this song was my jam back in the day

Being an Actress and dating Tom Holland (Tom x poc Reader)

Remember, you don’t have to be a POC to enjoy my imagines! This is gonna be LONG!

If you want me to make this into an actual story, message me!

  • Tom meeting you on the Spider-man set and falling in love with you immediately
  • Him asking Zendaya and Laura about you
  • Them teasing him
  • You being completely oblivious, and thinking that he is just super sweet
  • Tom tripping and stuttering every time you guys talk
  •  You hosting sleepovers in your room during a day off and Tom being too afraid to come in
  • Tom watching you in amazement as you jam to throw back Disney songs with Z and Laura in your pink onesie. 
  • Popping in a really scary movie and everyone suggesting that you and Tom sit next to each other. 
  • Tom blushing every time you hid your face in his neck or grabbed his arm. 
  • You suddenly realizing that you really like Tom
  • You feeling self conscious every time you are around him
  • Zendaya and Laura tell you that Tom is mad about you
  • You and Tom sharing your first kiss off-screen
  • Spending almost all day in each other’s trailer
  • Haz being you guys’ relationship photographer
  • You receiving hate when News first surfaces about “the hot new young Hollywood couple”
  • Being called racist, terrible names and crying
  • “Babe, they are fucking idiots!” 
  • Tom comforting you and standing up for you
  • He, Zendaya, Laura, and Haz clapback at the racist trolls on your behalf
  • Long kisses on the beach
  • Holding hands in public
  • Attending award shows together
  • Meeting his family 
  • Them instantly loving you
  • His dad making bad jokes and Tom being embarrassed
  • Tom buying you Beyonce concert tickets for your birthday
  • You being happy makes him EXTREMELY happy
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Being in love with the greatest guy in the world!

I feel like this sucked, but it was my first one…

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mellyyyy do you by any chance know that cover the boys made of a song called just cant let her go that leaked in 2013? i remember that it was my shit back in the day its been so long man

I sure do, and it is, in fact, a jam

Music tag 🎶

I was tagged by the incredible @misshollander1 who I share a name and obsession with.

This was fun because I have a ton of songs though it doesn’t really explain my taste in music

Rules are you need to put your Music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up
No cheating or the fun isn’t there anymore

1. Scared to Be Lonely- Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa

2. Audition (The Fools who Dream ) - La La Land

3. On the Floor- Jennifer Lopez

4. Bye Bye Bye- N Sync

5. Take Me to Church- Hozier

6. Cancer - Twenty øne Pilots

7. Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran

8. Bad and Boujee- Migos

9. Hey Mama - David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha

10. Unsteady - X Ambassadors

Tag I’m going on a random tagging spree, you can do it if you want to otherwise it’s cool
@parkerbenjaminpeter tho I think Jai has done this already


Once divided
Nothing left to subtract
Some words when spoken
Can’t be taken back

Walks on his own
With thoughts he can’t help thinking
Future’s above
But in the past he’s slow and sinking

Caught a bolt of lightning
Cursed the day he let it go…

-Pearl Jam – Nothingman

(This song is just full of incredible thoughts and words. My other favorite: “He who forgets will be destined to remember..”)

10 songs you've heard if you listened to Hardrock/Heavy Metal radio in 2006 (Whether you remember or not)

1. Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold)
2. Scars (Papa Roach)
3. I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace)
4. B.Y.O.B (System Of A Down)
5. Happy? (Mudvayne)
6. Breath (Breaking Benjamin)
7. Stricken (Disturbed)
8. Moon Baby (Godsmack)
9. Duality (Slipknot)
10. Bring Me Back To Life (Evanescence)


Pines Pops and Pacifica at Sea AU

Side A: Any Port In A Storm : Believe - Mumford & Sons  |  What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club | Ready to Go - Panic! at the Disco | Back to You - Mighty Oaks | Ready to Question - Gabrielle Aplin | Ride - Twenty One Pilots | Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men | Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay | Lightyear - Gregory Alan Isakov | Seven Days - Mighty Oaks | Home - Gabrielle Aplin | That Moon Song - Gregory Alan Isakov | Hidden in the Sand - Tally Hall | Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos

 Side B: Into The Great Deep Unknown: Prelude - The Oh Hellos | Something’s Missing - Sheppard | Goodbye, Goodbye - Tegan and Sara | Shot at the Night - The Killers | Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne | Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine | The Great Northwest - Mighty Oaks | You’re Not Stubborn - Two Door Cinema Club | Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay | Fight Song - Rachel Platten | Sun - Two Door Cinema Club | Don’t Go Alone - CRUISR | On My Way - Phil Collins | Thus Always To Tyrants - The Oh Hellos

My Sirius radio subscription expiring has actually been a blessing. Sure, the radio display no longer shows me the name of the song I’m listening to, but now I’ve been forced to find new FM stations and I rediscovered the rock station I used to listen to in high school.

