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I Want to See the Ocean: Part 1

Prompt request: hi!! i’m not the anon from before but i’d still like to request a peter parker fic if that’s alright. the reader is natasha’s 18 y/o sister and she’s not very humorous after all the assassin training/torture and peter makes her laugh in front of the whole team and everyone’s just silent cause whoa did she just laugh?? and it’s a fluff fest of the reader letting her walls down for once?? thank you sm!!

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Vision

Warnings: some angst

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! This is my first Peter Parker, so feedback is appreciated! Part 2 will be posted tomorrow around the same time. Let me know if you want to be tagged, and as always, thanks for reading!!

One Shot Masterlist

When you and your sister had been taken away from your family before you could even form proper sentences, you had never expected to see freedom again. When your sister had been sent away on missions and had never returned, you never expected her to come barging in with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to rescue you after all these years.

But that’s exactly what happened. Natasha Romanoff yanked you out of your life with the Red Room and took you to New York. To say you were less than thrilled was an understatement. Sure, the Red Room had some…minor flaws, but it was all you had ever known. And now, she expected you to live in some Tower with a bunch of overzealous superheroes. That went over about as well as a snowflake in hell.

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The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f) Part 2

Authors Notes: I was so happy with the feedback I got from the first part, thank you all so much!! Here’s part 2, I hope you enjoy it! It’s a bit wordy.. I really tried not to break 2K but It just kinda happened. 

Notes/Warnings: Mentions of “groupie behavior” but nothing scandalous, mentions of inner demons, some sort of fluff at the end. I think that’s it but if I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know and I’ll add it.

AU: Rock star Loki AU

Word Count: 2.3+K

The Ravens- Part one

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 He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. (Y/N). She was the only good thing that had come of this night. She may even be the best thing to come from him joining the band. He’d met plenty of women in his tours, he’d even indulged in one or two but none had ever made him feel like this.

 He wasn’t even sure he could put into words what she made him feel. Her eyes shined in even the faintest of light as they toured the manor. He inhaled the scent of her perfume when she walked past him. His heart fluttered every time her hair brushed over the half hidden tattoo on her back.

 She was mesmerizing. She had an air about her that he absolutely loved. And, she was smart. That much was clear to him, even from the little conversation they had, he knew she was more than just another fan.

 The tour moved through the manor and down towards the massive wine cellar. Most of the other fans were fiercely impressed but (Y/N)’s attention seemed to be fading. Instead of finding the expensive wine intriguing, her eyes found the stonework of the walls and the elaborate carvings in the wood beams above their heads.

 “You’re not impressed.” Loki observed with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked down at her briefly as he walked beside her.

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This moment. It was just too perfect to be real. Something about it was so cinematic, that it seemed too good to be true. from the way the city lights were reflecting in her gentle eyes and how her hand fit so perfectly in mine to how the world seemed to quiet down just this one night, just for us. If this was a movie, it would end here. The ending credits would roll onto the screen and the song that had been playing previously would get to it’s highest peak. I didn’t know how we got here. How, in the midst of all the chaos of our lives, we ended up right back on the rooftop, right back to where we started. We’d come full circle. Maybe that meant this was the end, or maybe it was a new beginning. Or maybe this was just life’s way of saying sorry. Sorry for all the shit that has happened, sorry for all the shit that is happening, sorry for all the shit that will happen. But here, take this moment, and hold on to it for as long as you can. Make this night everything that you need, say what you have to say, feel what you need to feel, and then, carry on. Maybe this was life’s way of saying that things won’t get better, that life will always be a confusing, painful mess. But you’ll always have this moment. The so called love of your life that is so irresistibly beautiful in this moment might not be your future, the city lights and empty bottles and watching the sunset on the world might not be your future. But it will be your past. And so it will always be part of you. And no pain, no person, can ever take that away.
—  Ending Credits // An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #17
Prompt (By anon): Misty gets a phone and accidentally texts Cordelia about her feelings.

A/N: I screamed when I saw this prompt, whoever sent me that please know you’re amazing.

“Misty, you have to save the number, not only type it!” Zoe laughed as she helped the Cajun; They were both seated on Zoe’s bed.

