this song was actually on their first ep too

the life and times of ryan ross pt 6


@jen–ne–sais–quoi if you’re still reading, we’re almost there. everyone else, if you’re still reading, i’m impressed. 

in the last chapter, we wrapped up ryan’s experience with being in bands, but we aren’t quite done with his music yet. 

2011 wasn’t very eventful career wise for ryan. he got credit on vices and virtues for his lyrics on Nearly Witches, but the song was written before the split. it was a demo from the cabin album that was scrapped before pretty. odd. 

i hate to tell you, but i barely know anything about ryan in 2011. i know he was dating z. he was friends with and hanging out with Dan Keyes, Alex Greenwald, and Mickey Madden (you may recognize him from maroon 5) i know he and brendon were still talking to each other on twitter. it seems like ryan spent 2011 just kinda hangin out and getting used to being in the public eye a lot less

there are many people that think that he, z, and alex were all three in a relationship at one point (i’m one of those people) but there’s no proof. 

this is him and z on halloween in 2011

moving on to 2012. i was 14/15 in 2012 and this is when my ryan ross love began, so i was witness to the rest of this. this was like, prime twitter time for ryan ross. also a bit of an eventful year for poor ryro.

good things first!

he featured on 2 songs for william beckett’s solo ep, our story’s already been told and stuck in love. here’s a cute video. he also sang in a more amor song, beach bones. he’s adorable in the video here. note that Tom Oakes is in More Amor. he and ryan are good friends and used to play hockey together. there are people who ship tom and ryan too. 

ryan and z are still together (i think. does anyone actually know when they broke up? were they ever actually together together?) and ryan promotes/supports z’s new band JJAMZ (James Valentine, Jason Boesel, Alex Greenwald, Michael Runion, and Z Berg) a lot on twitter 

the more 2012 goes on, the more time ryan spends with dan keyes. they’re best friends it’s adorable (in case you didn’t get the pattern, people shipped ryan and dan too, but more on that later)

there’s also some keltie drama in 2012. i know, you thought we left keltie behind. i failed to mention that ryan and keltie had adopted a dog, Hobo. 

keltie took hobo when they split. now back to the 2012 drama. keltie had a hard time letting ryan go. honestly, if you google it, you can find a ton of examples of her not being over ryan and if you ever read her book, she calls him Dreamer. so in august of 2012, keltie tweets this mess (notice who responds) 

and ryan subtweets her by saying “i just wanted to see my dog. HIYA!” 

2012 seems to be when ryan really starts to show the public how much he loves hockey and baseball, specifically the LA Kings and the Dodgers. a lot of his instagram in 2012 is sports. he also starts playing hockey 

late in 2012 he spent all his time with dan keyes, at least going by his instagram and twitter. 

he also promised new music in 2012, which, well, we got some demos in 2013?

he becomes friends with Jeremy Burke in 2012 too, which is cool because he’s probably ryan’s best friend here in 2017

unfortunately, ryan also started conversing with shane morris in 2012. shane is a mostly awful human being who was at one point ryan’s friend and manager.

the worst thing to happen in 2012 is the panic! stalker. she has since apologized and stopped, so i don’t want to get into it too much. you can dig into that on your own if you would like. long story short, a girl hacked some facebook accounts and got ryan’s imessage. then she texted him for at least 6 months pretending to be brendon. she obtained a ton of personal information from him and others and shared screenshots of a bunch of messages. i don’t feel comfortable sharing them, but there not that hard to find if you want to know. 

ryan’s twitter in 2012 is some relatable things, promo-ing his friends, and things that make absolutely no sense.

the best thing about 2012 is that he got the cutest cat in the world, Captain Knots. his instagram becomes a shrine to his cat. i am okay with this

that’s pretty much all for 2012. i’ll see you next time for more of ryan’s friends and his cat!

