this song is ending but the story never ends

Sad Rock Songs

here are the songs that I listen to when I’m sad they’re ranging from alt to post hardcore so a little bit for everyone
Listen here ( on Spotify thanks to @chrondodite
“Ten”- Yellowcard
“Sing For Me”- Yellowcard
“What a Catch, Donnie”- Fall Out Boy
“The End of All Things”- P!ATD
“The Light Behind Your Eyes”- MCR
“Fake Your Death”- MCR
“If It Means A Lot To You”- ADTR
“Stone Walls”- We The Kings
“Just Keep Breathing”- We The Kings
“I’ve Given Up On You”- Real Friends
“The Messenger”- Linkin Park
“Coffee Break”- Forever The Sickest Kids
“The Kids Aren’t Alright”- Fall Out Boy
“MSK”- Yellowcard
“Missing You”- All Time Low
“Future”- Paramore
“Last Hope”- Paramore
“The Only Exception”- Paramore
“Demon Limbs”- PVRIS
“King Of Anything”- Beartooth
“Mt. St. Joseph”- A Loss For Words
“Hate To See Your Heart Break”- Paramore
“Legendary”- The Summer Set
“Better Off Dead”- Sleeping With Sirens
“Lead Me Out Of The Dark”- Crown The Empire
“Call Me”- Shinedown
“Therapy”- All Time Low
“Pieces”- Sum 41
“Snuff”- Slipknot
“How to Save a Life”- The Fray
“Remembering Sunday”- All Time Low
“Monster”- Paramore
“Hated”- Beartooth
“Disenchanted”- MCR
“Bullet”- Hollywood Undead
“Hate Me”- Blue October
“Hold On Till May”- Pierce The Veil
“The World Is Ugly”- MCR
“This Is Gospel”- P!ATD
“Crash”- Sum 41
“Believe”- Mumford and Sons
“Demons”- Imagine Dragons
“Only One”- Yellowcard
“California”- Yellowcard
“Lift A Sail”- Yellowcard
“This Song Saved My Life”- Simple Plan
“Golden”- Fall Out Boy
“Human Interaction”- Tonight Alive
“Amelia”- Tonight Alive
“Only Love”- PVRIS
“Empty”- PVRIS
“Clairvoyant”- The Story So Far
“Dark On You”- Starset
“Jenny”- Nothing More
“Take On The World”- You Me At Six
“Placeholder”- The Story So Far
“Sleeping At The Wheel”- Matchbox Twenty
“Beacon Hill”- Damien Jurado
“I Of The Storm”- Of Monsters and Men
“Paper Walls”- Yellowcard
“COMA”- Issues
“The Lines”- Beartooth
“Save You”- Simple Plan
“Terrible Things”- Mayday Parade
“Stay”- Mayday Parade
“Miserable At Best”- Mayday Parade
“Roses”- Against The Current
“Paralyzed”- Against The Current
“Monster”- Starset
“You Found Me”- The Fray
“Where The Story Ends”- The Fray
“Third Eye”- Florence + The Machine
“I’ll Be OK”- Nothing More
“Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes”- Fall Out Boy
“Hear Me”- Imagine Dragons
“Lonely Girl”- Tonight Alive
“Let It Die”- Starset
“End Of Me”- A Day To Remember
“Reassemble”- A Day To Remember
“Crash”- You Me At Six
“Little House”- The Fray
“For You”- All That Remains
“Never Too Late”- Three Days Grace
“God Went North”- Nothing More
“Heaven”- PVRIS
“If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask”- Mayday Parade
“(The Symphony of) Blase’”- Anberlin
“Half”- PVRIS
“Fireworks”- You Me At Six
“Winter”- PVRIS
“We Are Broken”- Paramore
“It Seems”- Nothing More
“Waving Through A Window”- Dear Evan Hansen
“Just Say When”- Nothing More
“Alibi”- Thirty Seconds To Mars

Falling in love with you
was like starting a TV-series
of which you know
that there will only be one season.
Watching episode after episode,
pouring your heart into the characters,
getting drawn into the story,
despite knowing
that it will come to an end all to soon,
perhabs even with a major cliffhanger,
without any chance of a happy ending.
—  // and yet, you just cannot deny that it is worth the pain

tokay but you know what is the truly GAYEST barbie movie ever and I, a sapphic, loved:

barbie and the diamond castle

a story of two lesbian farmers who live in a hut together in the middle of the forest, even sleep in the same bedroom

they make music. 

lesbian music.

they go out together every morning, singing about how much they love each other

there is nothing heterosexual about those looks, btw

they literally find two heart-shaped stones that they wear to symbolise their ‘friendship’ and then hold hands

their strong bond is the main theme throughout the movie, and two twin brothers fall for them but the girls leave them at first and go off together (that lesbian activity), of course they meet up again because the gayness cannot be obvious

they never end up with the boys and actually return home together after all the drama

like, this is the ending shot of their story

not to mention the soundtrack has gay classics like ‘connected’ and ‘two voices, one song’

excerpt from ‘connected’:

It’s not an accident, the time we spent apart,
But now we’re so close,
I can always find you right here in my heart.


