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I don’t know if this has been shared on tumblr or not, but Mother Mother did a song for a Kraft cheese commercial called “Bright Idea”.  It’s distinctly more peppy–almost even hokey–compared to most of their stuff, and when I first heard it, I felt like I stumbled on some dark secret.  Mother Mother’s Kraft cheese song.  Of course the real dark secret is that I absolutely fucking love it, and it’s the song I set for my alarm every morning ‘cause it puts me in a good mood.  

It’s edited super weird for the commercial, and it’s difficult to find a high quality version of the track online for free… you can definitely buy it though!  There’s a low quality one floating around on youtube too!

Just thought I’d share that!

I Hate You, Jughead Jones

Anon Prompt: “Could you do a fic where Jughead cheats on the reader and does everything to fix it? (Super angsty please)

A/N: You know what I’m about >;)  

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, depictions of sex, underage sex and drinking, angst.
Words: 2.4k

I hold my drink close to me, laughing as Reggie leans in closer to me; telling me a stupid story.

Putting my hand on his chest, I tell him to stop.

“Reggie, you’re too funny. Stop!” I’m out of breath from how much he’s making me laugh. I was worried about attending his house part, sceptical of the football boys and other people who were invited but I’m having a really good time.

“Y/N, did I ever tell you about the time I thought I was running across a field but it turned out to be a bog?” He asks, grinning at me.

I’m already cackling at the thought of Reggie falling through the water of a bog, I wipe a stray tear away from my eye and try and regain my breath. I notice Jughead standing by the music station with the others. I smile at him but he doesn’t return it, I excuse myself from Reggie’s presence and head in Jug’s direction, when I reach him, I lean up and give him a kiss on the cheek. Veronica, Archie and Betty say hello to me, excusing themselves leaving Jughead and I alone together.

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Songbird (Avengers x Reader, slight Steve Rogers x Reader)

Request: Okay. I write stuff too but I dont post them and I’m having trouble to do this; “H-how long have you been standing there?” (Reader sings and dances with headphones in bc he/she thought they were alone, until they turn around to find the team standing there and witnessing their glorious moment of singing to a wooden spoon at the top of their lungs). This scenario has been stuck in my head for a month and someone needs to do it 🙈🙏🏻 good luck! I hope to read it 😘😘

Requested By: @thatgirlsar

Word Count: 1,438

Warnings: Um, none? I mean unless you count embarrassing situations…

A/N: Hi!!! So sorry I haven’t posted in forever, and so sorry that it took me so long to do this request! I absolutely loved writing this and it was so much fun for me! I included a bit of Steve x Reader even though the request didn’t ask for it. I don’t know, I thought it just helped everything flow better. Also I threw in a bit of Kelly Clarkson in there because I was once obsessed with her and her music never fails to put me in a good mood. Requests are closed right now but if you would like to be added to my tag list, just send in an ask saying that you want to be added and you will be added! Well, anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and FYI: (Y/F/S) means ‘your favorite song.’

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Ah, what a beautiful day…

You thought as you woke up that morning as the warm morning sunshine warmed you up, leaving you feeling absolutely blissful in your mound of blankets. Today was your one day off in what seemed like forever. Practically being the Avengers’ babysitter- ahem, manager- took a lot out of you each and every day.

You have been in this position for what has seemed like a millennia, but in reality it has only been two years. While those two years were amazing, they were also very frustrating as you constantly babysat- managed- the whole team. From picking up a drunk Tony from a club to even going on a morning jog with Steve so he isn’t alone; your job covered pretty much every aspect of their lives. 

You woke up in the morning and made each and every one of them breakfast while Nat kept busy by practically interrogating you as she tried to set you up with someone. Later on in the day, you made sure each of them went to training and ate healthy. At night, you would help them figure out their mission assignments and even hold some as they went to sleep in fear of nightmares. 

Yes, your job was pretty much a glorified nanny, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Except today, you tell yourself as you sit up in bed. Today is my day.

Sighing out as you stretch, you can feel your muscles relaxing. Swinging your legs over the side of your bed, you begin to walk around your room in search of some comfy clothes. Finding the perfect pair of yoga pants, you slip them on as you grab an old band t-shirt. Figuring it will be cold, you grab Steve’s hoodie that you stole a couple of days ago. Pulling the warm material over your head, you revel in its scent and the way it engulfs your body. 

Its going to be a good day, you tell yourself as you grab your phone and headphones. Plugging the earbuds in and turning on a song, you happily make your way to the kitchen as you hum along to the tune. 

Smiling as you enter the kitchen, you find that it is completely empty. This just adds to the beginning of your perfect day as you realize that you can make breakfast all for yourself. As the song ends and a new one begins, you begin to pull out all of the ingredients needed for your signature pancakes. Deciding to treat yourself a bit, your grab some fruit from the fridge as well planning to make yourself a smoothie as the pancakes cook.

Soon the familiar beat of (Y/F/S) fills your ears as you begin to mix in the ingredients. Smiling to yourself, you can feel the giddiness rise within you as the song plays out.

Casting a careful glance over your shoulder, a small smile appears on your lips as you find yourself alone. Taking this as your chance, you soon begin to dance around the room, sliding on the wood floor in your fuzzy socks as you ladle batter onto the griddle. 

The aroma of the pancakes cooking makes your giddiness-levels rise as you soon find yourself singing into the wooden spoon in your hand.

It is a good day.

The Avengers, one floor below your amazing rendition, sat clumped around some measly bowls of cereal. 

“I miss (Y/N)’s cooking…” Tony grumbled out as he moved his spoon around in his soggy cereal. 

“Yes, Lady (Y/N)’s food is amazing…” Thor reminisces as he takes a feeble bite out of his Pop-Tart. While he does love his Pop-Tarts, it is no match for your cooking.

Sighing, Steve looked over his dismal team. “Yes, I miss it too. But its her day off, she deserves it more than anyone.”

“While I agree that to be wholeheartedly true,” Sam begins as he took a bite out of his bagel. “I do miss her cooking.”

