this song isn't really fitting them i know but i feel like i could use these two lines

Yoongi bf headcanons

a/n: no one asked for these but here I am at one in the morning writing them bc I love Yoongi!!


  • *cracks knuckles* leggo
  • Yoongi is a very reserved person, we all know this, even he knows this
  • but I also know that when Yoongi loves someone he loves them with all of his heart and that’s how it would be with you
  • I feel like you might of been a relative of a bts member or a fan or even a stranger
  •  I can see Yoongi pushing you at first when you confess your feelings for him, he might be distant for a few days but if he were consistent, he would crack
  • its not that he doesn’t having feels for you as well but its that he is so used to not having romantic feelings for people that it took him off guard
  • once you got into your relationship and I mean really really into it, that’s when you’ll meet the real Yoongi
  • the Yoongi that we sometimes are blessed enough to see, the Yoongi his parents raised, the Yoongi that bangtan loves
  • I feel like Yoongi is the type of boyfriend to blow up your phone with cheesy texts when you are laying right next to him
  • he loves showing you new songs he wrote
  • probably actually proposed in a song
  • bringing him food when he insists on staying at the studio longer
  • when you go to leave he’d pull you onto his lap
  • “just listen to this one part”
  • every song is better than the last
  • like god bless u are fuckin talented
  • reminding him everyday that you love him and he is the light of your life, him doing the same
  • doing cute shit like that but also getting texts like “what are you doing ugly” & “get more ice cream fatty”
  • he of course doesn’t think you are ugly or fat he just likes teasing you, which he would stop if it made you uncomfortable
  • Hobi is probably your best friend
  • Hobi is everyone’s best friend tbfh
  • lowkey sometimes gets jealous over yours and Hobi’s relationship
  • which could result in *drumroll* ROUGH SEX
  • im ok
  • king of hickeys, in places only he can see of course
  • since he is reserved, his personality is the same in the bedroom
  • isn’t extremely kinky but can get rougher if he’s 1) in a bad mood 2) jealous or 3) you teased him and he’s getting back at you
  • probably the boyfriend to throw his dirty socks at you and then ask where his dirty socks are later
  • isn’t a huge fan of PDA but wont hesitate to let people know that you are his
  • loves loves loves cuddling but usually wont admit it
  • I can see him wanting to be the little spoon on some nights
  • ok hold on i need to breath for this next one…
  • im ok
  • isn’t a big fan of you going places that he isn't familiar with without him
  • i can see him typing on his laptop at 2 am and when you wake up and turn towards him he’d be like “hey, hey, go back to sleep”
  • “Yooooongi, i want to cuddle”
  • “Aish”
  • he’d put up a fit but you bet your ass he crawled under those covers with you
  • i can see him liking to be submissive a lot too (being ridden, you taking control, etc)
  • probably has tons of pictures of you sleeping on his phone
  • “Yoongi, im going to take a shower”
  • he’d race you there
  • you are the only girl he thinks of, looks at, acknowledges, besides ARMY ofc
  • laughs at everything you do
  • you make him so happy
  • pretends you annoy the shit out of him but he ends up laughing with you
  • he doesn’t give a fuck what other people say about him but if you were to point of one of his insecurities, he would constantly be thinking about it for days
  • you’d probably be able to tell too
  • since he once had depression, I feel like sometimes the feeling of it still comes and lingers for a little before it leaves again
  • when it does he would just want a lazy day with you in some hoodies and sweatpants and some comfy socks
  • you two would just cuddle all day, with Holly!
  • “it’s okay, i will never leave you”
  • wants the world for you
  • if he already had his shower, he will sit on the counter in the bathroom and talk to you will you shower (vice versa)
  • only will let you touch his face
  • lowkey gets jealous when your friends have your attention
  • being at a park at 1 am talking about anything and everything
  • laying in bed, holding each others hands, and just staring into each others eyes
  • “sometimes I’m scared of everything out there, and then i remember i have you”
  • taking Holly on walks together
  • I can see Jungkook teasing his hyung by saying something like “oooh you are a lucky man hyung!”
  • “do you want to die?”
  • all of the members are supportive of your relationship
  • literally invented piggyback rides
  • his face is so close to yours when you guys are having sex, he loves kissing and biting all over you
  • “i love you”
  • “don’t talk to me, im famous”
  • the one guy who is hard and cold towards everyone else but his face softens when he’s with you
  • your thigh? always in his hand
  • i can picture him being the type of boyfriend to push you out of bed if you tried to wake him up
  • i want to write more but its 2 am and im tired :(
  • bottom line: Min Yoongi loves you with all of his heart and while he might not say it often, he will not give you up for the world, you make his life brighter just by being in it and he’s never loved someone more
  • except for hobi LMAOOOOOOO

a/n: i haven’t been able to post much so i hope you guys enjoy this rushed by heartfelt bf headcanons of Yoongi :)

anonymous asked:

