this song is so good everyone listen!

I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out,“ she told Lowe. "And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde talking about how Liability was inspired by Rihanna’s ‘Higher’


↳ everyone
↳ hi this is RM (in english)
↳ you’re looking forward to spring day and not today right?
↳ are you wondering what the title is?
↳ not today… spring day…
↳ In fact, it doesn’t really matter what one
↳ I like them both
↳ and because a lot of my input is in both so it’s ok
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ 😭❤️️
↳ stay tuned for the new album (in english)
↳ getting ready for the concert & tour (in english)
↳ the kids are practicing now too
↳ anyway please anticipate it a lot everyone. I will continue to write good songs in the future
↳ I’m always grateful
↳ be careful of the cold
↳ no cold plz armys (in english)
↳ dont catch a cold (?) (in japanese)
↳ 😘
↳ and and I wanted to say something I didn’t before
↳ I’m really grateful we can talk excitedly like this before the songs are released
↳ I believe a lot of people will listen
↳ I can talk about it. I’m always grateful and so happy
↳ thx for giving me the chance to say (in english)
↳ stay tuned for our new album & concert (in english)
↳ thts because i rlly believe that so many ppl who (in english)
↳ will listen to you album after it comes out (in english)
↳ such a great honour as a musician (in english)
↳ and a performer. rlly happy. love you guys give all my glory (in english)
↳ to you (in english)
↳ lets be happy more often

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

I just can’t stop thinking about Jack singing. Cause I am a *sucker* for good voices.

Just, imagine Jack actually enjoying like random chill indie bands, and really old stuff like the Beatles style as well as old country (he’s into softer, slower songs). Like everyone gives him crap for not know current pop figures, but he knows obscure bands and oldies. Like Jack probs uses BandCamp.

Anyways, this boy has a beautiful voice (and so do both of his parents). He doesn’t sing often, and he usually only does it alone cause thats the only time when he really listens to music that he knows and enjoys anyways. He also hums a lot an sings softly when he jogs at the asscrack of dawn.

SO because Jack is a private man, it’s not often that others hear him sing, or even know he sing. Lardo and Shitty both know, as Shitty is his roomie and Lardo is low-key too and knows when not to chirp Jack. They both share a love of chill indie bands and recommend songs to each other a lot. Like just a random text to each other will just be like

Lardo: “Daylight - Matt & Kim”
Jack: cool thanks

When Bitty and Jack start dating, Bitty doesn’t know about Jack singing, or his taste in music, but he finds out one morning when he pads into the bathroom in Jack’s *cough* their *cough* apartment and Jack is showering and he’s playing music and singing.

Bitty just like, his heart melts. And he just listens and stays there real quiet until Jack gets out. He jumps a bit and flushes when he sees the lovey look on Bitty’s face.

After that they have like a long chat about music taste and Bitty tells Jack they should listen to his stuff more, cause normally Bitty just controls the music cause he didn’t really know what Jack listened to, but now they take turns and Bitty actually likes that style a bit too sometimes.

To sum it all up, Jack being 110% himself around Bitty and very relaxed and being able to belt out songs in the cars with Beyonce on and also like have the sexiest, smoothest voice when calmer songs are on. Boyfriends just being cute and singing together and Jack serenading Bitty probably and slow dancing in the kitchen and ahhhhhhhh!

steveaoki: I wish I could hug everyone that listened streamed downloaded on iTunes to make this number 1!!! told friends tweeted facebooked IGed called radio stations to play our song supported in any way possible!!! Thank you thank you thank you a million times a million ways. Thank you!!!!! This means the world to me and@louist91!! We love u guys so much!!! 41 countries in the first few days. I still can’t believe it. Someone pinch me!!! #justholdon🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Mark Lee is doing so much as a 17 year old just to achieve his dreams.

