward to this day, her schedule clear, the only thing to do for the day is sleep. But seeing as it doesn’t look like she’s gonna get much rest with her phone buzzing like crazy,(and she would turn it off if she hadn’t put an alarm to catch the episode of Carpool Karaoke that she starred in), she reaches over for her phone, the notifications being replaced by the second with new ones.

Her eyes skim her mentions on Twitter, and oh god why!! She just wants to bury herself underneath the blankets and stay there forever. It was one thing to admire Harry Styles, but for the world to know…for Harry to know. She’s never even had a conversation with the guy and now he’s probably gonna think she’s a crazed fan.

She should really call James up and give him an ear full, but it’s out there and no amount of words she yells his way are going to change that. So she turns off her phone instead, now more than ever she needs to take the time to relax and think of how she’s going to avoid ever meeting Harry Styles.


Y/N doesn’t much get the chance to go out by herself, whether it be out for a jog or out for a bite, she usually has someone tag along with her. But she’s been feeling the need to have lunch by herself, and enjoy her own company. So when she arrives at the restaurant and sees a swarm of paparazzi across the street, she takes note to maintain her head low and make her way inside as quick as possible, but not once does it cross her mind as to why the irregular amount of photographers. That is until her shoulder clashes with a body too strong to ignore with out looking up to apologise to.

And she opens her mouth, but the words “sorry” don’t seem to come out, they get caught in her throat instead.

“Sorry, M'sorry ‘bout tha’, love.” And he reaches out to touch her shoulder, his hand warm on her skin. But she stays quiet still, a smile on her face.

She offer a smile to say it’s okay, she’s fine, and she’s ready to walk away before Harry calls after her, making her turn around to look at him.

And wow he’s tall. And she’s pictured meeting him a dozen times, but in her mind the situation’s always been hectic, never this casual.

“'Ello.” He gives a small wave, and takes the few steps forward to meet her. He stands hunched in front of her, his arms open at the last few strides, and with out a second thought, he’s engulfing her into a hug, his arms around her waist and his chin set on her shoulder. She can’t do much other than wrap her arms around his neck to welcome his hug. His body is warm on hers, a hug so tight she can’t remember the last time she shared a hug this amazing with anyone.

And Harry knows he’s testing his limits. It’s their first encounter and he’s hugging her like they’ve known each other for ages, but like it might be the only time he ever gets to have his arms around her. So he lingers a bit, smiling into her hair, and he’s glad to feel her relax into him, feel the air leaving her lips on his collarbone as she buries her face into his neck.

Y/N is screaming at herself inside her head. Why is she still not saying anything. She really hopes she doesn’t think she’s being rude, it’s just that she’s completely star struck. But he doesn’t seem bothered or phased by it. Instead he takes it upon himself to make conversation as he smiles down at her.

“Watched ye’ with James the other day.”

And she still doesn’t know what to say, only this time the embarrassment escalates with the addition of her cheeks burning, and she can only imagine how flushed she must look.

Harry only smiles at her reaction, proud at himself for that, but he won’t admit to it. The only reason why James had even brought him up during their ride was because Harry had mentioned Y/N once…maybe twice..or more. And yeah he’d never had a proper conversation with her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to meet her. He’d heard amazing things about her, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t watch her in interviews often. So yeah, Harry feels accomplished at the fact that he can make her blush.

“M'honoured tha’ ye’ look up t'me. And that you picked me over Madonna.” He chuckles, giving her a half smirk. Is he trying to make her uncomfortable? She smiles anyway, nodding in shame and averting her eyes to the ground.

“I’d probably be too nervous to open for her anyway.”

“Woah, she talks.” This time a laugh.

And if he felt accomplished before, hearing her laugh makes it even better.

“Was g'na have some lunch on my own. Would rather ye’ join me. Up fo’ it?”

“Would love that, yes.”

So he leads her to a table, his palm on her lower back. And like the gentleman he is, he pulls out her chair for her and then sits directly in front of her.