Soulmates (1/2)

Group: Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Pairing: Yoonmin

Type: Slight Angst/Kinda Fluff

Description: Soulmate Tattoos are common place, even though there are still the select few whom never find the face to go with the name on their wrist. And there are even fewer who are born without names at all; those are the ones that try to avoid love at all costs.

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So just a quick overview on the EP / CDs that came out for Touken Ranbu Bakumatsu Tenrouden.

Because I’m sure some people we’re confused on them, so just like before with Team Sanjou, each character got their own CD.

The pre-ordered CDs (if you bought the specialedition one) will include a DVD with it. And those that didnt will just get an audio CD with approx 6 songs

3 of which will be Karaoke (no vocals) versions

6 Characters with 6 different ‘character CDs’

the thing that makes each CD or character CD unique is 1 of the songs in each one.

Each cD will include Yumehitotsu and Hitohiranokaze and 1 off song.
Depending on which character CD you buy you will either get 'heart-to-heart’, 'prologue’ or 'utsukushii higeki’ which will be sang by the pertaining character on the CD cover.

Be warned that this CD is considered a 'single’ or mini album as it will not include ALL the songs sang throughout the musical, you’d have to wait for the album to come out (like with Sanjou)

My suggestions is, you buy your pertaining touken danshi and just buy the other 2 songs individually.
They run at about $1.29 USD or 250Yen each

So to group them up:
Kashuu Kiyomitsu & Kanesada will both have the 'heart-to-heart’ song
Kunihiro & Nagasone will have 'Prologue’
Yasusada & Hachisuka will have 'Utsukushii Higeki’ as their character songs.

It wouldn’t be the most cost effective thing to buy each individual CDs unless you’re a super die-hard fan. dontlookatmebutillberippingthedvdswhentheyarriveonfridayssssh

And I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them on a studio setting and cannot wait to hear the full album 

And yes, these are availble for purchase via itunes both international market and JP market! To find them on the international market, simply type in ‘Touken Danshi team Shinsengumi’ and they will pop up!


anonymous asked:

what's your favourite beatles cartoon episode?

JUST ONE!?!!? I…. I can’t pick just one, that’s like picking just one of your children…. to not throw off the bridge… except you feel equally ashamed of all your children and it wouldn’t be fair to just single out one.

I’ll list 5 of my favs….. I added links if you want to watch them, but we all know the way the internet works and who knows how long these links will be alive so catch them while you can

Eb 18b Thank You Girl

Whoever storyboarded this ep actually knew what they were doing??? THE WHOLE EP IS ACTUALLY WATCHABLE!! There’s some really charming John poses and actually funny visual jokes?! Also them dismissing their cartoon manager and going out to eat anyway right after he called them fat to their faces is too good… body positivity from the beat boys

Ep 34b Strawberry Fields Forever

REALLY WELL-ANIMATED!! and real feel good… really great song too. It’s really dreamy and I might even say it is the most well animated episode in the entire series just because of how psychedelic it is

(also 34a “Penny Lane” is pretty good, the boys {especially Paul} experience an ego crisis)

Ep 20b I Saw Her Standing There

The 2nd McLennon Date Episode.. (the first being Ep 7a…. the… Poaching Date Episode) I rewatch this one mostly for everything that happens before the singalong, it’s john/paul comedy gold as far as comedy or any kind of worth can go for this show. Also I’m like 90% sure George and Ringo were on a date too

Ep 24b Hold Me Tight

A touching ep where George and Ringo bond over sight-seeing, imo this episode has some of the best animation in the entire show too (the 2nd most well-animated episode)

Ep 33b Paperback Writer

“HOW THEY MET EPISODE” It’s so… bad.. so bad but so good…. I like to think this episode shows us the cartoon beat boys’ ultimate desire in life VS the fact that the other boys are what stops them from reaching this desire

(Ringo: Respect // Paul: Everyone Agreeing With His Opinions and Having Absolute Unconditional Trust In Everything He Does // George: To Finally Be Looked Up to and Be Taken Seriously {aka To Be Cool} // John: Carnage. Just Carnage)

There are others I like a lot just for one or two funny lines but like, I’d end up listing half of the show…… i really like this show guys…..