He was introduced in SMROOKIES at the age of fourteen, debuted twice when he was 16 and just as he turned 17, he debuted again as a leader. The first time he debuted in NCT U, Mark helped to write the lyrics to their debut song. He came out here with a verse and flow so good that everyone who heard the song was shocked and then even more shocked to find out that a 16 year old was the one who possessed all that skill. In NCT 127, Mark helped write the lyrics to the title song as well, with another iconic rap, then in that same album he helped write the lyrics to Mad City, the song that has everyone who listened to it on edge and eager to hear more. Mark delivered such skill in those songs I’m still amazed that he was 16. Just some days after he turned 17, he debuted a third time and once again wrote lyrics to the song but this time he didn’t write it in only Korean, but in Mandarin as well. I’m pretty sure he’s not fluent in Mandarin so he had to learn, mark sure his grammar was correct and ensure that his lines were rhyming and had a good flow. Mark did all that. Not to mention that those units were back to back, he debuted 3 times back to back with very little break. Mark undoubtedly gave up a regular sleeping schedule, a normal life hanging with friends, getting a regular education, years of spending holidays with family and relaxing together, so that he can fulfil his dreams. While some members would be doing promotions with one unit, Mark would have to do promos with all three, he’d have to perform all three songs, and if the schedule included once again and mad city then mark would have to perform 5 songs. Mark is really out here pulling thru all this handwork, at the young age of 17 just to achieve his dreams and goals. Mark is literally the definition of ‘work towards your dreams’. He’s never given up, he’s taken on the challenge of 3 units back to back and not once during a performance has he half assed it, nooo, Mark Lee puts so much energy and strength and determination into every single performance you can never tell if he’s tired. 

One day while he was a tiny, the thought ‘I want to be a rapper’ came into baby Mark’s head and every since then, he has worked towards it and has never given up. Mark Lee has made so many sacrifices to reach his dreams not even I think I can be that committed to achieving my own dreams. I’m just still so shocked that Mark Lee is only 17, and has done and given up so much for something he wants. He had the aspiration of something, and he’s paved his own way for it. I don’t think words can explain how proud I am to be supporting him. I am always going to support him 100% in everything he’s doing cause i know he’s making so many sacrifices and has gone thru so much just to live his dreams, he’s only 17 but he’s such an admirable person.
Mark Lee is truly a blessing and an amazing role model to any and everyone.

we dont talk about it enough but el tango de roxanne from moulin rouge honestly??? goes?? so??? fucking??? hard??? like at the beginning of that number im breathin kinda unevenly, then i start panting, and by the end of the song im screamin at the top of my lungs but i dont even realize it?? and then the song ends and everyone is like “damn why were you just screamin at the top of your lungs?” and im like “sorry i was listening to el tango de roxanne” and they’re like “oh shit fair enough”  

It’s February 14th 2017 :Today is the day:

Today when Dan releases the new NSP jam I will be at work. But you should go listen to it anyway. And buy it. Support him. Support Brian. Support TWRP. We’ll do a week-of, later, but for now…

Here’s a good Dan song\remix to listen to today: Heat of the Moment ft. Game Grumps by IAGO

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Strider: What’s Over Here? -Part 5

For your Dan fact today: Dan has said that loving yourself is so very important. And he gets frustrated with the way media portrays love, as “finding your other half”, and wanted to impart that it’s not about two halves coming together- it’s about two whole people coming together, and loving each other. Love yourself. Dan loves you. You should love you, too.

Love everyone.
Forgive everyone.
Especially yourself.


Lastly, when asked what advice she would give to young artists who are trying to break into the music business, Swift said: “When you are trying to shop for a label deal, never use the phrase ‘I sound just like [another famous artist]’. Don’t say that to the labels. They’ll say ‘Well, we already have those big-name artists [so we don’t need to sign you]’. For young artists, try to sound original, so you don’t sound like anyone else. If you write your own songs that’s good, but if it’s not your thing don’t force it. Not everyone’s able to do it. Also, it’s important to realize, that once you get signed and release your album, you’re competing on the charts with all the established artists. A year ago I would just be listening to Miranda Lambert’s album (as a fan) — now I’m competing with her and other artists on the charts.” 

I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out. And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde to Zane Lowe during her Beats 1 interview on Liability
Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

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Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

Ride Or Die (Bobby x Reader)

Requested by anon. This is based by the bomb song gangsta by kehlani so you can listen to it while reading or you can’t. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ikonis

You were always attracted by the dark side, even though you grew up in a good home with loving parents, there was just a calling in you that you wanted to feel that type of adrenaline.

You got your way around the “dark side” kind of quickly, turns out they accept new members very easily. Even though at first you had no clue of how things worked, you found him. His name was Jiwon but everyone called him Bobby, a gangster that caught your eye as soon as he walked in.He taught you everything. How to fight, how to hold a gun, how to fire a gun, he was your teacher and your lover.

He could see that spark in you, you were made for this type of life, he called you his rose.

