this song is so amazing and perf

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So an idea- i won't say im in love from hercules.....but with boyf riends??? Idek I've thought about it and it seems perf!!! but i don't know how to make animatics?? So i defer to you, who is clearly amazing at this kinda stuff

I love I won’t say omigodh. Honestly hercules has a v good soundtrack but yell heah to that! I first thought richjake or pink berry to that song bc jake is perfect and with pink berry, brooke is insecure? i’m def gonna try and do a disney crossover animatic tho!

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hehehe congrats lily :') 💕 also can u make me a playlist of songs i can drive to (so no sleepy/sad songs)!! i like kpop obvs but i also luv hip hop n rap n alternative n indie so basically anything except country heh

thank u ji!! 

where do i even start??? ur handwriting is so cute & neat & consistent im so jelly & ur titles!!! are!! perf!!! and ur so nice and sweet ahhhh i always love seeing ur presence on my dash ahaha (congrats on – is it 9k now? – that’s so amazing!!)

ok i will try to make a playlist for u :) but im crap at playlists why did i add that option

  1. drive - jay park (this one just bc of the title lmao)
  2. ain’t my fault - zara larsson (r3hab remix)
  3. 21st century girls - bts
  4. where they from - missy elliot ft. pharrell williams
  5. playing with fire - blackpink
  6. watch me work - tinashe
  7. 뱁새 - bts
  8. handclap - fitz & the tantrums
  9. danger - bts
  10. setting fire - the chainsmokers ft. xylo

i pulled a lot of these from my workout playlists ahaha i hope it works for you!

🎉join my celebrations!!🎉

•That lil violin solo in the overture just sooooo good
•How everyone gets roaring applause when they come in like GOOD
•Okay yeah just the cast overall 10/10
* Cute lil boss man just wants his wife to be loyal
* Laura Benanti applying for a job is everyone tbh
* Omg cute cinnamon roll Georg getting nervous for his lil date (at 8)
* Can we discuss how Jane Krakowski performs so so well and does incredibly difficult dancing at the age of 47!
* How they give you a lil existential crisis in the middle of the show :) never disagree :)
* Even though Gavin Creel is supposed to be the “villain” you still root for him so great work @everyone
* Romantic Atmosphere more like grown up and realistic be our guest amiright
* All of the 4th wall breaks when they realize that Amalia is dear friend #blessed
* Try Me is just adorable alright
* Also right before Vanilla Ice Cream is v much the turning point of the show. Like that lil kiss on the cheek, Georg realizes not that she loves him, but he loves her
* Okay vanilla ice cream is just perf and the last vanillllllllla is lyfe
* WELL. Well well wellwellwellwellwellwellwelllllll
* and like tbh what an amazing repeated phrase
* I can’t just @ she loves me
* I literally spasm and make squealing noises im sorry
* A trip to the library is great
* Also optometrist paul is def the same as Jane’s boyf in 30 rock paul sorry
* “It’s obvious he’s quite strong” ehehehhe ehehehe ehehhe
* The ending is too much i die
* Overall 10/10 so glad it’s coming to theatres

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rn my fave song is bling bling by ikon cause it's a bop

pls i listen to bling bling at least 5 times a day its so good omdklfalkfd

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Teasing (Calum)


Anonymous said: “Can you make me a calum imagine? Like a really cute one. Like Yall are play fighting and he like tickles you until you say your sorry and you love him. Omg I love you and your writing is perf😍”

omfg the feels are killing me yes of course! thank you so much beautiful, i love you too!! x


You are waiting backstage at one of your boyfriend’s show, listening to the end of the last song being played. The crowd is amazing out there, cheering and singing along to every word of their songs, and you must admit that they are playing really good tonight. They’ve practised for this for so long, and they were so excited and nervous before they went out on that stage, but they are absulotely smashing it. You smile as they say their last good byes to the audience, thanking them for being there, before they sprint off the stage. 

“That was freaking awesome! Best show ever!” Ashton says when they approaches you, laughing with his mates. 

“I know man, I’m so pumped!” Michael answers just as excitedly.

“Babe!” Calum yells when he sees you, coming at you with a huge grin on his face and his arms open. His quiff is no longer a quiff, instead it is plastered to his forehead and drenched in sweat. In fact, the entirety of him is covered in a layer of sweat. 

“Nu-uh! No hugs for you, not until you’ve taken a shower!” You laugh, putting your hands up in defense when he tries to wrap his arms around you. 

“I’m not that sweaty!” He argues, dropping his arms to his sides.

"Yes, you are. Definitely." 

"I don’t care.” He says and before you know it, he has wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you into him without letting you escape. 

“Calum!” You shriek, trying to wiggle out of his grip as you feel his damp skin meeting yours. He even dares to rub his face into your neck.

