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Okay I’m about to spill some tea

SO “oh look, taylor swift is dragging up past drama to sell her new album, look at her playing the victim again, you’re still over”

is what all the haters happen to be screaming (among over ridiculous things) tonight, following the release of Look What You Made Me Do, the lead single to Swift’s 6th album: Reputation. But let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see if Taylor really is playing the victim. Hold on ladies, it’s gonna be a long one. 


Taylor broke out in 2006, and when Love Story stormed the charts in late 2008 she became a global superstar and thus named “America’s Sweetheart” a bittersweet and dangerous title for any young female star, because it’s so easy to fall from the top. She was immediately held to an impossibly high standard of perfection, in every aspect of her life, and she handled this with grace. 

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Lady Gaga's Superbowl setlist leaked!!!

Lights go out, the crowd goes silent. A huge unicorn appears onstage. The gays flock on the field wearing nothing but relics from the “Artpop” era. Suddenly, a voice echoes throughout the stadium: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H I M” A republican drops dead. The unicorn explodes, releasing a cloud of glitter and grease. Tom Brady chokes on this eleganza. Gaga emerges wearing nothing but an American flag. She sings the first verse and chorus of “Born this Way”, immediately destroying every nuclear weapon in the world. She stops, looks straight at the camera: “My name is lady Gaga, but you can call me Joanne”. An electric guitar bursts into flames while Gaga belts out “Perfect Illusion”, dismantling the white supremacy. The song suddenly fades out into “Manicure” for fifteen seconds. A dance interlude storms onstage, while the “Venus” chants morphs into “Dance in the Dark”. An exorcism is performed live onstage. The démon rises up, followed by “Bad Romance”. The Wesboro Baptist Church disappears into oblivion. GOP is drowned into hot cheetos, which allows time for Cher to become the first female US president. The new United States of America is reborn to the tune of “Poker Face”, sung as a duet with Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga kicks a football and score a touchdown. Texas becomes officially gay™. The performance ends, as Tony Bennett drops his flesh suit to reveal… BEYONCÉ!!! “Téléphone Part 2/Judas/Video Phone” mash up grants three wishes to every person who ever bought “Joanne” and watched “AHS: Hotel”. Laganja Estranja death drops on Joe Biden’s face. Lady Gaga shoots fireworks from her Versace boobs while singing “The edge of Glory”, effectively ending homophobia everywhere in the world. The stadium erupts in applause, as Lady Gaga’s voice fades away, singing the iconic bridge from “Applause”. A jock in the audience turns to Barack Obama wearing a rainbow jacket, and whispers “She did that.” Obama answers “yes, she did.” Iconic.

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Pennywise Playlist

favs listed first + lots of 80s songs cause that’s when the story takes place

I miss you

I miss the sound of your laugh—carefree and light,
Like a favorite song I hadn’t heard in awhile.

I miss your smile, beaming brighter than a thousand suns…
Lighting up the darkest of places,
Infectious in its intensity

I miss the feel of your lips on mine
Perfect and full

I miss it
The way the moment I ventured to kiss you
A match lit in a methane filled room
The intensity with which you’d grab me

As if you’d been craving me
All this time that we were apart…

I miss dancing with you
Alone together in a crowded room
The music mesmerizing
Our bodies moving in perfect synchronization
Swaying to the beat
Every nerve ending ablaze
Electricity crackling between us

I miss the way you looked at me that night
Your eyes never leaving mine
Two lost souls seeking the North Star
Existing in an eclipse
And discovering, for the first time,
The moon again.

I miss the way we made everything feel like an adventure
I miss the way we made everything brand new

I miss the peace you brought me
Like a warm fire on a cold day
Like coming home…

Your existence a ray of hope
That I might not be alone in this world.

Soothing my fears
Of a future unknown
Of a future alone.

—  Alex Wilde
Things from musicals that are so perfect they are borderline erotic

When Jonathan Groff first comes in in The Bitch of Living.
The third and fourth “burn"s in Burn and Phillipa Soo’s voice all the time. Shoutout to the final “mine” too; that’s gorgeous.
Pia Douwes’s voice, and how it is somehow simultaneously smooth and pure and beautifully rough.
The harmonies at the end of Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling.
The “or"s at the end of lines in Pretty Women.
“Would you think so badly of me” in Sonya and Natasha.
Rudolf’s "dann"s in Wenn Ich Dein Speigel Wär. And the "Nein! Ich möchte leben!” in Elisabeth, Mach Auf Mein Engel.
The dissidence of “trees” in Darkness and Trees.
How Phillipa Soo’s voice blends perfectly with the violins in Natasha Lost.               The harmonies in the chorus of You Love Who You Love.
“I wish I could fly” from Superboy and the Invisible Girl.
That thing in The Bitch of Living when they are all jumping around chaotically and then suddenly are frozen singing “do they think we want this?” (Start at 2:40 for the full effect.)
That thing Karen David does in like every song in Galavant where her voice changes pitch slightly and damn.
The way “sadness” is sung in Don’t Do Sadness. Also the strings.                  How Jeremy Jordan says “history books” in This World Will Remember Us.   waaaaaaaiiiaiiiiiaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiittttttt for meeeeeeeeeee
Damon Daunno’s falsetto. And head voice. So, yeah everything.
The piano in Hurricane.
The thing they do in Stop the World with the turntable and the chairs and everyone singing in a really lovely harmony with just the perfect amount of dissidence and sweet damn I love everything about it.
Absolutely everything about how Philippa Soo sings Times Are Hard for Dreamers. (Her voice is 15% of this list and that’s me holding back help it’s so beautiful.)
Both “nothing, it was nothing, I didn’t lead him on at all” and “back in the theatre full of light” in Natasha Lost.
Jenn Colella singing her phone call in 28 Hours/Wherever We Are.
Jenn Colella everywhere else let’s be real.                                                                The Thing™ Laura Osnes does all the time in Bonnie & Clyde but especially in How ‘Bout A Dance.
When Eva starts singing in High Flying Adored.
How syrupy and rich Jasmine Cephas Jones’ voice is in Say No to This.     Basically every harmony in Hadestown.
That part of Seventeen when JD and Veronica are singing “seventeen” together and he’s singing higher than her. Also when Boote in Der Nacht and Wenn Ich Tanzen Will end the same way.
Everything about Gwyndolyn’s voice, especially when she’s singing her parts of A Happy Ending for Us.
The slight roughness in John Gallagher Jr.’s voice.
How drowsy and sexy Idina Menzel’s voice is in As Long As You’re Mine.
Also when she sings “it well may be” in For Good. (It’s nice for different reasons of course.)
Chris Jackson’s voice in One Last Time. And in every other song.