“Ach. Do all you boys just think about your stomach?” Nat questions as she looks over the group. “(Y/N) deserves a day off.”

“She does,” Wanda nods along as she agrees with Nat. The group soon fell quiet as they continued to eat their less-than sublime breakfast. 

“Hey, do you guys smell that?” Clint asks, breaking the silence. The group paused as they sniffed the air, trying to distinguish what this new heavenly smell was. 

“Yeah, smells like-” Bruce starts, but is soon cut off.

“(Y/N)’s pancakes,” Bucky finishes. Slowly, every pair of eyes drifted upwards to where the heavenly smell was coming from. The silence was abruptly ended by a monstrous stomach growling. The group, shocked, looked over to where Wanda was as she sheepishly held her ravenous stomach.

“You don’t think (Y/N) would mind if we just went up and had, like, one pancake, right?” Steve shyly asked as he looked up at the ceiling. 

“I don’t think she would mind a bit,” Tony added.

“Nope, not one bit,” Sam finished as he held his own growling stomach. 

Silence followed as the group paused and looked at each other, wondering if they were really going to do this. As a collective unit, the entire team got to their feet as they hurriedly shuffled to the elevator which would soon bring them to your wonderful cooking.

Unaware of the elevator doors opening, you continued your dramatic rendition of ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ by Kelly Clarkson as if the love of your life was right in front of you.

Totally into the song, you hopped up onto the island counter as you continued to belt out the lyrics.

The team, completely shocked, stood there watching you. Their eyes followed your every move as you danced on that counter as if your life depended on it. They listened to you belt out the lyrics as if you were performing to thousands. 

Soon, you would be as Tony grabbed his phone and pressed record. Nat, seeing the devious smile on his face, widened her eyes.

“TONY!” She shouted as she snatched the phone out of his hands. Unaware of what she just did, she continued to yell at Tony. The rest of the team stared at her with shock- and with fear- as you had just found out that you had an audience.

Eyes wide full of fear and embarrassment, you looked down at the team assembled before you, still holding the wooden spoon in your hand.

“H-how long have you been standing there?” You weakly mutter out, frozen to your spot on the counter. 

“Since the beginning of the song…” Wanda mumbled out. Eyes growing even bigger, you begin to feel a rush of heat travel through your body in embarrassment. 

Sensing the tense and awkward situation, Steve, your knight in shining armor, stepped in. 

“Hey, um, lets all just go to the diner down the street for breakfast, okay?” Mumbles of agreement soon filled the room as the team left one-by-one to grab their jackets to trek out into the freezing weather. 

Still shocked, you stayed frozen in your spot until Steve walked up to you.

“C’mon, go grab your coat,” He said as he helped you down from the counter. 

Confused, you look at him. “But I made breakfast here-”

“I think your breakfast got a little burnt,” Steve says as he motions towards the black rock of batter that was once your delicious fluffy pancake. Sighing sadly, you turn off the stove top as you walked back to your room to grab your coat with Steve.

“Thanks for helping me out of that awkward situation,” You mumbled out, still mortified at what happened.

“No problem,” Steve says as he helped you into your coat. “I know how embarrassing it can be to perform to an unexpected crowd. Trust me.”

Laughing at his recollection of the glory-days filled with tights, you nodded your head. “Still, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Steve responds with a smile. Walking down to the van filled with the Avengers, you feel your and Steve’s arms touch slightly. “Besides, I loved your impersonation of Kelly Clarkson.”

Stopping dead in your tracks, you looked in awe at Steve. “You know Kelly Clarkson?”

Rolling his eyes playfully at your comment, he nods. “Well, yeah. I’m 96, I’m not dead.”

Laughing at his reply, you grab onto his arm. “C’mon, Gramps. Its my only day off and I’d love to eat something that isn’t burnt with my best friends.”

Shrugging off the nickname, Steve opens the van door to find the team once again bickering. “You got it, Songbird.”

Picture from the Bob Dylan concert last night at the Rockhal in Luxembourg.

The concert was simply amazing. I was there early so that I got a really nice place in the 5 - 6 row, a bit to the left side so that I could see Bob behind the piano and also when he was standing in the middle of the stage.

The music and Bobs singing was amazing. It was my third concert and every concert so far was completely different. The arrangements had a kind of western feeling this time. I also love the version he played of Don’t think twice. I hope I can find a recording of it on youtube or somewhere else.

Bob was also really adorable. (Although that might just be me, because I love the man). I think he was in a good mood because he made a lot of jokes between songs especially with Donnie. Donnie was grinning everytime Bob said something to him between songs.

He also danced around behind the piano and when he was standing in the middle of the stage. I especially like his little move where he puts his hand on his hip and moves his hip to right side (if you have seen it before, you know what I mean). I did that a lot, especially later in the show.

Some of his moves made Tony smile which always brightens everything. A day can’t get better when you see Tony Garnier smiling while Bob Dylan is dancing around in front of him.

There was also some adorable hair fluffing.

And I swear Bob only plays Spirit on the water to hear people boo when he sings the line “You think I’m over the hill, You think I’m past my prime”. And there were a lot of boos. But I defenitely had a whoppin’ good time.

To the lines “You know I’ll love you, Till the moon’s upside down” in Why try to change me now, I can also just say: I love you too, Bob.

Thanks for the tag, @mewiyev​ and @slutty-narwhals​! <3

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: N/A for the foreseeable future, I’d like to be a bit happier with myself before I expect anybody else to put up with me. >>

Favourite colour: Purple! Blue and pink are also good, I just like that end of the spectrum in general.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither, though I should really get some chapstick my lips are super dry right now. :’D

Last song I listened to: Friday I’m in Love, covered by Janet Devlin. Been repeating it all day for that sunny mood. <3

Last movie I watched: Moonlight, had to get on that post-awards hype train. (It was really good!)