“For what it’s worth, I’d asked James to cut out the bit where I went on about you.”

“Wha’? Oh tha’ hurts.”

“Oh no no, I just didn’t want that to be a thing.”

“S'okay m'just messin’ with ye’.”

“Oh ha-ha make fun of me. But at least give me credit for not falling face first!”

And Harry laughs at that.

And through out lunch he laughs at all her jokes, and she laughs at his. And he realises he quite enjoys her laugh, and her company. It feels so genuine. And he must admit it’s quite hard to make friends now a days, he usually only frequently hangs out with people he already knows. But he finds himself wanting to go out with Y/N more.

So when lunch is over and they’re getting ready to split ways, he offers her his number and promises to pick up whenever she calls.

[Caption: Image reads “Anti-Sha/adin creators, a masterlist]

Hey! I thought it might be nice to make a list of some creators in the VLD fandom who are antis in the hopes it’ll make people feel safer when enjoying fanart, fanfics, etc.


@cryptidcriss , Crissalis on AO3 author of:

  • Softly From The Sky [Klance]
  • Health Insurance For The Heart (co-writer)  [Klance]
  • I Watched The Sky and the Stars Reminded Me of You  [Klance]
  • It’s For Science!  [Klance]

@garrettshunk , kagshina on AO3 author of: 

  • you never stood a chance  [Klance]
  • a moment, a song  [Klance]
  • dynamic  [Klance]

@thesaxymcclain ,TheSlytherinMudblood on AO3 author of:

  • Health Insurance For The Heart (co-writer)  [Klance]
  • Who You’re Meant To Be (co-writer)  [Klance]
  • So I Put My Hands Up, Worries Down  [Klance]
  • Purple Scar  [Klance]
  • If Only I could Cry [Klance]

@hance-ome gsaiyn on AO3 author of:

  • A Prince and His Fish [Hance]
  • Tell Her [Pidge/Original Female Character]
  • Fairies and Men [Heith]
  • Alomoera Failure [Hance]
  • Late Skype Call [Hance]
  • Birthday Surprise [Hance] 
  • Fireworks on the Boardwalk [Hance]
  • There Nowhere That Isn’t Where You’re Meant To Be [Heith]
  • Life Back Home [Heith]
  • Sweet Dreams and Memories [Klunk]
  • Two Bullets [Hance]
  • Warm and Cozy [Heith]
  • Soft and Tender [Heith]
  • Kisses [Hance]
  • No Matter What Happens [Heith]
  • A Boy’s Messy Confession [Hance]
  • We Are Alone [Hance] 
  • The Warmth of Home [Hance]
  • In Space No One Can Hear You Cry [Hance]


  • Druid Scars

This is a platonic fic about the bond between Shiro and Pidge, which honestly is a blessing, we need more platonic fics

@riprover heatingpad on AO3 author of:

  • Shayma Week 2017 [Shayma]
  • Le Précepteur [Klance]

@galra-prince-lance dealio on AO3 author of:

  • Finding Heaven in Hell [Klance]
  • Torque [Klance]

@keyoshiwarriorindisguise , jetreadsstuff on AO3 author of:

  • Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere [Klance]

@history-nerd-elijah Writing_Panda on AO3

As of the posting of this list has not yet posted a VLD fic, but has assured me there are plans to

@bipolarred BipolarRed on AO3 author of:

  • All That Trouble [Alfor/Coran]
  • Risking It All, Though It’s Hard [Klance]
  • I’d Rather be in Your Arms [Klance]
  • The Sugary Smell of Not-Lemon [Klance]

@theotpeffect theotpeffect on AO3 author of:

  • It’s So Fluffy He’s Gonna Die [Klance]
  • The Emptiness of Space and Keith (co-writer) [Klance]

@sapphic-katie-holt (that’s me!) actualkit on AO3 author of:

  • Katie Holt and the Klance Fic She Tried to Stay Out Of*
  • Reconciliation [Klance]

