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Millie please make one of those amazing posts of yours for Howon too. I love it when non-Howon biased people praise him. Also he deserves all the love but there is still prejudice towards him (thankfully it's less now compared to few years back) So let's spread Holove 💜 - infnthoya

Of course I am more than happy to make a post about our wonderful HoyaYahoHoya! Especially for you @infnthoya !

You can see the previous posts (Sunggyu/Woohyun/Sungyeol) here!


Okay but before I say anything else, this performance he did on Hit The Stage with the amazing (queen) Choi Hyojin still reduces me to tears because it is PERFECTION and it really showcases the fact that Hoya can dance in a different style to his usual go-to hip hop moves!

The theme for that episode was This Love and although everyone’s performances were great, Hoya and Hyojin absolutely deserved their win because this was ART and totally projected all this raw emotion and I will never get over it. 

Hoya is INFINITE’s main dancer and it’s not hard to see why. Over the years it’s been amazing to see him improve and build on his skills and talents. He actually dropped out of high school to pursue dance, even though his family were against this decision. He did eventually get his high school diploma, but it took a while for his relationship with his family (and his father in particular) to be mended again. 

It’s great to see that nowadays, Hoya’s name is often mentioned when people talk about the greatest dancers in k-pop. He is more than deserving of it.


Although Hoya started out as one of INFINITE’s rapper line, he’s had vocal lines in songs for a looooong long time. However, not everyone noticed how much his voice had actually improved until INFINITE’s more recent albums. In 2015 Hoya opened up his own YouTube channel and surprised everyone by posting his first cover - Zion T’s Kiss Me. He followed this up weeks later with an English cover song, an acoustic arrangement of Ariana Grande’s Problem. Although he hasn’t been as active as we might like on the channel, it’s a goldmine that shows of how wonderfully soothing and great his voice is. My personal favourite so far is his cover of 이게아닌데 (This Ain’t It) by Taeyang. But for some nice visuals, check out my second fave (and another English cover), John Legend’s All Of Me. 

Then of course, there’s the fact that he got into the composing game just like fellow member Woohyun. The song One Day on INFINITE’s 2016 album INFINITE Only was co-written by Hoya and was performed on music shows during promotions for 태풍 (The Eye). He also wrote and composed his own track 아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretending It’s Okay), which he performed on 4Things Show. This song seriously gets stuck in my head all the time and I really wish he’d upload a full version on his channel or that it might feature on an INFINITE/INFINITE H album in the future. On top of all of this, Hoya has always been involved in writing his own raps ~~


One of the first things I watched that had an INFINITE member in it was Reply 1997. And in that (incredible) drama, Hoya played Kang Joonhee. And that character was an ANGEL. He played the role so well, so convincingly. I really connected with his character and Hoya was praised a lot for his role. This is my absolute favourite scene of all time. Excuse me while I go cry. 

Hoya has also starred in: Reply 1994 (cameo as Joonhee), My Lovely Girl (alongside member Myungsoo), Mask and as a lead role in the movie Hiya. Currently he is in both Strong Family and Radiant Office. Despite the fact that Lee Howon is an awkward baby, his acting skills are A+++++ so pleeeeeease check out everything he has starred in so far. 


I feel like I got way too emo in this post, but genuinely I love Lee Howon so much and wish he was my best friend tbh. Here are some more things I think everyone needs to know about him: 

  • His sexy, R-rated solo stages. Okay so… these speak for themselves
  • His weird jokes that only he finds funny. Honestly, prime DadJoke material. 
  • Hoya’s passionate hard work. Not only does he dance and dance and dance some more, even to the point of injury (that happened because he danced too hard on an existing weak ankle to ‘impress everyone in the audience’) and well into the night, he also worked hard to speak in Seoul dialect so he could be easily understood by fans. 
  • Overwhelming love and affection for his fans. Everyone always says Woohyun is the fan service king in INFINITE and while that may be true, Hoya is definitely fierce competition. Just look at how many V Live broadcasts the boy has done, his Instagram stories and frequent updates, and the song he covered as a dedication to Inspirit. 
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members, whether it’s the gag-duo of Sunggyu + Hoya (HOBAK GOGYUMA), the affectionate Dongwoo + Hoya couple (INFINITE H), awkward bros Woohyun + Hoya, brother-like love Sungjong + Hoya…. he matches so well with every member in different ways. 
  • Those eyebrows, that jawline…. His visuals are no joke

And here concludes me pouring all my repressed Hoya feels into one long ass post. I really hope you all enjoy it and please love Lee Howon just a little bit more than you did before

‘What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they're not allowed to tell anyone)’

What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they’re not allowed to tell anyone)

I made these into short fics! It’s really long so here’s part 1! I hope you enjoy it!

