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Demons - 707′s (song) doujinshi (1/3)

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Well, it’s true that I’m excited about V’s route… yes! I really want to play it… yes!.
BUT! god (and god seven) knows that the only one in my heart is Saeyoung! my beautiful tomato head! *__*

Anyways, this is my first doujinshi!! (song doujinshi?) so full of spoilers! haha So if you haven’t played the 707’s route… better do not read it hahaha

One day I was listening to “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and I thought
“OMG! This is Seven’s story!! And what about the missions as secret agent? I want to see more!” So, the doujinshi was born hehe This is the 1sth part of 3 (I’m doing all the song) It’s the first time that I seriously dedicate myself to making a comic, so I’m happy! ^^  I’m open to comments too!!
I’m already working on the second part, so if you like it, I would be SO happy if you let me know! That would give me a lot of encouragement!

Thanks for watching!!

By the way! I’ll also upload this in the Delirus account. Please visit us there too!!

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How I see kpop groups new version

Exo: shimmie shimmie kokobop; high af mv; every other song on the album is a bop; i have no idea how this album/mv has a connection to the war; awful hairstyles; too many vibrant colors; what’s going on with lay; still not enough sehun lines

Bts: not today happened; love yourself is happening; seriously who can keep up with all those insane theories; every western artist want to collaborate with them; gyeonwo chong jojun balsa; still waiting for them jin lines and screentime; let jhope hold another v live without asking for other members

Ikon: alright since my earlier post ikon and winner totally switched positions; ikon where? somewhere in the basement; give them proper promotion; no more badass hiphop comebacks pls; i miss the team b era; i feel like all their predebut tracks were better; b-day is alright; btw what the hell are these new stage names; EVERYONE I LOVE IKON DON’T HATE ME

Got7: all their songs feel like a mess musically; give them songs that showcase their talents; something like the latest jj project release; bitch we had to wait 5 years for that jjp masterpiece; i honestly like trilogies but not got7’s; why y’all think jackson’s gonna leave got7; hard carry by monsta x is still hilarious

Winner: so yg rememberd they exist; i absolutely love their newer side (really really, island); thank you for not having a summer ballad; have you people realized what a gem jinwoo’s voice is; happy for namtae for his new band; sorry for namtae for struggling with mental illness; leave the boy alone don’t hate him for no reason; dude is really really an artist

Day6: thank you for spoiling us with good music every month; although i prefer their debut era, i think this is their true sound; but songs sound a bit same; still underappreciated; miss their buskings; thought jae is gonna take a longer twitter hiatus but gladly no; miss his hashtags; stop bullying wonpil 2k17; still no lines for dowoon

Astro: baby was not my style; but eunwoo is still a living god; stop growing sanha 2k17; still waiting for a more mature concept; mature, not sexy, no need to reveal anything; although they did it already

Seventeen: maaan their al1 album once again is a masterpiece; so mature; love the hiphop units new sound; the choreo dang; did you pay attention to joshua’s part? that dance is wow; minimal rap i like it; wainting for european dates within their world tour; hoshi rocked the orange hair; and woozi the red; too much hair damage

Vixx: they are one of my bias groups but not gonna lie, i hate shangri la; although a unique concept; use airconditioners or fans or whatever when they’re performing, no more fainting pls; but the lr comeback is here; such a 180 turn from beautiful liar; aesthetic mv; listen to beautiful night(?) it’s amazing; lr is amazing

Shinee: nothing new for them; thought they were one of the few groups without scandals; guess what i was wrong; take care onew; they need a comeback asap

Infinite: nothing since last october; hoya pls sign that contract ir i’m gonna flip tables; infinite with a unique sound and choreography; the choreo needs hoya; don’t want them to enter military, no, not yet; pls have an ot7 comeback

Monsta x: beautiful happened, shine forever happened BUT WHERE IN DAFUQ IS THEIR FIRST WIN????; a lipton commercial summer bop happened; tho i have no idea what does the title have to do with the song; from zero happened, i NEED a studio version; hyungwonho happened; monsta x in hungary didn’t happen; monsta x ray is happening, throw an oscar at them for that drama; i need more hyungwon and siwoo; starship why releasing that dating statement when noone knew anything; let them rest; hyungwon is officially a viral meme; mosta x still happens, hyungKwon also happens

Bigbang: gd’s solo is perfect; another scandal and shit; military service; that’s it

B.A.P: the cover of their latest japanese album is gorgeous; what are those awful hairstyles once again; i was too scared to check out yongguk’s solo; b.a.p in hungary happened; i wasn’t there; i love daehyun’s voice; hope zelo is not growing anymore

Block B: i’m not sure what’s up with them; but block b in hungary happened; without po; and i wasn’t there; miss their older stuff; i want more bastarz; still perverts; still business partners

NCT: not sure where nct 127 is going; cherry bomb was awful, a real mess; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands is still stuck in my head; wardrobe and hairstyle were better this time; i love nct dream; the chorus from we young is so familiar; sounds like the theme song in the pc game insaniquarium; miss jaemin; where’s nct u; and hansol; give love to doyoung; let mark rest for god’s sake

Pentagon: critical beauty was so weird yet visually satisfying; but this album was my least favourite from them;  that wooseok and e’dawn pairing tho; missed yanan; why is there that right before promotions a member is getting injured; triple h happend for good; e'dawn is hot with a lot of tattos; never and energetic are bops; thank you hui