*Klance is very much a side plot and is more focused on Pidge


@pngpotpies Artist

@sarah–berry  Artist

@fivepaladin Edits

@klancept Edits

@slainmckogane Artist

@tsmdraws Artist/Edits 

@hunkiest-hunk Edits

@frostykeith Artist

@starryklunk Edits 

@hanceith Edits

@softhance Edits

@redpaladinofvoltron Artist

@6oys Artist

@liisaqi Artist

@summer-arts Artist

@saltycinnabun Artist

@actualcyclops Artist

@sabertoothwalrus Artist

@bipolarred Artist 

@starrydreamer Artist

@rainy-cartoonist Artist

@oceanpaladin Artist

@limesprout Artist

@cryptidkeiths Edits

@voltrontransparents Edits

@happykeef Edits

@cheritsundere Artist

@pidgepodged Artist


Erin (AKA softhance) does some really nice Keith cosplay you should check out!

I make VLD themed playlists for characters and ships which you can find here [X]

Here’s a list of anti bloggers you can follow if you want a sha/adin free dash [X]

[DISCLAIMER] Just because someone is not on the list doesn’t mean they’re not sha/adin free, it just means I either didn’t get to them, I forgot to add them, or they didn’t give consent to be on this post. I’m sure there’s plenty of posts about sha/adin blogs to block so keep an eye out for those.

There’s also the chance I’ll make a part two in a couple of months, I’ll have to see how popular this post is.

As for any sha/adins who see this post, this is not supposed to be an attack on you, this is for people who want a sha/adin free dash.

If you don’t think Silver Springs is one of the most cold-blooded songs ever, then you’re wrong. Stevie Nicks could have replaced every single lyric in that song with “fuck you” and it literally would have been the same song. If you can’t hear how much she fucking hates this dude and wants him to die, you’re not listening hard enough. She would not care if he was dying, gasping for his last breath, at her feet. She’d probably look down at his sorry ass and just sing “tell me, was it worth it?”

Silver Springs is the most eloquent, angriest, pettiest break up song of all time. She literally wrote it with the intent of him having to not only have to hear it, but play it constantly and be reminded of just how much he fucked up. Not only did she have that intent she had the audacity to explain her evil intent. She gave no fucks. “You won’t forget me. The sound of my voice will haunt you. You’ll never get away from the woman that loved you.” Tell me you would not take that as a threat. Like…bitch, you’re gonna what? She says “never” which means she was planning to fuck up this dude’s entire life for the rest of his life.

The song was so badass that the fucker kept it off the album and I 100% believe it was because he was scared for his life

Silver Springs has been my favorite song for years. I just listened to it for the first time in a while and was once again struck with the fact that it’s the best song of all time.

In my heart of hearts, I truly think Stevie silently chuckles to herself every time she hears it or performs it because her prophecy came true. That song will haunt him for the rest of his life. He’ll never escape it. Which means she won. And that’s what life is all about: winning.

The End


on train A, my right knee knocks into a stranger’s by accident and i stuff my fist into my pocket. on train B, a girl in a blue jacket shoulder-­checks you halfway down the aisle and you reach for her hand. if one of us is headed north and the other is running circles in the south, is this still the game we play? you are moving at a different speed, and i cannot tell if i am going slower, maybe faster, maybe just in a different direction, but if train A has stopped writing love poems and train B is still sending drunk texts, when do the they meet?

maybe it doesn’t matter. maybe they both keep going and no one, not one single soul, ever thinks anything of it. maybe they are both only trains and they both keep being only trains after their paths cross in some phenomenally unimportant eclipse of metal and years later, with more miles between them than anyone can count, neither will remember where they were headed that night. in this universe, the train operators go home to their children without any stories. in this universe, the trains run together with a hundred others and weeds never grow on the tracks. i am falling in love with someone else’s laugh for the fifth time in a week and there are no songs that remind me of you.

