this song was too perfect not to use for them

ok so i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. you might know i have synesthesia; in my case i find sounds have colours. this is no exception for music as well, every song is unique in their colors and movements of it, and listening to it it’s so fun! but i don’t want to talk about synesthesia, i want to talk about the colours in green day discography and how it affects the way i feel about their albums. i’ll talk about every album that’s come out and, based on my synesthesia, the best time in the day to listen to them. i’ll try my best to describe the albums, but don’t expect it to be a super detailed list! also if you want to know a particular song you can always ask me! also there are some songs that deserve an analysis on its own. so here we go!

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Japanese Magazine “ViVi” January 2017 (TRANS)


B: Chanyeol is absolutely my bestie. When I asked him whether he wants to go play billiards together, he was like “I was just about to ask you too!”. This kind of thing happens all the time. We get each other without words since we were trainees.

C: When we are alone, I feel we haven’t changed a bit since then, like the way we joke around together. We have lots of favourite things in common, so we naturally spend more time together (than other members). We play games together, work out together, and we talk a lot about what we like, what we’re interested in and forget about the time. We also have similar teste in music as well.

B: Chanyeol is a good songwriter and can play variety of musical instruments, so I have a lot to learn from him. I love how cheerful he always is, and he makes people happy! Also, I like how tall, cool, and hardworking he is. (To Chanyeol) But you should be more careful when you are really into something, like action figures, you buy them too much!

C: Baekhyun always cares about me like this. He’s actually very manly. He’s like a big brother, but sometimes too manly and hot-blooded. Haha. I know that’s why you can lead us but go easy on me, please? Hahaha

B: We are the same age but I’m more like an elder brother.

C: You are right… I know Baekhyun is perfect in everything he does, acting jobs like drama, musical, and duet songs, so I don’t especially say anything about his activities outside EXO. I already know he’s always great.  

B: Thank you. Someday, I want to sing a song that you wrote/composed! I hope we will always remain besties!

Wedding Series || Jack

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Word count - 951

Summary - The one where Jack gets married.


To everyone’s surprise, Jack was the first of the boys to get married. Sure, he did his share of sleeping around, but then he met you. Once he met you, he knew that you were the one he had been searching for. He always said that was why he spent so much time hopping from girl to girl- he was just waiting around for you. It always made you roll your eyes when he said that, but you smiled too knowing that you were the one who would get to spend the rest of your life with him.

He had to make sure everything about your wedding was perfect because in his eyes, you deserved the world. You would never forget the look in Jack’s eyes when he saw you walk down the aisle. You had your insecurities about your body and your looks, but Jack, eyeing you up and down with the biggest smile you had ever seen, made them all go away. When Jack looked at you, it was usually a look of lust. This was something else entirely. This was a look of pure and honest love. For once, he wasn’t thinking about undressing you. He was thinking about how beautiful you looked right then and there, and how lucky he was to be able to call you his for the rest of his life.

He looked equally as handsome. His grey tuxedo and pale blue tie brought out the shining blue in his eyes. His smile stretched the widest you had ever seen and his hair- of course- was perfect. When you got to the end of the aisle, your dad handed you off to Jack, giving him a hug and saying something in his ear that you couldn’t hear. Jack gave your dad a sincere nod and a thank you, then took your hand and walked you up to the alter.

Part of the way Jack wanted to make this day perfect was by writing his own vows. You agreed to do the same, even though the idea of speaking words straight from your heart in front of such a large group made you a little anxious. He assured you that you didn’t have to do it if you really didn’t want to, but you could tell it was important to him, so you agreed. When the priest asked you to recite them, you took the piece of paper from your maid of honor. Your hands were shaking. “Hey,” Jack whispered. He was quiet so no one would hear him but you. “It’s just me. That’s all.”

With a newfound wave of confidence, you took a deep breath to recite your vows. “Jack,” you said, your voice still a little shaky, “You always say that you were lucky to find me, but I don’t think you realize that I was a whole lot luckier. Neither of us are the same people now that we were when we first met. I might’ve changed you, but you changed me too. And for the better. You make me feel more confident and sure of myself no matter what situation I’m in. Even pouring out my heart to you right now in front of everybody. You know I hate public speaking but for some reason, I feel completely calm. Like, when I’m standing here with you, I could take on the whole world. From the first day we met, you have been able to cheer me up when I’m down or console me when I need a friend, because that’s what you are. You’re my best friend. I’m vow to love you forever and ever and to not only be your wife, but to always be your best friend.”

The priest smiled at you, then nodded for Jack recite what he had written out for you. He surprised you when he did not pull out a piece of paper from his pocket. No, he would be speaking strictly from the heart.

“(Y/N),” he began, his voice strong. “I thought that what I said up here had to be perfect. I wrote out these vows as many times as I scrapped them. I thought everything had to be poetic and perfect, but that’s not me, that’s not us. We’re not perfect. We’re a complete mess. The truth is, I don’t know anything about love,” he laughed and you did too. “All I know is that I have never felt the same way I feel about you about anyone else, and I never will again. I know that your laugh sounds better than any of Conor’s songs.” This made everyone laugh and Conor, Jack’s best man, slap his brother’s arm. Jack ignored him and continued. “I know that I could get lost in your eyes for days trying to discover what damn color they are. I know that when I wake up and you’re not next to me, I miss you. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life knowing you and holding you and loving you and being the best version of myself I can be because of you. I don’t know anything about love, but I know I love you. So, I vow to be yours and only yours for the rest of my life and beyond, because I don’t want to be me without you.”

That was the Jack you knew. The Jack you knew said whatever words came to his mind, even if swearing was slightly inappropriate given the situation. The Jack you knew was honest and real and loved you in ways you still couldn’t even understand. The good thing was, you had the rest of your life to figure them all out.

