this song was my jam back in the day

Thanks for @tippingbrandy and @sterekfrustrations for tagging me in my top 10 songs I am jamming to rn 

  1. Back to you- Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha
  2. You’re Welcome- Dwayne Johnson 
  3. Bad Liar- Selena Gomez 
  4. Seven Nation Army- PMJ
  5. Thumbs- Sabrina Carpenter 
  6. End of The Day- One Direction 
  7. Welcome To The Black Prade- My Chemical Romance 
  8. F.F.F- Bebe Rexha 
  9. Power- Little Mix 
  10. Swalla- Jason Derulo 

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i’m so sad because there are so many amazing groups that are being slept on right now, y’all let me take u on a journey

  • ok you like groups that make u wanna go hard as fuck??? then listen to 24K
  • even their cute songs have a dope ass beat
  • speaking of damn good beats BIGFLO have a lot of um they get u so pumped and ready 2 go
  • boy groups that can go from cute to deadly in 0.003 seconds?? then high4 are the ones for you
  • groups that have hella dope dance moves, acrobatics and r just complete dorks then hop onto the SPEED train for a life of tears and joy
  • i know u want the weirdest kids that walk this planet that make damn catchy tunes
  • will also love you with everything they have because that’s what MYNAME do
  • OH! and you want to write fanfic about them? no need my lovely, they do it themselves
  • u want there to be instrument playing and beautiful vocals? give Royal Pirates a listen
  • some good head boppin tunes, great rapping and infectious ass dance moves then pls love Cross Gene
  • they also got them intimidating looking members that are actually the biggest fluffballs u know what i mean
  • groups that go hard but also wanna stab u in the feels? u deffo for N.Flying
  • absolute losers that just want to have fun? heck they danced with animated penguins 
  • that’s right u guessed it.. UNIQ
  • oh ok so u want more of a hip hop feel rather than a cute boy group??
  • or maybe not bc they are the dorkiest, shyest lil babies ever. love madtown
  • i don’t even know how to describe hotshot they actually leave me a lil bit speechless they r just so good u will deffo not regret this decision
  • also body rolls for days i tell ya
  • Snuper are those mad dorks that u will fall in love with in all of 2 seconds, good luck
  • did u hear face off by A6P?? just listen to it u will be jamming for weeks
  • and the concept was so good
  • pls come back babies i miss u
  • B.I.G just give off a vibe that make u love them, take these losers in as ur own they r ur children now also all their songs are SO catchy
  • not to mention the hit song hello that will always have a special place in my heart
  • r cute girl groups ur weakness?? because my dear u will love Laboum
  • what about a group that work with whatever sound they take? also got some hot vocals and some nice beats to get u up or just to chill and jam to whatever u feelin BIGSTAR got it
  • i also just wanted to include hot boy because it’s the song of the century ok
  • boys republic just put so much into making some good tunes and some damn amazing mv’s like that shit is just so nice to look at i cannot recommend them enough i’m !!!!!!!!
  • M Crown??? That’s all i should have to say really just go listen to them
  • cute but not so cute boy groups? u feel me? also some good dancers and can work them hips oh my god i got u covered with halo
  • speaking of dancing if u into that then check out romeo plus they’re just so fun sounding and such a feel good listen !!!!
  • ok so back to the girl groups, u want a bit more after the cuteness. my friends, sonamoo are waiting for you 
  • what about the biggest dorks on this planet?? no i’m serious
  • i mean sure there is some questionable styling choices but u won’t even care when you listen to topp dogg because DAMN
  • also throw back to when they got brazilian waxes because i feel the world needs this trust me ok
  • the sweetest group to walk this god damn earth (also the dork level is pretty high) but hella pushed aside by their company
  • but still make absolute bangers from cute to sexy u got it all
  • why r boyfriend still not loved???
  • and finally, the ones most of you will know
  • stop
  • ignoring
  • infinite
  • dammit

ok i think i’m done, pls add more because there’s so many good groups out there that i want to know about too 

Some Of My Favourite Things About The Nu-Who Era

• The Companions- particularly Donna, Martha, Rory and Bill

• River Song. Just, River Song.

• Captain Jack Harkness. I may not talk about him much, but he’s awesome.

• The epic adventure music we had in Matt Smith’s era. That was my jam back in the day.

• The casual LGBT representation. It’s been there since series one, but it’s never been a big deal.

• The Drunk Giraffe.

• There was actually an episode that used as many oo sounds as possible (Judoon platoon upon the Moon!) just to mess with David Tennant, because it was hard for him to maintain his English accent and say those words.

• I love the Master and Missy in equal amounts, because they are evil because they can be, and still act like the Doctor’s their best friend, especially Missy.