in another, the trains crash into one another. head on, full speed, in broad daylight. strangers build memorials to the wreckage; they leave crosses by the tracks, silk flowers that the wind drags away. my grandmother whispers the gory details of it all over phone lines to her church friend, and it’s all too much to speak about too loudly. the gasoline blast takes out every tree in its radius and it so grand, such a terrible disaster that the paper mill salvages them to print the newspaper. the crash makes the front page­ it makes every page; someone draws a comic strop, a frame by frame recreation of this awful accident, complete with a speech bubble taking up half the page, full of how it sounded when everyone’s mothers cried. strangers hang the clippings on their friend until they turn to dust, crumbling with postcards and grocery lists under magnets from the grand canyon, disneyworld, aarp.

in either universe, collision or no, i am trying to convince myself that it is not romantic. there is nothing about me or you that could be described as wreckage, or metal, or barreling towards or away from anything. all the metaphors, all the trains with their arrival times and my shaking fingers and your aching neck­ they’re just metaphors. we are just skin. just two people on different tracks and our relative proximity to each other doesn’t change this.

i am still trying to convince myself of it. it.

I’ve done it once, I’ll do it again

yes indeed, I’m going to defend the honor of the 2004 Phantom of the Opera, but with evidence to go with it. Yes, I’m aware some people have different opinions on the adaptions, but I’m tired of the phandom hating on this adaption because no matter what you say, it is still an ALW production and deserves much more recognition. 

Reason 1.

Out of all the renditions of POTO, this one took the longest. I’m sure everyone knows the struggles of making a movie, but not counting the filming and planning, this movie took almost 20 years just to finalize everything. From the rights purchase to the finding of a director to choosing the production company it took 20 years. wow. 

Reason 2.

When they actually decided to film the movie and pick actors, Andrew Lloyd Webber, having complete artistic freedom, decided to go in a different direction than his stage adaptions by not only giving Erik a different perception, but the film in itself. Yes, his original plan was to cast Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford in the film when he decided to make a film in 1989, but after years of production limbo with Warner Brothers, he decided to do something else. Webber chose Shcumacher as his director because he was impressed with the almost obscure way he viewed things, and he decided to choose a cast to go along with Schumacher’s way of filming. Webber decided to go a different way of casting the phantom as stated in the wikipedia article for POTO 2004

They had both decided on another version of the phantom to incorporate in the film thus causing them to look for someone with an edgier side. 

They first chose Hugh Jackman as the role of the phantom, but he rejected the role due to the film he was already working on. 

Reason 5.

Personally, I think Gerard Butler was the perfect choice for this movie. No, he’s not Ramin Karimloo or Crawford, but he is one heck of a Phantom. For one, he matches the description above when they said they wanted someone more rock and roll and dangerous. Butler really impressed me with the power of his voice. Again, he wasn’t as professional as Karimloo, but he surprised many others. 

In this article, it states how Butler had only 4 lessons before performing Music of the Night for Webber, need i remind you how advanced that song is, and Webber was so impressed, he chose him for the role. that most certainly counts for something. 

Reason 6.

Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson are also completely underestimated. Rossum, for one, had never had a professional role in a musical movie before in her life and was only 16 when she was chosen. She had been classically trained in opera from a very young age, and Webber offered her the role on the spot after hearing her sing one song. One. Song. 

Wilson is another story, look at this article

Wilson was specifically chosen for his background on broadway, I mean look at all the stuff he’s been in!

Wilson had stared in over 5 productions and was chosen to display a more stagish Raoul. 

Reason 7.

Have you not seen the costume and scene design? 

One of the things I love about movie adaptions of musicals is freedom of set design. You can actively show the characters traveling and interacting in different physical scenery. While the stage production of POTO is so intricate and beautiful, the movie was able to go into more detail on the settings (ex. you can literally see the Palais Garnier in the movie as well as the inside detail even if they didn’t actually film there. They were also able to show more of Erik’s lair as well as the tunnels below. 

Reason 8.

Even though I was very disappointed by the cutting of certain parts of certain songs, they pretty much were able to capture the essence of the musical without those extra lyrics. 

Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I keep seeing others dissing this movie just because it’s different from other productions. But let me break it to you gently

*clears throat*


I want to live in a world where people accept the fact that Gerard Butler played a pretty okay phantom. Also, I’m pretty sure people are going to think I’m annoying for going so much into this, but this movie helped me get through my parents divorce and my surgery so I’m going to defend it with everything I got.

An Illyrian Lullaby {Nessian}

Nessian with kids was requested by Anon. I always love writing Nessian, and I also love making up their futures with children! So, thank you, Anon, for sending in this prompt and letting my Nessan-trash heart out of it’s cage for a little bit.

Hope y’all enjoy!

- Tara

I had heard that lullaby before.

It was commonly sung among the Fae, especially in the Illyrian villages. As a child, the lullaby was used to sing me to sleep, to calm me down when I got hurt, to remind me that the world was not all pain and bitterness. 

I had no idea how she knew it, how this female who was once a human from the other side of the wall had perfected the sweet, simple song. I wasn’t about to ask. If I were to mention it, she would never sing it again. So, I sat outside the nursery, and I listened.

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You go to my Head

I had these sitting in a folder and I thought I’d share them here. I really love Henry Cavill. Inspired by Michael Feinstein

GIF Credit: @daydreamingwintertrees

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Lanterns and twinkle lights stretched as far as the eye could see, (Y/N) removed her shawl and descended the steps to join the guests of the party. The strong hand on the small of her back maneuvered her through the crowd of people, seeking the hosts of the party. Susan and Charles Cavill stood under a gazebo, posing for the photographer. It was their 60th wedding anniversary and all their friends and family came to celebrate with them. (Y/N) reached for Henry’s hand and smiled up at him, she hoped they’d be half as happy as his parents were. “That will be us one day,” he winked at her.

The photographer walked away and Henry led (Y/N) to his parents. “I’m so glad you could come tonight,” Susan said, hugging them and kissing their cheeks.

“We’d never miss this,” (Y/N) replied, handing Susan a gift box. His brothers came over to greet them and (Y/N) excused herself to give them some privacy.

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Rose’s Playlist (on Spotify: @erika.pulido169)

I saw someone post songs that remind them of Romitri. So I got inspired and made a playlist of songs that remind me of Rose, Romitri, the books, etc.

1. Heavy In Your Arms-  Florence and The Machine

2. Alive-  Sia

3. Spark the Fire-  Gwen Stefani

4. Castle-  Halsey

5. Song 5- Haim 

6. I’m So Sorry-  Imagine Dragons

7. Power-  Little Mix

8. Bad Reputation-  Joan Jett & Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore

9. In the Night- The Weekend

10. Island in The Sun- Weezer

11. Breath of Life & Seven Devils- Florence and The Machine

12. This Is How You Remind Me- Avril Lavigne (cover)

13. Unconditionally-  Katy Perry

14. A Little Taste-  Skylar Stonestreet

15. Secret Love Song- Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

16.Can’t Pretend-  Tom Odell

17. All Too Well- Taylor Swift

(Bonus Tracks: Love Me or Leave me- Little Mix & It’s You- Zayn Malik)



1. {Heavy In Your Arms} When Rose realizes Dimitri has been turned. Devastated, she decides to hunt him down in Blood Promise. Only to realize he has become the exact opposite of the man she fell in love with.

2. {Alive} This is how I picture Rose must be feeling after Mason’s death and she is getting the marks ( im blanking on what they are called lol) on her neck. Everyone is congratulating her, and she realizes being a guardian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (But post Last Sacrifice, despite all that happened to her, she is still here living and breathing.)

3. {Spark the Fire} A sort of up beat tune I can picture Rose kicking ass too. At the Equinox dance, and Dimitri sees her in the dress, and when she and Christian rescue Lissa.

4. {Castle} When Rose and Lissa return to the acadmey. Both Rose and Lissa  are highly criticized and judged for leaving, especially Rose. The rumors and the backstabbing that occurs between these two in the first book.