If I date you

I’m not doing it for fun. Of course, I want the fun times - but that’s not all I’m signing up for. I want the highs, the lows, the bickering, the kisses, the hugs, the tears, the laughs. I want to meet your family, I want you to meet mine. I want my nieces and nephews to know your name - not because I mention it, but because you played Candy Land with them. I want to know your favorite songs and which ones you listen to when you’re sad. I want to know everything about you, from every freckle to the way you crinkle your nose when you laugh. I want to know who your first crush was and your first heartbreak. I want to know how you’re feeling, I don’t want to guess. I’m not signing up to have something “perfect” - I’m signing up to have something real, mature, and healthy.

I rarely commit to anyone, so if I commit to you, it’s because I’m hoping that you’re the last person I ever have to commit to. Please don’t waste my time.



It only seems like yesterday when back in 2013, I would always see @5sos’ music videos pop up on the TV with my mum constantly asking me ‘Who are these idiots?’ every time they came on (probably not as in an offensive way though) only to come back around them in 2014 to see them do big things. I mean, my mum would constantly embarrass my little bro and I with ‘She Looks So Perfect’ by putting a pair of underwear over her pants and dance to the song in front of us in a reference to the chorus, but whatever. It wasn’t American Apparel underwear anyway. I’ve put a video up on my Twitter of her doing that, and she told me months ago that she’d be fine with it.

But when SGFG (that stands for Sounds Good Feels Good FYI) came in 2015, man. Lyrically, that album helped me through the darkest times of my life, and still does. You see, many pop songs these days are completely meaningless, manufactured, computerised and fake, but these guys set themselves apart and sing about stuff that actually MEANS something. They write their own songs, play their own instruments (they don’t even have backing members, it’s just the four of them most of the time) and they don’t entirely make dance music.

I hate the fact though, that there’s so much drama in this fandom. Mostly because we have some people bullying their fans because, well, you know. WE LIKE THEIR DAMN MUSIC. If you don’t like them because your music taste is different and can respect the fact that other people have different tastes too, then cool. Do you! But you’re an idiot if you bully someone on social media over such a stupid reason. Here’s a true fact if you want to know: Because of 5SOS, many lives have probably been saved, or like me, changed for the better. I honestly cannot explain in words how happy they make me, and I want to thank these guys for all the joy and happiness they’ve brought into my life and the lives of many others. I really don’t know what I’d do without them.

It’s so heartwarming, I guess, to see that even though their names are up in the lights now, they still care about their fans the way they always did before they were famous. They’ve always been down to earth dudes and they’re funny too. That’s one other main thing that makes their fans smile.

A lot of pop music today sucks. I’ll admit it. But I’m going to take the opportunity to say that I honestly think 5SOS are as real as pop music is now going to sound. They are literally the only modern day band that I know of who actually play instruments and make and write music free of absolute nonsense. They’ve made me believe that sometimes, there’s still hope for a good band in the mainstream world.

Today marks 6 years since 5 Seconds Of Summer formed and played their first gig a a hotel, and literally only about 12 people showed up. Now look at them. They’re selling out arenas, likely soon to be stadiums, and they toured with One Direction. Year after year, these boys are making their biggest dreams come to life. Once again, their music has saved lives, changed lives and touched others. They’ve done all of THAT. Who would’ve thought a little band from Sydney I used to watch on the TV when I was in primary school could make so much of a positive impact on the world in a few short years? It blows my mind. Thanks for the memories Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael. Here’s to many more years, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the next chapter of this band.

Oh, and by the way 5sosfam, we rule, no matter what the haters say about us and our favourite Aussie boys. 🖤

Happy B-day Hetalia :D

Here’s a headcanon for every official character :D

African characters:

Cameroon: He enjoys going to schools around his country, he always tries to play a couple of matches against the kids. He lets them win to build their confidence in themselves.

Egypt: Someone when he’s sad he writes letters to his mother in hieroglyphics, he then puts it in the Nile hoping she’ll find it, one day.

Seychelles: Whenever she visits France’s place she does her hair in a french plait. No reason, She just likes to plait her hair when she visits.

Asian characters:

China: Whenever he gets time off, he loves to ride a bike on the xi’an wall, he loves taking in the city. Sometimes he likes to think about how it has changed.

Cyprus: Whenever he is around Greece and Turkey he considers himself the “mature” one. With all their arguing who wouldn’t?

Hong Kong: Due to his fear of the dark, whenever he’s at a friend/family’s house he’ll refuse to let them leave the room he’s sleeping in till he’s asleep, he’ll hold their hand the whole night if that means they’ll stay.

India: His favorite pastime is drawing is hennas on people’s arm, if nobody is around he’ll draw one on himself. Every single one he does is a work of art!

Japan: On trips to meeting or even on holiday he brings an emergency blanket to burrito in, he has been found on more than one occasion huddled up in his hotel room rather than outside enjoying himself.

S.korea: he knows how to K-pop dance, every time one of his many K-pop artist releases a new song with dance moves he’ll practice it till he perfects it.

Macau: Around new people he acts like a gentleman, he always offers the best of his hospitality, around his family he’s a lot more casual and tends to make jokes.

Russia: He is amazing at ballet, only his sisters and his teacher knows this though, he is way too embarrassed to tell anyone else.

