this song reminds me of doctor who

  • Doctor Who: Hey, you love River Song, right?
  • Me: Yeah!!! She's one of my favorite characters!! And I love her relationship with the Twelfth Doctor!!!
  • Doctor Who: Here let's just remind you about how the Doctor spent twenty-four years with her just to let her go after that time was up, knowing that he was going to meet her for the first time but she would also die in the process. And let's just show that the Doctor is Not Okay.
  • Me: How about you fuck right off.

River with a puppy  ヽ( ╹ヮ╹)ノ

For @riversdamsel who has been in my art tag reblogging old things and inspired me to draw this

twentyonecornflakesatthedisco  asked:

12, 14 & 16 please! ily!!

Oh thank you, my lovely friend!

12. a twenty one pilots song that motivates you/helps you focus

A song that always helps me focus is probably Truce or Be Concerned. I don’t know exactly why but they do.

14. a twenty one pilots song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character

Oh lots of songs, lots of characters… But the one that I can think of now is Anathema reminds me of Clara Oswald (from Doctor Who)

16. a twenty one pilots song that cheers you up when you’re sad

Oh lots of twenty one pilots songs do that actually, but the one that NEVER fails is Glowing Eyes.

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Karamel Fic: Permission to Flourish (8/11)

Title: Permission to Flourish

Author: gldngrl7

Date Started: February 12, 2017

Rating: T for Teen (I know!  I can’t believe it either!)


Author’s Notes: 

        I was so scared to face my fears

                   Nobody told me that you’d be here

                          And I swore you moved overseas

                                  That’s what you said, when you left me

       You look like a movie

                 You sound like a song

                             My God, this reminds me

                                        Of when we were young

         –Adele – “When We Were Young”

Chapter 8/11


Despite a rather intrusive dream of Kara when he finally dozed off, Mike had responsibilities he couldn’t escape, nor did he want to.  It didn’t help that the following morning at school, all the kids could talk about was the sudden and inexplicable appearance of Supergirl.

“Did she come all the way from National City?”

“What was she doing here, Mr. Matthews?”

“How did she know Amelia needed help?”

“Did you see her at the hospital?”

“Mr. Matthews?  Do you think she’ll be back?”

“She’s so pretty!”

“Did you see her fly like a rocket, Mr. Matthews? BOOM she went!”

“Do you think she might come back?”

“I’m going to ask her to take me flying if she does!”

“I want to be Supergirl for Halloween this year!”

Mike answered the questions as best he could, but they were well over an hour into the day before he could redirect their energies into the appropriate classroom material.  He began by lecturing them on playground safety and setting new rules for the jungle gym.

“Is Amelia going to be okay, Mr. Matthews?” 

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20.03.17 // 07:02 // day 20/31

Day 20 - “Get up early. Shower. Eat a proper breakfast. Do all the things you wouldn’t normally have time to do in the morning.”

Song of the day : The Spirit in the Sky - Doctor & The Medics

So today I had my grade 7 flute exam! I think it went quite well, although i won’t know the results until next week. As for the song choice, it’s a song that always reminds me of my Dad, who played his old car tape that we used to listen to as kids (full of retro rock songs) to calm me down on the way to my exam. <3


The Doctor + Looking at River Song. [River Version]

Tagging Game

I was tagged by @iwouldlovetolive (hello fellow neighbour!) so here goes

a / age: 22

b / biggest fear: Clowns. I have clown phobia despite being a huge fan of the Joker

c / current time: 14:23

d / drink you had last: water

f / favourite song: I Love It by Icona Pop. I was playing Need for Speed when I was reminded of the song from NFS Most Wanted. 

g / ghosts are real?: Go to a cemetery at night and ask me again. Hahah

h / home area country: Malaysia

i / in love with: Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who

j / jealous of: People who have met Peter Capaldi XD

k / kink: Lol, older men I guess XD

l / last time you cried?: A month ago

m / middle name: Nuriza

n / number of siblings: 3

o / one wish: Get my hands on a Nintendo Switch

p / person you last called/texted: My mum

q / questions you’re always asked: “How was your weekend?”

r / reasons to smile: Peter Capaldi, Colepaldi, Whouffaldi, Doctor Who, The Joker, the internet

s / song last sang: Shape of You

t/ time you woke up: 5.00 AM

u / underwear colour: black

v / vacation destination: Auckland, New Zealand

w / worst habit: day-dreaming (then again, who doesn’t?)

x / xrays you have had: I’ve had a few

y / your favourite food: Char Kuey Teow, Dim Sums, Ice-Cream, Chocolate

z / zodiac sign: Capricorn

  • Moffat: Hi.
  • Doctor/River shippers: ...
  • Moffat: How you like ...
  • Doctor/River shippers: NO.
  • Moffat: ... for me to remind you ...
  • Doctor/River shippers: LALALA, CAN'T HEAR YOU!
  • Moffat: ... of how close River is to the Library?
  • Doctor/River shippers: GO AWAY.
Watch A Great Big World's Empowering Music Video 'Won't Stop Running'
These thirteen survivors overcame extreme challenges

The “Won’t Stop Running” video is out now! Chad here. This song was written as a response to my doctor who diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis and said I’d be paralyzed within 7 years. That was 9 years ago, and I’m feeling as healthy as ever. For this video, Ian and I wanted to invite individuals who’ve had inspiring journeys and struggles of their own to sing this song with us. We are so humbled and proud to share these positive examples of human potential. They remind us that there is still a lot of light in this world. #wontstoprunning

As unlikely as it sounds I would LOVE IT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH if Bill was River and the Doctors daughter. She’s sassy, has somewhat poofy hair, reminds me of young River and Mels. I think it could be possible if Moffat chose that route, even though it’s likely he won’t.