Top three TV shows:
1. Voltron: Legendary Defender
2. Black Mirror
3. Hunter x Hunter (I have not watched an episode of this for a year but I guess it’s the only other thing I have quasi-ongoing and to be fair it’s really good I’m just unbelievably lazy about consuming media)

Top 3 Characters:
1. Yagami Taichi from Digimon Adventure (the OG fave, now and forever)
2. Nico Robin from One Piece (10/10 would die for her)
3. Apollo Justice from Ace Attorney (my brave little toaster)

Top 3 Ships:
1. Gajeel x Levy from Fairy Tail (the only reason I still care about this manga tbh)
2. Keith x Lance from Voltron (too good too pure)
3. Phoenix x Edgeworth from Ace Attorney (saddled with unnecessary feelings)

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How are you? 💕 Got anything exciting coming up that you're looking forward to? Read a good book, seen a good movie, or heard a good song recently? Ilu ):

hellu ryanne !! idk i’m going to see bastille in 2 weeks time so i’m p hyped about that but other than that u know not much,, ily2 :(

sleepover saturday !

Christmas Present Time!

I’m sooooo sorry this is late @niffty24, but it’s done! I hope you enjoy this. Also thanks to @gloriousginger thank you for taking the time to edit this. 

“Oh I call dibs on the ice planet!” Lance raised his hand high above his head. Stretching it like a child in a classroom.

“Why do you want the ice planet? I thought you hated the cold?” Pidge raise a brow at him wondering if this was the right Lance in front of her.

“I enjoy the cold with the right thermal wear,”

“Well your paladin armor should keep you warm and toasty,” Coran placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“ In that case I’m sold one ice planet for Lance please!” Lance threw his arm in the air in victory.

“Alright, then I will go with you. Hunk and Keith you guys have the desert planet,” Shiro turned to Allura awaiting approval.

Allura nodded her head, “ That’s alright with me. First Gather data and Pidge and I will organize it. Once we have it together you can go Planet side and see what we find,”

“Alright sounds like a plan, Paladins let’s move out,” Shiro placed his helmet under his arm and walked to his lion chamber.


Lance couldn’t stop the small grin that appeared under his visor as his view screen showed the snowy mountains. He felt a twinge of homesickness, looking at the blanket of bluish white.

He couldn’t help, but start to hum a familiar tune while following the black lion.

“… Lance are you humming It’s beginning to look a lot Like Christmas?” Shiro asked over the comm. a smile in his voice.

“… Maybe. Ok yes I am. It’s just the snow makes me really miss home and it’s probably Christmas back home by now,” Lance sighed watching the data being sent back to the castle.

“I know. I kind of miss it too… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go,” Lance couldn’t help but smile as he heard Shiro sing one of his favorite songs.

Lance loved hearing Shiro sing, he didn’t do it much but when he did it always put him in a good mood. With out skipping a beat Lance joined in he laughed into the lyrics, his light voice filled with love and happiness.

“Ok you Christmas carolers. Allura and I got enough data about the planet. What’s our next plan of action? Pidge’s voice broke their merry singing.

“First, rude for interrupting our singing, and two, I thought we were only gathering data?” Lance placed his blue lion in standby.

“From the data it looks like it’s safe to land. There’s no wildlife and so far no inhabitants… which is weird the Castle computer says there should be some kind of civilizations,” Allura spoke clearly confused.

“It has been 10,000 years princess, what your castle has stored might not be the same information. Lance and I will do a quick survey and head back.” Shiro said

“Ok That should be fine I will tell Hunk and Keith to do the same then, Good luck Paladins.”

“Alright Lance you heard the Princess, lets land and do a basic perimeter of the area,”

“Alright… just saying if a snowball hits you in the back of the head Pidge made me do it,” Lance grinned heading towards the surface. He wondered if he could get Allura to land and the others to see all the beautiful snow. He knew they all missed home and this would help a bit.

“You know I’m not surprised if Pidge did set you up for- Lance look out!”

Lance didn’t even see what Shiro was warning him about, before he knew it the black lion rammed into his pushing him out of the way of an on coming blue blast. Lance gritted his teeth as he tried to stabilize his lion.

“Shiro!” Lance yelled over the comms, but received no reply as he watched the Black lion fall towards the soft ground. He winched as he watch it crash into the snow Lance noticed parts of the lion where iced over.

“Shit. Shit. Major shit. Allura or Pidge really anyone would be great right now,” Lance heard warning signs on his dashboard.

Quickly flying out of another ice blast he zoomed in with his view screen and noticed a fortified building covered in white. Metal sparkled in the sunlight showing where the attack was coming from.

“Lance… ar… there,” Allura voice broke in and out in his helmet.

“Yes, but your breaking up princess,” Lance avoided another on coming attack and fired back.

“Pi… work… on it. Oh there is goes Good job Pidge. Lance what’s going on the Black lion isn’t responding.”

“The hell is I know. Some ice blasting thing came and attacked us Shiro pushed me out of the way and his lion was hit. He… he’s not responding,” Lance bit his lip as he fired a direct shot into what looked like a camp.

“ YEAH! Ok whatever that thing was that attack us I taken care of it, but I don’t know what other friendly people are on this planet,” Lance checked his surroundings before heading down to Shiro.

“Agree I am sending Keith and Hunk to your location. Only problem it will be a few ticks. Can you attend to Shiro and keep as low of a profile as you can?”

“I can try Princess I mean two giant robot lions is pretty hard to keep hidden, but I will try my best,”

“I will try to keep the line open, but there is a jamming frequency I have to keep on fight. Be on your guard Lance, they are still around,”

“Ok I will… tell the others to hurry,” Lance closed the comm. his focus right now was Shiro.


Landing the Blue lion he unbuckled his seat and walked out. “Ok Girl I need you to put up something to protect us… I don’t know what just something until I get Shiro out,” Lance patted the side of her paw he felt a rumble deep in his soul and he smiled back.

Lance bit his lip as he walked over to the still Black lion. Ice cased the wings and some of her thrusters, but she looked to be in good shape. For some strange reason her particle barrier wasn’t up and that worried Lance. He heard a crackle of energy and he pulled out his Bayard ready to shoot down anyone who stepped a foot in his direction, but he noticed his guard was misdirected. Blue created a practical barrier large enough to protect the Black lion.