The girls thought it might me a good idea to give Misty a phone, since she used to spend hours at the Swamps just walking or thinking about everything and, sometimes, she’d take too long and the girls, specially Cordelia, who was her mentor, would stay really worried, so a phone seemed like the perfect thing. The only problem was Misty had no idea of how to use it or even how it worked; She didn’t care much about technology like the other girls, she had her radio and her Stevie Nicks’ songs, and for her that was more than enough.

“Damn Zoe, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it” Misty laughed

“You will, don’t worry!”

Zoe taught her the basic things; She saved all the girls numbers, including Cordelia’s, and showed her how to start a conversation, send messages and make calls.

It was getting late, so them all went to bed. Misty wasn’t sleepy that day, in fact she’d slept until late so she was full of energy; She kept hours rolling in her bed, lots of thoughts started coming to her mind, including the ones she denied everyday but had no power to deny when she was all alone with herself; She didn’t know what she felt towards her mentor; Misty had caught herself thinking about the older witch a lot of times, or staring at her not being able to even blink while at classes, or even feeling her stomach burn when she had to ask her some things on private at her office. Misty groaned as the thoughts started going deeper to a part where she didn’t even allowed herself to think of; The part of her where she secretly wanted and needed to kiss the mentor; A part where she knew exactly what she was feeling, and it scared her.

Misty groaned as she turned right, tapping her bedside table to find her phone;

“Ouch” Misty whispered as the bright light reached her face, making her shut her eyes strongly.

The Cajun had no idea of what to do, so she went straight to the messages and did exactly what Zoe had taught her: Tried to start a conversation. It was late at night so probably no one would answer, but what did she have to lose?

Misty’s eyes were a bit teary from the light and the image of the phone screen wasn’t completely clear yet, but she managed to click at Zoe’s number and type a simple “Hey?”. At least she thought she had.

Cordelia woke up to a little “bip” coming from her bedside table with a bright light. The older witch rubbed her eyes and took the phone, wondering who would have sent her a message at the middle of the night; She smiled when she saw Misty’s name.

“Hey! Is everything okay?”

“Yep, I just can’t sleep and thought it’d be a good idea to practice my skills on that thing hahaha if there was anyone up, of course”

Cordelia let out a laugh; Misty’s sincere way had always made her heart melt, it was a kind of purity she’d never seen on anyone before; Suddenly, the older woman wasn’t sleepy anymore and was willing to talk to the Cajun.

“Hahaha that’s a good idea actually, and I think you’re doing pretty fine!”

Misty was surprised at how fast she had learned to type on that little thing; And she was speechless at how the phone would change her mistaken letters for the right ones.

“Thanks! It might be useful after all, specially at times like this”

“I’m glad you liked it! Now I can call you before I have a heart attack cause you’ve been taking too long at the Swamps”

Misty laughed when she got the message; It was amazing how Zoe, as she thought it was, had always been so caring to her; She was the only girl Misty felt like sharing her thoughts and even her secrets and, since the first day she’d arrived there, she could instantly feel Zoe’s good energy.

“Hahaha thank you for caring! Speaking of it… Can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course I’d care about you! Sure, anything”

Misty didn’t know if she should or shouldn’t tell Zoe what was happening on her mind; But that specific night her thoughts had gone to a much deeper place where she felt like she couldn’t handle all the doubts alone, and knowing Zoe as the Cajun did, she knew she could always count on her.

“I’ve been having these feelings for some time now… and they scare me a lot”

Cordelia felt her stomach fill with little butterflies; What feelings did the Cajun mean? Inside her there was a small piece of hope for it to be the same she felt towards Misty;

“What feelings, darling? You know you can always count on me for anything, I’m your friend after all”

“I know, and I really appreciate it… it’s just that they confuse me a lot ‘cause I know it’s something impossible to happen”

“What do you mean?”

“Zoe… I think I’m in love with Delia” Misty took a long breath after sending the message, reading and re-reading it at the bright screen

When Cordelia read what she had just received her heart skipped a beat; Gosh, the woman she had been in love for months felt the same towards her; At the older woman’s mind it had always been something impossible, but now these news made her head go completely blank.