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Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

This title is literally a Relient K song haha.
But hey it’s something!
I have a lot to do this weekend but I figured I owed you guys this

Title: Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: “ reader used to be a villain that worked for hydra because they were threatening her family (shes an experiment) but is trying to become a better person. she doesnt want to tell the avengers the reason she worked for hydra because she feels like its an excuse. cap is heartbroken that the girl he loves is beating herself up. ”
Word Count: 1,162
Warnings: mentions of possible death I guess?  

Your name: submit What is this?

            “Your parents,” Strucker practically spat as he tossed a manila folder into your lap.            

           It takes no more than a few seconds for you to open the folder. It’s your mom and dad shopping at the grocery store. They went every weekend, leaving you and your siblings to your own devices. This couldn’t have been taken more than a few days ago. Relief washes over you, seeing how healthy they were.

           Your hands tremble as you hold the pictures though, flipping through them and desperately trying to memorize every detail. You didn’t have much time to see them; you never had much time. HYDRA was sure to keep you focused on training your powers; family was just leverage. They were in HYDRA’s sights, but as long as you cooperated, they would be safe. That was the deal.

           "Time’s up,“ declared Strucker, snatching the precious folder from you. It’s handed off to another agent and you already feel like you’ve forgotten your parents’ face as he continues to speak.

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Chat out of the Bag - Miraculous Non-Spoiler Review

Heyo, my ladybugs and tomcats! 

In honor of Miraculous Twitter bombing day, I have arrived to give a thorough, non-spoiler review of Miraculous. I want to warn you all, that these are just all my personal thoughts on the show and opinion, but regardless, it is a wonderful show.

Gif Credit: @miraculousladybuggifs


If there’s something I love in a good TV Show, Movie, or Video Game, it’s a good plot. I’m sure that all if you can agree with me that having a good plot is imperative to having a great product. And I can tell you, that Hawkdaddy / Papapillon, our beloved Thomas Astruc, has created this masterpiece of a story.

The overall premise of the story, as told by Wikipedia is this:

Set in modern-day Paris the series focuses on a teenaged junior high school girl, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate, Adrien Agreste. When evil arises in Paris, Marinette transforms into ‘Ladybug’, while Adrien transforms into 'Chat Noir’.

However, neither know each other’s secret identities: Marinette doesn’t realise that her school crush, Adrien, is Chat Noir and Chat Noir doesn’t know that his partner and crush, Ladybug, is actually Marinette.

Together, they’re a crime-fighting duo who protect Paris against the mysterious villain, Hawk Moth and his akumas.

Now, you might be thinking, oh, it’s your average cliche romance story. It’s not. Of course, there are a lot of romantic elements inside this show, there is also plenty of action, suspense, and mystery. Each episode has it’s own mini-arc and ends usually pretty nicely. The ways that the episodes progress is also very unique and creative and I don’t think it has been done before in TV Series! Although, you’d have to watch it to find out what I mean :)

There are moments where this show rips my heart in two. This show can get depressing. This show can make you laugh. This show can make you scream (personal experience, I have video evidence because my friend apparently snapchatted me screaming, but that’s another story).

In conclusion of story, this show has an amazing story. It may not be perfect (always room for improvement, but this goes for all stories out there!), but it the one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve ever enjoyed so far


This is one of the few instances where I can get very invested into characters. This is one of those moments. Everyone loves a good character, someone they can relate to or someone they can look up to (for the young’uns). I myself, enjoy the characters on the show very much!

One thing I like about this show is how diverse the staff of characters there. The cast of characters we’re are introduced are all very multi-racial. Marinette, the protagonist of the show, is half Chinese (mother’s side) in addition to being French. Although Adrien is French, he is confirmed to be able to speak Chinese. At least two characters come from an Arabian Ancestry and there’s even more than I can’t name off the top of my head!

Not to mention that this is a mash of a French, Korean, and Japanese companies who are working together! Even Toei Animation!

It’s one thing to say that you feel for a character. There are moments where I actually felt so pained in one particular episode that for the entire day I felt like someone was strangling my heart. I just feel so attuned to them that I feel like I’m tethered to them, so every time they get hurt, I get hurt to. They’re just so relatable to me!


THIS SHOW HAS SOME GLORIOUS EYE-CANDY. I mean, just look at it! It’s absolutely AMAZING! HOW YOU NOT LIKE IT???