On Earth C everyone decides to mix and mash holidays into one giant superholiday and it’s a mess but a fun mess. The trolls tell the humans about 12th Perigee’s Eve, the Rose and Dave explain Hanukkah to everyone (Assuming the other Strilondes never had the chance to experience it firsthand what with being the last humans alive and such), the Crockberts and Harlenglishes get super Christmas hyped. Since Dirk, Roxy, and Calliope aren’t doing much, they put their efforts into New Years, since that’s a pretty easy concept to grasp. They all work super hard with their own designated jobs for a big party they all plan to have on this superholiday. 

Kanaya and Rose focus on decorating for the party, they really could have gotten the job done pretty quick but they had to be really extra about it and go all out. And of course, some breaks to make out a little. In the end maybe things were just a little TOO much for this type of party.

Jade is Santa (Shit let’s be Santa) featuring elf Karkat and reindeer Dave, they’re the ones that hand out all the gifts. Dave jokes about Karkat’s outfit but Karkat just calls Dave a furry, in the most Davekat form of romantic way possible of course. Meanwhile Jade is just having too much fun being Santa.

Jake, Gcatavrosprite, and Dirk go out to get a tree. They come back with two because they couldn’t agree on which tree was the best. Jake picked a super tiny tree because he believes it could do it’s best, while Dirk picked an oak tree because no one explained what type of tree they were supposed to get to him. Gcatavros sided with Jake but Dirk was being stubborn about his tree choice. 

Jane, Roxy, and Callie are on kitchen and food duty, of course. Roxy has to keep a close eye on Callie to make sure she doesn’t, you know, drug anything. But she would have been looking at her anyway, can’t go without some Callieroxy or Calliejaneroxy. But still, Jane is the only one that really knows what she’s doing so half the food ends up being shit no matter how much she tries to get things in order.

Terezi and John are in charge of all the hella rad party games. But, they’re both assholes, so they end up rigging each game in certain ways just to mess with the people playing. Not to mention, they messed with each other a lot while setting things up, it was a mess.

Basically, the whole thing ends up being a mess, all of it. It’s all total shit. The place is overly decorated, the reindeer and elf are flirting while Santa has too much work to do and is goofing around, both trees are total shit, most of the food is burnt or even real food, the party games are total jackassery, the whole party is just TERRIBLE. 

And everyone had a fantastic time. They all ended up laughing at themselves and at each other. The decorations may have been too much but they sure were pretty, Santa and her helpers may not be great at their job but they look adorable trying, the trees may be wrong but they’re decorated anyway, the food may suck but it’s perfect for throwing at your friends’ faces, and the games may be rigged but its hilarious to watch everyone fuck up.

For the first time in a while everyone is together, they’re all enjoying a wonderful genuine time, laughing, playing, singing, even if it’s all fucked up, who cares? Perfect is too plain for these kids, none of them are perfect, they’re all fucked up in one way or another and they all love each other anyway. So in a way, all the fuckups of this party made it perfect. It was the most fun they’d had in a while. 

Terezi brings up how much Vriska would have been COMPLAINING if she were there, and they all have a genuine laugh about it, especially gcatav. Dave and Karkat get caught under the mistletoe and get too flustered to kiss with everyone chanting “KISS KISS KISS”. Jade hands out everyone’s gifts from her Santa bag. Jake teaches Roxy some Christmas songs she can bug everyone with all by singing them night long. Dirk tries to light the Menorah but ends up lighting everything in that area on fire for a second because he used a flame thrower. Rose and Kanaya share the big New Years kiss, as expected of the hs powercouple Rosemary. John and Jane are just about ready to start launching cake in everyone’s faces, for a full scale food war. Callie gets to experience all of this for the first time so she assumes this is what normal Holiday parties are like, and she fucking loves it. A+ time. 

All of them loved it. They all wake up the next day on the floor of the same room, and just start laughing about the great time they all had.

They do it every year now.

Someone asked me: “What’s your favorite Taylor Swift’s album?”

Taylor’s five albums from ‘Taylor Swift’ to ‘1989′ has their own strengths, but I think my most favorite of all is ‘Speak Now’. 1989 may be the strongest era, but Speak Now is definitely the most powerful album.

Speak Now doesn’t just sing about love or heartbreaks or reminiscing memories or having a crush on someone like a typical Taylor Swift song would, it speaks almost for everything. It speaks about love, about heartbreaks, about breaking up with someone who thinks you’re a game, an apology for somebody you’ve hurt, a song for being bullied, being told of mischievous things, a song for your family, for your daydreams and hopes of a happy ending, and many, many more.

Also, all of Speak Now songs also has something to do with ‘speaking’.

First of all, Speak Now has the fandom song, or the song for Taylor’s fans (Long Live). This song wants Taylor for us to promise that when we’ll have our children someday, let‘s tell and speak to them how Taylor hope they would shine, like how our bond and love for Taylor did.

Speak Now also has songs that speak about the early signs of love: being wonder struck for someone that you want to speak to then not to fall in love with someone else but you (Enchanted), and how you cannot gather up all of your courage to speak to the person you love even when you’re just meters apart (The Story Of Us).  And that (Sparks Fly) tells us that love doesn’t need speaking or explanations, you’d just feel the sparks fly. And when it’s late in the evening and you’re speaking quietly on the phone so that you wouldn’t be caught in (Our Song).

(Mine) also tells us about how love is perfect, but the people in them would never be, that two people in love can face problems like misunderstandings and how you should speak to them to fix that problems, and (Ours) talk about how people would speak harsh things but love will always be the solution, because what’s yours will be yours. And that when your (Superman) flies away, you should always never forget to speak ‘I love you’ to them. And when you love him/her, you should (Speak Now) because maybe later is too late.

(Dear John) also tells us how you should speak for yourself when you fell that your love was just a game for somebody. While (Back To December) tells how we should speak for an apology when we know we made things go wrong. And when the fragile line you’re walking on break, his/her memories haunt you and  you’d speak ‘Don’t leave me like this’ in (Haunted). How you wanted someone to come back but they say and speak ‘It’s not that easy.’ in (If This Was A Movie). And how you cannot manage to speak to him/her that’s why you’d just watch his/her life in pictures just the way you use to watch him/her sleep in (Last Kiss).

