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[TRANSLATION] EXO - 170717 ‘The War’ tracklist
  • Ko Ko Bop’: Members Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun contributed to writing the lyrics. An energetic reggae-pop title song through which listeners can experience EXO’s unique music style.
  • The Eve (前夜)’: An electro-pop genre song that signals the beginning of a war that will start EXO’s new outlook of the world.
  • What U Do?’: A song that contains outstanding lyrics that portray true feelings towards a loved one.
  • Forever’: A song with an addictive beat that tells a story abouy eternal love.
  • 다이아몬드 (Diamond)’: A hip hop-R&B genre song that likens human worth to that of a diamond, with unchanging properties.
  • 너의손짓 (Touch It)’: Member Chen took part in writing the lyrics. A dance song that expresses a man’s flustered heart when the opposite gender makes gestures.
  • 소름 (Chill)’: Member Chanyeol took part in writing the lyrics and the rap making. It is a R&B dance song that has clever lyrics that portray a man getting ‘the chills’ and not being able to escape the attraction of a girl’s beauty.
  • 기억을걷는밤 (Walk On Memories)’: A pop R&B song that has memorable lyrics about loved ones walking during dawn following forgotten memories.
  • 내가미쳐 (Going Crazy)’: A song that became known after being played in a VCR during EXO’s 2nd solo concert 'Exoplanet #2 - The EXO’luXion

Credit: translation,, Source: Official EXO Vyrl.


NCuTies dancing to “Little Apple” fitness routine 😁

I’m so in love with you,
And I hope you know,
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold,
We’ve come so far my dear,
Look how we’ve grown,
And I wanna stay with you,
Until we’re grey and old,
Just say you won’t let go.
—  James Arthur, Say You Won’t Let Go.

I watched some Yuri on Ice & now I just want to be able to do quadruple flips *__*

When I was eleven I stole my mom’s xanax
Prescribed for anxiety
Covered up as a solution for a pinched nerve

No one told me the depth at which illness runs through my veins
Too sensitive, too weak, too negative
Anxious, depressed, paranoid–
Terms never mentioned above a hushed whisper

Sixth grade I swallowed pills that weren’t mine
Surfed the internet on my iPod touch for different ways to deliver the chemicals

When I was twelve I started snorting modafinal
Lifted from my fathers medicine cabinet
Too tired to handle with care
Crushed between two spoons
That year brought notebooks filled with masterpieces
Written in languages I could not understand in the morning

Thirteen brought study drugs
My brothers adderall carrying me through an accelerated math program far beyond my capabilities
The learning disabilities I was unaware of could not hold me down after a few blue lines

At fourteen years old
OxyContin was a lifeline to which I clung
Surgery after surgery my mom was too busy recovering to manage
her pills
At school the vocab word of the week was insufflate

Fifteen brought trauma as I led a pure life into my line of recreation
She stole her mom’s pills too
We took everything we could find
Chasing a feeling she didn’t know and I couldn’t describe

Sixteen brought weed and alcohol and
Selling adderall in Spanish class
To fund the steady stream of
opioids and benzodiazepines I needed to
keep my hands from shaking

Heartbreak and new love came with seventeen
A new love to share my passion with
She blew lines of oxy off my ass on our first date
Rubbed the leftover powder on my gums
Taught me to do blow off of CD’s in my driveway
She carried a rolled-up dollar bill in her wallet
Always ready for the next hit
I loved her
And she shattered me

Eighteen ended the cycle and
A new lover kept me high on marijuana
High enough to let down my walls
But not enough to stop the shaking
Sharing bowls in the backseat of his car
Blunt walks on the beach
He hates when I tasted like cigarettes

Antidepressants stimulants and downers
With my name on them
Rot on my nightstand
As I try to make peace with an addiction recommended by a

—  I don’t care if I’m damaged, honestly I think I’m just bored