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  • Soldier 76: Take your suits off and what are you?
  • Pharah: A scary woman with an even scarier girlfriend. (Gestures to Mercy)
  • Reaper: An immortal undead wraith that feeds on the pain he inflicts on others.
  • 4’9’’ of whoop@$$.
  • McCree: A man with really good aim.
  • Roadhog: A killer.
  • Junkrat: NAKED!
  • Soldier 76: I’m done.
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AMAs Twitter Update 171120

WOW! @BTS_twt owned the #AMAs stage with those INCREDIBLE dance moves!  #BTSxAMAs


The Question (I Know What I Like) by PhemieC

A new original song. For when happiness is hard, but love is easy. <3 download at bandcamp source. :)


I stood outside for hours
hands to god for the answers
frozen fingers demanding
can’t pry open for asking

I might never find the answers
but I know who’ll keep me warm

And you’re begging for questions
on your knees for a lesson
work so hard just to do right
by all pretense and portends

come here into my cold hands
nothing to question anymore

And I don’t know the words that will get you through
nothing’s ever made sense to me but you
or how to convince you that you’re doing alright
I may not know love, but I know what I like

there were parts of me missing
one eye on what’s approaching
one hand grasping for something
one hand fighting off nothing

now you have two feet in the past
running circles in your mind

they all say that they like you
but does anyone like you?
you can’t stand when they see you
tear-stained and fearing the untrue

but I like you more than breathing
fuck the demons whispering otherwise

And I don’t know the words that will help you heal
the heart is a strange and stubborn thing
or how to convince you that we’re doing alright
No I may not know that, but I know what I like

I know what I like

(I know what I like)
I stood outside for hours
(I know what I like)
hands to god for the answers
(I know what I like)
I stood outside for hours
(I know what I like)
hands to god, you’re my answer!



dicksp8jr Another view from the stage… @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @robenedict @jasonmannsmusic @loudenswainmusic #supernatural #spnhon #Saturdaynightspecial

dicksp8jr Yet another view from stage… @robenedict @jensenackles @loudenswainmusic #spnhon #supernatural

dicksp8jr Another on stage perspective… the gang sings “Free Falling.” @loudenswainmusic @robenedict @jasonmannsmusic @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @creationent @billy.moran @mborja04 @innocuous_flop @misha @kimrhodes4reals @officialbrianab @gilmckinney @osricchau #spnhon #supernatural

I’m Not Gay

Literally anyone: So Richie, do you like guys? I saw you checking some dude out earlier

Richie, singing: I’m not gay guys, that ain’t me! I’m just comfortable with my sexuality! So I can admit when I see a guy, who has a handsome face, and pretty eyes, and a rock hard chest, and rippling abs, and the tightest ass, and those sculpted calves, and those bulging quads, and the perfect bod and ohh my god, take your pants off…






Stan: What the actual fu-

Richie, still singing: I’M SO GAY, I’M FUCKING GAY

Tainted Love

Originally posted by strangerthingsedits

Anonymous Requested: Can you PLEASE do a Steve x Reader (Its a Soulmate AU because I’m a slut for Soulmate AU’s) where the reader always has a song stuck in her head and is a very musical person and writes her own songs and stuff, and Steve always hears all of the music she listens to, and vice versa? So one day she has a really obnoxious song in her head and Steve is DONE and they could be in the car with all of their friends or something (the world knows about soulmate stuff) & they start humming AT THE SAME TIME

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: I altered this a tad bit, so I hope you don’t mind :)

Once I ran to you (I ran),

You felt your lungs burning as you sang at the top of your lungs, but you didn’t care. You could feel the wind your hair and the breeze blow onto your face as the car drove down the street. As you sang your passion out, you head Steve laugh from beside you and glancing at him you cheesily moved your body, making him laugh even more.

Steve had suddenly picked you up on a late Friday afternoon demanding that the two of you were going on a road trip - and after much convincing to your mother, you were on your way. Steve said he had a destination but refused to tell you and after moment of silence, you’d turned on the radio only to hear one of your favourite songs playing.

Now I’ll run from you,

“Sing!” You cheered over the loud music, meeting Steve’s gaze. He laughed, shaking his head as you sped down the freeway but you weren’t taking no for an answer. “Sing! Come on!” 

You only continued to pester him, burning your lungs in the passion as you felt the beat of the song take over your body.

This tainted love you’ve given,

Before you knew it Steve’s much deeper voice rang throughout the car and you felt yourself laughing aloud as his voice cracks. His cheeks grew red but you only cheered him on, grabbing his free hand and singing loudly with him.

You were in your glory - all thought leaving your mind as you felt yourself at complete peace. Time with Steve was always the best and no matter what you always found yourself completely and utterly happy when around him. Steve seemed to just know you - understand you and without evening having to ask he knew what you wanted and what was best for you in that moment, no matter what mood.

It made you feel like you’d found your soulmate.

I give you all a boy could give you,

It hadn’t always been this way and before you’d found Steve, life had been at his worst. But then everything with Nancy happened with him and somehow you two just found each other - though you’d never trade it for anything.

You loved Steve Harrington.

And it was these moments when you’d completely embarrass yourself, doing the stupidest things or being the loudest, most annoying person you could be but somehow he’d still gaze at you with those loving eyes. Steve would never laugh at you and rather with you, and no matter what you did he still continued to love you.

Take my tears and that’s not nearly all,

He always knew how to make you feel better.

So as you sang at the top of your lungs, waved your arms around widely and made a complete fool out of yourself, and Steve gazed at you with those leaving eyes, you found yourself at peace.

Oh tainted love
Tainted love