When someone speak awful things to pull you down and blame you things you didn’t do when you’re just (Innocent), something’s wrong. And also something’s wrong when people speak (Mean) things to you because everyone has the possibility to someday live on a bigger city. And when the time comes when you do (Better Than Revenge), the time when your speaking turn into doing, you’d just watch how the tables turn.

And when you speak to life how you want the time when you don’t mind deeper things in life, and you just wished you should (Never Grow Up).

‘Speak Now’ is an amazing album, every song talks about different things, Speak Now can touch almost everything in your life on a spiritual level.


I found a love for me.

Steve pulls Bucky in, soft and sweet, his hand on his lower back, and Bucky laughs.

“Sock hop?” he says, nudging Steve’s socked feet. The song goes, Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead, and Bucky threads their fingers together.

They’re flush chest to chest now. There’s a wet splotch just under the dishwasher, Steve knows, so he starts slowly moving them away from it.

He says, “The best kind,” and Bucky rests his head against his chest. 

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love/Not knowing what it was/I will not give you up this time from the radio. Steve feels it in his chest. From the way Bucky’s looking at him, he feels it too.

“You know when I first realized?” Steve murmurs, lips close to Bucky’s ear. It’s still strange to be this tall in relation to him. Bucky tilts his head a little, indulging. “When you stepped on Mrs. Lengly’s cat’s tail. You squeaked,” he says, and here Bucky protests and kisses his jaw. 

“Didn’t,” he says. But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own/And in your eyes, you’re holding mine. “I don’t squeak.”

“Used to.” Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms.

They’re not swaying anymore, just holding each other in their dimly lit kitchen. Bucky says, “When you had a lemon for the first time, for me. We were ten, I think.”

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song. 

They’re quiet long enough for Steve to feel Bucky’s heart beat four times before they speak again. 

When you said you looked a mess–

“I love you,” Bucky says softly, uncertainly. He always says it like it’s the first time.

–I whispered underneath my breath–

Steve says, “I love you, too.”

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.

Bucky pulls him closer. Steve kisses his temple, and they stay like this until the song ends.


Altaria Hybrids

Noir (+ Honchkrow)

Noir Altaria’s command great presence. Their cries have a particular resonance which is impossible to ignore, and considered by many to have an almost charismatic quality to it. Using them to settle unruly pokemon is fairly commonplace. They tend to lack the merciless nature of a purebred Honchkrow, and are best suited to casual battling or contest performances. 

Halcyon (+ Milotic)

A truly beautiful hybrid. Halcyon’s are completely peaceful by nature, and carry a soothing aura about them. Their songs are truly lovely to listen to, and can move even hardened souls to tears. Halcyons are usually seen in ornamental gardens belonging to aristocrats and royals. They are ill-suited for battling, and recommended for musicals and contests with experienced trainers who can maintain a high level of care. 

Harmonic (+ Togekiss)

Harmonic Altaria’s live up to their names; they are friendly and affectionate to all, and seem to have a talent for bringing both people and pokemon together in harmony. Perfect as companions for children, they never tire of physical affection, be it petting or cuddles. They can also be used for casual battles or contests, though trainers must be wary of treating them too harshly. 

Symphonic (+ Chatot)

Initially bred by complete accident, it was discovered Symphonic’s possessed both Altaria’s gorgeous vocal tones, and Chatot’s proficiency for mimicry. They are now much beloved sights in choirs and orchestras, both performing alongside humans, and also allowing singers time to rest should their own voices fail them. They’re wonderful companions…though they like greeting others with song…every time…especially at sunrise. Patience is a virtue. 

Overseer (+ Sigilyph)

A puzzling hybrid… They have a tendency to stare, for whatever reason. If something untoward was to cross their sight however, they would start to cry in eerie, almost cryptic vocals. It’s very hard to get lost with an Overseer Altaria around, as they can always remember the trail required to return home. Very good at guarding, and deceptively good at battling. Not particularly hard to train but…you’re not going to get an easy read on what they feel in return… 

Billows (+ Dragalge)

Nobody is sure where these hybrids originated from…but its commonly accepted that Billows were the result of a bad (possibly drunken) decision. They have irritable tempers, and do not appreciate being disturbed in the slightest. If hassled in any way by something they don’t like, they have a habit of spitting a foul smelling liquid onto the unfortunate perpetrator. Suited only for hard battles and for experienced trainers patient (and foolhardy enough) to try earning their trust. 

I’m a little unsure on this quality of these draws. Hit a bit of an art slump in the last week. Bout time I drew some bird pokemon variations though… 

World: Exposed

What world is this,
Where people are wolves fighting for survival.
Where those working under the name of, Gods are mere puppets of democracy.
Where those considered angels are the, real demons afterall.

What world is this,
Where porns defame physical contact,
Where men molest women, as if it’s a new sport in town.
Where the scream of women is just another rock song.
Where society is in charge of judgeing characters.

What world is this,
Where love is misunderstood with lust.
Where feelings are too hard to express.
Where people’s death is the perfect bait to provoke wars.
Where a women’s rape is just a permanent news headline with changing names.

Is this the world I was born to see.
A world full of
Hopelessness, helplessness and glee.
Hey Lord I summon thee,
Land again and set us free.

Keep Smiling

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Can all three squads (girls,boys,balloon sq) go to chris' grandma's cabin during easter break and cuddle in front of a fireplace and play guitars and sing silly songs together, please.