• Honestly, I’ll be sad to see Missy go- she’s basically a big ball of Glaswegian craziness, and she’s brilliant as a villain.

• The Paternoster Gang, because only on Doctor Who would you have a team comprised of a pair of interspecies crime solving lesbians and their pet potato.

• Nardole, mother hen extraordinaire.

• Amy and Rory’s relationship.

• “It’s smaller on the outside!”

• “Allons-y, Allonso!”

• “Bow ties/ Fezzes/ Stetsons are cool.”

• The Doctor’s entire message in Blink.

• All the nods to the Doctor’s past- Sarah Jane, UNIT, the Master, all the old monsters, even things like Twelve offering someone a jelly baby and the return to Coal Hill School.

• Many other things, but I can’t think of them just now.

Masterlist of My Work (So Far)


Blood (Gallons of the Stuff) x

If You Marry Me…x

When Our Brothers In Arms Are Gone x

Grey Hairs Are Visible x

I’ve Really Been On A Bender (And It Shows) x

If You Wanted Honesty x

Don’t Leave Me Here (In This House of Wolves) x

They Found You On The Bathroom Floor x

Kick Me Like A Stray x

S-I-N, I S-I-N x

You Don’t Work Here Anymore x

To Unexplain The Unforgivable x

Let’s Use Our Magic Powers With The Children x

My Way Home Is Through You x

I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends x

All I Want For Christmas Is You x

I Am Not The Singer That You Wanted x

Drinking By The Mausoleum Door x

In The Best Damn Dress I Own x

I Lost My Way In Your City Lights x

Can You Hear Me? x

I’m Really Just Asking To Leave x

Someone Buy Me Roses x

The Ghost of You x

There’s No Way I’m Kissing That Guy x

Sing A Song For California x

What I’d Do Just To Get Back In Her Arms x

Tonight Belongs To Me x

We’re Never Good Enough x

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile x

Your Demons And All The Non-Believers x

Piano Jam x

Highways I Call Home x

She’s Busy Hearing Voices x

This Is The Best Day Ever x

Dolls Are The Last Ones To Mate x

You Think Poor Is Cool x

Vampires Will Never Hurt You x

I Get So Weak x

Your Hopeless Hair x

Can You Take Me Home? x

If I Crash On Your Couch x

Stand Up Fucking Tall x

Tongue-Tied And Oh So Squeamish x

Remember Me x

We’ll Carry On x


This Night Walk The Dead x

She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook x

I’d Photocopy All The Things That We Could Be x

How I Disappear x

…..To Change That Part x

The Drums of The City Rain x

I Wanna Do What’s Right By You x

Please Don’t Listen To A Goddamn Thing They Say x

Animals That Never Paid Attention In School x

The Roar of The Crowd Gave Me Heartache x

When Every Star Fall x

I’m Just A Man x

What The War Did To My Legs And To My Tongue x

Heartbreak, Heartbeats x

Bunny, Run x

Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death x


Just Like The Leaves Change In Colors x

Fix Your Eyes And Get Up x

Blow Me A Kiss Before She Goes x

Sing It For The Blind x

If You Give Me All You Got x

I Can’t Always Just Forget Her x

The Cameras Pull You Right Back Down x

I Won’t Ask For Much This Christmas x

Mama, Mama x

Desperate Summers x


The World Never Wanted Me x

I Hate The Ending Myself x

You Could’ve Raised A Baby Girl x

I Can’t Swim (Don’t Rub It In) x

We Like To Play x


If They Get Me And The Sun Goes Down x

I’m Coming Back From The Dead (And I’ll Take You Home With Me) x


Let Me Be The One To Save You x

Kiss My Battery x


The Five Of Us Are Dying x


You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison? x

Truth Is Now Acceptable x

When I Was A Young Boy x

Like A Secret In Your Throat x

Give Us The Radio x

I Want You To Know What I Can’t Show The Outside x

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My headcanon is that Riko loved Mermaid Melody when she was small and she's still a big nerde about it and she secretly trains singing and dancing on Lucia's song but one day she films herself and it's so random and weird she buries herself.


things day6 reminds me of~

Originally posted by jaetime

  • warm cups of coffee or hot chocolate, it’s the same warmth it gives you when you look at sungjin
  • so cafe’s something like starbucks but more cafe, where you can go to make homework etc. and order a cake or smth
  • acoustic music, and this is not only because he plays guitar but it’s very calming and chill, which reminds me of him (even though he’s not always calm lmao)(i don’t have examples for this since i don’t really listen to this music)
  • girls, since he’d be very popular with girls they’d always hang around him because of his attractive personality
  • campfires, sitting with a whole friend group around the campfire. maybe on the beach, maybe in the backyard