Everytime that I breathe,
I can feel the energy,
Reachin’ out,
Flowin’ through,
You to me and me to you.
Wake or dream,
Walk or stand,
You are everywhere I am.
Seperate souls, unified,
Touching at the speed of light!

excerpt from two voices, one song

And anywhere you are you know I’ll be around
And when you call my name I’ll listen for the sound
If I could wish for one thing
I take the smile that you bring
Wherever you go in this world I’ll come along
Together we dream the same dream
Forever I’m here for you, you’re here for me




BTS: Spring Day Stage Analysis

The world has finally seen the Spring Day stage. And wooh! That was emotional! (You’re heartless if you didn’t shed a tear)

When they talked about Youth Ending… They weren’t fucking kidding.

Bangtan may have talked about their advocacy against discrimination and injustice for the MV (if you want to see the symbolisms check my theory here: BTS You Never Walk Alone - Spring Day MV Theory: The Untold Story) but this song, this choreography… was all dedicated to the victims and families of the Sewol Tragedy which happened on the spring day of April 16, 2014. The Sewol Ferry tragedy ended the youth of almost 300 students from Danwon High School that day and this song and stage hopes to give comfort to the victims and their families that they are not alone.

Jimin representing those whose youth ended that day.

Boat formation, Jimin slowly going down

Jimin being taken by the waves, JHope too late to save him

Jin, the “comfort-giver”.

He represents those who stand strong with the plight of those who went through the injustice in hopes of giving peace to them and those whose lives were lost in the tragedy.

Being a strong shoulder for Kookie

Continuing the fight for Tae who was singing about his best friend

Tae trying to catch and hold on to the hope

Finally giving peace to the lost, Jimin

When us ARMYs say that Bangtan is relevant, we don’t only mean that they are breaking new ground in the industry they are in. Their songs in and of itself are now even more relevant than some on-lookers may perceive.

Bangtan will let everyone remember that the fight is not over…

You who are still fighting, lost, and in mourning… You will never walk alone.