The battle scenes are so well choreographed and very well animated! I have to say that Miraculous has one of the most beautiful and utterly amazing CGI Animation that I have ever seen in Animated TV Show history.

LIKE WOW, IT IS SOME BEAUTIFUL SCENES. The emotions on the character’s faces are so expressive, even out of context you can tell what a certain character is feeling at one point in time! ITS AMAZING! The animation crew for this show really outdone themselves!

One of the few reasons I’ve been able to get into this show is because how beautiful the animation was. Believe it or not, I found Miraculous through a gifset of Chat Noir that my friend had reblogged. As soon as I saw it on my dash, I knew I had found something to look forward to. I was just so fascinated by how well animated that few seconds of Chat was that I was sucked into this fandom!

Voice Acting

The voice acting for this show is one thing I like about it! Although I have yet to hear the English VA’s (though I have heard their theme song), I am in love with both the Korean and French Voice Actors!

The Korean Dub is very expressive. They love to put all the little extra grunts and squeals in battle scenes. They also put a LOT of emotion into their character’s voices and some of are just so cute! The French Dub is very silky to listen to, I squee every time I heart Chat Noir’s French voice! Marinette’s French voices is so cute to listen to! French Plagg is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard the only thing I could think of when I heard his voice is like when people were auditioning for the Plagg VA they just hired a French Butler.


Miraculous’ theme song has the one of the most catchiest songs in the universe. As soon as I heard it, I realized how much I was going to love this show.

There are currently three different version of the theme song out there and I love them! All of them has to each it’s own qualities that make it a little different! The English Opening is very catching, especially if you speak English. My friend who did not even watch the show, told me that the OP got stuck in her head after I played it a couple times during class. The Korean version has a very unique trait added to them, that a K-Pop Band is singing the songs! And last be not least, the French version sounds like it has been recorded in heaven because those voices are hmmmmmmmm……..SO GOOD! A+

Also even, the two concept songs used in earlier productions is also extremely catchy like wow. Even the music that plays in the background is pretty good, but that OP is one to drag people in. Some ear-worms crawlin’ in your brain and it ain’t coming out anytime soon.


I just want to say that the Miraculous Community is probably the most unique fandom I’ve ever been part of. Of course, not to say we’re not a perfect fandom, but this one of the best fandoms I’ve ever been part of. Almost everyone who is part of the community is extraordinarily nice and kind. We’re also very respectful and the most important component: we love the show!

Because of Miraculous, for the first time in forever, I managed to really connect with other fans. In the past, I’ve never been able to connect with other fans of the things I liked. I mean once in awhile, I speak to someone with the same interest, but this is probably the first time I’ve been able to converse to someone about something I’m fangirling over with! There is also some AMAZING fanart and fanfiction floating around on tumblr and other websites!

I’ve sometime watched episodes together with other fans at the same time and having other people watching it at the same time is very exhilarating! It’s the first time I’ve been able to do that, and for once, I feel very included!

NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT HAWKDADDY (AKA Thomas Asturc, the creator of the show) ACTUALLY TAKES TIME TO CONVERSE WITH US LIKE WHAT. THERE WAS EVEN A TIME HE ACTUALLY JOINED US IN A CHATROOM AND LIKE THANKED US, THE FANS FOR LIKING THE SHOW LIKE WHAT. WHO DOES THAT? ONLY THE GREATS FANON DAD, HAWKDADDY DOES! Like, Hawkdaddy actually take the time to converse with the fans, answer questions (or watch us suffer with the magical words ‘No Spoilers’).


I have to say something when I say that this is the first time I’m so emotionally invested into a TV Show. The only other time I’ve been so utterly obsessed is the video game series, Kingdom Hearts, but this is the first time this has happened with a TV Series.

One thing to say, GO WATCH THIS SHOW. You will not regret watching this. It’s just so amazing in so amazing in different ways! The show, characters, and animation are brilliant! The music and the voice acting are just so pleasant to listen to! The Community is just an awesome bunch to hang with!

So in conclusion…





sorry not sorry for the long post :P

Top 10 K-Pop (2016 Edition!)

(These are DEFINITELY not in order, and I cheated many many times because I really couldn’t choose…)

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1. Can You Feel It/Gorilla - Pentagon
Look, I did not expect Pentagon, all right? I mean. I did. Because there was a debut date and a show and all that. But I did not expect to be so AFFECTED. I couldn’t choose between Gorilla and Can You Feel It, because they’re both SO GOOD. It’s my list, dammit. MY LIST.

