this song is achingly beautiful

  • Red Right Ankle
  • The Decemberists
  • Her Majesty The Decemberists

This is the story of your red right ankle
And how it came to meet your leg
And how the muscles, bone, and sinews tangled
And how it’s skin was softly shed

And how it whispered, “Oh, adhere to me,
For we are bound by symmetry.
Whatever differences our lives have been
We together make a limb.”
This is the story of your red right ankle.

This is the story of your gypsy uncle
You never knew ‘cause he was dead
And how his face was carved and rift with wrinkles
In the picture in your head.

And remember how you found the key
To his hideout in the Pyrenees.
But you wanted to keep his secret safe
So you threw the key away.
This is the story of your gypsy uncle.

This is the story of the boys who loved you,
Who love you now and loved you then.
And some were sweet and some were cold and snuffed you,
And some just laid around in bed.

Some had crumbled you straight to your knees.
Did it cruel, did it tenderly.
Some had crawled their way into your heart
To rend your ventricles apart.
This is the story of the boys who loved you.
This is the story of your red right ankle.

So one time I met fetus Chris

I mentioned this briefly on, but I thought I’d tell you guys about it because there’s slightly more to the story/I wanted to reminisce and fangirl a little bit. Or a lot bit. 

One day a little while ago, when I had already fallen in love with Kai Parker, I was scrolling along on tumblr, and ran into an interview with Chris Wood saying that he played Melchior for a long time in the touring company of Spring Awakening. If you don’t know about Spring Awakening, it’s a musical (also a play, but I mean the musical) about repressed German kids coming of age and discovering sex. Also it’s the best and has some of the most achingly beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. BUT ANYWAY. 

My friends and I went to go see Spring Awakening whenever we had the chance in high school and college, and we usually hung out after the show and got pictures with the cast and stuff. Soo I’m looking at this article and remembering this picture we took with this really nice Melchior about five years ago, and I look, and BOOM, there’s Kai, who I once talked to irl, apparently. I freaked the fuck out, obviously. 

In the above pic you’ll see lil baby Chris, and the blonde ghost girl on his left is me. Current selfie for reference: 

(I cropped everybody else out of the first picture because I don’t want them to get stalked or whatever and also I WANT ALL THE GLORY.) 

So here’s what I remember: 

-Firstly, he was totally nice, as you’d expect. And he seemed psyched to talk to us after the show, which said a lot, because it was a midnight one-night-only show, which meant it was like 3 AM when it let out, and a lot of the other cast members pretty much booked it out of the theatre. 

-He remembered me and my group of friends specifically after the show, which was a first for us. We happened to have really good seats, really close to the stage, and I think he must have seen how into it we were (we were really into it), and during “Totally Fucked” (in which the characters are allowed to interact with the audience a bit more) he was definitely singing to us, which, you know. Nbd. (JUST KIDDING IT’S AMAZING BE JEALOUS.)  I can’t remember exactly, but after the show he said something like, “You were the girls in the front, right? You guys were awesome!” 

-Because I’m a theatre nerd and I keep all my programs from shows, I can tell you that he apparently played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in some production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Side note: Why have I not seen pictures of this??? Get your fucking act together, internet.) 

-He was a great Melchior, unsurprisingly. 

This is the best video I could find of the touring cast he was in. It’s kinda shaky, but that move when he takes off his jacket….mmmmfff. 

-Spring Awakening involves some nudity. Sooo, just saying. Saw his butt. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT YOU HEARD ME. 


What struck me most (besides dat ass) was how engaged he was with the audience and how sweet and friendly he was after the show. I’ve never before (or since) had an actor onstage pay enough attention to the audience that they’ll remember you later. (And I have sat up close for a lot of shows. Like I said, theatre nerd). I think it’s a testament to how much he appreciates and respects the people who support him, and from everything I’ve seen and heard, that attitude is still evident in the way he treats his fans now. 

tl;dr: Chris Wood seems like a pretty awesome guy, he sang to us, I saw his butt, you know you’re jealous.