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Hey I want to rewatch destiel episodes What are your faves?


I made this list a little while ago, but I should probably pare it down a little, yeah?

It’s hard to separate my favorite episodes from specifically my favorite Destiel eps. Like, one of my absolute favorite episodes of the Carver era is Executioner’s Song, but even though there are two EXCELLENT Destiel moments in it (Cas just talking to Cain around a pile of dead bodies, but as soon as Cain threatens Dean the blade comes out, along with Dean trusting Cas over Crowley with the First Blade) I can’t strictly call it a ‘Destiel’ episode.

That said… these are in chronological order because determining my actual favorite of favorites makes me wanna sob.

4x01 – Lazarus Rising – This episode is near perfection. The mystery, the build-up, and then the most satisfying entrance ever. SPARKS LITERALLY FLY WHEN THEY FIRST MEET FACE TO FACE, C’MON. Also, that one line that caused me to immediately make an LJ community for them - “You don’t think you deserved to be saved.” Two minutes after they started talking, Cas gets Dean. God, I could watch this episode once a day and never be tired of it.

5x03 – Free to Be You and Me – When this episode first aired, all Dean/Cas fans were completely, totally losing their shit. This was peak fanservice, and then it gave us that incredibly emotional moment of how long it had been since Dean had laughed that made it less fanservicey and more actually shippy.

6x20 – The Man Who Would Be King – I mean, yeah. Do I even need to explain it? Cas watching Dean rake leaves, and his downfall happening because he didn’t want to disturb Dean’s peace? And it’s then established that immediately after Dean had expressed how broken he was over losing Sam, Cas dove into hell to get Sam.

8x17 – Goodbye Stranger – This episode is why I’m convinced that Dean, king of abandonment issues, isn’t nearly as open with Cas as he was at the end of season 7 and the beginning of season 8. Dean was almost soft with Cas, emotionally vulnerable multiple times. Dean told Cas he needed him, and then Cas left. Since then, while Dean has opened up to Cas a few times, it hasn’t been at the level of “failing every godforsaken thing that I care about.” Dean opened up, and Cas left. Dean’s been on guard ever since. (That’s my headcanon, anyway.)

8x23 – Sacrifice – MY GOD. The bar scene, plus the angel fall spell, plus Sam’s own abandonment issues and him spelling out that he actually kinda sees Cas a threat to his relationship with Dean. It’s also just a really fucking excellent episode and one of my favorite finales of the entire series.

9x06 - Heaven Can’t Wait – Do I even need to list reasons why? Dean sneaking off to chat on the phone with Cas, throwing out half-assed excuses to go see Cas, him watching Cas through the window, the fucking SHIT-EATING GRIN when he orders some beef jerky and a pack of menthols from Cas, the flash of jealousy when Dean sees Cas setting up a date, the fact that the Ephraim came after Cas because of Cas’s pain…

10x20 - Angel Heart – Not so much really shippy, but this was peak Dadstiel. I had no idea I wanted this until I had it. Like, I usually avoid Dean and Cas w/ kids fics, but this was just fucking perfect. Also, married couple bickering. Also, I seriously will read every fic ever of Dean and Cas going to Hot Topic because the mental image of that is fucking GLORIOUS.

12x10 – Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets – A recent addition, which I’m not gonna get too much into considering we’re still picking it apart. Easily the biggest Destiel ep we’ve gotten since 9x06.

** Also, let it be known that this post marks me finally conforming to ‘Destiel’ as a word. I initially resisted but I’ve been throwing out to see how the word tastes in my mouth, and I knew it would happen eventually. This was just me being old fandom grandma. Destiel. Destiel. Destiel. Now I’m hip, I’m cool. See how cool I am? Now you won’t be embarrassed by me when we go out to eat.

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How do you do the stand creation?

Stand creation, or writing it down and submitting it? If it’s the latter, then just check out this handy formatting post

Stand creation is a lot trickier. Some people come up with a physical design first, some come up with the ability first, some have a song that would be absolutely perfect as a stand, and some even have an idea for a user, and then develop the stand from there. There’s really no wrong way to do it, but personally, I usually start with an ability that I think would be cool. I then try to imagine the most badass way to use that ability, and make a simple physical design from there.  The appearance description will be pretty short - I’m not too good at visual design for characters!  

Then, I assign stats in order to allow the stand to keep the ability as close to the initial idea as possible while also keeping it balanced - for example, I try to never award a stand with a really powerful ability more than one stat with a B rank, and it likely won’t be in Power. Any extra notes I make are probably about tactical or more versatile uses of the stand ability. 