The boys walk past you on their way to their dressing you, laughing at your expression.

“All I want to do is hug my girlfriend!" 

"You can hug her when you’ve taken a shower and doesn’t smell like old gym clothes!” You laugh, pushing him off of you.

“Did you just say what I think you said?” Calum looks at you, putting a hand on his chest while looking fake offended. 

“If you think that I said that you are smelly, then yes.” You say, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Oh, you are so going to regret that…” He smirks, before he lunges at you, trying to catch you once again. You manage to slip away a second before it’s too late. You immediately starts running down the hallway, trying to get away from your gross boyfriend. Calum is right behind you, catching up wih every step he takes.

"You have longer legs than me, it’s not fair!” You yell, laughing. You run past a few security guards that give you and Calum weird looks. You make it to their dressing room, barging in through the door where the other guys already are, watching you with wide eyes. “Help!” You yell, with Calum only an arms length behind. You are just about to reach Ashton, to use him as a shield when Calum grabs onto your waist from behind, throwing you over his shoulder. 

“No! Let me down!”

“Okay.” He simply says, letting you fall down onto one of the couches, landing on your back. He straddles you and starts attacking your sides, making you scream out because of you being so ticklish. He’s laughing almost as much as you are, enoying your torture more than he should.

“Stop! Stop!” You squirm.

“Say that I’m the best smeling guy you’ve ever met!”

“No way!” You refuse, only making him tickle you harder. “Help me guys!” You yell for help. The others just shake their heads at the two of you, telling you that you’re on your own on this one. They’re so used to the teasing and pulling pranks on each other between you and Calum, that they don’t bother getting involved anymore. 

“They’re not going to help you princess.” Calum smirks.

“Okay, okay, I’ll say it!" 

"Do it!”

“You are the… worst smelling guy I’ve ever met!” You laugh, making Calum gasp. He furiously works his skilled hands over the most ticklish parts of your body. You eventually end up on the floor from all the squirming, landing with a loud thud. "Ow!“ 

Calum immediately stops and his eyes widen. “Oh shit, are you hurt? I’m so sorry, just let m-” He frantically rambles. You try to hold your laugh in, but fail miserably and breaks out into a fit of laughter. “Why are you laughing Y/N? Did you hit your head?”

"You should’ve seen your face, priceless!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Yes!” You laugh, clutching your stomach. “You are so gullible Cal.”

“That was not nice.” He pouts and is about to once again punish you with tickles but you put your hands around his wrists, trying to stop him. 

“No! I’m sorry babe, don’t tickle me please.” You plead, almost regretting joking with him (almost).

“Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t?” He challanges, one eyebrow raised. He is currently straddling you on the ground, the boys are long gone. They probably went to grab something to eat.

“Because I love you.” You smile, brining him closer to you to give him a kiss. 

“Okay, you win.” He admits, kissing you back. “I love you more though.”

“I love you the most.”

“Not possible babe.” He says between kisses. He is hovering above you, pushing his body into yours, showing with every touch just how much he does love you.

“You know, I think you can come up with some better way you could punish me…” You say innocently, but you immediately see his face change from teasing to filled with lust.

“You. Me. Hotel room. Now." 


A/N: thank you for reading, hope you liked this :)

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hey, this may be an odd question for an art blog but i was wondering if you have any music recommendations? i loved your in dreams video so much (the art was amazing!) and i also really loved the song so i ended up buying it, and i was just wondering if you know any other songs like it? i dont often find music i like as much as i like this song, something about it makes me feel like im out exploring a forest somewhere (perf song choice for trc obviously)

Okay, my favorite genre is music that makes me feel like I’m out exploring a forest somewhere, so this really resounded with me… and I may have gone a little overboard. If you like In Dreams, ofc the rest of Ben Howard’s stuff is worth checking out. Otherwise, here’s a giant chunk of songs that I feel are similar to In Dreams, or at least give me the same vibe:

Iron (Woodkid), Nomads (Joe Banfi), God’s Whisper (Raury), The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us! (Sufjan Stevens), Death with Dignity (Sufjan Stevens), Hunger of the Pine (alt-J), Spectrum (Florence + The Machine), Seven Devils (Florence + The Machine), Welcome Home (Radical Face), Broken Crown (Mumford & Sons), Snake Eyes (Mumford & Sons), Youth (Daughter), Sticks & Stones (Jónsi), Where No One Goes (Jónsi), Down the Line (José González), I Followed Fires (Matthew and the Atlas), Wolf & I (Oh Land), Into the Unknown (Blackchords), Panda (Ewert and the Two Dragons), Everything In Its Right Place (Radiohead), FOOLS (Troye Sivan), Let Me Go (HAIM), From the Woods (James Vincent McMorrow), The Last Goodbye (Billy Boyd), I See Fire (Ed Sheeran), Luxor (The Mast), Madder Red (Yeasayer), A Horse With No Name (America), Elijah’s Chant (Anna Aaron), Prelude 12/21 (AFI)

(Lastly, if you dig the feeling of trc, Maggie’s TRK playlist is really good and hurts my heart in all the right ways.)