Originally posted by jaechicken

  • parties, mostly college parties i think he’d be the one to host them tbh. there would be a lot of chill music. and everyone would just come to his house to hang out
  • edm/pop like music, songs like his new song and summery pop songs like ‘I’m Serious’ or songs like this
  • hoodies ofc, what would he be without them, but mostly the grey ones
  • also his glasses since he isn’t jae without them
  • very colorful clothing, yeah idk why but yea

Originally posted by helloday6

  • earphones, definitely earbuds i think i’d never leave without him. since it would kill him to live a day without music
  • rnb/soul music with some hiphop, artists like dean and his music style and songs like this and this and if he had an english song in his playlist it could be this one
  • old cars, like the old looking ones and driving all day in them, his music blasting through the speakers
  • very fashionable clothing, it doesn’t have to be expensive but he makes everything look like it is
  • reading, it’s like he could forget everything for a few seconds. not care about his own things 

Originally posted by strawberryboo

  • telling stories, like sitting in the window of someones apartment and just talking
  • coca cola, since it’s just as sparkling as his personality 
  • branded clothing, since like when you wear gucci r smth it doesn’t look as good on you as it looks good on him (not that i’ve seen him wear it)
  • leather jackets, it makes him look more bold than when he looks cute
  • and electronic/alternative music the more suggestive the song the better, ya know those songs they use for sexy edits on instagram he listens to those, songs like thisthis and this
  • bars, he’d just be at a bar with two of his friends trying to find some girl or guy to sleep with. him sitting there with shot glasses on the table and he’s wearing his hair up and his leather jacket around his shoulders, which he eventually takes off because he’s hot and he’s wearing a blouse and a choker and shit im trailing off

Originally posted by httpsung

  • denim, just the blue also brown clothing! it suits him good and his personality
  • pink/purple flowers, i dont know what it does with him but yea
  • the countryside, im the ‘Hi Hello’ mv the scenery. you i think he could drive somewhere to a countryside and just lay in the grass for hours. and he’d definitely forget time
  • alternative music, he’d tap along to the songs, and he’d listen to songs like this, this and this or ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ by Arctic Monkeys
  • also bars, he’d go with his friend wonpil and he’d just jam out to the back that’s playing there, sometimes he played there with his friends too
  • writing, creating his own little world, shutting everyone out and ignoring every problem
What jobs the sincerely three would have hc(s)

A/n: pls request me ideas and stuff I’m running out of ideas lmao

Warnings: mentions sex a few times, swears, I mention getting a piercing.


- obviously he works at Ellison state park
- You visit him a lot
- And may or may not sneak him away for lil picnics in the park
- Or sometimes to have sex
- Either or
- He usually works in the same spot
- It’s this lil information booth by a pond
- You’ll leave him lil notes
- Just like cute shit
- Usually tree related puns
- ’ I be-leaf in you’
- ‘Love you so berry much’
- 'Have a tree-mendous day’
- He has a lil box that has all ur notes in it
- He’ll look at it whenever he’s bored or is having a rough day Bc they always make him smile
- LOTSA dates at the park
- Like lotsa
- Lotsa
- You’ll bring him an ice cream from the ice cream truck that come around
- (He likes king cones)
- You guys get each other little trinkets from the gift shop
- One time he got u a tree plushy key chain
- And u got him a little mug with two trees hugging on it.
- (He loves it and used it as much as he could)
- Like I say in all Evan head cannons
- Pure

- he probably works at a record store in the mall.
- Bc he likes the whole 90’s ~aesthetic~
- TBH not many people come into the store so he’s mainly alone
- But u come to visit him!!
- Like all the time!!
- Also the record store is right next to a Claire’s where u may or may not work
- One time u went to get ur cartilage pierced with Connor but u chickened out and he ended up with one
- Aaaand a week later it got infected Bc he didn’t clean it
- Clean ur piercings kid
- But this isn’t about piercings
- U always try really hard to work close to the same hours as each other
- So like I can have lunch together and all that fun stuff
- When u guys hang out in the store u mainly listen to like classic 90’s jams
- I.e.: smells like teen spirit, my heart will go on, hit me baby one more time (a personal fav) spice girls anything tbfh, bohemian rhapsody, u get the idea
- U guys got into the mall real early one day and Connor started playing some slow songs and y'all danced for a bit
- Then another day he played slow songs and y'all fucked in the back
- ^^ this is a common occurrence
- And you get bonus points if his co-worker or even better his BOSS is in the next room.
- U mainly visit him Bc he doesn’t like Claire’s
- He literally fuckin hates it
- He thinks every item in the store is shit
- Except the candy
- That’s the only part he likes
- You’ve smuggled pockey on multiple occasions
- But when he does visit u he sticks out like a sore thumb
- Like imagine a sea of, pink, white, and purple, the just this tall figure in all black
- Yup that’s what Connor looked like in Claire’s.
- U guys are so heckin’ cute tho