So now I’ll have the ability, appearance, stats, and some background or hypothetical situations about the stand - all the basic stuff you need to get the full concept of that stand. And, well, that’s that!

- Winter

Why "Hallelujah Money" is the Perfect Gorillaz Comeback Song

People have absolutely been missing the point of the new song.

Ignoring the musicality for a second (because it is quite clearly in style with the most recent Gorillaz albums), Hallelujah Money’s lyrics, video, and context are the most Gorillaz thing they could have possibly come back with. When we reflect on the past few albums, we seem to be wrapped up entirely in the lore of the band members. But the lore should not be taken out of political context! Their albums aren’t just meant to be absurdist. They’re not meant to be superficial additions to their story. They’re messages about what Damon and Jamie see as some of the most important political issues of the times, and en masse, fans completely ignore this. But Hallelujah Money isn’t leaving room for us to aestheticize the band. It is reminding us all EXACTLY what Gorillaz are about. They aren’t about their own lore; their purpose is to be interpreted. They were created as an attempt at social commentary at how shitty the bands were in the late 1990s. Demon Days was highly political, coming out against wars in the middle east. Plastic Beach was about how fucking awful pollution is. This next album isn’t going to fucking forget exactly who Gorillaz are. They are a catalyst for the cesspool of ignorance in the world, bringing it to us in an ironic package, with creators who know exactly what they’re fighting and how they’re going to do it.

tl;dr Gorillaz have always been a political band and if you ignore that of course you’re not going to fucking like the song.


↳ I’d end my days with you in a hail of bullets   

Timothée’s performance is one for the history books. The Adele Excharpolous à la Blue is the Warmest Color of the year. His eyes are so expressive and every emotion and action is so deeply felt by this poor tortured soul that by the ending you cannot help but weep and feel at the absolute lowest you’ve ever been.

Armie is portrayed to perfection, as well. His “later” and other phrases stand out so sharply in a world of prompt and prim dialect that it makes us feel engaged in a way that I’ve never felt by a movie. He was such an outsider and yet we were assimilating to his was as opposed to the way it should be. He, a guest, in Italy, for 6 weeks, leaves just as American as the day he arrived. 


Peach scene? Devastating. Sufjan’s new songs? Devastating.


IMDb User Review (x)

I just want to take a second to say he’s absolutely amazing in that preview. It’s a perfect song and his voice is fucking stunning. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing and make it a fucking hit.

Post season 2-3 Song Ranking.

Alright, it’s that time of the… year? Again. Since Christmas is such a musical holiday why not rank some songs today?

These are all the songs from Season 2-3, my thoughts on it and my ranking between them:

1) It’s Over Isn’t it?


Okay… calming down. Holy shit was this a good song. Probably the best in the entire show quality wise. The emotion, the visuals, the lyrics, the performance, everything was just perfect. Deedee really deserves some kind of award because she absolutely killed it.

2) Do it for Her

Man Deedee is really stealing these rankings isn’t she. I mean it makes sense, girl got pipes.

The great part of this song is that it’s much better the second time you listen to it, because then the song takes on this whole new dark light. What we thought was just undying love from Pearl to her former idol becomes a song about tragedy and dependance and a lot of really creepy stuff.

Also Connie in Gohan outfit literally made me squeal out loud. Good shit.

3) Love Like You

I can finally listen to the whole thing at once!!! And man is this just one solid song.

People have said that this song could be interpreted as just anyone singing it to anyone, but I honestly can’t not hear Rose singing this to just… everyone. Everyone she ever met and loved and betrayed. It’s just a very calm, powerful song about what you wish you could be.

4) Steven Universe Extended Opening

I was debating over putting this on the list or not but I can’t not do it. The additions to the opening are very nice and between Pearl’s singing about their past and the group call with everyone announcing their purposes plus the whole Homeworld shot it just makes this too good not to put here.

Really not much to say. Just a really catchy, solid song overall.

5) I Think I Need a Little Change


And this one I actually end up singing in my head now and again. It’s very catchy and relatable to me. It’s about wishing you could be better for another person and trying to find a way to improve yourself.

This song is very hashtag relatable is what I’m saying.

6) Tower of Mistakes


This was a really good one, but unfortunately pretty short. This might be the point where Amethyst’s character really starts to spin around into the amazing gem she is now. This is the first time she aknowledged one of her big mistakes and is actively trying to make up for it.

I just love Amethyst so much okay.