Taiwan: She has lucky cats hidden around her house, when she is tired or bored she likes to flick the kitty’s arm. Sometimes she giggles at their movements.

Thailand: Bad hair days are horrible for him, the majority of his day will be dedicated to making his hair fluffy again.

Turkey: Sometimes he likes to go to the mills in his country and help the ladies there make carpets, he loves the detail that goes into them.

Vietnam: Her loves to a coracle around Ha Long Bay, especially at night. She loves to sit in the middle of the bay and stare at the stars.

European countries:

Austria: He can recite entire script of the sound of music. It’s his favorite musical because it’s from his place and actually happened!

Belarus: When she is around someone she truly hates she’ll stare at them and think of every possible way to kill them till they walk/run away. She always smirks afterwards.

Belgium: She has a habit of cooking when she’s not hungry, she’ll just start making waffles at 3am for no reason. Most of the food she makes is given to her brothers because free food = more money.

Bulgaria: He has an entire cabinet full of his cosplay outfits, he is very careful when washing and drying all of his outfits and rarely ever lets people try them on, for obvious reasons.

Czech: Her tolerance to alcohol is very high. It takes quite a few beers before she can be considered drunk.

Denmark: More than once he has decided to break into Sweden’s house and made a sofa fort, he defends it like it’s his own castle.

England: His favorite tea is Earl Grey. He is open to trying other types though, his second favorite tea is PG tips.

Estonia: He will spend an entire day blogging stuff, sometimes Latvia or Finland will have to come over to make sure he is actually eating and sleeping.

Finland: He’s a lot stronger than many people give him credit for, I mean just think about his country’s sniping history and how he was excited to fight against Lithuania and Poland!

France: On the short breaks (weekends) he likes to travel around his place to taste wine. He can name every vineyard and seller in alphabetical order.

Germany: He takes on more work than he can handle. The reason behind this is so at the end of the week he feels like he has accomplished something.

Greece: Sometimes when he is bored he’ll make mini statues of Greek gods and goddess.  He’ll just get a bit of clay and mold it into a god.

Hungary: Her favorite pastime is to bathe in her hot springs. Not these new fancy ones, the original ones that were built during the old days.

Iceland: He has an account for nearly everyone social media site, most of which he’s too scared to actually post something because he fears of being judged.

Italy: I bet you he owns a book based on the different types of pasta, he doesn’t even need it he can name every single style of pasta.

Latvia: The reason he is often hanging out with the micro-nations is because it makes him feel more grown up, he likes being the oldest in a group!

Liechtenstein: She has more than one ribbon. The one her brother gave to her is very special to her, so much so that she bought herself more ribbons so that she doesn’t ruin the one Switzerland got her.

Lithuania: He has defended Latvia more than once, a lot of times when russia was about to punish Latvia, lith took it for him.

Luxembourg: Sometimes when he is feeling mischievous he’ll which the side his hair falls on, this makes ned’s eyes twitch and Belgium mentally scream trying to figure out what’s off.

Moldova: More often than not he’ll watch horror movies way over his age (Well not his actual age but his personified age), he is often scolded by his big brother Romania because of this.

Monaco: She’s made make up tutorials before, they are all very detailed and anyone can pull it off! She has never uploaded any though, the key to her beauty must remain secret~ (even though she’s prettier without it)

Netherlands: He lets his bunny sleep in his bed. As neat as he is having his little fluffy friend to cuddle up with helps him sleep.

Norway: He knows the names and address of every coffee shop at his place, he can also name the place where the coffee was grown. It’s his wine.

Poland: He is very religious, every Sunday he goes to church. As flamboyant as he may be he’ll thank god for all he has.

Portugal: He barely ever combs his hair, not because he doesn’t want to but because he is always doing stuff. When he does get the chance to comb his hair he’ll take a good hour combing it.

Prussia: whenever he is home alone he busts out the old shirt on trousers off moves. If Germany gets home early he’ll be greeted with his awesome brother in his tighty whities.

Romania: Sometimes when he wants to troll people he’ll dye his water blood red, people call him a vampire anyways, why not freak them out a bit more?

Slovakia: He is rather lazy when it comes to personal hygiene, he’d rather just get some dry shampoo and a couple of wet wipes then take an hour in the shower.

South Italy: He often trips over his own feet, so he’ll be walking down the street minding his own business and casually fall over. He plays it off very well though!

Spain: Sometimes when he’s bored he’ll put on his dancing clothes, he doesn’t need a partner, a broom will do quite nicely~

Sweden: Is one of the best dancers ever. Think about it, most of the music that comes from his place are addictive and have dance moves that everyone knows! (Caramelldansen)

Switzerland: Has a manual on how to win monopoly every time, it doesn’t matter if the others see it, so long as he wins he doesn’t care.

Ukraine: She really enjoys being around the micro-nations, especially if they enjoy her company too. She likes to mother the little ones, she’s very motherly.


Hutt river: The main reason he is so fancy is because of Australia, he wants to be noticed by him so he sparkles~

Kunglemungle: He loves to be left alone to practice his art, even if it’s just for a few minutes it can mean the world to him.

Molossia: The only person that truly sees his soft side is america, he is the only person that he trust not to tell anyone

Niko Niko: Although he’s human now he still acts like a micro-nation. He was born as one and he will forever be one to everyone else.

Sealand: He is scared of fires, whenever fire is mentioned he feels tears falling from his eyes. (Sealand had a pretty bad fire a while back)

Seborga: Sometimes he likes to see how many people he can flirt with in one day, he makes it a little game for himself.

TRNC: He barley ever hangs out with the other micro-nations, he’d rather just hang out with turkey and his big brother.

Wy: When she is around the other female nations she asks if they can do her hair, she likes how Ms.Belgium does her hair the most!

North America:

America: He still cuddles with a stuffed animals when he’s asleep. He really likes to cuddle things at night and if nobody is nearby his bear is his lifesaver.

Canada: He really likes hiking during his time off, he’ll often go on holidays to mountainy areas so he can go on a nice, long, hike.