“Good girl,” Lance grinned as he walked to the mouth of the other lion.

Knocking on the front of it he spoke to the silent leader, “Hey Black I really need to go in there and see how’s Shiro doing. Can you open up for me I know you must feel like shit, but I need to do this… to make sure your paladin is alright,” Lance placed his palm gently on her nose. He was amazed of how much bigger she was to the rest of the lions. With a creaking sound she slowly open her mouth her eyes glowing for a bit then dulling back white.

“Thanks I have to get you a wash… wait would you even like water. No focus Lance, Shiro first questions about cat like robots later,” he walked into the lion a shiver failing down his spine as he was meet with the cold frigged air.

“Shiro, you ok buddy,” he called walking towards the dashboard.

Lance felt his stomach twist, he had distracted himself with the other task not wanting to think about Shiro. The thought of him injured scared him, he didn’t know how to take care of a situation like this he barely remember first aid. He walked up to the pilot chair and held in a gasp, he was leaning over the dashboard limp, gently pushing him back against the chair he took a deep breath. Shiro looked ok, he just seemed to be knocked out. Though his shivering form and slightly blue lips didn’t help him feel any better.

“Hey Shiro can you hear me?” Lanced reached out and cupped his face, he ignored the cold and clammy skin.

“Lance?…” Shiro scrunched his eyes together trying to open them, but was having trouble doing such a simple task.

“OH Thank Lord, yeah it’s me. Can you move?” Lance placed his other hand on his face.

“…cold,” was all he could say. “Yeah I know buddy come on let gets you in Blue it’s a lot warmer there than here,” Lance grabbed his arm and placed it over his own shoulder and carefully pulled him up.

He tripped over his feet not expecting the heavy weight off Shiro against him. Holding down his blush he slowly walked Shiro out of the lion. He heard the shot of firing once he reached the mouth of the Black lion. Pulling out his Bayard he saw white like aliens attacking the barrier.

“Fuck not this too,” he grumbled cursing as he dragged Shiro towards Blue. At least in there things will be ok.

The barrier fizzled a bit as the inhabitants fired the same kind of ice ray at the practical barrier. Lance ignored them as his only task was to get Shiro to safety first. He cursed not sure how he was going to get Shiro up to Blue he had taken the pulley down, but he couldn’t do that holding on to Shiro… no he had to at least try. He called for the pulley and held Shiro close to him grabbing onto the pulley he held on tightly as Blue lighted him up. He felt his muscles protest at the strain of holding on to Shiro and the bar, but he ignored it. After today he promised himself would train and work out more with Shiro and Keith. After grueling moments of pulling Shiro in he collapsed on the floor breathing hard and holding his aching arm.

“Shit, I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow. Damn you should be happy that I love you,” Lance said as he pulled Shiro to the dashboard propping him up against it.

“Did I hear that correctly or did you just say, you love Shiro,” Lance heard Pidge voice over the comm.

“I thought you were working on other things,” Lance face darker as he stumbled over his words.

“I said I would leave the line open, you just forgot,” he heard Pidge giggle.

“Damn gremlin… just don’t tell him ok,” Lance mumbled as he looked for the first aid kit there had to be some kind of blanket in there for Shiro.

“Does that go for me to Lance,” Keith spoke up Lance groaned hearing the smirk in his voice.

“I guess that means me to… well I already knew I just was waiting you to find out yourself,” Hunk beamed over the comm.

“I hate all of you,”

“No you don’t you love us,” Pidge laughed again

“How about you get your butts here and help me I got not so friendly aliens knocking on my door and I don’t know how long Blue can hold up the barrier,” Lance grinned in victory as he found an emergency blanket, he quickly placed it around Shiro. Shiro looked a lot better he wasn’t as blue looking and his shivering had stopped or well in his case had lessen.

“We are about to reach you in a sec. Hunk and you will take Shiro back while Pidge and I cover you,” Keith spoke taking lead like a natural born person.

“Alright sounds good,” Lance bit down his doubts, Keith was a lot better at this then he was. He shook his head nope couldn’t focus on that ether. He turned his attention back to Shiro watching his chest rise and fall, yes he could focus on getting him home that was more important then his feelings of doubt.


Lance found himself back in the med pay, it was the 5th time he had checked on Shiro. After the others arrived they easily handled the hostel fire and got Shiro back to the Castle and into a pod. Since then Allura had asked him what had happen and he explained the best he could do. Coran offered him a cryopod, but he refused he wanted to continue the planning with the others. They attacked them for some reason and he wanted to find out why. Coran told him Shiro would be alright he had a nasty bump on his head and a small case of hyperthermia, nothing the a pod couldn’t fix.

Lance frowned seeing Shiro pod empty, he sighed happy that he was out but also sad he wasn’t there to greet him. Letting out another sigh he sat down on the couch the placed in the med room. Coran found it touching to see the paladins care so much for each other to sit in wait till one was better. He moved a few pieces of furniture to make they wait a least comfortable. Lance leaned his head back and closed his eyes his thoughts traveling back to his confession. The others promised not to tell Shiro, but Lance had his money on Pidge spilling the beans first.  

“Thought I might find you here,” Lance jumped hearing that smoothing calming voice.

“Sh_ Shiro your out I’m glad to see you are better,” Lance faced blushed as he looked everywhere but at him.

“Yeah got out not to long ago…,” Shiro cleared his throat and moved to sit down next to lance. Lance instantly froze oh lord why now.

“I want to thank you for today. You really took charge and saved my life,” Shiro placed a hand on his shoulder squeezing it tightly.

“What? Oh that yeah that was nothing don’t even think about it. If anything I should thank you for pushing me out of the way,” Lance held back his smile.

“No really Lance you handle yourself well in that situation…,”

“yeah I guess… thank Shiro,” Lance took the chance to look up he instantly felt his heart clench at Shiro smile.

