this song is going to haunt me for the rest of my natural life

The Gap

Summary: You are a morning person and Yoongi is definitely not—so for better or worse, something is going to change when fate places your windows less than three meters away from each other.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff, Neighbors AU
Word Count: 2,603
Author’s Note: Inspired by that Friends episode “The One With All The Haste” and the singing man across the way who sang “Morning’s here, sunshine’s here” like clockwork at the crack of dawn.


Most people would describe the morning sunlight as bright, cheerful, endearing, warm, and peaceful, the rays like a stretch of encouragement from the sky. The promise of a new day, a brand new 24 hours to start fresh, make better choices, take initiation, try new thing or explore vast places, go on adventures or be in good company. The options were limitless, as high as the sky that shone above.

Yoongi, however, would describe the morning sunlight like a bucket of ice cold water, a bitter cup of coffee—too sharp, too sudden, ripping him apart from joyous things like sleep or dreams or a warm bed. It jolts him awake, clouds his mind more than clears it. More often than not, he finds himself burying his face into his pillow to muffle his groans, clearly hoping that if he groans loud enough it could turn back time.

But alas, that is not how the universe was created—so it doesn’t do much.

Yoongi supposes that a small percentage of this mindset should be his own fault, his own lack of aspirations making the 24 hours appear so much slower than they are to other people. He has dreams of course, passions that could challenge any other visionary on the street. But the weight of life has caught Yoongi in the stream, dragging him down the current and away from his desire, leaving him on the shore that takes the form of a coffee shop across the way. Albeit, it’s not an entirely bad gig—the tip is good and some of his best friends also work in the corner shop and his boss doesn’t actually treat him like shit. It just doesn’t leave Yoongi satisfied. It eats into his already very thinly veiled patience for the morning.

See the light where the sky meets the sea, and it calls me,” A clear voice rings through the thin window in Yoongi’s bedroom, the consistency and deja vu of the noise leaving a painful reminder in Yoongi’s mind about the time as it groans and throws the blankets over his head.

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sandvipers  asked:

What do you think it is about ASoIaF that inspires people to the extent that we see in the fandom? I mean, there are tons of incredible people like you analyzing writing for it; you have websites and podcasts and essays written and complex theories and whole books published devoted wholly to the series. I have never seen this level of devotion before. It's incredible, but there are so many amazing books out there; why these books?

Hi! Well, to be fair, I think there are a number of other SF/F franchises that are as popular, if not more popular, than ASOIAF, and that inspire this same kind of devotion. But why ASOIAF? idk why anyone else feels the way they feel, but I can tell you why I love ASOIAF. GRRM wrote in one of the autobiographical sections of Dreamsongs:

By the time we got to Weathertop, Tolkien had me. ‘Gil-Galad was an elven king,’ Sam Gamgee recited, ‘of him the harpers sadly sing.’ A chill went through me, such as Conan and Kull had never evoked.

I knew exactly what GRRM was talking about, because I’ve felt it too:

“No,” Ned said with sadness in his voice. “Now it ends.”

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Hidekane fic recs

In no particular order:

I Will Find You - Emmegs (T/22,727)
In a world where Haise never remembers Kaneki, and Hide emerges from the shadows of the CCG information division, Haise and Hide are undeniably drawn together – Hide because he knows who Haise is, and Haise for some undefinable reason that he can’t put a finger on.
Haise/Hide and Kaneki/Hide that is so so amazing, the reason I decided to even do a fic rec. Canon divergence very well incorporated into the mangaverse, the right amount of action, violence, angst, and fluff. What could have happened if Ishida Sui liked happy endings

Everything That Haunts You - EMmegs (T/8,114)
They’re just two broken people trying to fix the world.“I could have walked away when you disappeared. I could have moved on with my life, tried to find new friends. But… You’re my everything. I don’t think I had any other choice but to follow you. Even if it meant diving into the dangers of the ghoul world and insanity or even swimming with sharks. I couldn’t have stopped myself, even if I tried.”

Nighttime Memoir - hide_if_you_ken (T?/3,933)
Kaneki looks back on all the steps of the way that lead him to where he was now, tucked safely on Hide’s side, watching his bare chest rise and fall as his fingers threaded through his hair. It’s been a very long treacherous road, but Kaneki wouldn’t take back any step. It ultimately lead him home, and for that he was thankful.

Safe and Sound - PuppetRhymes (M/4,191)
Haise isn’t sure what it is about Hide that makes him feel so at home but he does know that the song Hide sings to him is oddly familiar he just doesn’t understand why.

Make It Right - thyandra (T/6,359)
They are like a puzzle in the way they fit in the tiny crevices and asperities of one another’s personality with extreme ease as if they know exactly where the other draws their line and never have to even cross it to feel it in their own skin as an outstretching of their own self. They are opposites, but that only adds to their nature. They are bound to attract to one another, and they are glad to do just that.

Or: the one in which Hide is an investigator from Division II and his partner in the upcoming investigation is a shadow from his past.

Anatomy Lesson - kerfuffle171 (E/4,482)
Hide has a big test in his Anatomy class tomorrow, but for the life of him, he can’t remember the bones of the body. Kaneki, knowing first-hand how many bones there are in the human body and what they are all called (sorry Ayato), offers to teach Hide with his own special method. He agrees, and will never, ever, forget them for the rest of his life.
Oh my was this fic some amazing slow build into smut ;D It’s all worth in in the end 

Testing Patience - kerfuffle171 (E/7,493)
Kaneki really, really wants to teach Hide using the same method he used before, except with the muscles instead of the bones. But, Hide really doesn’t want to remember the muscles forever and ever, so he refuses, saying Kaneki’s method is too much of a distraction. Kaneki, being the overreactor that he is, decides to make sure Hide will have no “distractions” until after Hide’s test.
The sequel to Anatomy Lesson ;d

Closing the Distance - walking_through_autumn (T/2,231)
Or, three times Kaneki keeps a distance, and one time Hide closes it. (Spoilers up to chapter 136.)
Beautifully written Kaneki pov

My Happy Endings All Have You In It - unknown/orphan_account (T/1,387)
In hindsight, it had probably been a terrible idea to ask a ghoul for sparring lessons and the unpleasantness of being thrown around like a rag-doll is to be expected, but the flex and pull of Kaneki’s muscles and the little things that it does to the butterflies in Hide’s stomach? Kind of unexpected.
My god there is so much fluff to it I love it; training and confessions what more can I ask for

Spirit In The Sky - lemaine (T/2,853)
In which Kaneki seriously decides to go home with Hide because come on, how can he not.
A.K.A. Yet another feels-y alternate ending to TG.
All the floofs and confessions after sewer events, best friends’ banter is just spot on

All Those Times We Could’ve Watched the Stars and Didn’t - kerfuffle171 (T/3,651)
Instead of best friend, Kaneki accidentally calls Hide his boyfriend when they’re attacked. Now, Nishiki keeps using the B word whenever Hide is in earshot. Kaneki is embarrassed. About everything.
Needed me some matchmaking fun

Declivity - ayadormouse (T/3,062)
Kaneki finds solace; he finds home. (inspired by events of :re chapter 75)

Coffeeshop Aromas - zynnser (E/7,366)
Kaneki should have known something was up when Hide didn’t complain about Touka not being the one to fill his order. A cappuccino made by the cutest barista indeed.

Trust Fall - zynnser (E/5,143)
Kaneki’s voice sounds choked, like he still can’t believe that Hide loves the parts of him that aren’t human and that? Is not acceptable.
So unexpectedly fluffy! Is pwp but so well written making me go awwh. All about how gentle (or not) those kagune can be

Massages - kahluah (E/3,378)
Kaneki’s back is a bit sore and Hide decides to give him a massage
Yeah you know exactly where this is going

Make It Easy (say i never mattered) - explows (T/3,474)
au; hide finds kaneki.

Inescapable Heat - kahluah (E/5,927)
Something was wrong with his body today. It was hot, uncomfortable, and he couldn’t stop his mind from drifting to rather… compelling imagery. The last thing he needed was for his best friend, Hide to show up and visit him.

Improper Usage - SlayerEnfiniti (E/4,735)
Hide finds out about Kaneki being a ghoul.

Stay, If Only for a Night - shatteredcrystalwings (T/4,099)
Hide almost becomes prey to a hungry ghoul only to be rescued by someone he hadn’t seen in months.
This one is absolutely hilarious and I love it when Tsukiyama walks in on awkward scenarios that seem suggestive but actually not lol

Work In - misanthrobot (T/3,101)
Sasaki Haise doesn’t meet his crush at the CCG, or in Anteiku, or on top of a tall building as the sun sets. They don’t lock eyes in an aquarium or at the park. They don’t even lock eyes. Instead, Haise meets him at the gym while he’s bent over the reception desk. Normally he’d point out the rule violation, but that’s hard to do when one is blatantly ogling another person’s ass.

Restless - Momus (E/3,723)
Hide can’t seem to find a way to entertain himself, so he heads to Anteiku to find someone who will.

For Him- Montana2163 (G/3,464)
Hide never stopped loving Kaneki, even after they drifted apart.
So much angst D:   

And In the Darkness, I Found You - potatopierrot (T/147,326)
Perhaps the addition of a certain blond to their family isn’t so bad after all.

279 Missed Messages- Icepool (E/8,568)
After receiving his phone for the first time since Kaneki officially “went missing,” the half ghoul realizes just how empty his life is without Hide.

Those Nights- immafluxing (M/14,306)
When he finds himself outside of Hide’s apartment late one night, Kaneki is forced to face the past he’s left behind, and finds himself tempted by a future that he knows he cannot have.

The Fall of Icarus- fishpun (E/12,782)
–in which what should have been a normal Friday night ends up being ruined when a storm knocks the power out, and their friendship changes forever.

Inconvenienced- Sinnykins (M/4,577)
Sometimes minor details are swallowed up in the intensity of Hide’s enthusiasm to please Kaneki. And sometimes that minor detail is an empty tube of lubricant discovered halfway through the act. Late night convenience store run shenanigans ensue to rectify this mistake. 
It was wild from start to finish, and hilarious lol

Your Body Told Me In a Dream - unknown/orphan_account (E/13,087)
For months Haise’s memories had been threatening to return. He knew that meant remembering the people he had once loved, but at maybe at the cost of losing himself to the pain he had experienced. One night, a recollection of Hide brings back his memories before he can stop them, and he’s desperate to find out whether or not Hide is still alive.

Hiraeth - aeliia (T/85,939) 
Panic. That was the feeling that consumed Hide’s mind while being held captive in a room for days. But being held against his will isn’t his only problem; there’s something different about his body, and he doesn’t know what.
Bamf Hide is the best 

Five Years Too Long - momus (E/4,229)
It’s been five years when Kaneki overhears CCG members whispering about a member unknown to him, so he decides to do some digging and comes face-to-face with Hide who’s been hidden away from Kaneki by the CCG so he can continue his work for them.
I love reunion fics  

—–Other Pairings—–

Truce- hyoushin, ijuono (M/3,832)
His sadness felt as cold as the icy rain freezing his body, but someone made him feel warmth again.
Amoneki (i actually shipped this before hidekane, way back

Unintended - sasassy (M/6,267)
When Touka finds Hide after the Raid, she puts up with him for Kaneki’s sake, to honour his memory. She didn’t expect this sentiment to ever change - until it does.
HidexTouka - I actually only read this because I misread the tag ships as hidekane haha…I did end up quite liking it though!