With shaky hands and a heavy breath, Cordelia managed to type an answer;

“Misty… that’s not Zoe’s number”

Misty felt her jaw drop when she saw the words; She started searching desperately for a name to see who she was talking to; The younger witch felt her whole body shiver when she saw “Delia” at the screen. Everything she could manage to do was search for her lamp and turn it on, feeling her tears coming down her face.

“Misty” A heavy breathed Cordelia opened the door, staring at the blonde

“Miss Cordelia” Misty sobbed “I’m so so-sorry”

Cordelia approached the bed and softly climbed closer to the younger witch; She started getting closer until she had her hands at the Cajun’s face, calmly sweeping away her tears.

“Hey… I’m in love with you too, since the first time I saw that beautiful, sweet girl entering the front door”

Misty opened a big smile and pressed her lips together with the Cordelia’s; It was a soft, gentle kiss full of passion. The Cajun calmly pulled apart, never topping stroking the older witch’s hair;

“I’m so glad I got that thing” Misty said with a grin; Cordelia giggled and pressed her lips at the Cajun’s again, not wanting to pull apart ever again.

Hi there!! Here I am again with a new fic. This one is shorter and not really good but I have so many feelings after yesterday’s clip and it’s been a long time since I’ve written some Yousana ‘cause as you know I’ve been in bed the past few days. But I just can’t deal with these feelings without writing them

So basically, this is what I think could’ve happened, or what I wanted to happen if Sana and Yousef hadn’t been interrupted by Mama Bakkoush yesterday. 

I really hope you like it and I’m sorry for the mistakes and the vague descriptions.


“What was I going to say?” Yousef said with a shy smiled.

He had actually forgotten what he wanted to say. He had this huge speech prepared, he had thought about it on their way home but now, looking at Sana’s eyes and the way she smiled at him he couldn’t think clear.

“Are you still going to ignore me after today?” he asked more seriously.

Sana’s smile faded, she had had a lot of fun that afternoon and she had felt really comfortable talking with him about the big stuff. Still, she wasn’t sure things would work out between then.

“Yousef…” she whispered looking at the floor

“Sana…” he imitated her lowering his head trying to find his way back to her eyes.

“You know I like you, right? I mean it’s pretty obvious I do.” He said looking into her eyes.

Sana widened her eyes. No, it was not obvious, not at all, not for her at least. She had been so insecure about him liking her back.

“Okay…for the way you’re looking at me I guess it was not that obvious?” he laughed nervously while brushing his hair off his eyes.”Do you really not see it? I’m always trying to find a chance to talk to you even about the most random things. I sent you lame memes to make you laugh, I gave you a lesson about peeling carrots just to get your attention. How could you not notice?”

He bit his lip trying to contain his laugh while he blushed in embarrassment.

“You memes weren’t that lame…just a little bit” she smiled showing the dimples Yousef loved so much.

He smiled at her too and once again he forgot what he was going to say. He tried to focus before continuing.

“So, now that you know for a fact that I like you…can we go back to when you weren’t ignoring me?” he took a step forward but then he thought about it and took the step backwards again. “Unless…unless you don’t like me that way…of course”

Now he was the one looking at the floor. This was it, the moment he had feared the most, the moment when Sana could take away the hope he had left. If she said she didn’t like him then he would back off and leave her alone.

“Really? You think I don’t like you? Yousef,  I smile at you every time I see you and in case you haven’t noticed I don’t do smiling.”

“What do you mean you don’t do smiling? You’re always smiling when I see you”

“My point exactly.” She said rolling her eyes

“So…”once again he took a step forward. “You like me?”

“Yes I do…but…”

“But…I’m not muslim” he said going backwards again.

He put his hands in his pocket and waited for her to talk.

“I just don’t know how this could work” she said with a quiet voice.

