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Idk why people hate Lotto because of the auto tune? I mean the auto tune is fucking bomb as fuck and I'm not being biased. I mean Heart Attack had a slight of auto tune in it too and it's my all time fav EXO song like???? Uhmmm???

Aaah actually I remember when Lotto first came out I got a few people being angry at me cause I was “eh” at the auto tune. The reason for that is because we know EXO can sing and there is no need for auto tune, but of course it was just the style of the song. Except my concern was more people using that song as “proof” when saying things like “EXO can’t sing” as auto tuned songs these days are seen as talentless. If you’re a fan of EXO and know they’re incredibly talented, then hell yeah you can get down to that song. However, I wouldn’t show that song to someone who doesn’t know EXO because of the auto tune.

I do like Lotto, I think it’s a fantastic song, but I do prefer the live stages of it because I just find EXO really don’t need that auto tune, even though it is just for the style of the song.

Stanley after the end of BaTB. I’m gayer now.

The busy village woke with spazzing and jittering light cascading over the tall sand rock walls. The clay sizzled in the warmness of the sun. A radial orchestra of windows bursting open and neighbors casting cheerful greetings to one another sung loudly with the sound of birds. And ever so faintly the harmony between a prince and a clockwork filled the volume of France. This was the noise from the corner of the blooming nation, a small hymn that rested below a soft, kind sun and a whimsical sky. In a particular tavern, however, the song of a young musketeer was chirped quietly.

Stanley held a finger to his temple and his others around his chin, thinking, pondering, wondering. He thought about the night of the unmasking, the revealing of truth, the moment he found that magic was real. He remembered watching the night sky rip from his eyes in seconds as the sun dove into reality and washed away the cruel aftermath of a long sustained curse. He remembered the ball. The feeling of his collar chafing his neck, the cufflinks on his shirt, and the way he smelled of cinnamon and flower. He remembered turning from face to face, to and from mesdames and messieurs until his heart flopped from the right side of his thorax to the left. And there wasn’t enough space on the left. Not by a long shot. He can memorialize the lump that caught his throat, the rise in his chest and the dryness of his lips. C’était le coup de foudre. Except that it wasn’t.

He loved LeFou for as long as the birds were in the sky and the world was round but he had never wrapped his head around the idea, let alone a finger or a hand. And he had wrapped his hands around LeFou, held his body within his arms and spun him around. He had LeFou, like a puppet, in his hold, leading him around the other dancers. He was nothing but a breath apart from the love of his life and he’s convinced his eyes had revealed everything he ever felt. Like a wave crashing on the beach, his heart spluttered on the shore of actuality, right in front of LeFou.

“Oh, the sounds of love,” He hummed to himself, “the bolt that shakes me.” The tavern quieted around him, the room darkened but the sun still shined vibrantly behind the shadowy windows. “Être à l’ouest, that is what it is. To be so far gone, my body turns to stone. That is what it is.”

From the brims of his ears the tone of his song caught, a gloomy thing, in his mind. “That is what it is. I’m not sure how it is, but it is.”

The bar tender spun from his chair to fill his empty goblet, and it occurred to Stanley that he had forgotten about the rum stirring inside his belly. Suddenly, the tangy taste that burned inside him made more sense. “L'amour est fou,” He muttered to himself, watching the rum pour into his goblet with cola-colored liquid.  

Sorry about today, I had a dark episode, eye-opening, weird day. May you forgive the price I pay for sharing, and baring, a weak and human part of me.

I may not be fully back, but I would like to share something written. I can’t decide which, however, so…song? Lusty?? Winter??? Hope you can help.

Thanks again.

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if you had to create a mixtape about non-corp relationships, what would it be?

Well this is partially tailored vaguely to mine and Angrboda’s relationship since it’s what I know best but I tried to keep things generalized. However the songs are slightly woman and she/her pronoun-centric 

Celestial Creature by Wild Beasts

The heavens hang heavy on you tonight
Put on your big coat, your only hope
The only thing to keep your guts from spilling out

Handsome woman, what do you want with me?
You’re a deity and I’m nothing but my beliefs
Yeah, they take me there
Towards the Shard
Where the heavens are
Where the angels sip champagne

And every fiber remains so alive
We are celestial creatures

Little Ghost by The White Stripes

Little ghost, little ghost
One I’m scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?
I’m the only one that sees you,
And I can’t do much to please you
And it’s not yet time to meet the lord above

Every morning I awoke
And I see my little ghost
Wond'rin’ if it’s really her that’s lying there
I lean to touch her and I whisper
But not brave enough to kiss her
When I held her I was really holding air

Trouble I’m In by Twinbed

I wanna feel your touch
It’s burning me like an ember
Pretending is not enough
I wanna feel us together

Each Coming Night by Iron and Wine

Will you say to me when I’m gone
“Your face has faded but lingers on
Because light strikes a deal with each coming night”

Transantlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
It seems farther than ever before
Oh no.