Btob: still so weird; everyone going solo; ballads are in the past bops are back; movie was not my style

Highlight: yaaay they have a new name; i legit thought it’d be bea5t; rookies yet swiping up them music show trophies; sometimes people still call them beast; i was hoping the fandom name was gonna be highlighters

Super Junior: i was anticipating their autumn comeback; but no sungmin; thank you k-„fans”; i’m so happy d&e are back from the military; please love the china line

Nu’est: my babies they are finally getting the spotlight they deserved since their debut; thought pd101 was not gonna do justice for them but hell it did; best choice ever; minhyun finally got a first win; soon is gonna nu’est w; love the meaning behind w; still fucking salty the nation’s producers forgot about jonghyun in the last minute

Ftisland: the more i know them the more i don’t wanna know them; love their freedom in everything-wise; the biggest perverts omg; why were y’all sleeping on wind when it was so important for them and it’s beautiful; sometimes i feel like they want to prove that they are relevant; and they are; 4757857+ years more together pls; WHY DID I SAY PUPPY WAS BAD IT’S A FUCKIN’ BOMB; ftisland in hungary is happening AND I’M FUCKING GONNA BE THERE; jaejin i’m coming

Cnblue: i want to like their korean music but I don’t; last time i forgot they’re giants; yonghwa solo

SF9: 2 comebacks within 2(?) months; bururengnya; the jungle game choreo is jawdropping but it’s not fit for a choreo; easy love was wow; kinda sounds like old kpop; too many taeyang lines; where are jaeyoon’s

KNK: sun moon star was meh; rain is also not my favourite but the mv is wonderful; how to be that extra as they are

2pm: i’m not sure what’s happening with them rn

U-kiss: i’m not sure also; kevin left the group

B1A4: sorry but still not sure

Teen top: god dammit love is was pure perfection; it totally gave me old kpop vibes; the dance was on point as expected; like the footwork once again; welcome back teen top

Wanna one: ongniel, winkdeep; jinhwi; jaehwan x minhyun etc, so many ships; wanna one go is hilarious; sungwoons grandfather is amazing; teach jaehwan how to clean; that psychotic laugh tho; i’m still burn it up team; weekly idol with them is… a mess; breaking tv show rating records; god how many music show wins they have already; there is so much more but it’s not a how I see wanna one post

Boyfriend: they just had a korean release; was it a comeback or what; i do love monsta with all my heart but boyfriend still exists if anyone needs a reminder; their evolution throughout the years is insane; they own a special place in my heart cuz they were the group who made me fall in love with kpop; so thank you boyfriend, thank you i yah, thank you hungary, thank you music channel

N.flying: i don’t know much about them, but the real is a great song; go check it out now; the mv is hilarious; i don’t recall whether i ever laughed at a music video; that plot twist omg; jang moonbok as a mermaid; clap clap; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

So I just decided to make another ‘How I see kpop groups’ with the same groups, but it’s an updated version. I mean no harm with any of my statements and I think this time I was pretty positive (with a little sarcasm). Last time a I got a few hate comments about my Ikon statements so yeah. I love them. And this time I wasn’t shameless with group promo. I have a link to every song I mentioned so if you don’t know what/who I’m talking about then click the links. Hope it’s as fun as last time. And sorry if I was biased with some groups. Enjoy! :3

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He is probably doing it for his birthday (Oct.13) as a gift to the fans (that’s just my opinion tho). But just imagining him singing a song by himself makes me SO happy because not even some months ago he was so hesitant to sing by himself.

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Reaction (EXO) : Their s/o debuting as solo artist

Lay: *everyone would know that you’re debuting and that you’re his s/o. He would be telling everyone about this. Everyone in China would know. EVERYONE.* “So my family is coming. Even my mom. Don’t feel under pressure. You will be great! I’ll be the loudest human in the crowd. I promise!”

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Chen: *making sure that your high notes would be perfect; yours manager right hand; taking care of you like no one else* “Don’t be nervous. You’ll be great. I’m already proud of you. But remember, you can’t be better than me, okay?” *long hug before the debut stage; he won’t take his eyes off you*

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Xiumin: *being with you while you had practices; paying attention to your every move, gesture and word; giving you advices what you should change and what is already perfect* “ I’ll be lookin only at you. I can’t wait to see you on the stage. Believe me, from this day your whole life will change”

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Suho: *proud mom; makes sure that all of the boys would be there to support you; dancing with you; singing with you; people would talk more about how supportive bf he is than about your debut; #1 Korean couple* “See? I told you that everything will be fine! From now, I’m your number one fan and this won’t change”

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Sehun: *gaves you “helpful” advices; propably more stressed than you but not showing this; admiring you all the time but when you would ask him what does he thinks about your debut stage, he would say “Not bad. It could be better. You mistook this move. Yeah, I would do this better” *proud inside but hyungs are looking so play it cool Sehun*

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Kai: *he would like to be part of this big day of yours so propably he would be your backup dancer; you would make choreography together; he would help you with preparing to your debut* “We were amazing. NO! You were amazing! You looked gorgeous. Woah. This was the best day of my life”

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Chanyeol : *proud, excited, can’t stay still, excited once again* “Okay guys, now shut up, she’s coming…. OMG, I can’t, she’s beautiful. Y/N chose my song as her debiut song. Now, high notes. Oh my-”

D.O: Chanyeol, shut up.