“The way it worked  today. I’ll listen to you and I’ll respect your opinions and you’ll listen to me. And we both can learn from each other to be better. We connect Sana, you know we do. I know you’re scared but so am I. And I know there’s no guarantee that you and me won’t fail. But I’m dying to try”

“Are you quoting a song to me now?” she said raising her eyebrow

“Maybe…” he bit his lip and put a hand on the back of his neck. He took the dreaded step forward once again “But the point is, that we don’t know what’s going to happen, we don’t know if it’ll work or if it won’t  but we have to try at least. Please, give us a chance. Let’s just keep talking and seeing each other, as friends if that’s what you’re comfortable with. And let’s see how this goes. No pressure, just you and me, trying. And I promise that I’ll respect your limits and I promise that if you say you want to stop trying and forget about everything we’ll do that, I’ll respect your decision. But please, can you give us one chance?”

She looked at him and thought about what he was proposing. Talking, as friends, seeing each other, see where this thing between them could go. She trusted him, she knew that he wouldn’t hurt her, not on purpose and that if she wanted to stop he would respect her. The truth was, she was dying to try too, there was no one she felt more comfortable wiht than Yousef. She inhale deeply and took a step forward.

“Okay, let’s try this”


I know I know it’s not really good but I just needed to write something. I’m sorry if the thing with the steps seemed weird I just used it as a symbol and as you see I suck at symbolism. 

Oh also, the song bit, is about this song I’ve been obsessing over lately because it fits Yousana so freaking perfect. Here’s the link in case any of you want to listen to it.

As always thank you so much to those who take the time to read this. I love you all so much!!

Distance- An Adrienette Fanfic

Disclaimer:  This song is Distance by Christina Perri.  You should totally listen to it before/after you read this, if you want the whole picture.  

BACKGROUND: This song is in an AU where Marinette and Adrien are a part of a glee club/acapella singing group.  

She was nervous.  He was nervous too, but she couldn’t stop moving.  Adrien was used to going on stage—he was a model.  Butterflies always came, but you just got used to them.  Marinette, on the other hand, seemed like she’d create a rut in the ground from all her pacing.  

It was strange, he thought.  When she was on stage, something suddenly clicked.  Somehow she morphed into someone different—something almost perfect.  He found her nerves both adorable, and confusing at the same time.  

“Why are you nervous?” he finally asked her, reaching out to touch her elbow.  She stiffened at his touch and he pulled away instantly.  “—Sorry, I—“

“No no, it’s fine!” she smiled a little too widely.  “I’m the one who should be sorry,” she rushed out while laughing awkwardly, “I’m just so nervous.”

Adrien smiled softly, “That’s what I’m saying; you shouldn’t be nervous, you’re great.”

She scoffed, “At being clumsy and awkward, you mean.”

“No, at lighting up the—“ whatever he was about to say was interrupted by a voice coming from center stage.  It sounded muffled from behind the curtain.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the greatest show of your lives!” The voice said enthusiastically.

Marinette turned away from Adrien, offering a shy smile before she started walking away to her position.  “Good luck,” she murmured.

“I’ll take it,” he said to her, “Because you won’t need it.”

If she heard him, she didn’t act like it.

The curtain raised, and the music started.  The stage was pitch black, but he could practically see Marinette from across the stage.  There were people behind them—the rest of the group.  But this was their solo.  He could only see her.  A smile suddenly filled his face in anticipation to see his perfect lady in action on stage again.  He was being honest before.  She had absolutely no reason to be nervous.  The stage practically formed to her.

The light suddenly turned on, hitting Marinette.  He closed his eyes, listening to her voice.  Both soft, but incredibly strong and smooth.

“The sun is filling up the room,
I can hear you dreaming.
Do you feel the way I do
Right now?”

She turned and began walking further up stage, taking her time with each step.  There was a circular rotating platform in the middle of the stage—Adrien was standing on the far right edge of it.  Within a few seconds it’ll start spinning and I’ll start to sing, he thought.  She made her way to the center of the rotating platform where it didn’t spin that was marked with a small white “x”.

“I wish we would just give up,
‘Cause the best part is falling.
Call it anything but love
And I will…

“Make sure,”

The lights widened to reveal Adrien as he stretched a single arm towards her, but didn’t move closer.  The plat form began to move but she stayed still while he circled around her.  He didn’t mind this part.  It made him dizzy at first, but maybe that was just from looking at her.  

“To keep my distance,
Say I love you when you’re not listening
And how long can we keep this up?”