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2. 21st Century Girl/Lie - BTS
The whole Wings album is absolutely phenomenal, and I’m so proud of all of Bangtan for making it, but my favorite tracks are 21st Century Girl and Lie. I loved 21st Century Girl from the first listen, it’s just such a bop and so fun and just yes. And Lie? Park Fucking Jimin? Stop. Stop it now. They let you write and perform your own song, and this is what happens? I’M SUING EVERYONE YOU’RE TOO GOOD PARK JIMIN.

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3. Skydive - B.A.P
Any B.A.P comeback will never fail to make my list, but I chose this one because it’s a throwback to classic B.A.P. The last few albums have been on the lighter, poppier side, and they’re great at that too, but this was definitely One Shot Pt. 2 in many ways, and they did it so, so well. Plus, that video? Ten minutes of cinematic awesomeness? I’m so on board its ridiculous.

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4. Queen - History
History are one of my favorite underrated groups (everyone listen to History please stan History stan talent stan magnificence). When I first heard this song I wasn’t sure what to think, to be honest! But it grew on me so fast, and it’s awesome how much of a leap they took from their usual “sound”. I like that they did something a little looser and dirtier.

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5. Stuck/Fighter - Monsta X
These two are just about tied for me. Fighter is definitely the best title track Monsta X has had so far, and the MV was so creative and strange and I love this whole thing they’re doing? And Stuck was my favorite song from Part 1, so I was absolutely tickled when it ended up being the second MV from that album. I’m a big fan of MVs that are just about the dance, and I loved every minute of that one.

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6. Good Luck - AOA
It’s preeeeeeeeetty weird that of the few girl groups I like, this one and this song made it onto my list. But! The vocals are fuckin’ SWEET and the video is so fun and it’s just CATCHY AS SHIT. It’s actually stuck in my head right now, just because I thought about it. That’s happening. Good job, ladies.

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7. No F.U.N/Chuck/Boom Boom/Very Nice - Seventeen
2016 will go down as the year I finally let Seventeen overtake me completely. I resisted for so long, and now I’m here in the dumpster with the rest of you fine folks. I included four songs on this list because one thing I’ve discovered is that not only are Seventeen’s title tracks amazing, their other cuts are some of the best kpop songs I’ve heard. No F.U.N and Chuck in particular are two of my most favorite songs, now. Seventeen presents such a unique sound and I’m so here for it.

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8. Bermuda Triangle (feat. Crush & Dean) - Zico
Okay. Okay. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m very aware that Zico is a human dumpster fire. But this song is just so. Fucking. Good. I’ve never been a big fan of Dean, but his parts in this song are my jam. Such a great convergence of talent happening here.

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9. Aphrodite - B.I.G
PLEASE LOVE B.I.G. THEY WANT TO LOVE YOU TOO. Aphrodite is a great, great track. The chorus melody is incredible, the vocals are fantastic (as always with B.I.G PLEASE LOVE THEM), and the video was well shot and perfect for the song. I hope they get more recognition in the future, because they completely deserve it.

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10. Monster - EXO
Just when I was starting to think I was done with EXO, Monster happened, and totally sucked me back in. SIGH. It was so unexpected for me, after their recent previous releases, that they would go for a sound like this, but they totally nailed it and I love this song hard. EXO, I’m sorry I doubted you. Thanks for proving me wrong. <3

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Boombayah - Blackpink
This. Is. My. Jam. I love these girls so much.

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Fire Truck - NCT 127
My love for this is less about the song itself than the fact that it introduced me to these talented, cute sons of bitches.

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I’ll tag @runkairun, @lulublu1014, @starscall, @kwon-ji-yongie, @ilikemysugasalty :)