Cuba: He enjoys taking naps on the beach, if he could he’d lay there all day watching the waves roll in and out whilst having a cheeky smoke.


Australia: Sometimes when he’s feeling upset he’ll hangout in the bush with all the animals, he feels like he can connect more with the animals than actual people.

New Zealand: He is very aggressive when playing sports, he may seem like a sweetheart when talking but as soon as he puts his uniform on it’s game O N


Writer/Producer Tyler Johnson on Working with Harry Styles

Harry’s album was so bold, and he asserts his personality on it so much, but that seems on paper to be one of those steep mountains to climb. What was it like going into those sessions with so much expectation…

The first day was just myself and [fellow producer] Alex Salibian, who worked with me on the album underneath Jeff Bhasker. It was like a normal day for us – show him some starts and musical ideas and write over them. I could tell he thought that we were really talented, and was intrigued, but wasn’t like, “This is the answer to my question of what I’m going to do next.”

Then we brought in our engineer at the time’s bandmate [Mitch Rowland] – who we’d seen live and knew played guitar and drums, and were really impressed by. And so I made a note to file it away, “Don’t forget this kid.” He plays a kind of ‘70s rock guitar really well, and plays drums phenomenally and writes songs. So I brought it up to Bhasker and Alex and he came in on the next day… and he sits down and Harry says, “Yes, great, start writing a song.” And then he sits behind the drums and Harry says, “Wait, you can drum too?”

Those are things you can’t predict, you can’t write, you can’t plan for. Once that happened we said, “Okay, Mitch is going to help write and drum and play guitar on all these songs, and Ryan’s going to engineer it, and we’re going to be like a band writing an album.”

That serendipity of a note on your phone that you’re able to put together with this need… that feels like the definition of a great producer or arranger who can take those disparate things and find the connections…

Well, yeah, Mitch is in the touring band and plays guitar and he sounds phenomenal live. It was the start of something bigger than what it was. It wasn’t just connecting the dots and then moving on to the next project. It was the creation of a team. It was very fun to see it come together. We were able in the first few days to write a ton of songs and finish them, and every single song was a team effort.

A funny story that’s been told is that it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and we’d gotten a lot done, and on Thursday Mitch couldn’t come in because he had to work at his other job at a pizza shop. And I think for Harry, that really resonated in a way, like, “This is what I needed, for not everything to be perfect and thought out and precise.” It’s odd to have this guy who is really the answer to my questions to be a part-time pizza shop guy. I think that hit Harry correctly that this is going to work out, and to see how quickly he was like, “Well, you might not need to do that anymore…" 

Dating- Jackson Wang

(for @luna208 )

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-so there’s not an exact definition of “perfect boyfriend”.

-but jackson wang somehow found a way to be that exact definition.

-is your number one fan in everything you do.

-loves you unconditionally and supports every decision you make.

-is always busy due to his crazy schedule but tries his hardest to make sure you know that he’s there for you no matter what.

-buys you gifts upon gifts upon gifts.

-is a HUGE fan of cringey couple apparel.

-reluctantly shows you songs that he’s writing for fear of you thinking it’s not good enough.

-you always have to assure him that he’s an incredible song writer and producer.

-your opinion matters the most to him.

-loves it SO much when you wear got7 or #team wang merch.

-his camera roll is filled with nothing but pictures of you and him.

-you bet your ass your his home screen AND lock screen.

-freaks out so badly when he sees you crying for any reason.

-will stop at nothing to make you happy and loved again.

-is really just the best fucking boyfriend in the world and deserves straight up love and support from any person he dates. 

Care For You (5)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader
Every time he takes care of her, she runs away
Warnings: language, angst, confrontation, carol is a tool
Word Count: 1.5k


Listen to Rather Die by Barns Courtney & Bad Reputation by Joan Jett 

Two whole weeks pass and both Y/n and Billy are back to their own individual routines. She was working and rehearsing like crazy. Her time is swamped by school work, her friends, and baby sitting the Party. His time is spent screwing around with his friends, smoking cigarettes, and cruising  in his car. He’s back to normal and so is she. It’s  almost as if they weren’t in each other’s lives for a few days. She hadn’t even batted an eye when she saw him flirt with Britt. He was back to his old ways and she was too.

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Exo as Yandere

Warning: Smut, Angst, Dark theme and Violence cause you know…YANDERE. I also do not any gif. Anyway thank you for reading, please enjoy~!

Baekhyun : The Hyde and Jekyll Type :

His smile is feign with innocence. Charming and popular, Baekhyun would use his amiable personality to approach you. His objective was simple, slowly earn your trust and soon your heart. It wasn’t that hard to become friends with you through his sense of humour. And it is even easier since the both of you have so many common interest, like playing video games or nerding out about movies. But it was frustrating to be stuck in a friend zone within your heart for such a long time. Baekhyun may seem like a gentle and loving person to you but it’s all a facade. Deep down the other part of him was surging to come out. It couldn’t wait to make you his. No matter what type of competitions he have. In the end you would always came back to Baekhyun. After all he is your best friend. Your one and only soulmate.

  • “Don’t cry Y/N, He is a fool for leaving you. He doesn’t deserve you at all. You can cry on my shoulders as much as you want. I will always be here for you.”

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  • “You think Y/N would believe you? I have known her for such a long time. With these pictures who do you think she will believe? This is just the beginning you know. If you don’t break up with Y/N, I will make sure you wish you were dead.”

Minseok : The Big Brother Type :

The first time when you’d met Minseok, you can’t help but to fall for him. He is very attractive after all, flirty and confident, yet still a gentleman, who wouldn’t fall for someone like Minseok? But because he was much older than you and surely more experience. You had gave up and dismiss all of your feelings as a simple crush. Minseok didn’t help out though, even though you were just a little sister to him. He had teased you to no end, making you feel things you shouldn’t always leading you on for no reason. You desperately wanted to move on from Minseok. But he was always in the way. Acting like an overprotective older brother, Minseok was the worse. Little did you know though, is that Minseok have feeling for you too, even more than one could imagine. After all he was always watching, from the very beginning those watchful eyes was already set on you. Big Brother is and always watching.

