this song is so redglare

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Hey toasty! I'm thinking Sledge Hammer by Squalloscope and the Handmaid would be perfect for each other. Alternately, Redglare and Big Houses, also by Squalloscope. (WtNV has impacted my music choice okay.)

And they told us not to clap
And we clap as loud as we can
Because the reverb in those holy halls is like a long-lost friend

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Does anyone else have the headcanon that the Grand Highblood purposefully allowed Reglare to get killed? We see that one panel where Redglare is wearing a Signless pendant, which means she was a follower. If the Subjugglators found that out, they would want her dead. So I like the idea that she was a secret activist working within the system and when he was tipped off, the Grand Highblood loaded up the courtblock with lowbloods specifically to let Mindfang control them. She’s smart, so she would have realized what he was doing immediately and took full advantage of it. Idk I like the theory cause it makes Redglare more than just a failed lawyer. There was clearly a lot more to her than met the eye and by making the trial/execution a deliberate plan it makes her death much more meaningful.

It looks like the Ancestral album is probably going to do something similar to Beforus and create an expanded plot for the characters in their second disc so hopefully we get some cool Redglare feelings songs!

I just love Redglare so much.