the future significant others of seventeen members (110% my personal predictions)
  • **so i just wanted to get this down somewhere as sort of like an i suppose, prediction and hopes(??) for the future girlfriends (or hey! maybe boyfriends) of seventeen members and this is 110% my opinion!!! ((i'll be referring to the significant others as females since at this point, nothings been said to prove that they're not straight))
  • Seungcheol: leADER OF THE TROOP who's also a kid on the inside - his s/o would be someone who probably doesn't identify as introverted or extroverted but someone dead set in the middle, she'll be caring with random goofy sides to her and when she laughs she laughs with her whole body, she probably would throw her head back too, i have a feeling she'd love shopping and eating street food with s. coups and she'd give off this warm aura that doesn't necessarily draw your full attention to her but it's enough to acknowledge her happy presence and smile // the relationship would probably be full of activities, they'd have fun everywhere they go and lazy days wouldn't be very often, they'd be the couple known for having dozens of crazy & silly candid couple pictures ((and yes i think they'd totally wear couple t-shirts)) and their relationship would probably include a lot of planning but then giving up and just winging things
  • Jeonghan: jeonghan tho, jeonghan, this literal angel - his s/o would be a flower enthusiast, i see her wearing pastel but on bad days opting for darker shades and sweatpants, she'll be reserved and fairly quiet but blossoms like a rose once you get to know her, she probably listens to classical music and also really loves kpop girl groups, i also think that she'd have a sweet tooth and may have a huge thing for really really REALLY nice shoes or purses and she would constantly post photos of her doing jeonghan's hair or him making faces and they'd probably share the same conditioner let's be real here // i think that the relationship would be quite slow & very easy going at first but when they get to a significant point of commitment, they'd be everywhere, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, you can't escape this
  • Joshua: does anyone even deserve joshua, he's too good for this world - his s/o would be super sweet like a slice of strawberry cake, i see her as rosy cheeked with a slight geeky side who probably plays piano or violin, perhaps even cello and would love to learn how to play the guitar from joshua, she'd be a bundle of joy (this sounds like i'm talking about a baby omg) and her perspective on life is so gentle and welcoming you could sit in awe just listening to her talk about things she's curious about, she reminds me of a quiet coffee store with books and tiny plants everywhere soaking in the warm sunshine // i think the relationship would be very honest and gentle and they'd be the cute couple you see at carnivals that kind of stare up at the rides at sundown while sitting on a bench with smiles on their faces and your parents would love him and his would love her
  • Jun: mr. wushu-boy probably has ladies lining up just to look at his face, aNYWAYS - his s/o would come off as a slightly tedious person in the very beginning but would probably be a super funny person, i see her as someone who likes sports but isn't very good at them, her go to shoes would probably be sneakers, she's someone who you wouldn't immediately love until you had a good conversation and sense of who she is and wants to be, she probably would be the type who would prefer jun to lay his head on her rather than the other way // the relationship would include trying a lot of new things and i think they'd probably both would get hardcore obsessed with something together, they'd be the couple you see at random trinket stores laughing and taking pictures with/of funny and cute lil items but then not buying anything ((or on the rare occasion, one thing each))
  • Hoshi: i pray that hoshi will find the most adorable, boisterous and happy lil ball of sunshinE - i see her as someone who wears colourful clothing (not necessarily neon), she probably has resting nice face and is fairly lazy but will do things with the right amount
  • of motivation, she probably has a big thing for cute animals ((if you ever watched marriage not dating, i imagine she'd be a shorter & louder version of jangmi!!)) and you'd probably associate her to the colours green and pink // they'd probably have some sort of synced up scale for their levels of hype, like they'd both be lazy and tired but then would be excited and jumpy about something they both equally love, they'd be the couple that does everything together and act like best friends in love
  • Wonwoo: wHOEVERGETSTODATETHISBOY is2g you've been blessed by the gods above - i see his girl as someone who prefers long sleeves to short sleeves but the occasional tank top, she'd probably love the colour blue or purple, she'd be a hard worker but knows when to take a break, she'd have two sides; her bored-staring-off-into-space side and then her adorable giddy restless face-pulling side, i'm so sure she'd always have candy or food in her bag and she'd probably would love to travel everywhere and holding hands with wonwoo would be her favourite thing to do // they'd probably be a low-key couple in public but do crazy weird-butt things when alone or with the other members, they'd be a loving pairing with so much respect for the other and probably likes night walks and yEs she'd steal his sweaters all the time, they're couple name would be 'mr and mrs sweater paws'
  • Woozi: wooziwooziwoozi, his girl would get woozi with love ((that didn't make sense ok moviNG ON)) - his significant other would probably loves sleep and cereal at night, i see her as someone who always is wrapped up in her blanket at home, she'd be someone who'd get chilly easily (woozi would probably hold her hands in his hands like a lil ball of warmth i wANT THIS TO HAPPEN PLEASE) and she'd always have a cardigan everywhere (she'd probably have a few sweaters in the cabinet in the pledis practice room and at the dorms) & she'd be a blazing hot fireball, like woozi she'd probably give off the impression of being younger than she actually is but is a tough lil bee who probably really likes fruit and gets her way // these two would probably judge everyone together like they'd be that couple who someone who ask a really stupid question to and they'd just stare at the guy with no expression until he leaves and then casually go back into their conversation, they'd be a very honest couple and would fix problems head on before spiralling out of their control