“Beautiful but spiky”

He explained one time when you asked him. You’ve had relationships in the past and they were great, this was different. It was a feeling you could never explain, he got you to places that no one knows, you were hooked on him and those type of feelings. A love of a gangsta was the most wonderfull thing you ever got to experience.Soon you became one of them. You were by his side, his second in command, ride or die. Some of them complained and a lot of them lost some type of limb, but hey it’s all in the game right?


“What happened?”

He asked as he walked in on your room. You were currently getting undressed, deep down you knew that he was mad as soon as you heard his footsteps but you prayed he just wanted to see you.

“I missed them, shit happens”

One of the reasons that Jiwon trusted you was that you always got the job done, it came to him as a brick in the face when they told him what went wrong. He came in hoping that you would prove all of them wrong, but you just admitted it

”(y/n) this was an important job, how did you let this happen?“

"I’m a fucking human being Bobby, did you forget that?”

You were already beating yourself for your wrong moves, having your man on your back about it was even worse. He understood your mood as soon as you called him Bobby, you always called him Jiwon, you were the only one allowed to call him that.

He slowly approached you as you put on a pair of new pants. He hugged you from the back and kissed your naked shoulder, very close to your bra strap. His cologne and a sense of smoke took over your nose and made your whole body relax a little bit.

“It’s okay, we all make mistakes”


Things have gotten out of control again. You told Bobby he shouldn’t have trusted Chul for this, he got distracted and now everyone was fighting for their life. Basically, you got jumped because Chul chased a pretty lady instead of having your back.


You heard Mino. You swiftly turned around and saw Jiwon struggling to get out of someone’s grip. As you got closer you saw it was Hyuk, the leader of the gang that jumped you. That’s when you didn’t hesitate to pull the gun that you always had with you and pull the trigger on his arm.

Jiwon stood up as his enemy fell down in pain. You didn’t shoot him straight in the head because you knew that’s something that Jiwon always wanted to do. You stood next to your man proudly, quickly checking for any bloody injuries on him.

“See ya in hell”

Jiwon said and pulled the trigger straight in Hyuk’s fore head. You heard running and both of you turned to see Chul, his face was covered with fear and dirt. You didn’t even let him talk before you shot him in the chest.

“Clean this up, don’t leave any evidence of us being here”

Jiwon instructed the other memberes before he grabbed your hand and walked away from the bloody scene. You hoped in the car and dissapeared on the streets of Seoul, in his shinny black foreign car.

“Thank you”

“Don’t. I wasn’t going to let you die, ride or die remember?”

He smiled fondly at your response. He sometimes wondered why you stayed, you could have easily walked away and have a nice normar life, you had changed over the years. Yes you were curious about this world, but you went all in for him and everyone knew it, every change from a curious girl to a killing machine was for him and him only.


You couldn’t sleep. They were many nights that you stayed up, but he was always next to you, now he wasn’t and it made you worry a bit. You laid together, so that means he left after you went to sleep. You decided to get up and out of the room, just to check on his office.

“There you are”

You said. He wasn’t sitting on his desk, he was standing in front of the big window, just staring at the dark city with the pretty lights.
You walked to him and planted a sweet kiss on his bare spine, he had a thing for not wearing a shirt when he is sleeping and you sure did not mind.

“I love you”

“Jiwon, what’s wrong?”

“Why didn’t you leave? That night when you did your first killed someone, I saw the fear in your eyes, I know you cried that night. You stay up cause you think about your victims. Why do you still stay?”

His question made you smile. You caught yourself thinking like that at nights, mainly because of your parents. You missed tham but being around them would mean singing their death.

“Cause walking away from this would mean walking away from you. I love you Jiwon, you are not a good person and you belong here, I had to work for a place here cause I don’t, but I know damn well I belong with you. Ride or die”

He had turned to face you. He admired how you looked so innocent with just the night light delicately laying on your skin. He reached and felt the smooth sensation of your skin against his fingertips, you took his palm and placed it on your cheek as you leaned on his touch with a faint smile.

“So you would die for me?”

