this song having her on this show is the best

Just a Few Reasons to Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 2 Edition

1. Rachel Fucking Bloom : 2Fast2Bloom

2. A middle aged bisexual man and a young gay man have the healthiest relationship on the show.

3. An abortion storyline that wasn’t made into a huge deal.

4. They subverted the trope and blew up the love triangle in a realistic manner and it actually made the story telling smarter.

5. The musical numbers are even funnier, even bolder and even more ambitious.

6. They’ve parodied their own songs.

7. The major conflict this season has been the growing distance between two best friends.

8. The “sidekick” best friend set healthy boundaries and decided to find happiness of her own and follow her dream of law school.

9. All the character have grown and evolved, like actual people.

10. Incredibly self aware and subverting tropes and stereotypes at every turn.

11. You STILL can’t get a ticket to Hamilton.



Met my friend today. I showed her the pamphlet and promised her I’ll upload these for her, so…:3

Pardon me again for the awful, AWFUL photos, all because I suck too badly…>_<”

Q: Best way to relieve stress?
A: Hanging out with friends, eating something delicious also with some booze.

Q: In 2016, we have the new “Mountain Day”. If you can make one special day for this year, what will it be?
A: The anime day, when we get anime aired all day including on terrestrial TV.

Q: Which songs from each of the other Kiramune members do you like most?
A: [HiroC] Doice misto
[NamiDai] UTAO
[Kakki] Call my Name
[Nobu] Too many to pick
[Yocchin] Dream Flag

Q: Which of your songs do you recommend for this spring?
A: Let;s fire up our love with “Koi no Merry-Go-Around”!

Q: Moment that makes you feel peaceful inside?
A: While waiting for our turns in the studio.

Q: What comes to your mind when thinking of spring?
A: That’s what KiraFes 2017 is, right!?

Q: What’ll you say is the charm point of KiraFes to someone who have never watched KiraFes before?
A: It’s where actors who hardly sing on the stage come together to sing! The songs and performance are awesome too!

Q: Any message to the fans who’ve come to KiraFes 2017?
A: We’ll be able to make another new and special memory again this year. Let’s enjoy!!
The 17 Best TV Couples Of 2016
Who says love is dead?
By crystal bell


Sing a song of a lass that is gone I most certainly will. The end of the second season of Outlander found Claire back in her own time — without her beloved Jamie but with their fully-grown daughter Brianna. (Did I mention that this show can be kinda hard to follow?) I have no doubt that Jamie and Claire will find each other again. After all, they’ve been through too much together to not endure this latest temporal setback. Jamie and Claire’s passion comes from genuine, mature love — a rarity these days.

Long Distance

When that beautiful girl comes on the screen I chat away indignantly and tell her of woes and happiness and troubles and, well, me.

She wears a shirt I told her I liked and rolls it up just so to match the time I told her I thought she looked perfect to me.

She sings along to songs I showed her once and clicks her pen along to the beat of my heart as I sit and watch her piece together and pull apart the world in her arms.

I gaze for hours when I cannot sleep but the waning hours have captured her eyes for dream screenings only she can see and hear.

And the best days, the best days are the days I can close the screen, unplug the wall, box it up and look at it no more, because the girl on the screen is now the girl sat at the end of my bed.

Her hairs mussed up and her eyes are red from crying but that’s okay cause I’m crying too.

More emotions than sadness invite tears you know.

Happiness leaks from eyes like sorrow wishes to try but in this moment, with her in my sight, my heart is singing and my blue demons hide.

Title: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: mentions of self harm, light language, more angst so sorry
Word Count: 2,505
Theme Song: The Wolf by Mumford and Sons
Summary: After weeks off the radar, Peter shows up at the readers door, and he wants answers. The reader will finally reveal her darkest secret, and fears she may have lost her best friend.

A/N: Y’all, I fucking finally did it, I finished part 2! Please believe me, I am mortified it has taken me this long to get it out, please don’t hate me. I really was and am, ecstatic that the first part got such positive feedback, and I just hope this part is what everyone hoped. If y’all are still with me, I’ve got a third part rattling around…. But for now, all I can hope is everyone enjoys this part and can forgive me for the wait 💕

Reader’s P.O.V.