  • Seokmin: nobody ever rain on this boy's parade okAy okay. - his s/o would most likely be equally sunny as dk is and is someone who used to be insecure but has for the most part fought and won against her insecurities, you'd probably associate her with a sunny and bright day, she may be a either a dangerously good baker or a really crappy one who's meanest dish is a fruit salad but i know that she'd love dk unconditionally, she'd be 110% committed to the relationship, she'd probably drink tea all the time especially with added slices of lemon, she'd have a rose-glass tinted outlook on everything, she'd be a very positive thinker who tries very hard to never be negative, she's a self improver and probably loves buying cute korean makeup items & has shelves full of them in her bathroom // they'd probably have random dance parties to upbeat songs while cooking dinner and dk would spin her around before reaching behind her to try the pasta, THIS RELATIONSHIP I SWEAR TO GOD WILL BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A PICTURE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH PHOTO EVIDENCE ON REGULAR OCCASIONS when will this happen, they'd also probably get matching bracelets that aren't the cheesiest thing ever but almost, just almost
  • Mingyu: if he doesn't adopt a puppy with his s/o i will cry - mingyu's s/o would be a go-getter but with some shy moments, i see her as someone who's still figuring her ambitions in life, she probably has a decent amount of friends and doesn't have only one best friend in particular, she'd never be able to pass by a pet shop without looking at the animals inside, she'd have a calming purplish aura that radiates off of her, she'd be someone you want to tell all your secrets to because she gives off the impression that she's trustworthy and don't worry, she is!! but maybe a little forgetful but either way, she's still oh-so lovable, she'd strike me as someone who would get mingyu random gifts, whatever reminds her of him she'd buy for him and she would always share her food with him but would be stingy arounds others if very hungry, i think she'd probably be into photography too or some sort of technical art skill // they'd be known as the couple who always goes into photo booths, they probably have like 50 strips of that stuff but it's okay because they pull the funniest faces and sometimes seventeen members photobomb and they turn out great, they'd have a go with the flow but steady going relationship and would probably start out as good friends
  • Minghao: mY lil bundle of cuteness and bboying skills - i think that the girl he'll end up with would be someone quite reserved, she'd be very into taking selfies tho and probably would be really into k-dramas or anime, she'd be the opposite of stuck up and would be the most helpful human bean in the world, she'd probably be shorter than minghao and if she doesn't know chinese, she'd learn it so that she could communicate with him and his family members better, she'd be someone who zones out constantly and is giggly and ticklish, she would also have a weird appetite ranging from eating a few bites to eating a few plates, she probably really likes her coffee sweet, she'd be patient and would make minghao laugh all the time, she may not be the most confident but would stand up for what she believes in and if someone's being hurtful or hateful she wouldn't be one to stand on the side but yet she wouldn't be one to fight, she'd be a peaceful person who people always underestimate // this relationship would probably need to last a while before marriage is even in the question, they're both ones to enjoy life one step at a time, they'd be the couple who you sometimes forget about but when you do see pictures, you wouldn't be able to stop scrolling for at least an hour
  • Seungkwan: boonon boonon boonon - his girl would be hilarious, she probably would come from a family with siblings and share the same family morals as seungkwan does, she was probably a really good student, she knows how to entertain an audience but may not necessarily be the first one to volunteer for that job, she probably prefers to listen to music out loud rather than through earphones unless in quiet public places, she'd be a reader but with little time to sit down with a book, she'd probably be the funnest person to bring to the supermarket because you know you'd be going home with multiple fun items and she'd be the most inviting person, she'll never make anyone feel left out from a conversation or party and loves making others laugh // they'd be a couple to watch out for in the streets, they'd probably be the type to swing their arms together rEAlly high up before realising so after a few minutes or an accidental hit, they'd be the cute couple you see at a cafe sitting across from one another laughing at a funny story while sharing a piece of dessert and love in their eyes (this made me gag slightly, love is such an emotional subject ew okay)
  • Vernon: pULL up on yOu waCKs witH A MAC FULLY LOADED i had to i'm so sorry - first things first, i'm so sure his s/o would be clumsy, she'd be someone who wouldn't take everything seriously, probably relatively chill at first glance until a few days later and you see the real side of her and you want to sit her down and stay still, she may not listen to a lot of hip hop but would gladly learn the lyrics alongside him for fun, she'd probably be fairly lazy but then again i think hansol is too, i think she'd be someone who's very deep but doesn't show it at first, she would constantly share daily happenings with seventeen fans that want to know, she'd be a friend to all of the seventeen fans and would probably be forced onto multiple andromedas by seungkwan who states that 'the number of viewers go up when you're on the show' but it's mainly you groaning because they're making you do the weirdest things and they won't let you sit next to hansol (bc they're mean) but eventually they would after fans pester the chat box // they probably stay in 60% of the time that's spent together, when they do go out from the comfort of their home(s) it's usually to get food for the next few days so that they don't need to leave that often, they'd be a relationship full of embraces and late night conversations, also expect embarrassing photos from his s/o, she'll post 'em all
  • Lee Chan: our lil maknae (he's barely older than me but he's my lil cutie pie) his s/o would either be someone who's life is dance or who doesn't dance at all and he'd be okay with both, she'd be a casual dresser for the most part, music would probably be a big part of her life, she'd be thoughtful and a cheery well rounded person who knows her priorities in life, she would someone who is slightly scared to make significant changes in her life and may need some persuasion and pushes from chan, she's the type of person you'd come home after a long day to and she'd have all your favourite food in the kitchen for you to choose and she'd be very understanding and would give chan space if he needed it without getting hurt about it, she'd also be super playful, her energy is never ending and she probably absolutely loves going to parks such as disneyland or any places with rides and a nice scenery for her instagram feed // i think they'd be the couple you always see side by side, shoulder by shoulder, they'd probably wouldn't even realise how close they are till someone points it out and they'd get flustered and try to laugh it off, they'd be a young couple who wants their relationship to really work and would only get comfortable showing it after a few months or so
Baby, It's Cold Outside