Beautiful Speak Now Album Things:
  • Like every fuckin’ bridge on this album makes you want to cry
  • And all the lyrics are fucking awesome. It’s a lyric-driven album
  • “Every time I look at you, it’s like the first time”
  • “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter”
  • Opening “Mine” with “uh-oh” and closing it with the background vocals echoing “I can see it now” to show the emotional journey of the character as she believes in love again over the course of the song
  • The entirety of “Mine,” the best love story ever told
  • The fact that Taylor resurrected Sparks Fly from the dead and put it on her 3rd album because we asked her to
  • The fact that Taylor also rewrote Sparks Fly and took out the lyrics that made it more sexual and about performing in a bar
  • The fact that the original lyric (now displayed in The Taylor Swift Experience) was “brown eyes” and she made it “green eyes”
  • How she describes the love interest as “a full-on rainstorm” and later says “meet me in the pouring rain”
  • The juxtapositions of rain and fire and then darkness and light in Sparks Fly
  • How the entire song is just an apology without any excuses. It just’s “I messed up and you suffered for it and you didn’t deserve that” 
  • “you gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye” 
  • How the orchestra makes everything so fucking beautiful??
  • The use of seasons in the second verse to describe the rise and fall of the relationship
  • How she references the 2009 VMA incident (”how you held me in your arms that September night / the first time you ever saw me cry”)
  • Speak Now being about the Paramore relationship drama and how Taylor was actually at the wedding it’s about lol
  • Taylor singing up an octave in Speak Now to sound like a gentle little girl about to crash the shit out of wedding
  • “a gown shaped like a pastry” “fond gestures are exchanged” “a song that sounds like a death march” “she floats down the isle like a pageant queen” = so descriptive?? conveys the feelings?? Queen of conveying emotions through descriptions
  • “you need to hear me out and they said Speak Now” “Your time is running out and they said Speak Now” “I hear the preacher say, ‘Speak Now or forever hold your peace” “So glad you were around when they said Speak Now” = queen of altering her main chorus line
  • “I’m not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion” –> What’s the kind of girl tho?? I never knew
  • The giggle in the bridge
  • How Dear John calls out emotional abuse by a much older man onto a 19 year old without any apologies or sympathizing with the man but also has pieces where the victim blames themselves and calls out a pattern of abuse of other women
  • But it ends with the victim retaining their self worth and escaping and it’s amazing
  • “the girl in the dress cried the whole way home” –> have you ever seen such a beautiful conveying of a young girl’s loss of emotional innocence 
  • How the secret message of Dear John is “loved you from the very first day” which is a line on a bonus track “Superman” which is about how the love interest seems like the best guy in the world and a real life Superman 
  • That fuckin’ banjo in Mean
  • How Mean began about a critic who said Taylor ruined her “entire career overnight” at the Grammys and then Taylor performing Mean at the Grammys and wining 2 Grammys for it
  • The use of a big city to display one’s level success (which is what actually happened when Taylor moved to NYC)
  • “A simple complication, miscommunications lead to fallout” 
  • Isn’t it weird how she says “and people would say they’re the lucky ones” then on the Speak Now Tour she wrote “The Lucky One” ?? weird
  • “So many things that I wish you knew / so many walls up I can’t break through” –> “So many things that you wish I knew / but the Story of Us might be ending soon”
  • That fuckin’ ramp up back into the chorus after the bridge in The Story of Us
  • How perfectly Never Grow Up conveys how scary can it feel to grow up
  • The bridge of Never Grow Up
  • How every song except Never Grow Up and Last Kiss use heavy production and background vocals and it makes those two songs that much more powerful in their simplicity 
  • “I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone” and how this line gets more powerful the more years that go by
  • How Never Grow Up starts as a song to a baby, watches that baby grow up, and ends with Taylor  looking back at her life and the passage of time and swearing to protect that baby from harm….you ever cry
  • Just take 5 minutes and listen to Enchanted again pls
  • “Wonderstruck” “Enchanted” “Passing notes in secrecy” “this is me praying” “the very first page, not where the story line ends” “your eyes whispered” “this night is sparkling” “blushing all the way home” “I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew” “this night is flawless” “dancing ‘round all alone” –> So much mystical and whimsical imagery that you feel like you could call in love with the next person you see
  • The guitars in Enchanted
  • The production of Enchanted
  • “Sophistication isn’t what you wear or who you know / or pushing people down to get you where you wanna go” 
  • “I always get the last word” “There is nothing I do better than revenge” “show me how much better you are” –> Taylor is v self-aware 
  • Also how “show me how much better you are” is a reference to that JoBro song “Much Better” lmao so much 2008/2009 Disney drama
  • How Taylor wrote Innocent about the VMA incident when she could’ve just told you-know-who to fuck off
  • How Innocent looks at the subject from the perspective of their childhood and how they had “monsters” and “demons” that made them do bad things later in life and how this doesn’t make them a bad person
  • Knowing that you-know-who was one of Taylor’s favorite artists growing up so Innocent is also Taylor reconciling with herself how someone she artistically looked up to for years hurt her 
  • The use of light: “time turns flames to embers” “your string of lights is still bright to me” “in your firefly catching days” 
  • How Innocent is Never Grow Up but applied to someone else through the lens of forgiveness
  • “I hope you’ll remember: today is never too late to be brand new”
  • The orchestra in Haunted and how it makes the song sound urgent and the situation dangerous
  • “holding my breath” “your eyes go cold” “something’s gone terribly wrong” “can’t turn back now” “a fragile line” “it’s getting dark and it’s all too quiet and I can’t trust anything now” “come on, come on, don’t leave me like this” “can’t breath whenever you’re gone” “you’re not gone, you can’t be gone” –> everything sounds dangerous and urgent!! Like she’s actually gonna die!! And it’s called Haunted!! You get haunted by dead people!! But she’s saying she’s haunted!! The Haunting is killing her!! Holy shit!!
  • Last Kiss
  • The secret message of Last Kiss: “Forever and Always” 
  • The breath in the bridge of Last Kiss
  • The use of time and the passage of time: “at 1:58″ “that July 9th” “you can plan for a change in weather and time” “your name forever the name on my lips” “I’ll watch your life in pictures” “I’ll feel you forget me” “I’ll keep up with our old friends” “I still remember” “L
  • “I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did” –> “I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you” (Holy Ground)
  • THE BRIDGE: “So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep / and I’ll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe / and I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are / hope it’s nice where you are / I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day / and something reminds you / you wish you had stayed /  you can plan for a change in the weather and time / but I never planned on you changing your mind”
  • How the secret message of Long Live is “For you”
  • How Taylor ends Speak Now with a song for her fans and her band that she wrote during the Fearless Tour
  • How Long Live because even more powerful and beautiful and even sadder the more the years go by and the more successful Taylor becomes and as original member of The Agency leave/are left go
  • How Taylor wrote “we will be remembered” when she was like 19 and was still on her second album and before she won AOTY for the first time and wasn’t even close to the prime of her career but she was proud of how far she had come already and how Long Live sounds like a song someone writes at the end of their career to reflect on their accomplishments 
  • How Taylor wrote “promise me this: that you’ll stand by me forever” and every band member she has ever had still speaks highly of her and defends her
  • “When they point to the pictures, please tell them my name” but now no one will have to because everyone knows who she is and will know who she is for a long time because of her accomplishments and effect on popular culture
  • “It was the end of a decade but the start of an age” Taylor literally had no idea how true this line would become 