Consequence // Hansol Vernon Chwe


the prompt: you never liked the notion of having to kill sailors. instead, you decide to befriend one. unfortunately, one can’t always do what they would like without suffering consequences.

words: 3395

category: fluff + angst

author note: it’s me back from the dead with a lot of stress behind me. i’m hoping july is a lot nicer to my hort tbh. this is an au I will definitely return to like tell me which member you want next for sailor!seventeen bc i’m all for that. anyway pls enjoy this scenario that started out as fluff but then my brain went “hey destinee,,,,, what if you made it,,,, like rlly sad,,,, that would be fun” and i listened!!!! enjoy suckers!!!

- destinee

Originally posted by sneezes


No matter how long he had been out at sea, Vernon could never figure out how a sextant worked. He understood that one was supposed to position it at the North Star, but after that he always forgot the next steps. Because of this, he never quite knew his latitude. He was a bit clueless as to where was all of the time. However, he always made his way home, even if he was a few days late. Luckily, he had learned to always pack enough resources to last him a few extra days.

It was just another sailing trip. Vernon had always been a loner who preferred to go off sailing by himself on his little wooden ship. The deck was his favorite place to sit, as there he could stare up at the stars as long as he wished. He knew all of the constellations by heart, and he liked to pick out his favorites every night. They always helped him find his way home.

Music often accompanied him. It wasn’t from any safe source of sound, but rather from the sirens that lived in the ocean. Their one objective was to seduce soldiers into drowning themselves. Vernon knew this, and luckily he wasn’t too bothered by their songs. He had been warned since he was young to resist the siren’s voices and he had gotten exceptionally good at it. He liked their voices though, as they were soulful and soft. They often lulled the young sailor to sleep. He wouldn’t succumb to their temptation so easily. To him, it seemed like it was dishonorable for a sailor to die in the hold of a siren. They were bred to sail the seven seas and fight others for their right to sail. They were bred to be rough and tough, and yet many of these men couldn’t fight the seductive lull of the siren’s songs.

Tonight, however, the song seemed different. Vernon sat back on his hands, his ears perked as he listened to what seemed to be only one voice. It didn’t sound seductive at all. Soulful, maybe. Soft and upset, definitely. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat up. He trained his eyes on the open sea that surrounded him, wondering who was singing such a sad song. Why were they so distraught?

Although Vernon had already tucked the sails for the night, he got up and hastily hoisted them up again. Then he walked to the stern of the boat and struggled to catch enough wind to push his boat towards the voice.

After a few hours of his boat slowly moving along, Vernon could finally see a siren in view. He desperately hoped this was the one singing, because he was totally screwed if it wasn’t. It didn’t matter how much he could resist a siren from miles away. When they were up close, he had no chance. They were vicious and could drag you in themselves if they wanted to. Whether it was the right siren or not, Vernon could tell very quickly that you was beautiful. Ethereally so, and Vernon felt himself wondering if you was the beautiful queen Cassiopeia, or just another siren. He had seen sirens before, but this time it felt different.
Vernon felt himself pulled towards a siren for the first time, and it had nothing to do with your voice.

Vernon was a loner, sure. He had learned through past mistakes that it was best to get your work done without extra people breathing down your neck and stabbing you in the back. Can a loner be lonely? Technically, it was his fault that he had no one. He had shut everyone out very early in his life. This was to preserve his safety, of course, since sailing was a tricky business and there were always pirates wishing to screw a fellow sailor over. He wasn’t there for the gold or the treasure or the canons. He was there for the adventure and unpredictability of the sea.

Here was that chaotic nature now, for the ocean had surprised him with another soul in the sea. This one, a beautiful siren with sad tune.

Vernon dropped his anchor twenty feet from the siren, who was swimming in the water, your shoulders and head only visible when you swam under the moonlight. As soon as you swam under the shadow of Vernon’s sail and noticed the boy, you dove under the water. Vernon scrambled to the edge of his deck and peered down. Of course there was no way to see you in the murky water. Especially not at nighttime, that was for sure. Finally, you reappeared above the surface, seemingly in a hurry to get away from the ship. Vernon cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, “Where are you going?”

He heard a worried whisper as you struggled to answer: “Oh dear. Was my song too seductive?”

Vernon chuckled, for the song wasn’t seductive at all. It was actually depressing and made him a bit upset at whatever foe haunted your mind so late in the night. “Why is your song so sad?”

That got your attention. You spun around quickly enough for water to splash around you. “You could hear it? You thought I was sad?”

Vernon furrowed his eyebrows and gave you a dubious look. “Aren’t you?”

Hesitantly, you swam closer to the small sailboat. “I’m more frustrated than sad. I suppose I’m quite sad too, though.”

“Why?” Vernon sat cross-legged on the deck of his boat.

You allowed your arms to rest of the wooden deck that was partially soaked from the calm ocean waves. Your chin on your forearms, you pondered your answer along with the sailor’s eyes. You had never seen a color so beautiful under the sea. The closest comparison was perhaps a Harlequin Sweetlips, whose scales could be the darkest and most beautiful shade of brown. Whoever this boy was, his eyes were brighter and sharper than even the prettiest fish in the ocean.

Having never seen a sailor before, you genuinely wondered whether or not every sailor looked as innocent and harmless as this. If so, how could your fellow sirens pull them under without feeling immensely guilty? You sighed in a melancholic way and looked up at the sailor, cocking your head to the side, “Do you ever want to be something else?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. His lips pursed with wonder as he leaned in closer to you, as if the two of you were sharing a secret. You could feel his breath fan your face and your eyes grew wide as he licked his lips, chapped from the salty air. Did every sailor smell like a mix of morning air and cinnamon?
Did every sailor have rough, calloused hands that completely opposed the soft look in their eyes?

“I mean… don’t you ever want to do something other than sail the seas?”

“No,” he replied, a half-smile quirking on his pink lips. Then as an afterthought he added, “Although I wouldn’t like to be sailing alone for the rest of my life. Why? Do you not like being a siren?”

You hummed. “Not particularly. Would you like to drown people for a living?”

The sailor chuckled softly and looked down, his cheeks rosy from how cold the night had become. “That does sound a bit depressing.”

“Doesn’t it? My mother wants me to sing songs of seduction and lust, but how can I sing a song that I know will bring men to their doom? It seems cruel to me.” You looked up in time to catch the sailor’s reaction. His dark eyebrows rose and his lips parted in surprise at you words. You flipped your tail anxiously under the water as you waited for him to speak.

“What’s your name?” he finally breathed. “I’m Vernon.”

The name mulled over in your brain before you finally reacted, “I’m Y/n.”

“Well, Y/n, what is it that you like to do? As opposed to killing sailors, I mean.”

His charming smile was enough to heat up your cheeks, which was a phenomenon you were sure only happened to humans. Then again, you had only seen a few humans in your lifetime, so you weren’t exactly an expert by any means. “I collect shells,” you said bashfully. “Is that lame?”

Vernon laughed and threw his head back innocently. “No, no,” he assured you, “it’s cute. What kind of shells are your favorites?”

Vernon wasn’t sure he had ever seen someone’s eyes light up so quickly. Suddenly, you were asking him to wait so that you could go get your favorite seashells. Left alone again, he was able to think of what had just happened. Had he just befriended a siren? Not just any siren, but one with the most mesmerizing eyes he had ever seen. One whose heart seemed kinder and purer than anybody else’s. While he waited, he walked around his boat and checked the sails and ropes. The stirring of the water could be heard behind him, and so, thinking it was you, he turned around and hurried back to the deck.

Instead of you, there was another siren. This one’s eyes were cold and sultry, with no hint of the innocent gleam that was held within your’s. She began singing. Her unfamiliar song of notes and tones sent Vernon’s imagination soaring. He had never been this close to a siren’s song before, so he had never experienced the truly harsh side effects of the music. Without warning, he could feel his body moving on it’s own accord. He could feel his hands hastily rolling up the legs of his pants. He could feel the waves lapping against his skin as he dropped his legs into the water.

“Stop! Vernon!” Your voice scared him out of his trance. In fact, it scared him so much that he fell into the cold, unforgiving water. He arms and legs thrashed around as he struggled to swim back to the surface. The harsh grip of the other siren was around his shoulders, pushing him down until he could barely hold his breath anymore. Vernon could feel the oxygen leaving his brain the further he went down. No matter how hard he struggled against the hands, he couldn’t shake them off. With all the warning he had been given from sailors older and more experienced than him, he hadn’t been prepared for the sheer strength that sirens possessed. In the end, his clumsiness and lack of strength would be the end of him. However fitting that seemed, it also seemed rather cruel that a loss of footing could be his doom.


You swam back just in time to see one of your fellow sirens, Cleo, singing to Vernon. You knew her song well, as it was one of the most powerful songs in the seven seas. No sailor could escape the grip that her voice left on them. Not even the most stubborn and persistent sailor could resist her temptation. You ducked back into the water, where you could swim faster. When you returned to the surface, Vernon already had his legs in the water, and was slowly easing down into the dark ocean. “Stop! Vernon!” you called in urgency, hoping to distract him just for a moment. Just a small moment out of her trance would give him enough time to place his thoughts in something else. It seemed to work quickly, since Vernon’s gaze searched around to look for the source of your voice.

You hadn’t anticipated his clumsiness. Vernon lost his grip on the edge of the boat and fell into the ocean. Cleo used this to her advantage and jumped onto his shoulders. She pushed him down quickly, propelling him deeper into the water using her tail. You moved quickly and swam after them. Vernon’s movements were getting more chaotic and less frequent the deeper the two of them went. You struggled to catch up to them. Once you did, you used your tail to slap Cleo out of the way. She angrily swam away, not up to fight for a human that might already be dead.

Vernon was sinking fast, his hands limp above him in a lifeless fight for freedom. His eyes were closed shut, but not forcefully so, so that he looked peaceful. It was as if he was simply sleeping, save for the bubbles that fled his nostrils and open lips. Without hesitation, you grabbed under his arms and swam up as quickly as you could, having no idea how quickly a human could die after losing so much oxygen. Once you reached the surface, you hoisted Vernon onto the deck and rolled him onto his back. Then, after hoisting yourself into a sitting position beside him, you began to try and resuscitate him.

After minutes that felt like hours, Vernon finally inhaled shakily before sitting up. As he coughed up the salty water of the ocean, you hit his back roughly. His chest heaved up and down, and you could see his muscles tense through his shirt, which was soaked all the way to the skin. His fists clenched unknowingly as he struggled to breathe again. “Stu… pid… siren… What… just happened..?”

“Don’t speak right now,” you told him. Your hands went up to rake through his bangs, hoping to push them off of his forehead and stop the water from dripping into his eyes. “You need to rest. You also need fresh water, if you can get some quickly.”

Vernon stayed still for a moment. Then, after catching his breath properly, he shakily stood up and make his way across his ship. He returned quickly with a leather canteen. As he drank (hazardously, by the way), you watched the dark horizon in search for any more of your siren sisters. There was no way any sailor was gonna die on your watch, especially not a nice one like Vernon. Still, you feared that they might come.

“Y/n?” Vernon’s meek voice called out.

You turned around and looked at him in anticipation.

“Did… Did you bring the shells?”

Laughter bubbled out of your mouth at his question, and a shy smile suddenly adorned his face. “You almost died and you want to look at shells?”

Vernon shrugged and looked at you cheekily, “You were there to save me, weren’t you? Now I don’t have to be afraid.”

You bowed your head in embarrassment and lifted the rest of your tail out of the water. As you untied the string that was wrapped around the base of your tail, Vernon leaned forward and gasped. “What is it?” you asked. You jerked up quickly, half-expecting Cleo to return for a second try.