  • “No Y/N, you are way too young for this. Your parents won’t be happy if they found you going to place like that. How about I take you out on this Saturday instead? Should we go to that new restaurant? Or should we go the mall?”

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  • “Didn’t I told you not to go to that party? Dressing like this…You even allow that bastard to touch you. You really want to see me mad don’t you? I should punish you. You’ve been a very bad girl Y/N. And bad girl like you should be heavily punished.”

Jongin : Hannibal Lecter Type : 

Jongin wanted everything from you. He make it clear of course, that he wanted you on the very first meeting. Confidentiality coming toward you unlike the rest. He would shamelessly flirt with you until you agree to go out with him.  A perfectionist at heart, Jongin will plan out every dates for the both of you perfectly, making sure that every moments you two spent together would be very special. It wasn’t enough though, already within weeks of dating, he wanted more than nothing but to spent every moment with you. He could not stand the ideas of you being with anyone else but him. You are his goddess, his one and only, his to worship. No one could ever loves you even more than Jongin. Your body, your heart, your soul…if those greedy eyes could speak it would probably said that’s it wanted to consume your very own being.

  • “I love you Y/N, so, so much. Let’s be together forever okay? I will always protect you, I promise to love and  cherish you till the end of the days. Please, please believe in me.”

  • “Y/N doesn’t know it but I really hate it when I see guys like you approach her. Really what make you think you could ever have a chance with Y/N? You’re nothing but a pig for me to slaughter. How should I do it? Should I cut you up and feed you to the dogs? No, I think I’ll start with your legs and feed it to you.”

Junmyeon : The Mr. Gatsby Type : 

What is use to all the money and power in the world if he can’t have you? Unlike the rest of Psychopathic Type, Junmyeon is the most ‘human’ in all of them. He understands your feelings, how your heart didn’t belong to him the moment you first met him. But it was okay, Junmyeon respect your choices. He loved you enough to let you roam the world freely. There is nothing in the world that he couldn’t do for you. He could buy you anything you ever wanted, his love for you is endless. If you like he would even kill himself for you. But as perfect of a lover Junmyeon is, there is just one thing he couldn’t stand, and that’s seeing you getting hurt. This lovestruck fool would do anything to protect you. If you were to ask he were willing to do anything.

  • “Don’t cry Y/N, please don’t cry. Can’t you see how much I love you? Please stop hurting yourself. Seeing you like this is killing me. Please forget about him.”

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  • “Why must you hurt Y/N? Do you not see how much she loves you? I loves her so much, and Y/N, she loves you so much. I was going to let you be, I was willing to share Y/N with you…but that’s all changes now. You have hurt her too much. I can’t forgive you. Don’t worry it will be all over soon, Y/N will forget about you soon enough.”

Yixing : The Daddy Long Leg Type :

 Instead of interacting with you directly like the rest, Yixing would keep his distance when he first meet you. It wasn’t because he was afraid of rejection or anything like that, no, no, it’s just necessary that he find out everything about you first before the right time come. He must become the perfect man in order to woo you. Everything he do must be completely believable, so natural, like he have never meet you before. Let those gazes follow him, let them see how great of a man he is and that he is the man of your dream. Let them admire him and let them desire him. His plan was absolutely flawless after all. Playing the nice guy, becoming your crush, helping you secretly, and letting you find out all his good deeds ‘accidentally’. Who said you can’t create your own destiny?

  • “Ah Y/N, What a coincidence meeting you here, would you like some coffee? It’s my treat! How did I know that this is your favorite? Hmm…lucky guess, I guess.”
  • “Do you see that lovely girl over there? I’ll give you $300 if you pretend to attack her at 10:40 PM today. I will be there trying to protect her, you can beat me up as much as you want, just make it believable and leave within 10 minutes or so.”

Jongdae :The  Dr. Frankenstein Type : 

Jongdae was obsessed with you. How unfortunate you are to have meet a lover like Jongdae. Unlike the rest of Exo, this person wasn’t afraid of you knowing this dark side at all. In fact he had fully embrace it and using his kind feature this person would manipulate everyone around him. There was nothing wrong with Jongdae. It’s just that it’s you who haven’t realize how ugly and impure this world is yet. And so Jongdae was going to show you just that, he would show you the true color of those pests. Driving you insane and giving you madness. Jongdae knew well that he have to ‘kill’ you in order for you to be reborn completely. So until when you are able to compromise that Jongdae was the only person you ever needed in this world, by then you are truly his.

  • “There you go again, being so kind to them, you really are an angel aren’t you? Even if he is your boyfriend and she is your best friend must you give them that much trust? I’m only joking~They seem like really good people after all~”

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  • “I told you didn’t I? That they was going to betray you. Look what you done now. Dirtying your hand like that? Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong Y/N-ah~ All you need is me, just put all of your trust in me. I will protect you”

Chanyeol : The Romeo Montague Type : 

There was nothing in this world that could tear Chanyeol away from you. A romantic at heart, every moment you spent with him will be fill with love and happy memories. Being wooed by his sweet songs, making you laugh, giving you lots and lots of loving kisses. Meeting Chanyeol was like a meeting of fate and he would make you feel like you were the luckiest girl in the world. But little did you know that this perfect boyfriend can’t help but to have a dark side to him. There was no way that he would let it happens, for this love to become a star-cross lover tragedy. Nothing could tear Chanyeol away from you. No one was ever going to steal you away from him. And if your heart ever to get stolen? Than Chanyeol wouldn’t mind dying with you, stealing you back from the person that had stolen you away.

  • “Did you dream of me last night Y/N? Me? Of course I did, how can I not think of you every minute of the day! You don’t believe me? Silly Y/N just how many time do I have to say that I love you for you to believe me?”
  • “Why did you look at him like that? Am I not good enough for you Y/N? You know that I can’t take it right? Do you really want to see me feeding you poison that much? Don’t turn me into such a bad guy Y/N-ah. I love you so, so very much.”

