this song is in both of their spotify playlists btw

btw since i have no self control and so many songs i listen to all the time i made some inspiration playlists on spotify!! i’m not sure how many of you use it but i love sharing music esp stuff that really inspires me to write

i made one for fighting/action

one for calming/gentle instrumental music

one for creepy/unsettling vibes

and one for like hopeful/intense music

camilleareads-deactivated201708  asked:

Currently pushing through an essay that is due only two weeks later but I told myself I would get it done tonight and I am. Any music recommendations for this tiny sapling?

     this has been sitting in my inbox for forever because I haven’t had the time to answer and I apologize, lovely. But here it is, I hope this will help a bit even though it’s a bit late! 

     I listen to all sorts of music when I study / in general. I don’t mind having music on when I study so you’ll find me blasting heavy rock one day and soft classical music the next (oh boy, lemme tell you, i’ll be listening to bring me the horizon to twenty one pilots to glenn miller or lambert and switching frequently!!) so i know what people like listening to but personally listen to everything / anything while studying, etc., so hope this helps!!!

here are a few personal playlists that I’ve found are general good, soft playlists that I absolutely love and can use for studying and everything else!

Music Things By Everyone Else 

so uh, hope that helped a bit, love! if you have any other questions feel free to come and talk to me! And I’d love to hear what you like to listen to when you study or write essays, etc! <3