“Your tail is really pretty,” Vernon said instead, causing you to turn back to him. “Purple looks really nice on you.”

“Thanks,” you beamed as Vernon inspected your tail with wonder. When he reached out to touch it, you noticed his hands shaking. “Hey, you’re cold.” You grabbed his hand and turned it over, palm facing you. “Why are you cold?”

“Oh,” Vernon’s teeth chattered lightly as he spoke. “Humans get very cold when they’re wet. Cold water isn’t good for us.”

“Are you okay? What will warm you up?”

The cold wind that carried through the night seemed to push Vernon to answer quickly. “I supposed I should get in some dry clothes and find a blanket. I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t go anywhere.”

“I won’t,” you said. While waiting for him, you opened your bag and took out your seashells, each differently colored and patterned so that no two ever looked the same. You lined them in rows and admired the mere beauty of them all.

Vernon returned, warm cotton pulled around his shoulders, blocking the wind from his slender body. He noticed the shells you had set out. “Wow! Where’d you find those? Any shells I find are ugly and gray.”

You picked up a green conch shell and smiled, “You can’t find these on the shoreline. You have to go deep into the ocean or you’ll never be able to get beautiful shells.”

Vernon picked up a purple clam shell and turned it over. “This one looks like your tail.”

You held up a black murex. “This one reminds me of your eyes.”

Vernon narrowed his eyes at the shell. “It’s striped, though.”

“Yeah, but—” you were suddenly cut off by a loud cry a few miles away.

“What was that?” Vernon asked in alarm.

The water began to stir. You answered Vernon with fear evident in your voice. “That was the leader of the sirens. She must’ve found out about me helping you. You have to go.”

“What? No. What about you?” Vernon stubbornly inquired.

“Go,” you insisted, “If she starts singing I won’t be able to save you from her. She’s too powerful. You have to go before she finds you. If she sees you, she’ll hunt you down. I’m sorry, Vernon. This is all my fault.”

Tears began to flood your vision and soon you felt the rough pads of Vernon’s thumbs brushing against your cheekbones. “Hey, don’t cry. We had fun tonight, didn’t we? Maybe we’ll cross paths again.”

You shook your head in his hold. “You don’t understand. Sirens aren’t allowed to help sailors. I’ll be punished. I-I won’t return.”

Shock seemed to reverberate through Vernon’s body as he pulled you into his arms. “Please don’t mean what I think you mean.”

You buried your face in his shoulder, hoping you would forever remember his warm scent. Just for tonight, if it could stay in your head as a reminder of him. “She might kill me Vernon. I didn’t think Cleo would tell, but I guess I made her angry enough to tattle.”

“But I like you,” Vernon argued, as if that would stop you from being punished. “You were just being nice. This is all my fault.”

“Hey,” You pulled away from him in time to see a few tears trail down his own cheeks as well. “I chose to save you because I like you as well. It’s my fault, and I’m okay with that.”

“I’m not,” Vernon said, his voice deepening into somewhat of a growl. He held your bare waist and pulled you flush against him, capturing your smooth lips against his chapped ones. Your hands went to his hair immediately, running through the curling strands. His scent was enticing, and his lips were gentle as they coaxed yours into rhythmic movements.

Another scream made the two of you jump. “Vernon, you have to go.”

He bit his lip and pressed his forehead against yours. “I just found you. I don’t want to lose you, Y/n. It’s too lonely here. How can I go on knowing you won’t?”

“You have to,” you insisted. “You have to choose to forget.”

“What about you? Aren’t you afraid? How can I leave you alone?”

“A little,” you whispered, “but I’m more afraid of them catching you. You have to go. Goodbye, Vernon.” You pressed a kiss against his forehead and with one flick of your tail, you were back in the ocean, ignoring his pleas to return and instead swimming back to your community to answer your leader’s calls.


Through tears, Vernon pulled his anchor back onto the boat. He hoisted the sails and set his course towards home. Well, where he figured home was, since he still couldn’t figure out how to use a sextant. Allowing the wind to push him to safety, he curled up on the deck and watched the stars as they began to disappear.

He focused on Cassiopeia, and found himself sobbing again. The constellation looked brighter as the sunrise began. In fact, the stars stayed visible in the sky until midday, which was a rare sight in itself. Vernon couldn’t help but think it was you, returning to your rightful place in the sky. He couldn’t help but hope it was a sign that you were okay now, no longer forced to send men to their doom. Instead, you could watch over them and guide them to safety.

You were safe now. You were okay now. Vernon, however, wasn’t sure how long it would be until he was okay again.

~the end~



Context + Background:

Seventeen’s hip-hop unit recently released a new song and music video titled, Trauma. The song and video discuss each member’s personal experience with their possibly shared traumatic event, which many speculate is about their trainee days.    

Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. A traumatic event can cause an individual: mental and emotional stress, nightmares, depression, and feelings of hopelessness. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is an anxiety disorder that can develop after an individual experiences an extremely traumatic event. In this case, the individual is often triggered by experiencing or witnessing events that are similar to their traumatic event, which cause them to relive and revisit it.

Edward Hopper was a renowned American painter who is mainly known for the use of realism in his artwork. This style was used in many of his most famous oil paintings, often used to depict scenes of alienation and isolation. Hopper took ordinary objects and situations and painted them in a way that brought about feelings of isolation, in order to push people to examine and contemplate their own inner loneliness. His artwork is seen as a kind of therapy to the viewers that helped them move on.

Many similarities and parallels can be drawn between the music video for Seventeen’s song, Trauma, and Edward Hopper’s paintings. The two art forms share similar: colors, framing, use of space, use of shadow, and overall message. Whether or not the cinematographer(s) intentionally modeled Trauma after Hopper’s work, similarities between the two clearly exist and they should not be disregarded.

Credit to @softlysweetlystan‘s art analysis [x].

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The first thing that caught my attention in the Trauma music video, was how the mise-en-scene (fancy film/theater term for the arrangement of scenery and props in a shot) managed to capture the feeling of isolation in a variety of different ways for each room. After the quick montage of different shots of the music video, we are first introduced to each room and member individually. 

Mingyu’s room appears to be a minimalistic living room, kind of like the ones seen on display at IKEA. His environment is surrounded by tangled bits of rope and thread. Out of all the rooms, his environment is the most inhabited by props and is the least empty. However, his environment still captures the feeling of isolation through the scene of Mingyu staring out the window, the single lightbulb, and the single cup. 

Next we are introduced to the odd props used in Vernon’s room. His room is comprised of: a pile of sand, a collection of fans, and a single window on the left wall. His room achieves the sense of loneliness with the lack of furniture and props that would one would expect to find in his room. The high angle wide shot of Vernon sitting in the only corner of the room does an excellent job of capturing the solidarity, because he is sitting in front of the window, the only place in the room that receives light (aside from the odd unknown room to the right that we are not shown). He is also seen sitting away from activity in the room (the mound of sand that is surrounded by the circle of fans). 

S. Coups’s room is the third room that we see, and it too, is rather minimalist and resembles an IKEA display. Again, their is a scene that uses a high angle wide shot to make the subject, S. Coups, look small in relation to his setting, while also emphasizing the sparsity of the room. The cinematographers also used lighting to enforce the mood. The human eye is naturally drawn to light, once we register the location of light sources of this scene, we realize how much darker the rest of the room is in comparison, thus achieving the feelings of loneliness when coupled with the high angle wide shot. 

The last room, Wonwoo’s room, is the most desolate and bleak of all four rooms. The only prop in his room is the chair that he is sitting. Unlike the other rooms, the window in Wonwoo’s room is located in the center of the room where the audience has a clear view of it. This is intended so that viewers pay close attention to Wonwoo and his shadow, in both his medium and wide shots. The emptiness of the room and emphasis on his shadow, are truly representative of what it means to be isolated.


Building Structure + Rooms + Walls:

The building/room itself is symbolic of being desolate, lonely, distant, disconnected, and empty. Although all members are existing in that one long room together, each member is separated by walls and space. Even in the few shots at the end where all the walls are removed and we can see the entire distance of the room, from Wonwoo to Mingyu, each member stays and exists in his own space. Essentially, even though the physical barriers were removed, they were all still trapped in the end by some kind of psychological event. Each room’s contents can be also interpreted as a symbolic representation of each member’s personal experience with trauma. 

Windows Showing the Outside:

It is surprising that we were able to see actual places (or depictions) outside of Mingyu’s and S. Coups’s windows. Mingyu’s window showed a few neighboring buildings, while S. Coups’s showed a green space and a some kind of body of water. These quick shots of the the “normal” world outside, help to contrast it against the quirky and “fantastical” room, that the boys occupy in the video.

Mingyu + Rope / String:

“I’m in trauma its got me sick / Stuck in trauma I’m going to sing / Blah blah blah blah why can’t I forget / That’s my trauma my trauma yeah.” 

Mingyu sings the chorus of the song, which talks about the inability to let go of the traumatic event that is haunting him. The items contained in his room are bits of string and rope. These items can be interpreted as symbolic representations of how he may have felt in his own personal experience with trauma. These items suggest that his traumatic event may caused him to feel tied down or restrained, effectively preventing him from doing or obtaining some kind of goal.

Vernon + Fans + Mattress (Sand Discussed Later):

“Trauma got me bae bae / I dropped out when I was in the 2nd year of middle school basically / Boxed in boxed in my lonely world / Stuck in my fantasy like dreaming it to be real life / I waited with no thoughts but okay I realize / If it’s like this I’m going to stay alone I don’t know what to do / Blocked whispers blocked your phone raise your volume / I don’t wanna be alone / I don’t want to forget imma sing this song anybody listening.”

Vernon’s rap is clearly about feelings of loneliness and alienation. His rap discusses the lonely world he was living in, which caused him to often fantasize about a life other than his own. It is rumored that he dropped out of school because balancing trainee life and school was too much for him, and he was homeschooled for the rest of his education. If this is true, it is very fitting of the song. I imagine that being homeschooled can be quite lonely. The items in Vernon’s room was a pile of sand and a collection of fans. I am not quite sure on the fan symbolism, but I noticed that they are all mainly arranged around the pile of sand. There is a superstition in a few cultures, including Korean culture, that associate electric fans and death. Supposedly, if a electric fan is running in a closed room with closed windows can lead to death. I do not think that the cinematographers are alluding to death with the use of fans in this scene, I think they are meant to represent something else and it is a coincidence, but who knows. As for the stack of mattresses, they can be interpreted as symbols relating to his loneliness. Beds are places many people who feel sad and lonely, resort to. Sleeping is often used as a coping mechanism to help people take their minds off whatever it is they are dwelling on.

S. Coups + Ceiling:

“I barely spat out my breath, it’s like I forgot how to do it / I myself miss you that is the hardest for me / Dizzy thoughts come where the light given to me widens / Unlike the stage where I am in my mind is only one square meter.”

S. Coups’s rap sounds as if his traumatic experience is causing him to suffocate; the only place where he is safe from this thoughts and feelings is on stage. Besides his sparse room, there are several low angle shots of him, in which light is let in from above, through a bunch of tiny holes in the ceiling. These shots are also reminiscent of holes one would poke in the metal top of a jar containing some kind of live insect or creature. This imagery ties into his lyrics about his difficulty of breathing.