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atm my fav song is you by ELHAE :)

the song is so good omfkdlafal thank you for telling me !!!!

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Imagine sitting in a train or subway and you’re jamming out to Sounds Good feels Good and you’re just lost in the music. The rhythms and melodies helping you unwind from a busy day. You feel someone take the unoccupied seat next to you. You look up to see it’s one of the boys and you can’t stop yourself from smiling at him. You show him your phone screen playing your favorite song from the album. He looks at it, then looks at you and smiles. “They’re shit you know” he grins. You play along by smiling and you say “oh ya they absolutely suck ass” and then you continue to talk about the album and other music as the train car just bounces along. He tells you about what his favorite song to write was and you tell him all your favorites and why. You’re amazed by his smile and the way the sun is catching his eyes, unbeknownst to you he’s just as amazed by your passion for music.

Watch on

Panic! At The Disco new year’s eve performance of Miss Jackson!!! OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME I’M DYING BECAUSE BRENDON URIE HOLY MOTHER OF COWS HE’S SO PERF :o



WELCOME to 2014 everyone!!!! I can’t wait to see what we all bring to tumblr this year!!!!!!!!!!

(I posted this on 11:38 pm (I live in Texas) on Dec 31 2013.)

“I hope you find a way to be yourself someday,
In weakness or in strength,
Change can be amazing.
So I pray for the best, I pray for the best for you.

I wish you could be honest, I wish you could be honest with me. ”


~ Jesse James Rutherford, Honest (2014)

this song is nothing but pure amazingness <3

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do you have links to some of your favourite kumiko x reina amvs?

Yes of course!

First of all, everything form the amazing Brausur (seriously go follow on tumblr):

*Just in love
*Crazy in love 
(perf song for them)
*Don’t stop
*Ice can burn as much as flames do (my fav. because it’s so emotional)

Other amvs:

*Love me like you do (got me almost crying at work lol)
*I’ll be right here
 (I am a sucker for this kind of music)
*Reina || Kumiko
*⟨ Oshiete おしえて ⟩
*Tell me how it ought to be right now
* -Your Love-

* 吹响!百合号
* G O O D bye
* 忘れた

And this hibike crack it’s not an amv but omg it’s so funny:
*Hibike! crack 3

Did I just tag all kumirei amvs? almost.


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5sos ship: lip ring/hair dye/bandana/asian


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Random 5SOS song:

My Thoughts on the Into the Woods Song Previews
  • Prologue: YAAAAAAS They're doing the whole goddamn 14 minute intro thank you Stephen Sondheim
  • Hello Little Girl: Johnny Depp sounded really creepy. I thought they were planning on cutting back on the sexual innuendo.
  • I Know Things Now: Lila does so good. She's perf.
  • Giants In The Sky: No. No. No. This part was so miscast.
  • Agony: A bit conflicted on this one. Not awful, but not amazing.
  • It Takes Two: This is so cute. Emily Blunt is doing so well. YAY.
  • Stay With Me: So heartbreaking and delicate. YAAAS.
  • On the Steps of the Palace: YAAAAAAS BABY SLAY. Anna is doing so frickin well.
  • Ever After: LOL why is this an instrumental
  • Witch's Lament: Meryl is so great. But why doesn't she do the high note at the end. Why.
  • Any Moment: Chris is okay. Emily is slaying.
  • Moments in the Wood: SLAY EMILY SLAY. Literally so happy they kept this song. It literally is the entire show summed up in one song.
  • Your Fault: Too clunky. They don't seem distraught enough. This song is supposed to be so intense and angry and highlights the characters' confusion and their lack of control. Not getting that feeling.
  • Last Midnight: Meryl is SLAYING. Literally her and Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick are doing so fucking well.
  • No One Is Alone: The second I heard the orchestrations my heart melted. I am going to be sobbing.
  • Finale/Children Will Listen: I know that I am going to be a sobbing mess in the theatre during the entire ending because this almost brought me to tears. UGH I CANT WAIT

I think it is incredibly important to remind people of what an amazing vocalist Luna is, and the fact that she is NOT A TRY HARD. SO i have compiled all the links to her immortal song 2 performances which are hard to find because the titles no longer have english. Enjoy each and every one: (she learned the sign language for this perf so that a deaf fan could “hear” her music) (Amber bonus) (she won the episode with this one!) (Bonus that’s not from Immortal Song, but still so good)