- he works at one of those arcade places that has a go kart track built into them
- He loves working the go karts because “it’s like real life Mario kart (y/n)!!”
- But he also likes working the arcade Bc he basically know how to cheat each one for tickets so he helps out some non douchey kids get stuff
- He took you on a date to the go karts and lemme tell you he’s 100% the asshole who RAMS into the back of your kart even though it says 'no bumping’ in BIG ASS LETTERS on the back of each one
- He’s definitely gotten kicked out for this
- “I can’t believe I got kicked out of the place I work.”
- “I can’t believe you got kicked out by the dude you were supposedly cool with.”
- But he’ll take u to the arcade more often
- So he can get u things
- So there’s this one big ass bear that costs like 100,000 tickets and you fucking NEEDED that bear
- He saved a shit ton of tickets and got it for u for your birthday
- You named him 'jer-bear 2.0’
- He has 100% snuck you into the break room to make out with you
- One little kid ended up asking him how he got hurt on his neck later that day
- He blushed and said he fell out of a tree
- So he was having an off day and you snuck him out later that night after the arcade closed and basically you guys had the arcade to yourselves
- You guys fucked on the air hockey table
- Jared was never able to look at that air hockey table the same again.
- He actually interacts really well with the kids and will even sneak them a few extra pieces of candy
- Just
- Wow
- Nerds


Back to school jams

Description :
Songs to get you in the mood for a rough day of studying 📖

• The factory - when I’m not around
• Khalid - young dumb & broke
• Dua Lipa - lost in your light ft. Miguel
• Jorja Smith - teenage fantasy
• Declan McKenna - Brasil
• Mansionz - stfu ft. Spark master tape
• Frank Ocean - Chanel
• Lana del Rey - summer bummer ft. A$ap rocky and playboi carti
• Joji - I don’t wanna waste my time
• Tyler, the creator - who dat boy ft. A$ap rocky
• Twenty one pilots - message man

10 songs you've heard if you listened to Hardrock/Heavy Metal radio in 2006 (Whether you remember or not)

1. Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold)
2. Scars (Papa Roach)
3. I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace)
4. B.Y.O.B (System Of A Down)
5. Happy? (Mudvayne)
6. Breath (Breaking Benjamin)
7. Stricken (Disturbed)
8. Moon Baby (Godsmack)
9. Duality (Slipknot)
10. Bring Me Back To Life (Evanescence)

#4 Auston Matthews [part 2]

i just read the auston one and OH BOY i can’t wait for part two that made me so sad :(

warnings: i have a lot of feelings

song suggestion of the day: she’s my baby by kingswood (?? this song is my jam idk)

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You couldn’t help but take your phone out again to stare at the message for about the hundredth time. Your plane had just landed in toronto, it was 5am and for the first time in four months you were back in canada. You were glad you went, you’d had an amazing time studying overseas… but the pain of missing your boyfriend was a little hard to bear. The flight had been long and tiring, you’d never found it easy to sleep on planes and you were pretty sure the anticipation was the only thing keeping you going right now. The plane finally came to a halt at the gate and everyone rushed out of their seats for their carry on before waiting for several minutes for the doors to open. You were at the back of the plane and subsequently one of the last people to get off. You almost fell asleep waiting in the long, slow moving customs line. Finally after collecting your bags and getting your passport stamped, you wandering out through the departures gate. 

You caught sight of Auston almost immediately, he had a bunch of flowers in one hand and the other was stuffed into the pocket of his jeans as he sat, waiting eagerly. You sped up a little, watching him stand up when he finally caught sight of you, a huge grin appearing on his face. Forgetting about your bags, you threw yourself into his arms holding him as tight as you possibly could, burying your face in his shoulder. Auston was holding you as tight as he dared, pressing kisses to the side of your face and the crown of your head. You finally lifted your head from his shoulder, cupping his face in both hands and kissing him like it was the first time all over again. You only discovered you were crying when you finally pulled away when you felt auston’s thumb gently brush away your tears. You pulled back to look at him but Auston’s lips chased yours desperately and it didn’t take much for you to cave. Finally pulling back to breathe, you took in all of him, running your thumbs gently over his slightly breathless features before gently pressing kisses to every inch of his face you could find.

“I missed you so fucking much.” he murmured. 

