this song makes me cry a l o t

Lady Gaga // “Come To Mama” // Joanne

Severely underrated. Love love L O V E this song. All these FameGa stans are missing out on the beautiful evolution of Lady Gaga as she continues to do what she loves - make art, with love. This song makes me cry by the end because it paints a beautiful image of unity and love, and it’s a message we need now.

To anyone unfamiliar with the song, it is unlike the radio hits you know. “Come To Mama” feels like one of those old rock songs about freedom and peace and love, and it’s more alternative rock than it is top 40 pop. But of course, Lady Gaga has released songs like this before - her first artistic release was in a band during college before going into the “underground NY scene” that would help her find fame. Even during her pop career has she released songs with a rock influence: “Brown Eyes” and “Summerboy” in The Fame, “Speechless” in The Fame Monster, “Electric Chapel”, “The Queen”, “Bad Kids”, “Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)”, and “Yoü and I” on Born This Way, “MANiCURE” on ARTPOP, and now some tracks on Joanne.

People miss out on every side Lady Gaga has to offer when they criticize her. They miss out on experiences and music and lyrics that could easily inspire them. She has more than talent - she had power, power to do things for the good of the world. But beyond that, she has the power to help the world remember that there’s more to what you experience. “Come to Mama” is just one example.