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Everything you want's a dream away - Coldplay @ Paris Stade De France 15, 16 & 18 July 2017

Hello guys! So here is it, my super long post where I am gonna tell you everything about my trip! I had a little bit bad luck and I had to write 1/3 of this again because my laptop crashed, but I hope I remembered everything!

Saturday 15.7.2017

But I will start. My flight to Paris was early morning on Saturday - the same day than the first concert was. I knew that I was not going to get a good spot so I wasn’t so stressed about it. My hotel was one metro stop (which I usually walked) + one train stop away from the stadium so the location was really good! But of course I took a wrong train when I went to the stadium for the first time.. But it was the only mistake I made (it was my first time in France) so I handled everything surprisingly well alone, I’m proud of myself! Also everyone was very kind and helpful when I asked for a help couple of times, I have nothing bad to say about French people!

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You're an Enrique Iglesias fan?!?! I love him so much! He's so hot and his songs are so danceable 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


hith entire discography on my phone he take up a gb JSJDJDJFK

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Can you recommend some Daft Punk songs?

Aye, that I can. Bolded songs are my favourites.


  • ‘Da Funk’.
    It’s like watching a bustling Parisian morning in instrumental form. Believe me.
  • ‘Around the World’.
    I specifically do mean the full 7+ minute version in Homework - the short edit (which is what the video is set to) is okay, but the full version has the most impact. It’s exactly what it says on the tin in the most amazing way. Around the world!
  • ‘Phoenix’.
    Elated and very lighthearted, good to listen on a walk.

Honourable mention: ‘Revolution 909′, for its rebellious streak specifically targeted towards the French police. The police force at the time actively suppressed people at raves - it was that kind of scene DP first began their work in, so it’s a rare bit of social commentary by them.


  • ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’.
    This is the single most memetic thing they put out imo. Need I say more?
  • ‘Aerodynamic’.
    Pulse-pounding without being overly aggressive or otherwise ‘hard’. Watch in Interstella 5555 for extra effect.
  • ‘Veridis Quo’.
    If you like a slower, more mesmerizing sound than everything above, this might be more your thing. I personally like it because of the montage sequence it goes with in Interstella 5555, but as it says in the title - it’s a straightforward light disco. They went back to a sound kind of like this in RAM.

Honourable mention: ‘Something About Us’. I don’t tend to rank Daft Punk love ballads very highly, the only reason being that they are full of sap (that’s what I get for being used to a different band whose songs about love are all horrible, depressing, or horribly depressing), but this one is an exception. It’s brief and touching and exactly to the point.

Human After All

  • ‘Robot Rock’.
    Reviews for this, when it first came out, were not that promising or positive. But if nothing else, this is incredibly danceable and ties in well with the titular song ‘Human After All’ (which I did not include on here, because DP explored the themes of that even better with Electroma).
  • ‘Steam Machine’.
    Excellent workout music. Aggressive and heavy but without feeling like Thomas is beating you over the head repeatedly, if that makes sense? Because some songs in this album really do sound like that. It might even be kind of sensual if you like whispery vocals.
  • Technologic’.
    Written very quickly but catchy as hell, and in a way I think it’s a song that synthesizes DP’s state(s) of mind when they made this album with their robot personas even better than ‘Human After All’ does. Look at the lyrics - save for a couple, does any of the ‘do x to it’ suggestions sound like what you could do to a human being?
    It also takes place fairly late in the album, too. It’s a maybe-prideful and maybe-depressing conclusion to the human-robot divide: technology and the essence of humanity cannot be made equal. Good song, this one.

Honourable mention: ‘Make Love’. HAA is a very Thomas-heavy album. ‘Make Love’ is almost definitely Guy’s contribution, though, and it stands out as a very soft, tentative song amidst what is a very difficult album. Almost worried. It’s a nice change from the pace of the others.