“Okay… But can you see her…” *never ending story about how beautiful you are*

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Baekhyun : *helpful with singing, dancing and everything; he would teach you how to act in an interviews; making sure that fame won’t change you; the most supportive bf ever* “You were amazing today! Everybody already loves you! Who knows maybe you’ll be more famous then me?”

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Kyungsoo: *smiling whole time; he would be very happy seeing how you’re enjoying this time; proud, day of his life, too shy to tell you how proud he is but you can clearly see this through his acting* “ I’ve enjoying your stage the most. You were like shining star.”

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How do you learn Korean?

i make notes!!(too vague yes)

for now i’m mostly making notes on grammar rules and vocabulary lists :) if you want to be able to listen to conversations/understand what’s going on in songs,dramas etc. then it’s good to improve your vocabulary first :D

here are some resources I find helpful:

Talk to Me in Korean —–

what they have:
youtube, podcasts

they frequently do videos on day-to-day topics such as clothes, laundry, buying things, valentine’s day etc. so they’re really helpful in improving little bits and bobs of your vocabulary!! :)

they also have physical textbooks and online PDF files, voice recordings, video courses and it’s all free omg I was super happy when I found it tbh 10/10 would recommend

How to Study Korean —–,

units and curriculums, vocabulary lists

they’re sort of similar to talktomeinkorean in the way that they have a curriculum planned out from easy to difficult, and recordings, except some of their resources (mostly worksheets and vocabulary lists) require payment :0

at the start of each chapter though they have a few vocabulary lists so I do often take those words down

I’d say this is more brief and on the go as compared to talktomeinkorean, and there aren’t too many ‘compartments’? so you don’t have to keep clicking around haha like there’s more content on one page

Korean Frequency List -Top 6000 Words —–

as the title suggests haha 

the above two don’t exactly have compiled vocabulary lists (at least from what i’ve encountered on the website, i may be wrong so do try and find them for yourself maybe) so I think this is a good compilation of vocabulary words you might find useful :)

these are the good stuff I can come up with right now off the tip of my tongue hmm, it’s a short list but it’s resource-rich >:o

hope this helps in some way!!


Happy Mother’s Day from the CPOP King!

Mom is trending on hot topic… omg 🤷‍♂️ But tbh I think my mom was so cool back then, really cool. Now she isn’t as cool as before but she’s still very beautiful. I never felt that my mom and dad are getting old. You know why? Because being with me makes them young, they’re forever 18 years old.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you mom! M.O.M - the song I wrote for my mom!

I wish everyone’s mothers a Happy Mother’s Day too. If you haven’t listened to that song yet, go check it out now quick 😊

Our Song || Tom Holland x Actress!Reader

You and Tom are laying down, just chilling and you play your fav cover of Umbrella, and you are super happy but then you look at him and all you can see is he dancing sexually in that tv show.

You: Omg! You ruined it!

Tom: I what?

You: You ruined it! It was my favorite song and you ruined it!

Tom(laughing): I still can’t understand you

You: Every time I’ll listen to Umbrella I will remember your weird dance!

Tom: I thought you said I was hot dancing Umbrella

You: But this cover is supposed to be chilling and now I can only see your dance moves

Tom: Then make it our song and you’ll remember me when you listen to it

You: Do I want to remember my husband dancing better than me in a TV show?

Tom: Wait WAIT Did you say husband?

Your face get totally red.

You: Noooo

Tom: You did it Y/N! Confess

You: I did not Tom

Tom: You see me as your husband at some point in the future

You: Puff! No

Tom starts to hug you and starts to laugh. You get up from the bed to run from him.

Tom: You want to marry me

You: No I don’t

Tom: You do. I know you do.

You: I’ve already said to the media that I will never get married. I’m very happy with you as my boyfriend.

Tom: Confess that you’ve already picked your dress style and my white suit.

You: White suit?

Tom: Because you love black and if you can’t wear it than neither can I.

It was true although you would never say it out loud.

You: I’m not proposing

Tom: I bet that you’re also planning in train a dog to show up with the wedding rings

You roll your eyes.

Tom: It’s Tessa isn’t it?

You: Not proposing Holland

Tom: Well if you’re not… then I am

And there he is, in his knees with the prettiest ring in his hand.

Tom: Y/N will you marry me?

Daddy stopping me from being bratty!
  • Little: Nuuuuuuuu! *pouts and crosses arms*
  • Daddy: *grabs my chin and lifts my head* You are my sunshine...
  • Little: My only sunshine...
  • Daddy: You make me happy...
  • Little: When skies are grey...
  • Daddy: You have no idea...
  • Little: How much I love you...
  • Daddy: Please don't..
  • Little: Take my sunshine away.
  • Daddy: Love you Baby *smiles*
  • Little: I love you Daddy!!!!
This Town || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: okay i’m so happy that you’re taking requests again and i was wondering if you could do a peter x reader based on the song ‘this town’ by niall horan??.]]

Omg anon I absolutely adore this song???