Wonwoo + Shadow:

“Unforgettable things about my accustomed immaturity / My inner doubts that’s appeared in my head trauma / What has been my reason of existence / It’s disturbing me on purpose like a mudfish even if I’m mourning uh / I’m going to sing no I’m going to trap my trauma even more yeah / My mind is sickened and it’s going deeper to the ground on its own / Even more deeper more deeper it can’t find it by myself / I don’t know where this trauma will end up until I need a hand to hold.”

Wonwoo’s rap is quite clearly about dwelling on past mistakes and getting lost in his own dark thoughts. I believe he mentioned something similar to this in a vlive, something about how he used to be unable to express his thoughts and feelings with others, but has since then opened up. His shadow is also quite symbolic in the fact that it really emphasize how alone he used to feel.  


The sand is used both in Vernon’s room and in shots with Wonwoo and his umbrella. I am not entirely sure what the purpose is but I think it relates to the idea time. 

Rope / String + Cat’s Cradle:

Ropes and string were briefly discussed in Mingyu’s section about symbolizing constraint. The scene in which Wonwoo and Mingyu are tied to opposite sides of a pole by a single rope, suggests that they are constrained by each other. If one of the two tries to loosen the rope on his side, it may harm the other. This is similar to the scene of Mingyu and Vernon playing Cat’s Cradle, while S. Coups is tightrope walking across. Cat’s Cradle is a game that can be played alone or with as many people as you want. The game involves attempting to make new designs with the string without disrupting your previous designs. One wrong move and the game is over, one wrong move made by either Mingyu or Vernon, and game over for S. Coups. 

Room of Mirrors:

Each member has a scene where they are rapping/singing in a room of mirrors. In those scenes they are forced to confront themselves and possibly their traumatic experiences, because there is nowhere else to look.

Conclusion + Meaning:

Assuming that this was in fact about their trainee days, makes quite a bit of sense. Although they may have all been together the traumatic experience of being a trainee together, it does not mean that they shared all their own personal struggles with one another (room and space symbolism). Being in a group together like that in that kind of industry, means that everyone has to constantly be aware of each others actions, so as not to create an unfavorable situation, such as a “scandal.” What they say and do can impact the whole (rope and string symbolism). Within in the entertainment business, there is always a constant worry if a group or individual will be successful. In Seventeen’s case, it is rumored that the group was supposed debuted awhile ago, and the reason they finally debuted was because of their company’s financial problems; they were a last shot. In an industry of high competition, constant new faces, and consistently younger talent, time can be a concern (sand symbolism). 

Seventeen’s 4th mini album Al1, is a turning point in their musical career. Trauma is one of four songs and videos that is supposedly a prequel to Al1′s title track, Don’t Wanna Cry. With this in mind, it makes sense that they would revisit their trainee days if they are trying to mature and experiment with different sounds and styles. Considering all of the aspects: the elements in the music video, the symbolism, the connection with Hopper’s paintings, and the speculation about it being about their trainee days, says quite a bit. All of these elements added up suggest what Hopper tried to convey with his paintings. This song and music video function as a way for the members of Seventeen to confront their traumatic experiences and feelings, in order to move on and grow from them. 

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend me some halemadge song or do you have a playlist thank thank !

I have a playlist on Spotify for my own use, but here are a bunch of songs I recommend you:

Amy StroupJust You 

Sun’s set // I’ve waited for you all day // I’ve waited for you all day // My love // So come quick // I’m ready for you always 

Radical Face | All Is Well 

And I have lost your face // And all the world is gray // As though you took the colors with you // When you went and passed away

Ed Sheeran | Photograph 

We made these memories for ourselves // Where our eyes are never closing // Hearts were never broken // Times forever frozen still

Christina Perri | Arms 

You put your arms around me // And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go // You put your arms around me and I’m home

Halsey | Sorry 

Sorry that I can’t believe // That anybody ever really // Starts to fall in love with me

Halsey | Heaven in Hiding 

Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin’? // Your eyes light up ‘cause you best believe that I got something up my sleeve

Mumford & Sons | After The Storm 

You must know life to see decay // But I won’t rot, I won’t rot // Not this mind and not this heart // I won’t rot

Sleeping At Last | Countdowns 

I’ll be starry eyed for you // I curse the heavens for pulling you away from me // At the same time // I pray that you’ll find everything you seek

Pink | What About Us 

We are problems that want to be solved // We are children that need to be loved // We were willin’, we came when you called

RAIGN (my favorite version) | Knocking on Heaven’s Door (NATHAN POV)

Mama, take this badge from me // I can’t use it anymore // It’s getting dark, too dark to see // Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Linkin Park | One More Light 

Can I help you, not to hurt, anymore? // We saw brilliance, when the world, was asleep // There are things that we can have, but can’t keep

Lana Del Rey | Young and Beautiful 

Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul? //  // Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful

John Legend | All of Me 

Love your curves and all your edges // All your perfect imperfections // Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you

Twenty One Pilots | Truce 

Stay alive, stay alive for me // You will die, but now your life is free // Take pride in what is sure to die

Lana Del Rey | Religion 

Cause you’re my religion, you’re how I’m living // When I’m down on my knees, you’re how I pray

Florence + The Machine | Cosmic Love 

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out // You left me in the dark // No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight // In the shadow of your heart

Florence + Machine | Wish That You Were Here 

Now I’m reaching out with every note I sing // Wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear // Tells you that I miss you & I wish that you were here

My Chemical Romance | Light Behind Your Eyes

If I could be with you, tonight // I would sing you to sleep // Never let them take // The light behind your eyes

AJR | Sober Up 

And I want to feel something again // Won’t you help me feel something again

Van William | Valentine 

I want a revolution // You want a short solution // We never could see eye to eye

Rhianna | Stay 

Something in the way you move // Makes me feel like I can’t live without you // It takes me all the way // I want you to stay

Marshmello ft. Khalid | Silence 

Yeah, I’d rather be a lover than a fighter // Cause all my life, I’ve been fighting // Never felt a feeling of comfort // All this time, I’ve been hiding

Avicii | Without You 

I’ve gotta learn how to love without you // I’ve gotta carry my cross without you // Stuck in the middle and I’m just about to // Figure it out without you

Philip Philips | Raging Fire 

You know time will give and time will take // All the memories made will wash away // Even though we’ve changed, I’m still here with you 

Halsey | Eyes Closed 

Now if I keep my eyes closed, he looks just like you // But he’ll never stay, they never do // Now if I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you

Lana Del Rey | Love 

Doesn’t matter ‘cause it’s enough // To be young and in love 

Sleeping With Sirens | Left Alone 

So tired of living in the past // So if we’re gonna make it last // We should leave it all behind

Lord Huron | The Night We Met 

Take me back to the night we met  // I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you // Oh, take me back to the night we met

Ben Cocks | So Cold 

It’s so quiet here and I feel so cold // This house no longer // Feels like home.

Ed Sheeran | Perfect 

'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love // Not knowing what it was // I will not give you up this time

Van Joy | Fire and The Flood 

You’re the fire and the flood // And I’ll always feel you in my blood // Everything is fine // When your hand is resting next to mine 

Katy Perry | Unconditionally 

I’ll take your bad days with your good // Walk through the storm I would // I do it all because I love you, I love you

Death Cab for Cutie | I Will Follow You Into the Dark 

If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks // Then I’ll follow you into the dark

Bea Miller | Force of Nature 

I’ve tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows // Oh but it’s too late now // I let you get too close

Panic At The Disco | Far Too Young to Die 

When the crown hangs heavy on either side // Give me one last kiss while we’re far too young to die // We’re far too young to die

Panic At The Disco | The End Of All Things 

Whether near or far // I am always yours // Any change in time // We are young again

Charlene Soraia (my favorite version | Wherever You Will Go 

Who will be there to take my place // When I’m gone you’ll need love // To light the shadows on your face

Pierce The Veil | Bulletproof Love

We used to laugh until we choked, into the wasted nights // It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone

Coldplay | Fix You 

And high up above or down below // When you’re too in love to let it go // But if you never try you’ll never know // Just what you’re worth

Coldplay | Sky Full of Stars 

Cause you’re a sky full of stars // I want to die in your arms  // Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark // I’m gonna give you my heart

Alesso | Heroes 

We could be heroes, me and you // We could be

Hozier | Take Me To Church 

The only heaven I’ll be sent to // Is when I’m alone with you // I was born sick, but I love it // Command me to be well

Ryan Star | Losing Your Memory

Tell them I’m never coming back // Cause this is the end // Pretend that you want it, don’t react

Sum 41 | Pieces 

I’d say all the words that I know // Just to see if it would show // That I’m trying to let you know // That I’m better off on my own

Amber Run | I Found 

Oh and I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be // Right in front of me // Talk some sense to me

Jason Walker | Alone 

I don’t wanna be an island // I just wanna feel alive and // Get to see your face again

Kodaline | All I Want 

Cause if I could see your face once more // I could die a happy man I’m sure // When you said your last goodbye // I died a little bit inside

Twenty One Pilots | Addict With a Pen 

Hello, I’ve been traveling in the desert of my mind // And I haven’t found a drop of life // I haven’t found a drop of you

Sia | Elastic Heart

Oh, why can I not conquer love? // And I might have thought that we were one // Wanted to fight this war without weapons 

FUN | We Are Young

We are young // So let’s set the world on fire // We can burn brighter // Than the sun // Tonight

Sum 41 | With Me

And pieces of memories fall to the ground // I know what I didn’t have, so I won’t let this go // Cause it’s true, I am nothing without you.

Live Bait

*Image credit goes to @atc74, she is the best!*

Summary: When Castiel suggest to use the reader as bait Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Characters: Y/N, Dean, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 2,000 ish

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Dean being over protective, Crack-ish, fluff

A/N:  This is my entry for @creatively-charlie ‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge and my prompt were “Excuse me I have to go make a scene” & “Hey, no threatening the Angel.”

This is also my entry for @atc74 follower celebration, my song was Down in the Mississippi (Up to no good) by Sugarland.  The line I had to use was “All these years without any help, well guess what honey? Clothes just don’t wash themselves.”

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The Safety Dance

Summary: The Bughead Homecoming slow dance we didn’t get in 1x11

Song: The Safety Dance by Sleeping at Last (Men Without Hats Cover) (X)

Jughead scanned the perimeter of the gymnasium, looking past the overload of blue and gold streamers and balloons to watch his classmates step onto the dance floor, their smiles shining just as brightly as the decorations that Betty and her Homecoming committee had worked so hard to set up all afternoon. 

“I’ve never seen so many sequined-lined dresses and uncomfortable-looking footwear in one room before,” Jughead muttered, glancing at a girl from his history class wearing much-too-high heels hobble her way to the opposite side of the room. “This is a new experience for me.” 

“Yeah, well you clearly did not go to the Riverdale Riverdance Club’s annual dance recital in the first grade,” Betty told him, smoothing down the silky fabric of her dress with one hand and reaching out to regain her balance with the other as one of her classmates brushed past her on their way to the refreshments table. “Being backstage in that dressing room was an experience that I’ll never get out of my mind.” 

“Well joke’s on you, Bets, because I was there,” Jughead informed her, meeting her eyes with a leveled stare and willing himself to keep a serious face. 

“Really?” Betty’s heart skipped a beat, her mind traveling to the notion that had always lingered in the back of her thoughts, but never dared reach the surface - Jughead had always been there for her all along, supporting her in everything she did and waiting for her to come to her senses and - 

“Yeah, I was the short one in the back row with two left feet and zero rhythm,” Jughead joked, his lips twitching up into an amused grin as he watched the realization of the joke form on her face. 