5. {Song 5} Frostbite is my favorite book, but I’m just gonna say it: Rose was very irritable and fedup with everyone and everything in this book lol. I feel her frustration in this book when people assume she is hooking up with Adrian, getting ‘beat up by her Mom/her return, and Dimitri getting cozy with Tasha.

6. {Im So Sorry} The song when Rose has her ‘fuck it I’ll do whatever I want” moments. “I tend too punch first and find out who I actually hit later.”

7. {Power} Another song I can picture Rose kicking ass too or working out too. Rose is overly confident and self aware of her beauty that boys admire her and other girls envy her.

8. {Bad Reputation/Black Sheep} When Rose and Lissa escape from the academy, and are eventually caught by Dimitri (And when Rose is broken out of jail by the whole gang).

9. {In the Night} My poor cinnamon roll Rose is always being criticized by evryone! :( everyone expects the worse from her. Especially in Frostbite, Shadow kissed, and Spirit Bound. When people think she is a whore, when she isn’t. When her mom thinks she irresponsible, but she just wants her mother’s approval.

10.{Island in the Sun} I think in Frostbite when she sees Christian and Lissa dancing at a royal party, or in Shadowkissed when she has to guard Christian and sees them Kissing all the time, this song comes to mind. Rose realizes she may never get that because the man she loves does not wanna risk either of them getting in trouble for their forbidden romance. Rose is on the outside looking in. (Which is pretty funny considering this is supposed to be happy song lol).

11.{Seven Devils & Breath of Life} Breath of life, when the strigoi attack the school and Dimitri gets kidnapped and she hunts him down. Seven devils, when Rose is being haunted by Mason and decides to go to Dimitri’s home town to tell his family he is ‘dead.’

12. {This is How You Remind Me} When Rose’s Mom tells her Dimitri may become Tasha’s guardian. And she begins dating Mason and realizes she will always love Dimitri. Poor Mason :( (Also a tune when Rose is dealing with the aftermath of his death.)

13. {Unconditionally} Rose and Lissa’s friendship summed up. Especially when Lissa is crowned queen, and Rose is her guardian. Rose is beaming with pride :)

14. {A Little Taste} Literally, blood lol. Anything related to the bad things moroi vampires got themselves into. That, and Rose’s attraction to Dimitri in the first book.

15. {Secret Love Song} Rose wishing her Dimitri could go public as a couple. Their love story summed up lol.

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16. {Can’t Pretend} This song can literally fit in with any of the books. Rose realizing she will have to put Lissa first through everything, no matter how frustrating it is. Rose realizing being a guardian is not what it is cracked up to be. Dimitri trying to hide his feelings for Rose. Rose trying to accept her fate with being shadowkissed, and awaiting sentencing in Last Sacrifice.

17. {All Too Well} Saw an edit of the Taylor Swift lyrics having to do with Romtri. I realized this song fit when Rose has flashbacks or looks back on her journey with how her and Dimitri came to be.

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{Bonus tracks:

 Love me or love me- Little Mix 

It’s You- Zayn }:

 I had just discovered Little Mix a while ago, (amazing band highly recommend) and I listened to it and I thought of Rose’s frustration that she and Dimitri will never be. And she dates Adrian even though she longs for Dimitri. Love me or Leave me and It’s You, can also be seen from Adrian’s POV :/ Adrian chooses not acknowledge the fact that Rose still loves Dimitri. His heartbreak and Rose’s guilt for hurting him, is inspiration for these tracks.Poor Adrian..