I hope this meets your expectations ahhhhh ♡

also! I want to dedicate this to @toms-spidey because they were just so kind to me last night! I found myself smiling so much, and I just ugh, thank you for making my night ♡ you’re the best, Charissa!

please Picture Tom Holland’s spiderman/Peter Parker for this story!!

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: a dash of angst with some fluff in the end ♡

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{{request status: open}}

Don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


{everything comes back to you.}

Peter Parker was truly a pathetic man. Even at 23, he still felt as though he hadn’t learn a damn thing.

All his life, he had only loved one girl, and the same girl was quickly slipping through his fingers.

Peter had met [Full Name] on the day he moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in their two bedroom apartment. He was quiet when he first moved in with them and felt terribly homesick. His parents had just passed away, and he always felt like he didn’t belong, like he didn’t have a place to call home.

Not used to being in such an unfamiliar home, Peter wakes up in the middle of the night. He throws back the covers and tiptoes out of his aunt and uncle’s apartment with fresh tears in his eyes. Only when Peter was outside of his apartment did he slide down the front door, allowing his tears to fall freely as choked sobs escaped from his chapped lips.

Too caught up in his own misery, Peter didn’t notice the door settled across from him open, nor did he see the young girl who wiped the sleep away from her eyes as she stepped closer to him. The girl notices his trembling form first when she kneeled down next to him. She doesn’t ask any questions, just simply wrapped her arms around his back.

Peter felt a pressure behind him and immediately stiffened, looking up to see a girl around his age gazing at him with comforting (color) eyes. Seeing the cute girl, Peter felt his face redden with embarrassment, knowing that his face was a mess of snot and salty tears. In a vain attempt to clean himself, Peter wipes his nose with the sleeve of his sweater, “I-I uhm, I just-”

“Ssssh, it’s okay. I know that you’re sad. What’s wrong?” The kindness in her voice seemed to ease his tears a bit, the gentle stream stopping to that of momentary droplets when Peter sniffs and admitted to her, “I miss my mom and dad. They died in an accident, and now I don’t have anyone.”

The girl was quiet for a few seconds, not saying a word. Suddenly, Peter felt her arms wrap around his form, bringing him closer to her when she tells him with a happy smile, “That’s not true! You have me from now on! I’m [Name], what’s your name?”

As if all of his sadness melted away from just being near her and seeing her smile, Peter felt his tears stop altogether before he flashed her his own tiny smile, “I-I’m Peter.”

And they had been inseparable since.

{and i want to tell you everything, the words i never got to say the first time around}

When Peter realized his true feelings for [Name] at the ripe age of 15, what prevented him from confessing to her was his own cowardice.

[Name] was just so beautiful and kind. She was raised by loving parents who taught her to be forgiving and fair, and Peter was honestly so grateful to them for the fact that this amazing girl existed. Without [Name] in his life, Peter was sure that he would turn into some cynic who hated life in general.

He would always be grateful for the unconditional love [Name] had given him, and he had every intention of telling her his feelings-

until the bite happened.

When the radioactive spider had bitten him during a class field trip, he tried to act like he was okay. That nothing would change.

But as the days past, and his body would suddenly feel feverish, he could feel something changing from within him. When he woke up the next morning to see that his body had become less scrawny and a bit more filled with some muscle, his aunt and uncle had been pleasantly surprised. Despite their initial shock, they passed it off as Peter going through puberty and thought nothing of it.

And how oh so wrong they were in the end.

Peter wouldn’t realize his power until a few days later, and it wouldn’t be until a tragedy struck that would change him into the superhero he was today.

Realizing that he could sense things before it happened, coupled along with how weirdly strong he became (along with his abilities to climb walls), Peter began to abuse his powers. He strayed far away from [Name] and his aunt and uncle, not answering any of their concerned calls or texts as he explored the city without a single hint of fear.

Wearing a makeshift mask, Peter would wander around Queens, and whenever he saw one of his bullies, he would pick a fight with them. Knowing that they couldn’t stand a chance against him, he would beat them within seconds, having them cry out as they begged for him to stop.

The rush he felt back then had been indescribable as he thought to himself, So this is what it feels like to be on top.

One late night, when he was bored with picking fights, he felt someone run into him. He looks to his front to see a shady man wearing a torn hoodie carrying a loaded bag in his hand.


With a scoff, Peter ignored the man’s cries, believing that such crimes were none of his business; that the police could handle it. He was a selfish bastard that truly didn’t have a care in the world for thinking that way.

His Uncle Ben was the first to notice the change in him, and Peter remembers the day he had lost him like it was yesterday.

He walked with Peter around Queens, telling Peter that he had somehow changed for the worst. His behavior was out of character, and he had been making his aunt and best friend worry about him.

“[Name] has come by so many times, only to feel disappointed when you’re not around. She’s been so sad lately, Peter, and she misses her best friend.”

Peter ignored the way his heart clenched at the sound of her name. When his uncle placed an arm on his shoulder, he quickly shrugged it off, “Why can’t you understand that I have changed for the better! I can finally defend myself and-”

Suddenly, gunshots were heard when his uncle quickly pulls him to the ground, “Stay down, Peter!”

“Uncle Ben, wait-” but the older man ignores him, seeing the gunman running toward him when he stops him. The criminal struggles against his uncle for a few minutes before quickly firing his gun, making the bullet lodge directly into his abdomen.

“UNCLE BEN!” Peter stands, catching sight of the guy who ran away as he recognized him as being the same man he didn’t stop that day.