I need you so much closer

Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol

I’m miles from where you are,
I lay down on the cold ground
I, I pray that something picks me up
And sets me down in your warm arms

Two Towns From Me by Blind Pilot

Diving gulls
Wet their breath
And live in between
Hollow bones
Knowing both
What they want and what they need
How I want that mystery
Let me dive ‘til I believe

I had a dream you were two towns from me
Got to sleep, spent the whole night, whole night

Avalanche by Walk the Moon

You gotta look in your eyes
I knew you in a past life
One glance and the avalanche drops
One look and my heartbeat stops
Ships pass in the night
I don’t want to wait 'til the next life
One glance and the avalanche drops
One look and my heartbeat stops

Skulls by Bastille

When all of our friends are dead and just a memory
And we’re side by side it’s always been just you and me
For all to see

Mass Rapture by Diablo Swing Orchestra

In love and in glory
We worship her story

Seek and reveal, release and then cleanse what you fear
She reminds me of truth, reminds me of trust and what’s real

She is silence reborn
I’m dragged into light with a mind that’s torn
Blessed once again in her arms
Divine, and with a snake’s charm
She is peace

Stratosphere Serenade by Diablo Swing Orchestra

While gravity never used to bother me
I’m floating senseless in the presence of you
And I see euphoria in what we do

Until Eternity by Blackbriar

I loved you once, I loved you twice
I loved you in my previous lives
I know your voice, I know your eyes
You haunt me through my dreams at night
Oh my love, we’ll meet again
We always do in the end
Our two souls destined to be
You and I until eternity

Ties That Bind by Kamelot

Word by word and line by line
I follow your voice through the fire
And nothing will disarm my mind
To cut the ties that bind
Cause no one can disarm my mind
To cut the ties that bind

  • what she says: "g*psy"* by fleetwood mac is a really good song
  • what she means: "g*psy" by fleetwood mac is perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written. we, as a planet, do not deserve it. before stevie nicks even sings a note, it is already the most goddamn gorgeous song. the first fifteen seconds alone. everyone will always cite works like "silver springs" and "the chain" for insight to stevie's relationship with lindsey and while those are valid, her clear nostalgia and near-longing for a simpler but meaningful time with him makes the love they genuinely had very evident. they shared a single mattress in a shitty apartment, in a room she would decorate with small trinkets to cheer it up, and this is the place the now-famous musician thinks of. that place, and that time. what must she feel every time she sings it? what must lindsey feel? the "lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice" line to describe love alone, jfc. this isn't even touching on the loss of her friend robin anderson, the other inspiration behind the song, who passed away and was "dancing away from you now" as stevie was writing it. it's heartbreaking, it's evocative, and furthermore--

what she says: im fine

what she means: the beastie boys band canonically exists in the star trek reboot universe and jim kirk canonically enjoys the song “sabotage” (if nothing else from their discography). however, theres a conflict here since the song “intergalactic” (by the same band) references star trek and more specifically spock not once, but twice, with the lyrics “like a pinch on the neck of mr spock” and “super educated im smarter than spock”. if the beastie boys exist in the rebootverse, does “intergalactic” exist also? and if so, are the aforementioned lyrics simply omitted or transformed into a seperate in-universe scifi reference to maintain the song’s theme?

Do you want to know how I imagine the last scene of TO? 
Klaus is walking in the street of New Orleans surrounded by people and then he feels a presence. It’s her, he knows it’s her. So he stops and he turns around slowly and there she is, in the middle of the crowd. Caroline. They’re staring at each other a long time and then he smiles


[with in the background playing  
 You and I, we were made to thrive
And I am your future, I am your past
Never forget that we were built to last]

i love the transition from act 1 whizzer & marvin, which is focused almost entirely on sex and fighting and games, and how it moves into a much more healthy relationship in act 2 where there is still competition but there’s also softness beneath it. there is marvin cuddling whizzer and the two of them spooning and marvin singing about how much he loves whizzer when they’re both in bed. there are intimate moments beneath the harder ones and it’s so lovely and sweet and also i love them

Person B of your OTP wants to do something nice for Person A, so they pick out a romantic song to sing for them as a surprise. However, Person B (for whatever reason you come up with) is tragically behind in terms of memes, which leads to them being confused and hurt when Person A starts cracking up as “Never Gonna Give You Up” starts playing. Person A explains to them why they were laughing, then they laugh even harder together. Bonus: Fluffy cuddling ensues afterwards.