This is the station that introduced me to Sick Puppies and AWOLNation and Shiny Toy Guns and Pearl Jam. I used to call in and request songs after school. They used to play two newly released songs each night and have listeners vote for which was better, and if a song remained the victor every night for a week, they’d add it to the permanent song collection; I’d vote every night after my mma class. I’m glad I rediscovered this station. The hosts are different and a lot of the songs they play are totally new to me, but every now and then they play a song that takes me back to The Good Old Days.


“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”
– Stephen Chbosky

Weekend retreats to Cape Cod. Trips to Quinnipiac, Philly, D.C., and the shenanigans that happened. Impromptu jam sessions in dingy apartments. Movie marathons with my surrogate sisters. Drinking beers on the back porch on summer nights. Autumn bonfires before the air has got too cold. Hot cocoa and baking cookies on snow days. My first kiss at a drunken house party. My poetry protégé hugging me when I returned from student-teaching. Stargazing on a dock in the wilderness. Night drives, hollering songs into the wind. A food fight with cannolis from Mike’s Pastry. Countless snapshots of open mics, speaking and left speechless. That St. Paddy’s Day when we drank Fireball like water and, by some miracle, survived. Students thanking me ‘cause I was the only one who noticed their anxiety attack, the only one who cared after the scandal. Concert clips of dissonance and harmony. Halloween pranks and belated cupcakes for roommates. Every compliment I’ve received from those touched by my poetry. Every letter she has written, every selfie together, every moment in her arms, every conversation we’ve shared since I’ve fallen for someone who loves me right. An entire film reel of Polaroid memories.

These are my souvenirs. These are my highlights from the road so far. They remind me of my worth, of past happiness as lanterns to carry me through the night.

But the dark has grown a home in me and sometimes I live so deep that I’m buried alive. Sometimes my mind is my enemy. I continue forward but I can’t forget the ones I’ve lost. I know too well my foundation was laid by people I don’t talk to anymore. I’ve got anchors in my bones from ships that set sail a long time ago. My life story is dedicated to some who won’t read later chapters. We all walk diverging paths as branches sprung from the same tree.

Time does not heal all: it blunts the edges, numbing us with distance and forgetting, pleasure and pain faded like old Polaroids. Choices are made and we can’t go back to undo them. Bells toll and they can’t be unrung. Friendships erupt or become toxic: that is why we call it “fallout.” Life stops for no one, carrying us all down the river. We either hold our heads high and ride with the current, or surrender ourselves to the depths and white water.

So to the ones who are now gone: Thank you for the memories, for the molding, for the growth of your being and leaving. I am sorry if I hurt you. I wish I could return the bullets to the barrel. Some nights I am haunted by your ghosts and I miss you. This is not to say I want you back. That season has past. Most of all, I’m sorry you no longer have me, that you cannot see who I’ve become. Still, I wish you the best in whatever the future holds for you.

And to those who are still here: Thank you for staying, for playing your part in this story of mine. Each night, I offer hallelujahs to the universe that I’ve been blessed by your presence. Our memories together, I count as souvenirs and serve as lanterns that guide my feet forward. You remind me of my worth, that I am happy to be alive. I don’t know what time will steal from us, when you will walk away from this ongoing production. Know that you enrich my existence. Know that our Polaroids are hung with honor on my heart-strings. Know that I cherish your presence, that I will strive to repay the blessings you’ve given me. Know that whatever time we have together, I will stand with you: to laugh, to fight, to comfort, to walk with you through valleys, to echo our song from mountainsides.

So gather in close, and smile. This here will be another photograph. Let us capture this moment and hang it upon our heart-strings.

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dude... magic was my shit back in the day i think it wasn't in tmh but was in tmh?? i don't know i just know that i just heard it and well.. i'm torn between hating it and jamming to it 24/7

i…. am such a fake i haven’t listened to that song before kfkrnfkrn

  • Me: *sleeping*
  • *song I love plays somewhere in world*
  • Me: *wakes up and jams out*
  • *songs over*
  • Me: *goes back to sleep*

Michael Song Preference: “Jet Lag” by Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield

Author: Rhine


What time is it where you are?
I miss you more than anything
And back at home you feel so far

He hates it.