I’m such a fool!

His panicked cries echo throughout the city as he screamed for help. He tried to stop the blood from blooming against Uncle Ben’s abdomen, but there was just so much of it.

A few minutes later, his uncle died while his hands were stained with his blood. Peter would never forget the deep crimson hue that painted his pale skin, serving as a constant reminder that he did this to him.

He had been the cause of his uncle’s death.

Broken and riddled with guilt, Peter didn’t go to school for days, making Aunt May even more worried about him. She told him on so many occasions that Ben’s death was not his fault, but he never believed her. Peter knew the truth; he knew what he did that day, and he had let that criminal run free.

If I had stopped him that day, then Uncle Ben would still be here today!

Consumed with his thoughts and guilty conscience, Peter felt so depressed that he couldn’t even move.

As if knowing that he was suffering, May leaves him alone for a few minutes, not saying a word when a knock was heard against the front door.

He was grateful for the distraction, needing to be left alone when someone knocked at his bedroom door.

“Peter?” He stiffens, hearing her voice as he buried himself deeper into the blankets.

He couldn’t speak, only managing to let out uneven sobs when he felt [Name] lean over him in his bed. She runs a gentle hand through his hair before placing a kiss against his damp forehead, “You have me, you’ll always have me.”

Her words were the catalyst that made Peter suddenly pull her to him, wrapping his shaky arms around her form as he buried his face within the crook of her neck. He cries against her, allowing [Name] to soothe him with her gentle touch.

I love you, but I’m a monster that doesn’t deserve you. I know I don’t deserve you, but please, don’t leave me. I need you.

{i saw that you moved on with someone new in the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you it’s so hard so hard}

Peter always knew that [Name] was the only girl he would ever love, yet what prevented him from telling her was how he was living a double life.

Using his uncle’s death as his motivation, Peter quickly became a masked hero known as Spider-Man. His alter ego had attracted the attention of many people as he quickly became the protector of Queens.

Through his battles, Peter knew that he made a number of enemies and would never bring himself to involve [Name]. His distance and (feigned) lack of romantic interest in her was what prompted the young woman to find love with someone new.

Although it broke Peter’s heart each time, he tried to convince himself that as long as she was happy, that it was okay.

That he was doing the right thing for her sake.

Yet, every time he saw her, she would give him the most melancholic expression. It was almost an expectant look, like she was waiting for Peter to do something.

But Peter was always afraid to find out what she wanted, constantly reminding himself that [Name’s] safety was of the utmost importance.

Now, years later, Peter realized that things would never break even for him when it came to [Name]. She was engaged to this guy she had been going steady with-

And their wedding was today.

Peter was invited, but he knew that he could never go because it hurt too much. Just seeing the girl of his dreams in the arms of some other man was enough to make his blood boil with an aching jealousy. He knew that if he was at the ceremony, then he would immediately object to the marriage before whisking [Name] away in his arms.

But he couldn’t take her away, regardless of how much he wanted to.

So he drowns his sorrows by swinging around the city, looking for any signs of trouble when he lands against an empty rooftop. His thoughts were interrupted when he sees a white figure in his periphery. Gazing down at the street, he feels his senses begin to tingle when a woman in a pure white dress runs out into the road.

Not even thinking twice, Peter swings downward and captures the woman in his arms, swinging away from the incoming traffic with the woman’s dress fluttering behind her. He doesn’t look at the woman until he lands against another rooftop, “Miss, are you-”

His words die against his throat, seeing [Name] herself in his arms as tears ran down her face. Her makeup was running, and she wouldn’t stop crying when she clung on to the front of his suit, “Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Peter feels his heart galloping from within his chest and quickly comforts her, “Ssssh, it’s gonna be okay. What’s wrong, honey? Why aren’t you at your wedding?”

She shakes her head, “Th-There is no wedding. My e-ex, I found him cheating on me before the ceremony, and I feel so awful. B-But maybe this is what I d-deserve.”

Peter’s heart was practically breaking now, “Baby, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve any of this, so what makes you say that?”

“B-Because all my life, I’ve only ever l-loved Peter!” He stiffens at her confession, feeling her tears soak into his suit when she cried against him, “S-Spider-Man, you have to understand. All of the guys that I have dated always knew that I didn’t completely love them! E-even my fiancé did, that’s why th-there’s no wedding.”

{you still make me nervous when you walk into the room them butterflies they come alive when i’m next to you over and over the only truth}

“Oh [Name], I’m so fucking sorry!”

He catches her questioning glance, already knowing that she was confused as to how he knew her name.

Without a hint of hesitation, Peter rips off his mask, fully revealing himself to [Name]. She gasps as a myriad of emotions ran though her eyes, but one thing rang strong within her expression-

And that was love.

“P-Peter-” he stops her from speaking with a hungry kiss, conveying all of the love he felt for her before crushing her to his chest. “I’ve loved you for forever now, since the time I had lost my parents and you had promised me that I always had you; since the day I lost my uncle and you were still with me as I made a silent promise to myself to become a hero that you could be proud of.”

[Name’s] sobs didn’t lessen, even when she smiled and jokingly punched him in his chest, “Y-You jerk! How could you keep such a secret from me?”

He flashes her an apologetic smile before hugging her again, “I’m sorry. All I wanted to do was protect you.”