Okay, so I ghostwrote this ?!?! An easter special would be a lovely callback to the iconic episode but a cabin trip would  be the perfect way to end the show too, by letting us see how all those friendships have brought everyone closer together until there are no more lines separating them and they’ve merged into one great group. How they have all faced their personal struggles and conquered them,so now they can all be happy and relaxed, having fun together and preparing for their next year, their next big adventure in life, this time equipped with the knowledge that they will all have each other’s backs. Just imagine them going for picnics or having epic snowball fights (depending on the weather), only to end up bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked and out of breath in the warmth of the cabin, gathering around campfires singing and laughing and being goofy together or holding competitions for the scariest stories in the middle of the night, imagine even and noora in a warm and bright kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone dancing to justin bieber and teasing each other, mahdi surprising them with his knowledge in waffle making.Imagine impromptu dance competitions with the balloon squad and morning shenanigans with the couples in the cabin  getting abruptly interrupted (bonus if it is jonas or eva walking in on even and isak), imagine soft and quiet confessions in the middle of the night when they’re all sitting in the lakeshore stargazing together because they feel completely safe with each other, imagine the possibilities, imagine…!

the signs as things my band director has said or done
  • Aires: "If you die, you die."
  • Taurus: "Ooh, it's 7:24, my favorite time of the day! It's because there are 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day, and we're gonna work them all!"
  • Gemini: "If people don't move, it's ok to ram into them."
  • Cancer: *sends email with the subject line 'gimme some lovin' (the name of a song we were playing) only to 6 people, including his wife*
  • Leo: *doesn't notice the baritones throwing and spinning their instruments like flags*
  • Virgo: "I already wrote the fingerings in, so you better get it right. I don't want to have to resort to the blood method."
  • Libra: "Everyone is right except me... Don't put that on my quote page."
  • Scorpio: *tries to use everyone's name in 1 sentence*
  • Sagittarius: "Thank you for loaning me your children and hopefully I haven't screwed them up too badly."
  • Capricorn: *doesn't notice that a baritone and trombone player have switched instruments*
  • Aquarius: "Perfection or death."
  • Pisces: "Remember, if you're messing around you got docked 5 points!" (followed by hysterical laughter from the low brass section)
Reasons why Loïc Nottet is just perfect and deserves to win the Eurovision Final

Let me introduce you the amazingly talented, unbelievable cute belgian prince, who is representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2015.

Here are some facts about him, that should convince you that he’s the perfect winner.

1. He’s creative as hell
2. EVERYTHING he is doing, was his idea.
3. Like the choreography. The whole thing was made by him.
5. And he dances PERFECTLY.
6. Look at his perfect twirl.

7. He also composed his song himself.
8. Of course his mysteriously perfect brain (researchers are stumped about how anyone can be so talented) is also able to come up with beautiful lyrics.
9. His sweet, mum-alike coach from The Voice Belgique, where he first became popular, wrote his Eurovision song. Loïc helped her to make it perfect.
10. He wrote the script to the music video of Rhythm Inside. And it’s unbelieveably creative and explains the story behind this song perfectly and everything he does is just perfect and Loïc is just perfect and wow.
11. He designed all the outfits.
12. From those he made perfect drawings first. Like all those famous fashion designers.

13. Before he sews them himself.

15. Even when he is lying on the ground.

16. And his voice!!! His voice IS SOOOO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.
17. He is sooooooo humble
18. Sooooo friendly to EVERYONE
19. He looks like a puppy

20. And his face is making things who make us all sick because of too much ASDFGHJKL.

21. Even the other favourites love him and are amazed about his incredibility. E.g. Australian Superstar Guy Sebastian loooves him.
22. Loïc is super cute
23. He is also a nerd

24. He can do well with kids (I love men who love kids)

25. He is funny.

26. Hahaha of cooourse he can play music instruments, like the keyboard.
27. Everybody loves his america scarf.

28. Everyone loves Loïc and Loïc loves everyone.
29. If you vote for him tonight he will be very thankful. And let me tell you, he absolutely deserves your vote.
30. Loïc is perfect at everything

I’m sure Loïc can also cook perfect food and is the master at playing golf and would make a good astronaut. Loïc is perfect at everything.

We seriously don’t see a single bad thing about him


Thank you.

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ok ok ok what bout caulscott? ?? ?? (puppy eyes)

SHIT okay thats at least half of my nathan otps done now LIT ASF YALL

- max and nathan take trips at night in his truck sometimes when they cant sleep to go off and “adventure” for the perfect photo ops

- max takes, OF COURSE, every opportunity she can to take pics of nathan and things nathan likes because she knows he likes to focus on photography sometimes to calm himself down (wiTH WHALE SONGS PLAYIN IN THE BACKGROUND) and so every time she sees one of her photos in nathans notebooks/binders she so touCHED HE ACTUALLY LIKES IT- it makes her only wanna get more and more

- max tbh cant sleep without whale songs now too bc shes so used to hearing them when shes with nathan 

- many many many mornings of max sprinting to her dorm to get changed and then running to class bc she always SWEARS she wont spend the night at nathans when she has morning classes but that asshole always convinces her (aND THEN SHUTS HER EARLY ALARMS OFF BC HE HATES THE NOISE)


-he would get mad learning/mostly forgetting the chords over and over again so theyd have to take a lot of breaks and she’d just sit and listen to him call it “fucking stupid” and rant about how “only hippies with no fucking jobs” only play guitar… and then he’d go right back into it


-nathan convinces max to sneak into the prescott estate buT EVERYTIME max is too scared to spend the night there ( sHE SWEARS SHE HEARS NOISES) 

-nathan buying max expensive things like clothes = max never ever wearing them but thanking nathan anyways (she puts it in the back of her closet but nathan never says anything, just buys her more stuff)


Romanced companions react to sosu singing kid!Shaun to sleep and having a surprisingly beautiful voice - PART I - the boys

(spoiler in the ask if you haven’t find out what happened to Shaun, also in Danse’s, X6′s, Nick’s and Maxson’s reaction)

(I personally loved writing these, thank you :) That being said, I think this may  just be one of mypersonal faves out of all the reactions I’ve done. I decided to take some more time on this because well I got inspired and wanted longer stories cause of it. Also tried to give some insight in the Shaun / companions dynamic to an extent. This is the first part, I will get back to this for the girls later. Also thank you so much for the compliment! Knowing these entertains and sometimes moves people is what I do this for ^^ I can add Sturges on request, too. Probably will add him to this post at some point in time regardless.)

Nick  (Extra long one cause damnit, I can’t believe I forgot him the first time.)

