this song reminds me of doctor who


At these lines my heart stopped. as did breath. literally. i’m sure it was a physical thing. not to say TWO HEARTS of the Doctor, so full of pain and grief. for him the whole world must have stopped or even all worlds he had ever experienced. Even though I recognized the voice of Nardole pretty early, at these sentences my mind automatically switched it for River voice. it couldn’t be any other way. and, in a moment, it reminded me of a way that River was speaking of Her Doctor in that memorable scene from The Impossible Astronaut. with a smile, love, calm, but also pain and sadness at the same time. what’s more to say.

The Simulation in Extremis reminds me of the Supercomputer (Earth) in THHGTTG, proposed by Deep Thought. DT came up with the answer 42, but that wasn’t helping, because the people who built it didn’t know what the question was. So, they built a computational Matrix incorporating living beings, that will come up with the question. 

In the end, after Earth gets destroyed before the task is completed, Arthur Dent comes up with the question: what do you get if you time 6 by 9?

Like in Eurus’s Song: six by sixteen … Nine by nineteen.

Will someone totally unassuming be shown as being behind the simulation in Doctor Who, like the mice? Will Earth again be destroyed? Or will it be saved by the Doctor doing something totally improbable?

Because silence will fall when the question is asked. One of Moffat’s catch phrases. But what is the question? Do we really know it?

River featured in this episode by her book (the Guide is a book as well). And those things in the red robes reminded me of a Zombie Version of the Silence.

Okay, so Clara was the “Impossible Girl” right? But Doctor never found out why is she impossible. When the Doctor said to her in the episode The Rings of Akhaten (7x7) “You remind me of someone, someone who died.” she replied “Whoever she was, I am not her.” So we all though that was it. But listen to me. SHE HAS A TARDIS NOW. She is travelling through all time and space. Guys, we watched Clara died. Just like River and Captain Jack and we didn’t even know.

  • Doctor Who: Hey, you love River Song, right?
  • Me: Yeah!!! She's one of my favorite characters!! And I love her relationship with the Twelfth Doctor!!!
  • Doctor Who: Here let's just remind you about how the Doctor spent twenty-four years with her just to let her go after that time was up, knowing that he was going to meet her for the first time but she would also die in the process. And let's just show that the Doctor is Not Okay.
  • Me: How about you fuck right off.

I hope you can understand why this song reminds me of Doctor Who.
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“You’re making it very hard for me to let you walk down to that lake right now.”

“I’m awful, aren’t I?”

“Make sure to remind me why I put up with you,” she instructs knowingly.

“I’m sure I did.”

River/Twelve head cannon

DOCTOR: River, you know my name.
DOCTOR: There’s only one reason I would ever tell anyone my name. There’s only one time I could.
RIVER: Hush, now.
COMPUTER Four, three…
RIVER: Spoilers.
COMPUTER two, one…

Ok I’m not a timebaby enthusiast, really I’m not…. but something about these two, specifically THIS lovely River/Twelve grown-up combo, has brought me around to the idea. Also the fact that River Song has been written as considering the idea, wanting a child and assuming that it’s possible somehow, opens the door.  So it occurred to me that the One Reason, One Time  this Time Lord tells his name to his Wife, would have to be when their child is born.  I can’t think of anything more requisite of a naming ritual than a birth.  A Name must be passed on to a child, no? This explains Ten’s *so shocked* face, to hear his name is to realize that he would have another child in the future. 

  • Also— River saying, “Hush now” Reminds me of the song, “…Hush little baby don’t you cry…”  
  • Also— The Doctor’s future child would be a target, it couldn’t be known to the Universe when he has so many enemies…
  • Also— That child would be a kind of Hybrid, no? 

You know. Missy reminds me of River Song.

• Both were locked up in cages they could easily escape.
• Both had advice for the Doctor.
• Both were very close to him. Closer than most companions.
• Both were willing to sacrifice in the face of danger, but were stopped by The Doctor.
• Both were technically time lords. Though River is a little finicky.

Perhaps their stories are parallel. Perhaps they will run opposite.
Only Time will tell.