“I live for you Jiwon. Dying for you is much more easier”

Jackson as your Boyfriend

Originally posted by markjin

request:  Have you done a Jackson as a boyfriend? If you haven’t, could you do that, please??

songs listened to: Intro: Skool Luv Affair - Bts, Someone Like You - Kim Taehyung cover oml his voice I cannnnnntttttt, Call Me Baby - Exo, Something Good - Got7, U Got Me - Got7 jackson needs to not in that song omgggg

  • Idek where to start
  • You’re probably the dorkiest couple alive
  • And everyone tries to hate you both
  • But they just can’t
  • Because you’re so damn cute and fluffy and agHHHH
  • Lots of pda
  • He has no shame to call you his own
  • And he wants other people to know
  • Subtle teasing
  • And passive aggressive compliments
  • “Did you do something new with your hair? Yes? Oh, it’s- it’s nice.”
  • “Have you gotten taller Jackson? Oh, you’re wearing lifts. again.”
  • But it’s all in good fun
  • And if he ever feels like he takes it too far then he is sure to apologize an obscure amount
  • Because he really loves you
  • And he can’t stand to see you hurt
  • He’d make sure you make it up to you as well
  • ;)))))))
  • Okay let’s just get straight to the point
  • Lots of sexy times
  • Like you’d be doing something completely normal
  • And he’s just staring at you like

Originally posted by mark-yientuan

  • im soRRY
  • But seriously
  • He very rarely just does it to do it
  • It’s really love-filled and sensual
  • Lots of eye contact involved
  • But sometimes he has a bad day
  • And you see a whole new side to him
  • That’s where the kinks come into play
  • Okay I need to stop
  • Feeding each other
  • “Jagi feed me”
  • “You have arms that work perfectly fine, do it yourself”
  • “Way to ruin the mood…”
  • And he gets all pouty and refuses to eat until you feed him
  • Being best friends with Mark and Bambam
  • Pissing the other members off by pranking them
  • And being loud
  • Nearly getting kicked out of the dorms because you both just randomly start cackle-laughing at 3am
  • Probably getting kicked out of several places because you’re too loud
  • Like the movies
  • And he starts yelling at the character for doing something stupid
  • “Jackson st-”
  • “Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to leave”
  • But aside from his crazy side
  • He has a really sincere and compassionate heart
  • And he takes your relationship incredibly seriously
  • And if he loves you
  • You know it

So here it is! I hope you enjoyed~

-Admin Yeonie

great things about G.I.N.A.S.F.S.
  • that intro guitar
  • Patrick’s voice is so good and pure omg
  • I LOVED everythingaboutyou that hurts so lemmeseeurmoves lemmeseeurmoooves
  • things aren’t the same aNYMOOoooORE
  • do-do da doo do do-do da do
  • catchy af, you’ll be humming it for days
  • I’ve already given up on myself twice third time is the charm WOW PETE ouch
  • could be about Mikey, could be about Patrick, who knows, but it’s definitely gay af
  • it’s just so much fun to sing
  • Born under a ba-ad syEEEEN yooou saved my life
  • badabada kisses I remember so wee-eee-eellll-llll
  • sounding out the title is fun
  • geenasfss
Headcanon #14

Can we please just have Eren as a good singer? Like, he`s cleaning up in the castle and starts singing a song, Petra hears him and is blown away so she calls the rest of the squad and they all start listening. Then Erwin and Levi are like “What are you doing?” And they shush them and nod to Eren, who is now dancing around with his mop.

Levi is completely enraptured, and as Eren`s song ends he`s the first to start clapping in the doorway, followed by everyone else. Eren is embarrassed and hides in his cell `til dinner.

After that though, Levi insists Eren sing when he cleans, “You do a less shitty job when you do.”, Really it`s just so everyone can hear his angelic voice floating through the castle again.

PART ONE - Untitled #3 (??) - SIMON

Simon X Reader

Description: House party and your lifelong crush, Simon is there…

Warnings?: I guess alcohol and light flirting, little bit of kissing but nothing too dramatic

Requested?: nope

Notes: this started out with 6000 words so it is in two parts. The second part will be out at 5pm GMT at the latest. This was also made over the course of like 3 months so excuse my writing changing and stuff. I was listening to Love on the Brain by Rihanna (favourite song at the moment) and So Good by Louisa Johnson whilst writing this so… hope you enjoy xox I have a few imagines coming so be prepared xox BUT ALSO THIS IS FOR LINES BIRTHDAY BECAUSE SHE KEPT TELLING ME TO POST IT!!!! xox @line-sidemen

Music pounded against the walls and the floor shuddered beneath your feet. Everyone was at your shared house with 4 of the Sidemen for a party and you had arranged it all. The music was a playlist you had especially made. You and Josh had ran round Tesco buying food and drink that afternoon. And Simon, Vikk and yourself had decorated the whole house with banners, balloons and lighting. You were wearing a knee length, black velvet dress that was tight against your figure. Freya had helped you pick it out in hopes of pulling the boy you had fancied for practically your whole life…

Freya, Kayleigh and you were dancing in the middle of the floor, watching and laughing at JJ’s ridiculous attempts at trying to join you guys.