Kyungsoo : The Devil Type : 

With a face of an Angel. No one could ever doubt that he was a more of a fallen one. It doesn’t matter if you have a lover or not, in the end you could never escape from Kyungsoo. Tempting with you lust, filling your soul with envy, he will show you the way of wrath. In which your heart can’t help but to be consume with greed as fall deeper for him, letting you have a taste of sloth, only to leave you starving in gluttony. He loves it to see you degrading yourself begging for mercy and pleading for more. So forget all about your pride and all of your morals. Take a bite of this sweet apple and sell your soul to the devil. You can run away from temptation but never hid from it.

  • “I don’t tell lies Y/N, well not to you. If you wanted me then say it. I want you too. I will always be here waiting for you. So just come to me and I’ll be yours.”
  • “Were you jealous of her darling? Did your heart fill with envy when you see me with her? Did it drive you insane that you wanted to murder that person? Baby girl you should already know that my heart is only set for you.”

Sehun : The Prince Charming Type :

Sehun is the type of guy that you would bring home to your parent. Someone who all your friends would swoon over and talk about. He was the guy that would sweep you off your feet. The more you look at him you can’t help but to be reminded of a perfect prince out of the fairy tales book. But one should always be careful of what they wished for. After all happily ever after always came with a price. The moment you had fallen for this Prince Charming was already too late. One can only advise you to continue and remain oblivious to what was happening and continue on loving Sehun. Or else the beast will be awaken and you could never escape from this twisted fairy tales.

  • “Here have my coat. Yes, your friends seem nice. Hmm? Are you jealous? You’re silly you know that? Aigoo~ How can my girlfriend be so pretty even though she are mad at me?”

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  • “Does it hurt? I’m sorry princess but you had brought this upon yourself, you were going to leave me after all. And now these chains are going to keep you here with me forever. I will make you happy, I promise.”

Anyway as you can tell there are a bit of English Literature refferences with in this post. They may not be actually yandere, but i find these characters inspiringly creepy. It took really long to make this but I wouldn’t mind doing it again. So if you have a request please feel free to drop it in my inbox. I hope you reblog and give me heartu~

BTS Reacts: I Love You

Request: hi! i was wondering if you could do a bts reaction maybe?🙈 to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering “i love you” with their head on his back/shoulder (it depends😹) -this is so soft😭- thank you!

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Warning: Mentions of pregnancy

A/N: Kongnamul is Korean for “Bean Sprout”. Kongnamulguk is Korean for “Bean Sprout Soup”.

Seokjin (Jin)

You held tightly at the hem of Seokjin’s oversized tan hoodie, scrunching your nose at the tears stinging your eyes. This is stupid, you thought. It’s only going to be a month. We’ve done longer distances than this. You exhaled a sigh. Must be the pregnancy hormones.

You idly rubbed your tummy, baby bump barely noticeable, but to you, it felt like you were carrying the world. Your world. The moment you and Seokjin had waited years for, for what felt like the right time to start your family. A small smile spread across your lips, despite the still lingering tears.

Seokjin smiled politely and handed over his passport. He turned towards you, a protective arm slipping around your shoulders. “What’s the matter, Jagiya?”

You looked up to him through long lashes and pouted. “I don’t like it,” you murmered. A sad smile spread across his plump lips. “I know, Jagi.” He lifted your chin with a slim finger and you found nothing but happiness resting in his eyes. “It will only be a month. I’ll FaceTime you and little kongnamul every night, okay?”.

A giggle escaped your closed lips and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the nickname. The doctor had called you with the news while you were both out to dinner and you happened to be eating kongnamulguk, and the name just seemed to stick.

Seokjin turned away to receive his passport, thanking the woman at the desk and bowing slightly. Happiness flooded through you, staring up at him, and you were sure of nothing more in the world that this was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your days with. You snaked your arms around his slim waist and nuzzled your cheek into the back of his broad shoulders.

“I love you,” you breathed. You could feel heat burning in your cheeks and tears stinging your eyes again. You quickly wiped them away, pulling away from Seokjin’s tall frame.

He smiled shyly, a hand coming up to cover his smile. “Aish, you’re cute, (Y/N). Can’t you just stay pregnant forever if you keep acting this cute?”.

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Yoongi (Suga)

You stretched the muscles of your neck from side to side, setting down your pen on your World Culture text book. You looked behind you from your place on Yoongi’s studio couch, sprawled out on your stomach, to Yoongi who was working diligently away on his computer. You eyes followed his side profile, from his pinched eyebrows in concentration, to the downturn of his lips, muttering something under his breath you couldn’t quite catch.

You bit your lip and glanced down to his work space, littered with his small, black leather notebook, a couple of pencils and erasers and sticky notes. You closed your text book, and adjusted your shorts, before exiting the room.

Yoongi shifted in his seat, looking back to where you had just lay, before adjusting his headphones and returning his attention to the screen.

You returned moments later, a napkin, a bottle of water and one of Yoongi’s favorite cold bottled coffees in both hands. You came up behind him, his eyes still fervently searching the screen for the solution to some unseen problem. You leaned down and gently blew at the exposed skin of the nape of his neck, smiling when little mountains of goosebumps rose to the surface.

You reached over his shoulders and placed down the napkin on his work space, setting the cold, coffee on top and the water bottle next to it. You watched as a small, appreciative smile came to life, and couldn’t help but return it. You slid the palms of your hands from the tops of his shoulders down the hills of his chest to rest lightly on his toned stomach.

“I love you,” you whispered in his ear. You watched as the small smile turned gummy, and he looked down, the blush creeping up his neck barely noticeable in the dim light

“I love you, too,” he chuckled, the low timber of his unused voice sending butterflies soaring in your chest.

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

You bobbed your head to the resounding base, idly scrolling through social media on your phone. You sat, perched on one of the blue dance mats, ignoring the dull ache in the base of your spine for easy companionship with Hoseok as he perfected a dance for another episode of Hope on the Street. You set your phone beside you and watched Hoseok carefully, from his controlled facial expressions, to the way his body naturally seemed to pop and lock into place where he so chose. You admired the way he could move his body so effortlessly, every carved out muscle under his control.