she sings,

“Don’t read the last page”

you know when you’re reading a good book where you dont want it to end bc the story is soooo good, so you literally dont wanna read the last page in the book, cause then the story finishes

so ….

as she is singing to him in her song, if you don’t read the last page

then their story will never end

and it will last forever


drawings i made for a zombie apocalypse collab with @hellalujah a while ago

So I had a thought about Necromancers...

Usually, one thinks of the opposite or natural foe of a Necromancer as being some sort of white mage or cleric (or sometimes paladin).

But what if the natural enemy of the Necromancer is the Bard?

In combat there’s no contest, but the secret of bards is they weave the big magic, they weave the story-magic and the song-spell. And when a dwarven mine collapses or a dragon scours a city or the Edmund Fitzgerald wrecks in a storm there’s a bard there to weave a mournful folk-song about the event. 

The bard’s song or tale memorializes the lost but it also binds the event into a tale, the wild chaos of life and death tamed by the structure of narrative and verse. All sealed with an ending and reinforced by the retelling. 

And when the Necromancer pulls forth his scepter of bone and calls to the souls of the lost to rise in his service, he receives no answer. The dead do not rise because that’s not how the story ends. Too many people have heard it. Too many voices have sung it. The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead

headcanon: Lup and Kravitz both have a competitive streak and a penchant for gambling.

They make absurd bets with stupid amounts of money that they have no way to uphold. They try to make anything and everything into a game they can wager or bet on, and most of the time, they succeed. It leads to some interesting missions, and some interesting negotiation before missions start.

Bounty on a circle of necromancers? Lup bets Kravitz she can take them down by herself. Kravitz doubles the bet on the condition she’ll need his help. Lup wagers gold on every soul she can manage to steal from under his nose, and Kravitz takes it further by imposing a time limit. By the time the conditions are settled, one of them will owe the other 10,000 gold pieces no matter what and Barry just wants to get the job over with, please, both of you, let’s just go, we don’t even earn gold, where are you getting this money?!

They cannot (cannot) play board or card games together. Taako always assumed he’d seen the limits of Kravitz’s control being pushed (hell, he may as well have set those limits; Kravitz was dating him, after all), but that went out the window the first time they played Fantasy Uno with Lup and Barry. Lup made Kravitz draw four right as he was about to win, and Taako stared on in incredulous disbelief as his cool, calm, usually collected boyfriend put his head in his hands and sat there for a solid minute, unmoving and unbreathing as Lup fucking cackled. Fantasy Monopoly didn’t fare much better, and the look of carefully controlled smugness on Kravitz’s face as he bought the last of Lup’s properties didn’t slip for a second, even after she set the board on fire in a blind rage. 

The debtor switches once every couple of years, and occasionally they will agree to settle in material goods, but one of them pretty much always consistently owes the other one gold or favors or something. Barry gives up any hope of the game ending once the Raven Queen catches wind of it and starts assigning points at the bottom of Lup and Kravitz’s bounties, right below where their signatures would go. They never bothered asking what the points meant and never tried to redeem said points, because all that mattered at the end of the day was who had more.

One of the only bets Kravitz didn’t take was well after Story and Song, right before a 2-week vacation he was meant to take with Taako. That was when Lup kicked her feet up on the table and scoffed, twirling a small magical flame between her fingers and leaning back in her chair as she spoke. “Bet someone’s coming back from that trip engaged.”

“You know,” he’d replied as he opened a rift, “Considering how much money you owe me, I think I’ll just let you have that one.” 