Nick made a fantastic step-dad for Shaun. After a while, Sole reluctantly agreed to let Nick tell Shaun what he really was. He figured the boy had the right to know, make sure he didn’t have to go through what Danse went through. Sole was hesistant about it all, it had taken even Nick a long while to accept who he was. But Nick explained that was exactly why this was important; doing what’s right. Making sure that he didn’t grow up thinking he was just some imposter. They decided Nick should bet he one who told him, because Sole couldn’t bring themself to it.
Sole found Nick with Shaun next to him on the couch. He looked shocked, Sole felt horrible about it. Nick may be the man with all the answers, but Sole hoped this was not that one time he got it wrong. “But I’m not real! I shouldn’t even be here!” Nick shook his head “Chin up, kid. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not supposed to be here. Sure, you’ve got some memories that aren’t your own but you can still be your own man.” “But I’m not human!” “You feel human, don’t you? Right here.” He poked his finger where Shaun’s heart was supposed to be. You love like a human, you think like a human, you can appreciate beauty like a human. In all the important ways, you are one. You’re as important as anyone else, ya hear me? Maybe more so because you see your mom/dad? They love you. For who you are. And they should, you’re a great kid.” He tossled Shaun’s hair. Shaun hugged Nick. “What do you mean with ‘appreciating beauty’?” “Like when your dad/mom sings you to sleep, you like that don’t you?” Shaun shook his head. “They don’t sing to me. They just tell me stories.” “Well, first time for everything.” Nick’s keen eyes had noticed Sole the moment they entered. “Go on.” “Nick…” “Sole.” Sole sighed, tucked Shaun in and sung him a lullaby. Shaun seemed to like it. After they left the room,
Sole  exhaled loudly, Nick kissed them on the forehead. “I was hoping you’d be an okay singer, make sure the boy would be able to really appreciate it. I had no clue that you could even give Magnolia a run for her money.” Sole smiled. “I thought you were one of those stand-up honest guys, Nick.” He smiled as his bright yellow were fixed on them “Seems like you’re a good judge of character.” Sole shook their head. “No, cause that was obviously a lie.” “It’s not. You’re an incredible singer. If this saving the Commonwealth gig ever wears you out, you could always start a singing career. “ Sole chuckled “I dunno Nick, somene needs to keep the raiders off of your back when you try to steal back their victim.” Nick smiled. “Ya know, with all that’s happened to you… you’re still a great mother. And I will watch over your son and guard him with all my strength and heart. He’s my son too, now.” “Thanks Nick, that means a lot.” And hey,the singing seems to be a good way to help him deal with this. And I’d be lying if I’d say I wouldn’t want to be there for that more often, too.”


Hancock never seized to be amazed by them. Nothin’ short of a miracle how they could wreak havock over the Commonwealth one moment and sound like an angel the next. He just looks at them, startling Sole when they turn around. “Oh f… Hancock, damn I didn’t see ya there.” “ Please, don’t mind me. Just admirin’ the view and voice. Carry on, sweetheart.” “I don’t really do singing for an audience.” “Not even for yours truly?” “Hmm… No.” Hancock kneeled down next to Shaun. “Hey kiddo, whatcha think? Mommy/Daddy is an artist don’t cha think? What about havin’ em perform in Goodneighbour like a real rockstar.” Shaun got that familiar look of pure excitement in his eyes as he started to nod and whine to Sole that they had to do that. Sole regretted ever teaching Shaun to say please. For a ghoul, Hancock was suprisingly good with kids, especially once they got past the way he looked. Sole shook their head ‘ Noooo.” Shaun started to pout, Hancock looked at him ‘hey, good idea kid” and mimicked it. “Oh for crying out loud.” Hancock got up and right next to her ear went “Say yes.” 

Sole laughed. “Oh I’m gonna regret this.” “Naaah.” That’s exactly how Sole ended up on stage. Hancock convinced Shaun to join them on stage too. He figured there was no better way of ensuring he’d hear that great voice more often than getting Sole to record some of ‘em. And he may have bribed some people to ask them for autographs, too. Juuust to be sure. 


Walked into the room clapping until Sole ran to him on tiptoes ( a sight to behold) and grabbed him by the wrists. “SHHH! I just got him to sleep.” “He’s not asleep. He’s pretending to be so he can read that comic under his pillow.” Sole gave him a look. “Which he got his hands on how precisely?” MacCready shrugged “ Someone has to teach ‘m some culture.” “ ARE YOU IMPL.” MacCready put his finger on their mouth “shhh, he’s not sleeping. Give the kid  chance to make it convincing.” 

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“I gotta take that comic away from him Mac. He needs to sleep.” “Let the kid be a kid. Duncan turned out fine too and he did that every night. Takes after his dad. C’mon.” Sole reluctantly followed him. “To where?” MacCready whipped a guitar from under his bed. It wasn’t in great shape anymore but seemed like it’d do the trick. “In Little Lamplight I learned to play guitar. If I can get you to sing more often, I’d teach you. Deal?” Sole was intruiged. “Who says you’re any good?” “Oh really? “ He started playing the notes to a song Sole remembered as one of her favourites. So he remembered. “Now you sing.” “MacCready no…” “Ah, come on Sole. It’s just us here. And I’ve heard you already so damage is done. Or are you just too scared to sing?” He knew Sole had the bad habit of jumping on top of any challenges given. Sole started to sing and MacCready tried to remember the cords but got carried away by their voice. He eventually stopped playing just to stare at them and listen after the song ended Sole looked at him. “MacCready, what happened to playing the guitar?” “Hm? Sorry.” Sole had never seen MacCready look at them in such awe, not even after getting a perfect headshot. “ About those lessons though?” “right.” He came to sit behind Sole and guided them in playing the guitar until he brushed back their hair “You know, Shaun’s asleep now. Wanna practice for making him a brother or sister?”.


