this song swells my heart :')

The influence of Owl City on me

I’ve noticed that since I became a Hoot Owl, I am more into music. I mean I did listen to songs, hummed along and was like “this song is OK”. But now when I hear a song I am like “this sound is awesome”, “I like what they do with the guitar”, “those three tones in the background are real good”, “I can’t believe that the old song I’ve already heard billion times is this good, it is better than many current songs, why haven’t I heard this cool clicking sound in there before?” and even “oh, Mom, can you hear the beautiful melody? I mean the chimes? No, you don’t? Oh, ok.” Well, really, others think I’m a bit weird. But I enjoy songs more than before, I imagine the musicians who created them, how much effort they put in the song, searched for the right chord or instrument, how excited they were if they found it… I guess that’s Adam’s influence, who keeps posting and sharing many details, experiences and joys for the world where music is being born. My ears are now wide open searching for the slightest sounds interwoven in a song, my heart then is swelling with joy that the God equipped some people with unusual and extraordinary gifts to fill our hearts with such tremendous feeling using “just” music, a few sounds. Well, what I wanted to say was: music is real good…

Solas and Cass banter (about Lavellan)

Cassandra: So… you and Lavellan?

Solas: What of it Seeker?

Cassandra: You and her… together?

Solas: Is that the impression you have?

Cassandra: Why do always try to brush my opinions away? I know what I saw!

Solas: Then you should be more convinced in your opinions Seeker.

Cassandra: *huffs*

Cassandra: She smiles more often now.

Solas: *soft smiles appears on his lips*

Cassandra: You make her happy. Just like it should be. She should be happy. And you make her so.

Solas: I can agree with you on that. I want to make her happy.

Cassandra: Do something special for her then.

Solas *confused* Such as?

Cassandra: Take her on a picnic. Away from the fight and all this. She would appreciate that.

Solas: …

Solas: Thank you Cassandra. I really appreciate your idea.

Cassandra: Make her smile. Make her forget about the Breach and all this. Give her something else to think about.. *blushing* I should not be the one to tell you what you should do. *beetroot red*

Cassandra: Just try.

Cole: The latest chapter covers it all. He’s thorough with his promises and does not hold back. She welcomes him in the most enticing way and even if…

Solas: Ahh,  it seems that you have read the latest “Swords and Shields”?

Cassandra: I have not!!

Cole: *fading in and out* She has!

Solas: That-

Cassandra: Begone demon! Cole! Spirit! *exhales* Just … she needs you, it seems Solas. Be good to her…

Solas: *wandering eyes* *smile appearing on his lips*

Solas: I’ll try.

Cole: Heart swelling. Clenching. Love. My heart. Hearing the song. Heading towards the sounds and following the beat. I’m yours and always will be…”

Solas: Cole

Cole: *smiles and vanishes*

Cassandra: She’s in her quarters, you know..

Solas: *blushing* I know Cassandra. Thank you.

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HI i'm back ever so quickly and i actually have a few more song recs for bp!! what's it gonna be by shura and hurts like heaven by coldplay ❤️

FWAAAAAHHHHHH that SHURA SONG omg that was so awesome and the video made my heart swell goddamn ❤️❤️❤️and that Coldplay song was a little tooooooo on the mark? Especially considering a part in BP that’s coming… I have another song in mind for that part that is so very similar in theme… I’m not saying what it is yet but i know you know it but NOT THE VERSION THAT I HAVE OF IT :DD

Thank you for introducing me to new music!! I would have never found these songs on my own!

Our Song

Tittle: Our Song : By Taylor Swift

Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

A/n: Hey so I do know the request!! I was actually in love with the idea, but deleted it by accident and then I could never remember the guy you wanted requested it for!! So with that being said I can do it with Ki as well if that is something you would like!! I am so sorry!!!! Also, side note, we really need more gifs of Robbie that isn’t of him as Peter. I mean I love Peter, but I would love a plain old Robbie gif.

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I was riding shotgun, with my hair undone. In the front seat of his car. He’s got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel the other on my heart. I look around turn the radio down, he says “baby is something wrong.” I say “nothing I was just thinking how we don’t have a song.”

   “I am lost boy, from Neverland usually hanging out with Peter Pan!” I sang, giggling when Robbie sent me an amused glance. “When we’re bored we play in the woods always on the run from Captain Hook.” I sang, twirling the hand that wasn’t wrapped tightly in Robbie’s out the open window.

   “I don’t know why you sing that song. You would never run from Colin.” He laughed, his green eyes sparkling as he glanced at me quickly.

 “Maybe but I still love the song. I mean, I am usually hanging out with Peter Pan.” Robbie chuckled, his thumb brushing against the top of my hand. 

   “You love the fact I play Peter Pan, don’t you.” He chuckled.

  “Oh very much so. Peter Pan is hot.” I replied, giggling as wiggled his eyebrows at me. “Like really hot.”

  “I am so glad you think I’m hot.”

  “I would have to be crazy if I didn’t think so.” I answered, shrugging softly as I smiled at him. He thanked me, his voice barely audible over the sound of the radio. We quickly fell into silence, both of us enjoying the sweet sounds of Ed Sheeran’s Picture. Every time I heard the song, my thoughts drifted towards my best friend Jessie. She and her husband Cory had gotten married to it, as well as used it as their first dance. It was their song.

  The thought had me frown, the frown deepening when I realized that Robbie and I didn’t have a song. Sighing I reached over to turn the radio down, my actions causing Robbie to turn his attention towards me.

  “Baby is something wrong?” He asked, his green eyes darkening with concern. 

  “Nothing. I was just thinking, we don’t have a song.” I said slowly, frowning again when Robbie chuckled.

  “We do have a song though baby girl.” He answered, his eyes twinkling as he sent me a wink. “Our song is the slamming screen door, sneaking out late and tapping on your window. Our song is when we are on the phone and you talk real slow, cause it’s late and your mama doesn’t know. Our song is the you laugh every time I tell you about how after our first date, I kicked myself because I didn’t kiss you when I should have. That is our song. It may not be on the radio, or a hit single, but it’s our song.”

  I smiled at him, my heart swelling with joy as I took in his words. I nodded slowly, pulling his hand towards me so I could press a kiss to his knuckles. I let it go, reaching forward to turn the radio back up, grabbing a pen and old napkin as I did.

  “What are you doing?” He asked, his voice full of amusement.

  “I’m writing down our song.” I replied, grinning widely when Robbie chuckled.

  “Alright, but if you try and make it a hit single, I want my fair share of the profit.”


This song makes my heart swell more than any other

This is the most emotional I’ve been for a Steam Powered Giraffe album release.

The progress they’ve made with these old songs of theirs, the newer versions of them… My heart is swelling with so many emotions and so much pride.

This band has come such a long way since the beginning of their career an I’m so so proud of them. I’m so grateful for all your hard work and for how beautifully you’ve grown.

Congratulations to my friends and my family; Steam Powered Giraffe. I love you dearly.