“Jerk, I’ll never forgive you!“ [Name] looks away from him, sniffing a bit before slowly continuing, "But…I-If you want to make it up to me, then you have to listen carefully to what I say next.”

Peter lifts up her chin so that she was looking at him. Even with her makeup running as her eyes glistened with unshed tears, Peter swore that she was still the most beautiful girl in the world to him, “Anything, I’ll do anything. I would take a bullet for you, walk through glass and open fire for you. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll do it.”

She shakes her head and leans toward him before whispering against his lips, “You silly dork, all you have to do is spend the rest of your life with me to make up for all of the years that we haven’t been together.”

“It’s a deal.” Peter mutters passionately before sealing his promise with a deep kiss. He wraps his arms around her back, finally gathering his courage as he swore to always keep her by his side.

This time, Peter was going to love [Name] like he had been wanting to ever since he was a child.

{everything comes back to you. everything comes back to you.}


GOT7: their crush has a GOT7 ringtone

omfg I hate that it took so long for me to get to this- I wasn’t supposed to do anything today but things def happened and now I have flapper hair and am very blonde wow


Mark would be shocked when, in the middle of a conversation you two were having, a GOT7 song started blaring. He would look around the area where you were to try and find the source of the music, but when he saw you scrambling for your phone, his heart would start racing. He’d watch as you took your call with a small smile on his face and when you hung up, he’d teasingly remark on how much you obviously loved his music he’s dying inside help him


Jaebum would chuckle when he realized you had one of his songs as your ringtone, a little smirk etching across his face. When you finished your call, he’d definitely tease you about your perfect music taste. He wouldn’t let the conversation stray far from it and would constantly bring it up again just to rub it in lmfao. He’d be very smiley and happy for the rest of the day and it’d be very cute jaebum is ruining me help


Jackson would be shocked and very happy that you, his crush, had a GOT7 song as a ringtone, but if he didn’t hear his voice in the music, he’d try to make you change it to a different song little shit because obviously, he should be your favorite member. “Aren’t I your favorite member? Why would you want to listen to Yugyeom every time you got a call? You should want to listen to me.” 


I have a theory that Jinyoung is really, really reserved around the person he likes, so when he heard your GOT7 ringtone, he’d freeze. His heart would start racing because omg if you like his music do you like him too?? His eyes would shoot to you and he’d be shook for a second or two before smiling. I think this would encourage him to talk to you more, and he’d probably tease you a little. 


Youngjae is usually so shy and awkward around you that he finds it hard to talk to you, but when he realized that a GOT7 song was your ringtone, he’d try to start up a conversation about that. He’d smile a lot more and ask what your favorite GOT7 songs were and which concept was your favorite. He’d probably blurt out at one point that he felt so happy you liked his group enough to have them as a ringtone and then would blush and awh youngjae 


Oh my god. BamBam thinks he’s slick so he’d start to give an impromptu performance of the song when your phone rang, continuing even after you shut the phone off or took the call. He’d try to act really sexy to impress you but it would inevitably fail and be very dorky. He’d definitely tease you for YEARS about this, ok. I think he’d be a lot like Jackson, too, and assume he was your favorite member and recommend you change the song if you couldn’t hear his voice. 


Yugyeom would also give an impromptu performance of the song, but through dance. He’s usually really shy around you, so he feels like he doesn’t get the chance to impress you, but hey it’s a golden opportunity and he might as well take it. If you started dating later, he’d tease you, but for now he’s too shy so he just blushes and smiles and says he didn’t know you listened to his music, what’s your favorite song? Whichever song you said would instantly become his favorite song to perform and he’d be all smiles while on stage 

TS6 Theory (Time/Space/Eclipse)

Okay so I was just talking about the time and space theory for TS6 with @tylorswft and suddenly got some ideas how it could be incorperated in the album/songs.

The album could deal with the symbolism of the eclipse, the overall process of it and the two most important factors of it, the moon and the sun. Somewhere I read today that it might be a double album, one side representing the moon and one side the sun. I started thinking about this in more detail: The sun/1st disc could represent themes like brightness, daylight, positivity/positive experiences, happiness, also ‘too much brightness’ like being overwhelmed with something, etc. Then the moon/2nd disk could focus on themes such as darkness, night, negativity/negative experiences, the unability to see (confusion), anger, sadness, etc. Now the symbolism of the eclipse could connect both sides, which is why I think the lead single could deal with that symbolism. Thanks to @carlylala and @julieswildestdreams, we know that Taylor recently liked American Greetings on FB and they’ve posted a picture which says “it feels like we crossed paths at exactly the right time and place”, which, like Julie says, perfectly describes the process of the eclipse. I think these lyrics could belong to the lead single which uses the symbolism of the eclipse, thus using both the moon and sun/their connection as a theme and thereby connecting both sides of the album. The moon and sun basically are a metaphor for the two people in a relationship etc in that song and represent these other concepts I talked about before in the rest of the songs.