   “We need to talk.” Peter’s jaw is set as you draw your eyes up to meet his; they’re hard, but not completely lacking warmth, or pain. Pain that was there because of you. 

  “Peter,” you breathe his name like it’s the first breath you’ve taken in three weeks. His gaze flits behind you and then to the floor; you didn’t blame him, you could hardly look yourself in the eye either. Even before you broke your mirror with your bare hands. Shaking yourself from your frozen state, you move away from the doorway so Peter can come in, then close the door behind him.

 Peter walks forward until he steps on a piece of glass from your picture frame, he bends down and picks up the picture of the two of you that must have dropped when you got up to answer the door. Standing back up, he stares at the picture a minute longer before placing it on your nightstand. The slightest crunch of the glass sounds like a thousand miles away, across the chasm that seems to have ruptured between you and Peter.

 You rush forward and drop to your knees, trying to pick up the glass. You almost choke on a sob at the way Peter takes a quick step back from you. “I’m sorry about this, it was just like this when I woke up. I don’t-” you try to babble out, but as you get up and take the pieces you’ve gathered to the trash Peter cuts you short.

 “Y/n, you know why I’m here. You’ve got to look at me,” his tone is brooking no argument. You slowly turn towards him and the moment you face his gaze, you’re locked in.

  “My nightmare,” you mumble just above a whisper. “I- I can’t look at you without seeing the blood, what she did to you… God, what did she do!?” Tears start to spring to your eyes and you clamp your eyes shut.

 ”No, you don’t get to ask the questions right now,” Peter asserts. You breathe out a shakily, but nod your head and steel yourself to keep your eyes on him. “What the hell is going on with you, Y/n? What do you mean she??” He questions, almost frantically.

 “Multiple personality disorder,” You start, he narrows his eyes and you rush on to continue explaining as well as you could, though you’ve never been able to make much sense of it yourself. “It’s kind of like that only, I wish it were that simple. I can’t tell you what’s going on because I don’t know what she is, really, besides that she’s… Dark.” Searching your mind and memories, that’s the best word you can think of to fit your alter ego.

  “Oh, I got that much,” Peter scoffs grimly. When he doesn’t say anything more, you go on. 

 “For as long as I can remember, I’ve hardly ever dreamed, and as I got older the dreams I did have were nothing but nightmares. It’s only been the last few years that I felt things were different, getting worse. Little things here and there, things missing, or things appearing that I’d never seen before, people telling me about conversations I don’t remember having.” 

 “Like, that time you called me in the middle of the night asking about where Aunt May worked?” Peter interjects. You think for a minute before remembering, he had asked you about it and you skirted it because you didn’t remember it, but you knew it hadn’t actually been you; you nod in confirmation. “Then the place got robbed a month later.” You wince at the scathing tone he’s barely restraining himself from throwing at you. You fall silent and wait to see if Peter will say more but he just looks thoughtful, dangerously close to brooding, so you continue.

 “Most of all, I could actually feel her more. An undistinguished whisper, a shadow just out of eyesight. But she was there. It wasn’t until I started seeing reports on the news about the… whatever they call her… The menace?” You pause momentarily in question, Peter just shakes his head with no comment.

  “Well, whenever she started getting bolder, she started getting stronger. And I finally realized what that feeling was. It was me, or a darkness inside of me; a darker me. But, I promise you, Peter, I have nothing to do with her. I mean, I only get fragments in nightmares…” You try to reassure him, but as his eyes come up to meet your desperate ones, you can tell your promises are all but empty to him and you let your voice fade.

  “That is sure as hell not what it looked like that night. I don’t- how am I even supposed to believe you? I mean, why didn’t you tell me before? We could have gotten help, there’s all kinds of unbelievable things going on in the world now, it’s not like you’re the weirdest thing out there,” Every word Peter says is like an accusation, and not without basis, but you can tell by the sting of his words that they come from his own fear. You lift your eyes to the ceiling, once again fighting to keep the tears at bay, before you can reply. 