“Ha ha, very funny,” Betty mumbled, pushing back Jughead’s shoulder and silently shaking off the thought she had just let cross her mind, cursing herself for her being so self-involved to think such things.

A crackle sounded from the speakers surrounding the stage, and soon the gymnasium was filled with echoes of pretty melodies and haunting vocals that caused Betty’s head to snap up in surprise. “Juggie,” she breathed, clutching his suit jacket with both hands, the fabric clenching between her fingers as she leaned into the touch. “I love this song.”

This song?” Jughead gaped at her, his eyes widening and his lips turning up into a mocking smirk. “You love a song that was written as a message to bouncers to stop kicking dancers out of their clubs for pogoing on the dance floor to 80′s new wave music? That’s what we’re going with here?”

“In case you haven’t noticed by now, this particular version of the song is beautiful,” Betty defended the current song playing over the speakers, tugging on Jughead’s jacket sleeve and lightly pulling him towards the middle of the dance floor. “Dance with me?”

“Bets, I wasn’t kidding about that two left feet thing,” Jughead told her, a look of panic washing over his face as he watched the other couples swaying back and forth in time to the music all around him. “I nearly broke my cousin Etta’s big toe trying to waltz at my great aunt Mitsy’s wedding when I was seven. It was traumatic for both parties involved, but I was the one that ended up with the therapy.”

“Please, Juggie,” Betty begged, taking a step forward to close the gap between them, leaning in so that her nose barely brushed the tip of his. “Just this song.”

Jughead’s heart flipped in his chest at the way she was looking at him, all soft eyes and sincere smile, the qualities about her that she knew made him weak in the knees. 

“You’re really hard to turn down when you do the fluttery thing with your eyelashes like that,” Jughead caved, finally letting himself be pulled completely into the crowd of swaying dancers just as the music began to pick up. 

“Thank you,” she whispered, her hands sliding up his arms and snaking around his shoulders to rest comfortably there as he gently placed his own hands on either side of her waist.  

“See?” she breathed as they began moving to the soft and steady beat of the music. “This isn’t so bad, is it?”

“Betty Cooper, I could be skydiving into a shark-infested pool with you and I’d think it was the most natural, life-fulfilling experience of my life,” Jughead admitted, his chin flicking downwards so that he could meet her gaze with warm eyes. 

“Well there’s no way you’d find me anywhere near a pool of sharks or a tiny plane that could crash to its death at any moment so I think that we’d better stick with dancing,” Betty informed him. “I think it’s safer that way.” 

Jughead raised a shocked eyebrow in her direction as the realization of the humorous timing she had just created with her use of the word “safe” sunk in. “Did you really just say that?” 

“Yeah, I think I did,” Betty winced, shaking her head in disappointment at her own accidental pun. “I kind of hate myself for it too.” 

“You should,” Jughead teased, his eyes dancing amusedly as he reached up to smooth down a flyaway strand of golden hair sticking to her forehead. 

“You look happy, Jug,” Betty pointed out, her gaze focused on the genuine smile plastered on his face as they continued to sway to the beat. “Happy looks good on you.” 

“Well I think I can safely say that you are very much a prime factor in the reasoning for that,” Jughead told her, not the least bit concerned with his own use of the word “safe” anymore. As the lyrics continued to pour from the speakers, Jughead realized that the word, and the song, and the dance, had struck a chord with him in a way that he didn’t think possible. “No matter what’s happening on the outside - Jason, Polly, my parents, your parents - I always feel safe, almost lighter somehow, whenever I’m with you. And in case this wasn’t clear, there have been very few times in my life where I have felt that way. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite like this before.” 

“Neither have I,” Betty breathed, her gaze locked in on Jughead’s. The vulnerability that they were both feeling seemed to linger in the air for a few seconds before disappearing completely, and Jughead pulled Betty tightly to him, hoping that this moment could last much longer than a three minute slow dance. 

“I wish this song could play forever,” Betty whispered into his ear, and Jughead smiled at her uncanny ability to read his thoughts like she always did. 

“Well I don’t think I’m ever going to stop this moment from replaying in my head,” Jughead admitted, pulling back from their embrace to place a gentle hand on her smooth cheek. “So in a way, I think it will.” 

Just as the last note rang out, lingering for a moment and then fading out completely, the crowd of dancing bodies dispersed all around the dance floor, knocking into each other as the next song began to fill the speakers. But even as the upbeat lyrics overtook the soft and gentle atmosphere that they had just blanketed the room, Jughead still held onto Betty, his forehead resting against hers and their eyes closed as they both continued dancing in their minds, never letting the song or the moment or the feeling of safety they felt with this slow dance, ever fade from their memory. 

Information (DeanBenny)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @kinktober2017 , @thebunkerofletters inktober challenge day 15
Prompt(s) Filled(Kink|Ink): lapdances | mafia/cop
Ship: DeanBenny
Rating: Mature
Content Warning: lapdances, stripper!dean, cop!benny, no sex
Summary: Benny finds himself falling for his confidential informant.
Word Count: 1052
A/N: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
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The music was loud enough to burst eardrums as Benny wandered through the strip club. He ignored the men and woman that came up to him, eyes peeled for one man in particular.

And there he was. Dean Winchester.

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DAY 3265

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Mar 7/8,  2017                    Tue/Wed 2:16 am

A Pelligrino aerated water, some chiseled, ‘momphali’ and ‘chana’ and the Blog before me .. the water to keep me company with its sparkle, and the rest of the goodies to accentuate the nuttiness - 

“Is this really any time of day to be awake writing Blogs” , would be the common refrain ..  but I do so what .. you got a problem with that .. well go .. jump into the lake .. to put it mildly ..

The days spent with my Father and his works, words and wisdom, alliteration be excused, have been as always a haunting experience ..

Long after the notes and the music is done, the memories of my presence with my Father at various ‘kavi sammelan’s’ and private recitation sessions that went on through the entire night, speed past my memory devices with such lucidity, it is quite surprising that the remembrance is better than what I ate just a little while ago ..

Playing back all the while not just in the mind but in the heart too is systematically emotional and lasting  … the tones and notes of song and rhythm are my Father’s .. I merely recreate them with my own sensibilities with the help of my music directors and dear friends, Rohan & Vinayak. The expressive joy when a moment of creative acceptance is arrived, is only beholden to those involved .. none other .. really .. the others would never give attention to what the creator goes through .. never .. which is why the exaltations of sheer satisfaction and belief is beyond the realm of the outsider - the one or ones that party themselves in the process, without taking part in the process !

Many suggest after learning of our labour and attempts at this rendition to be made public, to be put out on the several platforms now screaming at you each time the device that I comment this missive on, is powered on ..

But there is reluctance ..

A reluctance first of grave embarrassment .. a desire to keep it with oneself .. possessive almost in its nature .. a toy that your parents bought for you when you were young, and one which you guarded and protected zealously ..

A shyness .. shyness for the reaction .. the fear of its rejection, and the condescending looks and expressions, that would follow .. aahh ..that would be devastating and so depressive .. so … best to keep it to yourself .. listen to it in isolation .. dream those moments which no other would .. how would they .. they are unaware of the sentiment of its creation .. surely how ever could I expect for the other to be in ‘mine’ .. never !!!

And so as the ‘creation’ plays on looped play, and I type here on its presence in my creative life, I fill myself with satisfaction, and you perhaps with some envy .. na .. ?

Good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

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Top 10ish Chris Cornell Songs:
10b) Birth Ritual

Anyone whose ever relied on their own pipes to make music will know what it sounds like to struggle with a high note. Even when the note is still within your range, but touching its limits, it becomes difficult to sing the note loudly with the same control. Not a problem for Chris in Birth Ritual. The higher notes in this song are sung even louder than the notes that sit more comfortably within his range. Not only does he hit these notes with precision, he’ll drop one or two octaves within the same few bars comfortably. Power and control at its finest.

10a) Cochise
Say what you want about Audioslave, even I’ll take my personal jab at Chris’ attempt to cover ‘Sleep Now in the Fire,’ but like them or not, Cochise storms out of the gate. The song takes Chris’ vocals from his coarse belting in the chorus to the hauntingly smooth verse into a full on gravel-rolling-down-a-hill scream at around the three minute mark. It’s complemented well in the video where you see Cornell’s silhouette lean back to unleash the scream. 

By this time, Chris’ voice hardly sounds like it did in Ultramega OK or even Louder than Love. Hell, it’s even pretty far from Superunknown. Thing is, he didn’t let that stop him, he let it challenge him. Cochise isn’t the kind of song you’d give to a younger Cornell. It’s the older, matured, and weathered sound of his voice with Morello’s guitar that really lights the candle under this one. It shows Chris’ adaptability, versatility, and evolution as a musician and vocalist.

10) Smokestack Lightning
ollowing his passing, I saw a lot of songs being passed around in honor of Chris and his voice. This is one I expected to see, but didn’t. One of the great things about Chris and Soundgarden in general was the exploration and incorporation of other genres into the music. In this cover, you get a bluesy side of Cornell. Although he’s quite young here, you hear those tinges of maturity in his voice we’d go on to know later on in his life. 

Chris’ vocal control as he exits certain notes in this song is impressive. I’ve seen it argued whether or not the extremely high notes towards the end of the song are technically falsetto. Some argue he’s not even there in these notes, but whatever you want to call these otherworldly notes he belts at about the four minute mark, they’re blistering, intense, and unforgettable.

09) Fell on Black Days
 lot of the songs on this list celebrate Cornell’s range, especially on the higher end. But that’s not to say his mid-range isn’t wonderful and almost viscous in its tones. 

When listening to the discography in order, I imagined that few saw a song like Black Days coming. Fans of Screaming Life EP and Ultramega OK might not have known a lot about this version of the band; the version that loves the darker iteration of the Beatles, the version that borrows from sludge. The version that steps away from metal and into…this.

No exaggerated screams to be found in this song, no seam-splitting falsettos, just an occasional burst of 800 grit here and there.

Ben’s haunting bassline crawls under Chris’ melody. Black Days is a wonderful demonstration of the quality and depth of Cornell’s voice, never mind the range, never mind the control- just the quality of his natural voice shines completely on this unforgettable and wildly successful Superunknown track.

08) Incessant Mace
 song for villains, Incessant Mace has this malicious sensuality about it. Chris voice wears a silk red spaghetti strap dress and feels its own curves during the first half of the song. The notes meander hypnotically, allowing Chris’ voice to slither from note to note in a slow burn of seductive prowess. The extremely present reverb in the song makes it sound as though his voice is traveling along the rails from hell to earth. As the song reaches its climax, these meandering notes go from a feral caress into a vicious chopping. As we reach the end of the song, it’s as though Chris shows his fangs and spits venom. It’s the moment the skirt is hiked high enough to show the blade concealed beneath. 

The end of the song, when Chris just bellows, “Mace, mace, mace, mace” spits absolute aural venom as the song slithers out of reach.

07) Wooden Jesus
Whether it was the slight change in musical styles, the chemistry with Eddie Vedder, the personal bearing this project had on Chris, or the hand of God itself, something motivated Cornell to perform like never before on Temple of the Dog. His voice hit like fists in Hunger Strike and would do so again on Wooden Jesus, where Cornell goes from a soft, hymnal style singing, straight into a mountain-moving belt. 

06) Reach Down
We again find ourselves in an interesting and atypical application of Chris’ voice in Reach Down; gospel. A bit inspired by Andy Wood’s style, Chris leads the choir-like ensemble of voices that make up the rest of Temple of the Dog. 