He froze in place when he heard the singing. Some things made him feel unbelievably human, made him believe that he was more than a machine indeed. He cherished those things, loved them for they proved Sole right, proved that his whole life was more than just a lie. And this one, the way he felt his heart melt at the sound of such an beautiful sound, really struck a cord. Was that Sole? He had to find out. He valued their time alone with Shaun and refused to impose on it unless they asked him. Drawn to the sound, he slowly opened the door it came from. “Sole?” “Oh Danse, keep your voice down. I just got Shaun to sleep.” Sole gently pushed Danse back where he came from and closed the door. “ What’s wrong?” “ Nothing is wrong… I heard you sing.” Sole smiled. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you that eavesdropping is rude, Danse?” He suddenly felt ashamed for breaching their privacy with their son. The son that appearantly had more in common with him than he originally hoped. Danse had mixed feelings about Shaun originally, he reminded him too much of himself, of his own situation, but grew attached to him. At this point he was convinced he’d fight, kill and die for this child,  as he would for his mother/father.. “ Could you please sing again?” “I dunno Danse, I only sing nursury rhymes. I can’t actually sing you know.” “ With all do respect, Sentinel, I disagree. You’ve told me the reasons why I am no mere fraud. Why I deserve to live. I may not deserve you but you make me feel alive.” “Is this one of those things you talked about before? Little things that make you feel human? You can’t seriously claim that my singing…” “I do. You have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.” “Ok.” Sole started to sing, softly as Danse listened to her intently. When he was staring into their eyes it felt like the world dissapeared and there was nobody but the two of them. When they stopped singing Danse got close to them. “I really want to kiss you.” “Then what the hell are you waiting for?” Danse kissed Sole first gently and then more intensely. “I love you. And I wish there was a way to make you see you the way I do.” 


Codsworth was on his way to the nursery when he heard Sole’s familiar voice. He always had considered it quite beautiful but this time, this body, resonded in a strange way to it. He was overwhelmed by emotions and felt tears welling up in his eyes. Memories of better times in which Sole was still happy at home came rushing back, but he was mainly moved by the sheer beauty of Sole’s voice. He didn’t quite understand why he reacted so strongly to this, as he never had before. Sole stopped singing and sneaked out of the door. “Codsworth, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m quite allright. My apologies Mum/Sir but I must say your singing voice is …” Sole squinted and tilted their head as they asked ‘Oh… you’re crying over my singing? Is it that bad?” Sole was a little bit annoyed since he had heard her singing before and never mentioned it. “ Not in the slightest Mum/Sir. It is,in fact, quite extraordinary. “ Sole tried to hold back a smile. “You’re moved by my singing? To tears?” “It would appear so.” Sole shook their head. “Mum/Sir… is this normal? Ehm, Happy crying? Because your singing does give me a … warm feeling, like fluttering butterflies”. “I guess you’re just better at showing you’re emotional now.” Sole pulled Codsworth into a hug. “I do apologize for this strange physical reaction to something beautiful.” Sole knew that Codsworth would be the last person to ever lie to them about what he thought of their singing and didn’t question it, feeling flattered even. “It’s okay Codsworth.” Sole kissed away some tears. 

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Deacon waited at Shaun’s door for Sole. “Hi hot stuff.” “How long have you been standing here?” “Long enough to hear you should make money off of singing at the Third Rail too. Why didn’t you tell me? I could be your manager. Actually, I have a great outfit lying around for that.” “What are you talking about, I can’t sing.” Sole brushed him off and carried on, outside the room. Deacon only a couple of steps away. “ But seriously; you are a great singer. Do you take requests by any chance?”  “Nope. Sorry groupie,all out of songs for today.” “But what about tomorrow?” Deacon kept getting in Sole’s way, walking backwards in front of them. Sole sighed “ Ya know what, as soon as you convince someone to do a duet with you BEFORE tomorrow, I’ll sing for you again.” “DEAL!”  Sole figured he would never find someone willing to do this. That was until they, the next day around the time Shaun had to get to bed again, walked in on Deacon and Shaun with KISS paint on their faces and fake guitars in hand. They didn’t notice them at first. Deacon’s singing was terrible, Shaun didn’t do much better. “So, remember, imagine a crowd of girls, or boys whatever you’re into, chanting your name. Can you hear ‘em kiddo? ‘We love you Shaaaaaun’. “ Sole had to hold back laughter when they heard Deacon mimic a typical groupie’s voice.” Why do we have to do the facepaint?” “Cause we’re performers. And that means looking like a rock god.” “Is this how gods look?” “Well we’re rockgods so now they do.” Sole cleared her throat. “AH! Our audience has arrived!” They sounded terrible but Sole lost the bargain and sung for them, too. After which they spent about an hour getting the paint off of Shaun’s face… They intended to let Deacon help with that but he was too busy scrubbing off his own face paint. Shaun ran up to Deacon and hugged him. Deacon tossled his hair a bit. “Thank you D-man.” “Anytime Shaunator.” Shaun went to bed and fell asleep pretty fast. “D-man? Shaunator?” “Artist’s names. Do you want one, too?” “Sure, why not.” “Gorgeous. It’s the only one that matches you.” Sole shook their head. “Gotta hand it to you ‘D-man’, you make a pretty good step-dad.” Deacon smiled, a genuine smile, not one as part of his disguises or acts. “But about your singing career…” “DEACON”  