 “I know. I’m so sorry, Peter. She wouldn’t let me. Once I started to figure it out, she threatened-” The memory of the night she had woken you solely intent on terrorizing you into submission, completely paralyzing you with the sheer force of fear generated by her words, makes you stop short. Incidentally, for the first time since Peter arrived, his eyes seem to soften again and you remember every single moment of him that made you fall in love. 

 “She threatened you?” Peter moves closer and grabs your arm but you flinch as his fingers close around the scabbing cuts there. He lets go and you try to move your arm from his view but he catches on. Taking your hand faster than you can blink, he twists your arm gently around and examines it, seeking what you were trying to hide.

  “No, she knows even if she could hurt me, there would be no point,” you quietly concede as Peter’s gaze lands on the the marred skin. “So, she threatened the people I love the most.” Peter finally lets go of your hand and looks back into your face, his eyes have gone glossy.

  “Your family.” Peter acknowledged solemnly. You give a small nod.

  “I know none of this excuses what she’s done, nothing can. I just- couldn’t ever risk them getting hurt. She knows where to hit hardest,” you muse mirthlessly, before feeling even more vulnerable than ever, you add softly, with a small quaver in your voice. “Then she threatened you.” 

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Records - One Shot - Repost

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Reposted as my Tumblr was being an ass.

For @lovely-wagner​ - I hope this has turned out okay for you, I kinda felt this could go a different way, I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted. Thanks for the request. Requests are still open if you have any ideas.

Reader x Bucky (Mentions of Reader x Steve)

Summary: Steve wants his best friend to approve of his new girlfriend. She’s sweet, kind and is a music professor. When she spends time with Bucky showing him records and music he can identify with, he falls for her hard. But what does he do about Steve?

Warnings: Angsty, sorry to put a downer on things. Also I’m not much of a Steve reader/writer, so I apologise if this sucks hard.  I really recommend listening to the songs, purely for the basis that they are amazing songs. Long one shot.

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I would like Frozen more if...
  • Elsa doesn’t repeatedly run away from the problems she caused and instead she would actually try her best to solve her problems.
  • If Elsa actually shows signs of having depression/anxiety/other similar mental illness and not having one of the producers say “oh she has depression” after the movie hits the box office
  • Hans has an actual villain song and his villain reveal isn’t executed lazily
  • Elsanna doesn’t exist (ships and incest are different, people!)
  • They make Elsa and Anna a bit different (as in character design; unless you have a twin, it’s impossible to be look exactly alike to your siblings. If you have done research on character design, you might understand this)
  • If the stans understand that Frozen gets hate, like every other piece of entertainment (if they can tell us that we have to accept people praising the movie, then they have to accept the opposite)
  • If the stans don’t treat Hans fans badly (just because someone likes a villain as a character doesn’t mean they’re horrible!)

That’s enough for my anti Frozen ramblings for now. And please, please don’t take it too personally if you disagree.

BTS Reaction To Developing A Crush On A Female Idol

RequestBTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

Namjoon: He would do his best to flirt and wouldn’t be too shy about it either. He’d at least try to become close friends!

Originally posted by shin-heerin

Jin: He would start to get all flustered around you and try to get you to laugh a lot and it would just be super duper cute tbh. He’d also learn all of your songs.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Suga: He’d ignore it at first but after a while he would find himself looking up music videos and then becoming closer to you. He’d try and talk to you more and treat you like a close friend.

Originally posted by vjin

Hoseok: He would honestly become quieter around you. Not to the point where it seems like he dislikes you but he would be a bit flustered and nervous around you.

Originally posted by chimchams

Jimin: He would be soooooo shy. He would still talk to you but he’d turn into a cute little fluff especially having seen you perform before and all. He’d be suddenly giggly around you and all smiles.

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

Taehyung: He would be so annoying omg! The funny kind though and not the ‘i want to kill you’ kind. He’d tease you a lot suddenly and would try pick up lines but they wouldn’t work lets be real here.