After he circled around her once he stepped towards her, grabbing her waist gently and swinging her slowly from side to side.  She pushed him away on the third swing as the second verse started and she sang.

“Please don’t stand so close to me,
I’m having trouble breathing.
I’m afraid of what you’ll see,”

She stepped away, turning her face away from him.  He let his arms fall as they both sang, “Right now.”  

“I give you everything I am,” she sang.

“All my broken heartbeats,” he joined with her again, walking against the platform so he’d stay in one place—like on a treadmill—as she continued to slowly spin towards him.  He glanced at the audience and found them transfixed on her.  He couldn’t blame them.

“Until I know you’ll understand,
And I will make sure,
To keep my distance.”  Just as she reached each him, Marinette slid past and he watched her go.  They caught a glimpse of each other and a strangely real moment passed between them.  But he must’ve imagined it.

“Say I love you when you’re not listening.
And how long can we keep this up?”

As the music picked up to lead into the bridge, they both stepped off the platform, standing on the stagnant stage as the light separated and focused on them each separately.  

“And I keep waiting,” he turned towards her as she turned towards him.

“For you to take me,” he stepped close, she stepped closer.

“You keep waiting
To save what we have,
So I’ll—“ they simultaneously stepped onto the spinning platform again.

“Make sure,” the music died, and it was suddenly just her sining.

“To keep my distance.
Say I love you when you’re not listening.”

He took a step towards her as she stepped towards him, getting closer to each other as they spun slowly and he joined her singing.

“How long can we keep this up?” they sang, the music building back up again as they both rushed towards each other, meeting in the center of the platform before the chorus repeated and everyone in the background would join in.

“Make sure to keep my distance
Say I love you when you’re not listening.
How long can ’till we call this love?”

They ended as they leaned their faces closer, their noses touching just as the lights turned off.  He wanted to kiss her.  He did.  But he knew he couldn’t—and not just because of their audience.

As he stepped back to get ready for the next song where Nino and Alya took the lead, he heard Marinette softly whisper “Good job,” as she disappeared onto the other side of the stage.  “You too,” he replied, but he was positive she wouldn’t hear.  

So, because I’m obsessing over SKAM right now and the hiatus is killing me, let me go all literary student on you and analyse the season 4 trailer (which I’ve wanted to do since I saw it for the first time because it’s such an amazing trailer). 

This is gonna be long and it will contain spoilers for season 4, so I’ll put it all under the cut.

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Things this show teaches us about

Like when I first time heard the musics during the performances, I right away hated most of them, because they were too much pop or too emotional or just too much.

 And the weird thing is that I’m now listening ALL the songs and I don’t seem to hate them at all. Like holy fuck what happened, I dunno, is it the Yuri On Ice magic or what?

But the thing what happened probably, was that, as we all during the show, we learn to love the characters, even when they were not perfect. 

Since from the beginning, we see from Yuuri’s perspective how people are and what he dislikes and likes of them.

We see Minami first in episode 5 as a overly excited young skater who doesn’t see that he should take things more serious and that he just fanboys over Yuuri a lot.

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His music is made for him suiting, very fast and funky, jazzy. It’s like those musics where’s just all having good time and nothing to worry about.

And Yuuri belittle him, because he knows that he’s not ‘so low’ on the level of skating and he even thinks that he’s better than other skaters there and acts like it would be embarrassing for him to even take part of the whole thing. He doesn’t understand either why would Minami idolize him since his past was ‘dark’. Yuuri wants to forget his old self.

But then Yuuri learns from Viktor that no matter what level he believes himself to be, he should respect other skaters and wish them luck. Yuuri accepts that his past mistakes and flaws are not something to forget or shame.

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And so, Yuuri tries his best and cheers Minami before his performance and so Minami skates even better.

Yuuri learns from Viktor’s pushing never underestimate his competitors by how they look and act. 

And this shows again in the next episode 6, we see the competitors before their performances and of course we assume from that, making our schemes, that character will fall and that character will stay, as Yuuri did.

We assume that Guang-Hong Ji is adorable cinnamon roll who doesn’t have inspiration or any story behind his skating, that his coach only wants him to become China’s new future. 

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But then in episode 7 we see that Guang-Hong is not at all what we thought.