Some of Chris’ vocal fills and humming sections add so much color and character to the song, moving the almost twelve minute opus down a flaming track. The instruments fall away at about 8:50 and make room for the almost apocalyptic sounding harmonies and eventually lift Chris’ voice into the foreground, where he grabs the song and doesn’t let go.

05) Slaves & Bulldozers
Slave and Bulldozers is a tense push-pull of a song that appears on Badmotorfinger and thrashes the listener through about seven minutes of pipes waiting to burst. A real tug of war on the loud/quiet/loud front, it’s when the song completely lets Chris go where the song goes from good to amazing. 

It’s particularly noteworthy that Chris doesn’t just scream the end of a syllable through the outro of a song like he would go on to do in song like Cochise, but in Slaves, Chris is screaming complete words, complete phrases, abandoning notes and vocal control for something more primal, something more visceral.

04) Black Rain
hat makes Black Rain particularly interesting was the challenge it presented on a recording basis; half the song was recorded near to the Badmotorfinger era in the 90s and the rest was filled in around the time of Telephantasm in the 2000s. 

Chris’ voice sounded expectedly different for the second half of the recording. Rather than re-recording, Cornell opted to perform the missing sections of the song and pair them with the original performance. Knowing this, I could personally tell you exactly where the old Chris ends and the new Chris begins. But it’s not as jarring or disturbing as you’d think. In fact, it’s sewn together very well and the band was able to pull it off completely. I was surprised again that the band would perform the song live without issue, something I thought they’d avoid because of how this particular song sounded on wax.

Another testament to the timelessness and skill of Cornell, Black Rain reaches into early Soundgarden and late Soundgarden without skipping a beat.

03) Jesus Christ Pose
Unlike a lot of the other songs on this list where Chris goes from low notes and gradually to high notes as a release in the third act of the song, JCP starts and ends at the exact same intensity. The 4/4 driving rhythm of the song keeps the song going at a breakneck pace, pushing Cornell to the top of his performance and making him stay there. 

02) Beyond the Wheel 
 performance worthy of demon worship, Beyond the Wheel begins with a cult-worship like chanting verse in Chris’ lower register that makes absolutely no effort to create a smooth transition right into his upper register. It just happens. It happens without warning, without apology, without giving a shit. In a song where I hear some of Chris’ highest and lowest notes on record in the same few bars is downright astounding. Chris’ shrill scream is damn near blood curdling as it belts out into the empty spaces of the song, isolating him between notes in a beautiful love song to the void.

01) Hunted Down
m as surprised as you are that my number one vocal performance comes in the form of Hunted Down. But something about this song always got to me. Chris’ voice digs its nails into your flesh and drags for about three minutes. My favorite aspect of this song in particular isn’t like other songs where i’m in awe of the range or power; it’s the annunciation of the lyrics.

The syncopation of the lyrics with Chris’ short bursts of energy read like a theatrical performance. It singles Cornell out as both a singer and a performer. From the first “HUUUUEUH” at the beginning of the song all the way to the bursts of notes that fade into the end of the song, Hunted Down has such a dramatic, theatrical element about it that the song itself is a character simply based on the way Chris chooses to sing and annunciate each word and note.

You can listen to these songs in playlist on Spotify:

Phantom of the Opera and its adaptations sentence starters
  • <p> <b></b> (Feel free to change pronouns around as needed)<p/><b>Leroux:</b> <p/><b></b> "The angels wept tonight."<p/><b></b> "Tonight I gave you my soul, and I am dead."<p/><b></b> "All I ever wanted was to be loved for myself."<p/><b></b> "You are afraid of me! And yet, I am not really wicked."<p/><b></b> "He fills me with horror and I do not hate him."<p/><b></b> "She is singing tonight to bring down the chandelier!"<p/><b>Kay:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hell is full of burning bridges."<p/><b></b> "None of us can choose where we will love."<p/><b></b> "There is no better way to raise a demon in my mind then to tell me something could not be done. Impossibility was not a concept I acknowledged."<p/><b></b> "Let me paint him a rainbow."<p/><b>ALW:</b> <p/><b></b> "The Angel of Music sings songs in my head."<p/><b></b> "You have come here for one purpose, and one alone."<p/><b></b> "I remember there was mist."<p/><b></b> "Is this what you wanted to see?"<p/><b></b> "I was just fourteen and soaked to the skin!"<p/><b></b> "Why have you brought me here? We must return!"<p/><b></b> "His eyes will find us there. Those eyes that burn!"<p/><b></b> "Forget this waking nightmare."<p/><b></b> "Yet in his eyes, all the sadness of the world."<p/><b></b> "All I want is freedom, a world with no more night."<p/><b></b> "I must go, they'll wonder where I am."<p/><b></b> "He was bound to love you, when he heard you sing."<p/><b></b> "But why is it secret? What have we to hide? You promised me!"<p/><b></b> "You were all that mattered."<p/><b></b> "So it is to be war between us."<p/><b></b> "What I once used to dream, I now dread."<p/><b></b> "Go now! Go now and leave me!"<p/><b>2004:</b> <p/><b></b> "No one would listen."<p/><b></b> "No one but her heard as the outcast hears."<p/><b></b> "Learn to find your way in darkness."<p/><b></b> "Who will be there for you, comfort and care for you?"<p/><b></b> "Learn to be lonely."<p/><b></b> "Laugh in your loneliness."<p/><b>Love Never Dies (AU):</b> <p/><b></b> "The moments creep, yet I can't bare to sleep."<p/><b></b> "All agleam, like a dream."<p/><b></b> "Every fantasy set free."<p/><b></b> "Starting soon upon our stage, the performance of the age."<p/><b></b> "Is there music in your head?"<p/><b></b> "What a child. Full of life! Full of you..."<p/><b></b> "Help me through this sadness."<p/><b>Love Never Dies (OLC):</b> <p/><b></b> "Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to get on? You're about to start out on the journey of your life."<p/><b></b> "It's a fun house where the mirrors all reflect what's real, and reality's as twisted as the mirrors reveal."<p/><b></b> "I should've known that you'd be here."<p/><b></b> "I should've known it all along."<p/><b>Alonso and Tilford musical:</b> <p/><b></b> "Pity her, ____. She couldn't bare to look at her own child."<p/><b></b> "Any kindness that we receive is a blessing."<p/><b></b> "Whatever you want me to be, I can be."<p/><b></b> "What twisted measure of human worth condemns a child at birth?"<p/><b></b> "Come what may at morning light, the world is yours tonight."<p/><b></b> "Skin deep, poison in the mirror."<p/><b></b> "You fool the world with your thin veneer, but you're not worth the salt in my tears!"<p/><b></b> "Pain is proof that you're alive."<p/><b></b> "Through it all, what truth is left behind, someone cared enough to break your heart."<p/><b></b> "The love you never had will haunt you like a shadow. So close, but when you reach there's no one there."<p/><b>Ken Hill:</b> <p/><b></b> "While floating high above, I hear you speak my name."<p/><b></b> "We'll share paradise."<p/><b></b> "If only you could weep for me like that."<p/><b></b> "In time you will learn to love me, I know it."<p/><b></b> "Share with me my dark domain."<p/><b></b> "Oh, free me from this dark despair."<p/><b></b> "Weave your magic spell."<p/><b></b> "How dare she!"<p/><b></b> "We are finished. Our love is over! I say it's over... Ended!"<p/><b></b> "I did weep for you, once."<p/><b></b> "Out of pity, ___, not love."<p/><b>Yeston and Kopit Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Why was I born to this grave?"<p/><b></b> "Not a day I'll rest 'til that voice is found."<p/><b></b> "Well, that's obviously something she doesn't know."<p/><b></b> "Well, someone should tell her!"<p/><b></b> "What has happened to your sense of humour?"<p/><b></b> "You were the only one, my only chance of happiness."<p/><b></b> "I wondered how long it would take you to tell me it's true."<p/><b></b> "What did you think of it?"<p/><b></b> "It could've been better."<p/><b></b> "There was a time I thought I was only dreaming."<p/><b></b> "I went through that phase too."<p/><b></b> "This place is mine!"<p/><b></b> "Here, where fables come alive."<p/><b></b> "She is as innocent and natural as a rose."<p/><b></b> "You are music, beautiful music, and you are light to me."<p/><b></b> "I will find a way, through fear and doubt."<p/><b>Charles Dance miniseries:</b> <p/><b></b> "I know what to do about it. I'll kill them both!"<p/><b></b> "What kind of horror are you leaving me in?"<p/><b></b> "The gods smiled when they imagined you."<p/><b></b> "She is the reason I was born."<p/><b></b> "I was born so that she could save me!"<p/><b></b> "Do you find that apt?"<p/><b></b> "You are magic, too, I think."<p/><b></b> "Magic is my friend. Magic cannot hide from me."<p/><b></b> "Hat, do you think? Formal touch?"<p/><b></b> "Do you like these woods of mine?"<p/><b></b> "One can get quite hopelessly lost in these woods if one does not know the path... Or have a guide who does."<p/><b>Rosen and Schierhorn Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "I am whatever you want me to be..."<p/><b></b> "I am perfect spirit, imperfect man."<p/><b></b> "I'll always love you, I'll never leave."<p/><b></b> "I will always be your fulfillment and you'll always be my desire."<p/><b></b> "If you are the creator of such beauty, why have you forsaken the world?"<p/><b></b> "What do they know of beauty?"<p/><b></b> "We'll leave the world to its madness. We can live in bliss, alone."<p/><b></b> "Here nothing is missing, nothing is gone."<p/><b>Robert Englund slasher Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Love and music are forever."<p/><b></b> "Everyone dies, I just choose the time and place for a few."<p/><b></b> "You're a thing from hell!"<p/><b></b> "And you sir, are hell bound!"<p/><b>Claude Rains Phantom:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hear the bells ringing soft and low, bringing peace through the twilight's glow."<p/><b></b> "Night has begun."<p/><b></b> "Who would pay any attention to a baritone and a detective?"<p/><b>Spooks:</b> <p/><b></b> "What does a chicken say when it lays a square egg?"<p/><b>Mystery Legends:</b> <p/><b></b> "One day, God willing, I would have my revenge."<p/><b></b> "You were the light in the darkness of my existence."<p/></p>

rustedrobonerd  asked:

hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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anonymous asked:

Crutchie has magic powers and Jack only finds out when Crutchie heals a really bad wound that would almost cause Jack death

This reminds me of Tangled so

Jack had been surprised many times in his life. There was the time Race and Spot said they were together, the time Katherine and Sarah said they were together, and the time Davey told him that he wanted to be together. A lot of Jack’s surprises had to do with romance, or occasionally birthdays. There were also the times Specs told him that his real name was Don Knotts, and when Katherine told him her hair wasn’t naturally curly and he had to lay down for a few minutes.

Never in his life did Jack expect to be surprised by magic. Magic wasn’t real. It was just something in stories for kids. At least, that’s what he had thought.

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Commission: Sweet Dreams

Pairing: Jane Shepard/Garrus Vakarian

Fandom: Mass Effect

For: @gottahavemoremasseffect

Prompt: Shakarian with some nightmares/cuddles.

Word Count: 4,074

(I really hope you enjoy it! It was a pleasure to explore the Shakarian relationship. The cuddles kind of featured at the end, but I wanted to really establish their trust in one another, too. Thank you for commissioning me, so much! Fic is under the cut!)