He hates the gnawing, scratching feeling at the bottom of his stomach that left him feeling hollow and incomplete; he hates the ache of his shoulders from another sleepless night, the clock glowing two in the morning, but his heart still in the sunny afternoon where you are.

It’s the worst part, being away.

Away from you.

And it’s all part of the job, all part of the contract deal and all part of the fame – he had to give some things up to reap the rewards, but every time Michael lies sleepless on his bunk, he’s not sure if it’s more of a reward or a punishment.

Because he’s always so tired – tired from the restless nights, tired of being away.

He just wants some time to breathe, some space to breathe; some time with you, your air to inhale through his lips.

And all he can think about is where are you now and what are you doing; what he could be doing with you if he was by your side, bodies lying together, fingers interlaced.

But he always reaches out and feels nothing but empty air, spaces where he wishes you were.

He’d always spend his waking hours thinking of you and his restless sleep dreaming of you.

Then waking up alone.


You say good morning
When it’s midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed

It’s hard.

And you always said you’d get through it together, that a few months will fly by, that distance was just another number – cheesy lines on creased lips in an attempt to soothe yourself from the fear of the detachment that always came with tours.

He always believes it when it’s coming from you.

But then when he’s gone, when you’re gone, your words disappear with you and he’s left to drown in the distance between you.

And it’s hard to get that comfort back when you’re not there, when Michael rarely hears from you.

Because the time zones are always changing and he’d fall asleep the moment you opened your eyes to a new day and it was hard to match spare pockets of time in between air flights and shows and school and work and Michael’s lucky if he hears from you at all.

It’s not from the lack of trying though.

He’s trying, he’s trying, but Michael can’t pause time, he can’t move miles.

He can only wait by his bed, hoping for his phone to ring, for your voice on the other end.

I miss you.

He whispers the words, but you’re too far to hear.


I hate the thought of you alone
I’ve been keeping busy all the time
Just to try and keep you off my mind

He tries.

He tries to focus on the tour – tries to get excited for a new city he’s never been to, for a sold-out auditorium, for the fans and the lights and the sound of the bass pumping in his bloodstream.

But you’re always there in the back of his head.

And he’d rather be exploring the city with you in his arms, he’d rather play an acoustic show just for you, he’d rather trace his name into your skin and see the lights in your eyes and feel your heart as a rhythm for the music flowing in his veins.

He’d rather be with you.

He’s trying, he really is.

He puts his blood and his sweat on the stage, but his heart and his tears are always saved for you; still beating, still aching for you.

And that’s why he messes up the chords or forgets the lyrics – he laughs and says something silly to make the others think oh, Michael – but he knows it’s more than just a regular slip-up, more than just a momentary blank.

He’s too busy thinking of you, of your wide smile when you heard the song for the first time, of your small fingers on his worn guitar strings.

He’s always thinking of you.


My heart is so jet-lagged

He’s stuck where you are, his heart always next to yours.

It can’t keep up with the airplane flights and tour bus rides, so he gave it to you, he gave it to you to keep.

So maybe that’s why he feels that dull ache when he’s gone, maybe that’s why he’s always consumed by thoughts of you while he’s away.

His heart can’t adjust to the times, to the places without you.


I miss you so bad
I wanna share your horizon
I miss you so bad
And see the same sun rising
I miss you so bad
And turn the hour clock back to when you were holding me

Is it too much to ask for?

He thinks he’s being too selfish sometimes.

Because he wants it all; he wants to take on the world with his three best friends and he wants to play on international stages and hear his voice reflected off large stadiums; he wants the crowd shouting his lyrics back at him and he wants to leave behind something more than a name that lasted for just a moment.

But he also wants you for all you were – he wants your soft whispers for his ears alone, he wants your touch grazing his arm, he wants your Sunday morning thoughts and Friday night confessions, he wants your taste on his lips and your eyes only on him.

It is a little selfish – quite a lot, actually – because Michael wants the life of his band and he wants the life with you.

And he can’t ever have both, not at the same time.

Because to live one, he always has to let go of another.

And it always hits him when he’s away on the road, how much he needs you – how much he needs you just as much as he needed his music to live.

All he can think about is the moments that almost existed, of the moments that already passed.

He’s always missing something, always a chip in his life that he can’t fix without breaking off another piece.