Firstly, before I watch the live-viewing, I got super excited for this as it’s my very first time to watch seiyuu event in live ((o(´∀`)o))

Uchi_P already asked all DG&DB to write repo after 26/6, no spoilers!! Yet, some shared they feelings after 25/6, they all said the Free D is superb grateful, full of sugar @@ which makes me even more excited for it ( ´›ω‹`)♡

The pamphlet is surely a wedding shooting www the white suits ( ♥д♥) Lays*

Live-viewing was as enthusiastic as Natama Super Narena (Saitama Super Arena). We screamed, sang, beat time, did the same dances, so much fun.


*Some detail parts like costumes may not 100% correct

  • At the beginning of the event, there was a flash video of DGS-maru introducing some event roles. Then, the real DGS-maru got on stage, it’s Yagihashi wearing yellow tight, yellow shorts, pink cloak, DGS-maru colored helmet with two eyes holes on wwww “For bad children who do not follow roles, I will beat them with this Sadi-stick.” 
  • OnoD and HiroC got on stage wearing white suits Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→ OnoD: black&white vertical stripes vest, black bow tie + white suits with rhinestones, HiroC: white tuxedo vests gold button (six button full back!? no sure)with sliver tassel, long white shirt + white suits with blings on 

  • Song: Monster’s show
  • Song: DearGirlは眠らない
    several criteria: Kamiya DV, Ono DV, Birthday生誕祭, Props, Characters & Songs
  • After song, HiroC introduced this award with beautiful narrator voice. They both back to their seat. OnoD pleased HiroC to pass. HiroC bowed as thanks.
  • OnoD used towel to wipe the sweat away. HiroC used HIS OWN TOWEL to wipe OnoD in messy way!!! HiroC then used the same towel to wipe himself too !!!!OMG!!! _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ 
  • DV Award top1
    HiroC: 断腸の思いで諦めたみたいな顔すんなよ 普通にねーよ ちょっと考えたらわかんだろ バカじゃねえのおめー!
    OnoD commented most of the DV are scolding and mainly scolding him.
    OnoD: うっかりオノD!
    HiroC commented OnoD’s DV are mostly preverted www (oinari-san, shiri尻…)
  • Presonal favorite:C: 働きたくねえだ?お前、オレのATMのくせに何言ってんだよ?働けメス豚ッ!!
    Yes, we are ATM, keep scolding www
  • Birthday award: showed VTR
    5. 2010 C : Haman chan
    4. 2012 C : Okinawa
    3. 2010 D : Ushiku Buddha, Movie 1
    2. 2015 D : karaoke, HiroC sang DAISUKI
    OnoD: I felt realy happy that (Kamiya-san) chose to sing this
    1. 2008 C : Men’s Maid Cafe
  • D: Kamiya-san, do you know that there is also a men’s maid cafe in Saitama? Let’s go together.
    HiroC against, yet, was caught into OnoD’s arm and left the stage. I must say D’s action was so natural like he’ve already done this for a thousand times. ♡
  • HiroC backed stage alone. There was cafe table&chair, with a Nya-san plushie & HiroC’s wallet www
  • THEN!!! OnoD and Suwa-san got on stage wearing MAID COSTUME with CAT EARS & WHITE KNEE SOCKS!!!!  Also, wearing OnoD produced pear bag.
  • Perfectly reappeared maid-water(running water). "はい~500 yen” OnoD snatched 500 yen while HiroC finding the money out. YES, their HANDS covered (๑¯∀¯๑)
  • After that, HiroC chose to have photo shot with maid. OnoD posed cat-punches arms around and STICKED to HiroC HEAD BY HEAD. He even pushed harder which made HiroC yelling ache. “はい~500 yen” Again D snatched. This time, Suwa-san snatched too, even snatched more than 500 yen. www Yet, HiroC said nothing at the first snatch/ D’s snatch, when Suwa snatched “You don’t have any relation (to money), do you?”
  • Next, HiroC chose maid joke. Suwa and D came in front of C, their back to audience. They lifted their skirt up showing underwear right on C’s face. Really close LOL
  • last but not, C chose maid magic. It’s Great Osmondo Magic Box. C thought it should be D to enter, but they pushed C to enter the box. D grabbed C’s arm/shoulder tight, not letting C escape. 
  • HiroC needed to remove his shoes first, OnoD helped. D bended down while back to audience. Can almost see his panties(underwear) C spanked “Don’t show your ass toward audience.” www After the magic, C wore his shoes back, D helped from side. He lifted his skirt toward C again. “Did you watch!? はい~500 yen”