Shiro nodded and stood up “Any time… oh and Lance,” he looked back down at him “the feeling is mutual,” Shiro bent down and gentle kissed Lance. Standing up he smiled and left Lance was to dazed to see Shiro own pale skin brighten up to a cherry red.

“I’m going to kill Pidge,” Lance held his face in his hand a smile forming on his lips.

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I need some new music, got any recommendations? I like indie and also oldies. Also, what's your recipe for that vegan Caesar salad?? I used to love Caesar salad

I can’t stop listening to passionfruit by drake lmao but you’ve probably already heard that. I just remembered this really cute singer called Balance Problems I liked a lot when I was younger, I think he’s local to Dallas. Listen to “blankets in the grass.” As for oldies, I love “I will never be untrue” by the doors, “dream baby” by cher, “Jackson” by johnny cash, “I want you” bob dylan, cher did a cover, as did tallest man on earth which is my personal fav. And that stupid “hooked on a feeling” song by blue swede puts me in an instant good mood hahah. Devendra banhart and sufjan stevens have been a constant in my playlists lately- but again, you probably already know them! Look me up on spotify- taraaelisabeth. “sweet angel baby” is my latest playlist i’ve been listening to : )

as for the caesar dressing! I used this recipe and it’s BOMB af <3

Happy Valentine’s Day

Request for @brainwashed-fangirl: (For the Calendar thing you’re doing) a Valentine’s Day lap dance for Josh *i would have said Tyler but he is too precious* 

Word count: 1,500+

Warning: NSFW

I sighed into the phone currently pressed against my ear, “Okay Jen, Valentine’s Day is literally tomorrow and I still have no idea what to do for Josh.”

Jenna laughed, “(Y/N)! Why did you wait this long?”

Throwing my free arm above my head, I groaned, “Ugh I don’t even know, I just have no idea what to do. Like, does he want dinner and a movie? Or a watch? A tie? Oh, wait, ties are Father’s Day, right? Oh geez, I’m hopeless.”

“Yes (Y/N), ties are Father’s Day,” she chuckled, “Besides, Josh and Tyler aren’t really that into material things. Tyler and I are just going to a nice dinner. I could invite you guys?”

Although she couldn’t see me, I waved my hand dismissively in the air, “No, it’s okay, I don’t want to infringe on your Tyler-time.” I spoke melodramatically.

Jenna chuckled on the other end, “Thank you- but really, Josh would be happy with just a night with you as a V-Day gift. I wouldn’t stress about it too much.”

I laughed, “If only I could slap a bow on my-” realization slapped me in the face, “I gotta go Jen, I think I know what to do for Josh.”

“Uh okay… just be careful where that bow goes, and I want all the details- wait, not those details, like the other details- like… you know what I mean.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes, “Peace out, ho.”

I waited for her to say goodbye before hanging up. Flinging my blanket off my lap, I hopped off the couch and searched for my keys. It was time to make a Victoria Secret run.

“(Y/N)? What’s this?” I heard Josh call from downstairs.

Today was the day and I had decided to go all out. I shut off all the lights and lit candles and sprinkled red rose petals trailing up to my room. Getting josh here was the easy part.

“Jooossshhhh,” I called from my room, trying to be seductive.

“Should these candles be here just, like, out? I don’t want you to burn your house down.” He shouted up to me.

I rolled my eyes, “Josh. Have you ever seen a romantic movie in your life? Just follow the trail-” of course, now I couldn’t stop picturing Josh’s big foot knocking over a candle and igniting my house.

“Um, but, like, if you could blow them out as you go along?” I asked, wringing my hands.

Josh didn’t reply, but I heard him laugh and make his way upstairs.

Finally reaching my bedroom, he peeked his head around the doorframe, “Helloooo?”

I stepped into his view and let the small silky robe I was wearing fall off my shoulders, revealing the white lace bralette and g-string set underneath.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Josh smiled, making his eyes crinkle. He stepped forward and rested his calloused hands on my bare hips, “How’d I get so lucky?”

I smirked and stepped out of his grip, leading him to the edge of my bed. Placing a small hand on his chest, I lightly pushed him back onto it.

“Any requests?” I asked, looking through the playlist on my phone.

He smirked at me, “Twenty One Pilots?”

I rolled my eyes and put on my go-to song for getting me in the mood. It was slow and never failed to make my skin tingle.

I walked over to Josh, “Do you really think that’d be a good idea?”

He looked at me, “What?”

I leaned into his ear and began tracing light patterns over the crotch of his jeans, “To listen to your best friend sing while I suck you off?”

Pulling away just in time to see Josh’s dumbfounded facial expression, I smirked to myself, proud of the effect I had on him.

I slowly crouched in front of him, trailing my hands down his thighs. Resting my hands on his kneecaps, I pulled Josh’s legs apart. I slowly ran my hands up his thighs again as I got up in beat with the song. As my hands got closer to his pelvis, I made sure my thumbs brushed along his crotch. I looked at Josh, the sexual frustration evident on his face. He sucked in a breath as I slowly traced a finger along his jawline.

Josh leaned in for a kiss and I pulled back, “Nope. You can look, but you can’t touch.”

My lap dancing experience was limited, but I had a pretty good idea of what to do. Of course, most of my ideas came from various youtube videos and wikihow articles. However, that must’ve been enough, because Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. His brown eyes stuck to me with every sway of my hips and flip of my hair.

Goosebumps rose on my skin as I trailed my hands  along the curve of my breasts and down to my hips. One of the dance instructors on a video tutorial I watched said that it’s just as important to get yourself worked up as it is to get your partner turned on. It was hard to tell what exactly Josh was thinking. He kept his eyes on me, but the rest of his face was blank. And except for him occasionally reaching up to rub his chin, Josh did a remarkable job of staying still.

Trying to get a better reaction out of the mute boy, I pressed my hands down inbetween my legs and down my thighs, causing myself to moan. Turning around, I swayed my hips to the melody, knowing full well how much Josh liked my ass. I slowly turned back around and walked up to Josh. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips and guided them downwards towards my butt. He kept his hands there as I swayed and rolled my hips, using my own hands to tug on Josh’s soft, pink hair.