Random Access Memories

  • Instant Crush’.
    I love this one purely for writing potential. So many fics could be based around this. Beautiful song, this one.
  • ‘Doin’ It Right’.
    Catchy as hell. You won’t be able to get this one out of your head. Also see honourable mention below.
  • ‘Touch’.
    I said above that I’m not a fan of DP love songs, and this is generally true. (’The Game of Love’ is unintentionally hilarious to me instead of conveying any gravitas, for example.) But this is a love song done right, I think, though it might stretch the definition of ‘love’ a little. It’s theatrical and very powerful, give this a listen.

Honourable mention: ‘Giorgio by Moroder’. This probably won’t sit well with some people because it’s for most part a very long song consisting of a constant disco beat and with some dude rambling in the background. Thing is that this dude is not just any old dude, and that there is a method to this apparent, maddening ostinato - I wrote about this song a few months ago, and described it as a perfect biography in music form. I stand by it. As for what ‘Doin’ It Right’ has got to do with this, the exact clicks that Giorgio Moroder speaks of in the narration of this later become the backbone of that song!

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

  • ‘Disc Wars’.
    Slow-rising, kind of grim and perfectly suited for the ritual the Disc Wars have become by the time of Tron: Legacy. It’s beautiful.
  • ‘Rinzler’.
    If you didn’t think Rinzler was terrifying before, you sure will when you hear this one. It’s only a short piece but it ends in such a booming, threatening way that you really get the sense that Rinzler is dangerous as fuck. ‘Derezzed’ is the expected conflict/evildoer theme in this soundtrack, maybe, but I prefer something that is more slowly and steadily intimidating like this one.
  • ‘End of Line’.
    Remember ‘Veridis Quo’? Kind of like that but 10x better. Lethargically sensual in a kind of bad guy way.

Honourable mention: ‘Adagio for TRON’. I actually like it because it is sad and grand. It’s orchestral for most part, but listen out for when the electronic bass comes in. It’s great. The solo violin really hammers in the tragedy.

Alive 2007

  • ‘Touch It/Technologic’.
    fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it
  • ‘Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger’.
    Oh look two of my absolute favourites mashed into one. This is beautifully done, and if you don’t mind me saying so, I think this is a mashup that perfectly synthesizes Thomas and Guy’s styles. Peak Daft Punk, this one.
  • ‘Da Funk/Daftendirekt’.
    Listen out for when ‘Daftendirekt’ comes in and everyone starts cheering.

Honourable mention: ‘The Prime Time of Your Life/The Brainwasher/Rollin’ & Scratchin’/Alive’. Daft Punk’s most aggressive and brutal songs all mixed into one - I hope you like the heavy stuff!



  • ‘Spinal Scratch’/’Spinal Beats’.
    Not so much a song as it is one full record, with two songs that segue effortlessly together. But you really ought to listen to both. I prefer the former, but this is a lot of fun, I promise.
  • ‘Club Soda’.
    It will actually make you thirsty. Also great casino music.
  • ‘Ventura’.
    After three or so minutes some familiar samples begin to come in and the song becomes quite something else. If you like ‘Phoenix’ you’ll like this one.

Honourable mention: ‘Roulé-Boulé’. Not actually a favourite of mine, but by virtue of its complete and utter whimsy alone it might be worth listening to this…


  • ‘Holiday on Ice’.
    Absolute favourite from Crydamoure. It’s so beautiful. Kind of ethereal, but without ever losing that ever-danceable vibe. It sounds so clean.
  • ‘Nymphae Song’.
    I remember this one quite fondly because it’s the first Crydamoure anything I listened to. But listen to the one that was issued on its own, not the Waves II release - that one’s been sped up. Sweet and playful, I’ve based multiple characters off this song.
  • ‘Spaced Out’.
    Play Paul’s contribution. It is really good, a lot more energetic and less actively sensual than a lot of Crydamoure releases, but it’s a song where you can… hear the wonder, if that makes sense? That’s very alive in ‘Spaced Out’ and its multiple continuations.

Honourable mention: ‘Doggystyle’. It sounds exactly like what it would feel like doing said act, without ever being in the slightest bit porny or whatever. Also kind of hilarious because of the sampled lyrics, though I’m not sure how much of that’s me and how much of that was intentional.

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