She’d never owned up to falling out of her chair as he closed the rift, but that was fine by him. Some things just didn’t need bets to be inherently satisfying.


“if i lay here….if I just lay here…”

part one | part two

fic: A Different Song
author:  Quartetship

A Different Song embodies so many beautiful, and painful, things about life and growing up away from home. It’s the kind of story that stays with you even once you’ve turned the last page, and I’m honored to have been able to work with you on this, Q. Thank you so much for commissioning me <3

Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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52 short stories in 52 weeks

1. A story entitled “A New Beginning”.

2. A story about rising to a challenge.

3. A retelling of a fairytale.

4. A story about three siblings.

5. A story set in London.

6.  A story about finding something that has been lost.

7. A story about a journey.

8. A story set during a war.

9. A creepy story.

10. A story featuring a countdown.

11. A story set at a full moon.

12. A story about a contest or competition.

13. A story that takes place entirely inside a vehicle. 

14. A story from a villain’s perspective.

15. A story set at a concert or festival.

16. A story that begins with a gunshot.

17. A story set in a country you’ve never been to.

18. A story about a historical figure.

19. A story set in a theatre.

20. A story written in 2nd person narrative.

21. A story set on another planet.

22. A story written from the perspective of someone dead/undead

23. A story about a birthday.

24. A story that ends on a cliffhanger.

25. A story set at the summer solstice.

26. A story about nostalgia.

27. A story that features a song or poem.

28. A story that ends at sunrise.

29. A story opening with the words “F*** you!”

30. A story about a magical object.

31. A story set at sea.

32. A story about a curse.

33. A story set 100 years in the future.

34. A story about loneliness.

35. A story that features a real recent newspaper article.

36. A story written from an animal’s perspective.

37. A story about a scientific discovery.

38. A story inspired by a recently observed stranger.

39. A story with only one character.

40. A story about a secret.

41. A romance that ends in tragedy.

42. A tragedy that ends in romance.

43. A retelling of a recent Hollywood movie.

44. A story that takes place the year you were born.

45. A story about a near-death experience.

46. A story about anger.

47. A story about a magic spell.

48. A story set in a strange small town.

49. A story about justice being done.

50. A creation myth.

51. A story set at Christmas.

52. A story entitled “The End”.

I so dearly love how the Awesome Mix 2 is used in GOTG2 but I know so little about music I can’t really articulate it? s’just like… it takes all these familiar songs and recontextualizes them and makes them sound like the movie’s Greek chorus, not to mention giving Meredith (who made the mix in canon, obviously) more of a place in the story?

Like, the cheerful (but deceptive) sweetness at the beginning of the movie - Brandy wears a braided chain/made of finest silver from the north of Spain - becomes the accusatory shout of I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain! at the end, and it sounds like Meredith condemning her ex-lover from beyond the grave. And then in amongst the gleeful violence of the Come A Little Bit Closer scene you listen to the lyrics and realise it’s a song about a guy who assumes a woman belongs to him, more shades of Ego there -

And other people have brought up how Mr Blue Sky at the beginning seems almost to foreshadow Yondu’s fate (I’ll remember you this way…), and I’m positive that was intentional considering where his story ends up - “I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right”/Mr Blue, you did it right…

(hey you with the pretty face/welcome to the human race?)

But I think I love most of all how the chorus of The Chain turns into a battle cry during the final battle, all these characters screaming IF YOU DON’T LOVE ME NOW, THEN YOU’LL NEVER LOVE ME AGAIN, and it relates to all of them - Peter and Ego, Gamora and Nebula, Yondu and Peter, Rocket and the whole team. It’s like a sudden WHAM of what the movie’s been about all along: these incredibly broken people trying to prove to each other and (mostly) themselves that they’re worthy of love.

I just really utterly adore this wacky dayglo jukebox musical, I guess.

On Jeffandrew, the Light of Creation, and the Hunger

So I was wondering why Griffin included the scene with Jeffandrew in the finale, since it seemed a little bit out of the blue at the time.

As far as I can tell, it seems like it was meant to a. assure listeners that the planes consumed by the Hunger would be restored eventually, but more importantly to b. explain the origins of the Light of Creation.

What we originally knew about the LoC is that it desired to be used, and that even though its thrall could do some pretty gnarly stuff, civilizations could also use it to make incredible advancements and do incredible things. Now, we know that it was originally the tool of Jeffandrew and the other beings that created the world of the Adventure Zone. People have theorized that Jeffandrew and the builder beings are meant to represent the writers/creators of our world (largely because Griffin uses his own voice for them), which would make the LoC, essentially, creativity.