Originally posted by sugapium

Jungkook: Silence. He would be dead silent. I hope you’re ready to talk to him first because he will not talk to you unless you do it first. He’d laugh at all of your jokes though so there’s that. Lots of flustered smiles too omg.

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instead of a sing 2, which i do not want.. can we just have some cute shorts every now and then? like hey i want to see johnny and his father more. hey i wanna see ash tackling her new problems as a new rockstar! not to mention id love to see how rosita and norman get along, how buster works at the new theater now, etc. i want to see small shorts of them being like a CLOSE KNIT FAMILY and working together for new shows and stuff!! hell, even shorts with them singing songs together or going on a road trip or literally anything would be the best thing ever alright.

Alright, but there are only two songs in the whole show that have only Eliza and Alexander singing in them:

That Would Be Enough in which Eliza begs him not to go to fight, to stay with her and stay with their child that isn’t there yet. To not risk his life. To be there. He doesn’t listen. He lives but after that they always have a slight distance between them that is never fully closed until 

Best of Wives Best of Women in which Eliza begs him to stay and not go to the fight and risk his life and to stay with her. He ignores her and then there is a distance between them that doesn’t close

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It's sad that Ariana has so much talent in her vocal chords but is still underappreciated as a musician. While we have Taylor Swift screeching ass dominating award shows and stopping the world when she drops an album.

Taylor may have a lesser vocal range but that girl can make a fucking song. 

It takes more to rise to fame than ariana’s current music ‘style’

Bitch is out here choosing ‘everyday’ as a single, of course a song with lyrical range like New Romantics (her last single)…

Baby, we’re the new romantics
Come on, come along with me
Heart break is the national anthem
We sing it proudly
We are too busy dancing
So get knocked off our feet
Baby, we’re the new romantics
The best people in life are free

is going to win over

Oh, he give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday
He give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday
Oh, he give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday
He give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday

scarlettwallflower  asked:

For nyo SuFin They're both fabulous dancers. Like wow. Normally they're not very prideful but sometimes they like to go to dance competitions and they almost always win because they're just so gorgeous and such a cute couple. If they were in a band, Astrid would play bass and sing and Miina would kill it on drums Superhero AU: Miina has super strength and Asta has telekinesis and force field projection Circus AU: Miina does acrobatics and trapeze and Asta does animal shows

I love all of these.

But specially the band one.

I totally see Miina (NyiFin) learning how to play the drums since she was little, because she was way too energetic and her parents thought it was the best way to keep her busy, while Astrid (NyoSweden) just learned by herself.

Also, i can see Astrid as a composer, so maybe she wrote some songs and then she played them for Miina.

I do agree with the dancing stuff. They probably dance when they have free time and they love compentition, because it’s just fun!


So. Beauty and the Beast. I’ll try to keep it spoiler free and all that.

The moment I realized they dubbed the songs, I already knew I was gonna like the movie. My biggest fear was having to stomach poorer versions of songs I already didn’t like. Instead, I got quality new versions of songs I loved.

Gaston stole the show. Both the actor who played Gaston and the song of the same name, which was probably the best choreographed moment of the whole movie.

I liked most of the changes. They managed to keep the sense of wonder that I associate with BatB, while also fixing some of the plot holes… While adding others but eh, you can’t have everything.

Like I said earlier, Lumière/Plumette was OTP. Best damn couple of the movie, and I adored all their interactions. Plumette feels more like her version of the musical than the movie, btw, almost as prominent as the main three utensils.

The LeFou thing had its issues, but it felt more like “gay director takes advantage of movie adaptation to take subtexty gay butt of the joke character and transform into nuanced sympathetic character”, which was what I felt they were going for in the first place. Really liked the line they added to him in the Mob Song, great character moment.

One thing that disappointed me was that they kept the awful gag with the wardrobe forcing a guy to dress in drag, it felt poor taste in the original, and it’s quite worse 25 years later, that’s probably my biggest issue with the whole movie.

I’m… Not sure what else to say? I just genuinely liked it a lot.

so the awesome @zoobabystation tagged me a while ago to do this thing, thanks! :D

Rules: answer these questions using only songs from one artist. 