He has a story, a strong one, behind his skating. From cinnamon roll he turns to a fighting detective, who also, in his own story, saves Leo De La Iglesia. 

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Then we see Georgi Popovich, he seems very strong skater, he skates everything perfectly and has long thought story behind his skating. 

(I couldn’t resist to use this gif /’I’m evil witch’/ made me choke to my tea almost).

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But as we remember, his story, shattered in pieces once his ex, Anya, left him crying there alone on the ice. 

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As Yuuri, we did the same schemes, assuming the competitors to be like without actually knowing them. Even though Kubo-Sensei had said that Yuuri is a narrator who doesn’t believe in himself and often makes his schemes out of how he sees people. 

Then we meet Leo De La Iglesia, his performance is very balanced. He seems like having a lack of confidence as he felt like not having courage enough while others envy his ‘confidence’ and he showed sighs of nervousness before his performance.

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But when we see him again on ice in episode 7, he has found more confidence and shows his real roar for once.

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The most funniest assumption we’ve done probably was of Christophe Giacometti. We thought him to be a sweet guy, even though he grip Yuuri’s butt. After that many of us saw him as an attention ‘fuckboy’, that he only wanted to show off. 

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Then we saw his performance which was indeed showing ‘mature’ eros.

But then, later on, we see that even though all the ‘I’m god of sexiness’ bullshit is went through, he shows also that, he’s a sweet guy who owns a cat and has (probably) his boyfriend with him. 

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Bonus though;

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Anyway, the point of this whole long post is that, we assumed a hella lot. 

We assumed the characters life, personality, feelings and thoughts just by how Yuuri did. We didn’t second guess before was shown that we’re wrong.

That was the idea of Kubo-Sensei. To show that you may be wrong of a person if you don’t know them.

She wanted to teach us acceptance and that you can learn to love something if you understand it better.

Like how I learn to love all the songs, is because I understood the characters better as the story goes on.

The show’s idea is to show how all the characters have differing thoughts and that the public image they show may not always be the same they of themselves have. That we should wish the best for others and not always just go around ourselves, that we sometimes must do sacrifices even when others wouldn’t see them.

It wasn’t easy for me to write this 1 year ago; but I share it with you because it’s a message so lost from our discourse and understanding…and yet so needed:
In an age of selfies and photoshopped Facebooks, it’s hard to resist the impending need to display our false perfection. Pop culture teaches us to dance and sing along to songs that obnoxiously repeat “because I’m happy!” It seems that somewhere along the line we bought into the myth of perpetual worldly happiness and perfection. So we put on our happy masks and photoshop our Facebook. But it’s all just a farce. Why can’t we admit that we *aren’t* perfect? Why can’t we admit that our lives aren’t perfect? That our relationships aren’t perfect? Why can’t we admit that we struggle too? That we are human, living a human existence in a painfully imperfect world? If there’s anything that this Ramadan did for our ummah around the world, it is this: it has torn away at the veils over our eyes, showing us the Reality of Dunya. So maybe we can stop pretending. It’s okay to be broken. If all the horrors and tragedies of this world don’t break us…maybe our hearts are already dead.
Maybe it’s time to finally put away the false, edited photos, and statuses. Maybe it’s time to set aside our masks and just be real. This world isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect. Our lives aren’t perfect. And that’s okay. If all of these things were perfect, how would we know our need for God? How would we see it?
How would we know our utter, desperate need?
But you see, that’s just it. It is only through that need, that we are given. It is only through breaking, that we can be made whole. Tears can be like medicine.
And tears to God–the only cure.
Salvation doesn’t come through feigning perfection or false strength. Salvation comes through breaking, through humility, through admitting defeat, and utter need, to the only One who can save you.
To God. And God alone.
Look at the stories of the Prophets and how they were each saved. Look at the duaa of Nuh (AS) and Yunus (AS) and Ayoub (AS). They didn’t pretend. They didn’t feign strength and ability and perfection. They humbled themselves completely and admit that they had no strength or ability, because they knew that truly, truly, all strength and ability comes only from Allah.
Allah kareem. Wa Allahu akbar.
—  Yasmin Mogahed