This brings us to the Hunger. The Hunger represents “dissatisfaction”, as described by John, but it also represents things like the belief that life is suffering, and that fate is cruel. It pursues the Light of Creation in order to consume it.

I think the real world parallel to the Hunger would be negativity. Obviously, the real world can kind of suck. The Hunger chasing down “creativity” and consuming it might represent the disheartening current events and the hopelessness that many people currently feel gradually affecting creativity, resulting in more and more dark and gritty stories where there are fewer happy endings and a lot more “realism”.

This is why I think Jeffandrew’s inclusion in the finale, as well as Griffin ending the campaign in the way that he did, is important. Jeffandrew congratulates the THB and Lucretia on overcoming their difficult journey and defeating the Hunger, which essentially amounts to a creator being thankful that what they’ve created has been able to alleviate some of the negatives in the world. I know that a lot of us, myself included, have found a safe place in this podcast that makes the world seem a little less intimidating. So I guess this is also sort of Griffin telling all of us that he’s glad they made us happier.

The fact that Griffin ends the campaign with happy endings for everyone? I think that’s also really important. Seeing these characters that we’ve all fallen in love with end up happy is a good reminder that, even though life can suck sometimes, happy endings are never completely out of reach. Merle has a line in part 2 of the Stolen Century that I love: “It means there is a happy ending if we get to it”.

I think it fits neatly into the unflinchingly hopeful message of The Adventure Zone. And even if this ends up just being me blowing smoke out of my ass, I really really want to thank Griffin, Justin, Travis, and Clint for creating something that is so unafraid of being happy.

And I was a writer, I had the ability to change the perception of the way things were viewed in the world around me. Even more so, I could create worlds in the lives of people around me; I had a way of taking nothing and turning it into some of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. So that’s what I did for you. You were lost in this dark world where you saw yourself as black and everything around you was just as doomed as you were. So I turned your pumpkins into carriages, I made you gowns fit for queens. And your monsters, the ones the size of mountains, the ones that loomed over you and made you afraid to ever let anyone in again? I turned those into ants, I created a world for you where you could stomp them out, where they no longer hindered all that you could accomplish. My words and the world they built for you changed you. They took those walls of fear and distrust you built because of everyone before me and they became doors, secure, but able to be opened. I held your hand as you traveled through the most luscious and dark valleys to conquer your mountains, as you learned that safety and love were true and possible. I let my heart speak my intentions, to let you know I would be nothing like the rest. But like every writer, I never am quite satisfied with the art and masterpieces I’ve helped create. The way I could build you a foundation as light as clouds, the kind to make you feel like you were flying, I could build you one of cement that could make you come crashing to the ground. I could make something beautiful into something tragic, it is in my nature after all to kill off the favorite characters of the story. But you were so beautiful, so essential to the beauty of the world. I couldn’t taint you. So I hoped that parts of me would be so engrained in your chromosomes and I left. I ended our story line and started a new one, under a new name, in a different city.

I am no longer helping write your story, but I hope whoever is, will cross our paths again. I hope it is you that makes me feel like flying is synonymous with falling, the kind of falling where you never want it to end.

A new update is here! (finally…. :D) <3 I also made a little gif to go with my list from now on :D Find the complete list HERE

New additions to The List since last time:

Multichaptered Love

  • In Need of an Outlet by blj2007 - this started as a meet-cute in a coffee shop, full of innuendos and went to become so much more <3 I love this so much <3
  • What’s It Gonna Be by lemonoclefox - Pride and Prejudice inspired AU <3 Magnus is a talented baker at Fairchild’s bakery, Alec is an insufferable prick - or is he? This is so lovely <3 Better than the movie imho :D
  • STAR WARS: A Search for Justice by Ketz - This is epic <3 I love Star Wars and I love this :D Alec as a (soon to be former) stormtrooper and Magnus as a Jedi, fighting for the Downworlder Resistance against the Circle…
  • Eyes On Me by clockworkswan - When a new same-sex dancing rule is made, Magnus is determined to prove this is a good change. All he needs is a partner for ballroom dancing… <3 I am SO IN LOVE with this fic :D It’s fluffy and perfect, and I have a weakness for dancing :D
  • The Way You Move Me by blj2007 - When Alec takes his little brother Max to go roller skating, he didn’t think he’d end up meeting someone so intriguing at the rink. He can’t really skate himself, but ends up coming back to the rink - only for his brother of course :D I love this story <3
  • Appassionato by Chonideno - Alec likes to play the piano for himself, until his upstairs neighbor, whom he’s never seen before, starts slipping notes with song requests under his door. Hauntingly beautiful descriptions, full of feelings, even if you know nothing about music <3