Artist: I also want to try someone other than U2, so let’s do The Beatles, they have a pretty big discography 

What’s your gender: Another Girl

Describe yourself: I Am The Walrus

How do you feel?: I’m So Tired

If you could go anywhere?: Here, There, And Everywhere

Favorite mode of transportation?: Drive My Car

Your best friend?: Her  Majesty 

Favourite time of day?: When I Get Home

If your life was a TV show?: Im A Loser 

Relationship status?: Help!

Your fear?: Run For Your Life 

i tag @joan-of-school-mark @barneysumner @joy-divison @adriana223 @u2canhappentoanyone 

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What's something that annoys Clark about Kerry? His favorite thing about her? Also, what's his favorite food? Fave color? Fave day of the week & why?

  • Sometimes, Clark can get annoyed with Kerry when he’s super in the zone with songwriting and she wants him to come to bed or do something else, but he’s always super excited to share what he’s been working on with her once she’s done and try out the new songs with her!
  • I feel like Clark basically loves everything about Kerry, but he really loves that before he and Kerry are musical partners or romantic partners, they are first and foremost best friends that have stuck by each other’s side since they were young. He loves that he can share anything with Kerry and that she’s always been there for him.
  • He’s always really loved Greek food, especially falafel and hummus.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He loves Sunday because for him, it’s often a day to unwind and relax after playing a show.

Thank you for asking! <3


  1. I’ll start with a song that automatically makes me what to dance all the time, 24/7

  2. And maybe even a second song?!

  3. I’m a big nerd for documentaries on musicians and bands, and Netflix has like a three hour long doc on The Eagles and I’ve seen it so many times?? I watched it a lot as “”background noise”” while I was writing my thesis last year and it drew me in each time

  4. I’ll also link to one of my favorite Youtube channels?? Maddie has the best, calming #aesthetic and I love her videos so much!!

  5. Omg and now I can embarrassingly link a video that I have found hilarious for YEARS and show EVERYONE but no one ever laughs as much as I do

Thanks for sending this to me, you three!!! This was fun!!!!

Based off this post.  This is Cosima.

  1. How to soothe them
    1. let her vent. actively listen but let her do her thing.  snuggles.
  2. Favorite color
    1. navy blue.  this throws delphine off bc she thinks bc cosima wears so much maroon.
  3. Favorite candy bar
    1. any combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
  4. Favorite movie
    1. the first matrix movie.  
  5. Best date night
    1. since delphine and shay are so different in their going out tastes, she just likes to stay in with the both of them.  that way everybody’s having fun and she gets to see both of them at the same time.
  6. Best friend
    1. sarah
  7. Favorite pizza toppings
    1. the only thing she really truly misses from going vegetarian is pepperoni
  8. Personal style
    1. hippy/nerd clash
  9. What they want in a SO
    1. someone who stimulates her mind, body, and soul
  10. Do they like roller coasters
    1. Yes.  Very Much.
  11. The song they dance their ass off to
    1. cosima is such a show off that she dances to the sound of the dishwasher running.  she’ll dance to everything.
  12. Something that always makes them cry
    1. delphine crying.  she happy cries more than she sad cries.  so like she’ll remember how lucky she is to have shay and delphine and get all choked up.
  13. Puppies or kittens
    1. kittens
  14. Preferred weather
    1. drizzly and rainy
  15. First impression of this character
    1. a hot nerd talking about epigenetics….. gay thoughts, in my mind? it’s more likely than you think
  16. My thoughts on this character now
    1. please stop hurting her.  pls let her talk about her feelings.  pls let her act like an adult and give her the ability to choose things.
  17. Best thing about them
    1. so very smart.  so very good at what she does.  she cares about what she does a lot.
  18. Worst thing about them
    1. she puts her whole heart into things.  this either ends with her hurt or her lashing out and hurting other people when it doesn’t go right.
  19. Their happiest moment
    1. each life milestone she gets to cross with delphine and shay.  their engagement.  their first house.  their wedding.  birth of their child/adoption papers going through. etc etc…
  20. Their worst moment
    1. that brief moment where she thought she’d lost both shay and delphine.  to her, one was missing and both probably hated her guts.  she hates being alone and she had never and has yet to feel as alone as she did for that period.
  21. Dream vacation
    1. tropical island for an obscene amount of time.  like.. where you forget what people who aren’t with you look like, long.
  22. How they hold a holiday dinner
    1. it is her preference to have junk/comfort food and just a giant potluck style thing.  with delphine in her life that is… about 40% what happens…
  23. Which week they go home on bake off
    1. i suppose i could have googled this by now…..
  24. Are they a bad cook or a good cook?
    1. it is a danger to let Cosima in the kitchen.  she either lights things on fire or makes a colossal mess.
  25. Signature dinner dish
    1. takeout.
  26. If they had one month to live
    1. i don’t even want to think about this in regards to cosima
  27. How they’re mischaracterised
    1. again.. 2 ways.  uwu bb y is everyone so mean to her!!  she’s just sad.  and the other is she is is such a brat she should just grow up and see that she is being a baby.
    2. yes.  she has been hurt, unjustly.  she should be allowed to grieve and react however she feels she needs to.  but!! that doesn’t give her the right to lash out and yell at people who are trying to help her.
  28. How to hurt them
    1. get the last word in in an argument.  leave her without closure or knowing why something is happening.
    2. she also, late at night while high, gets really emotional about how a great majority of society doesn’t want her to have her relationships.  like either it’s bc it’s wlw or bc it’s polya… like up until 2 years ago her country didn’t even recognize a monogamous marriage that she would want… she just wants to love her girlfriends and it’s something that cuts deep.