Jesus, just hearing his voice again sent shivers down your spine as you found yourself kissing him feverishly again. Who knew that four months away was all you needed to realise how fucking whipped you were for him. You grinned, resting your forehead gently against his as he chuckled gently, his gaze never once leaving yours. “I love you so god damn much.” he added.

You smiled, nudging his nose gently with yours. “I love you too, you big softie.”

He grinned, pecking your lips once before setting you back on the ground and presenting you with the flowers he’d brought. You grinned, wrapping one arm round his waist, the other dragging your suitcase behind you. 

He shrugged, grinning down at you. “That’s what happens when I get my girl back.”

“It’s nice.” you hummed. “I missed you, Auston. It’s nice to be back.”

He let out a low chuckle. “you have no idea how good it feels having you back.”

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Hcs for Kiri, Kami, and Baku on finding out their fem!s/o is a hardcore classic rock fan but she doesn't really show it much since she always got teased cause a lot of girls her age think it's "outdated" and not "fit for a girl"? Thanks!!!

Good ol memories of the emo life. :),,,song is King For A Day by PTV + SWS :))). ENJOY ,’:)🍃

Eijiro :

- “ DARE ME TO JUMP OFF THIS JERSEY BRIDGE !” You screamed into your invisible microphone as you clutched the mop in your other hand. “I BET YOU NEVER HAD A FRIDAY NIGHT LIKE THIS  .” You head banged as your body swayed with the mop following your sways. “Babe~~~” Kirishima walked in. “… babe?” He touched your shoulder which sent a jolt down your spine causing you to let out a small scream. “Woah, Eijiro, you scared the shit out of me.” You slid the headphones off your ears in a swift motion. “So, whaddya want?”

- He was just there like…. what. Looks like she was enjoying herself….I wanna enjoy myself too…

- He asked you if he could listen to your song, you said yeah and now here he is, all ear sore.

- Literally jolted when Vic and Kellin were singing. His quirk even activated unconsciously.

- Kirishima is amazed that you listen to that and he’s just an overall happy and supportive lil lump once you tell him that you were bullied because of your music.

- He’ll allow you to blast that kind of genre in the house if you like it. Kirishima will put up with it but he’ll slowly but surely get into the same genre.

Denki :

- “BABE, OH SHIT ARE YOU OKAY? I HEARD YOU SCREAMING !” Denki barged in your room with a toothbrush in one hand and in the other a back scratcher. His chest was rapidly falling and rising as he tried to catch his breath. “I RAN ALL THE WAY HERE. YOU OKAY?” Cricket cricket. No response was given but you clearly stood there frozen. “U-uh, Denki, babe, it was my song.” He stood there, puzzled as hell.

- At first he was like ???. Then he was like, ohhhh I get it. LET’S JAM TOGETHER.

- He puts down the back scratcher and just starts screaming and dancing along with the song. “KEEP IT UP, KEEP IT UP, LET’S RAISE OUR HANDS!” Oops he’s the only one who’s screaming along with this song.

- Honestly, doesn’t mind it. Boy, he is very open minded. For the most part, he’ll be like, “Babe you should play more of your songs. Sounds nice.”

- Partying all day and night just blasting the emo music.

- He feels bad that you got bullied for that kind of music but in his honest opinion he sees there’s nothing wrong with it.

- “It’s not just a phase babe.”

Katsuki :

- He slams your door open. “OI SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BLASTING EMO ASS SHIT AT 1 IN THE MORNING?” A grumpy Katsuki complained while scratching his neck. You shut off your speaker. “Oh well, sorry there.” You pouted. He sighed.

- Fuck. She looks so sad like that.

- “Fine. Just don’t blast it okay?”

- Next thing you know, Katsuki is listening to it too.

- “ I TAKE A LOOK UP AT THE SKY AND I SEE RED. RED FOR THE CANCER, RED FOR THE WEALTHY.” Others looked at him as he chopped the meat into a million pieces. Literally screaming the song while doing chores.


- “… I’ll kill them.”

- Is even more intimidating especially when he and his s/o are screaming their heart out to their favorite songs.

- I think he just found his fave music genre.

Gang & Cherry Playlist

Playlist of songs the guys & cherry jam out to when they’re in a really good mood? Thanks.

Modern (Kinda???)

I could honestly see hanging out with the gang and cherry (Maybe smoking) and listening to these songs

My inbox is open so send me requests!! 

rebel girls in outer space

So (rather than working on my update… because I’m terrible) this very silly piece happened. One of @otterandterrier​‘s prompts for this week was a song. I chose Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and got a bit carried away. Vaguely inspired by a snippet I think I saw of Mark talking about dancing in his trailer with Harrison. 

You can jam alongside Han & Leia here. Because apparently, riot grrrl punk exists in a galaxy far, far away. 

Warning: lot of language in this one.