As the song came to a close, I straddled Josh’s lap, keeping my fingers tangled in his hair. I clearly had nothing to worry about, as I felt his arousal through his tight jeans. With a devilish grin, I moved my hips slightly to create friction. Josh bit his bottom lip and looked into my eyes, patiently waiting.

“Okay,” I whispered, “You can touch now.”

By this point I was just as turned on as he was, so I was elated when he pushed his lips to mine. Keeping his hands on my butt and mine in his hair, we pulled each other closer until we were forced to break apart. Even then, I put my forehead against his while I caught my breath.

“I take it you liked your gift?”

“I loved it,” he choked out.

I smiled and connected our lips. My hand moved to the back of his neck to anchor myself as I began to roll my hips on his. He groaned both out of pleasure and the pain of getting a boner in skinny jeans.

Smirking, I climbed off his lap, kneeling in front of him. Running my tongue along my bottom lip, I reached my hands up to Josh’s zipper. Josh leaned back on his hands and watched intently as I slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and palmed him a couple times through his boxers before they joined his jeans.

Sliding my hands slowly up his thighs, I situated myself over his length, mouth wide open. Josh opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off by placing my lips around the head of his cock. Whatever he wanted to say was reduced to a high pitched squeak. I began swirling my tongue around the tip and Josh’s shaky hands gathered my hair into a makeshift ponytail. I took in a deep breath through my nose and began bobbing my head up and down, Josh using my hair to guide me.

Josh wasn’t always the most vocal when it came to sex, which made it hard to tell what he liked and what he didn’t. However, after being with him for several months, I had learned some tricks that would have him on the edge in no time. Slowing down my pace, I laid my tongue flat against his vein. I moaned when Josh pulled my hair tighter. The vibrations from my mouth making him buck his hips up into my mouth. I gagged, but kept going. This time using my hands to pump what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“(Y/N)… I-I’m close.” Josh mumbled from above me.

I wasn’t a fan of the whole cumshot thing and neither was Josh, so I took my cue and removed him from my mouth. Now that his entire length was lubricated, I used my hands to get him to finish. He cummed with a long groan and small pants of my name.

I looked up at Josh, his hair sticking up in every which way and his face slightly red, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Okay first of all… I might of gotten a little carried away with this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

ALSO I’m complete trash because I’ve been inactive af lately (exams are kind of kicking my ass tbh) 

P.S. I have like a whole playlist I listen to when I write smut, but for this one I listened to Yayo by Lana Del Rey and Hands on the Wheel by Schoolboy Q (I didn’t want to add a specific song in there so you could make it personal ya know)

And as always thanks for requesting! Hope you liked it! 

10 songs and 10(??) mutuals

rules: put your playlist on shuffle, write down the first 10 songs and tag 10 mutuals

@zewko thank u for tagging me!!

1. Sierra Leone - Frank Ocean

2. No Better - Lorde

3. U Love - Tomppabeats

4. If You Stay - Tanlines

5. Cherry Pepsi - SAINT PEPSI

6. 405 (feat YACHT) - RAC

7. Border Line - King Krule

8. Selfish High Heels - MACROSS 82-99

9.  Apotheosis - Austin Wintory

10. Beirut - Postcards From Italy

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under construction (N.M + J.S.)

This construction site around the building I’m living in has been rather stressful. I basically wake up at 6 am to the noises of workers renewing the rooftop, and to be even more specific, my apartment is at the fourth floor, under that roof. 

I actually crashed at Nate and Swazz’s place yesterday cause I wanted to have one morning to sleep in without having to deal with all the noise. Sitting together with them drinking beer, I complained to them about how those men were able to look through my window and have a great view into my bedroom and everything I do in there and they just laughed it off, saying I should at least give them something good to look at. 

Today they have a day off, so they decided to drive me back to my place and keep me company a little, just to get an idea of what’s going on in my apartment. 

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wavydanrises  asked:

Hellooo I don't know if I'm too late for the blogrates since I was sleeping (oops) but I wanted to say congrats anyway!!! (Just in case, my favourite band is Muse and one of my favourite songs is When The Day Met The Night but p!atd (I'm sure my tags don't give it away at all lmao)) congrats again c:

Don’t worry about it!  I will probably do these blogrates until the end of tomorrow (aka April 9th 2017).  Also, I really like When The Day Met The Night!  That song put me in a really good mood

hogwarts house: hufflepuff | slytherin | ravenclaw | gryffindor
scent: soft rose | fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon | sea breeze | brewing coffee
color: cream | charcoal black | soft pink | fiery red | pastel purple | shiny silver | forest green | ocean blue | sunny yellow
season: spring | summer | autumn | winter
time of the day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night
place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet coffeehouse | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley
element: fire | earth | water | air
a feeling: uncontrollable laughter | adrenaline | utter joy | butterflies in your stomach | a warm hug
overall: you’re great & i lob your blog | you’re a good and i’m following you forever | you’re my senpai and ily | you’re my bffl and everything is perf!

Comments: Nokire, you’re so sweet!  Thank you for taking your time to congratulate me!  ly!