Is premarital sex that isn't confined to potential partners sinful? What about extra-marital sex where everyone is informed and respectful? (I'm a confused ex-Baptist, and I don't want to hurt my friends.)

So I think it’s really important to think about two things in this question: First, what is sin? And the second is: What is the purpose of sexuality? 

I’ll give you my best answers about those two questions, and then how they fit together.

Sin is a consequence of the Fall: the alienation of ourselves from God, from Creation, from each other, and even from ourselves. Sin is the ongoing rebellion against God, the enactment, continually, of this alienation; it is the commission of harm and violence against ourselves, each other, and God. Sin has a lot to do with death (Romans 6:13), and, in particular, sin is the dealing of death or the servitude to death played out in our own lives. You could also see sin as missing the mark from the ideal state of life, which is worship of God, faith, hope and love — under this view, as under many, one of the most important and vigorous sins in the world today is idolatry. Raising up other things to the level of God, the source and author of our hope, is a profound sin and one from which many other sins flow. So alienation is both a consequence of sin and a production of sin, as we try to overcome the Fall through something besides faith in Christ. 

Speaking of which, Jesus is pretty clear that our sins aren’t limited to concrete actions we take, but extend to the ways of our hearts. And there’s actually a compelling argument, Biblically, that some actions can be sinful or not depending on the spirit in which you engage in them. 

Which brings us to sex. What’s the purpose of sex? “The Bible” isn’t really a coherent book on this — Paul, for example, says that we’ll not marry in the Kingdom of God and that it’s better to be celibate if you can be; on the other hand, the Song of Songs is extremely erotic and portrays overt sexuality within a devout life. The closest I can understand, through these varying positions from Biblical authors, is that sex is one of the forms of connection that ought to model, in an inherently limited state, our reconciliation and overcoming of alienation. (Perhaps in God’s Kingdom marriage will simply be unnecessary because we’ll be united with each other in a more perfect way!) 

When the New Testament talks about ‘fornication,’ the connotation of the word in the Greek has something to do with commodification, with treating someone like a thing to be bought and sold. And I’m straying a little into Kantian territory here, so be aware that, like, the Biblical worldview is not the Enlightenment worldview, but we can understand this in some cases as the treating of people like means, not ends. That is, it is sexual sin to treat people as pieces of meat, to objectify people; it is also sexual sin to have sex with someone out of escapist desire; it is sexual sin to have sex with someone because they make you feel desirable; it is sexual sin to have sex with someone because you want to hurt yourself; and it is obviously sexual sin to have downright exploitative or abusive sex with someone. All of these are forms of sexual behavior that constitute alienation from yourself, others, and God. Many are acts that constitute the idolatry of death: the sex, so common in our culture, that seeks frantically to distract from the frailty of our condition. 

I don’t have any hard-and-fast answers about whether premarital sex is a sin, or whether extra-marital sex when everyone involved consents is a sin. I will say, as I’ve said before, that I think sin is manifest in many of the popular defenses of polyamory, which focus on getting your needs [sexual or otherwise] met. At the same time, I have a dear polyamorous friend who is similarly repelled by that apologetic line, and I don’t think I have reason to impugn his sexual ethics regarding his multiple romantic relationships. 

So, as with most Christian ethics, it’s about the spirit in which you do things: is it a spirit of freedom in Christ or of fear (of death, of unimportance, even of sin)? Are your actions and the intentions behind them something that shape you more into a proud proclaimer of the Gospel? 

Finally, one note on sin: see it as something we are captive to, and that we have attained partial, and soon to be ultimate, liberation from through Christ. Repent, but know that God forgives you and is working to reconcile all things with Godself. “Don’t sin!” isn’t the Gospel; the Gospel is “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

I hope this is helpful!