(What a creative title, am I right?)

Request: I adored the holiday Pan imagine, and wanted to know if you could write one where y/n has been keeping Pan company since he got to storybrooke, and they’ve gotten close. Y/n has to leave and they have a “Baby it’s cold outside” style argument?

Rating: K+

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

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My Top 15 Kpop Songs of 2015

This is just a little post (which got too long) about my fav kpop songs of 2015. I just thought it was a cool little idea and I wanted to kind of document them for myself. It’d be awesome if others did this too I think because I love finding out what people’s fav kpop songs are so I can discover new ones! ^^ There are a whole bunch of songs I loved this year which didn’t make it on here, but I think that’s just because it’s been such a crazy good year for Kpop actually, but yeah…

15. Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk and DOK2 - Parachute
The only reason this one is at no. 15 is because I only discovered it a few days, but it’s already just one of my favourites and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. It’s such a chill song that’s so easy to listen to, and the guy’s voice really suits the beat. I definitely recommend checking out this song if you haven’t and like slower, chill, rap songs!

14. MONSTA X - Hero
Monsta X was definitely my favourite rookie group of the year, and I’m totally obsessed with all of their songs. ‘Hero’ is probably my favourite though; the beat’s great and the juxtaposition of rapping and singing worked really well imo. I haven’t checked out much of their promotional/variety appearances this year but they seem like cool guys too, and I look forward to what they release next year and in the future!

13. Red Velvet - Cool World
Sadly this song doesn’t have an mv. The whole Red album was soooo good in my opinion (better than I was expecting it to be) but this song really stuck out to me. I like the fact that, out of the album, it’s probably the least ‘in your face’ out of them all. I kinda like the slower side to Red Velvet with ‘Automatic’ and ‘Be Natural’ some of my fav songs by them, so I’m looking forward to their Velvet album if they end up sticking with that kinda concept!

12. TTS - I Like The Way
This song is so new yet I’ve listened to it so much. I really liked TTS’ Christmas album … like, a lot. I actually think I liked it more than EXO’s tbh because it felt more Christmassy. This song is my favourite though just because of how funky it is. It makes you wanna dance and sing along at the top of your lungs, and tbh I like the way this song makes me feel! >.<

11. GAIN - Paradise Lost
It took me a while to get into this song. At first when I listened to it and heard like the organ music I was like ‘wtf??’ but over time it grew on me. In part because of how different it is to a lot of the music Kpop produces - variety’s always a good thing. Gain’s voice works for this sort of song really well, I think. And that dance tho.

10. Infinite - Walk to Remember
I never listened to Infinite before because I found it really hard to enjoy their music, and that’s still kind of true for their older stuff. But their mini album Reality this year just blew me away. I absolutely loved it and listened to it pretty much every day when I was on my field trip in Spain. This song was my favourite, I think because it’s a bit slower and chilled out (which I think tends to always be my kinda jam tbh) but also because of the lyrics. They seem to tell a really sweet story about the boy’s journey which I think is really endearing!

9. Primary ft. Choa and Iron - Don’t Be Shy
This song~~ I absolutely adore this song. The mix of that kind of reggae beat with Choa’s soft and husky voice is just so fucking good. I think her voice is more suited to this sort of music and I wish she got to be in more stuff like this. And it was great of Primary to notice her range and feature her on this song too. Absolutely great song, and deserves more views imo.

