this song sums up my life right now

“We met online.”

How was the first date?

“We went to a movie. Typical. Then we went to a bar…”

“And now we’re here.”

Why choose city hall to get married?

“Because we want a million dollar wedding and we’re not millionaires yet. That’s in the future so we’re getting this out of the way.”

If you could have your first dance right now, what song would play in the background?

Lana Del Rey. Video Games

Describe each other in three words.

“Amazing. Passionate. Beautiful.”

“The love of my life, I mean that’s not one word but it sums it all up.”

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It feels a bit silly to come to your inbox since we're actually chatting but you're good and you're indulging me in this, so. I'd like to have a comparison between songs harry wrote, like a timeline of his writing characteristics, something that shows how he's grown in term of songwriting, and maybe a little flash forward to his solo album? I know you've already made posts about SG, IICW and WITW, but maybe you could sum them all up and starting from the origins? And including Don't let me go?

Thank you for this ask, Julie!

I looked through the list of songs available to the public for which Harry shares writing credit. 

2011: Taken, Everything About You, Same Mistakes

2012: They Don’t Know About Us, Summer Love, Still the One Irresistible, Don’t Let Me Go

2013: Story of My Life, Happily, Right Now, Something Great

2014: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (for Ariana Grande), I Love You (for Alex and Sierra), Not Our Fault (for Gavin Degraw)

2014: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket

2015: Perfect, If I Could Fly, Olivia, Walking in the Wind, AM

2016: Someday (for Michael Buble)

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Leave a number in my ask and I'll tell you the Eurovision 2017 song I...
  • 1: love the most
  • 2: know all the words to
  • 3: can't stand
  • 4: think will win
  • 5: am disappointed by
  • 6: prefer to my own country's entry
  • 7: love to dance to
  • 8: think has the best message
  • 9: listen to every day
  • 10: listened to most recently
  • 11: don't understand at all
  • 12: want to hear a sequel to
  • 13: think could have won in a weaker year
  • 14: use to cheer myself up
  • 15: listen to when I'm feeling down
  • 16: would play to a eurovision novice
  • 17: think sums up my life right now
  • 18: don't think will be good live
  • 19: think has the most talented artist
  • 20: would sing at karaoke

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Bands, White Bed Sheets, Marble

From the aesthetic-themed ask list

Bands: Talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way.

“When my time’s up, have I done enough?” from the last song in Hamilton hit me really hard when I first heard it- it pretty much summed up my worry of what legacy my life will leave behind, and it acts as a reminder to do what I need to do to leave an impact, however small, on the world

White Bed Sheets: What is your night time routine?

Brush my teeth, wash my face, drink a glass of water, pass out for the next six hours lmao

Marble: What is the most important thing to you in your life right now?

My friends- they’re being a good source of support, and the fact that we’ll be going our separate ways after graduation makes me cherish them even more

Thanks for the ask!


One Direction (Harry and Louis) - Los Angeles (September 11, 2014) - Full concert

11:49 - Power couple walking down the catwalk.

22:28 - Summing up my life (and Louis’).

24:35 - Power couple walking down the catwalk (Part 2).

43:46 - Harry singing “I’m in love with you and all his little things”.

50:51 - Harry hugging someone backstage.

1:11:18 - “Cover” of Ed Sheeran’s Lego House.

Recommended songs if you wanna see really good close ups of Harry and Louis: Right Now (30:32), Through the Dark (34:04), Little Things (41:38), You & I (1:18:33).

“If you were an up and coming comedian and you needed some easy material, you just mentioned Mr. Jackson’s name and little kids and you’d get the first five rows to laugh, for sure. People didn’t realize how sensitive he was about that sort of thing.

Growing up in South Central, I would have just laughed at those jokes same as everyone. I wasn’t part of the same generation as Bill, where people had more reverence for the Jacksons. I was more of the hip-hop generation. We loved Mr. Jackson’s music, but we only knew him as this eccentric rock star. You loved his songs, but you’d laugh right along when it came to his personal life. But now? When I heard stand-up comedians joking about the boss, it wasn’t funny anymore. It made me angry. It was like hearing someone passing jokes about your friend or your mom”.

—  Javon Beard, from Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days