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Lots of good and lots of not good stay tuned

“Eternity, In Your Arms” by Creeper - Ohhh mMy god!! This is so good and I want to play it at my funeral. Their genre is described as horror punk and I’m literally screaming this is all I’ve ever wanted in my life!! Favorite tracks are Hiding With Boys, Darling, Winona Forever, and I Choose To Live.
“Sign of the Times” (Single) by Harry Styles - Fuck me I’m a Harry stan now that’s all
“Young” by Overcoats - I saw these girls live when they opened for Matt Corby and they were so good! I loved their stuff on spotify, but they deleted it earlier this year. They just reuploaded it as a full album, but I’m really disappointed because the remixed or re-recorded it or something and it’s much more pop-y now and I’m so disappointed because they’re so talented and it ruined all of the songs I’m so sad. Only a few tracks are still good. Favorite tracks are Nighttime Hunger and Hold Me Close. (They have a cover still up on Spotify of Hozier’s Cherry Wine and it’s fucking bomb.)
“sad for you” by Njomza - If anyone knows how to say her name please tell me because I literally have no idea and I feel stupid. I definitely liked this, but I wish there was some variety. There’s only seven songs on the album and it gets boring after a play or two. Favorite tracks are hear me, sad for you, and poison.
“I Decided.” by Big Sean - I’ve been sleeping on this I admit I tried it earlier this year, but couldn’t get into it. Not because it isn’t good, because IT IS, it was just me lmao. Favorite tracks are Bounce Back, Halfway Off The Balcony, Inspire Me, No Favors, and Sacrifices.
“Girls” (Single) by Beatrice Eli - I’m screaming this is so fucking gay lmfao!!!! This is another one that I heard a while ago, but didn’t actually pay attention to and I wish I did because every day that I’ve been alive before I heard this song is pointless.

“Guys My Age” (Single) by Hey Violet - I can’t help that this is a jam it just is and I’ve watched the music video like 30 times

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How do you feel about fireflies by owl city, because I know its meme rn but I un-ironically love it and i want to know your opinion.

that song was my fuckin jam back in the day and honestly if u were to play it now i’d still go hard bruh

ideal for alone time, time with friends, and those lazy nights driving down the highway it is good ANYTIME

Being an Actress and dating Tom Holland (Tom x poc Reader)

Remember, you don’t have to be a POC to enjoy my imagines! This is gonna be LONG!

If you want me to make this into an actual story, message me!

  • Tom meeting you on the Spider-man set and falling in love with you immediately
  • Him asking Zendaya and Laura about you
  • Them teasing him
  • You being completely oblivious, and thinking that he is just super sweet
  • Tom tripping and stuttering every time you guys talk
  •  You hosting sleepovers in your room during a day off and Tom being too afraid to come in
  • Tom watching you in amazement as you jam to throw back Disney songs with Z and Laura in your pink onesie. 
  • Popping in a really scary movie and everyone suggesting that you and Tom sit next to each other. 
  • Tom blushing every time you hid your face in his neck or grabbed his arm. 
  • You suddenly realizing that you really like Tom
  • You feeling self conscious every time you are around him
  • Zendaya and Laura tell you that Tom is mad about you
  • You and Tom sharing your first kiss off-screen
  • Spending almost all day in each other’s trailer
  • Haz being you guys’ relationship photographer
  • You receiving hate when News first surfaces about “the hot new young Hollywood couple”
  • Being called racist, terrible names and crying
  • “Babe, they are fucking idiots!” 
  • Tom comforting you and standing up for you
  • He, Zendaya, Laura, and Haz clapback at the racist trolls on your behalf
  • Long kisses on the beach
  • Holding hands in public
  • Attending award shows together
  • Meeting his family 
  • Them instantly loving you
  • His dad making bad jokes and Tom being embarrassed
  • Tom buying you Beyonce concert tickets for your birthday
  • You being happy makes him EXTREMELY happy
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Being in love with the greatest guy in the world!

I feel like this sucked, but it was my first one…

Current Music Obsessions: April 16 - 30, 2017

I am so late on this, but it’s finally here! Here are the honorable mentions for the last two weeks of April.