Cute little Oneshots*

  • It’s a Yes from Me by Ketz - reclusive singer Alec Lightwood gets roped into being a judge for the Angel’s Voice. And there’s one contestant that’s especially talented as well as intriguing…love this so much <3
  • Flirting With Death by AllOfTheFanfic - Magnus gets hit by a car and meets his soulguide Alec, while staring down at his body. Major character death, but in a nice happy end way…it’s very interesting <3
  • never again left unsaid by hufflebee- Magnus realizes Alec never leaves the loft without telling Magnus he loves him. Short, cute, fluffy <3
  • I’ll Write You A Fantasy by theloverneverleaves - technically this is a series of currently 2 oneshots, decided to put it under oneshots though^^ Alec gets dragged to ComicCon by his siblings and ends up falling for a fantasy author… <3
  • Belonging by iloveyoursmile - Swimming AU with Alec as a swimmer and Magnus as a diver. There’s fluff <3 and drama. Enjoyable even if you don’t like sports (like me :D)

*actually not so little in some cases :D

as always: please send fic recs whenever you like! I sometimes forget to mark stuff I have read, and then am really annoyed with myself, would be great to find some of those again…., and I also always want to read new stuff! I will read anything you recommend and decide whether it’ll be added to the list :)

Authors included in this update: @blj2007, @lemonoclefox, @sweetillusionketz, @clockworkswans, @warlocksass, @hufflebee, @isabellebiwoods, @lolguess

btw - since this list has grown enormously, I will soon establish a system to mark my absolute faves, that I re-read all the time - and will make a post with those special fics. I’m gonna limit them to…idk, 20-ish?

Maknae line’s reaction to your break up song


He was listening to a gd song on youtube while cleaning up and left it on autoplay. Ironically soon enough your voice was heard, causing him to stop his cleaning so he could tune into your new song that he had not known came out. He soon realized that you were singing about your relationship that you both had ended in order to follow both your dreams. He felt his energy draining the more he had heard your side of the story that you had sung in the song, causing him to slowly fall to the ground. He was now fully kneeling after he heard the lyrics “It was never me that wanted to end our beautiful lie”,  realizing that he wasn’t the only one that regretted the end of your relationship. later his heart started to tighten, after realizing that it was a song about you being able to fully move on.

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He tried to control his excitement after you had announced that you were going to sing a song that you had produced as a gift for your fans, at the stage of mama. Little did he know how much it was going to hurt him. “You made me happy, but not the world” was what you sang in a breathy heartbreaking voice causing Jimin to start to regret following his company’s wishes. “I made you happy, but not your dream” He started to tense up. “You lied, I believed” That line had caused an arrow filled with regret to go through his weak heart that you managed to wear off again.

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You were his first love and he was your first love as well. His hyung’s had never gotten over his decisions to break up with you so they decided to tease him by making him listen to your new song not knowing how much pain it would give to him. “Such a pretty face but such a greedy heart” He pretended not to be fazed. “Such beautiful lies you spoke to capture me” his act started to fade. “In the end you left me to follow your other heart, leaving me to drown in your lies” That was it, he had cracked. The fake act of not caring had fallen down like his tears were doing right now. His hyungs were shocked by his reaction and for once, they finally realized he was not over it either.

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anonymous asked:

When do you think is the best place to stop worldbuilding and start writing? How do you fit a new plot into a world that's already (mostly) made? Anything helps, thanks

This similar question was answered a couple of days ago [HERE] which deals with the matter of working on the beginning of a plot and developing conflict.

World building is important, it’s the foundation of the story that you’re going to tell, and it’s a major source of information on how your characters are going to behave and what will happen. Strong world building leads to immersive experiences in fiction, and enables you to take the reader along on a journey that feels real even when it’s utterly fantastical.

However, during the writing process, it can be tempting to be waylaid by world building as a form of procrastination: I have to finish world building before I write, but the world is so big and wonderful and complex that I can’t just stop until I’ve written down everything about it! Right?

The thing is, the amount of world building that you need to do depends on how much of it you’re going to use. It’s a good idea to know more than you’re going to put on the page, because having a deeper understanding of your setting and world than what is explicitly put on the page will inform the way that you write about things, and it enables you to work with suggestion and implicit details to entice the reader into digging for more clues about the world.