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Tragedy Will Find Us (Lyrics)

A lot of people have been asking me for lyrics, and I feel like rather than having people reblog lyrics from January that obviously went through numerous changes, I could just gather the final products in one post. So here you are, every single word spoken on TWFU, with a small description of each song. Thank you for caring.

1. Stillborn:

A calm rushes over me as I picture my corpse ill-fated with the faults I can’t escape. A sigh of relief used to signify the blight that infects the last few fragments of my skull. Sometimes I swear I think that I’ll be fine. I’ve made up my mind. Death is my birthright. I am a noose waiting to be tied. Still I try to elude the truth and embrace my disguise because this way of life takes it’s toll on mine and I don’t want to be alive. Bury me breathing so I can watch myself decay. We are stillborns by definition but our pulse-infected wrists will disagree. We burden ourselves with intent and ambition when we’ve accepted that all hope is lost. So dance past my lips and disperse, leaving no trace of human condition. Our bodies blind the world with a sense of selflessness that only a trained eye can see. You blame me for your blindness. Open your eyes.

For the ones who live and breathe yet feel dead on the inside. I know your pain, this is for you.

2. Thread:

Your words grow cold and incoherent and I’m searching for a fever that could lift me to the border of dementia. My eyes are tired from surveying everything we used to share and I would sew them shut if I had any strength inside. I remember every promise, I’ve carved them into my spine. I raise my hands to the sky and beg that this won’t go unnoticed. Though I know some fires are not meant to burn. We are bred to flicker and fade, not to retreat into the earth. Not to grow without remorse. We douse ourselves with the moisture that we’ve drawn from the soil. We breed and unleash. We’re our own natural disaster. String me along like the thread that binds your ribcage. Tie my limbs to the anchor, and be sure that I’m left alone to sink. I will shine brighter than the sun. I will forever be your torch. Cast me away and in time I will set fire to the fibres that connect us. My palms grow calloused from the cold. I need your touch to cauterize. Sustained by the flame of another, the embers begin to reignite. There’s a hole in the herd that will never be filled. The anguish will fall through your fingers as mankind manifests itself through misfortune. I am alone, and the world carries on. I am alone. The world carries on and we don’t deserve a second thought.

For those who abandoned me in my time of need. For the people closest to me that sat by and watched me suffer. For all those who turned a blind eye… this is for you.

3. Resonate:

I’m shaking and so are my hands and I can’t tell if it’s the cold or if I’m finally feeling regret. A martyr in my own mind and a pariah given the capacity of my own guilt. Do I fight the fact that I am a nervous wreck or do I face the forthcoming collision head on? I don’t know how to abandon my blind heart… and I’m convinced that you deserve this. My organs are dark and minuscule in comparison to yours. I’m no longer pining to cure my disease, I’m just dying to advance the process. Trim your wings and deceive me, cinch your halo around my neck because death houses such beauty if we can enjoy what will grow in it’s absence. We are thin and wasted at both ends and we’ve accepted our position. I was never worthy of following your footsteps. So be sure to leave no evidence that you’ve existed. We dare not turn and face the figures treating us to our descent. If we knew their origin then we’d surely be disgusted. This is the kind of illness that leaves us rotting from the inside out… and we wear this on our sleeves. Content with our casualty. I would do this all over again. I’m the catalyst of our collapse, haunted by conviction and a partner to the pain. Forgive me for who I’ve become these past few years. Forgive me for allowing my love to disappear. Trim your wings and deceive me, cinch your halo around my neck, and just leave me alone with my thoughts. Eaten alive until there’s nothing left to mourn. I will resonate through the minds of others as a corpse and nothing more.

For the ones I’ve loved that took me for granted. For the ones who make me terrified to ever love again, this is for you.

4. Stranger:

Your ghost holds me close as I’m ravaged by the solitary that surrounds my former home. Use me until you’ve spent the rest of my remains and then try to validate your actions. Cursing every empty vein that used to be inhabited by your impression. Paralyze me to ensure I have no chance of knowing the feeling of affection. It’s no secret that I’ve shed the common decency that appoints the world with the burden of devotion to our kin. I gave you everything I had and the world has left me exhausted. So make me feel something, anything that might change my mind. As worthless as I am, I know that I still serve a purpose. To leech off the light and absolve my insignificance. Lay me to rest inside of a glass casket so you can remember me with a smile on my face. Adorning me in my own failures so you can count them as you stand above my bones. I wish I were a better man. I am a coward masked in courage and just admitting this will not save me this time. So free me from my tired mind and let me learn the difference between a single tear and the runoff of an ocean. Weak and weary from my predatory nature. So bless me with abandonment in my greatest time of need. Let me carry on knowing that I could never truly face my reflection. It’s much easier to caress the broken glass. Though if I accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in the shards, I will put my faith in the shrapnel to correct my vision. I am a stranger when I stare into the eyes of those I love. Look away in disgust, protect yourself from the sight of my deception.

For the ones that will forever hold me in their heart. For the ones who I will always let down due to brain activity that I will never fully understand, this one is for you.

5. Burn:

I’ve grown accustom to losing sleep. Sweep me off my feet, dig your nails into my wounds and pull. A lucid dream, where my chest will collapse from the weight of a fictitious ghost. Tear through me, sacrifice me to your sea. With broken arms I’m left to carry my shell with no help from the current. Lifeless, I am dragging me down. Hollow, I’m left to fend for myself. Forget everything that you’ve come to know. We are not meant for much but to carry our own misery. Is there a God cursing every step that I take? Or have I been forced to commit myself to the dirt? We’re chasing the light in the darkest of graves, but the fortunate ones know to wait until mourning. Be still. Serenity blesses us in waves and with eyes like mountains, we’re drawn to the brow. Leave this life behind and take the next step in the right direction. Stare at the sky, and offer yourself to circumstance. Be the burn. Burn me alive.

For all those living in fear of the inevitable. For those who dwell in the shadows to escape the sun or vice versa, this is for you.


With no destination in mind, I’m free to roam until my last words are heard by all. Confide in your fragile frame, and know that you’re not alone. Allow these words to reverberate within you. I am only a medium, but I will show you the way. Tragedy will find us.

6. Tragedy:

Take comfort in the cadence of the bond we share. A visionary born and raised to see with an unbiased sense of sight. We pause just for a second to properly embrace the radiance. We are the anointed dipped in filth, taught to cower in fear of being identified… but tragedy will find us. I’m held captive by my spoiled soul. I won’t allow it to affect my stride. The procession will proceed as we’re gifted with our own idea of peace. So find yourself in me. I promise I will keep you as we harvest the passion that remains. Make my skin your sanctuary. I make a pact with the earth to draw life from the living. Make my skin your sanctuary. Leap to the beat of my blood. So place your hand in mine, drag your feet across the tops of trees. Breathe easy knowing that the branches will support you and the weight of your complication. In the midst of the ruin that surrounds us, we communicate but only in tongues. Our lips will welcome the caress of the crucifixion, and we stain the wood with defeat. I am not a mortal, I am a metaphor for moving forward.

For those who find comfort in the words I’ve written. For the who see themselves in me. For those who know my pain, this is for you.

7. Withdrawal:

I bask in familiar flesh with no shelter to call my own. A sacrifice for my sickness, I’ll dig a grave for those I love. I release the teeth from my jaw, knowing that I will miss the pain when you take shelter in the mouth of another. You live in the back of my throat, spawning sentences in unison with mine. Stay safe in my breath, you will never be lost. If our attraction is only skin deep, how deep is deep enough? I’ve made a habit out of grinding my bones into a sharper point when I hear your name… and I’ve named each cut you’ve cursed me with. Though I wish I had the courage to ask for more. Your spirit suffocates me. You won’t find asylum inside. I never asked for your blood in my veins. So haunt me not and disappear. I am a victim, despite what you’ve heard. Forced to dwell inside of endless withdrawal. We can never coexist, so I will offer up my heart. Don’t look back and try to find me, I was always doomed to watch you from the dark. Stay safe in my breath, you will never be lost. If our attraction is only skin deep, how deep is deep enough?

For the ones who’s deepest cuts comes from those they love. For the ones who are scared to break free, this is for you.

8. Choke:

Congregate what little ounce of decency is left and gather enough courage to invoke contractions in your vocal chords. Admission of guilt through confrontation. I’ve had to chisel every lie out of your mouth and after all this time I’ve grown immune to your embrace. Spare me and my virgin ears from a stale conception. Admit that I’m the victim and cradle consequence. Line your insides with a sense of wrongly obtained righteousness. Spread your poison as thin as you possibly can to ensure you violate every inch of common ground. Call me a cancer, keep convinced that you’re not sick yourself. You will be exposed as soon as the worlds eyes can fully adjust to the dark. I was the cure to your corrosion, but now I want to watch your skin rust and slowly grow discoloured… and when your throat buckles under the weight of the accumulation of perjury, I want to watch the life seep out of your tear duct as your death rattle hits my eardrum and thaws what’s left of my cold heart. I hope you choke to death. The compass has been cracked… I hope you fucking choke to death.

For the two human beings responsible for the greatest example of betrayal that I have ever felt. For the two people who hurled me towards rock bottom with no remorse. For the compass that left me lost. May you never fully experience happiness. For the two I will commit to erasing from my memory by any means necessary. This is for no one else on this earth, this is for YOU.

9. Collapse:

Back-pedalling into the black, but I can still make out the figures that will threaten my well being. The wind will rise and fall, but never sway from side to side. Progression halted, encapsulating the fluid weave of death like a garden that contains all of it’s arrested offspring. We’re afraid to force our legs to break free from the earth and take the first step towards our insecurity. Sleep away your selfishness. Slip into collapse, a still-like state of disregard from which you can’t fall back. You never fully moved me, I’ve been embedded in the dust and my mind has been ravaged by war. Pray for farewell as if I was yours to lose. I would love to love you, if you were someone else. So forgive me for being unresponsive. I’m sure it’s hard to train your ears to hear me crying out for help with my lips sewn shut by stitches of my own indecision. So I’ll speak in whispers to permit my throat relief. I bite my tongue, fill my mouth with blood, and swallow enough to kill me before I’m forced to lose more sleep. I would love to love you, if you were someone else. Am I fit to walk alone again, or will you save me from myself? Breathe life into me, be all that I can see or carry on without me and just know I wished you well.

For the ones who can easily identify peace and tranquility in the midst of tragedy, this is for you.

10. Drown:

Immerse yourself in the water that flows freely from my hands. You’ll find no substance, just the rain that we use to simply bathe and disregard. I bless my arteries with blades, and I welcome the sight of the back of my eyelids. In our most peaceful and remote state, we’re allowed to choose what we want to feel. Mortality is the greatest gift given to the living, but a curse to those who feel that they’re truly alive. Sentenced to trespass, I should spin towards the north… but your gravity has left me alone and I’m left to roam as an apparition. Abandoned, I am a phantom limb in search of a frame to spread my plague. If the light leaves you blind, just shut your eyes and embrace the undertow. Let the waves puncture your lungs. In my dreams we drown together. Everything goes black but I can see you just fine. Condolences flourish and fall upon my feet and help pollinate the dirt that sits in the pit of your stomach. I need to shed the idea of a lasting impression. Make peace with my spirit breach. Everything goes black and I still see you in my dreams. Lower your head to sleep and let me do the same. I’m confident that we will meet again, every time you wade in a body of water. I am the light that leaves you blind, but I watched you retreat and cover your eyes. In your rivers I reside. In dreams we drown together. Everything goes black but you will see me just fine.

For the people dancing between the edge and the ground below. For anyone who has ever contemplated ending it all, this is for you.