  • Lastly, forced to choose Puri-Puri Dance. Asked HiroC to sit down in the middle of stage. And, yep we’ve seen before. Just, D and Suwa joined too www
  • After the first dance, OnoD set on C’s legs, C “Don’t sit on me!” and wanted to chase one those maid “That one!! Stepped on me!” Stopped and back hug by Suwa, D wanted to join too. Somehow they kept moving. Second round forcibly, HiroC once escaped but soon captured by D with shoulders hug. D secured C, made sure he’s sitting and stayed untill the dance started. At the end , D and Suwa both set onto C’s legs.
  • DGS Story Part 1 (Radio VTR)
    Ep 23 Durian > 1st public record > DGS Hibiki > 2008 public record (D kicked by C & D’s clean leg) > 2009 Hibiki game …> DGS Hibiki Stage Play !?
    Something’s weird….never mind ╮(╯∀╰)╭
  • Hibiki Drama ~
    They wore Hibiki costumes again and did mission followed by Yusa’s voice. Communicated with DV. HiroC used to scolding メス豚  (//´/◒/`//), then the next DV was a super cute one: にゃんこ、こにゃんこ、かみにゃんこ、うにゃ~ん.
    C “Hey, there is one different from scolding.” D “It’s because I wanna hear Hiroshi’s cute voice.” (°ཀ°)
  • New mission was finding lost cat. Said it’s nice to attract cats with voice, plenty of “Nya~” Super cute. Then, HiroC found Nya-san, “Nyanyanya~nyayanya, O-nyanya, OnoD!” The lost cat was a big human-sized Nya-san www 
  • Song: ねこまっしぐら
  • Return !!! MOB !!!
    Chanko got on stage, Ono leader had said if Chanko become 130kg, MOB will return. But, Chanko didn’t pass the weight test on stage, it’s 131kg. So, let’s exercise www Gratefully after DGS exercise Chanko became 130kg. MOB RETURN!!!!
  • Song: Masochistic Over Beat
  • Introduced members. When introducing Chanko, Chanko was eating and there were foods from DGS food cart. HiroC asked for Ushikushi (beef string) and tasted. THEN, he asked OnoD if he wanna taste!!! Even FED HIM!!!
  • There was a topic: To be rock like me, I do…
    C: To be rock like me, when I was asked if I wanted to heat (bendo) in the convenience store, I would answer you cant heat my heart if im not rock.
    D: To be rock like me, I don’t need passport when travelling overseas.
    C: E !?
    D: When I were in customs, “Hello, passport please.” “Okay! (remove pants)” “Ohh! Yes, have a good trip!” www OnoD: Mine is a big ‘MIC’.
    Free D is shocking me ORL
  • Song: Dangerous groove six (Night Expo ver, lyrics were different) 
  • D:, C: Root Beer. (Actually C seems wanted to drink Dr.Pe) C drank a bit and ASKED D to DRINK TOO!!! Indirect kiss!!!(*´艸`*)
  • Song: Ace of Asia
  • DGS Story Part 2 (Radio VTR)
    DGS Movie 1 > 4LO > EP 234 Nora C (C wearing cat ears and asked to buy thing in convenience store)Kawaii(*´∀`)~♥ > EP 282 Kamiyama-chicken Sensei (Keep molesting D) > FCM > DGS Hitsuki > DB Matsuri > DGS Movie 2
  • DGS Radio Corner
    Asked audience to vote blue or yellow with hand light.
    Q1: Can be easily deceived? All blue before eyes closed.
    Q2: Able to eat meal evenly, won’t eat up their favorite first? Yellow
    O3: Tidy up the hotel room before check-out? Yellow
    D: My room is a mess this time www
    C: Mine is really clean. I cleaned up very tidy just like I haven’t used before.
    D: You all really know him~
    Q4: Will say sweet nothings in private? Blue
    D: E !? Me !? (BGM sounds, Yokokawa Director NICE b)
    D: Natama Super Narena now, just like the night view we watched together.
  • Props Award
    Found a schedule book which belongs to Kamiuchi manager. HiroC went to found him and left OnoD on stage alone. D did a lot of fans service to live-viewing. He did “Hello” in both Cantonese, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Kamiuchi manager appeared, and conveyed job schedule:もう男しか愛せない学園 to D. 26/6 10pm to 27/6 8am, 20k words. With phases all related to Shiri尻 www