“Go away, Jide! You’re cramping our style!” Freya joked to JJ.

He slowed down dancing and pushed his way, stylishly through the crowd. Kayleigh grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to her. She lowered her head and voice and said,

“Hey, lover boy is staring at you over there..”. As she pulled away, she winked.

You turned around and sure enough you saw the adorable dork that is Simon Minter. You’d known him since you were in nappies. In school, you, him and JJ were best friends and you had had a crush on him since forever and he had known for a couple of years now.

He smiled and waved his fingers awkwardly that were wrapped around his glass. Freya pushed you forward towards him, so you stumbled over into the kitchen and took a cider from the counter. You walked over to Simon, trying to act suggestively by swaying your hips and smiling brightly, however, you weren’t sure whether you looked sexy or just drunk.

“Hey Simon!” You said, pushing his arm slightly. He nodded and took a sip of his drink.

“Hello gorgeous” he shouted (due to the music) with a wink. “May I just say you look ravishing tonight?” he jokingly said with a posh accent, obviously drunk. You shrugged and gave him a smirk.

“Are you not coming to dance?” You asked, moving closer to him so he had to look directly downward and then pouted.

“You know I don’t dance, Y/N,” he said, putting a hand behind your head and stroking your hair, “now, go and dance, have fun, I’ll watch from here.” He said with a wink.

You pouted once more and batted your eyelashes at him, knowing your puppy dog eyes would melt him. He groaned and signalled with his hand for you to lead the way.

When you got to the ‘dance floor’ (most commonly known as the lounge floor), it was half way through some throwback ballad so you grabbed Simon’s hand and made him twirl you round in front of him. He laughed as you swayed side to side, making ridiculous hand gestures to the songs. The song effortlessly blended into the next and everyone 'ooh’d’ as 'My Boo’ by Ghost Town DJs started to play. Doing the signature dance, laughter filled the space between the two of you but you both tried to keep straight faces. After the first chorus, you fell into him due to a huge laughing fit. Simon took your forearms and dragged you to the stairs. He sat on the third step and you sat on the second one, leaning your head on his knee.

“I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a while!” you giggled, still trying to conceal your laughter. With a drink in one hand, Simon took his other under your chin to turn your face to him.

“I love you, (Y/N)” he said sloppily, probably not truly meaning it but with enough meaning for you to impulsively take his face in your hands and kiss him softly. Simon put his drink down and slid down a stair so he could pull you closer.

“Woah, what’s happening here then?” Kayleigh and Freya stumbled over and leant against the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m kissing Simon!” You said, throwing your hands up in the air. Both girls did the same whilst Simon sat there, perplexed, but with a slight smirk, denting deep dimples into the sides of his face.

You leant your face on his leg, staring up at him, scanning every inch of his face. Freckles started to appear that you’d never noticed before. Different tones of blues and greens in his eyes-

After what seemed like forever you were interrupted by the handsome man before you. “Come on then, beautiful. It’s time for you to go to bed.” Simon said standing in front of you, picking you up and almost throwing you over his shoulder, so you hung half over his back with his arm holding your legs over his front. “Night, beautiful!” the girls laughed, imitating Simon almost perfectly.

Simon got to your room and placed you down in front of him “uh, I’ll leave you here then? I’m guessing you know where you’re going? Do you need anything?” He said scratching the back of his neck. The music sounded heavily downstairs but it didn’t pound as hard as your pulse at this moment. You weren’t sure whether it was the alcohol or the pure love for Simon that made you change from your normal, introverted self to an extrovert, but whatever it was, you were thankful that you would have an excuse for how you would behave next.

A/N: LOL left it on a slight cliff hanger????? Line told me a while ago to post this but it wasn’t finished and stuff so even if you guys don’t enjoy it, she knows that I have been working on this for ages and I guess that’s all that matters. The second part will be going out around 5pm GMT 16th of January. If you miss it, find it by searching “imagine” on my blog and, hopefully, it will come up. My laptop isn’t working at the moment so I can’t do my master list. If you want to find any imagine by me, please do that xox