Maxson had a very hard time having Shaun staying over at the Prydwin on a regular basis. He knew Shaun was a synth, Sole had told him. Right before she threatened to single-handedly shoot the Prydwin from the sky with all of the crew on it if he dared lay a finger on him, regardless of their history together. They had a massive fight over her accepting him as if he were their real son… right until they explained who their real son was. And before he saw her crying for the first time, in anger, over how they deserved this second chance after all they’d done to save the Commonwealth.
 The crew, however, didn’t know about Shaun’s true identity. They also didn’t know about the connection between real-life Shaun and Sole. Even their relationship with Maxson was under wraps, few knew although it was a raging rumour neither of them confirmed. Having Sole as his right hand ensured this was possible. Maxson had a dirty little secret and he knew it damn well. That didn’t take away that he protected the child, because the woman he loved loved it. He would never be able to see him as his son, but also wouldn’t let any harm come to him. He waited for Sole outside the synth’s room, and overheard them singing. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. There was very little room for music within the brotherhood, so this was no less than a revelation to him. He waited until Sole left the bedroom quietly. It was adjacent to Sole’s own private quarters. “ Sentinel.” “Maxson we’re alone, stop using my title.” “Please come to my office.” Sole did as he said, rolling their eyes at how formal he still was. That’s when they noticed their door was open. “Certainly, elder.” They left, Sole closing the door and asking Haylen to keep an eye out. Haylen knew, about all of it. As soon as he locked the door behind them, Maxson kissed Sole and trew them on the bed. “Woah, eaasy.Not complaining but what’s up?” “I heard you singing, I saw you. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen or heard Sentinel.” “ And this is how you respond to that?” “ It made me realise how damn lucky I was to find you. I want you to record a song or two so I can listen to it when you’re away from me.” “Which is when, exactly?” “When you go to that settlement of yours?” “I dunno.” “That’s an order, Sentinel. “ “What did I tell you about orders in the bedroom?” Maxson grinned. “But this is necessary for the brotherhood as it soothes me. You told me I had ‘anger issues’ to work on, I will require your aid to achieve that Sentinel.” 


“Sole…” he stopped in his tracks when he heard them. If they’d play that on the radio he’d actually listen to it sometimes. Wow… “Babe, I never knew you could sing like that.” “You were eavesdropping on me?” “I want to say something without you getting mad.” The actual reason he was there, was because a settlement needed help again, what he wanted to say but he figured he could ask someone else to help him take care of it. “Preston…” “Nope, I’ll be back in like a couple of hours.” Preston went off on his own, their voice still echoing in his head. Well, if this mission’d be the end of him at least he had gotten the chance to hear that magnificent sound. He returned, as promised, to Sole when night had fallen. “I heard you went to defend a settlement?” “Yeah, I did. I’m sorry about disturbing you with Shaun, I know you value your time with him.” “I do. Are you okay?” Sole checked a rather nasty cut on his cheek. “Yeah… although you know what would help?” “A kiss to make it better?” “Tempting babe, but no. Sing for me, please? It’s what got me through that battle there. At some point I got cornered and heard that voice in my head again and I knew I had to make it back to you.” Sole tilted their head. “Ok. But let’s do it while I get you patched up, okay?” He threw his arm around Sole who supported him. Focussing on their voice actually made him forget the wounds. When Sole asked him to have a go at singing too, it turned out he was a pretty decent singer. “Preston, you’ve asked me if I was okay with you bonding with Shaun?” “Yes, and I understand why you have your reservations.” “I don’t. I want you to come along and maybe we can both sing to him? Or you can try singing him to sleep?” “After hearing your voice I’m sure mine sounds terrible.” “No, it doesn’t Preston.” “Okay. Let’s… let’s do this.” He kissed Sole gently. 


X6 had a surprisingly good bond with Shaun from the get-go. Sole presumed it was either becaus of some sort of misplaced loyalty towards Father, or because he felt like he could somehow identify with him because of the way in which he came to the world. X6 didn’t seem to know which one it was either. Shaun often asked for him to stay when Sole tucked him in. These sorts of traditions were foreign to the courser but he adapted to the situation and became a confidante to Shaun.
That evening, Shaun had had heard from one of the companions hat their mom used to sing them to sleep when they were small, and he asked Sole if they could do that for him, too. Sole wanted to say no but couldn’t bring themself to it when looking at that adorably hopeful look in his eyes. Sole sung for them, trying to ignore the ever vigilant courser next to them listening in. They snuck out of Shaun’s room when he seemed to be asleep. “Your voice… it’s not unpleasant.” “ Ok, as a reaction from you that equals a ‘wow’ right?” X6 looked at the inquisitively “ What is that supposed to mean?” “That you like my singing.” “Isn’t that what I just claimed?” Sole shook their head. “Sort of.” “I was wondering if you used to have a career in singing before the bombs fell.”  Sole laughed. “Ok, now you’re pushing it. I’m not that good at all.” “In my objective opinion it is a grave improvement in comparison to what they air on the radio’s.” “You’re hardly objective, you’re dating me.” “I don’t see how my romantical connection to you would cloud my judgement.” Sole blushed. “ Thanks X6″. These occasional moments of romance weren’t that rare but Sole never really saw them coming.


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Read the latest Letter to YVYNYL:

Miya Folick knows that you have dirty underwear because, shit, we all have it. No one is perfect. It feels connected us to more of the universe when we start to remember what lovely flawed human beings we all are. We puke from time to time. We lie from time to time. We make lots and lots of mistakes. These are her ruminations she feels when she’s writing music. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect. Listen to her songs with that reminder.

Dear Mark, 

…I had some people over and one of them drank too much and was sleep-puking from the couch onto the floor. I watched as another friend, without hesitation, brought her a cold towel and a bowl. I watched her pick up the sick friend’s head and gently, but forcefully, pull it off the couch and over the bowl. She said all the things I would have liked her to be saying to me if I were in that situation…

(read to the whole piece while listening to her music here on my Medium)

@michael-nishwash [cont from here]

Mike smiled a bit at the question, shrugging. “It was true, once,” he replied. He’d written it because of a girl he’d known when he was younger. One that he still missed dearly, when he thought about it. He knew, deep down, that his relationship with her just wasn’t meant to be, but that didn’t stop him from missing her. He’d wanted her as a friend, more than a love interest, but she hadn’t seemed to want that. And she had been rather bent on just being the perfect couple, and getting married, and how their lives were going to be so perfect. And Mike didn’t want that, really; he wanted music. A musical life with the guys, that he was able to live out and be happy with. He didn’t need to be professional, and he didn’t need to settle down with a wife and kids. He was too young to do that, and especially had been when he’d first gotten with her.

His smile fell from his face as he thought about her, easily getting lost in his memories. They’d had great times together, really. Happy times, that Mike desperately wanted to relive. Just for a moment or two, maybe. It was all the little things he missed, too. How she always wore one of his shirts to bed, how she loved rainy days, or even something as little as how she liked doing her hair. It was all just a sad, yet happy memory. Mike was just lonely, he supposed. He had the guys, of course, but this was different.