  • There was a danger box on the left side on stage, with durian inside!!! Durian is the top 1 Props. They put the durian in two basket in front of the floats. “ Let you guys smell and regret.” Meanwhile, throwing signed balls (including other members’ sign) I want it badly (´;ω;`)
  • Character Award
    including: Namasute Senbai, Kamiyame chicken, Kamiushi, Girl-style Oji-san, Dan D, MC Hamasho, Soiya (Boy Matsuri), Yona-kappa
    Top 1: Men’s Maid wwww
  • They wanted to invited all those characters, but チユウsan(Movie2) appeared. C&D used Dear girl thunder but not working. There was a 毒poison sign behind チユウsan’s back. Then, they called Ryujin Mabuyer. Mabuyer was beaten once, everyone “頑張れ” Issue solved, チユウsan was controlled. Other characters released.
  • Song: TEN-der Land
  • DGS Story Part 3 (Radio VTR)
    MOB LIVE > EP 460 C Birthday (Hokkaido, D feedind C) > EP 466  > EP 474 D Birthday (bicycle) …> DGS Hibiki Stage Play …!?
    Little D: …Had that happened before…? Little C: ..Yes yes. 2m staffs in total. www
  • DGS Song Award
    Song: Prologue
    Song: 軌跡 (top1) (my favorite too♥)
  • Song: Smiley Time
  • Song: 熱愛S.O.S (chu chu chu <3)
  • MC clips
    C: At the photo shooting of Stories, Ono kun wanted to warm-up everyone’s tension. He removed all his clothes and wore a guitar on. Naked guitar and even posed. I took photo of that.
    D: You even added effect, text on that. But, I don’t have that photo.
    C: Im the only person to own the photo (why you own for so long ww)
  • C: Uchi P asked me if I have photos from 2012. Searching my phone & ipad, and I found almost a half of the photos, Ono kun was naked or half naked www (again why you own these for so long and so many www)
    D: You wanted to wear OnoWild panties and was naked once at the back stage.
    C: Yeah, I need to be naked once to change panties. Then, your reaction “Wah! Saw Oji-san’s dirty butt” It’s not dirty!
  • They said they were inside DGS-maru’s costume at 26/6. C suggested, “Let enjoy this and have fun!!” But, the costume is for 160cm, even HiroC need to bened down a bit, OnoD bended even more www C(voiced as children): Ahh! It’s DGS-maru! Use stick to heat something…(Super cute///)
    Uchi P noticed this and his first action was to take camera from Tamtam www (looking forward for videos in DVD&BD!!)
  • C: Back to 8 years ago, I don’t think these guys will be popular. Ono kun was so young.
    D: Yeah. Kamiya san was so young as well. I cant believe we have been so long too. At the time we have been couple years, we looked at our CDs…These guys..who are they..we!?
    C: Haha.. their facial expression were completely formed…These ten years were like a long trip……and Dear girl is…gas!?..hahaha..sry…
  • D: Mama D went here yesterday secretly, I got to know this by message. She said: としてもゲットしたいステージ !Stage that I want to get!(original sentence:としてもゲットしたいストーリー Story that I want to get)
  • Song: Tribe Drive
  • Encore
    Encore-man appeared. It’s 3M Uchi P www He hadn’t completed the first sentence and stopped by C&D.
    C: We cant delay as we’ve live-viewing. We don’t want those cinema to crop the live, so we need to do as schedule in time. 
    D: Go go (back stage)
    So, Encore-man(3M) down to back stage. Yet, he’s too tall, half of him still showed www
    D: You still appearing!! You are too big !!
  • D: I really love smile. Me, so do DGS staffs, We all love smile, but I think before I make everyone smiles, I need to cheer this Oji-san up first!!! My job is to make this Oji-san in front of me laugh!! I hope I can see yours smile continuously, and to see this Oji-san’s smile. Hopefully, this radio can go on forever. (close-up with HiroC’s smiling face)
  • Song: Say Your Name!~Dear Girl~
  • Shoulder hugs while “風を浴びて肩を抱き寄せ今は Say your name! Say your name! Say your name!”
    It last for so long, even C already took his hand back and wanted to do “1” pose. D kept holding him.
  • C shook hands with D. C: 小野くん、これからもよろしく!Ono kun, best regards the future!
  • Ending VTR
    C: From now on, it began to move towards the next 10 years!

