this song is so tragic

taylor swift’s soft vocals on songs like safe & sound, sad beautiful tragic and this love are SO underrated and SO comforting honestly every time i listen to those songs i feel like taylor swift herself is wrapping me up in a warm blanket and singing me to sleep

☽  song shuffle meme.

i got tagged bay @simsandthensome! ayee, who wants to see just how much of a mess my playlist is. 

rules: shuffle some music, list 10 songs and tag 10 people. 

  1. horchata - vampire weekend 
  2. hikaru nara - goose house 
  3. no reason - sum 41 
  4. runaways - all time low 
  5. ninelie - aimaer feat. egoist 
  6. fame < infamy - fall out boy 
  7. the sharpest lives - my chemical romance
  8. nandemonaiya - radwimps 
  9. last dance - one ok rock 
  10. nicotine - panic! at the disco 

i guess i have to tag ten people? *eyes mutuals* : @nerdiesimmer, @amixofpixels, @berrysim, @plumbobulous, @catlover800, @gilded-phoenix, @shipofsims, @cuteplumbbies, @plumnamedbob & @samantha8982

rwby fans: aw arkos is so tragic :( oh this song on the ost is ALL ABOUT renora my ship is confirmed <3 and all these blacksun, arctic ocean, and glynda/ironwood hints too! and don’t winter and qrow TOTALLY have so much chemistry together

other fans: hey it’d be cool if a guy mentioned he liked guys or something offhandedly one time maybe

rwby fans, with no concept of lgbt+ people not being in a relationship: why… does it have to be about romance… i’m here for the fight scenes not the ships…. ugh… shippers, am i right



There’s a song for every occasion.
Maybe songs you like on vacation.
Whether love or fear; sadness or hate,
There’s a song for it at any rate.

There’s a perfect song for every moment.
Songs with verses and many components.
Songs that often lead to magic.
Songs about death or things so tragic.

There’s a perfect song for every emotion.
Whether screamed out loud or softly spoken,
You’ll always find the perfect harmony,
With catchy beats and matching melody.

There’s a song for every heartbreak.
There’s a song for your special soul mate.
There’s a song for lust and passion.
There’s a song to dance in fashion.
Songs that lead to healing.
Songs which trigger feelings.
Songs which bring a memory.
Songs which elicit misery.

Music has always been the perfect release.
Through the words of another; your mind is at peace.
Someone you can relate to; someone who said it best.
Your favorite song at times may help you find some rest.

Nobody But You, a queer 20′s/30′s mix by 221bees

Don’t Wake Me Up Let Me Dream - Howard Lanin’s Orchestra / I Don’t Want Nobody But You - Park Lane Orchestra / Masculine Women! Feminine Men! - Irving Kaufman / You’re The Cream In My Coffee - Jack Hylton’s Orchestra / Chicago Breakdown - Louis Armstrong / Concentratin’ (On You) - Connie Boswell / There Ain’t No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears - Bix Biederbecke & Bing Crosby / Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra / Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out - Bessie Smith / Basin Street Blues - Cab Calloway / After You’ve Gone - Fats Waller & Benny Payne

End of an Era
  • Music: *changes song*
  • Me: *is hardly paying attention*
  • Music: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Music: One last cue-
  • Me: *Soft yet fast inhale*
  • Me: *spazzes out to skip song while internally screaming NO repeatedly

do you ever just listen to a song that just really hits home or it’s just so beautiful and you can’t do anything other than just sit there and be completely enraptured by it and do that silent kind of crying where it’s just tears falling down your face and nothing else

pls reblog if u mainly post any of these fandoms because my dash is dead lmao and i’ll check out ur blog!!

  • shadowhunter chronicles
  • the lunar chronicles
  • the winners trilogy
  • the song of achilles
  • the young elites
  • i’ll give you the sun
  • aristotle and dante
The Two Kings, Etoken Playlist

If you’re a sinner like me and you love Etoken, this playlist called The Two Kings is for you. A tracklist made up of obsessive/masochistic love, desires to rule the world and “I love you but I wanna kill you” type of songs. 

● What Have You Done by Within Temptation.
● My Sweet Prince by Placebo.
● My Obsession by Cinema Bizarre.
● Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons.
● Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica.
● Heroes by TV On The Radio.
● Bang Bang by Cellos ft Sky Ferreira.
● Just A Little Girl by Trading Yesterday.
● Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless.


On that lonely night
We said it wouldn’t be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe it was only us
[X]  - Earned It by The Weeknd


(+ wonderful crew)
Last Man Standing (a song from Beth to Daryl)
Official lyric video for "Last Man Standing". Inspired by AMC's THE WALKING DEAD. Written by Megan Duke. Music by David J Adkins. Recorded by David J Adkins ...

Hey guys! 

I guess there’s no going back once I reveal who I really am, but my name is Megan Duke (aka rednecksaints on Instagram). I wrote this song because Beth and Daryl’s story was so tragic and so beautiful, I had to get my feels out. This is for all of you on the Bethyl ship. 

Hope you like it! xx