He slowly realized he was still talking to Peter, and was quick to plaster on another smile. A fake one, but Mike didn’t think Peter would notice. There would be a time to mope, later, and Mike figured he could worry about everything, then.

“Do you wanna try to sing it?” Mike asked, next. “Or should we just try somethin’ else, to get your vocal range?” Mike didn’t know whether Peter would have a small one or not. Mike, personally, had a wide range, which was only good because it meant that he’d be able to figure out exactly how Peter sang.

Peter could always tell when the guys were lying to him. Well, usually. They hardly had any reasons to lie to each other about anything. When Micky lied it was usually about not doing something when he had, when Davy liked it was about not liking something, or someone, when he did, but when Mike lied it was often about not feeling something when he felt it very much. When Peter lied it was about knowing something when he didn’t, or not knowing something when he did. But Peter had never been very good at lying.

And he knew Michael’s smile was a faker, but he said nothing about it. At least he wouldn’t right now. He had Mike’s attention and he didn’t want to loose it because he’d upset him over talking about some girl.

After a moment of thought, Peter stood, moving away from the amp, stepping down from the bandstand to the keyboard just off to the right. Peter was curious as to what the people before them used the area infront of the window as. It was a perfect stage. He sat on the stool, figuring out the few chords to the song in quick succession, singing to himself a little, a little too high in his register before figuring that out and switching lower.

Adrien Week Day 1: A Model Friend

Prompt: Modeling or Body Parts

Nino visits Adrien during an unsuccessful photo shoot, and the photographer ropes him into modeling alongside Adrien.

“No, no, no! I need cannelloni, and you are giving me lasagna!”

Adrien grimaced. He didn’t know much about pasta, but he didn’t need to. Anyone could see that the photographer was frustrated, and Adrien couldn’t blame him. Every pose and smile he’d attempted came out strained, and Adrien wasn’t quite sure why.

“Take a break!”

Adrien sighed and stepped away, slumping onto the nearby bench and staring up at the sky. Maybe he was too focused on the two tests tomorrow he still needed to study for. Maybe he needed to catch up on sleep. Maybe he was simply having an off day.


Adrien tilted his head back just enough to catch a glimpse of Nino standing behind him with a pair of warm drinks. Beaming already, Adrien straightened and turned to face him, “Hey, Nino.”

“Marinette mentioned you were doing a photo shoot. How’s it going?” He extended a cup to Adrien.

Adrien frowned. “Thanks.” He took the cup and resettled on the bench as Nino sat beside him. “Awful, actually. I can’t focus.”

Nino nodded. “You seemed kind of out of it earlier.”

The drink turned out to be coffee, which Adrien downed with a grateful sigh. “Yeah. I’m not sure I’m ready for that history test tomorrow.”

“Me neither.” Nino chuckled, sipping at his own cup. “Maybe after this, we can study. Alya and Marinette are already cramming at the coffee shop down the street.”

“Yeah,” Adrien smiled, “That sounds great.”

“Oh, you should check out this new band.” Nino tugged his phone free and quickly pulled up yet another artist Adrien could add to his ever-growing list of recommendations. “It’s perfect background music for studying.”

Nino offered his headphones for Adrien to sample some of the songs, and Adrien nodded along to the beat, grinning. “Yeah, this is great! Too bad I can’t model to it.”

As Adrien removed the headphones, Nino laughed. “Maybe I should make you a playlist, dude. Give it to the photographer if it gets too quiet.”

“Not unless you know any songs about spaghetti.” Adrien chuckled.


“The photographer has this obsession with pasta.” Adrien leaned in, lowering his voice, “It’s kind of weird.”

“I guess if you’re talented enough, people put up with a little weird,” Nino said with a shrug. He sighed and prepared to head out. “So, meet us down the street?”

“I’ll text you when I’m done,” Adrien promised.

“Wait!” the photographer shouted from behind them, startling a small jump out of both Adrien and Nino. “You! You must stay!”

Nino raised a brow. “Me?”

“Yes! You two are perfect!”

“Perfect for what?” Adrien asked.

Rather than answer, the photographer tugged Nino to his feet and pushed him towards the small make-up team nearby. After a quick wardrobe change and some light makeup, Nino was led back to the set where Adrien waited, half-curious and half-concerned.

“Now, you two talk. Just like before!”

Adrien sighed. “Sorry, Nino. You don’t have to stay.”

Nino awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, already missing his hat and headphones. “It’s fine. I just don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“You think I do?” Adrien chuckled, posing dramatically, “I just get lucky. The camera pawsitively loves me.”

Nino laughed, “With jokes like that, you’re lucky you have a pretty face.”

Adrien gently shoved him. “Hey, if the hero of Paris can pull off puns, so can I.”

“Dude, Ladybug doesn’t pun,” Nino teased.

“Ha ha. I meant the other hero of Paris.”

The two hardly noticed the flashes of the camera beside them as they joked around. Their friendly banter was interrupted only for occasional directions from the photographer and his assistants.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the photographer finally shouted, “Beautiful! The pasta is ready to be eaten!”

Nino snickered softly. “Does that mean we’re done?”

Adrien nodded. “Usually.”

After changing back into their normal clothes, Nino glanced over at the empty lot. “Wow. My first modeling gig.”

Adrien elbowed him and grinned. “You’re welcome.”

“Who said anything about thank you, Mr. The Camera Loves Me?”

Adrien chuckled, following Nino to the coffee shop down the road. As they settled into the seats beside Marinette and Alya, Adrien couldn’t help but smile. Of all his photo shoots, that had to be his favorite. Who knew that after all these years modeling could still be fun?

[Trans] 151220 SMROOKIES Show

151220 SMROOKIES Show - Ment 1

doyoung: sm’s predebut team who show’s their skill during training, smrookies, meet fans before debut to make good memories by smrookies show. in this year, this will be our last show to meet all of you. today we will greet you again who has come to see us.
rookies: hello. we’re smrookies
jaehyun: today is the day for the last rookies show, but not only that, we also prepared special christmas show

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