8. f(x) - 4 Walls
Man, I was so looking forward to the f(x) comeback this year, and it didn’t disappoint. I think 4 Walls was the best track to title the album too, in all honesty. And I really enjoyed listening to it on repeat for a loooong time. I don’t really listen to it that much anymore because I overplayed it, but I still like it. The song (and album) mostly reminds me of a lot of music that used to play in the UK in the 90s (especially Rude Love that song completely takes me back somehow) which is pretty sweet tbh. I don’t understand the video though and I don’t think I’ve watched it that many times: I prefer the live stages with the dance!

7. AOA - Really Really
I’m a big fan of AOA: they’re one of my top girl groups tbh and I pretty much love anything they do. I love their title tracks and mv’s but I think they’re best songs are always album tracks. This song is my favourite ever AOA song and I listen to it all the time, especially when I’m sad. As Jimin’s my bias I really love her bits in this song, but I also love that they all get a moment to shine in it to. Such a lovely song and I really hope that they’ll one day perform it live.

6. IU - Twenty Three
This album was so good I think I really loved every song. This song was a great title though as it’s really catchy and gets stuck in your head. I can’t say the video is bad either, although I heard it got a lot of controversy? But I liked it nonetheless! It’s a very cute song with hints of sophistication in it too, which I think was what she was trying to get across!! Love it!

5. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - I
I dunno how long everyone’s been waiting for a Taeyeon solo but it feels like forever. I loved the tone of the album as a whole and I think every song has it’s place and time, but this song totally deserved all the praise and love it got and more! Such a beautiful song with a calm beat that melts perfectly with Taeyeon’s strong voice. It’s just such a beautiful concept, and the music video too is gorgeous. If I could sing I’d be belting this out day and night tbh.

4. GOT7 - If You Do
GOT7 is a really strong band and I think they’re gonna do really well. I started listening to them last year and got really hooked on ‘Stop It Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’ but I’m not gonna lie there are a lot of songs by GOT7 that just miss the mark with me so I don’t really listen to them that much all things considered. ‘Just Right’ as well was very cute but still kinda repetitive and got boring after a while (no matter how much I loved the video and the meaning of the song) but if they’re gonna start to go more in the way of ‘If You Do’ then I am beyond excited! This is their best song, I think, and I can’t get enough of it even now. It’s a more mature sound which I think suits them honestly, and I’m glad because I love them as people and I so wanna be in love with their music too!!

3. Big Bang - Loser
Top 3 were hard to choose, but I think this song deserves its place. Big Bang is undoubtedly one of the strongest bands in Kpop, and I think it’s impossible to argue that they aren’t influential and talented. I, for one, like a lot of their music. A lot of it I don’t. That happened with their album this year too, but more than any of their other albums so far I liked the majority of the songs. ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Sober’ and ‘Loser’ were the top contenders for my favourite but ‘Loser’ took the edge simply for the vocals in it. I’m a sucker for the vocalists in Big Bang and I love their voices and the emotion they express in this song. It’s really just beautiful.

2. GARY ft. Miwoo - Get Some Air
Yes, I found out about Gary through Running Man, and yes I only started listening to it recently, but man have you heard this song?? It’s fucking insanely beautiful. I can’t get enough of it, and I can totally understand why Gary was so proud of it. The singing from Miwoo is stunning and Gary’s rapping is on point and just !!!! I’m so in love with this song, and I wish it had all the recognition it deserves. Gary’s quickly becoming one of my favourite K-artists now tbh. Absolutely perfect.

1. EXO - El Dorado
I’m an EXO blog for a reason. It couldn’t have been any other song than this for the no. 1 spot as much as I tried to think it might have been possible to choose another. This song just got to me so hard as soon as I heard it. I think it’s what really made me fall for EXO because before this song I’d kinda been like ‘yh EXO are okay I kinda like their songs’ but now I’m convinced their the best pop artists to like grace the Earth!! =P I don’t even know why it’s so important to me this song but it just so is. I love the beat, the backing track, the little ‘boop boop’s throught - it’s all amazing. I mean, if I had to choose the main reason it’d be a toss up between the fantastic vocals (mainly speaking about Soo here but also Baek’s high note and Chen’s in the M version too) and the lyrics. I’m a sucker for the lyrics of this song because I love how they tell a story. It makes me want to go on an epic journey with them across seas and countries… although in some ways I guess we kinda are, which might be the point. This will forever be my favourite EXO song.