this song just means alot to me man

shout-out to my buddy steph ( @mooniva ) for showing me this gif to help cheer me up, i seriously love it sm and i felt it was v appropriate for this occasion.

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midnight memories analyses

I’ve been paying attention on Midnight Memories’ tracks since it was leaked, I have the yearbook edition,and I took a look for who wrote some songs.

First of all,most of the songs have been written by Liam and Louis,some by all of them,some by just one of them ft. some usual writers.

Lets take a look at:

  • Strong
  • Happily
  • Right now
  • Something great
  • Half a Heart (deluxe edition)

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first translation: 

  • 140211 Blue Night - Jonghyun’s 8th radio has started!!
  • Jonghyun says he is still nervous in front of the microphone even though he has already did this for a week.
  • A listener said she liked the previous DJ (Jungyeop) alot so she was alittle upset when the homepage changed to “Blue Night, I’m Jonghyun” but she’s liking him slowly now. Jonghyun says he willwork harder as much as we’re trusting/cheering him on.
  • Jonghyun tells listeners to send him messages on points they think he’s not doing well on and he will read them and improve.
  • Jonghyun says he slept at 6am again yesterday, because he was too excited to “meet” everyone on radio.
  • Today’s guest (Go-young-bae) says his fans knows that he is a huge fan of SHINee.
  • Jonghyun says the other guest, Kim Hyungtae’s voice is too cute, he heard it and got a shock.
  • Go Young bae says he is married and Jonghyun says congratulations but Youngbae says he got married two years ago but he will accept the 2 years-late greeting. Jonghyun says 2 years back means when he was in the sherlock era. Youngbae says “You know Sherlock’s moving forward dance? I did my marriage registration while doing that (jokingly)”
  • Go Youngbae says even though he is a newbie in radio DJ-ing (only did a week) but he doesn’t seem like so at all (he does very well). Jonghyun cutely said “(because) i practiced!”
  • Jonghyun says he feels very comfortable because the two guests are here.
  • Jonghyun: “what do you do after you break up?” Youngbae: “Find another people(in english), what about you? what do you do after you break up?” Jonghyun: “I do the laundry” (they were saying a popular song called “Laundry” before this, the song is a song that compared how a person feels after breaking up with doing laundry, so Jonghyun is just joking about doing laundry)
  • Jonghyun asked the guests how many times they have dated, Youngbae says about ¾ times, Hyungtae says many times and when they asked him how many times HE have dated, Jonghyun said: “Ah Me………i can’t cou-…ah writer nuna is telling me to say it quickly, i want to say it quickly too but ah the time…..(gets cut off by commercials)”
  • Hyungtae was reading quite a touching message from a listener and youngbae said he wanted to cry but hyungtae’s voice is too cute so he couldn’t cry, jonghyun kept saying hyungtae’s voice is really cute.
  • Yongbae says there are alot of weird lyrics that can’t be understood in SHINee & f(x)’s songs, for example when he heard Lucifer he can’t understand it at all. Jonghyun says the weirdest lyrics in Lucifer is “훤히 들여다보고, 뇌를 만져 바보 된 것 같아” which means “You look at me openly and touch my brain, i think i’ve become a fool” and “마치 유리성에 갇혀버린 삐에로만 된 것 같아” which means “I feel like i’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle”, which doesn’t make alot of sense if you say it as proper conversation.
  • The song that was just played is J Rabbit’s 요즘 너 말야 (Recently, it’s you)
  • “I’m a man with alot of secrets” – Jonghyun
  • A listener said she ruined her first love because her friends kept telling her to not call her boyfriend and to not take the first step so she didn’t and they ended up breaking up.
  • Jonghyun says he doesn’t drink much because his body can’t take/accept it very well and he will end up feeling very unwell the next day.
  • Youngbae says he gets handsomer after drinking because his face gets fairer instead of getting redder like most people. Jonghyun says his face will get red and he will turn uglier. He also says he doesn’t drink much with SHINee members because they already see each other alot so on normal days they don’t see each other.
  • Hyungtae says when he’s drunk he might call his ex and ask them why they dumped him and Jonghyun said since his voice is so cute, the conversation will sound very cute when he’s drunk, like “why did you dump me!” (in ageyo voice)
  • Jonghyun says he is the type that cries when he’s drunk. And there was one time that SHINee drank together at a company dinner after getting 1st on a music show and Jonghyun drank and kept crying very badly while saying “Thank you, thank you” and people thought “Why is he crying so badly on such a good day?”. But he says drinking a few times he doesn’t cry anymore (his drinking tolerance got better).
  • Youngbae mistook Jonghyun as SHINee’s leader and Jonghyun said “I’m not! Onew is SHINee’s leader!” Youngbae said: “Oh! I’m sorry (in english)” Jonghyun then jokingly said: “SHINee World please take note of this~”.
  • The guests said Jonghyun speaks well, sings well and how can he be so handsome on top of all of this.
  • The guests Go Youngbae and Kim Hyungtae has left the radio for tonight, they will be back next week (every monday)
  • #nowplaying #bluenight Atomic Kitten - The Tide is High
  • A listener said even though he is a guy but he likes listening to Jonghyun’s voice.
  • The male listener said he has a 6 years of age difference with his girlfriend and Jonghyun asks if that is very different because his parents are 4 years of age apart too.
  • A listener said she’s spending the night with her mother after a long time and she’s happy. Jonghyun says he’s the same type of person that likes to speak to his mother, he will normally go home and ask her “how was it mum? how was my voice? did i do ok?”. And even though he is a bit sorry that his mother has to stay up till this late to listen to him, her mum listens only on weekends so it’s okay.
  • Tonight’s Blue Night has ended!