The song started over, and Hoseok raised both arms wide in the air, thoroughly stretching the muscles there. He made his way over to the mat you were sitting on and collapsed beside you, hair matting to his forehead, shirt sticking to him.

You scrunched your nose and smiled at him. “You stink,” you laughed. Hoseok smiled widely, an almost embarrassed laugh falling out. He puffed out his cheeks and blew out a deep breath, keeping his lips pursed for a second longer.

“Come, on.” Hoseok groaned, and made to stand up, muscles protesting against the action. “I think if I practice anymore, I’ll collapse.”

You took his outstretched hand and absently rubbed at your aching butt, as he pulled you up to your feet. “Wouldn’t be the first time,” you sighed. You watched as Hoseok began to pick up his things, aimlessly throwing them in the direction of his backpack in the corner of the room.

As he bent down to pick up his empty water bottle, you snaked your arms around his waist and rested your chin in between his shoulder blades, pushing most of your weight onto his back. “I love you,” you sighed, making him halt mid reach for his water bottle. You both stayed like that for few seconds longer, until you finished. “I just wish you would take better care of yourself.”

Hoseok turned, still in your arms, and rested both hands on your hips. He nuzzled his head into the soft crook of your neck and sighed. “I know, Jagi.”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Namjoon typed away at his laptop, sitting precariously on top of a pillow on his lap, bottom lip worrying between his teeth. His glasses sliding slowly off his face as he looked down at the screen, you couldn’t help the adoration that flowed through your veins.

You abandoned your place beside him on the couch and made your way into the small kitchen to see about starting dinner. You rifled through your cabinets, a dismal look pinching your brow together. “Take out it is, then,” you sighed.

You made your way back into the living room, your eyes easily finding Namjoon, eyes now tracing lines in a black notebook, glasses hanging on to just the tip of his nose. You walked over to the back of the couch behind him, and rested your hands on his tense shoulders.

“Namjoon-ah,” you called softly. You received a grunt in response, clearly absorbed in his work. It wasn’t like you to bother him while working, but from the lack of movement from both of you in the last couple of hours, you were sure he hadn’t eaten properly.

You leaned down and placed your lips gently against his ear. “Look at me,” you breathed. You watched in delight as the hairs on the nape of his neck stood on end as he licked his lips and gazed at you.

You straightened up and smiled at him. “Good. Now that I have your attention.” You crossed your arms over your chest and tilted your head. “You haven’t eaten much today,” you accused.

Noona, I’m fine,” he rolled his head on the back of the couch and sighed.

You fixed his glasses to fit properly on his face and leaned back down to meet your lips with his. The kiss was slow, passionate, filled with every emotion you  could imagine and all the time in the world to express them. You slid your hands down his shoulders to rest on his chest and broke the kiss, gazing at him. ”I love you, and the man I love will not work on an empty stomach.”

A low chuckled filled his lungs as he lifted head and closed his notebook. “Fine,” he whined, exaggerating the word as he rubbed the back of his neck and muttered “How do you always know how to get what you want?”

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Taehyung (V)

“Taehyung!” you exclaimed without any honorifics. “I thought you were gonna let me win!” You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest and sitting in the uncomfortable plastic chair in a huff.

“Watch it, little girl,” he warned, but the threat was lost in the laugh that escaped his throat. You giggled at his attempt to be threatening, his boxy smile filling his face.

“Besides,” he continued. “How can I let you win, if you cant hit anything even with the gaurds up?” he teased.

You laughed, hand coming up to cover your mouth shyly. “I am pretty bad at this, huh?” you admitted. You looked up at the score board, your scores pitifully drastic.

Taehyung smiled at you lovingly, and you couldn’t help the heat that flooded your cheeks. You stood up and quickly crossed the distance between you two, holding your arms out to embrace him. He took you in his arms easily and you let the comforting scent of his cologne fill your nose.

“I love you,” you whispered into his chest. You felt rather than saw the chuckle that escaped his lips. He pulled you in tighter, squeezing you gently. “I love you, (Y/N).”

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You waited patiently in line at the local coffee shop, fingers playing with the hem of your sweater to keep them from reaching out to touch Jimin. Standing only a couple feet away, you were still able to smell the faint scent of his cologne, something heady and earthy, like home.

You admired his side profile, although obscured by the black face mask and glasses he was adorning, you could recount every line and curve of his nose and lips. You smiled to yourself, thinking back to last night when your frames were so intertwined with each other, a thin layer of sweat covering the hills of your bodies, as he laced his fingers with yours, his thumb stroking the back of your hand idly as you sleepily tried to keep up with the conversation.

“(Y/N)?” the sweet sound of Jimin’s voice filled your ears, as he called out to you. You snapped your focus back to the man in front of you, a slight blush dusting your cheeks. “What would you like?”

Coffee. That’s right, you thought, bringing your attention to the present. You ordered your usual, and thanked Jimin quietly while he paid, eyes focused on his unoccupied hand and how you wanted to reach out and entangle his fingers with yours, to feel the smooth skin of his hands from meticulous care. Your self control wavered.

You both thanked the cashier and made your way to the other end of the bar, waiting for your coffee. Partially obscured by the height of the bar, you took his hand in both of yours and rubbed soothing circles on the back of his hand. You knew PDA made him a little uncomfortable, but you hoped this small act was okay.

“Jimin-ah,” You looked up at him through long lashes and bit your plump bottom lip. “I love you,” you breathed.

Jimin’ s eyes crinkled and you knew he was smiling widely. A soft chuckle filled your ears as he pulled his mask down to rest at the base of his chin. “And I love you, (Y/N).”

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

You sighed loudly, more loudly than was necessary, really, but you didn’t care. Jungguk had been staring at a screen for the last four hours and you were bored to tears. You had exhausted every form of social media you had, now resorting to just googling funny pictures.

