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countdown to dino’s birthday: d-3

a playlist for chan: SUNLIGHT - DAY ver. 
         sunlight and warmth and dream-like states, 
         caught between a dream and reality
         but then i woke up to you

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i need a hug bc of the gay angst ™

no hugs for th e syl sorry ;)

did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


on the topic of Arabic, we are kind of extra with our romantic talk and I love it?? it sounds so poetic in Arabic but so weird when you translate it (from some songs):

“I don’t just like you––a glance from you melts me. I live in your love, and I die in it. I can’t imagine myself away from you for a moment… Your being far from me makes me suffer, I cannot break free from you (your love)… When you’re not by my side, I cannot create melodies or sing… I die.”

“A new feeling, that rises in your heart… you feel it every time you look at me. You’re always thinking about me, you truly miss me and you die for me. I don’t want you to tell me words that melts my heart from kindness and love––I just want you to tell me ‘I love you’, this word kills me.”

“My darling come, I am calling for you to reassure me and calm me… Don’t let go of my hand. Don’t leave me or stray away, just hold me and make me forget the world… Promise me that as long as you are with me, you will not let go of my hand. Oh, (you) light of my eyes––hold me, feel me. With you, I can walk and continue, and no matter who hurts me I will push onwards. For the sake of your eyes, my love, I would rather die than leave you.”

“I don’t know how in one glance you do this––you take me, and I die for you. I don’t know what’s enchanting me like this––the touch of your hands, the laugh in your eyes. I felt safety by your side, I became in a new time (period), unlike any before. I am falling in love, I am being reborn.”

“The moon swore by the colour of the roses, the colour of the flowers (pink) on the cheeks… the beauty was enhanced by black braids, and your lips made the rose more beautiful. In beauty, there is no one before your or after you, my soul (a term of endearment). My soul, your characteristics are completed (aka you’re perfect).”

Need You.

In which Spence has a tough day and just needs some comfort.

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A/N: wanted to write this and I thought it was cute, idk. I listened to Work Song by Hozier while writing and its such a pretty song i recommend it. Also the song Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. hope u guys like this (: good thing to read if you’re tired, upset, have your period, or just want some cuddly reid.

Doctor Spencer Reid was a very strong person. He was so brilliant and clever, often thinking of and about things other people wouldn’t. He solved crimes you couldn’t even think about without feeling disturbed. But although Spencer was strong, sometimes work was too much for him to deal with by himself. Sometimes he needed you to help him fall asleep.

Tonight was one of those nights. He’d dealt with a particularly difficult and sickening case, and all he could think about was you all day. He missed you. He needed your gentle touch and sweet kisses to comfort him.

And so, he drove home in a hurry and sulked into the bedroom where you laid over the covers, your glasses on your face and a book in your hands. 

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