2nd translation: 

  •  Today’s guest for Jonghyun’s Blue Night Radio will be Go Young Bae from Soran, and Kim Hyung Tae from Busker Busker ^-^
  • #nowplaying #bluenight Leona Lewis - Better in time
  • #bluenight #nowplaying Edith Piaf - Non Je Ne Regrette Rien
  • #nowplaying #bluenight Westlife - I Cry
  • #nowplaying #bluenight Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine
  • #nowplaying #bluenight Sioen - Cruisin’
  • Jonghyun said it’s good to wake up early, but he couldn’t do that. Sleeping early, he can’t do that either
  • Jonghyun: I heard that there’s another solution for insomnia problems-> as long as you wake up at 7am, its okay to sleep at anytime you want
  • Jonghyun keep on saying bass .. XD and mentioning about high school being in a band again HAHA
  • The guest already married two years ago, Jonghyun only congratulate him now XD
  • The guest told Jonghyun that his voice is very gentle and nice to the ears, Jonghyun said he has practised it before XD
  • Jonghyun ask the guest if he knows how to dance sherlock, the guest said he danced sherlock while registering his marriage LOLOL XD
  • #nowplaying #bluenight J Rabbit - Nowadays you are
  • the guest said SHINee and f(x)’s lyrics are very hard to understand
  • when they asked whether Jonghyun understood Lucifer’s lyrics, Jonghyun said he felt an impact when he read it XD
  • Jonghyun said when he’s a student, he was composing some songs and some of them were bad lyrics
  • Then his mom ask if this lyrics is what a student should be writing XD
  • Jonghyun said the lyrics in Lucifer, the part where it’s the hardest to understand, it’s Key’s part and Onew’s part
  • Jonghyun also said Lucifer’s dance song lyrics is also very depressing XD
  • Jonghyun said he isn’t really good in drinking alcohol LOL
  • Jonghyun will not drink with his members either, he will only drink during company meals but he don’t meet them often ^^
  • The guest ask if Jonghyun is the leader of SHINee, he said no, it’s Onew. the guest apologized to him XD
  • Jonghyun said he can only take two-three glasses of wine
  • The guests said that Jonghyun is handsome and also speaks well Jonghyun: i’m in a very good mood now
  • Jonghyun: When i’m in elementary school, my family and I moved house for 4 - 5 times, felt that it was very hard adapting to the environment
  • Jonghyun’s father and mother has a 4 years gap difference XD
  • Jonghyun: Family is always standing by my side. I would always ask my mother after radio shows, whether is my voice good, is the tone good,
  • Jonghyun: My mom would tell me that I have done well, altho i would wake my mother at that time everyday, she said she’ll listen for 1-2 wks