Darkest Sins - Domineer
Deus Ex Machina - Human Savior
Fortune Drives to Vegas - Harms’ Way
Pyramaze - Kingdom of Solace
Wind Rose - The Wolves’ Call
Kari Rueslatten - Beautiful Morning
RA - Supernova
Weaksaw - Storyteller
Grimes - Kill V. Maim
#Zvitrom - Luna
The Eden House - Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
Marina and the Diamonds - Lies
Nighon - Reclaiming Ravenpoint
The Provenance - Second and Last, but Not Always
Vetrar Draugurinn - Vigil (for the Lost Children of our Generation)
Secret Sphere - The Calling
Ayreon - Star of Sirrah
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Donkey-Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion
Sympuls-E - Silver Wings
Derdian - Burn feat. Henning Basse
Delfinia - Do You Remember feat. Roland Grapow
MindMaze - One More Moment
Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life feat. The Weeknd
Mountaineer - Womb
Massive Ego - Low Life
Gravesend - Burn
The Night Flight Orchestra - Gemini
Vandroya - The Path to the Endless

Now that all them guys are out of the way, here are the real obsessions.

1) The Charm the Fury - Colorblind

I’ve been rather interested in these guys ever since hearing a few tracks off their latest album, The Sick, Dumb and Happy. This is an older track of theirs that I learned about through an interview that Caroline did with Metal & Highheels where I learned that this song is about LGBT RIGHTS. YES, BITCH! It’s such an epic and powerful song and a perfect extreme metal anthem for our community.

2) Ruins of Elysium - Beyond the Witching Hour

After first listening to their new album, Seeds of Chaos and Serenity, this song definitely grabbed a lot of my attention. It’s so powerful, beautiful and dramatic. Drake’s voice is absolutely wonderful here and the orchestrations are EVERYTHING. Such an epic track. Highly recommend it!

3) Hysterica - Lock Up Your Son

Hysterica is a band I’ve known about for a few years, but I haven’t dabbled too much into them. This song is definitely making me want to change that. It’s so epic and gritty. I tend to not be that into classic styled heavy metal, but these girls definitely take the cake! A great track to jam out to. And the ending gets me feeling a type of way with it being so cheesy that it’s perfect.

4) Igorrr - ieuD

This is Igorrr’s first single that they’ve released in lieu of their upcoming album. I’m not the biggest fan of them (their music tends to lack a lot of structure, which throws me off a bit), but this song is absolutely epic and is a serious ball buster. It’s no Tout Petit Moineau, but it’s amazing and definitely worth listening to.

5) Evenoire - Drops of Amber

This is a song that I’ve loved for a while that I rekindled my love for. I can’t remember why this song got back into my watch later playlist, but it did, and I became obsessed with it once again. This band is so amazing and is such a bummer that they’ve broken up. The power and energy they exude in their music is wonderful. Also, that rose gold flute is EVERYTHING.

6) Femm - Fxxk Boyz Get Money

THIS SONG IS MY NEW THEME SONG. I randomly came across this song one day and IMMEDIATELY got obsessed with it. The beat is so epic and the song itself is so catchy and amazing. I was constantly jamming out to this song and putting it on blast whenever I could. Such an epic track.

7) The Autist - Ethereal feat. Polina Psycheya  and Dragica Maletic

This is another song that The Autist have released a lyric video for in promotion for their new album, The Coldest Sun. I REALLY need to get around to listening to it, because everything I’ve heard off it so far has been breathtaking. This song is no exception. The beauty and it’s simplicity make it such an epic track.

8) Sunterra - Somewhere

This is a song that I have loved for YEARS. One day I was really feeling gothic metal and then this song popped into my head for the first time in a long while. It’s so lovely and wonderful. It’s so simple, but it leaves such a huge impression. I plan on listening to their newest release, which is more of an industrial metal direction than gothic metal. Not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

9) Admirabilis - Back Where I Belong

I discovered this song while listening to a gothic metal playlist on YT and immediately fell in love with it. It’s such a gorgeous gothic metal tune. For some reason it makes me think of the early 2000’s/late 90’s. It’s all in the instrumentals. It just screams that it’s from that era of music and I love it.

10) Trees of Eternity - The Eye of Night

We all know how I feel about this band so I’m just going to go straight into it. They released the lyric video for this song on the anniversary of Aleah’s passing. It was such a beautiful tribute to her. This song is definitely one of the heavier songs off Hour of the Nightingale, while still maintaining the ambient doom metal vibe. It’s so lovely and perfect.

11) Melissa Etheridge - Fearless Love

This song, man. I remember loving this song when it first came out several years ago. But the reason why it’s here is because I’ve had the music video, not the song, the video, stuck in my head for FOUR YEARS. I tried doing so much to figure out what it was, because I remembered loving it so much. Then I decided to do some snooping around one day last month and found it and it turned out to be so much better than I remembered it being. Such an amazing song. Highly recommend it.

12) End of the Dream - Until You Break

This is the second single coming from End of the Dream’s upcoming album of the same title and it’s also their first ever music video. HOLY. FUCKING. TITS. The song and video are absolutely AMAZING. Micky’s voice has definitely grown so much since their first release. She looks absolutely DIVINE in the video. I cannot wait to finally get an opportunity to listen to Until You Break as a whole. I am so hyped for it!