7) Both of You

This song could’ve been much better without some of the really corny visuals with Steven. Just focus entirely on Pearl and Greg.

Overall this was heartfelt and emotional and it brought to conclusion one of the longest running plot points in the entire series.

8) Don’t cost nothing

Greg is the best father in all of fiction pass it on.

This was just… a very relaxing song. I like to listen to it when I gotta calm down and just think about stuff and how beautiful everything is.

9) Peace and Love

The first time Peridot ever singed! And it does not dissapoint. This is another one of those songs that you just listen while laying down somewhere trying to take a nap. 

It’s just nice and pretty and calm.

10) Something entirely new

The song that launched the longest magical lesbian couple in existence. Now don’t get me wrong, the visuals and the episode itself is just amazing, and the song is not bad either! It’s very lovey and catchy and I like it.

Unfortunately it’s kinda short and it doesn’t have much to it. I’d love for them to expand it.

11) Haven’t you noticed I’m a star?

A super catchy, pop trash song. Sadie was not wrong on this one. I catch myself humming it a lot because it’s just so goddamn catchy.

12) The Jam Song


Okay it’s not that long and it’s not that complex but I just adore Connie and Steven so much oh my god.

13) Mr Greg

I mean… it’s catchy, and nice and all that. It’s just not the best of the episode.

15) What can I do for you?

Gotta admit, one of the weaker Greg songs, and that’s mostly because of line repetition and it being kinda slow. It’s still very nice and tells us a lot about Rose though.

16) Full Disclosure

This song is… fine. There’s nothing really wrong with it, I just fucking hate the concept it introduces.

But hey the ringtone being in sync with the song was a really neat detail.

17) Empire City

Probably the weakest of the “proper” songs in Mr Greg. It’s just… there to fill up space I guess?

Not bad, but not good either.

18) Like a Burger

This song is fucking hilarious, unfortunately I really can’t place it higher than this because it lasts about 10 seconds.

Okay so that was the song ranking for these past 2 seasons. Just a bunch of quality all around and I can’t wait to see what else they’re gonna throw at me in Season 4.

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Dramatic Stairs: A “Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku” Mix by Mizaki
The perfect mix for fighting the patriarchy, turning into a car or just climbing a bunch of stairs is here!

1.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (original flavor) 2.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku Banyuu Inryouku (Akio/Apocalypse arc, you know, the elevator version) 3.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku: Adolescence of Utena –(CAAAR!) 4.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Musical version) 5.Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse (Let’s dance!)  6-7. Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse-J.A. Seazer Medley - Parts 1 and 2 (We got all the duel songs remixed in here. Really cool)8.Bossa Nova: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse (From The Absolute Destiny Ball) –Stairs music turns into elevator music 9.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Karaoke) –Now it’s your time to sing! 10.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Rush Team Cover) 11.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (True 8-Bit Mix) 12. Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku  (Orchestral Arrange)


Take A Break

Originally posted by wegotitmadeintheshade

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: honestly it’s just really fluffy and there’s a few curse words but that’s to be expected from me

Prompt: i just wrote this lying in bed bored out of my freaking mind and its just fluff with Daveed. im working on perfect part dos so theres that!!

Word Count: 628


You lied in your comfy bed, writing down whatever popped into your mind. You were currently oblivious to the world around you. Hell, you didn’t even know what time it was. You were curled up with a blanket, trying to figure out the lyrics for your next song.

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i just realised that we'll have no more inspiration during sessions. no more songs or limericks. and now i'm sad.

Omgggg I know!!! Like there’s the mechanical side of things - no inspiration, or cutting words, or counterspell (this one panics me). 

But more importantly (in my opinion at least!), there’s not going to be the songs, the limericks, the 99% pitch-perfect comedy amidst terrifying battle. It’s going to be very interesting - and incredibly sad - to see their first combat moment with such a big change to their dynamic. 

On the bright side? We have absolutely **no idea** what Taryon and Dotey (doty? idk) will bring to the table in combat, aside from potential weapons they might use. I’m very sad still, but also a teeny bit excited :)

But seriously, every time I think I’m a little bit over the initial angst, something pops up in my brain to remind me, like Burt Reynolds, and I’m sad again :((((((

Study sunday.

                                          Study Sunday Episode 1

  • Always plan two days earlier.

I’ve been told that planning a week ahead should be the ideal time frome to start planning but sometimes it doesnt happen because an essaypoped up or a suprise test or I’m just too lazy toplan for the whole week but two days before the day should be the absolute minimum.
  • Find Study Stimuli

So this is something that triggers you into a productive mindset. My Triggers are peppermint chewing and the smell of coffee.It gets me most of the time especially if I really don't feel like studying.