****UPDATE: All Too Well, A Little Taste, and Bad Reputation are NOT on Spotify*****


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Is this brendon

So I sidestep things that remind me of you / the celtics / supernatural / her / that song I was listening to when we were talking last / things like that / so what am I missing? / when will I stop dodging punches you no longer are throwing? / if I get a message past 10:30 I think it’s from you / but it never is anymore / you said you were tired last Friday / remember when we stayed up late talking? / I’ve been trying to forget / I’m sorry for being so direct / but this keeps hurting / long past when the appropriate time to grieve ended.
—  we won’t talk like this again // we can hardly be friends– lily rain
Gingerbread Man/Grayson Dolan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request: Yay, I love her so much too and I totally agree! ^3^ Okay, here’s the deal: I was thinking of having plots that revolve around the songs Gingerbread Man and Play Date for the twins… The only challenge that I’ve encountered is figuring out which one should correspond to who, heh. What do you think? I’ve been leaning towards pairing Gray with GM and Ethan with PD personally. ~ 🎀

Request: Can you do a dominant grayson smut pleaseeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

Playdate/Ethan Dolan

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You know, I finally got over you. I spilt all my emotions into notebooks and cried through a pen and was left with pages of poems filled with you. It took me years and a strength I never knew I had. You changed me, there is no doubting that, I never returned to the girl I once was. The naïve sixteen-year-old who thought that love would never hurt her. I was angry at you for a while, and then I wasn’t, and then all I did was cry and then I just longed to be held by you at 3am when my tear soaked pillow reminded me of everything we’d lost. Then i was over you. I really was, I could drink black coffee again, I could go out with my friends again and I could listen to all the songs that reminded me of you with out crying. Then I came home for Christmas to visit my parents in the small town we met. The fairy lights and the Christmas tree and the decorations in everyone’s windows changed something and then I saw you. You hadn’t changed, and the soft twinkling lights against your face made me forget that I was over you and I guess I fell again. I hate that you have the power to do this to me, I hate that you can make me feel like a giddy sixteen-year-old again. I left her behind a long time ago, ran away from her. Moved to the biggest city and got the hardest job I could find. Cut my waist length hair and abandoned my favourite candy floss coloured hair clips. Just so I could leave behind the girl who had no other aspirations than to marry you and have kids and a dog and a cute house with a fence and daffodils in the garden the one we always use to talk about. I ran away and left behind the girl who didn’t need anything more than you. You saw me and you smiled. That little smirk that haunts my dreams but makes them worth remembering. You didn’t ask about my job and you didn’t tell me how proud you were of my promotion; you weren’t impressed by the small town girl living in a big city with an expensive apartment and designer shoes. All you said was “you cut your hair? I like it” After all those years and tears and poems and waking up next to strange men with blue eyes and brown hair, all you could say was “I like your hair”? I’ve never fallen harder or faster or deeper in love. We stood on the same pavement we stood when you gave me a plastic ring all those years ago when we were sixteen and we started laughing like we were sixteen again, and you looked at me like you use to before everything got complicated and heavy and hard. We aren’t sixteen anymore and things are even more complicated now and I don’t love you as much as I did. I love you more, because the truth is I never stopped, I didn’t get over you I just buried you and replaced you with the little things I could fall in love with like hot cocoa in the winter and walks through the park on my days off. I guess when I came back to this small town the girl I ran away from all those years ago found me again and now all I can think about is candy floss coloured hair clips and what we might name our kids, whether they’ll have my eyes and your nose or my long legs and your smile. I don’t know but I know I was made to love you and every time I look into your blue eyes I’m certain that I’ll love you as long as I’m alive.


This is my first long one so let me know if you like/don’t like it

My Angel Masquerading

Not born holding any silver spoon
certainly not man made or refined
she yet taught me to sing my song
and forever reminds me to be kind

Never really one for haute couture
sipping tea with her pinky extended
somehow much more down to earth
is this treasure I long ago befriended

My angel masquerading as a stranger 
from the heavens smiled down on me
finding and healing a soul in disrepair 
showed me the way true love could be

Don’t Leave (Hatefuck part 2) C.H.

Here is the second part for Hatefuck. It is based on this song

You can read part one here

Trigger Warning: swearing, alcohol. 

Word count: 2k 

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

She knew me and I knew that I had let her go. I had given up on us because she asked me to, because I had fucked everything up.

I had always been a mess, never being able to do anything good. And everybody liked reminding me every single damn time. The boys helped me a lot but the only one who could make everything go away was her. She didn’t hold anything against me and that made me fall for her.

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