That’s it for this month…well, that month. I’m probably gonna have longer lists in May and possibly June because I fell behind on things (hence why this is going up rather late), but hey, at least I’ll be able to recommend a decent amount of great stuff!

anonymous asked:

were you ever into wrock?

hahaha. oh, my dude. I was so unbelievablely neck deep in wizard rock, you can’t even imagine it. Like I had a playlist of legit thousands of songs that was all I listened to for a good year and a half there in 2007-2008 in the great pre- and post- deathly hallows carpet book harry potter boom. I have this really incessant part of my personality that dictates that once I like or am interested in something, I have to know EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT. like i really cannot overstate how fucking obsessed with these books i was. when i was nine my mum bought me a STUFFED MRS NORRIS toy with the creepy beady eyes and all and i used to TAKE IT TO SCHOOL WITH ME. Am I saying listening to wrock is on that cringe level? no way, I definitely still have a shitload of wrock on my good ol ipod classic. am i saying i used to get dragged by my family for singing along to the butterbeer experience’s ‘the magic hopping pot’ as i vaccuumed the house? Hell yes I am.

Anyway. Yes, I was a wizard rock connoisseur back in the day. Here’s some of the best in a completely biased and makeshift list for your listening pleasure. Wander back to the pre tumblr fandom world of yesteryear…..

  • the original wrock song is a surprisingly listenable unrequited love punk jam from ginny weasley’s perspective called ‘ode to harry’. YES THAT IS RIGHT THE FIRST WROCK SONG WAS WRITTEN BY WOMEN, THEY ARE THE PROGENITORS OF THIS ENTIRE SUBGENRE OF MUSIC DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY HATP STARTED IT. like don’t get me wrong, the song is, objectively, terrible. but in a fun post no doubt’s ska era kind of way. I burned this onto a CD for myself in 2001 wedged between Nelly’s ‘hot in herre’ and smashmouth’s 'all star’. for real. also have some respect, this song is older than the first harry potter movie. YOU HEARD ME. THE FIRST ONE.
  • harry and the potters are probably the most well known wrock band. They’re two Darren criss lookin dudes who pretty much started the whole 'upload our weird HP music to MySpace and travel around playing in public libraries then uploading it to YouTube’ wrock golden era. Best songs: PHOOENIX TEARS, WEVE GOT TO SAAAAVE GINNY WEASLEY FROM THE BASILISK
  • look okay Draco and the Malfoys started as a douchey rip off parody of harry and the potters and there was a lot of #BITTERNESS there initially. and then there was the whole whomping willows spinoff #scandal and like tbh there was honestly a lot of drama in this fandom for a bunch of dudes singing about Hermione Granger into their macbooks in their basements in massacheusetts. personally i was never big on datm’s music but like you do you….
  • Oliver and the rembembralls are the wrock band who wrote that song for that nostalgia video that got big and made you cry when deathly hallows part 2 came out. also i have an enduring love for hermione’s song (you and me) which is EXACTLY what you expect.
  • the Remus Lupins are my favourite of the traditional sounding wrock bands (yep, thats absolutely a thing). Not to be confused with remus and the lupins, they’re entirely different do not confuse them. I WAS A TEENAGE WEEREWWOLF , tbh the entire nevermind the furthermore album is quintessential wrock
  • the weasel king is some dreamy 00’s synth that would still be good even if it wasn’t about harry potter, know what I mean? I legit still listen to their eps lmao. Listen to the whole musical decree number 24 album if you’re interested but like if i haaad to choose a select few - through and through, red hair,  the flying motorbike.
  • ROONIL WAZLIBBBBB the best of the breathy female folksy wrock contingent. Green eyes (I highkey fucking LOVE THIS song. It is crazy sweet), the song of the locket (CREEPY AFFFF), the epilogue (this song legit makes me cry lmao….or at least it did when I was 15. I was pretty emotional at all times about hp back then.)  
  • the butterbeer experience - THE PEVERELL STORY. this song is some dope faux medieval lullabye that fits the deathly hallows story perfectly. The whole beedle the bard ep is pretty good actually. 
  • starkid/avpm is very much a part of this movement lmao…. they came late in the game but their #IMPACT cannot be overstated. Tbh like if you’re in HP fandom and haven’t watched this then wyd. CALM YOURSELF, YAXLEY

So there you go, a wrock rec post you didn’t actually ask for but I made anyway. And if the purpose of this post was to #name and #shame me for being a fucking harry potter nerd, then i have done your job so well for you as to render the original goal moot. And now my YouTube recommended videos are gonna be full of wrock for like three months