Then I was thinking about the positioning of the lead single.. when it connects both sides of the album, it can’t really be on either side but where should it be on then? So I thought, maybe it’s not a double album, but a ‘regular album’, and the lead single is positioned right in the middle of the tracklist. The other songs/their order could use the process of the eclipse as a theme then, as in the moon and sun coming closer together, then ‘crossing paths at the exact right time and place’ aka the eclipse (lead single), and then drifting apart again (there we also have the time theory). This could be used a metaphor for a relationship, like the songs represent the different stages of the relationship.. First half: getting to know the person, second half: dealing with the breakup, while the lead single is talking about the perfect state of the relationship etc. Or the lead single could deal not only with a relationship but maybe everything in her life falling together perfecty idk. Maybe the lead single could also be positioned at the end of the album and not in the middle so the songs get progressively happier etc? But I still think there will be some break up songs on the album so I think the middle spot might be more accurate. It could also obviously not be about the process of just one relationship but several, like the first half of the songs are more ‘happy songs’ while the other half consists of more ‘sad songs’ and the lead single talks about the relationship where everything falls perfectly together/perfect timing etc (using the symbolism of the eclipse). 

So yeah there are like several possibilities of how she could make use of these theme/theories but that’s my idea basically, sorry for the lengh of this post, I hope this all makes sense somehow and is not too confusing. :D


-FUK OFF HOLBY I’M sCaRed help pls don’t let my babe bambi die pls i love her
-N0 N0 please i don’t want bambi to die just do this one thing for me holby writers i never ask for anything im just tryna live a fruitful life you don’t need to do this to me
-i feel physical pain and im crying
-dont say it hanssen
-pls let cheekbones be okay // pls let morven be okay
why. im just tryna be happy in life and you do this. why.
but a huge congratulations to all the actors and actresses in this ep, you were g8, especially rosie & lucy ♡♡


Since I am a new l o v e that saddly didn’t get to know about NU'EST until their appearance in Produce 101, I decided to make a first tour into their music by watching all their music videos. I had only seen Overcome, Love Paint and Face while they were on the show, but now I have seen all of them and here you have my first impression:

Face (62.759.886 views)
-The BEST debut song
-Such a jam
-If you don’t look at the lyrics
-What was this concept honestly?
-Their clothes and hairstyles… why
-They look so handsome anyway
-The dance has some aggresive points like punching people and that’s weird
-But seriously, how is their debut song so good and catchy?
-Legends only

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Action (19.530.745 views)  
-What are those clothes???
-This is A JAM
-Jonghyun looks SO handsome
-There’s not much going on
-But OMG the song
-The dance break with Jonghyun in the center is a must
-Rap and vocals SO on point
-Minhyun and Minki’s final shot, they look like the couple of a futurist movie

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Not over you (2.487.848 views)
-Minki in that bike tho
-Looks like a middle school baby
-Jonghyun’s bed images I’M ALIVE
-Dongho looks so happy and smily I’m dead
-Aaron and that dog SO CUTE
-They look like thet are in that kind of married middle ages women meeting
-I’m loving this concept so much
-My fav MV and concept by far

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Sandy (2.356.641 views)
-They look SO CUTE I’m crying
-They are so warm, I love them
-The concept of them hanging out with their fans is so lovely
-Minki and that girl are now bffs
-And that makes me really happy
-Their natural beauty tho I’m in love

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Hello (13.716.673 views)
-Looks like Overcome concept?
-Jonghyun fairy ears?
-I’m loving the song omg
-THAT KISS THO I fell off my bed
-That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber
-Teenage ANGST somebody pls make a fanfic
-The tie dance tho
-I love how Minhyun has closed the window on Dongho’s face like: no bro

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Sleep talking (8.476.842 views)
-It just began but what the actual fuck
-The clothes, I wanna die
-I don’t know what is going on
-Everything is so random
-Minki’s head thing WHAT THE FUCK
-The dance’s also extra weird
-But their VISUALS WOW

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Fine girl (2.391.627 views)
-Casual trip to Thailand
-They look SO CUTE
-They look so chill and happy, whatt concept
-Dongho driving like a pro
-Playing in the pool YES enjoy it babies
-I love seeing them being themselves fksjg

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Good bye bye (8.537.262 views)
-Jonghyun’s bed shots STOP
-Was it necessart a shirtless Minki?
-Dongho’s hair NO
-I like the aesthetic tho
-Minki’s sick and puking what
-And now he has a flower in his mouth and he EATS it???
-Dancing with their hands in their pockets
-I like the dance tho
-Jonghyun’s hair colour is a no no
-Minhyun tattooing himself, it just doesn’t fit him at all
-High School Musical Jumping Shots™

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I’m Bad (1.985.055 views)
-Classy concept
-They look SO HANDSOME
-SIYEON??? 14 years old princess
-There’s nothing going on
-But the aesthetic tho

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Overcome (5.461.031 views)
-THE song
-The concept is so beautiful
-Yuha tho
-The aesthetic is so fascinating
-Minhyun’s blond hair fits him SO WELL

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Love Paint (Every afternoon) (2.638.390 views)
-Minki is a doll
-The dance is SO GOOD
-I love the colours
-Jonghyun’s part…. I’m in love

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Daybreak (Jonghyun and Minhyun) (469.462 views)
-So visually pleasing
-Movie like
-Minkyung looking pretty
-Minhyun’s vocals saved my life
-Jonghyun’s voice is the best thing that has ever happened to me
-The MV in which I would like to live
-I love every shot
-It’s perfect
-Just wanted to say that these two love each other so much
-I’m emo

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So this is my probably super biased first impression of all their MVs. As you may see I added the view counter in every video but it is only the views of 1theK channel, they also have some of their videos uploaded at their own channel. I also linked all the videos in the title of the songs so you can go ahead and watch them if you didn’t or just rewatch it again because why not, let’s burn that view counter!