But if your story is set, for example, in a single remote mountain village, then you don’t really need to have to hand the history of all the surrounding nations and their conflicts and interests, except as it pertains to the understanding of the people in your remote mountain village.

Your villagers, of course, will know of the rest of the world, and you as the writer need to know what they know, and a little more than that, but if the story never leaves the remote mountain village, and the characters are caught up in their own affairs rather than being interested in what’s going on outside the village, then there’s not much use in you writing up an encyclopaedia of stuff that’s happening elsewhere but won’t make it into the actual story.

I’d suggest that there are a couple of different levels of information that you’ll want to have sorted out when you start your writing, exactly the amount of detail you’ll need is going to depend on your personal preferences and writing style and the focus of the story, but I conceptualise it in the following way:

Primary world building:

  • The sensory life of your protagonist. What do they see, feel, taste, touch, hear every day? What is their personal experience of the world they live in?
  • The intellectual life of your protagonist. What do they think about the world they live in? What are their assumptions and superstitions? How do they believe the world works and where do they think they fit in it?
  • The functional reality of the protagonist’s locale (where they are). What is this place like, who lives here and what do they do? What kind of a place is this setting, and how does it fit into the scheme of the rest of the world?
  • Primary elements are the things that you’re going to be dealing with in detail, and which are going to be the material facts as you present them to the reader.

Secondary world building:

  • The wider setting, outside of what the reader will be seeing directly.
  • What is the reality of the wider world? Consider politics, religion, tradition, history, war, geography … All the things that sit in the back of a nation’s collective mind, not really at the forefront of many people’s thoughts, but the general knowledge, and the general concepts that people accept as given.
  • What is the true reality of the wider world? Are there any ways in which the ‘actual’ history of the world differs to that which is accepted as true by the people living there? Was there a great deception at some point? Have they simply yet to make a discovery about their world? Are they working on incorrect assumptions about their world in some way?
  • Secondary elements act as the background process of the world, these are things that may or may not emerge through the interactions of characters and world, and things that readers may be able to glean from the way that the character processes the primary elements/ the way that the narrative positions those elements.

These two levels of world building provide you the basis of what is happening and being experienced within the narrative, and also the basis of why it is happening (or why the characters believe it is happening).

Now, another note, but this ask and the previous world building ask have had a similar tone to them that I want to address. The plot isn’t something that fits neatly into the world, generally. The plot happens to the world, in the world, the nature of plots is that they change things. This can feel very difficult and painful when you’ve spent a long time crafting the world, but it is one of, if not the key element of story.

No matter the world you’ve built, no matter how beautiful and real seeming it is, it will not be a static artefact, in fact, if you want your story to have any sort of traction, resonance, and depth, the plot will mean that things change a lot. The real world is ever-changing and developing, for better or for worse, and sometimes for both. The fictional world cannot be static, or it is lifeless.

Consider some big stories; A Song of Ice and Fire is driven hugely by change, the balance of power shifts wildly from one book to the next. The Lord of the Rings ends with the end of an age, the Shire has been ravaged and much of Middle Earth will never be the same again. In Harry Potter, a whole culture is swept up into a war, even Hogwarts itself is damaged by the conflict.

It’s a mistake to think of the world as ‘complete’. That’s the danger and the lure of world building, it can continue forever if you let it, because the world is infinitely complex. Don’t be afraid of changing the world, don’t be afraid of consequences of the plot happening. Those things are the fuel for the story.

05/17 Esquire Duo-Interview, Part I

<Blue Night, This Was Jonghyun>

What Should We Do With Kim Jonghyun?


Shin Kijoo (referred to as “Shin” below): You told me you’d host <Blue Night> forever and ever, so can you explain to me what’s going on right now?

Kim Jonghyun (referred to as “Kim” below): My life is consumed with guilt right now.

Shin: Many people think it’s such a shame. Yesterday, Saturday April 1st, was the last broadcast of our “Midnight Spoiler” corner. And right after this interview, you have to go straight to Sangam-dong to proceed with the final live broadcast of <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>. There’s only about three, four hours left until midnight already.

Jung Woosung (referred to as “Jung” below): It’s time for listeners and fans alike to prepare their hearts. To prepare to let “Jjong-D” go.

Kim: Because I announced it on radio first. I felt that was the respectful thing to do for our listeners. Since the program airs every night at midnight, it could be disconcerting for me to suddenly vanish out of nowhere. And many of our listeners would wrap up their day by listening to <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>, so. It’s been a while since I made up my mind. It might have been around the end of last year, it took a little while because I was consulting people around me and deciding on the appropriate timing.

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