Well, well, well… They are back!

Whom am I talking about, in thing plethora of comebacks? Why Monsta X of course!

Monsta X is a group of 7 super talented members!

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Last comeback, they came out with “All in”, a great  song with an awesome(yet super confusing) plot driven music video, claiming that it was only Part 1.

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So when i heard that they are coming back i got extremely excited to see the continuation of the story and to hear their new album.

Aaaaaaand to be honest, at first i was a bit disappointed with the new music video, probably because i was expecting something very similar to ‘All in’, a more fluid continuation.

However, when I saw the music video a few more times, it had really grown on me, The shots are great and there were some links to the previous music videos, but i guess i am a bit to stupid to understand right away!

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The ending, however… still feels very random.

The song too is great! I really like Fighter, in fact, i love all the songs on this album! 

And the members… oh my lord are they amazing!

First we have our leader: Shownu

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He is a great dancer and his stage presence just slays everyones existence! Just watch him on Hit the Stage for some solo dance action(by solo i mean without the other members). So, lets not sleep on Shownu please!

Then we have Kihyun:

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This boy is a cutie with amazing vocals! Yes, his vocals are truly great! I feel guilty for saying this, but there are times where i can see why Monsta X is Kihyun and friends. And, in my opinion, that is not always a bad thing. After all, there are songs which are truly amazing for him and choruses which just fit his voice perfectly!

Of course, we also have Jooheon:

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Ok so.. This rapper kills me! And not just because of his skills and voice, but also his persona! He just seems like such a fun guy who can kill with aegyo! He lights up the room and then performs and suddenly everything changes and he becomes just unbearably amazing! And lets be real, i find his sexiness no joke! He just seems like a manly man with a great twist aka aegyo.

Then theres I.M:

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Our precious, precious maknae! His raps, great and his singing though… so sweet! Just watching him, makes me wanna hug him, but then he gets all cool and spectacular and all i can think is “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE!” He also looks great with the new hair!

Lets not forget Hyungwon, of course!

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So, heres the thing, i admit to the fact that at first, Hyungwon’s look slightly disturbed me. It’s just that his lips and jaw just seem so out of sync with his face… It just seemed like he failed having botox, and so his face got slightly deformed. However, as i saw more of Monsta X and so a lot of their interview I realised one thing: Hyungwon need to be protected at all cost! I believe that its okay if someone does not immediately get attracted to him, but its never okay to hate a human being for that! After all, he is just so sweet, so kind, so graceful that i fell in love with him! Hyungwon is a beautiful human being!(PS, can we please ask for some more lines for this angel?)

Then there is…. Minhyuk!

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Minhyuk is a precious cinnamon role. He is so cute, so sweet, it destroys all Monsta X fans! He just speaks and everyone was to take this puppy and wrap him in blankets! And just like for Hyungwon, can this beautiful human get more that a mere 13 seconds please? 

Also, he has such a cute bromance with the leader, Shownu.

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Bromance and fanservice at its best!

And … for last… we have… Wonho.

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Did I ever think id find a man in a crop top hot? Nop, but things change… drastically.

Real talk now.

I really hope that Wonho doesn’t mind being so sexualised, I really do. Because sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. After all, when is he finally going to be able to do things fully clothed?

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He doesn’t even get to make stuff with clothes on! And like i said, if he enjoys it, good for him, you go boy! But if it is done against his will, then it is unfair. I just really don’t want to hear, that he is forced to do the whole sexy thing for the rest of his life. 

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But other than that, Wonho just seems.. special. There is an aura around him of a guy comfortable with what he is, who has experienced some things( and he has since he was like 14, which for me is totally fine. After all, in my country it is not uncommon to have a drink or smoke at 14-15. In fact, most in the end live a typical life). I do however, want to see a bit more of personality from him. Cause although he seems comfortable, I think he might just be comfortable about his own little safe zone as Wonho, rather than as Shin Hoseok. I don’t know whats going on in his head, but please don’t kill me! I love Wonho and Shin Hoseok, but the is my opinion! But i think this doesn’t just apply to Shin Hoseok, but to many if not most idols and famous people in general.