Has anyone yet pointed out that two of the hands-down best Broadway songs I have ever heard, The Room Where It Happens and Burn*, were created out of holes in the historical record by @linmanuel?  Like, this isn’t just clever adaptation, this isn’t just taking what’s there and making something new, this is both acknowledging we don’t know what happened** and filling in the blank with some of the best character work I have ever seen.  

In particular, giving Eliza so much agency in her song, so much understandable, relatable, beautiful rage and sadness and strength and pride, oof. Burn is one of the reasons it’s Eliza’s Hamilton almost as much as it is Alexander’s.

And I think the show-stopping, glorious nature of The Room Where It Happens has been very well established by people much cleverer than I.

Like, just, talk about making something out of nothing.  Magic.

* When I was infecting one of my more skeptical friends with the show, after Burn he immediately said “Jesus, that’s a hell of a song”.  Not related, I just like to share that.

**Except for Jefferson’s letter about the Dinner Table Bargain, but of course, who takes Jefferson at face value?

anonymous asked:

Hey!! I'm hoping to get my BN signed when I see Stevie this month but I have a quick question: Obviously the people who have had their's signed held them up around the time Stevie sings CITN, but does she tell the story before or after she sings that song? And would that be the best time to hold it up for her? I'm so worried about this because it would be a dream come true to have that album signed, so hopefully no one steals my idea at my show!!

Hey anon, I’m so happy you’re seeing Stevie and I hope you get your album signed. I also hope you know that I know nothing other than what I’ve been able to see on youtube videos. :D

The copies she signed during the first leg of the tour were handed to her when she talked about the song before singing it, but who knows? She talks after the song as well, so if I were you, I’d try both before and after the song… However, it seems she does have the cover of Buckingham Nicks on a screen now.

And to add a little bit of information, she signed someone’s album at the very end of the show in New Orleans. ♥

Good luck anon! I hope you have the most fantastic concert!



Been working on this for a little while now.

Ever since I first heard this song, it’s always reminded me of Moth Flight. And since Moth Flight is one of my favorite Warrior Cats characters and she, for some odd reason, doesn’t have many videos about her, I decided to do one.

This mainly focuses on her life after Micah’s death. I did my best to show her struggle between her Medicine Cat duties and being a mother, buuuut I could only fit so much into certain parts of the song. So I stuck with the big events like her kit almost drowning.

I also tried to put as few characters as possible since nothing is colored and I figured it would get confusing with too many characters.