this song is so beautiful i can never get enough of it

I HAD TO DRAW THEM. Hidden Figures is going to be so beautiful. It’s such a needed and vital film. I remember being 13 and first seeing Taraji P. Henson as “April” in a Tyler Perry film. I remember that being one of the first, true times where I was seeing a colored woman, that wasn’t a Disney princess, being strong. That moment meant so much to me as a young, brown girl. Taraji has inspired me so damn much, and is my favorite actress to this very day. Octavia Spencer is a goddess, and I can never get enough of her grace. Janelle Monáe uses her “electric” music in an amazing and empowering way. To anyone who isn’t familiar with these three ladies, I highly recommend you watch their other films and listen to their songs. There are so many flawless actresses of color, and these are three of the finest. The characters that they are portraying are just as important. Little colored girls need to hear and see these triumphs. Again, if you are not familiar with the stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, or Mary Jackson please look into them. There’s an excellent nonfiction book you can read which is actually called Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly if you want to learn more ;) 

“Because being with someone is like listening to a song” She said “It’s like when you listen to a great song for the first time and you think it’s amazing and lovely and adorable and you can’t get enough of it and you have it on repeat and you show it to your friends and you think that you’ll never get over how great that song is.

“But after a couple of days, weeks if you’re lucky, you get bored because there’s nothing new about it and you start groaning and skipping the song whenever it comes on and finally you delete it because you are so over it you can’t even believe that you used to love it”.

She stared outside the window and after a few minutes she finally spoke, “Because there’s no such thing as an everlasting love”.

He stared at her. He admired her hair, her eyebrows, her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips – Oh, her lips – and he said “But, then again, there’s that song that you listen to for the first time and you think it’s a nice song so you decide to get it and for the first few days you start getting attached to that song because you understand the lyrics and you get goose bumps whenever you listen to it and maybe not everyone loves it as much as you do but it doesn’t matter because it’s yours”.

She turned and looked into his eyes and he continued, “and then, after a couple of years, you’re still in love with that song and you are playing it to your kids telling them how that song changed your life and you still can’t believe that that song still makes you feel like you’re flying”.

He stopped and grabbed her hand “it’s your favorite song” He kissed her knuckles “and you, you are most definitely my favorite song”.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2
Brown Eyes Are Breathtaking

Dear brown eyed girl,
I know every love song compares her eyes to the ocean,
but your eyes are amber and onyx.
They are the gold that people so desperately try to pull from the ground
Your eyes are the treasure of the earth.

I know every love poem compares her eyes to the sea,
but your eyes are the galaxy. The crash of her waves will never be strong enough to wash away your magic.

Your eyes are the most delicious shade of chocolate and caramel I’ve ever tasted,
and trust me, my brown eyed girl,
I can never get enough.

I know everyone has told you that blue eyes are beautiful,
But your eyes are so much more than that.

A song written by a man who met the woman who ended up becoming his wife in a parking lot, the last lyric being the first words she ever said to him. 

We met in a parking lot
Buying coffee and cigarettes
Firewood and bad wine long since gone
But I’m still drunk and hot, wide awake
Breathing hard

But now, in just one year’s time
I’ve become jealous, rail-thin, prone to paranoia when I’m stoned
‘Cause isn’t true love “someone oughta put me in a home?”
Say, do you wanna get married and put an end to our endless regressive tendency to scorn?
Provincial concepts like your dowry and your daddy’s farm
For love to find us of all people
I never thought it be so simple

Let’s buy a plantation house and let the yard grow wild until we don’t need the signs that say, “Keep out”
I’ve got some money left and it’s cheaper in the South
I need someone I can trust to protect me from our seven daughters when my body says, “Enough!”
Don’t let me die in a hospital, I’ll save the big one for the last time we make love
Insert here a sentiment re: our golden years
All 'cause I went to the store one day
“Seen you around, what’s your name?”

@ohhh-boo-tiful: Hi can you pls write a Chris Evans imagine? Inspired by Million Words by The Vamps??? Thanks love! Xx

TITLE: A million words
NOTES/WARNINGS: I had never heard this song before so I didn’t find it too easy, but I tried.

Chris looked at the picture of you on his phone. You once stole it and took a bunch of stupid selfies. This was all Chris had of you now. You were together for two years, but when he started filming Captain America, it all went wrong.

The stress was getting to Chris. He was always working and whenever he wasn’t, he was at home revising his lines. This meant you were being completely pushed to the side and eventually, you had enough. He never told you how much he loved you, or how beautiful you were to him.

Now here he was, half the world away from you but you were still all he could think about. He put his phone down and tried to distract himself by watching some tellie, but even that didn’t work. You refused to leave his head. He remembered how stressful work was and how whenever he got home to see you, the weight on his shoulders would leave and he would feel relaxed and happy. There’s a million words he should have said but never got the chance but maybe if he said them, you would still be there lying next to him.