But for tonight – for tonight and the rest of the nights until he comes back home – he’ll be missing you.


more imagines here!


“On April 16, 1994 11 days after Kurt Cobain’s suicide, Pearl Jam appeared on Saturday Night Live.  During “Daughter,” Eddie Vedder pulled back his jacket to reveal a large “K” written on his t-shirt and ended the song quoting Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black),” which includes the “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” reference in Kurt’s suicide note.”

fun home
kathy xenos
fun home

oh hot damn, this is my jam | fun home medley (days and days, maps, telephone wire, ring of keys) → fun home cast

I am so in love with this show that it physically pains me, and the only way I know how to pay tribute to things I love is in the form of a cover. So, as there’s no backing and I am terrible with instruments, please enjoy this a cappella medley of (my favourite) beautiful songs of fun home! Also, check the show out or even just the cast recording if you can - it will change your life for the better, I promise you. I am in awe of the cast (Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas and Judy Kuhn in particular leave me a bawling mess of emotions), the writing, the music - it’s all gobsmackingly awesome and real and beautiful. 

wouldn’t call him a prince

Princess and the Cat AU. Ladynoir/Adrinette/Love Square?

for day 3 of @mlstaffappreciation week! :)

A/N: This is sweet, silly, and totally insane lol

Chicken sizzles with a pop in a searing hot pan. The local station is currently on commercial break, but that doesn’t stop Marinette from singing the latest jingle.

“Meow mix, meow mix, you’re my jam.”

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Christina Aguilera - Ain’t No Other Man

This song was my JAM back in the days. Christina at her best tbh. The pipes on that woman are phenomenal. And she was sooo sexy, omg!

Never act like Usher don’t have bangers for days

I deadass sung U Don’t Have To Call all verses and choruses from the top of my head with no music while washing dishes

I bet you can pull an Usher song off the top of your head too and jam out to nothing but your ac running in the back


*smug voice* can we talk about real music now?


Dear Taylor Swift + Swifties, 

My best friend Noy and I will be attending the August 26 - Los Angeles Staple Center show! I’ve been looking at everyones costumes for the show and you guys are all so creative and adorable and I knew I could never make anything as amazing as what you guys have done! So instead I tracked down this awesome shirt and decided this would be my costume! I think this shirt accurately represents what the inside of my brain looks like… Swift all day everyday!
We have been huge swifties since the beginning! We have been to every tour, have every album, and have daily jamming out sessions to all of your songs! We are so excited to party and dance with you like its 1989 ;) ! We are especially excited to hear the “Wildest Dream/Enchanted mashup” because those are out favorite songs! We will be the embarassing ones crying in the back.
We hope to see you there!

P.S. we are sitting in section 205. ;) ;) *cough* Loft 89 *cough cough*
P.P.S… I am totally wearing shorts under the shirt I promise!


Overlooked R&B songs of the past few years

A reworking of R. Kelly’s “She Got that Vibe”. This gives me baby Usher vibes. He got a record contract the same way August Alsina did and at around the same time. He is a better singer and performer than Alsina but B Smyth is signed to YMCMB which means his career has been on the back burner. Either way this song is dope.

Zendaya, Bobby Brackins, and Jeremih- “My Jam”

Despite being an industry plant Zendaya actually has a nice voice and could easily join the likes of Tinashe and FKA twigs in the new age cloud R&B. Bobby Brackins has been quietly the biggest songwriters in the game. A lot of people won’t give him credit because of the meme hit with Ray J called, “I Hit it First”. Plus Jeremih is on the song and hes been lowkey as prolific on the Radio as Drake these days.

Rico Love- “Somebody Else”

Haven’t heard a great break up song in so long. The best combination of Pop and R&B since Beyonce’s “XO”. I was a bit on the fence about Rico Love because of his rapping but dude is a great songwriter and could possibly be the next Dream at least.

Eric Bellinger- “Focused on You”

I’m gonna need more R&B singers to sample classic Hip Hop records. Eric Bellinger has been quietly putting out some great projects. I’ve never heard a party R&B record sample Nas of all people before and it works here. Plus Mya is in this video like she not 36 in all her thick glory.

Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown

Jamie Foxx makes what I call, “Old Nigga in the club albums” like its filled with party records he is too old to be singing but…..there are some legit slow jams on them thangs. The ‘Unpredictable’ Jamie Foxx lowkey a classic. But I think he found the right combination of Club banger and slow jam on this. Its a lot of fun and me and my co-workers always sing this at work.