11. Solace:

We shiver in the pause between words. Abandonment still fresh upon the tips of our tongues. The whispers we’ve chosen to live and die in will infect deaf ears with the discordance of deceit. Why do we scream when there is nothing left to say? Silently acknowledging the solace in loss. I am content with throwing everything away because I lost myself when I found you. Carry me back to your bed, my conscience is my coffin and I swear sometimes I’d rather be dead. Make sure that I still feel, I don’t care how much it hurts. I’ll always be numb on my side of the earth. In the dark I watched the light hit your skin, hoping that my eyes might never adjust. Soft sounds save me from the confines of sleep because hearing your voice once was never enough. I think I’ve finally identified the Difference. I think I live in both my hell and my home. I will forever be a slave to your distance, don’t let me in, don’t let me go. Carry me back to your bed, my conscience is my coffin and I swear sometimes I’d rather be dead. Make sure that I still feel, I don’t care how much it hurts. I’ll always be numb on my side of the earth. Don’t let me in, don’t let me go. (In this moment) I’d rather die than live without you. I’d rather die.

For the one who allowed me to see the light. For the person responsible for helping me break free. This is for you, and no one else and I am eternally grateful. I love you.

Sacramento native Keith Powers boasts a half-million swooning Instagram followers, thanks to his roles in two critically acclaimed musical biopics, Straight Outta Compton and The New Edition Story. Now the 24-year-old actor is romancing Bella Thorne in the new television drama Famous in Love, which premieres April 18 on Freeform (formerly ABC Family). He shares a few choice anecdotes, like how he learned to bust a move from Ronnie DeVoe and that awkward moment when he met Dr. Dre.

How would you describe the new show? People are calling it the next Pretty Little Liars.
It has Pretty Little Liars nuances because Marlene King [produces both programs], so you’ll get those thrills, but it’s a fresh new show of its own. The only show I can say it’s close to is Entourage. Another one is Gossip Girl, because of the lies, the scandal, the sexiness. [Bella Thorne plays a college student and aspiring actress who gets cast opposite Powers’ character in a Twilight-like movie, and becomes torn romantically between him and a longtime guy friend.] If you want to see what an actress can go through after gaining overnight success, watch Famous in Love, because it’s so accurate. You get to see what she goes through, still wanting to be in school and dealing with fame. And then it gets dark and goes to a whole other place.

Your character, Jordan Wilder, sports a black eye. He’s the series’ bad boy, isn’t he?
Jordan is not really a bad boy, he’s just a guy who makes mistakes, but the negatives get put on front street more than the positives. Jordan is the type not to interact with many others because of people throwing his name in dirt, but once you get to know [him], he has a lot of substance—he’s a cares-so-much type of guy. One mistake [in particular] haunts him: he moved in on his best friend’s girlfriend. What I love about the show is we get a chance to love and hate something about every character, and at the same time we can relate to all of them because they’re not perfect.

Speaking of relatable, you are awfully cozy with your fans on Twitter and Instagram—you answer many tweets personally. Can you keep it up now that your star is rising?
I’ve always been a people person. With social media you have the luxury of reaching out to people directly. Once you have them, whatever you feed them they’ll take with an open heart. So I think it’s important. There are some who are grandfathered in and don’t have to do that—the Denzels, the Will Smiths, the Leonardo DiCaprios, the Channing Tatums. But things have changed, and social media has taken a primary role in the entertainment industry. It’s part of the job. I try to look at most tweets, but ever since The New Edition Story came out [on BET in January], my Twitter account has been in a shambles, and my Instagram too—the comments sections are crazy. So I’ve readjusted.

Let’s talk about The New Edition Story, in which you played group member Ronnie DeVoe, and Straight Outta Compton, about the rap group N.W.A.—you played Dr. Dre’s late brother, Tyree. What was it like portraying these real people?
Playing Tyree was like playing a fictional character because people didn’t know him. Dr. Dre made a song about his brother on the 2001 album, [but] I got to introduce the character. But people know Ronnie—he’s still breathing and walking around. So people could pick out when I wasn’t authentic right off the bat.

Did you get to meet Ronnie?
We met all of New Edition—they were there when we were learning the dance moves. We had New Edition boot camp [where] we basically had to shadow them—we had to keep up. It was good and bad: good because we’d get everything straight from the source, and bad when they’d come on set and say, “Aw, I would have never said that!” So it got a little tricky. Ronnie always gave me feedback. At first I couldn’t learn to dance, and he made it easy for me and kept my head on straight, rooting me on. That always felt good.

If you’d been a teenager in the ’80s or ’90s, whose poster would you have had on your wall, N.W.A.’s or New Edition’s?
Definitely both, because I heard a lot of R&B growing up, [and] a lot of West Coast hip-hop—that was the time when West Coast and East Coast were beefin’. You’ve got the best of both worlds with those two. [New Edition’s] music is so timeless. I don’t think “Can You Stand the Rain” will ever be an old song. That’s one of the greatest songs of all time.

What was it like meeting Dr. Dre for the first time, when you’d been hired to play his late brother in the movie?
It was awkward at first. We met at LA Center Studios. He didn’t want to look at me—he’d look at me, then look away. He was probably thinking, “Wow, this dude looks like my little brother!” I’d look at him, then he’d look at me, then I’d get shy. Then it was like, “This is going to be good.” Then, “All right, let’s do this!” And my middle name is Tyree, which was his brother’s name—it’s funny how things work out. [Dr. Dre] was one of my idols growing up, one of my heroes, so it’s dope I got to play his little brother.

Your character’s death is a big emotional turning point in the movie.
[Tyree] idolized his big brother. He just wanted to be with his big brother at a time when N.W.A. was hot, but his mom said “No, you’re in school, you’ve got to focus on that.” And right when Dr. Dre was about to let him come [on a tour], that’s when he passed away. [Tyree was killed in a street fight in 1989 at the age of 21.] That’s what hurt, because, man, he just wanted to go on the tour. It’s always a sensitive subject talking about that with Dr. Dre, because he probably thinks about that all the time. I’m just glad I was able to show people his little brother because of this movie.

Was your mom protective of you like Tyree and Dr. Dre’s?
I think all moms are—but my mom wasn’t overprotective. When [my siblings and I] were young we were always outside on our bikes and we’d be gone for hours. That was our vibe. But we obeyed our parents, so my mom trusted us.

What kind of childhood did you have?
I had a very normal childhood, a fun childhood. I grew up in South Sacramento and went to high school in Elk Grove. I thank God [for] the childhood I had because I think it helps my acting. I was able to experience natural things that I think all kids should experience. You should go outside and [pop] wheelies on your bike and fall down and scrape your knee. I got to play basketball after school for hours, climb mountains, go out into the fields. There was no care in the world. I think a lot of parents suffocate their kids, and when they get out into the real world they don’t know how to act.

You played wide receiver in high school, and had plans to go into the NFL.
I definitely had aspirations, but it didn’t work out, and I’m glad because I love what I do. Looking back, I didn’t love sports as much as I thought I did. You grow up thinking you can play sports for the rest of your life, but you have to work at it, and I wasn’t putting in the work. But acting I love, and I put in the work.

Your family still lives in South Sacramento. Do you get home much?
I come up for holidays and birthdays. I stay with my grandparents, my mom—I hop from house to house. Everything has changed in Sacramento, but at the same time it’s still the same. Last time I was there, I was courtside with my mom [at a Kings game at Golden 1 Center]. It was super dope. I was so excited being courtside I didn’t even eat. via. Sactownmag

Why I Didn’t Hate Jashi Until XCIX

Okay, that title is a bit of a misnomer. I don’t hate Jashi, and I’ll probably be fine with how it’s portrayed throughout the rest of the series, as they only have two episodes left and a lot of threads to tie up. So the romance between Jack and Ashi will probably be just another one of those threads and not take centre stage.

Like it did in this episode.

Full Disclosure: I was on the side of the fandom hoping Jashi wouldn’t become canon, instead hoping that the two would have a more father/daughter or teacher/student relationship. Along with that idea fitting both characters well, it would be a nice diversion from the common male/female dynamic that often ends with the two romantically involved.

That being said, I was not against the idea of them getting together and, while I did have a few issues with the age gap, I did not consider it unhealthy or immoral. So when the last few episodes began to hint that romance was where the writers were taking these two, I thought, “Okay, as long as they handle it well and naturally for the characters, I can get behind this.”

That is not what they did.

What the writers did was every other clichéd rom-com gag they could in 22 minutes. I get that this was supposed to be a lighter, more comedic episode to lead up to the finale and progress Jack and Ashi’s relationship, but boy, was this the wrong way to do it. Most of the humour came off as forced and uncomfortable, relying more on the audience accepting what was happening because “that’s how these stories go” than on anything that would emerge naturally from these characters.

Now yes, if Jack was attracted to someone he probably would be rather awkward and not know what to say, being a man of few words already and having pretty much no experience with romance. But really, I think he would know better than to allow himself to start getting flustered over touching a woman’s hand while he’s in a fight for his life. (I know it was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t.)

And if Jack’s behaviour is a little out of character, Ashi’s is completely out of character, particularly the very end. Yes, I’m talking about the kiss.

A few weeks before this episode is supposed to be taking place, Ashi and her sisters were flummoxed at the sight of two deer nuzzling in affection. They didn’t even understand what the deer were doing then, and we’re supposed to believe that in this short time her first impulse after a near-death experience would be to make out with Jack? Would she even know what making out was?

It would’ve been so easy to have the two admit their love in a way that fit them. When the monster was dead, they have a good laugh at how silly they (particularly Jack) had been acting and that they were both almost naked, and then have them exchange a tender look and hold hands. It’s nice, quiet, and understated compared to all the over-the-top antics of the rest of the episode, but completely in character for both of them. You could still have Dean Martin singing “Everybody Loves Someone” as the two enjoy their moment. It might even be funnier as you’d expect that song accompanying a kiss or slow dance, but here it would just be a hand hold, and it would be just as beautiful.

But that isn’t what we got. Instead the only Jashi moment we got this week that wasn’t facepalm worthy was the desert scene where Jack made himself and Ashi some nice leaf hats. And even putting Jashi aside (which is almost impossible in this episode), there wasn’t much more to dig into. The prison ship and the desert scenes were cool and drawn beautifully, but the green tigers were rather silly, and the prison monster pretty lackluster. I know they were going for an ‘Alien‘ feel here, but it lacked any of the suspense or terror that that particular monster evoked, which is sad given this is the show that gave us some thrillers with the creepy zombie graveyard and the even creepier haunted house. Not to mention the seppuku ghosts from this season.

I would go so far as to rank this as my least favourite Samurai Jack episode; not just this season, but overall. Before this, my least favourite episode was ‘Jack and the Rave’ but I disliked that episode because it was boring and its villain forgettable. This just made me angry; that the writers who up to this point had done a really good job telling the final chapter of Jack took such a crummy detour for a few jokes and clumsy shipping.

I’m still here for Jack until the very end, and I can still get behind Jashi. But fuck this episode.

Animals | Chapter Six

The night was darker than ever with the loss of the moon. No light to illuminate the shadows below, all the wolves inevitably shivered. The moon was like the mother they’d never had and when she was gone, a sense of loneliness crept within.

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[Fic][Request] Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too)

I apologize for being so slow with these prompts. My speed with them depends on what pops into my head. I hope you find this to your liking. o_o

Edit: You can now read this on AO3.

Title: Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too)
Genre: Angst, fluff
Word Count: 2627
Summary: After a while, the joking around stopped being funny.

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