Bangtan as iKon members

Jungkook: Chanwoo - I don’t know what’s up with these “maknaes” and being lil shits, but hey there’s some common ground XD Otherwise, they’re cute cuties that you just want to squish and kiss to no end… even though they could possibly be twice your size. Also can we talk about those ADORABLE smiles? ;A;

Taehyung: Yunhyeong - You can’t really figure them out just by looking at them. They have this positive streak in them that shines through everything they do and they’re always trying to do better. They’re also pretty family oriented… also they’re just sweethearts; I can’t ;^;

Jimin: Donghyuk - Ok, ok, ok, let me tell you, these two WILD CARDS are all up in this like “Oh look at me; I’m so cute~” with their charming adorable selves and then ba-BAM, out of the goddamned Sahara dessert comes two boys ready to be droppin’ them panties left and right like there ain’t no tomorrow ;A; 

Now this may seem like normal good dancing… until you know what song this is to and if you don’t then watch it HERE rn ;A; 

Hoseok: Bobby - They’re both the mood making rappers. All it takes is their dorky personalities and smiles for you to forget all your troubles of the day. They’re the kind of guys who look at things with positive attitude and try to not dwell on the negative. They’re just happy, fun guys to put it plainly… who occasionally try to kill me you… 

Namjoon - B.I. - Even though them both being leaders is totally a reason to compare them, there’s more to it than that. The burdens they carry are both very apparent (meaning as fans, we can see it easily). Otherwise, they’re very shy and awkward to the point where they could seem cold. Sometimes they just seem so lost that you want to squish them ;3;

Yoongi: Junhoe - This is a no bullshit zone. The judgement will always be too real whether you can handle it or not… they’ll always be loving about it though… when it’s you, that is XD They’re not too big on meeting new people and all that jazz but they do what they have to do. Also despite their cold exteriors, there’s no hiding the extreme cute~

Seokjin: Jinhwan - Both are flower princes. They’re just complete sweethearts; there’s no better way to put it, to be honest. They’re warm and nice, and just shroud you in this comfortable feeling. They’re naturally charming, not to mention caretakers and they’ll never fail to make you feel loved. Also, they’re the oldest of their groups. aLSO HOW ARE THEY SO PRETTY????

- Devi (。>ω<)。

Xiubaek at the gym
  • Baekhyun: -not working out, just eating spoonfuls of nutella straight out of the jar- Man, I love being gym buddies with you, Minseok. It's really cool being athletic ones in the group isn't it?
  • Xiumin: -actually working out, trying to focus- mmhmm
  • Baekhyun: Like, I think we've really bonded over this. I feel so close to you, you know?
  • Xiumin: sure
  • Baekhyun: Oh, I love this song! AOA is so great! Their videos always put me in a good mood. Like, I feel sooo happy after watching them.
  • Xiumin: wow
  • Baekhyun: I mean, you can probably guess why that is, right?
  • Xiumin: no tell me why im on the edge of my seat clearly
  • Baekhyun: Haha, you're hilarious. It's because of hot girls doing sexy dances in skimpy clothes, obviously! You know what I'm talking about, don't be coy! I see you sweating.
  • Xiumin: im sweating because im lifting weights. didnt you say youd spot me
  • Baekhyun: Yeah. So anyway, today I saw a cool bug.
  • Xiumin: fascinating
  • Baekhyun: It was green.
  • Xiumin: no way
  • Baekhyun: Right??? Like, usually you'd expect to see green bugs in, like, summer. When everything's green. But it's almost winter so it was really weird.
  • Xiumin: thats some deep shit baekhyun
  • Baekhyun: I know, right? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thinks of these things. Like, no one really gets me, you know? How I see the world differently. But you understand me. You and me are a lot alike, Minseok.
  • Xiumin: hm
  • Baekhyun: Hey, can I change the music to my new CD?
  • Xiumin: please dont
  • Baekhyun: Okay! I'm unplugging your phone don't freak out
  • Xiumin: baekhyun i need my workout mix
  • Baekhyun: -starts playing Taeyeon's album-
  • Xiumin: baekhyun no
  • Baekhyun: I just... love her... so much -starts crying-
  • Xiumin: -sighs-
  • Baekhyun: We were so perfect together, you know? We were like a perfect pair.
  • Xiumin: omg
  • Baekhyun: Oh! Your phone just vibrated
  • Xiumin: baekhyun why are you picking up my phone put that down
  • Baekhyun: It's a message from Luhan! Want me to read it to you?
  • Xiumin: no put my phone down
  • Baekhyun: Okay! It says, "Hey, baby"... winky face... "I know you're ignoring my texts and we need to have that talk"... (talk is in quotes)... "I love you and I miss you and your sexy body"... winky face... "Don't give up on me yet baby"... winky face winky face winky -
  • Xiumin: Okay, I get it.
  • Baekhyun: So what was your sex life like with Luhan? As for me and Taeyeon, we -

Thank you @fox-comics and @trashasaurusrex for tagging me 😅
Okay let’s do this 😎

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

A) Age: 18

B) Biggest fears: Losing close friends/family

C) Current Time: 7:52 pm EST

D)Drink you last had: Iced Tea (my fav!)

E) Every day starts with: A good morning text or call

F)Favorite song at the moment: I don’t have just one favourite, it all depends on my mood or the situation I’m in/ writing about!

H) Hometown: near Toronto Canada

I) In love with: My Girlfriend (who is, yes, apart of the fandom 😅)

J) jealous of?: no one really 🤔

K) killed someone?: that arse who got in the way of my car… 😂 obviously no one!

L) last time you cried?: Um…I think two days ago? Wanted to today but I was busy.

M) Middle name: (no lie I will block if anyone says anything!) Paul…

N) siblings?: 4- two older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister!

O) one wish?: Peace

P) person you last called/texted: My Gf

Q) question you’re always asked?: How tall are you?

R) reason to smile: To make yourself and toners around you happy 😁

S) song last sung?: I sing like everyday but I think the last song I actually sang was…🤔 either 1. You’re Welcome (Moana) 2. Hakuna Matata (Lion King) 3. I sing more than 20 songs a day I honestly don’t keep track of which one, it’s what ever comes on my phone 😂

T) Time you woke up: 9:00 am I think 🤔

W) worst habits?: procrastination…it’s the worst…

X) X-ray you’ve had: When I…fractured my hand from dancing…I was 10 😅

Y) your favourite food: a Rare Steak (bloody steak) the redder the better 😅

Z)zodiac sign: Scorpio 😎

I target @lavernewilde-hopps @nick-and-judy-daily @milesupshur47 @andyourteeth

(Lot of the other people I’d ask already have been asked 😅)