You tossed your phone behind the couch, when just the sight of the lit up screen started to make you a bit cross eyed. You sat up cross-legged in the middle of the couch, eyeing the back of Jungguk’s head. He was in need of a haircut, the small hairs on the nape of his neck growing out, messing up the look of his undercut. Your fingers itched to run through his soft locks, but pushed down the urge.

You rested your head on the back of the couch and held tightly the pillow in your arms. You sighed loudly again, hoping Jungguk would take notice, but he only swore loudly at the T.V screen, fists tightening around the controller in his hands. You scrunched your nose in frustration and licked your lips.

Your eyes fell on the extra couch pillow at the end of sofa, and you quickly glanced back to Jungguk. You smiled and bit your lip, quickly snatching it by your side. You waited patiently until you considered he was at a good stopping point before you initiated your attack, both couch pillows hitting him square in the back of the head.

Jungguk flinched, immediately pausing the game and turned around, an accusatory glare aimed in your direction. A smile broke out on your face, biting your lip again to control the nerves that were suddenly pouring through you. You watched as the beginnings of a bunny-toothed smile appeared on his lips, and you poised yourself to run like a madman through the house, hoping he would take the bait and chase you.

Your legs sprung out from under you as you attempted to jump over the side of the couch, but Jungguk somehow was able to cross the five foot gap between you two and grab hold of your ankle, gently but firmly pulling you back down to the couch and sliding you towards him. You landed with an oof and felt the couch give to the weight of him, as he flipped you over onto your back, his body hovering over yours.

Your breath caught, and you tried to swallow, your throat too dry. You caught a glimpse of mischief in his doe-like eyes and immediately struggled to get away from him, hands trying fruitlessly to push his face away.

“Oh, no you don’t,” he muttered, words garbled from the weight of your hands pushing his cheek away. Jungguk pulled your hands away easily with one of his, the other releasing a vicious tickle ambush on your side and under your arms.

You laughed loudly, unable to control your wide smile. “NO. No, pleas- I’m sorry, OKAY?” you tried, your laughter making it hard to speak.

Jungguk laughed, bunny teeth cutely poking through, and rested his forehead against yours, breathing heavily. “I love you.” The words pushed through your lips before you could hold them back. You watched, wide-eyed, as every emotion was easily recognized in Jungguk’s expressive orbs. You watched his lips part, as he searched your face for something you weren’t quite sure of. A slight blush appeared across his cheeks, finding the answer in your eyes.

“Yeah,” Jungguk breathed, burrowing his nose in the crook of your neck. “I…I love you, too.”

how to git gud at rhythm games

1. start with easy/normal difficulty and work your way to hard/extreme

2. be caught off-guard by the gap in difficulty between easier difficulties and max

3. play the same song on repeatedly on max difficulty for months

4. ragequit several dozen times until all emotion leaves your soul

5. pick up the game again a few months later and play the same song repeatedly again but this time in stonefaced silence as the notes burn their way into your muscle memory

6. go into a trance-like state and develop the ability to see a few milliseconds into the future

7. beat every song on all difficulties with Perfect rank with the fine motor skill and lightning reflexes of a scifi-action movie hackerman


Summary: Loosely inspired by the song “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast. Bucky had it all planned out. He spent days planning the perfect proposal - the perfect proposal for the perfect girl, but things don’t always go according to plan. 

Word Count: 1,731

Warnings: Angst

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Bucky fidgeted with the velvet jewelry box nervously, pausing every now and then to glance back at the door to his apartment. Any moment, Y/N would come walking through, her warm smile lighting up the apartment. Hers was the smile that somehow managed to steal into his melancholy heart, the smile that melted the layers of frost and gave way to spring, the one that nurtured the tiny, fragile seeds of love little by little until they blossomed.

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Ten years from now I don’t want to tell the story of how I lost the boy of my dreams because I was too afraid to try. No, that’s not my story. This is my story.

I love you. Or at least I like you a lot. I don’t know how it works because I’ve never felt anything this strong before. That might sound crazy but it’s true. You are constantly in my head, like this annoying song stuck on repeat and you try to get it out of there but you can’t. And when we’re together I am insanely happy. And I say insanely because it’s just so much happiness that it almost drives me insane thinking about it. You are goofy and handsome and smart and incredible and so beautiful. Just all of you, in every way, is beautiful.

So maybe my story won’t end with you and me being together. Maybe we won’t ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But now I know I’ve tried. My story may not be perfect but at least I know that I wrote it, I didn’t let it write me.
—  Story time.
The One That I Want

Has this been done already? I don’t know. I got back from two and a half hours of straight dancing at a Halloween party and I was inspired so here ya go. 

A College Bughead Halloween AU

There is a read more line! Sorry if you’re on mobile and it glitches

“Are you sure you don’t want to trade that poodle skirt for a leather jacket and some red lipstick? It’s never too late.” Veronica said for the millionth time that evening, adjusting her own hair in the mirror. 

Betty looked at her pale yellow skirt and matching cardigan, frowning as she compared it to Veronica’s metallic skirt and baby blue crop top. “I think I’ll stick with the Sandra Dee costume I already have.”

“Suit yourself.” Veronica shrugged, “I’m just saying you could afford to show off your body every once in a while. And it’s Halloween! It’s as good a time as any to let loose.”

Betty turned toward Veronica, placing one last beaded clip in the raven-haired girl’s extensions and smiling, “Well we don’t all have gorgeous boyfriends who agree to be the sailor to our mermaid.” Veronica blushed a bit, the shimmer of her purple highlighter fusing with the pink tinge of pride, “And I’m pretty sure end-of-the movie Sandy requires a Danny. At least this way it’s a bit more vague.”

Veronica placed a gentle hand on Betty’s shoulder, a gesture Betty knew was meant to make her feel comforted but only served to make her feel pitied. “Nice girl Sandra Dee it is.” She resigned, giving Betty’s arm a small squeeze before waving the moment away with a flick of her wrist. “Alright, let’s go. I’m sure Archie has been waiting for long enough.”

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