Hi Taylor! Thank you so much for making me so happy these times! I can’t thank you enough and i don’t know if you’ll see this but i love you so much and i really missed you a lot. The new song slayed my life and absolutely did the music video too. Congrats for breaking the record on youtube omg i’m so shocked & proud. I wanted to do this because the mv really inspired me. The old Taylor is dead, but we will never forget her and we won’t miss her because the new one is stronger and better than ever and is slaying the world! ILYSM QUEEN

anonymous asked:

Latina MC that literally acts as if she's not in Korea. (ONLY Listens to Spanish music, ONLY dances Spanish dances, can barely talk Korean because wow so much Spanish.) (tip: Spanish music tends to be EXTREMELY Sexual. TO THE POINT OF IT BEING GROSS) So lmao I think seven would be lowkey shook at the explicit ass lyrics lmfaoooo? Idek go crazy with it. ((It's okay if you don't want to and it's okay if you get some stuff wrong.))

hey anon! this is a really cool request, thank you! ^^

also thanks for being forgiving if I get stuff wrong, I am a smol pacific islander;; 

leaving out saeran because well, i feel like saeran isn’t up to dancing..and he doesn’t mind the music, but the sexuality of it kind of makes him uncomfortable

side note: i didn’t mention it, but this is for everyone: imagine all the nicknames!


  • zen barely understands mc sometimes, since she speaks spanish most of the time
  • but he’s learning! and so is mc from helping him with his scripts 
  • basically, they kinda create their little language 
  • but on to the fun stuff
  • zen is totally hypnotized when she dances 
  • and he doesn’t know what this song is saying, but boy is he into it
  • one day he looks up the translated lyrics 
  • holy shit 
  • is suddenly very glad that mc dances at home most of the time
  • and understands why she looks at him a lot at certain parts of the song
  • dammit zen stop making me make innuendos 
  • anyways, you best believe zen wants to learn all these dances 
  • mc is more than happy to teach him
  • it’s right on time for a part that requires him to do that exact dance 
  • his director is so proud omg 


  • he’s probably the most shocked at the lyrics
  • but he has to get mc to tell him what they are
  • why couldn’t he just look them up? because he wants to hear it from mc, he’s Extra
  • when she finally gives in and tells him, he’s so surprised 
  • blushes for the rest of the day, he’s ridiculous
  • does not dance well
  • really enjoys watching mc dance, though
  • he’s better at deducing spanish
  • really only because he has a spanish dictionary on him
  • yeah, he took that class, haH
  • the kitchen always smells so good oh my godddd 
  • mc helps teach him all these latino recipes and he’s so happy
  • he’s really good at making them, too


  • is not surprised at the lyrics, is more surprised at mc’s skills
  • jaehee back at it again with an ‘i’m so gay’ moment 
  • she understands spanish and mc understands korean so they both speak to each other in their respective languages, but understand each other
  • it looks like a mess, but its not
  • mc offers to teach jaehee some of the dances!
  • and that works out well but it did backfire on mc
  • how, you ask?
  • jaehee learned the words to a song
  • and sang and danced to it for mc
  • now mc is having her “i’m so gay” moment 
  • they dance together in the middle of it
  • and it totally definitely turns into a makeout session


  • this man is multilingual 
  • language is not a problem for him
  • what is a problem, however, is all the songs mc sings and dances to
  • thank god she mostly does it at home
  • the songs do make him a bit uncomfortable at times
  • because they can get so vulgar and unprofessional to listen to in the office
  • but damn, even jumin has to tap his toes or something
  • mc can only teach him basic dances, though
  • he can’t seem to get loose enough
  • he sang a song once though and mc still hasn’t recovered
  • it haunts her
  • in a good way, pl eas e
  • like, he sounded so good
  • and the words were…so not good
  • and he knew it too, what an asshole 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • speaks in spanish with her
  • literally doesn’t even speak korean when he’s with her, just spanish
  • unless he has to translate to the rfa
  • sings along to the songs like a champ
  • and you’re right, anon, he is lowkey shook at these explicit ass lyrics
  • but it only hits him when he watches mc dance
  • then he’s like: ‘oh shit’ 
  • that’s the stuff that we sing all the time
  • but watching her dance makes it a whole different song to him
  • because now he listens to the lyrics and watches mc move to it and
  • daaamn
  • don’t get me wrong, this one can dance
  • they make a good dance duo, not gonna lie 

v / jihyun

  • also knows spanish
  • the words don’t phase him at all, he doesn’t even care
  • what does phase him, like jaehee, is the dancing
  • like jihyun could watch mc for hours
  • he wouldn’t even think of it as sexual most of the time, he would just be in awe
  • how can he move like that?
  • pro tip: he can’t
  • V has two left feet
  • mc makes it up to him by dancing a lot 
  • she has one special dance she does if she wants to get him frustrated, though
  • but that’s not the point
  • the point is, jihyun can’t dance 
  • can ya’ll just…v’s voice is so amazing in general 
  • and then imagine him talk in your native language i am..shook