He picked his phone back up and sat up in bed. Maybe he should call you? Get a second chance to make you his? He promised himself that if he ever got another chance with you, he would tell you every day how much he loved and adored you. He clicked on your contact and before he could think about it properly, he pressed phone. After a minute or so, he finally heard your voice again.

“Hello?” You answered.

“Hey, Y/N. It’s Chris.”

EXO Reaction when they find you listening to their music while you sleep

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“Jagi? What is this? Beautiful? Next time I’ll sing it for you jagi…” *Listening to it while you sleep*


*Can’t with you* “She is so cute… supporting us even while she sleeps”


“You never get enough of me, do you? Here, I’ll give you more of Oh Sehun” *clingy af*


*Tries not to blush* “Of course… she is my beautiful number one fan”


“Awww… can I squeeze her.. she is so adorable!”


*Decides to surprise you and records himself singing while you sleep* “She will be surprised when she sees her phone…”


*Dedicates you the song you were listening to, in his next concert*


“Aw… this is why I love her… always giving me surprises”


*Can’t stop giving you that face* “I know your little secret jagi…”


“I think I’ll give her my head phones… She will listen to my voice better… and feel me closer when I’m not around” *always finding a way to show you his love*


*Can’t stop mentioning it, even in interviews* “And I found her… it was so cute, I can’t”


“Is this me?! OMG Jagi why… My solo is even on repeat…” *A little embarrassed but also proud*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

When you like a musician:

Man what a good song! I’m gonna convert that youtube video so I can listen to it on my phone all the time.

When you love a musician:


This is the first time in my life I’ve ever looked down at my legs and thought they were beautiful. My Chemical Romance, especially Gerard Way, helped me, and continue to help me, through my worst depression periods, when I feel like I’m not good enough or anything like that. They taught me since seventh grade that I am worth more than self injury and sadness, that its okay to be afraid, sad and angry as long as you know to never fix it with violence and that, even more importantly, its okay to put yourself first and heal. Thank you MCR boys for teaching a little girl with so much hatred in her that letting go of it and being a little bit weird is okay and good. You made me realize that i can be happy again. And though you’re no longer gonna tour together or write songs together, like this tattoo, I’ll always have your music with me to remind me of what I’ve learned and that I am always getting better.

I never realized how much these 5 guys have mean to me. I came into this fandom right after txf and I’m so glad I found them. I know everyone says this that they changed their lives but honestly they have just improved mine. They made me feel beautiful when I didn’t. They gave me energy to run farther or workout longer because of their song coming on shuffle. They lifted my spirit when honestly I didn’t think anyone could. They made me a stronger person. They brought some of the best people into my life and for that I can never thank them enough. They allowed me to be creative enough and do things that I didn’t think I was capable of. I have watched them grow and become such amazing men. They honestly don’t get enough credit for all the things they do. I want nothing but the best for them. I don’t care who you stan or your ship is. When one member is down we all stepped in to lift the others. Whenever we got down they made sure to lift us and honestly I could have asked for better people in my life.
I want them to have a happy life whether they continue as a group or go off individually. I will stan them even if they do nothing with their lives. I swear harry could go back to being a baker and I would make sure to buy a damn cake. Lol niall could play golf all day my ass would be on the sidelines. Liam could yell sing it and I’ll sing along. Louis could play soccer and I would rep his team. Zayn could make art all day I would go see it. My love for them doesn’t end because they don’t make music anymore.
These last 5 years have been a whirlwind of adventures for all of us. I hope we all get some peace soon lol. I swear I’ve lost years off my life because of much sleep I don’t get. I’m not even mad though all those late nights or early mornings seeing them perform and listening to them just kill it on stage was worth it.
Whatever they do from this point on I will respect because honestly at the end of the day without them my life wouldn’t have been the same.

So I want to say thank you to them for making this the best 5 years of my life. Here is to you boys. May the future be brighter and happier. ❤💙💚💛💜

Here’s why I’m excited about the next SU episode “Story for Steven”

If you haven’t seen seen the preview you really should. Here, I’ll even link you.

1) Awesome song by Greg. We’ve only really gotten to see his acoustic stuff or little snippets (like Drive My Van into Your Heart) and I think that’s super exciting.

2) Greg’s younger years. We’ve gotten to know Greg as he is now, and how great he is after his life has kind of settled down. He’s never given up on his music, and I think that’s great, but we now get to see him during his prime rock star mentality.

3) Now we get more back story of not only Rose but her relationship with greg (and who knows, maybe some of the crystal gems as well). I can never know enough about that pink beautiful goddess.