this song is everything omg


Everything is blue

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A Ceillizzy headcannon for you: Lizzy will absentmindedly sing while's she's busy working with something and Ciel absolutely adores it. If he hears Lizzy singing he will either pretend to be working as well or stop what he's doing to stand outside the room she's in just to hear her. When asked about her singing he tries to play it off, "It's distracting and a bother....". But everyone knows he likes it.

OMG YES she has a song for everything!!! she probably always was acting out operas and making Ciel, Edward, Paula, whoever was around play the various parts…she would also make up her own songs on the spot, like “The Ballad of Paula Curling My Hair” or “The Cute Cake Song,” and “Ode to Ciel’s Adorableness”

if she lived today she would be ALL about musicals and disney!! oh she is such a slut for Wicked…

All I Want, All I Need - a Newt/Tina fic

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Tina is pregnant and self-conscious, especially after an encounter with a certain someone at a book signing. Newt is absolutely enamoured by his very-pregnant wife and proves it. (SMUT)

(Title comes from the song “Everything” by Lifehouse)

The smut is so bad omg and I suck at titles


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BRICK WALLS | listen.

“Really, Gisborne? Is this the best you can do?”

Guy breathed heavily, his eyes squeezed shut so tight spots of color were all he could see. He pressed his face against the brick wall of his loft, now painted white, and took a deep breath before stepping back to punch the wall forcefully.

“Do it over - again. God, you really are useless.

Three more punches. Tears stung his eyes as he threw a fourth. He lost count after that and eventually fell into a heap against the wall, sobbing.

“Any more of – whatever – this incompetence is and you’re out of here, Gisborne. And you know I mean it, too.”

Head pressed against the wall, now sitting, he shakily reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and his Zippo. He lit up, hands shaking so hard it was difficult to light the cigarette for a moment. He inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, knuckles stinging. 

“Useless,” Guy mumbled to himself. “Incompetent.” He opened his eyes and looked down at the bloody scratches on his knuckles, smoke filling the air. 

“Useless,” he repeated, cigarette between his lips.


                                                   Making of Agar tum Saath ho

pal bhar tehar jao dil yeh sambhal jaye kaise tumhein roka karoon meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaye aankhon main tumko bharoon 

tere nazron main hain tere sapnon main hai narazi. Agar tum saath ho dil yeh sambhal jaye har gham phisal jaye agar tum saath ho