  • Music

Ok, so this is a bit controversial because sometimes music really motivates me to work harder and longer but sometimes it just does the complete opposite.It takes a lot of time finding or making the perfect playlist and when it’s found, the songs turn out to be terrible.Or its too good and you sing along.Even putting in songs that you don’t know and you’re still concentrating on the lyrics.Classical music is actually worse for me because I do this weird thing where I pretend that I’m in an 1800′s period drama set in an English countryside on a farm. 

The point is if you get easily distracted or motivated by music, keep the volume low so that it’s there but you’re not drawn to it or just turn it off completely.

  • Keep  a study diary

This is just a way of tracking  your motivation, habits and moods.I found this useful because I could pinpoint which methods of sudying worked well for me ,who I worked better with and what I can do to improve.

  • Use a variety of colours in your notes            

Just to make it a lil fun!

So this is it for episode 1.

Any questions or comments feel free to message me or even any tips and advice based on this episode.

Remeber to work hard and play hard!


1st place - My Fair Hatey

What’s not to love about this episode? It’s absolutely perfect. Great character interaction and team ups, beautiful animation and the songs are just perfection. They always get stuck in my head days after watching the episode sometimes I even wake up singing them. The ‘You’re The Greatest’ reprise is actually my ringtone. 

This is truly a brilliant episode and is the one I would recommend for people to watch to get them into the show.

Help us save Wander Over Yonder from cancellation! 


Ripper (Stone)

Brewery : Stone
Beer : Ripper
Style : American Pale Ale / Pale Ale / APA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

“I smile while I’m sneaking through shadows by the walls. I laugh when I’m creeping but you won’t hear me at all. All hear my warning, never turn your back on the Ripper!” Judas Priest definitely created an absolutely perfect theme song for this beer and I don’t think I can drink this without listening to it now because it just doesn’t seem right. Also, now that I know that Rob Halford is gay I kind of feel like that whole song is about butt sex. I mean come on… “and you turn your back I’ll attack”, “any back alley street is where we’ll probably meet”, and “I’m a nasty surprise” are just a few of the lyrics that have me second guessing the actual meaning of this song but regardless it still rules even if it is a little bit less than how much this beer rules. I love that Stone is never content in it’s current lineup and is always trying to create newer and better beers and this newbie is definitely a welcomed addition. A huge oniony and spicy hop flavor gets things going with a citrusy and floral hop flavor mixing in with a fairly hefty bitterness in the middle before wrapping up with a grapefruit and orange zest sweetness and spicy hop bitterness to close. Never in my life have I surfed because my coordination is absolute shit and I fucking hate the ocean but I feel like if I had a few more of these suckers I’d be shredding gnar and ripping every wave if that’s even what surfers say. Anyways, this is a beer from Stone so basically you should go pick it up because these guys rarely and I mean RARELY stumble with any of their creations. This is a great way for you first timers to get into one of the most popular styles on the market currently and it will give you a fantastic crash course into what hops are capable of. For you bastards out there, pick up a 12oz-er of this and chug it down but just be warned, you are going to want way more of this once you’re done. Rad!

Written by: Steve B.

you stumbled in to my car at 1:46 AM, your bright eyes wide and the soft curls of your hair draped over your forehead messily. truly drunk. and fuck, how you can still look absolutely perfect while you’re absolutely wasted is beyond me. the ability for me to romanticize your intoxication is probably fucked up, but looking at you while you’re in the passengers seat of my shitty car mumbling the lyrics to a blink 182 song- i cant help but for my rationality to be blinded by that iridescent smile painted across your lips. and god, i dont even know why you’re smiling at this point but i silently thank god for whatever sends you that rush of happiness because it’s responsible for that grin that shines almost as bright as the street lights reflecting in your eyes as you turn to look at me and scrunch up your nose, causing the constellations of freckles to collide together and you’re lacing my free hand in to yours as you ask me what i’m thinking about with that sweet giggle, my favorite sound in the whole universe and i don’t know how to respond because how am i supposed to explain that you’re the embodiment of all the light in my life- a single ray of brightness and a smile so illuminating it could put the stars to shame- when yours has glimpses of city lights following you everywhere you go?

the first half of lemonade is absolute perfection, i mean the entire album is, but message wise i really enjoyed it until 6 inch but then idk there are songs like sandcastles and just the fact that she forgave him for #alla dat, like i know that was a very Big Step and an admirable act but dump him lol