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 Hwangtaeji, listening to their festival song!

GD: I don’t know now… We could change it, too. People say that ’OMG’… If people see your new image, I want them to be surprised. That’s why the title is ‘OMG’ (different translations:  ’My God’, ‘God’ , ‘Oh God’).
KH: The title?
GD: Yes. Let’s listen to it and see what you feel!
KH: I usually don’t like the song when my body doesn’t react to it.
YB: Then express yourself just like that.
KH: I’ll show my expression.
YB: Ok.
GD: What are you feeling?
KH: It’s good enough to get the reaction ‘OMG’! The starting is the best among your songs until now.
YB: Ahh be honest!
KH: I’m not lying. It’s better than I expected.
GD: Better than you expected? How did you expected?
KH: I thought you would use a softer melody. Or something like trot.
GD: Our talk impacted at us a lot. When we were talking in team. Because we don’t know what later will happen, we wanted to use the time we spend with you to write a cool song we can perform at stage.
YB: Because it’s the first and last time we’re doing music together anyway.
KH: Tbh I was touched.
GD: Youngbae just draw a line. XD by saying it’s first and last.
YB: It’s first and last we’re with Kwanghee…
KH: What are you talking about?
GD: YOu already agreed to it?
KH: No x3
GD: We’re just doing good like that.
KH: Why? Aaa what’s wrong? Yaah let’s do this in music shows, too! What’s wrong? It’s WIN-WIN!
YB: Whatever! You like it, right?
KH: Of course! Great!
KH: I’m actually really thankful. I wanted to say something but after listening to the song…  Despite their busy schedule, they did a song based on my favourite beats. That’s why I thought I should do well, too.

So Real
New Look
So Real

tonight i made lukas volger’s radicchio risotto, from his book, Vegetarian Entrees that Won’t Leave You Hungry. the recipe was, as always [i'm obsessed], made with simple ingredients but complex on the tongue. what i really liked, though, was his player prep for making risotto- “Yes, you need to be stirring most of the time, but if you approach the task with the right frame of mind, that aspect can actually be a pleasure.” this excited me. (i also really like drone.) i put on the new New Look album, and stirred for 40+ minutes into the future.

Which was the episode where I first kissed the Doctor? Was that my wedding?
—  Alex’s first response when asked which DW episode she would like to happen in real life. [She later chose Pandorica because she had forgotten about the dangerous bits of ‘AGMGTW’ (actually, DOTM)]