So, this is the roundup of the groups members, The amazing members!

As a bonus, lets make a bit of a Monsta X spam!

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So yes. This is our beloved Monsta X. The group of beloved, fun loving ‘dorks’(said in the most loving way) who make up a cool kpop group!

BTW: I know that I’m primarily an ARMY, but yo, THEY NEED TO WIN AT LEAST ONES!!! They deserve it so much! So please! Lets give them at east 1 win!

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Thank you for reading!

PS. Wohno can you please stop? Cause every time i try to find a gif for anything all i see is you! I love you and all but.. please… you are killing me!

When I first watched Prisoner of Azkaban as a kid, I greatly disliked the song “Double Trouble” because it wasn’t in the books and felt like a waste of screen time. Now, however, the song has really grown on me! It has a very creepy Halloween vibe to it, and makes me think of walking through the halls of Hogwarts or studying in the common room while it storms outside. I also like the idea of Hogwarts having a choir.

i just want everyone to know that i talked to the creators and single ladies is confirmed for lance’s favorite bey song !!! however they also said he does not and cannot do the single ladies choreography…….. for the love of god somebody put a ring on this sweet boy


I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that its true
‘cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

I ordered The Song of Achilles from my local bookstore last week & it’s supposed to come in today!!!!

Song Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a song that is innately engrained into them and their soulmate has the same song. No one else can recreate the tune except for the pair and people express their songs through their voice or different instruments. Some people may just have a little hymn in their head that they hum to all the time, and others might have full songs that they play or sing. 

Typically, both pieces of the pair will be on the same level of musical inclination (i.e a piano prodigy won’t be paired with someone who can barely drum their song with their fingers) However, occasionally, people will be born with difficulties understanding music, like a piece of their brain is locked and they can’t access it until they meet their soulmate and it’s awakened. (so cheesy I know) A lot of times this will happen when one part of the pair is like a prodigy and they won’t meet their soulmate until later than most. 

Plot twist, you can’t finish composing the song until you meet your soulmate. There may be spots missing that you can’t figure out, or maybe you can’t figure out how it ends. It’s because you can’t finish the song without knowing pieces of the other half’s life. You finish each other’s stories.

Some people’s songs are short and sweet, some are like entire scores or compositions. Maybe it’s indicative of the kind of journey you will have with your soulmate. 

Dark Plot Twist, if something happens to your soulmate (i.e they die or somehow can’t ever find you because they’re too sick), before you’ve met them, you’ll forget the song or it starts to sound off gradually over time until it’s not really the song anymore. If you’ve already met and they die, the song changes back to your original. 


So Green Day was on this German TV show yesterday called “Circus Halligalli” playing a game.
Basically a woman who doesn’t speak english and can’t sing is listening to green day on their headphones and has to sing along to the songs.
Green Day however has to guess the Songs that she is singing.
Well, i can say i know all of the songs she sung, but i never guessed them right. :D

blue night radio ♡ 161207
translation: fantaemsie

listener: when young bae attended jonghyun’s concert he uploaded it onto sns with the hashtag #givingrealinspiration. what kind of inspiration?
jonghyun: my concert’s name was inspiration. i wanted it to be a performance of giving and receiving inspiration. i wanted it to have that kind of meaning.
go young bae: i was inspired like that a lot too. (laughs) “ah, so jonghyun is young and rich”. (laughs) “young and rich, woo.” you’d really end up laughing a lot whenever there was something funny. it was really such a well made concert. sitting next to me was pd-nim and, next to him, hun il. we three kept only saying: “woah, it’s really no joke. he’s really no joke. how did he prepare all of this?” that day there were songs that weren’t among the ones you’ve promoted previously.
jonghyun: that’s right.
go young bae: however, every song had it’s own choreography or own video made for it and you managed to practice for everything (so much) that lately i heard you ended up having the nickname “trainee”.
jonghyun: yes, that’s right. i was turned into a trainee (again). for the last two months, when the dancers would see my they’d ask: “oh. jonghyunnie~. you’re going to practice after the broadcast, right?” me, who was a trainee, would say “yes, i’m going to practice.” ㅎㅅㅎ