TAGGED BY @raincloudfedarie which is amazing in itself omg thank you so much~

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better~

Relationship status: Funny enough thought I’d be the cat lady with all the cats, but I have a loving boyfriend of 1yr 2mo as of today

Favorite color: I love the color silver, but I love putting it with other colors too like silver and purple or silver and dark forest green

Lipstick or Chapstick: LIPSTICK let me tell you some of mine are darker than my enemies blood, plus they have moisturizer in them so its like a double thing

I listened to: Depends on my mood? Sometimes just specific songs though no fav artist or anything. Currently im listening to ed sheeran- shape of you

Last movie I watched: hmmm It was probably sausage part (DONT WATCH IT) it was scary and mortifying and I had to bleach my eyes for a good week

Top three TV shows:

1. North Woods Law (Which is a game warden show based on where I live its on animal planet)
2. Actual History Episodes (The hisotry channel as so fallen from what it used to be with all those shows with history and not like shit)
3. Anything Science (I dont have the science channel but wish, things like how it’s made and Cosmos)

Top three characters:

1. Dude if you ever read the Throne Of Glass Series Than my main bitch is  Celaena Sardothien READ IT
2. Lucy from Fairy Tail
3. And last but certainly my first in most cases; Zoro from One Piece 

Top three ships

1. Zosan
2. Lalu
3. Sasuhina <<— dont judge they’re kids would be adorable 

So I’m going to tag like awesome people so @mad-love4869 , @iisanimelover , @firefoxsabo , @ariesxvi , @justabitnotgood , @thelaststrawhat , @insanelyartful , annd ya im cheating because I dont have anyone else ?Sorry

Pre - Competition Nutrition
  • GESleep - This is when the body rests, recovers and grows stronger. 
  • WATER - This is a biggie… flushing out toxins keeps your joints in check and keeps them from getting achy. Also, if you are dehydrated you will get dizzy and won’t perform your best, this is proven. 
  • Stretching and ankle strengthening exercises - especially if you have week ankles or an injury. Dedicating yourself to this everyday really will help you. I will be posting on my current morning/evening routine soon.
  • Eating close to 100% clean -  I recommend to completely cut out white breads and cookies or anything made with white flour. Go for whole wheat instead or if possible have brown rice, sweet potato, and oatmeal - they really do last longer in your system and will give you the longevity you need to power through. You can have that pizza after the competition… you can have three while your at it lol. I would also cut out all soda… all that is is unnecessarily chemicals floating throughout your body, gross. (sorry, I’ve never really liked soda and not for health reasons) 
  • ICE AND ELEVATE - Irish dancers have a high pain threshold and don’t realize the hell we put our feet and legs through. Icing and elevating - even if you don’t have an injury - at least once a day will bring down swelling and help you push through during crunch time. 
  • Listen to good music - Listen to songs that are upbeat and inspire good moods. 
  • Visualization - I listen to dance music a lot and visualize myself doing my steps on stage. It sounds silly but it really does help the overall impact you make on stage. Any sport is just as much mental as it is physical. 
  • Laugh a little - seriously, its Irish Dance.
  • Whatever you do DONT STOP AT CLASS - Mentally this makes a huge impact for me when I get up on stage. I know that I’ve put in the work and I feel ready to show the judges and audiences that. 
  • Take a mid-week hot bath - I would say on Wednesday of the week before a competition weekend, take a hot epsom salts bath. It really helps to relax and rejuvenate your muscles all over. I don’t recommend to take one the night before because you don’t want your legs to be too lose for competition day. 
  • Get a message - Do this mid week, and then rest - REALLY rest - and take a netflix day. My discovery of deep tissue message has changed my life I swear - Im going to have to write a post on this one alone.
English Major Study Moods

Hello friends! My favourite posts in the whole world are @howtomusicmajor‘s study moods, so I thought I’d share my own <3 These are moods that I practice pretty regularly and always make me feel at my best. (And obviously these are suitable for people who aren’t English majors too!)

The Project: Venti frappuccino, ‘80s radio, working with your best friend on a project (either for class or independent) that you’re passionate about

Starbucks is the ideal place to work on a project because you can talk as much and as loudly as you want (okay, within reason), but being in a space that isn’t your room keeps you focussed. 80s music is also great for getting motivation pumping!

The Weekend Warrior: Mocha or hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and leggings, ballet music, at your desk or a quiet café, buried behind the stacks of readings that you need to do for the coming week

In my opinion, it’s best to get as much work done over the weekend as possible, so that your week is more relaxed. On the other hand, it’s also your time off, so you want to be comfy, hence the fuzzy socks and the hot chocolate (aka comfort in a cup)

The Chill: Your favourite tea, soft pyjamas, Gregorian chants turned down very low, curled up in bed with your annotating supplies and your novel assignment

Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of term papers and multi-hundred-page reading assignments that we forget that we went into English because we love books! Regain that love by getting cozy and caught up in the book you’re reading. Just keep some highlighters and stickies handy so that you can flag things that might help you in an essay later.

The Proactive Productive: Ice water, sun streaming over your desk, instrumental covers of pop songs, working at 8 AM on a project that isn’t due for a while yet

There’s nothing as good as the feeling that you’re on top of your life! Getting up early in the morning, getting hydrated, and listening to bouncy, bubbly music (without the distracting lyrics) are all things that put me in the mood to  get work done!

The Librarian: Earl Grey in a spill-proof travel mug, hair in a bun, 18th century chamber music, travelling between the stacks and your desk in the library to gather books for your research paper

This is my favourite mood for that thrilling-yet-scary first step of writing a research paper: figuring out what you’re going to research. Camping out in the library and reading “around” your subject until you’ve decided what you want to talk about can be a bit onerous, so a mini dose of caffeine and some harpsichords keep me feeling alert and “academic”

The Creative Writer: Coffee spiked with sugar, the sound of your own racing heart, frantically typing your story (or sometimes essay) the second inspiration strikes in a lounge or empty classroom

The mood for when an idea comes to you and you absolutely NEED to get it down before it escapes! Oddly, this mood tends to hit right before whatever you’re writing is due.